Formula Hybrid

Formula Hybrid is where colleges and universities build formula race cars powered by green and alternative engines. Started by Dartmouth College in 2006, colleges worldwide have made and tested their own electric or plug-in hybrid formula race cars. Students are challenged to make such machines applying what they learn in the classroom to make such racing machines. As you would imagine, it is great fun to make and build such cars and put them in competition.

If you have taken part in or represent a certain college or university that has competed in any formula competition (including Formula Hybrid), allow me to make a special hello to you and welcome to my main blog- "John's Blog Space!"

Formula Hybrid: Competition.

The events take place at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire- popularly known as "The Magic Mile." The competitions that these schools take part in include acceleration, autocross, and endurance. The Acceleration event is a performance test of how well a car can get up to speed. Since these are alternate source cars, these cars can have instantaneous acceleration. The Autocross event is a performance and handling test where you must try to race around a set course and clear it as fast as possible. Clipping cones can result in time penalties added onto your run. Finally, the Endurance test is a challenge of how well these cars can sustain themselves and last around a set course for a long period of time. Usually, this is a test lasting anywhere between 10-30 minutes. Only other thing besides these competitions is primarily design competitions.

My Thoughts on Formula Hybrid.

To me, I think it is cool that college and universities. A lot of people can attest to wanting to not having to sit in a classroom learning things when they could be applying what they learn into the real world while also (hopefully) enjoying applying what they learn in the real world. You do have that sort of school pride that goes into the whole process. Because after all, you would hate to be a Michigan student getting upstaged by Michigan State or Ohio State. As much as I love regular formula race cars, it is great seeing these alternative sourced machines built and raced by colleges and universities. Even those who eventually don't become part of the automobile engineering realm gain some quality lessons to learn in life. As you would imagine, what these colleges and universities demonstrate through programs like Formula Hybrid become vital and instrumental in further development of automobiles. So imagine being in college and learning these things to help influence making better and more efficient cars through competitions like Formula Hybrid. Sounds like a win, eh?

For More Information (and a demonstration)...

For more information on Formula Hybrid, including signing up for the next competition or learning more about the Formula Hybrid challenge, you can visit This is a video demonstration of Formula Hybrid:

^ "Formula Hybrid 2015"

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

I plan on making an updated post or an update to this past post (or both) to this topic. So if you like colleges and universities making formula racing cars, here is the only other post I can offer you:

Formula SAE (John's Blog Space)
^ This blog post takes a look at the largest and most popular competition for building formula race cars- Formula SAE.

That's all.

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Adele is one of today's hottest singers. This British singer who nicely sings soulful pop music. Adele is a superstar whom you either like or dislike. She represents something forgotten in today's music culture, especially that of someone who is just raw talent and is very down-to-earth. Either way, Adele is someone to really respect and admire. Do not look for this post to be anything definitive about Adele, but I will try my best to showcase Adele in my blog. Welcome to another blog post of "John's Blog Space!"

BRIEF NOTE: The initial date of this blog post (January 23, 2016) marks the seventh anniversary of "John's Blog Space!" Thanks to everyone who have supported my blog in any such way throughout this blog's history.


The lady known as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (or just Adele) is below:

^ from: (Twitter) - Adele is a British superstar from London.

The (born: May 5, 1988)-year old British singer named Adele is one of the hottest acts in music today. Adele somewhat reminds me of old-style singing in this postmodern time of music. Her singing style is along the lines of soulful pop. She is surely talented. Adele provides passionate and powerful singing with kind of an old time style to her music. For you English Premier League fans, she's from Tottenham Hotspur country! That is... she was born in Tottenham, London, UK.

I'll be honest... though a lot of people love Adele's music, I think she's alright. I don't hate her- I just don't like her music as wildly as a lot of other people do. One song in particular is my absolute favorite of hers. That song I am referring to is the first of the featured songs:

Rolling in the Deep.

Even though I'm not really into Adele's music, this is my favorite of hers. It is a catchy tune with a nice flow to it. I still find myself grooving to it when I hear it. You're free to groove yourself to it if you like. You know you want to during or after hearing this:

^ "Adele - Rolling in the Deep"

Fire to the Rain.

Here's another Adele track for you. I chose this video to represent this fine song. Enjoy!

^ "Adele - Set fire to the rain"

Someone Like You.

This one would probably be a third favorite of mine.

^ "Adele - Someone Like You"


Here is a more modern Adele piece. Some time after Adele gave birth, she came along with this song. Have a listen if you've never heard this hit song before. By the way... this video has one billion hits on YouTube! Enjoy:

^ "Adele - Hello"

After having visited this section, you can't say you have no idea who Adele is or what her music sounds like. You are now educated on Adele. You're welcome.

Adele: Final Thoughts and Commentary

Adele is not one of my favorite singers, but I do vastly respect her music and her singing ability. I just don't like her music all that much. There is definitely one thing I think almost anyone can appreciate about Adele- she is pure talent. She doesn't have to be someone who tries to market herself on sex appeal or trying to be super-slim. Adele is completely real and natural. I even remember once watching "The Wendy Williams Show" during one of her Hot Topics segments about how Beyoncé was being the least bit jealous of Adele, since she's garnering a certain level of success that sort of rivals what all Beyoncé has accomplished. If you read my very old blog post on Beyoncé, you probably know my thoughts on one of my fellow Houstonians. Even still, Adele is someone to surely admire and respect. I don't like Adele's music too much personally, but I don't hate her in any way.

In a way, you can say that Adele represents a lost culture in today's music. Adele earns her fans through pure talent and is not at all on trying to win over fans with any kind of overbearing personality or overly sexy style. It is reasons like these as to why (at least to me) Adele is so respected in today's music. There is nothing completely wrong with today's music culture, but Adele is just... different. Distinctive. Unique. Most of all- real.

What I Would Tell Adele (if she were to read this)

You are someone who is completely real and down-to-earth. You aren't anything fancy or over-the-top. Keep being you and keep being amazing. You have my full respect.

Would I Want to Meet Adele (if given the chance)?

I know I said I don't really like her music that much, but I do think she is a wonderful person. So I would be honored to meet Adele if I actually had the opportunity to do so.

For More Information...

You probably want more Adele if you enjoyed her in this blog post. If so, here are ways to get social with this British superstar:

Adele official
Adele on Facebook
Adele on Twitter
Adele on YouTube (VEVO)
Adele on Instagram

Or you may also check out Adele on Amazon.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post.

There are rare some times where I blog about popular things and trending things. This is one of those topics and one of those posts. All of my material is real. Has been since 2009 and even when my blogging was done on Myspace before even being serious about blogging on Blogger/Blogspot. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and my others. Go ahead and Subscribe and Follow if you enjoyed my work and if you haven't yet followed my material. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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S Club 7

Recently, I saw some S Club 7 videos on YouTube. I was looking for inspiration making music in LMMS, and one or more songs I was working on had '90s pop influence in them. Lyrics to some of S Club 7's songs are so positive. As you all know, I am someone who welcomes and praises positivity. So for this blog post, I will feature S Club 7 here. Don't expect anything purely detailed. I simply will use this post to introduce and showcase S Club 7 to all of you fine folks of cyberspace.

S Club 7

There's no party like an S Club 7 party! :) Meet the seven-member crew ready to blow your mind:

• Tina Barrett
• Jon Lee
• Paul Cattermole
• Hannah Spearritt
• Bradley McIntosh
• Rachel Stevens
• Jo O' Meara

And here's a little picture of these super cool seven:

S Club 7
^ from: (Twitter) - S Club 7 was one of the finest groups of '90s pop. They reunited in 2014 with their "Children in Need" event.

The material below features videos of theirs. You'll see why I got to respect S Club 7 more after researching some videos in preparing this blog post.

S Club Party.

^ "S Club 7 - S Club Party (Official Music Video) - Rachel Stevens"

Bring It All Back.

Listen to this song and watch the video. There is a good mix of positive messages and fun dancing.

^ "S Club 7 - Bring It All Back [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"

Two In a Million.

This is the only song I could really remember best preparing this blog post. Have a listen:

^ "S Club 7 - Two In a Million"

Reach [For the Stars].

^ "S Club 7 - Reach [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"

There is your video look at S Club 7. Needless to say, I have new respect for S Club 7 after having seen some of their videos. They really seem to represent a lost culture in music. As much as I get tired of people posting "like if you're listening to this in xxxx" in YouTube comments, it does make you think what has happened to music and why most of today's music is as enjoyable as it is today.

For More Information...

Want more S Club 7? Get social with these folks:

S Club 7 on Facebook
S Club 7 on Twitter
S Club 7 on YouTube
S Club 7 on Google+

I hope you've enjoyed the material I've presented in this blog post.

Pop Since the '90s... Where Has it Gone? (Bonus Section!)

This is a bonus commentary section from me.

People today (and even then) would likely complain that a lot of pop music was girly back in the 1990s. On the contrary, at least a lot of '90s pop was real and fun compared to now. Another point is to make is that not everyone listens to the trashiest or most dark rock music or the most raunchy hip-hop. Not everybody is hardcore, and neither should they be. Many of my older readers would probably argue that even a lot of music before the '90s is better than a lot of today's music. To me, the reason why a lot of '90s pop still resonates with people in this day and age is for a few reasons. The biggest reasons for me are the melodic nature of a lot of songs as well as the positive vibes in songs. I always believe in trying to chain together notes in a harmonious and a melodic nature. I am not the least bit disappointed or lamenting just because I prefer more melodic music than anything real hard or trashy. People may say music like what I featured here may be boring or unexciting, but at least this is better than a lot of other music on today.

Now fast forward to these days. Basically, everywhere you look is a lack of anything real encouraging or happy. More people tend to care about hardcore or epic. This is why a lot of people often look back at the '90s wondering just what the heck happened to music. On another end, you could also probably argue that most of today's music is more about money and a generic music style instead of people being distinctive and unique. Even in the pop realm of boy-crazy girls back in the 1990s, a lot of the music was fun to listen to. People today will probably make fun of how girly and weak some of '90s pop is. What you shouldn't overlook is just how much fun music was and just how much positive energy people put into music. And of course, let's not forget trademarks of the mid-late 1990s- midriff-baring tops, flared jeans and pants, platform shoes... all of which fairly popular today (though midriff baring today is more along wearing high-waist bottoms than belly-baring and low-rise bottoms).

So I was pleased when I started watching music videos from back in the day with S Club 7 (whom I known little about prior to this blog post). Maybe not only music culture, but culture in general changed to where we don't see . Don't get me wrong. I've listened to the raunchiest hip-hop, the sweetest melodies in smooth jazz, the most pulsating electronic dance music, some of the most interesting (and sometimes depressing) country music songs, and some of the most tear-jerking classical music songs... '90s pop holds a key place to me. This is a lost time in music and culture. The best thing of all is how there are people today- even millenials- who are probably hearing a lot of this music for the first ever time and like this more than almost all music of today. Is S Club 7 the all-time greatest music group? No. However, they are better than a lot of other music groups of almost any genre even today.

Especially among the better '90s pop artists and groups and songs, honor the classics. Most of all... where has music gone ever since?

Anything and everything. That's how I roll on "John's Blog Space" and with my other blogs. I hope you enjoyed your time here. If so, feel free to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) to keep up with the latest content of mine. Your involvement is always appreciated and admired. Also, if you have Facebook, why not "Like" my fan page? I can always use more fans! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Mech Suits

Mech suits represent some of the most powerful defense. Anyone who has seen anything like Transformers, the Gundam series, the Metal Gear series, Cyber Sled, the Virtual On series, the MechWarrior series, may have seen huge mech suits operate on ground or in space. Advances in technology make it possible to turn science fiction into science reality. So we may see a time where giant mech suits are battling each other to defend... or possibly destroy the world. there may be a time when those seemingly unrealistic realms become reality. What we may see as the future may be now. This blog post takes a look at mech suits.

I initially named this thread as Mobile Armor, but a more familiar name for these structures is Mech Suits. So I named it as Mech Suits. You should know what I am discussing regardless if you are familiar with these things.

--- Mech Suits ---

Let's set the mood with a picture. Here's one for you (may be edited in the future in case I am unable to use this picture):

mech suits
^ from: - Mech suits like this could be pure fantasy to many of us. However, it is possible this bit of science fiction can become reality.

Mech suits are large robotic structures operated by people. We are often times fascinated in science fiction at the thought of huge robotic structures that attack or defend various cities and deep space. These are the sort of structures that can only exist in science fiction. And since it's science fiction, these things could NEVER find their way into the world we live in... or COULD they? There may actually be a time when mech suits are created as an extra layer of defense for various nations. Such mechs could even make tanks obsolete.

If you're a fan of Robot Wars, it may also be possible for mech suits to be used in recreation and sports. Imagine a sporting league that features real mech suits battling each other that brings rock 'em sock 'em robots to absolute shame.

One of the first real mech suits created was the Kuratas by Japan. For the price of about $1.3M USD, you could have your own mech suit. For a sample of Kuratas, check this out:

^ "KURATA, the world's first robotic mech suit"

Can you imagine what any military-spec versions of this thing would be like? If you're crazy enough and/or rich enough, go get your own KURATA here (or learn more here): Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

--- Mech Suit Examples ---

You can look to any number of science fiction or games to get an idea of what mobile armor would be like. So what am I talking about? Let me give you some inspiration on envisioning real-life mobile armor by using these fictional example videos.

Mech Suit: Video Examples.

Let's begin with a mech suit you can actually buy. Check this out:

^ "KURATA, the world's first robotic mech suit"

Can you now imagine what mobile armor would be like if such technology actually existed?

So you think this is something Japan would specialize in? Well, meet an American group that made their own mech suit:


Who would win? MegaBots or KURATAS?

Now for an anime example. Not just ANY anime, though... how does Macross Plus sound? Enjoy:

^ Macross Plus-Opening Battle

Something like this is more along the lines of "could this possibly happen in reality?"

Let's go to gaming now. Here is another mech suit example from the classic PC fighting game, "One Must Fall! 2097." This game features a variety of mech suits controlled by various pilots. Have a look:

^ "One Must Fall - Nova - Destruction"

This gives you the feel of what it could be like if mech suits were used in recreation like fighting. Sure would be interesting seeing mech suits battle each other without trying to kill off humanity or anything.

Finally, this one is for you more modern gamers. From the 2013 E3 show, there was a life-like version of a mech suit from Titanfall. Can you imagine something like this come to life:

^ "Life Size Titanfall Mech Suit at E3 Expo 2013"

(Bonus Video!) IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED... here is a bonus video for you to see in regards to if there are Titan-like mechs in real life: Titans in Real Life? The Science of Titanfall - Reality Check.

You now have some insight in regards to mech suits and mech suit battles. These videos have given you a bit of insight to help you imagine making mech suits into reality.

--- Would Mech Suits Be Possible Today? ---

It would be pretty cool... and quite scary if there were actually mech suits as seen in media. These high-tech machines would be sufficient in regards to military usage. You can be almost certain that certain high-class militaries and high-class technology experts will find ways to make various mech suits and prepare them for any number of situations ranging from crowd control to war. Some people even jokingly said in YouTube comments that they would join the military just to pilot mech suits if they were real.

As a scary scenario, imagine someone somehow steals a mech suit and decides to go on some kind of spree shooting up stuff and crushing everything in sight. At best, military mech suits would be more effective and more powerful than using tanks. I am not so sure about things like energy beams or plasma swords. Those would probably have to be devised in some sort of way by companies crazy enough to try to create such hazardous materials. But again- these things COULD be made possible today.

I hope you liked this blog post. So what do you think? Is it possible we could see these mech suits come to life and function in today's world? That's the end of this post. Glad you could visit my blogging universe. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner: 2016 Theme?

I may have a theme for 2016. That theme could be... Thanks, or Tribute. I feel the power to thank and honor people. How to offer such thanks depends. I am no stranger in offering salutes to others in my blog(s). However, I want to offer some more thanks or make certain tributes. One thing about life is that while you may have no idea how much longer you will be living, you have to remember and honor all whom have helped you to be at your best. So to talk more about this possible theme of mine for 2016, I welcome you to another edition of...

Johns Corner
JOHN'S CORNER! This is the series where it is just me chatting with you straight up on things.

I am someone who believes success in something like in any of my published content would not have garnered me any success had it not been for people who (at the least) given me a chance. I didn't buy success. I didn't nicely ask success to make me popular. But just the fact I got to encounter some amazing people is enough to make me feel thankful and proud. Even if people do not readily respect and honor me, I at least want to show I care about other people and entities. So what I want to do is offer some sort of support to show I care.

In a continuing quest to try to boost positivity to a negative society, one of my latest moves is to try to offer some sort of tribute and salute to various people and entities. Making these tributes and offering thanks can range from offering encouraging thoughts to making all sorts of media material for fun. For example, I may make voxel artwork of certain people or maybe do a blog post on certain individuals. Some of these things I will have to be careful doing because I could make something that I find supportive but may offend someone. It's like when comedians roast or grill certain people- you may think it is funny, but someone may take it the wrong way and not get the joke or not like it. I am not a good joke teller, so don't worry about me here.

Past Examples of Tributes.

Here are some past blog posts of mine where I contributed my own salutes to certain individuals and even certain audiences. This gives you an idea of some of the different tributes I've done before:

My Salute to the LGBT Audience (John's Blog Space)
A Salute to Arielle (John's Blog Space)
My Salute to Australia
A Salute to Lily Fang
JGTS Salute to GTPlanet (John's Race Space)

As you can tell, I have no problem showcasing love and respect for an individual or set of individuals. Life is too short to be a hater. We all have to be thankful for many different individuals whom have helped us to be where we are today. Especially if you enjoy where you are today with help from others who helped you get there, you are certainly thankful. It is good to be thankful, but it is even better to express your thanks in your own unique and respectful ways. How I choose to help my cause and contribute to it depends. For now, I feel to offer my thanks to all whom have supported me and all whom I admire and respect any way I can.

To all of my loyal readers and visitors, let's keep working together. I would love to keep going on a great clip even as "John's Blog Space" nears another year of existence. Thank all of you for your support of all of my online work for as long as I've been publishing. I wish all of you be happy, safe, and blessed. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Paradise Road

Paradise Road is an online forum all about performance and automotive awesomeness. It is mostly devoted to classic American cars in points around the United Kingdom in car shows and in racing events. The online community has been around since 2002. It is run by a fellow named Shaun Middleton. I've seen everything from classic American cars to even things like an eight-second Bentley drag race car to a Volvo funny car. Personally, I am always compelled about this deal because I become ever so intrigued at just how much American cars are sought after and admired in the United Kingdom. It is because of this as to why I continue to be awed by the many different cars and such featured on Paradise Road.

If Shaun himself is reading this, I want to say that I am always compelled and interested in just how much American cars are sought after and admired in the United Kingdom. While I am not extremely biased of American cars, I do admire just how much these cars are liked and admired by you all on the side of the Atlantic Ocean. Even more fascinating is all the drag racing of these machines in the UK. It is of great pleasure to be exposed in this sort of way about American cars. Even too, the various non-American cars that show up in Paradise Road posts are great to watch. Simply put, you do a great job putting everything together, and contributions from other members is nothing short of amazing. Glad to check this material out and enjoy it. Still do to this day. Thank you for making this all possible.

Got Facebook and want to join in on the fun? Visit Paradise Road's Facebook Fan Page to join in on the Paradise Road awesomeness. Further love for Paradise Road can be shown on YouTube by subscribing to the Paradise Road YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Next in Line

Let's face it- we won't live forever. To carry on an industry or a tradition, you have to wonder who will be next-in-line to carry something on into the future. A level of dedication and love is needed to want to continue something going. Generations and eras will happen to try to extend the life of something for a long time to come. For example, sports teams will have new coaches, some even replacing legendary coaches. Hosts of shows will look for new talent to host such shows. There will always seem to be something or someone to determine who takes over and takes control of something once a previous person moves on or dies. Someone or something next in line will always take over to try to carry on a business. This blog post is simply about being next-in-line in regards to being in control of something.

No matter what, retirement or death will mean those who want to carry on certain industries will be the ones next in line to try to move something forward into the future. It isn't a guarantee that whomever takes over something will do a better job than the previous person or group. That is, unless someone drove a product right into the ground where it is tough to recover. When you think about something or someone being next in line, you think so in regards to who is best equipped to carry certain tasks. One example can be found in gridiron football. Teams often times have depth charts detailing who the best players at each position are. When one player is injured or isn't playing very well, a team will go to a different player at a certain position. Families or companies may look to certain individuals to inherit a certain business or certain belongings in the event the current owner passes away or retires. Some companies may have new management, and their management will take the company in different directions apart from the previous manager. Political systems have their own depth chart (if you will). In the case the major political leader of a city or nation resigns or is assassinated, there is a list of people that determines who takes control of that city or nation from the major political leader.

Where being next in line does NOT come into play is when a business or venture to be extended is created and managed by one person. Yes- like a lot of us bloggers. Yes- like a lot of us who produce our own content. When we're gone, we're gone... pretty much forever. That is unless someone is brave enough (and maybe foolish enough) to try to carry on what we started. In these cases, there is no next-in-line unless we really trust someone to continue our content and hope they do it best or even better than we did.

The future success of any industry depends entirely on what the next-in-line individual does to try to extend the life of such an industry. As mentioned earlier, it is not a guarantee someone new will do the best job or push something better into the future. The only good is that something is extended for some time to come. What it doesn't guarantee or assure is that it will be a longer standing institution with a new face even after an older figure has moved on. Let me give you a real life example. Through my childhood, I have enjoyed game shows. One of my favorites is "The Price is Right." I would watch that game show almost every morning if I was not in school. Ever since Bob Barker retired, I rarely even seen the show ever again. Bob Barker wasn't the original host of "The Price is Right," but he reached legendary and iconic status from the original host of the game show. It just wasn't the same anymore once Bob Barker retired. Success varies depending on who takes over what based on who is next in line.

Final Thoughts.

If you are next in line for something or you credit someone as being next in line for something, seek someone or something who is willing and dedicated to push something into the future and extend the life of an industry or a tradition. Having such people and things to proudly take something over speaks to a level of trust and dedication. Can someone be trusted to such levels to where he/she can take an industry or tradition and maintain it or make it better? You have to be careful picking someone to be next in line to take something over from standards set by a previous owner. If the next-in-line figure(s) take control of something experiencing tough or slow times, that next-in-line individual surely needs to make things better! No matter what, a lot rides on future success and future life of an industry or tradition. Someone or something next-in-line will surely help dictate the future for a long time to come.

This blog post looked at being next in line in regards to ownership of something or extending a tradition. So let me ask you...

What do you find most important in being next in line to control a business or extend the life of an industry? Can someone or something do it better than others?

Another blog post has now concluded. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe shared it with your friends/family. Go ahead and Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if you enjoy my work. Show further love by getting social with me across the various social media platforms I am on. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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"Why Are You Single?"

Love and relationships are great. So why are you single? Shouldn't you be taken? These questions are too personal and borderline pointless to ask to some people. Some will even shrug it off or even give some kind of comical response. When people are asked about why they are single or anything, it is as if to say one's success is predicated on being in a loving relationship. Or maybe it is to say being socially acceptable depends on being taken, and especially by someone immensely attractive or seductive. It could be acceptable to ask why someone is single as a way of saying that someone is a very nice person who doesn't have someone he/she loves. Almost as if one's personality is enough to win the heart of almost anyone in the world. That can be an acceptable take on questioning one's love life. However, when you question or ridicule someone for being single like someone is a bad person or like someone NEEDS to have someone in their love life, this is what gets me riled up. This sounds like having a love life is as easy as going to a store and buying one. We all know that is not true.

One time on YouTube, someone hated on me and said something along the lines of "get a girlfriend." Almost as if I am somehow required by law to have a loving relationship. First of all, it is none of your business to judge people on whatever love life someone has or should have. Let a person have whatever kind of love life (or lack thereof) he/she wants to have. I personally have known a number of girls whom I've known in school and college whom I could imagine marrying and starting a family with. I have never put any real importance or urgency to marry or love someone. How I am ultimately judged as a person should not come down to whatever love life I live. I also dislike when some of the ones who want to try to pretend they love me try to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram. Some Facebook types are the ones who seem all innocent until they message you wanting a relationship. And what about Instagram? Some people who really want to follow me on Instagram are the ones who have links to shady, skanky pornographic websites. I immediately block certain suspicious Instagram profiles as I do on almost any other social medium.

Some people even prefer being single. You know, why waste time with people who don't love you as much as you love them? Or why even put up with people who seem to want nothing to do with you or don't care about you as much? Maybe some single people will want to get back into the game (so to speak) eventually. What is unacceptable is to wish certain individuals would get on the market. And on top of this, how do you know certain single people even want an opposite to love? If you criticize some guy for not being able to get a girlfriend, how do you know the guy loves women? You know... what if the male in question wants to be romantically involved with another man or maybe a transgender person? Some people talk about finding love it is a priority or something trendy.

Love lives are also not about competition. I am sure there are those who look at certain individuals as (especially among us males) to take the hottest girl and have a family with her. Everyone seems to want competition with everything- including finding love. Trying to find someone to love is unnecessary and excessive pressure. Why not concentrate on just loving someone whom you feel complete with or who you think will make you the happiest? And even if you are taken, don't be under any pressure to have the hottest lover anyone can have.

Final Thoughts.

Love should be a privilege and a responsibility. It is not, however, a priority. You are disrespecting what it is like to love and be loved when you question why someone is single or when you think someone should find love. True love takes time, effort, and chemistry. I would rather take my time getting to know someone and love someone than look for love as a "quick fix." Even if I were date others for the rest of my life rather than find someone to love and marry, I am in no rush or feel no importance to be taken in love. Not everyone is "wham, bam, thank you ma'am." Instead of worrying about why some people are single, why not worry about your own life and your own love life?

Other people are not prizes to win. Being with certain people should not be any kind of status symbol or have as much of importance as some college degree. People will still look at finding love like it is cute. It is about the same way as someone may find being pregnant and having children as "cute" or "trendy." Love is commitment, not a fad or a game. People in society are NOT failures just because they are single when they could be happily in love. So go easy on people that are single.

Love is nothing to disrespect or disgrace. It is also not a competition. Learn to respect others and their privacy- even in terms of love. Or in the case of certain people whom are faced with the question of "why are you still single?", the answer is simple- "none of your [expletive]ing business."

I hope you were able to enjoy this blog post. Feel free to agree or disagree with me at will. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if you find my work enjoyable. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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The ICON A5 is a fascinating plane. How so? Imagine a recreational light plane that you can fly in the air or even on water. Those who played Microsoft Flight Simulator X may have heard of it (and flown it). Some people even have called the ICON A5 as the "Tesla of planes." Because I was so fascinated about this aircraft, I decided to do a blog post on it. I'll introduce this light plane to you fine folks who read my blog.

I have done a handful of blog posts on cars and motorcycles, but never really any on planes. So you're going to experience another wrinkle in my "anything and everything" collection of topics. Welcome to another "John's Blog Space" post!


Here is a look at the ICON A5:

^ from: - The ICON A5 may be your dream light plane if you want to enjoy flight in the air... and even on water.

(NOTE: Most specifications on this plane were taken from ICON Aircraft's website)

The A5 is a light plane from California's ICON Aircraft. ICON Aircraft was founded in 2005 and is based in Vacaville, California, USA- northeast of San Francisco and west-southwest of Sacramento. The ICON A5 was in development for a number of years. A prototype of the A5 was created in 2008, and its production version was officially unveiled in 2014. People who are familiar with Microsoft Flight Simulator X may have heard of the ICON A5, and perhaps even flown it in the game. The ICON A5 was designed to take advantage of certain changes to FAA regulations allowing for recreational/sport flying. Here in the United States, you can earn a sport license for completing 20 hours of aviation training. If you want to enjoy recreational flight, ICON may have you covered. ICON Aircraft also has its own page regarding sport flying and how to earn a sport pilot license (SPL) here: Sport Flying - ICON Aircraft.

The ICON A5 has somewhat of a car-like appearance to it. Its interior is especially car-like. The interior is actually somewhat a cross between a car-like cockpit and a bit also like a luxury motorcycle interior. The front half of this machine is very futuristic in design. The back half is a bit funky in design, almost like it was sort of tacked onto the back of the plane. Yet still, it is beautifully aerodynamic. It is powered by a ROTAX 912 engine that produces 100 horsepower. It has a top speed of 95 KCAS (knots calibrated airspeed), or about 109 mph (176 kph). It has a flight range of about 427nm and a 45 minute reserve. It can run on 91 Octane Auto or 100LL Aviation gas. In case a flight all goes wrong, the A5 even has a parachute to it.

Among the many features is its ability to be a great plane to fly in the air and even on water. You can actually fold the wings of the plane and put it on a trailer, so you will able to take this plane almost anywhere you want. You'd better have something big enough to house it, though. You would probably need a barn, an appropriate steel building, or a proper hangar to house it. Also consider its dimensions- it is some 8.1 ft. (or 2.47m) tall and 23 ft. (or 7.01m) long.

Do you want your own ICON A5? The estimated base price of the ICON A5 is about $189K US Dollars and may climb up to almost $250K US Dollars. As of the date of this original blog post (December 25, 2015), delivery of any ordered A5 models will begin in the third quarter of 2019. To me, I find this plane to be immensely fascinating. I was drawn to this plane because of its wonderful design. The fact this plane costs about as much as a fairly decent supercar is pretty good for someone who enjoys cars as well as flight. I have personally never been on a plane or flown a plane. If it were possible, it would be cool to sit in this plane and see what it is like to be in it in flight. I would not think of this plane as any kind of status symbol thing, even though it would be pretty cool to own and use one of these. It wouldn't surprise me if other creators of light planes come up with their own light plane and sport planes offering to challenge the ICON A5 and even allow more people to enjoy flying.

Video Preview.

I found this video for your enjoyment. How cool would it be to fly the ICON A5? Check out this video as the ICON A5 takes flight in New York City:

^ "Flying the ICON A5 in New York City"

Looks like fun, huh? Who wouldn't want to enjoy doing something like this in a place like New York City?

For More Information...

You can learn more about the ICON A5 and ICON Aircraft by going to

Thank all of you for reading my blog post! Feel free to comment if you wish. Could this possibly fulfill a dream of yours to fly a plane? Anyhow, that's all for this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Mulsanne's Corner

I have always loved sportscar racing. One reason why is all of the incredible and unique prototypes past and present. One website called Mulsanne's Corner has provided incredible insight on these fabulous machines since 1998. Mulsanne's Corner is a site featuring all kinds of information on various sportscar racing machines. Its editor and owner, Michael J. Fuller offers insight and pictures on various sportscar prototypes in racing. I have used the likes of Mulsanne's Corner to educate myself on a variety of different prototypes. I have even seen my personal favorite race car- the Ferrari 333SP, among the many featured machines on Mulsanne's Corner. There have been a few posts of mine here on "John's Blog Space" where I talked about certain prototypes.

Even more than featuring prototypes on Mulsanne's Corner, its Facebook group offers up more insight from many sportscar racing fans. Just to get more insight from dedicated and loyal fans who also like sportscar racing only make the experience better. Some of these even offer some deep memories. For myself, personally, I am used to most prototypes 1998 and later. So when I see some of these machines featured on Mulsanne's Corner, I am pleased to see various pictures and specifications on these prototypes. Some of the pictures even include certain variations in aerodynamics and such. For example, when I saw pictures of the Ferrari 333SP, I noted a few different aero packages and design variations of the Ferrari 333SP. Most of all, I was pleased seeing my all-time favorite race car- the MOMO-liveried Ferrari 333SP. Eveything is fairly simple about each car and isn't overbearingly technical or super-advanced.

To be honest, I have never been disappointed in seeing almost any car featured in Mulsanne's Corner. So to all of you who are into sportscar racing and the various sportscar racing prototypes past and present, I vastly recommend you take a look at Mulsanne's Corner. In case the editor and owner, Michael J. Fuller is reading this blog post... let me just say to you to keep up the good work with your site. I think a lot of people who maybe want some extra insight on various prototypes will not be disappointed with the provided pictures and specifications you provide. Anyone who even remotely cares about sportscar racing should at least give your site a visit.

For More Information...

Want to visit Mulsanne's Corner? You can visit this site by going to Links to other material within the site can be found there as well upon your visit.

This has been another post of John's Blog Space- my "anything and everything" blog. What I blog about and when I post can be random, so you may not really know what my mind may blurt out and what my fingers type up about. You can Subscribe and Follow my material if you my blogging work very cool. Follow to get my latest posts when they become available. Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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