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John's Corner - Introducing

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This is a special announcement from me. Since being associated with Google and Blogger/Blogspot since 2007, it is time I take my online content to a new level. So I introduce you to "!" This new site I created on the Wordpress platform is set to be a new direction for me and also a new platform for opportunities. I invite you to keep reading this blog post to learn of my plans with this new site. Welcome to another post of...

Johns Corner

John's Corner:

Here are some talking points in regards to this new venture of mine. Read on...

The Story Behind My New Website.

As I was trying to learn website development, I saw there were opportunities I can engage in that I don't think blogging alone can create. I created multiple blogs to share and discuss different topics. I later went to Weebly to create my "JohnMarineDesigns" site. My JMDesigns page on Weebly was meant to stylishly showcase my creative works. It was mostly an extension of my "John's Creative Space" work. The site does get a good amount of traffic ever since I launched it on October 15, 2015.

I felt I was mostly at a crossroads as an online content producer. I thought about trying to develop websites as part of my "anything and everything" approach to developing content. This made me think about developing my own website. Back then, money was an issue. I was barely making anything through digital content. I have done a number of posts for money. I have no traditional or proper job, so my online content IS my career. Once I felt I made enough money online to try to maybe buy something special, I started holding onto the cash I made through PayPal. I originally had plans to try to get a PlayStation 4. Afterwards, I thought about buying one program online and then look into finding an online hosting service when I was interested in building websites. I started learning how to build websites from big images as well as through coding. When I thought about building my own personal website, I began to consider the possibilities of how I can make a profitable website that may ultimately increase my appeal online. So on Easter Sunday of 2019, I took the plunge and bought an online hosting plan from BlueHost along with setting up a Wordpress site to help create and try to expand upon it. Actually in terms of buying that Bluehost plan, there is a dirty little secret... I got a discount setting up Bluehost by accessing a discount offer from

The new site was created with the possibility of exploring new content and new opportunities to enhance and expand my appeal. If you think there is something I can create

Where Does This New Site Slot In?

My new website is currently mostly supposed to be a portal to me and my online work. I eventually want to grow it to where it can be more than just a portal. I want to grow it to be more than a personal site. I basically envision this site to be a variety sort of site everyone can enjoy with content powered by me.

Let me explain a few things for a moment. This new site does NOT spell the end of my blogging work on Blogger/Blogspot. None of my blogs are going anywhere or get migrated from Blogger/Blogspot to Wordpress. I am also not going to shut down my JohnMarineDesigns site on Weebly. For the most part, my blogs and my Weebly site will remain. That is, unless I decide it's time for me to move on from Google and/or Weebly. is [for now] just a portal to my online content. Through the evolution of my new site, I will try to expand and grow my site to be exactly or near what I want it to be. This includes content, graphics, and more. My site will be as much a continuous work-in-progress like life is.

I Will Need Your Help!

Just as much as I've looked to you all to help make my work relevant online, I will further need your help to keep my work afloat. I will mostly try to offer you things to help offset the cost of trying to build and maintain my work. I always encourage you to help support me and my work if you enjoy it. This deal here is no different.

• If you think there is something I can provide to help enhance the appeal of my site, please contact me and let me know. Not all ideas will be considered, but I am open to new ideas.

• If there are any legitimate sponsorship offers that may be of interest to me or my future readers and/or visitors, contact me. Not all offers will be accepted by me, but I will certainly look into certain offers after doing my own review and research.

If you are going to create something in which you don't see it become something special, why even try? I always try to create something with the intent and promise that it will succeed. I CERTAINLY want this to succeed. I will try to build my personal website to be what I want it to be. Everything else will mostly come in due time.

This just means there is only one more thing to do...

John's Corner: The New Site!

I been talking about my new website. I been mentioning how I came up with it. I been talking about what I want to do with it. I been asking for your support of it. Now, only one thing remains. Even in its infant stages (as of the time of this post), please visit my new site and get ready for a new chapter of my online content. Click to visit my new site (currently in WIP):

Thank you for your support!

Thank you also for reading! Remember that my blogs and my other material will remain. Anyhow, take care and be well, everyone.

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