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Males Wearing Feminine Fashions

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(UPDATED: August 25, 2014)

There are those who feel that all males should dress up... like males. Most males shouldn't wear certain kinds of clothes that look better on females. Some males believe in fashion freedom. And under fashion freedom, a male can wear almost anything he chooses. Part of my inspiration for this blog entry comes from some males whom I've seen wear feminine clothing. I want to put this blog entry out there to chat about certain fashions most people question men wearing.

NOTES: This blog entry may contain some content discomforting that may be discomforting to most audiences. This blog entry was primarily about if males should wear certain women's fashions. I've since changed it to a discussion of males wearing feminine fashions.

I have made a similar blog post called "Fashion Freedom," based on the idea of males being able to wear feminine fashions if they so choose. To read that post, visit "Fashion Freedom." This link will return later in the post.

(ADDED: May 18, 2012)
This blog post is about males wearing feminine fashions. However, if you are looking for a post about crossdressing, I invite you to read my post: "Crossdressing" - John's Blog Space.


AUG 25 2014 - few edits

--- A Quick Note... ---

A quick note before we begin with this blog entry is that this blog entry is NOT about crossdressing! I am discussing certain fashions men wear that most people object to. This is more of a personal commentary deal rather than talking about certain fashion items. Just to show that this is NOT about crossdressing, here is a picture to set the mood for this blog entry:

three men in feminine clothes
^ from:, by way of - Three men wearing three different feminine outfits.

• The one on the left appears to wear a feminine coat with an animal print dress, stockings/tights, and pointed-toe pumps.

• The man in the center appears to wear a polo shirt, a denim jean jacket, feminine bootcut jeans, socks, and pumps.

• The man on the right wears a leather jacket, a mid-length A-Line or pencil skirt, (maybe) some tights, and pointed-toe pumps.

All three men show just how fashionable males can be wearing feminine clothing.

--- Of Males Wearing Feminine Clothes and the Crossdressing Misconception ---

This section only pertains to people who make the distinction that any male wearing female clothing is considered a crossdresser. I'm here to make a parallel between males simply wearing feminine clothing and a crossdresser.

So far, I've discussed males wearing feminine fashions. Many people would say this is crossdressing because someone of either gender is wearing clothing of someone from the other gender. But take a look at the picture from the previous section. There is NO crossdressing involved. Crossdressing involves completely changing your appearance to be the other gender from top to bottom.

What is the difference? The biggest misconception is that people think ANYONE who wears clothing of the other gender is a crossdresser. While it's technically true that wearing clothing from the opposite gender is essentially crossdressing, that is NOT true. The biggest difference between (in this case) a male wearing feminine clothing and a crossdresser is that a male who wears feminine clothing simply wears clothing from the other gender while still retaining his male identity and character. Crossdressing (or transvestism, at least) involves wearing clothing from the opposite gender without taking on the identity or personality of a member of the opposite gender. Crossdressers also transform themselves to dress and act like a member of his/her opposite gender, but want to return to their original body and looks. They usually don't express any interest in having surgery or taking hormones to permanently become a member of one's opposite genre.

What this blog entry is about, then, is on males wearing feminine fashions while still retaining their male character and identity. It's about dressing up in feminine clothes to produce a stylish medium between male and female without overstepping any boundaries. The blog entry is NOT about crossdressing. Problem solved.

--- Anything Girls Can Do, Boys Can... Do Too? ---

Let's get some perspective here. Each of the points here will be put into further detail in the next section.

One of the rules of fashion is... there are none. No real fashion is seemingly off-limits. Many females are disgusted to see some males wear certain feminine clothes. One example is skirts. Before skirts became an essential fashion item for femmes, it used to be something men would wear way back in time. You may still see some men wear kilts. A certain motivation for skirts for men is Jean Paul Gaultier, who made a number of skirts for men.

There was also concern that there would no longer be skinny jeans for men. The reason why I mention skinny jeans (though I'm not crazy about them) is that some males find skinny jeans to be the best-fitting for their legs and that more husky and average styles just don't fit very well. Since certain stores didn't have skinny jeans for men, some simply buy feminine skinny jeans! I don't know if they'd be offended by wearing certain feminine skinny jeans that may have girly designs or logos on them.

Many females would cringe at seeing men wearing high heels. Fact is, some males ranging from average males to celebrities have worn feminine high-heels before. Some males find comfort or can confidently wear a pair of high heels. Some even try to incorporate high heels into their style. I've heard of celebrities and musicians whom have worn high-heel shoes.

This picture is a parting thought as I go into further detail:

male wearing pumps
^ from: - a male wearing stylish brown pumps to go with his jacket, shirt, and jeans.

--- Why Do Males Do This? ---

Some people believe in defying stereotypes. One such stereotype put on by society is that the ideal male is muscular, unbearingly handsome, and wears MEN'S clothes. There are people in fashion who like changing things up and trying new things. Some like trying to make a statement without saying anything. It's why when you see one pretty lady in a cute mini dress with some peep-toe pumps, that one girl would rather go with more masculine-style clothing.

The Artistic Beauty of Androgyny.

Final Fantasy 9 Kuja
^ from: - Final Fantasy IX villain, Kuja.

What some of you may or may not know is that I am an art person. It's sometimes beautiful (or at least interesting) to see things you may not normally see. I think there is artistic beauty in someone dressing up however they choose. Lots of people in the realm of video games hate seeing male characters look too androgynous, especially within the Final Fantasy series. There are those who complain about Kuja's looks in "Final Fantasy IX" or Tidus' looks in "Final Fantasy X." There are those whom have been disgusted to know that Bridget in the Guilty Gear series, despite a girly appearance, is actually a boy. Society will say that males should be and dress like males. Art accepts males dressing as males, but also lovingly embraces someone who is artistically beautiful.

QUICK NOTE: If you want to read more about androgyny in fashion and art, I invite you to visit my blog post entitled Androgyny in Fashion and Art. It features a variety of androgynous males and females (but mostly males) who have feminine-like beauty. I thank you for reading this blog post. But if you want to do some related reading, please visit "Androgyny in Fashion and Art."

I once met a young man back in 2007 or so. I saw someone with flowing, long blonde hair, and I thought this was a girl in the wrong bathroom. When I had a chance to talk with him, I actually thought he was pretty handsome. This guy was one of the first openly-gay people I had ever known, and really one of the first openly-gay students I've come across. From an art standpoint, he was a handsome fellow with beautifully long blonde hair. He would also be the first transvestite (that I know of, anyways) that I've ever gotten to know in person. I'm not saying I'm accepting or declining anything- I'm just saying that art tends to help you look at the world in different ways.

To read on about individual feminine fashions males dare wear, please read on after this Page Break. Many more pictures, much more commentary, and even a YouTube video are all available after the break. So read on if you like what you've read so far.

--- Males in Skirts? ---

(picture to be replaced)

Long before skirts became a fashion staple for females, many men have worn skirts. The idea of skirts for men would seem completely foreign and outlandish in this day and age. The above picture originally came from the website of a German retailer of männerrocks, or manskirts.

In some circles, a male wearing a skirt is usually the result of a dare or a lost bet. There is nothing crossdresser-esque about a man wearing a skirt. The only places you may see men in any kind of skirt-like garments would be those who wear kilts or in sarongs. Women wearing skirts and dresses exemplify beauty and grace. For some people, however, the male body isn't portrayed in a tasteful and romantic way. One such person is a San Francisco fashion designer named Jennifer Minniti. Jennifer felt like there aren't as many fashions for men to portray male beauty in a romantic way. For in 1998, she made a quote that caught on to me in preparing this blog entry. Here now is this interesting quote made by Jennifer Minniti:

"We don't know the physical body underneath. All of the beautiful male form is not shown with a suit, and it's been like that for the past 100 years. What fashion does for the female figure is amazing, and it has failed to do so for men. And there's always this term androgynous dress, but I think that's a fallacy. It always means women wearing menswear."

-Jennifer Minniti in 1998 for

This is one FEMALE designer who believes that fashion for the MALE form isn't really being portrayed in a beautiful way. Jennifer Minniti had aimed to make skirts and dresses for male bodies. I think much the same reason why beautiful female models are featured in fashion shoots with lovely figures, there are men often portrayed in fashion shoots with muscular bodies. It is possibly a way to show how a skirt would look on an average (as society deems average) body.

Try this for fun- do a search online for "unisex skirt." You would be surprised at what kinds of skirts would show up in your search results. I've seen a website for alternative/club fashion that featured skirts that could be worn by women... and also for men. Same skirt, both sexes.

The "Metrosexual" Influence.

metrosexual skirt
^ from: - a male in a "manskirt," along with a masculine polo shirt and masculine sandals.

A brief resurgence of the "metrosexual" came about in the mid-2000s where males became more fashion and body concious. Some can recall soccer superstar, David Beckham, wearing a men's skirt. Here is a picture of the sarong that Becks wore:

David Beckham sarong
^ from: - a sarong worn by elite footballer David Beckham.

What If: Skirts Acceptable for Males as They Are for Females?

Between the time of November 4, 2003 and February 8, 2004; The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City had an exhibit called "Bravehearts: Men in Skirts." It was sponsored by famed fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. Jean Paul Gaultier made his fair share of skirts for men shown at fashion shows. Here is a look at a flyer or poster for this past exhibit:

Bravehearts: Men in Skirts flyer
^ from: - a flyer for "Bravehearts: Men in Skirts."

You know, I actually thought of what would happen if men could wear skirts and be acceptable. I wear jeans almost all the time. I once imagined (and this is true) if I had a long denim skirt that I had incorporated into my wardrobe. The challenge I had in my mind was to think of what feminine-style clothing I would wear without wearing anything too girly. A guy wearing a long denim skirt with some penny loafers is fairly okay. A guy wearing a long denim skirt that has flower embellishments and penny loafers with some heart or flower details may not be acceptable.

I even imagined if ever a male celebrity could ever confidently wear a skirt and be able to market male skirts in a way that is both acceptable and different. I think there has to be certain limits on what skirts may actually be deemed acceptable. For example, what if an amazingly handsome STRAIGHT male wore a long denim skirt for a covershoot or something? What if this person would have a certain line of skirts for men at stores ranging from stores at the mall to... major retailers like Walmart or Target? Would it sell? Would people protest to get these skirts out of stores? It's just something to think about.

What IS Acceptable?

How about we take a look at skirts for men that are or would be acceptable? Here are some examples:


men kilt
^ from: - a man wearing a camouflage kilt.
Kilts have always been acceptable as a skirt for men. While kilts have been very acceptable, not a lot of men (at least among the casual set) would ever wear a kilt even if dared to.

Long skirts.

long skirt
^ from: - a floor-length A-Line jean skirt.

Long skirts are very acceptable to me. I would probably even go on record saying that some skirts with dramatic flares are mostly fine and more comfortable (at least they'd be airy and comfortable). As long as the details aren't extremely feminine, they'd be acceptable among guys. I imagined if one of my pairs of jeans was converted to a long skirt. I'm not saying I would wear a skirt, but I imagined what it would be like if one of my jeans was a long skirt.

Mid-length skirts?

mid-length/knee-length skirt
^ from: - Can mid-length skirts be acceptable for men?
Some guys wear long shorts and some shorts above the knees. What if certain skirts (not kilts) were made for men? I doubt some designer would ever make a mid-length denim pencil skirt be acceptable for men (let alone ANY pencil skirt).


sarongs a beach-friendly sarong worn by a male.
Some sarongs are very common skirts worn by men in some countries.
^ First picture from:; second picture from: -
Sarong skirts are wrap skirts primarily used as a coverup skirt for women. In some nations (such as Pacific island nations), sarongs are very acceptable skirts for men. They even have other names in some nations, such as pareos.

Harem Pants/Sarouels (especially those with deeper crotches).

harem pants (or sarouels)
^ from: - a woman wearing harem pants. These are often seen as skirts to some people.
Many love these while many more dislike these. These are the combination of skirts with legging-like bottoms. The longer varities of harem pants give a skirt-like appearance. Many see these as skirts, especially harem pants with longer crotches.

(some) Gaucho Pants/Culotte Skirts.

male in gaucho pants
^ from: - gaucho pants/culotte pants are considered skirts. Split skirts, but skirts nonetheless.
These split skirts which I have discussed in a past entry on gaucho pants are pretty acceptable. Rather than the more bootylicious gaucho pants, some of the more trouser-like gauchos are fairly acceptable if you're talking about wearing skirts. Many look at these as pants while I seem to be one of the few to think of these as split skirts. So since these pant-like bottoms are still essentially skirts, that makes them almost totally acceptable. They aren't true skirts, but skirts nonetheless. And yes... the person in the above picture is a guy.

And then, there's a kind of skirt that WOULD make sense:


^ from: - an older male wearing what appears to be a tennis skirt.
Part of the problem with wearing any skirt is coverage. Does one ever feel covered and confident wearing a skirt? Love them or loathe them, skorts give most confidence. For women, these are practical skirts for active functions (especially today's skorts) as well as acceptable skorts in school environments. One website specializes in skorts for men called I think there was an episode of Adult Swim's "The Boondocks" where one of the boy characters was wearing some kind of skirt or skort. But again, what average guy would wear a skort (even any active skorts)?

If we're talking skorts, would a male even dare wearing an active skort or (heaven forbid)... a tennis skirt? And I'm talking about a pleated tennis skirt. Such pleated tennis skirts are about the sexiest you can go. A guy would have to be IMMENSELY confident to wear such a short skirt while bearing his legs. On the plus side, though, you're covered. Because remember- there are attached shorts hiding underneath a tennis skirt. This is about the hottest a guy in a skirt can be while still feeling covered for the most part.

Should a male ever wear a skirt? Some are confident enough to pull it off. This is more of fashion than any kind of religious connotations to me. Here is a photo giving you some inspiration on men in skirts:

male in long skirt
^ from: - a Japanese male wearing a long skirt.

And to finally end this section on men in skirts, here is a YouTube video I've seen a long time ago of a male in a mini skirt in Tongdaemon in Seoul, South Korea. Start watching around 0:04 and try to keep up with the guy with the girly outfit. Past the 0:30 mark, take a look at this male fashionista and what he's wearing. The video is a bit too bright to really see the full outfit, but you do get a basic idea of what exactly he's wearing. This is someone not afraid to express himself through the means of fashion. This person is also not afraid to rock a mini skirt.

^ "guy wearing skirt & high heels"

(added: October 8, 2011)
And this fellow, Gregory Gorgeous, isn't afraid to show some chic. Here is Gregory Gorgeous wearing two different outfits- one for a lunch date, and the other for the nightclub:

^ "Outfit of the Day: Lunch Date!"

^ "Outfit of the Day: Clubbing!"

If you love Gregory Gorgeous' videos, visit GregoryGORGEOUS' YouTube channel at

--- Males in Skinny Jeans/Pants (Including Feminine Skinny Jeans) ---

skinny jeans
^ from: - Lee skinny jeans for women (but can also be worn by men), worn on a woman

Part of my inclination would be to say that I'm tired of skinny jeans. A number of men who can't find a fit with an average pair of skinny jeans usually shop for feminine skinny jeans. It's like when I used to be a regular on the Fashion Spot (which I am a fan of), SO many would praise skinny jeans and leggings like they are the best anyone can wear. I've gotten burned out on super-skinny pants. I've never liked cigarette pants much either.

But for the sake of the argument here, there's one reason why I'll sympathize for males here. Some males find a better fit with skinny jeans and pants than they can with pants of more average male bodies. If for all intents and purposes that finding a great-fitting pair of jeans is the name of the game, and if skinny jeans are the best option for some bodies, then why not? Again- I am not crazy over skinny jeans, but there are many guys who find a better fit with skinny jeans and pants than any other kind of jeans or pants.

Some guys who can't find a good fit with average pants sometimes even go for female skinny jeans. If certain designers aren't going to make a good pair of skinny jeans or pants for certain male bodies that can't wear an average size pair of jeans, then maybe some find a better fit with skinny jeans. This is more of a fashion interpretation to me.

--- Males in Feminine Shoes, Including High Heels? ---

Some men can't find comfort with average shoes, so they find better comfort with women's shoes! No, I'm just kidding with you all! Have a little fun every now and then! :)

"Why do females have all the fun? We can wear these shoes confidently, too!" At least... in the minds of those males who wear women's shoes. One thing people immediately assume is, "you must be gay" just because you're a guy wearing feminine shoes. The fact is... no one is automatically gay (as in homosexual) just because you wear women's shoes. It's like when people see my YouTube videos and assume that I'm gay just because I'm different from other guys.

Another act of expression is in wearing feminine shoes. This means wearing certain shoes and boots (and maybe sandals too) usually worn by females. These are pictures of MALES wearing feminine shoes:

males in feminine shoes
^ from: - various males wearing feminine shoes.

male with feminine boots tucked into jeans
^ from: - a male wearing feminine knee-high boots tucked into jeans.

mid-calf boots
^ from: - mid-calf feminine boots worn by a male, tucked into skinny jeans.

Again, it's just fashion to me. You cannot assume anything about a person just by how they dress. That especially means automatically calling them any kind of gay slurs just because they dress in ways unacceptable by society. Some girly shoes are actually unisex. Again, if you can proudly wear these and feel comfortable in them, go right ahead and go with these shoes, guys!

BONUS: What is Your Women's Shoe Size for Males?

The usual rule of thumb is that you go up two sizes from your men's shoe size to determine your US Women's shoe size. Or conversely, take your American men's shoe size and add it by two to determine your American women's shoe size. So for example... if your US Men's shoe size is a Size 10, your US Women's shoe size is 12 B(M) US. I can comfortably fit a 10.5 B(M) US men's shoe, so my women's shoe size would be a 12.5 B(M) US shoe (meaning I'd have to look LONG AND HARD to find a feminine shoe to fit my feet!).

This is only a base recommendation, though. You may still want to try on a pair of shoes before doing any kind of calculations just to know how they'd REALLY fit your feet. So if you're interested in wearing some feminine shoes, let this be a bit of a helper. I sometimes grow a tad curious on what feminine shoes would best suit me if I were to wear feminine shoes. Thing is, I'd doubt I would ever leave the house (and not get yelled at) for wearing feminine shoes.

This is a good read on feminine heels for men, courtesy of Times Online in the United Kingdom: "Fashion-concious men get a lift as the man-heel makes its entrance"

--- The Femboy Magazine Influence ---

I want to stress again that this blog entry DOES NOT discuss crossdressing or anything like that. This blog entry was primarily about males trying on feminine clothing. The assumption most make is that men are gay for wearing clothing from the other sex. What I'm suggesting here is that most males are doing this in the interests of fashion and expression. One of my primary inspirations for this blog entry will be discussed in this section.

Part of my inspiration for this blog entry comes from checking out a Myspace profile featuring male models between the ages of about 18 to 25 dressed beautifully in some of the most stylish clothing and in romantic poses. This California-based magazine, named Femboy Magazine, strongly emphasizes that the magazine is NOT about crossdressing. Their Myspace profile suggests that the models who post pictures for this magazine are not crossdressers. For many people, it is crossdressing since you're wearing clothing from the other sex. In the interests of art and fashion, however, you'd be surprised at just how beautiful some of these males can look sporting feminine clothing. This deal shows that just because you're a guy doesn't mean you can't express your own style with feminine clothing if you choose to wear feminine clothing.

So is the premise of Femboy Magazine. Just hearing the word "femboy" conjures images of males dressed up and looking like females. It gives the impression of women who were born as males. That is not the point of this publication, however. In fact, pay attention to how the magazine name is stylized- "Femboy," not "Femboy." The way "Femboy" is stylized is more along the lines of "feminine boyishness." It is a style where you can look feminine beautiful while still maintaining your male character. Femboy Magazine is trying to focus on the element of a well-dressed male in feminine clothing. I am in no way an expert on the gay and lesbian community, so what I'm about to say in the next few sentences are NOT said with any sort of professionalism. This magazine focuses on the androgynous male wearing feminine clothes. The focus is all on trying to balance femininity with boyishness without overstepping either boundary too far. It also discusses fashion tips on how to look your best if your among these fashionable males. In a number of chatting sessions I've had with Femboy Magazine via Myspace IM, we chatted a lot about the magazine as it's trying to get off on the right foot. One of the key issues to this magazine is on changing perceptions. This magazine basically believes that beauty is unisex. They are more along the lines of expressing feminine-type beauty through fashion and beauty. Even straight women have been sold on Femboy Magazine's vision.

Or as their Myspace profile says:

"Femboy Magazine believes that gay males are a much more diverse group than the stereotypical one-dimensional gym bodies that are portrayed in modern culture. In fact, we believe that feminine/androgynous gay males are the most valuable, beautiful and underappreciated segment of the gay population. That is why Femboy Magazine wants to celebrate that beauty, elegance and dualism in a classy fashion publication. You'll see the world's most beautiful young men in the hottest new fashions and learn how you can incorporate these looks into your wardrobe to become the femboy you've always wanted to be...Femboy Magazine is not about drag or transsexualism—and it is DEFINITELY NOT porn or about nudity—it is a new fashion and lifestyle magazine that celebrates the beauty of young, feminine yet boyish gay males who have the confidence to walk the line between femininity and boyishness."
-from: Femboy Magazine's Myspace page

So that's why I've included this in my blog entry- lots of people think all guys should dress, like guys. While I'm not condoning or endorsing males wearing feminine clothing, I'm just saying that in the interests of fashion, art, and expression; this is not a bad way to get noticed. Remember earlier in this blog entry that I talked about how Jennifer Minniti thinks the male body isn't portrayed in a beautiful way whereas the female body has been romanticized and complimented through fashion.

(UPDATED: December 3, 2011 - Myspace link no longer functional)
FemBoy Magazine is no longer functional on Myspace. For more information about this magazine or to apply to be a model, visit the Facebook Fan Page of Femboy Magazine. The magazine is right now trying to work on photography and such to get the magazine up and running proper.

UPDATE (Dec. 3, 2010) Femboy Magazine has a new blog! Unfortunately, it's not a Blogspot blog. :( You can check out the magazine's blog by clicking on Femboy Magazine's blog (Wordpress - WARNING: blog is Protected).

In Case You Question Me as a Person...

For those of you trying to question my personality or anything, I want to let you know that I am heterosexual. Maybe very slightly bi-curious, but I am heterosexual.

--- My Final Thoughts on This Topic ---

This is the key point of this blog entry, my personal commentary on everything you've read up to this point. Have a good read.

The point of this blog entry is on if males should wear certain kinds of feminine clothing. The main point I've stressed is that this issue is NOT about crossdressing. It's on how some people feel that males should NEVER wear certain garments usually worn by females.

Fashion is art. Art is expression. Expression is fashion. One of the key reasons why fashion resonates with me is because fashion is about saying something... without saying anything. We would never walk out of our houses or escape our closets if we were unsure and uncomfortable about what message we want to send or imply to society and our immediate peers. One should be able to express themselves through the means of fashion with little or no compromise. Society frowns upon people whom are universally different from everyone else in what society considers normal or acceptable. However, certain members of society praise and honor difference and independence. As much as there are some who dislike men who wear pink (or any similar pink colors), there are equally those who feel females shouldn't wear so-called "boyfriend jeans." This, then, becomes a double-standard in fashion- how come females can wear menswear-inspired pieces and not fall into any kind of ridicule, while males would be ridiculed for trying to wear feminine fashions? It is an understandable double standard most fashionable males frown upon.

The most important accessory in fashion is confidence. How can you wear a garment or show off a certain look if you are not confident in what you wear? There is also another important accessory to fashion- comfort. How can you confidently wear something if you aren't comfortable in it and comfortable wearing it with confidence? The males who wear feminine garments wear these things because of confidence and comfort. Most probably don't care if people hate them for making these decisions. However, these are males not afraid to express themselves in any such way which some members of society deem detrimental.

Who is making the fashion decisions for males who wear feminine clothing- you or them? Society will quickly turn down and ridicule men who wear feminine fashions, but fashion will reward the person who is both expressive and confident. Isn't establishing your own identity regardless of what mainstream folk and society think a part of being respected? We are all free to express ourselves however we please regardless of what other people think. It is a means to where while there may be fashion rules and advice, fashion rules were meant to be broken. People can flip the script on fashion at any time.

I'm not saying that males wearing feminine fashion is wrong. However, I'm not saying that males wearing feminine fashion is right, either. I'm taking the middle ground and expressing what I see. There are even some fashion designers that dare test the limits of men's fashion. Jean Paul Gaultier is one, having tested the waters of making fashionable skirts for men. If fashion wasn't as restrictive for men, then we'd all have the same boring options. Some men even believe in fashion freedom. For these men, they would question how come males have to wear pants while females have pant and skirt options. Granted fashion is more versatile for females than males, some males just think they can confidently (and sometimes fabulously wear) any feminine fashions. Fashion is more about expression than wearing what society tends to enforce what a certain gender should wear.

--- (BONUS!) What Would I Wear if I Tried This? ---

(Section Added: MAY 4, 2010) Here is a bonus section I'd like to add in regards to males wearing feminine fashions. This is just to show that I do have an eye for fashion.


I'm not sure what kind of feminine top (if at all possible) I'd wear. I'd probably stick to my own shirts. I wear XL size shirts, so I doubt I'd look very nice in a feminine XL top. If I was a bit ambitious, I'd probably wear a bolero jacket or a shrug (bolero more than likely).


Nothing says feminine dress like a skirt. Because most of my wardrobe is mostly casual, I think one such garment would have to be a long denim skirt. For comfort, either a long denim trumpet skirt or a long flared jean skirt would suffice. Pant options I'd be okay with would probably be a pair of bootcut or flare jeans with either sexy flap pockets or even no pockets. Glitter detail on the pockets or any girly pockets would also suffice. As much as I've liked gaucho pants and jersey palazzo pants, I'd wonder how they'd feel on me. Gaucho pants and booty is a guilty pleasure I'd admit to.

More than likely though, I'd just go casual and simple with a long jean skirt. The thing I'd fear about any shorter skirts would be any embarassing moments trying to sit down. If this was the case, I'd probably look for a casual skort to feel covered and safe. I may have to wear briefs instead of boxers as well in the case of shorter skirts.


To stay within casual limits, I'd probably go for a pair of casual cute shoes. Something similar to the platform loafers with chunky heels would be great along with a long jean skirt or some flare jeans. I love mary janes as my favorite feminine shoes. They'd have to be either schoolgirl-like mary janes or some mary jane pumps. If I was feeling ambitious, I'd chance painting my toenails and wear some peep-toe pumps. It's rare I wear sandals outside of the house, so there probably wouldn't be any sandals I'd consider. Some platform flip-flops with a wedge heel would be very okay for me. I do not own a single pair of flip-flop sandals.

So that's a look at what I would consider if I were wearing feminine clothes or wanted to try this look. Then too, I am nowhere near someone really stylish and confident to pull off such looks out the house.

--- Androgyny Across the Blogosphere ---

Many more links will be added. Check out what I have for now in case you are interested:

• A fellow from Spain has no problem sporting various chic outfits. Items you'd see being worn on a cute teen girl or young adolescent woman is worn by this guy pretty nicely. Visit blog or take a look at some of his outfits on Chictopia.

• I came across a blog called The Art of Avant Garde. This fellow is very confident in his dress, and you can see his fabulous sense of style by visiting the Blogger/Blogspot blog, The Art of Avant Garde.

(EDITED: October 10, 2013) There is a blog of a fellow who wears skirts and dresses. Have a look at his blog here: His Black Dress.

Mentioned earlier was the blog on high-heels. The blog "Hottest Heels - Heels Are Hot! Anything Else Is Not!" is no longer functional. So I am only featuring this individual as Honorable Mention.

For further discussion about androgyny in fashion and art, please visit the following blog post:
"Androgyny in Fashion and Art," here on John's Blog Space. I have also made a similar blog post called "Fashion Freedom," based on the idea of males being able to wear feminine fashions if they so choose. To read that post, visit ""Fashion Freedom" here on John's Blog Space.

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Unknown said...

I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.

John B. Marine said...

You know it would look good if it went with the outfit, not something that seem to look outta place. like half of these models showing men in heels. How many guys would auctally wear the outfits the models wear, not likely. lol come on ruffles down the back of the shirt and some big neck wrap thingy on bryanboys site? or inpracticle looking shoes most of us don't wear. Just make sure if you plan to wear heels that goes with your outfit. :)

John B. Marine said...

I am not properly a CD or TV but love to wear women's flat sandals in summertime. I my humble opinion, I think that the designers for men footwear do not care of male style as their models for men's shoes and especially sandals have a so odd, strange and huge looking.

John B. Marine said...

Well ~!
BRAVO....I love men in women's fashion, furthermore as stated above "nothing off limits in fashion" however, its biased meaning nothing off limits women sexists, women forever and designers have invaded all the appearal of men including underware and refined them in design smoothed them out with delightful textiles and silks..........making them hot in looks and to the touch and when wharing them uuuummm you feel so wonderfull...................not I believe each ma to his own stye however for me I love womens style and incorporate some or all of daily and gradually have become more femenine in that longer colored hair which enhances my appearance and many women compliment. more attention to skin and exercise diet to be able to get into those hot cloths........I dress up at home in hot suites and outfits and to certaian parties with other like me.............and can't tell you the freedome comfort and sexieness i not gay nor do I desire fact feel closer to women however although many women think I am attractive when they see pierced ear rings social chat is fine but for most women I am off limits for dating even when they are dressed in boyfriend designer cloths on a date. Fact remains over the years man has created(or women) a huge gap in what men an women do to appear classic and care for there bodies.........why can't a man get a facial or have his eyebrows shapped or use eye linner or mascara and makeup to appear vividely attractively..................we could have a third sex and those who can slim down and fit the mold would be very hard to tell the differance visually except they would have the same voice and values and possibly be with a hot just think of going shopping together to the store where in the womens mens department ( one section) various sizes of fashionable clothes to fit it...

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