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FeeDog - Raising Puppies

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I am not a dog person. I have been scared of dogs my whole life. At one point after playing so many mobile cat games, something made me look into dog games. So I looked up "FeeDog" by Korean developer Q-SSUM Studio. I will tell you whether or not you should give this game a try with this blog post. I hope you get to enjoy this blog post and my review of "FeeDog."

A Note About Mobile Games...

This is a review of a game as it is as of June 27, 2020. This game may have changed over time based on this initial blog post. This game was reviewed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A.


Let's talk about this game.

"FeeDog - Raising Puppies" is a game by Korean developer Q-SSUM Studio. In this game, dogs were enjoying a peaceful and happy time. That is... until a horde of ghosts threatened the peace of dogs everywhere. the goal of this game to defeat the evil ghosts while being properly fed. Also, you will be able to raise some puppies to help you in your battle of suppressing the ghosts.

Game Play.

"FeeDog - Raising Puppies" plays somewhat like an endless runner, only this is not an endless runner. This is in the sense that you keep going until you fail. A bunch of items will come at you while some ghosts also appear. What you must do is either eat the items directed to you or swat them away. What you want your dog to do is to eat the good food and punch away the bad food. If you swat away good food at the enemies, the game continues, but you will need to start a new combo string. If your dog consumes any bad food or gets hit by an enemy, the game is over. Try to generate as good of a combo string as you can to climb through the levels.

There are two main dogs in this game- Lucky and Lack. You start with Lucky. Lucky is a beautiful white dog somewhat styled like something you'd see out of Pusheen. Lack is a dark dog that you can unlock either at Level 90 or for a lot of Gems. Each dog can be upgraded to be more powerful, generate more Coins, and prevent more combos from breaking. An extra boost of ability can be gained by buying and raising puppies. Each puppy you raise can provide a certain perk to you once a certain level has been reached. When a puppy's level is raised to Level 10 or greater, you can perform a Fusion that gives your dog an extra perk to have upgraded abilities. Unfortunately, you can have only one Fusion to a dog at a time. You can select which puppy to fuse with when not playing the main game. You also can name each puppy to whatever you like. For example, in the time of my play of this game, I named my two puppies "Mocha" and "Muffin."

Part of "FeeDog" is on the feeding. When in the main game, items will come from one side of the screen to the other. Your task is to eat the good items and punch away the bad items. For example, items like dog food and bones are GOOD food for your dog. Items like bombs and candy are BAD for your dog. If your dog consumes a bad item, the game will end. How close you are to consuming or punching an item determines how much damage you will do to the enemies. The closer each item is to you before punching them away, the more damage you can deal. You may encounter a boss battle through your play. You must really try to take down each boss as best as you can. Even the bosses themselves have to be punched away to avoid the game coming to an end. Once you eventually face defeat in a game session, you can either restart your run or return home. You can earn extra Gems by either sharing your game moments across social media or by watching ads.

While Coins are the primary currency in FeeDog, you really want to save on Gems. You earn 50 Gems for each day you play the game, and you can earn extra Gems by watching ads. You can buy more Gems by using your real money. The real money can come from either your actual money or from any credits you may have from a gift card. If you can focus your finances one something, invest in Milk to feed your puppies. Try to buy more puppies once you generate enough Gems.

INTERESTING FACT: All food items that are good or bad for dogs in this game are also good or bad for your dog in real life! This game even has little factoids about what makes certain Bad Food items bad for dogs. So you get a little learning experience in this game about dogs!

I will now come up with a review of this game. Please read the next section.

FeeDog: Final Thoughts

It does seem unusual that a cat lover like myself would try a dog game. However, Q-SSUM Studio has done a great job offering a fun and enjoyable game with "FeeDog - Raising Puppies." It has a casual feel to it while also being fairly fun to play. The dogs and the puppies are adorable! I don't have too much to vent about this game except that some of the English translation is not very good. Hardcore English types would complain over grammatical errors in the Korean to English translation. But really, this game is excellent on a number of levels. Surely give this game a try, even if you are not a dog lover!

Video Preview.

Here is a trailer for the game I just reviewed. Take a look:

^ FeeDog - Season 2

For More Information...

Q-SSUM Studio does not have its own website, but you can visit their Facebook fan page at "FeeDog - Raising Puppies" is a free game that allows in-app purchases. It is available for Android and iOS.

This concludes another "John's Blog Space" blog post! Hopefully I've given you a new game to try out or learn more about. I do more than just game reviews, though. Subscribe and Follow my work to see more. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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