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morning dose.

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When "Eye Opener" went defunct, "morning dose." was born. The CW Network's morning news show debuted in . Today and since October 2018, "morning dose." is all local in Houston and is three hours long. This morning show will be reviewed and mentioned by me with this blog post. Having a great day? You made mine better by visiting "John's Blog Space," so thank you! I hope you enjoy this post of mine here.

morning dose.

I will use this picture to identify this post (or find some other one if I can't use it):

CW Morning Dose
^ from: (Twitter) - morning dose. is a different kind of morning show that is fresh, cool, and fun. Do I feel the same way about it, though? Find out in this blog post!

The CW Network came up with a morning news show long ago called "Eye Opener" back in 2011. Here in the Houston area, it was the compliment for news in the morning since "NewsFix" launched in 2011 to replace CW39 News here in Houston. Eye Opener was handed early on in Chicago, Illinois, USA before production moved to Dallas, Texas, USA.. In 2017, "Eye Opener" would be replaced by a new morning news show called "morning dose." This "morning dose." was mostly run from CW33 Dallas. During commercial breaks, local CW networks would have their own anchors feature news updates and news segments. In 2018, "morning dose." went from a nationally-syndicated telecast to a local operation here in Houston for CW39 Houston. Today's "morning dose." is a three-hour long morning news show by the CW network's Houston affiliate, KIAH. This show runs on weekday mornings between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM on CW39 Houston.

morning dose. Cast.

Some of the main personalities include the following:

• Shannon LaNier - anchor
• Sharron Melton - anchor
• Maria Sotolongo - meteorologist
• Hannah Triplett - traffic, anchor/reporter
• Trey Serna - anchor/senior producer
• Maggie Flecknoe - host/reporter
• Courtney Carpenter - reporter

What makes "morning dose." different is that it offers your basic morning news, but it does so with youthful and fun flair. It includes even a handful of interesting stories maybe some of the more professional morning newscasts doesn't offer. A lot of social media stories as well as weird news and positive news are featured on "morning dose."

As with any usual morning news show, you get your usual check of weather conditions and traffic conditions. You also get your basic look at the latest news insight. Just that "morning dose." is all a good bit casual and not as serious.

(Some Of) morning dose.'s Segments.

Outside of many of the different news notes on the day, there are a few features that make "morning dose." stand out. Here is a description of some of them:

• With some topics, the Deep Dish segments have NOTHING to do with pizza. Instead, these are stories which warrant social media involvement and discussion. A question is presented as the morning dose. crew debates on certain issues.

The Art Spot is devoted to artwork from local artists here in the Houston/Galveston area. This is artwork done mostly by students and are shared each week on "morning dose."

• For FOX 26 news here in Houston, there used to be a meteorologist named Lindsey Day. When she went elsewhere, Lindsey started to adopt a fitness regimen. That segment is part of "morning dose." as Fitness Friday. Lindsey Day offers exercises to everyone in this segment.

• Getting hungry? Why not check out a food truck? Food Truck Friday features food trucks around the Houston area offering great food.

Where's Maggie? And who is this Maggie, anyway? Well... remember Maggie Flecknoe (who I blogged about a long time ago)? Well, the "Where's Maggie" segments feature Maggie at certain happenings and locations in around the Houston/Galveston area. These segments can range from going to fun restaurants to some more serious matters, such as the different ceremonies when George H.W. Bush died. Maggie was once the morning news anchor for "morning dose." before "morning dose." went local in Houston. Usually when it was Friday in the older days of "morning dose.", Maggie's position would be filled in by a lady named Meera Nandlal.

• Oprah has her Favorite Things. Well, Maggie Flecknoe has her Maggie Must-Haves. These "Maggie Must-Haves" feature a number of different items and goods that she adores and wants to share with you.

There is never a dull moment with what is covered and shown on "morning dose."

morning dose. - Final Thoughts

Even as "morning dose." went from replacing "Eye Opener" to even becoming all local (Houston), "morning dose." is actually a great morning news show. For me personally, having "morning dose." on between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM means I am better able to catch at least some of the show. It used to be on between 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM or so. I usually try to wake up each weekday morning before 9:00 AM.

Even as Maggie Flecknoe said once, "I can't make you a morning person, but I can make your mornings better." If you want a different kind of morning news show that still offers all the morning news you can handle along with something different, "morning dose." is about as essential to your mornings as your favorite breakfast.

For More Information...

To learn more about "morning dose.", please visit morning dose. on

Thank you so much for visiting "John's Blog Space!" I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did with my many others. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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