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Compound Butter

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(UPDATED: October 15, 2021)

On October 12, 2021; I made my first compound butter. Compound butter is essentially flavored butter consisting of butter mixed with different ingredients. They are mostly used to drizzle onto meats or breads. I took the opportunity to practice making compound butter. Through the course of this blog post, I will showcase my attempt at making compound butter. So if you are interested, keep reading this post!


OCT 15 2021 - edits to post

Compound Butter

Compound butter allows you to take some of your favorite ingredients and put them into a butter mixture. You can find a handful of compound butter recipes online or even in online videos. You can kind of think of compound butter as "on demand" seasoning or drizzling of a certain flavor on various foods. One site I visited recently even called compound butter as "flavor bombs" to enhance certain foods. Some grocery stores even sell ready-made compound butters that can be dolloped on foods or even be used as dips or sauces.

My Own Compound Butter Journey.

I wanted to practice making compound butter. When I shown my mother my cheesy dip recipe I prepared, I was asked if I could freeze or refrigerate it. That got me to wonder how I could pull off doing a compound butter that I could melt at any time. So I started watching (actually, re-watching) videos I've seen about compound butter and compound butter recipes.

I then went ahead and picked up a stick of unsalted butter from a freezer in my house. Now normally, cooks suggest you use unsalted butter and then put in as much or as little salt as you want. However, I wanted to practice properly making compound butter, so I went with an unsalted stick of butter. I let the stick of butter sit out for about an hour before preparing the compound butter. I got out a plastic bowl to mix in the butter with other ingredients. I just took the entire stick of butter and put it into the bowl. Next came all of the seasonings I put together: garlic parsley seasoning and Italian seasoning. I also practiced using measuring cups. So what I did was take a tablespoon of both the garlic parsley seasoning and pour it into the bowl. I then proceeded dumping a tablespoon of Italian seasoning into the bowl.

The next parts were kind of rough. I took a rubber spatula and chop up the butter. I felt it was taking a bit long, so I ended up using a metal whisk next. That just meant I had to keep shoveling out the butter pieces. I then eventually got to mix up the butter just enough so all the seasonings were mixed in. On a piece of plastic wrap (parchment paper also works), I scooped up the mixed butter and wrapped it up into a log. I firmly pressed down to try to build a mold I could shape into a log. Fearing it wouldn't be hard enough to put in the refrigerator, I put the compound butter into the freezer for two hours.

I later tried my compound butter by preparing a piece of grilled chicken fillet. I cut two small pieces of my compound butter to be used on the chicken. The compound butter melted nicely in the microwave and came out very good! I later tried this with a roll, and that went well also. I could taste and smell the garlic. I did very good!

Making Compound Butter: Post-Mortem.

I was ultimately proud of the compound butter I created. However, I realize a few things. For one, I probably could let the butter sit out for longer (maybe one and a half hours), or I could cut up the softened butter to make it easier to apply the seasoning to. One other thing I failed to realize- I forgot to put cheese into my mixture! Before using the salted butter stick, I found that there was a non-salted butter stick in the freezer of my refrigerator. Maybe I'll use the unsalted butter next time I prepare a compound butter. I probably realize I could try more fresh ingredients for better taste. Thing is, I am not much an outgoing person, and I only use what was available to me throughout the house.

Because I was successful in making one compound butter, I became interested in trying some different compound butters. I even thought of a spicy recipe as well as one involving honey. Always keep experimenting, foodies!

Making Compound Butter: Round 2!

Let me share my latest attempt. I went ahead and used a stick of unsalted butter this time. I let the butter melt for an hour and a half. I did put the butter in the butter drawer of the refrigerator before preparing. The butter was much softer to work with than my previous attempt. This also meant it would be easier to stir in the contents. Unlike the previous attempt, I added cheese. I was able to get in a lot of butter to mix. Though my previous butter mixture hardened nicely after two hours or so, I tried to put it into the refrigerator and not the freezer this time. It was still rather soft after being chilled in the refrigerator after four hours. So I may stick to putting it into the freezer and then transfer it from the freezer to the refrigerator.

Now that you have seen my post regarding compound butters, maybe I've gotten you to try your own. The next section will help you get started. You may skip the next section entirely if you are not interested in the content provided.

Compound Butter: Various Resources

Your involvement in this section is voluntary. In other words- you may not participate in this, but your support is appreciated. Here are various links to help you get started in making compound butter:

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Hopefully this helps you embark on your own compound butter experiences. Thank you for visiting!

I hope you all can make some great compound butter based on ingredients you put together. Good luck to you! I also must bid you farewell. So thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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