Thursday, September 3, 2020


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John's Blog Space has over three million views now! What began as my first post in January 2009 followed by making separate blogs has now resulted in my main blog getting 3M hits. I couldn't believe this site got all the traffic it did get. Considering times have been slow blogging-wise, I am glad people have continued to visit my main blog and intereact with it. I want to thank everyone worldwide who helped contribute to my blogging work over the years. I didn't give up on this blog because I feel there is still a lot to process and share to the world that it is worth keeping this blog intact.

Actually, it has been only recently I noted my all-time view count. Like, September 2, 2020 recent. So I probably have surpassed the 3M view mark much sooner than me reporting it right now. I am still glad that my blog is still visited for whatever reason for whatever post(s) that interest the world. I wanted to lend my voice to the world with my own content, and I am glad people were able to enjoy whatever I post in "John's Blog Space." The name "John's Blog Space" may not be a hot name, neither was the fact I chose to use my name to identify this blog with its URL; but even still, it is the content that matters most. People thankfully have seen my vision and responded accordingly. Whether you have been here for years or are visiting for the first-ever time, THANK YOU very much!

Even though times have been tough for me and my blog(s), and even though COVID-19/Coronavirus has ravaged most of 2020, there is still a feel good story in that my blog has lasted this long. The Internet has all kinds of shady and annoying stuff. Some even think blogging is a lost art and not much of a thing anymore. I'm still going! All of my blogs are still going! I want you (yes- YOU) to stay on this ride for as long as you can!

Thanks for over 3,000,000 views to this blog! Let's get much more over the years! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.
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