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A Salute to Arielle

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(UPDATED: May 12, 2012)

For the longest, I've wanted to salute a lady named Arielle Lee Bair. Arielle is a lady whom I've curiously came across online and greatly admire for her positive thinking and her motivation. The curiosity came as I looked for videos on YouTube for a pop singer named Arielle Lee from Arizona. But at one point, I saw an interesting motivational video from another Arielle- and she blew me away. Arielle primarily deals with eating disorders and recovering from eating disorders. However, she also deals in offering advice and motivation to those who most need the support. In addition, she lends her "Wednesday Warriors" advice to an eating disorder rehab collaboration called We Are Freedom Fighters (or "WeRFreEDomFighters"). I will do my best to introduce you to this person.


MAY 11 2012 - added a link to a YouTube video I did about Arielle at the end of the blog post

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About the Label: "Positive"

I might want to start a series on John's Blog Space devoted to people and groups who help provide something positive for others. These positives can relate either to motivational content, inspirational content, or simply providing entertainment. After all, entertainment can be a great way to provide some positive energy. While fans of my blog are whom I call my "Shining Stars," I want to devote some respect to shining stars that help provide something positive for all to read and enjoy and experience.

"John's Blog Space" is a positive space. I want my readers/subscribers to visit and feel happy to be here. I want people to be encouraged and happy when they're feeling down. With this label devoted to those who bring positive energy of some sort to other people, I hope I can help provide extra support for people who most need the support.

--- Arielle and Her Insight ---

Arielle is an angelic beauty in looks and in heart. This young lady has amazing heart. She speaks confidently in her videos and is professional in videos and blog posts. If you are someone who may need some positive reinforcement and some positive influence in your life, Arielle may be someone who you may want to gain insight from. Let me give you samples of what Arielle brings in terms of motivation. These are fairly brief videos just so I don't spend too much time focusing on her.

These videos below are only a sample of some of the different motivational videos she provides. More of her material can be found on her YouTube channel. Links to these resources will be posted later in this blog post. For now, here are some videos.

This was really one of the first videos I found of Arielle. It is based on a poem she did. Its advice may be able to help you if you are in the situation so eloquently described by Arielle:

Here is another video featuring some advice from Arielle. This one features issues related to having eating disorders:

Arielle also does certain videos in which she calls "Motivational Mash-Ups." These are essentially various motivational messages all crammed into one video. Here is a Motivational Mash-Up of hers:

Now you know what she brings to others.

--- Why I Honor Arielle ---

For someone like Arielle, I am proud for her because she provides wonderful information for those who most want or need support. She is someone who has taken some of her own past struggles and uses her experience to help empower others. I see her as a supportive figure whether you're facing day-to-day struggles or eating disorders. Someone as young as she is and to provide such wisdom is totally incredible.

Actively Arielle: A Voice With a Commitment.

Part of the URL name of her primary blog- Tears to Words- is proof alone that Arielle commits herself to helping others by providing empowering and encouraging content. Arielle's primary blog is called "Actively Arielle: A Voice With A Commitment." Her ability to take negatives in her life to empower others down on life is certainly worth love and respect. Arielle certainly gets my respect for what she does.

"Actively Arielle: A Voice With A Commitment" was voted the Top Eating Disorder Blog of 2010. She even sets up videos and blog posts based on topics people message and Email about. So it's safe to say she may offer video and blogging advice to help you with your issue(s).

One last thing... here is Arielle's mantra (click on it to learn more from Arielle):

"Recovery is possible."

--- What I Would Tell Arielle (if she read this) ---

What began with a curious YouTube search has led me to discovering your YouTube channel and seeing your videos and blog. I looked up one Arielle on YouTube, and I was then pleasantly surprised to come across another Arielle. You are a fantastic person with an amazing heart. Your courage and empowerment are very much needed in a negative world as this one. Even more so considering you're young. All of your insight and support regarding and not regarding eating disorders are very helpful. You already have gotten a good deal of consideration and respect, and I wish you even more success in all aspects of life.

(ADDED: December 22, 2011)
I would like to personally thank Arielle for linking this blog post here to her own blog. I noticed I got a blog hit from "Actively Arielle - A Voice With a Commitment" that linked to this post here. And so, I want to thank Arielle for enjoying my blog post so much that she decided to feature it in her own blog. I welcome everyone who visits "John's Blog Space" from "Actively Arielle - A Voice with a Commitment." And Arielle, it is your inspiration, your dedication, your motivation, your heart... that helped make my salute to you possible. This post was made for good reason. YOU made this possible. My respect for you made this post possible. So keep up the great work!

Would I Want to Meet Arielle (if given the chance)?

If you post a blog entry on someone who you praise and honor, of course you'd want to meet that person!

(ADDED: May 11, 2012)
If you want to see my video salute to Arielle, I invite you to look at this. Click on the link below to visit my YouTube channel and see my video salute to Arielle:

"A Salute to Arielle" - YouTube

I hope all of you enjoyed my blog post on Arielle. If you want to see more of her content, I invite you to check out the following links:

Actively Arielle: A Voice With a Commitment (primary blog)
One Page at a Time, Arielle's alternative blog
Arielle's YouTube Channel
Arielle's alternate YouTube Channel (a lighthearted YouTube channel featuring her cats)
WeRFreEDomFighters, which Arielle contributes her "Wednesday Warriors" material to
Follow Arielle on Twitter!

Again, I'd like to offer my respect and honor to Arielle. Thank you for reading!

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Arielle Bair, MSW, LSW said...

Wow! What a pleasant surprise to come here and see such an admiring blog post...about me. I really appreciate all of your kind words and considerations. I do take what I do seriously... And genuinely hope to be of help to others on a regular basis. My life's work! :) thanks for the lovely post. You realize I am older than I look, right? I'm only a year younger than you are!

Take care, John.

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