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NBA2K League

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The NBA2K League is an eSports league featuring the best of the best in NBA2K. Watch as top-level NBA2K series players compete amongst themselves in fierce competition. This rising eSports league looks to get bigger and better in the coming years. While I do not know a whole lot about NBA2K League, I will make an effort to introduce and discuss this league to you all. So welcome to another post on "John's Blog Space!"

Before I Begin...

I am not at all educated about the NBA2K League series. Most of what I will be discussing is based on things I've learned from other people. I am also a perfectionist, so I have a LOT I feel I need to discuss to make a proper introduction to this league.

A Special Hello!

I want to extend a special hello to everyone affiliated with the NBA2K League- players, coaches, staff, management, and all. My name is John Marine, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

NBA2K League

Let me share as much as I can about NBA2K League through what I know and some extra research from other sites.

The NBA2K League is a professional gaming league that plays the NBA2K series from 2K Sports. It was founded in February 2017 and held its first season in May 2017. As of June 21, 2021; there are currently 23 teams in the NBA2K League. The series is currently in its 4th season as of 2021. All of the NBA2K League teams, except one, are actually affiliated with actual National Basketball Association teams.

Previously, NBA2K League has held its usual games at a studio in the New York City area. The NBA2K League players themselves along with many devoted fans (including family members) would fill the studio and cheer on their beloved players. Since the outbreak of COVID-19/Coronavirus, the studio hasn't been used after Season 2. There was instead remote play starting in Season 3. Season 3 had its start moved from March 2020 to May 2020 because of the pandemic. Season 4 has the NBA2K League players playing in the local markets of their affiliated teams.

NBA2K League used to play on custom PC builds of NBA2K. As of Season 4, all players are playing on PlayStation 5. So you get to enjoy next-gen power as the league proudly plays NBA2K 21!

Why NBA2K League?

So why should you care about NBA2K League? What's the real deal with this league? With all due respect, this is one TRUE eSport with an actual sport involved. It may be cool seeing games like League of Legends, any Call of Duty, Fortnite, or even Rocket League; all of which played competitively. However, NBA2K League is an eSport of an actual sport. The intensity and professionalism are real. The passion to win is real. NBA2K League may play games, but NBA2K League itself is NOT a game.

With the rise in popularity of NBA2K League, it can only get better. Say what you want about people playing video/computer games for money. Yes- actual cash is involved with these players. Tournaments with monetary prizes on the line are real in NBA2K League. Regardless, this is a competitive league that has a fun and engaging community.

Game Coverage.

NBA2K League broadcasts are showcased on Twitch, YouTube, SportsNet, Loco, and eGG Network. Select broadcasts were once shown on ESPN and ESPN2. The American broadcast of NBA2K League is handled by this commentary crew:

• Autumn Johnson: host/reporter
• Scott Cole: play-by-play
• Jamie "Dirk" Diaz Ruiz: analysis
• Harris Rubenstein: reporter of "Section 400"
• MADExINxINDIA: reporter
• Jeff Eisenband: "Behind the Screens" reporter
• BLKFrankWhite: host of "BFW Live" on Bud Light's Twitch channel

The show is hosted by Autumn Johnson. Autumn is a long-time reporter who has had segments on Twitch as well as on the likes of ESPN. She also hosts brief NBA2K League segments called "30 Seconds of Greatness," in which she asks an NBA2K League personality different rapid-rie questions to be answered within 30 seconds.

Scott Cole is a well-traveled broadcasting veteran who lends his unique play-by-play appeal to NBA2K League broadcasts. His résumé almost reads like an encyclopedia with coverage of football, basketball, and even NASCAR.

Jamie "Dirk" Diaz Ruiz has been a veteran commentator having covered several other eSports including NBA2K League. He provides the analysis for NBA2K League games. Dirk also has made a series of videos regarding the different archetypes of NBA2K League players.

Harris Rubenstein has his reports from "Section 400." Harris is way up in the [virtual] nosebleeds offering his reports. These reports range from conversations with personalities, responding to Chat comments, and even reporting on other games in progress.

On the reporting front, Autumn, Harris, and sometimes INDIA usually provide reports on players and teams as well as respond to Chat comments. Even yours truly had comments and questions responded to on the air or in Twitch chat. I promptly and politely shown my appreciation for the shout outs! :)

Special segments of "Behind the Screens" is hosted by Jeff Eisenband. These are more like special segments highlighting on the lives and personalities of NBA2K League personalities.

On Bud Light's Twitch channel, "BFW Live" is the pre-game show that is shown on Wednesdays. "BFW Live" is hosted by BLKFrankWhite and co-hosted by Harris Rubenstein (also known as "Sportstein"). This is the pre-game show which offers interviews with various NBA2K League personalities. WARNING: You must be at least 21 years of age to view content on Bud Light's Twitch channel.

The NBA2K League's Choc of Nets GC runs a popular show called "The Crossover." This show is hosted by Choc and features "DDouble" as a co-host. These two break down all of the games played (even including Choc's games played) and even discusses news topics around NBA2K League. There are sometimes even NBA2K League players who come into Chat and even on The Crossover to share their views about the league. You get a little of everything with this deal.

To add variety to NBA2K League broadcasts, Season 4 sees four days of certain features: Block Party Wednesdays, Bounce Pass Thursdays, Friday Night Fire, and Saturday Night Showdown. "Block Party Wednesday" is a night dedicated to drops in Chat. Fans are encouraged to type in certain codes to win gear from NBA2K League and other sources. Moderators in Chat then pick one individual to win the gear offered. "Bounce Pass Thursdays" gives fans the chance to pick what game they want to see of all the games playing. Think of it more like League Pass in the NBA. "Friday Night Fire" is highlighted by matches considered as the "GAME OF THE WEEK." Seeing those "GAME OF THE WEEK" matches lead to special drops similar to on Block Party Wednesdays. Finally, "Saturday Night Showdown" gives you some great NBA2K basketball action to close out the week.

My NBA2K League Testimonials.

I started watching NBA2K League in Season 2 in 2019. I began to enjoy the appeal of the league along with connecting with the personalities that make it happen. The first NBA2K League player I began to like was Dimez of Mavs Gaming. Dimez was the first superstar of the league and still remains a formidable talent today. Later seasons, I began to introduce myself to more of the other talents in the league. These talents include (but not limited to) Choc, Regg, Splashy, Mama Im Dat Man, oFAB, OneWildWalnut, Dayfri, Lord Beezus, Ramo, JBM, Shotz, SlayIsland, SAV, 630, and Jomar among many others.

One of the loveliest things about NBA2K League is about how the actual NBA2K League players may come into Chat, not to mention family members who cheer on NBA2K League players. The community has the feel of a down home environment though it is pro-level eSports gaming. So while this league is pro eSports league, it feels about as casual as parents seeing their child(ren) play sports in a neighborhood setting.

The Teams and Players.

The NBA2K League has 23 teams as I mentioned earlier. All of the NBA2K League teams, except one, are affiliated with actual NBA teams. The teams do take on names similar to the NBA teams they represent. For example, Mavs Gaming is affiliated with the Dallas Mavericks, Heat Check Gaming is affiliated with the Miami Heat, and Raptors Uprising GC is affiliated with the Toronto Raptors. The only team not affiliated with any actual NBA team is the Gen.G Tigers. Gen.G is a team from Shanghai, China; but they have affiliations in South Korea, Los Angeles, and recently moved to the University of Kentucky as their American home. The two youngest teams in the NBA2K League are in their sophomore seasons in 2021- Hornets Venom GT and Gen.G Tigers.

Here are all of the current teams:

• 76ers GC
• Blazer5 Gaming
• Bucks Gaming
• Cavs Legion GC
• Celtics Crossover Gaming
• Gen.G Tigers (no NBA affiliation)
• Grizz Gaming
• Hawks Talon GC
• Heat Check Gaming
• Hornets Venom GT
• Jazz Gaming
• Kings Guard Gaming
• Knicks Gaming
• Magic Gaming
• Mavs Gaming
• Nets GC
• Pacers Gaming
• Pistons GT
• Raptors Uprising GC
• T-Wolves Gaming
• Warriors Gaming Squad
• Wizards District Gaming

The inaugural champions of NBA2K League is Knicks Gaming. Season 2 saw T-Wolves Gaming win it all. The Season 3 champions (and current defending champions) is Wizards District Gaming. There has not yet been a repeat champion or even anything close to a dynasty.

The following NBA teams are not yet represented in NBA2K League, but I feel all 30 teams will eventually make up this league. Among the NBA teams not yet represented in NBA2K League as of 2021:

• Chicago Bulls
• Denver Nuggets
• Houston Rockets
• Los Angeles Clippers
• New Orleans Pelicans
• Oklahoma City Thunder
• Phoenix Suns
• San Antonio Spurs

Personal commentary... Obviously as a Houston sports fan, I'm sad Houston isn't represented. However, when I checked Twitter for the Houston Rockets' eSports league, Clutch City Gaming, most of the Tweets I've seen were from a few years ago. Maybe Clutch City Gaming could join NBA2K League by re-branding as (hypothetical name) Rockets Clutch Gaming. I'd love to see the "Texas Triangle" in NBA2K League with Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

The Players.

The players were once capped to 92 OVR. Starting in Season 4, players are now capped at 95 OVR. Double Takeover and Team Takeover are now possible to buff players and teams on a roll.

The NBA2K League players work closely with 2K Sports and the NBA2K team to help develop their characters as precisely as possible. They communicate a lot and share any number of issues regarding the league. They can even do things such as asking if something needs to be patched or anything, for example.

Many of the NBA2K League players got their start by doing well in various other NBA2K competitions before joining the NBA2K League draft. Usually, a prospective player would do have success in ProAm on Hall of Fame difficulty.

You too can be an NBA2K League player! A format unveiled in mid-late 2020 features NBA2K League teams hosting tryouts. These tryouts include a number of ProAm tournaments. Doing well can get you into the league through the NBA2K League Draft. And hopefully, us fans may be talking about YOU in Chat in games! :)

The 2021 NBA2K League draft was pretty diverse. Among the draftees are some international players and even two female players. Two of the three international draftees includes "Avemario" from Spain (on Cavs Legion GC) and Milo from Australia (on Kings Guard Gaming). There was another international draftee from the United Kingdom, but his name fails me creating this original blog post. Chiquitae was the first female player in NBA2K League, playing for Warriors Gaming Squad. The two new female players drafted are Ziah (on Mavs Gaming) and DjLayyy (on Celtics Crossover Gaming).

The Games.

NBA2K League plays four six-minute quarters. If needed, Overtime features sessions of three minutes. The games follow NBA-type rules. Players foul out on six fouls. However, instead of being taken out of the game, a Technical free throw is shot. There may be cases where the game may have to be restarted before of the game crashing or for issues like bad weather. If a game has been played but to be restarted, the game will be started and then end at a certain point.

Season 3 introduced a best-of-3 format. If you won the best-of-3 series, you get one official win. Losers of the best-of-3 series would get one official loss to their record. Season 4 now has two-game sets with about 32 games a week with about 16 teams playing a week.

The Tournaments.

Here is a look at some of the Tournaments in NBA2K League. I am only discussing this as best as I know it:

• The Tipoff:
The Tipoff is the opening tournament to tip off a new season of NBA2K League. Matches held here are in a best-of-3 round format.

• The Turn:
This was a unique tournament featuring best-of-3 rounds where teams choose to ban one certain archetype. For example, one team banned a two-way slasher, the other team must also has to ban a two-way slasher. It provided a unique challenge to sort of change up the flow of a team. Rounds are best-of-3, and I believe the final is best-of-5.

• The Ticket:
One aspect of pro sports is where bad teams or losing teams tank a season in hopes of landing better talent for next season. The Ticket, however, is seen as a Last Chance Qualifier for a team to make the Tournament. With the advent of a Western Conference and an Eastern Conference, two teams will make the final spot of each conference. The Ticket winners will have a guaranteed spot into the postseason. It gives losing or weaker teams one last chance to make the postseason.

• The Postsesaon:
This is where a team has a chance to become Champions of the NBA2K League. Each round of the Playoffs is a best-of-3 format and a best-of-5 Final. May the best team win!

That is as much as I know about NBA2K League. Here are some final thoughts coming up.

NBA2K League: Final Thoughts

NBA2K League is one of the more engaging and more fun eSports leagues in the world. Incredible personalities, great play, solid broadcasting, and more make this a real eSport to stand behind. Having NBA affiliation adds to the overall appeal of the league. As the season is currently playing Season 4, I can see this league expanding and growing. Further success will be dependent on involvement from fans, NBA2K players, corporate sponsors, and even the NBA itself will contribute to the future success of NBA2K League.

Personally, basketball is one of my favorite sports. I feel I am not as much a fan of NBA2K League only because I don't fully know the game of basketball and how NBA2K games play. I stayed because I love the community and the fun provided by this league. Despite this, many of my days and nights have been made better by watching NBA2K League broadcasts online. If you want something different as a watcher of eSports, you owe it to yourself to watch and follow NBA2K League. I may even go as far as to say you'll be a fan of NBA2K League even if you don't like NBA2K or even basketball. Scott Cole, Dirk, Autumn, Harris, and India all provide great broadcasting in streams. Jeff Eisenband's "Behind the Screens" offer up great perspective on NBA2K League players. I also salute the likes of the NBA2K League and of Matt Arden for making this happen. It is always great to be a part of the magic each week and in watching each game.

Hype Video!

If you want to get excited about NBA2K League, this video will get you in the mood. I LOVE this anthem. This video is one of those "wait for it..." things, but it's worth the wait. Check it...

^ NBA 2K League #LetsGo2KL Season 4 Anthem

Excited much, mates? ;)

To Any and All NBA2K League Personalities Reading...

I hope I've done what I can to discuss this league properly. I enjoy the community and comraderie to stick with this league. Thank you so much if you love my work.

For More Information...

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