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A South Korean artist made Molang, an adorable cartoon series that is fun for both children and adults. Molang is a bunny, and Piu Piu is a chick. Both engage in fun and unforgettable adventures. This blog post is a look at Molang. Should you care about Molang and what these cartoons have to offer? Find out in this blog post on "John's Blog Space!"


Molang is an adorable chubby bunny who engages in many different adventures. Molang's best friend is Piu Piu, a chick. Both Molang and Piu Piu take part in activities together and have fun. Everything from meeting new creatures to engaging in certain activities are all done cutely and with a great bit of humor. The popularity of this series has been seen across media outlets in France, the United Kingdom, and its native South Korea. In the United States, Molang is shown on Disney Junior. Molang was all created by its South Korean main creator, Hye-Je Yoon. She has been working on Molang for the better part of ten years. The main developer of Molang is the French firm Millimages. There have been a lot of Molang cartoons over the years ranging from separate videos to the TV series. Molang goods have also been popular among many fans. These range from toys to apparel.

I discovered Molang from YouTube recommendations. I saw one of Molang's videos and became instantly hooked. It was the cuteness of Molang and Piu Piu that have made me appreciate and admire their wonderful character. Since Molang videos on YouTube are listed under YouTube Kids, you are unable to add these videos to any playlists or able to view them in a mini player. Even still, Molang videos are very entertaining.

What makes Molang so fun is that their cuteness helps provide a fun and joy-bringing atmosphere. Almost as if these cartoons provide an escape from the world's issues. Even the marketing of Molang suggests it deliver happiness and joy to all. Needless to say, Molang delivers solidly in these departments.

Some have debated whether Molang and Piu Piu are male or female. For the most part, both main characters are genderless. However, the Molang Wiki suggested Molang is a gay male bunny. The Wikipedia entry on Molang uses "they/them" as pronouns for Molang and Piu Piu.

Video Preview.

Let me provide you a sample of Molang. I tried to find a decent enough video that lets you gauge the personality and charm of Molang. I also wanted to find a brief video of Molang. There are some better videos I could have chosen, but I chose this one below. So here is a video for you to enjoy in regards to Molang:

^ Molang and Piu Piu - What at trip !| More

Now that I've told you as much as I could about Molang, let me offer my own final thoughts on Molang.

Molang: Final Thoughts

Even for a very friendly cartoon for kids, Molang is also very fun for... big kids, so to speak. Molang has a level of appeal and cuteness that will no doubt bring a smile to your face. The world's woes seem to go away as you are delved into a world of happiness and charm that is just too adorable to pass up on. In fact, I am almost starting to believe Molang may be more adorable and fun than even when I first became fond of Pusheen the Cat. As if the video preview I provided in the previous section wasn't enough, I think you will enjoy Molang once you start watching the different cartoons and features. Molang truly is happiness and joy for all ages- let alone just for children.

For More Information...

You can see more Molang videos on their YouTube channel here: Molang on YouTube. You can link to their social media, including Molang on Facebook and Molang on Instagram among other social media outlets.

I hope you found this blog post entertaining in regards to Molang. I enjoyed watching these Molang cartoons since semi-randomly discovering it in YouTube recommendations. I am still glad I found it. Now I'm a fan. Speaking of fans, are you a fan of my blogging work? Be sure to Subscribe/Follow if you enjoyed this post and want more of my work when available. Use the table below to connect to all of my online work and profiles. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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