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Braided/Plaited Hair

John B. Marine | 5/18/2010 05:59:00 AM |
(UPDATED: April 5, 2012)

Making braids with hair can add a lovely touch. I can really remember braids being popular in the 1990s among my own Black people. Braids are more than just ethnic, though. You have, for example, French braids. The most important thing to remember about braids is to make sure to not twist braids too tight. One thing I've learned about my blog viewers is that my fashion-themed blog entries regarding hair are usually the most popular. This blog entry is more a look at braided hair rather than any kind of advice on braided hair. If this blog entry starts to become popular, I'll be sure to add more resources to make this blog entry better.

So let's talk about braids! At the conclusion of this blog entry, I will provide online resources to help you braid your own hair. That even includes braiding hair resources for men.

NOTE: This blog entry is a re-do of a past blog entry posted earlier today. Information has been edited to make this blog entry complete the way I wanted it to be complete.

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FEB 24 2012 - made multiple edits

--- Braids at a Glance ---

Here is the real meat of the blog entry. I have seen braids worn by both males and females. Speaking as a Black American, I've mostly seen braids among my own ethnic people. Braided hair has been derived mostly from African The most prevalent style is that of cornrows. It was a look I've seen a lot in the 1990s with only so few trying this look today. While I'm so used to braids among my own people, there are other braided hairstyles that I'm not as accustomed to.

Braids are a nice way to dress up your hair if you know how to make them. You'll need a good amount of hair, and males will need to grow their hair out to a certain extent to be able to use it effectively when braiding.

Let's set the mood with a picture followed by a video. Here goes:

micro braids
^ from: ehow.com - micro-braided hairstyle.

^ "Hair Styling Techniques : How to Braid Hair," from expertvillage

--- Micro Braids ---

Let's take a look at a few braided hairstyles, starting with micro braids.

Micro Braids.

Micro braids Alicia Keys
^ from: iblacksolutions.com - braids, as I remember them in the 1990s.

^ from: hairstyleslibrary.com - braids on recording artist Alicia Keys.

^ from: hairstylesdiary.com - even non-Black women sometimes wear micro braid hairstyles.

Micro braids are the most common style of braided hair. I remember seeing these quite often in the 1990s.

Micro Braids: Cornrows.

These braided hairstyles are called cornrows as this hairstyle resembles corn fields on farms.

Alicia Keys micro braids
^ from: healthyhairstylist.com, by way of jezebel.com - cornrow hairstyle of Alicia Keys.

male micro braids
^ from: hubpages.com - even males braid their hair. These is the ever-popular cornrow braided hair.

These braids are somewhat the most common braided hairstyles today. It takes some real caution and care to make these braids look great for females as well as males.

--- French Braids ---

While micro braids can be nice and casual, French Braids can be absolutely beautiful. The way hair is braided with French braids is a thing of beauty.

French braids bride
^ from: thebridesheart.com - a French braid hairstyle for brides.

Look at how beautifully crafted the hair is. French braids are for those who want their beauty to really shine with a lovely hairstyle. Braids like these are not bad to make that style statement.

French Braids: Ponytails.

French braids single
^ from: hairstyles-haircuts.net - large ponytail-like braids.

French braids ponytails twin
^ from: flickr.com - braids in hair with a twin set of braided ponytails.

These braids can be great for casual or some semi-formal looks.

--- Other Braid Styles ---

I don't know all of the styles, but I'll name a few here.

Updo Braids.

updo braids
^ from: updoprincess.com - an updo braid style for special occasions.

A series of micro braids are used to outline an updo style. Think of the updo braids as a finishing touch to an already lovely updo.

Messy Braids.

messy braids
^ from: spirit.lk - messy braided bun. The end result can be both beautiful and charming.

Who says messy can't be cute? Done right, a messy braided hairstyle (like the messy braided bun above) can be stylish and chic when done right. Done wrong, well... you're a hot mess.

Crown Braids.

crown braids
^ from: flickr.com - a crown braid hairstyle.

A crown braided hairstyle gives your hair the look of wearing a crown. It is a fancy touch. This may be the hairstyle for all the ladies out there who consider themselves as a princess or as a queen. Don't just wear things that say "Princess" on them... go with a hairstyle that makes you FEEL like a princess!

With any braided hairstyle, make sure not to twist the braids too tight. Using hair spray to keep the braids in place is optional.

Thank you for reading this blog entry! I don't have any advice on braiding hair, but I do have resources you can check out. Please visit the following links for more resources on braiding hair:

NOTE: You've reached the end of this blog entry as there is nothing more to discuss. Please right-click on each item to open them in a new window or a new tab (depending on your browser.

learn how to make basic braided hairstyles
learn how to make crown braids!
braids for men
3trendsbeauty.com, an interest group on braided/plaited hair (please support my friend who is starting up this interest group, if you're interested)

I may include more resources and more pictures depending upon how well this blog entry gets traffic.

Thanks to all of you for reading this blog entry! You'll need to take care of your hair, regardless of whatever style hair you have. So find yourself some hair care products on Amazon as my way of saying thanks to you for reading:

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