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Bringing arcade gaming to homes has always been something game companies want to achieve. This has stemmed from providing arcade quality experiences for home to making quality home ports of arcade games. Arcade1UP is providing kind of the dream experience many a child of the '70s, '80s, or (especially) '90s can dream of- an actual arcade unit for home. While I have seen these units before at stores like Fry's or Wal-Mart, I never actually PLAYED any of them. This blog post is merely a bunch of thoughts on the Arcade1up units.

NOTE: I have NOT operated or tested any Arcade1UP arcade units, so this is not any kind of review. Thoughts of mine and topics expressed here are of my own.

Arcade1UP at a Glance

So what's up with these Arcade1UP units? Let me show you one just to set the mood...

Arcade1UP arcade cabinet
^ from: - Arcade1UP brings the arcade experience to home with real upright arcade units and popular games.

Arcade1UP arcade units offer an arcade experience that seems long forgotten in today's gaming culture. It is a company bringing back the experience of spending minutes to hours playing some of the best arcade games ever. The parent company behind Arcade1UP is Tastemakers, L.L.C.- a New York City-based company.

Arcade1UP offers a unique time travel back to the glory days of arcade gaming. What makes Arcade1UP different is that they actually provide some of the most popular games in a proper arcade unit. This is not like any of the different devices with a bunch of games bundled into it that you can immediately play. These arcade cabinets from Arcade1UP bring you back to times when going to the arcades and playing on arcade uprights were fun times of gaming.

Though Arcade1UP makes these units, these arcade units aren't the same height as what many of the past arcade units were. Some people, in fact, see Arcade1UP more as toys rather than authentic arcade units. They still shouldn't be disregarded. What you are getting for the money is a quality experience of some of the most classic arcade games in history despite the smaller scale of these arcade units. What people can also appreciate is that these Arcade1UP units aren't bloated with knock-off, no-name games to try to fill up the space offered by an Arcade1UP unit.

What I Think Arcade1UP Brings to Home.

Something I think Arcade1UP is trying to provide is more than just bringing the arcade experience to home. To me, they are doing so by providing actual arcade units you can build and play games on- something many people especially in the '80s and '90s wished they could do. I mean... name some people who wished they could have the hottest of-the-moment arcade games in their house.

What I think helps Arcade1UP's cause is that these units are offered at mainstream stores as opposed to some online-only stores. Besides, I don't think Arcade1UP could get as much attention if these units were only available online or at not-as-popular brick-and-mortar stores. This means you won't have to go all around the world or at speciality stores to find one of these arcade cabinets from Arcade1UP.

Something else I kind of thought of is that these cabinets could mostly be sized just right for children to play classic arcade games on an arcade cabinet. Not saying they are too small for grown-ups, but these miniature scale arcade cabinets may be rather short for a lot of us. Arcade1UP even offers some pedastals so that they can accommodate taller people to try to play these games on these Arcade1UP cabinets.

Arcade1UP Arcade Units vs. Other Arcade Units.

If you love the idea of having arcade units in your home but not exactly feel what Arcade1UP offers, one may be tempted to think more proper arcade units are better. One may even be tempted to buy either actual arcade units or even any arcade units that have all kinds of actual games included. Some of those units of more proper games or offer multiple real games in one arcade unit can be pretty expensive compared to one Arcade1UP unit. At least you know if you get an Arcade1UP unit, you are getting one for the game or set of games that you like. So you can make your own arcade room if you like. Or, you may simply have a single arcade units featuring your favorite game or series. Some people who are skilled enough can make their own arcade unit; but if you're going to go THAT route, you will need plenty of supplies, some extra resources, patience, skill, and most of all- money.

So if you simply want the arcade unit experience in your home, you may be best served to get an Arcade1UP unit. Save yourself the trouble and just enjoy gaming with a simple Arcade1UP unit. That is... unless you want a much more advanced arcade gaming experience. For that, you may as well be willing to spend anywhere from $1K USD to almost $4K USD for your own custom arcade gaming experience!

Educational Value.

Before you get irked about this section, please note I am not referring to Arcade1UP as providing intellectual material. I don't mean "educational value" as in that math test or that book report due in a few days or a week. What I mean by "educational value" is in educating others about what made arcades fun to begin with. The educational value in question is about getting younger types to appreciate gaming with arcades as opposed to any home or mobile gaming experience. For older people, Arcade1UP arcade cabinets make people reminisce about gaming's past by playing on various arcade cabinets and especially at dedicated arcade rooms.

About the only thing close to an arcade experience these days would be to go to certain family fun centers or go to a Dave and Buster's restaurant or something.

Let me share some extra thoughts in the next section. Read on, enthused ones!

Can Arcade1UP Bring Back the Arcade?

Honestly, no; and I mean this in a respectful manner. Today's culture has a few factors that make bringing the arcade back somewhat impossible. I want to think of the '80s and the '90s in regards to arcade culture. Two things I think are essential to the arcade's success were shopping malls and in meeting with people. Most people simply don't want to get out and shop any more at malls. People these days enjoy online shopping as opposed to going out to shopping malls. Also, there aren't a lot of close friends who want to socialize at places like shopping malls anymore. Like, imagine you and three friends playing a four-player arcade game like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" or "The Simpsons." Imagine also playing against several other people in arcade racing games like "Cruis'n USA" or "SEGA Super GT" in a proper arcade place.

On top of that, the arcade experience involves more than just upright units. Some arcade units were very unique in their design as well as in the experiences offered. I mentioned the likes of racing arcade units earlier. Arcade1UP is providing the classic experience we all know of- the upright arcade unit experience with a handful of buttons and the joystick. I want to imagine what Arcade1UP may provide in terms of other games not controlled by joysticks and buttons. For example, let's say Arcade1UP makes some arcade cabinets that have light gun games cabinets for games like "Lethal Enforcers" or "Time Crisis." Or what if Arcade1UP wanted to offer simple racing games that don't require you to sit down on them or something? My idea of these "simple racing games" can mean games like "Pole Position," "Ivan Stewart's Off-Road Racing," "Badlands," or "Great 1000 Miles Rally" among others. Or let's say Arcade1UP makes games like SEGA's "After Burner" series, where you have a throttle lever to pilot something.

Another thing to note is that arcade rooms themselves are part of a business. When a business or an industry isn't doing so well, several businesses suffer. I remember as a kid in the 1990s that a lot of games could be played for a quarter. A few games then required two quarters to play. A few other games required four quarters- or $1 USD to play. Now fast forward to the later 1990s and early 2000s. A lot of arcade rooms struggled to stay financially stable, so more games cost more for a single play or maybe for continues. Couple this with the continued progression of home game systems (and even PC/Mac gaming) finally overtaking and lapping the arcade experience, not to mention the advent of gaming on mobile devices, and... the demise of the arcade was eminent.

Arcade1UP probably isn't going to revive the arcade industry as I remember it, but it surely will revive and re-kindle playing the classic arcade.

Arcade1UP: Final Thoughts

Arcade1UP will not entirely bring back the arcade as many know it best, but it does provide the fun and appeal of arcade gaming that many in the golden times of arcade gaming could only dream of. Even the fact these arcade cabinets are designed at a smaller scale than most bigger arcade units still doesn't take away from these units being so enjoyable. Anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill and appeal of arcade gaming on a proper arcade cabinet can surely enjoy the experience on an Arcade1UP arcade cabinet. There may be other methods to enjoy classic arcade gaming, but Arcade1UP has the formula done pretty much right.

I probably wouldn't get myself an Arcade1UP unit, but these certainly make for fun times for dedicated gamers. I love arcades and arcade units, but I am not a seriously hardcore arcade gamer.

For More Information...

For more information on Arcade1UP and to check out their entire line of arcade cabinets, please visit You can also follow Arcade1UP on social media by looking at their official page.

Your involvement in the next section is not required, but it would mean a lot to me if you get involved in it. Go to the next section after this or skip it entirely.

Arcade1UP Online

I'd like to direct your attention to these items in this section in case you have enjoyed my blog post regarding Arcade1UP. Your cooperation here is voluntary, but would be appreciated. Let's get you (or someone else) an Arcade1UP arcade cabinet!

NOTE: Availability of these items may vary especially as this blog post ages. Items may or may not be replaced in any possible edits to this blog post.

Want your own Arcade1UP items? Please take a look around here, especially if you shop on Amazon:

If you need a cabinet riser so you can play these Arcade1UP arcade cabinets for taller people, try this:

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Happy shopping! :)

I hope you have yourself a great day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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