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Single Attitude

Not everyone has great relationships. While there is nothing wrong with being single, there is one thing I take huge issue with- talking about being in a relationship like all people like they are the scum of the earth. I'll explain in this blog post something I've thought a lot about recently. Kind of bear with me here.

A Relationship Pet Peeve.

I have never had any serious relationship personally as of this post. However, I would feel terrible if I felt as if either I did my partner wrong or if my partner did me wrong; and as a result, that partner would go around celebrating being single, as if being in a relationship was a failed experiment that scarred him/her for life. I'd feel even worse if that person celebrated being single and enjoyed being single. People will have bad experiences with almost anything in life. Thing is, don't celebrate such things like you've made the best decision of your life to remain single. You end up becoming shallow and antisocial in the eyes of others having this sort of attitude. I am always someone who believes someone or something will come along and change any negative perception about things you may have- including relationships.

What upsets me is having a generalization that all males/females are distractions and deterrents just because you've had one or multiple failed relationships. While not everyone seeks relationships, don't talk about people like they are all the same and make stories that lead to unhappy endings.

Healthy (and Respectful) Ways to Express Being Single.

So based on how I discussed things here, what are some alternatives? Here are a few things I'd suggest. Follow my lead:

• I would recommend while it is okay to be single, just don't talk about all people like they are a waste of life and energy. Don't disregard all the ones whom have successful relationships. Just because you did not have a successful relationship doesn't mean everyone should follow your lead and enjoy being single.

• Having a failed relationship doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it mean you have failed in life. Even the very best of things fail or go positively. It isn't entirely your fault or someone else's. Some things simply just don't work as good as they can.

• Most importantly, do not celebrate being single like it is the best decision anyone can ever make. Most peoples' lives are not dependent of being in love with someone. So don't make it seem as if being in a relationship is as rocky of a decision as wanting to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.

• Be careful trying to express yourself if you feel being single is best. Saying certain things will make you shallow and unapproachable in the eyes of others. Do you want to say or believe in certain things to where no one wants to be around you? Do you want to have a persona that will make someone feel uneasy in your presence?

• I would prefer you have friends rather than try to pursue a relationship if you prefer not being the relationship type. One would be better served as sociable than hating every person he/she comes into contact with. Don't pursue a relationship or give into someone who may be seeking a relationship if you dislike being taken by someone.

These are some of the things I'd recommend if single, but my biggest recommendation is this:

• Do not make remarks along the lines of boys' tears or girls' tears. It is okay to not have such good luck dating or keeping a boyfriend/girlfriend, but it is condescending and sexist to relate to being with others as having to put up with tears from heartbroken individuals. PLEASE avoid this. This mentality is both disrespectful and antisocial. Unless you want people to think of you in such a negative regard, this is the biggest recommendation of mine regarding this topic.

This whole notion isn't cute or cool, and I don't think you can even make anything lighthearted of this recommendation even if you tried.

A Healthy Look at Being Single or Breaking Up.

Here is a healthy and honest view of relationships, courtesy of my blogging friend Lily of "Imperfect Idealist": 7 Things I Learned From My First Relationship (imperfect idealist).

Even if you think it is best to just part ways, at least this is a respectful look at being in a relationship and breaking up. There are no comments or anything along the lines of something raunchy or sexist- just learning some lessons and sharing them with others in a pleasing manner. Heck, not even Taylor Swift doesn't go around spewing hate being in relationships.

The main thing to take away from this section is that there are healthy and sociable ways to express being single. There are ways to express being single without making yourself look bad in the minds of others. There are also ways to learn from being in certain failed relationships and provide constructive views on love and relationships.

I am hopeful you don't think of me too negatively for the thoughts I have expressed in this blog post. This blog post is pretty much over. Discussion time (if you wish to take part in it)...

How do you handle being single? How do you think others should express being single?

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe share this post with others. Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if you find them useful. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Nintendo Switch Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled recently. This machine is diverse, adaptable, and immensely intriguing. So I figured I discuss this baby here on "John's Blog Space." Nintendo is tight-lipped on any further details, so my thoughts are impression based. Will it be worth your time as a gamer or even as a general media consumer? We don't know yet. All I do know is that there is plenty of room for speculation. So let me offer some thoughts on this machine. Let's begin!

The Nintendo Switch: First Impressions/Speculations

This is the basic set of thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. But first, here are a few links for you to learn more about the Nintendo Switch.

Let me begin with a picture of the system:

Nintendo Switch
^ from: Twitter; Gamespot - This is the Nintendo Switch- which may be the most adaptable gaming console ever with its multiple configurations.

the official video from Nintendo:

^ "First Look at Nintendo Switch"

Now for some links...
Nintendo Official
"Everything We Know About Nintendo Switch" (WIRED)
"Everything we know about the new Nintendo Switch" (The Verge)
"Nintendo Wants To Make It Clear The Switch Reveal Guaranteed No Specific Games" (Forbes)

And I found this article interesting:
"Nintendo Switch is the spiritual successor to the Nvidia SHIELD" (TechCrunch)

Now that you have some general insight on the Nintendo Switch, allow me to share my impressions and thoughts.

My Basic Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch.

For one thing, I am NOT expecting the Nintendo Switch to spank the PlayStation 4 and/or the XBOX One. The performance numbers are so out of the league of the PS4 and XBOX One. Nintendo, however, was never known to be any powerhouse in this department. I think the Switch is seemingly designed to be a console that combines a home experience with a portable gaming style. Reportedly Nintendo and NVIDIA are together in helping put together this Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch was designed to be completely adaptable. I would say its biggest draw is the ability to have an uncompromised console gaming experience almost anywhere in the world. You don't need to be at home with all of the different nuances and features to enjoy gaming on the Switch. The Switch seems to have maybe five different configurations. You can separate the two ends and attach them to some device to have the gamepad for this system. Or, you can break off the two ends of the switch to enjoy gaming like with the Wii. The Switch even comes with its own kickstand. So you can dock the main screen someplace and connect it to your television unit or monitor. To me, I like to think of the Nintendo Switch kind of like a big Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Games will reportedly be on these cards, kind of like Nintendo DS cards or maybe something like SD cards. Over 40 different developers have at least acknowledged wanting to work with and develop content for the Switch. These include a handful of game companies and different other developers. Some of the names include Sega, Atlus, Telltale Games, Unity, and more. Even if at the expense of trying to downsize games to make them better play on the Switch, Nintendo has itself the vastly important aspect of third-party support. More importantly on the gaming front, rather than make one console-quality game and then make a version of it better suited for portable gaming, and rather than exclusives for the respective console and portable markets, everything is all on one system made for the Nintendo Switch. So you don't get to have many exclusives for console-style gaming and portable-style gaming. Think of this more like having a middle ground between a console-style game and a portable-style game all in one package.

I want to imagine the Nintendo Switch to offer many popular applications and features to enhance the array of material outside of gaming. For example, I'm sure this system will provide applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon's services, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more as part of the Switch package. I am sure this will have as more functionality than either the Wii or Wii U. I may even speculate the possibility of maybe expanding its memory by having SD cards or access to external drives. This can come in handy if the space for the Switch becomes insufficient for most gamers.


You know people are going to eventually try to come up with some kind of console war or try to compare this to the PlayStation 4 and the XBOX One. Let me just say this right now- the Switch is NOT going to overtake the PlayStation 4 and/or the XBOX One. Even PC and Mac types will not feel threatened in the least sense gaming with the Switch. Then too, world domination (or at least the gaming world) is usually never the goal of Nintendo. Many people even still see Nintendo either as not being serious enough to push to be the best console maker on the market, or many others still see Nintendo is a shadow of its former self that stays alive banking on its exclusive characters and games. I think the Nintendo Switch will be a console that offers its own experience and probably couldn't care less if it doesn't have the same market share and appeal as anything of Sony or Microsoft. There is a real risk-reward in Nintendo trying to blaze its own trail going against the grain. Whether or not Nintendo succeeds in this department remains to be seen.

Then again...

What if the Nintendo Switch Becomes a Failure?

If the Nintendo Switch ends up being a failure, what's next for Nintendo? I asked this question to my friends on the message board GTPlanet. Some of the responses I got ranged from Nintendo having to bank on its portable game sales to stay financially afloat to responses like (and I can't imagine THIS happening, but...) maybe the chances of Nintendo becoming a 3rd Party developer like its former console rival SEGA. A lot of people thought the Gamecube was a failure when it went up against the likes of the PlayStation 2 and the original XBOX. Some others may remember the Virtual Boy- that was a real failure. And believe it or not- I WANTED a Virtual Boy back then!

Final Thoughts (as of now).

The Nintendo Switch is incredibly intriguing for what it has to offer and for the gaming experiences it attempts to deliver to the gaming masses. For the most part, I am intrigued myself about it. All I can do is imagine what I think the system could provide and how I can use this system to play any number games. With details so tight-lipped and few and far between, we don't really know what to expect for the Nintendo Switch once it releases proper in March 2017 here in the United States.

This is surely a hybrid console that could either be a real game changer or a total flop. We'll see if the former or the latter will describe this system when we have more concrete details on it. For now, I'm pleased you found my blog and had a chance to read my material. You can Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) to get more thoughts of mine on a variety of things. Just follow the links in the below table. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Super Mario Bros. NES Trilogy

Super Mario Bros was established in 1985. What many don't realize is that Mario and Luigi have been around since 1983 before Super Mario Bros. came along. The rest is history once 1985 and Super Mario Bros. came along. This blog post looks at all three titles that took these two plumbers to superstar status.

Super Mario Bros. NES Trilogy at a Glance

Mario and Luigi today are icons of the gaming world. Though they reached these levels of superstar status in 30+ years of existence, they debuted in "Mario Bros." back in 1983. Two years later, they basically provided the modern definition of a platformer. The Super Mario Bros. series would define platforming from battling enemies to jumping all around the place. Even if people today think of Nintendo as a shadow of its former self, at least one of its most successful franchises ever help set the tone for what would evolve as a successful franchise. Future Super Mario games would showcase the further expansion and growth of the Super Mario franchise, such as the Mario Kart games and the Smash Bros. games. The Nintendo Entertainment System (and the Famicom in Japan) would help set the tone for the franchise with three games. For this blog post, I will only focus on the NES/Famicom games in the Super Mario Bros. series.

These games would get a 16-bit makeover with the 1993 game "Super Mario All-Stars." They even would find their way with more makeovers with the Game Boy Advance among other systems.

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

If you just DON'T know about gaming at all, then read this section carefully to understand what games I am talking about. The plot will be a reoccurring theme through many of the major Super Mario games- Princess Toadstool (nowadays Princess Peach) was kidnapped by the evil Bowser/Koopa. It is up to Mario [and/or Luigi] to rescue her. A total of 32 levels await you spanning eight worlds, each with four stages. Every first stage is an outdoor level. The second stage to each world may be an outdoor level, or you may have to go into an underground or water level. The third level is an outdoor stage with more challenging obstacles than the first or even second stages. The final stage to each world takes you into a castle. From this castle, it may be a straightforward path to Bowser, or you may have to solve some puzzles to reach Bowser. Regardless, you are going to have your hands full trying to clear each level.

To clear each stage, you must try to go from the starting point to the flag at the end of of the first three stages. . The higher above the flag you grasp when pulling down the flag, the more points you earn. A maximum of 5K points is on offer. You earn bonus points if you can pull down the flag with the time at certain numbers. The bonus comes if you pull down the flag with the end number on the Time being either 1, 3, or 6. The bonuses come in the form of fireworks offering 5000 points. There are two ways to clear the castle stages. You can either touch the axe at the end of the bridge, or with your Fire Flower power, pelt Bowser with fireballs until he's defeated and then touch the axe. You must touch the axe at the end of the bridge regardless to end the castle stages.

If you want to breeze through the game, try to find the Warp Zones to take you to different levels. You will start on the first level of whatever world you want to warp to. There is a way to gain multiple extra lives (I'm not sharing! Find that out on your own!). However, you need to be careful not to get too many extra lives, because the game will be over. This game pretty much teaches a life lesson that you CAN have too much of a good thing. People who played this may also have two other life lessons- one being the determination to stay with trying to rescue the Princess. And for some of us guys, some guys would say, "women... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em." Either way, this is one of the most classic platformers of all time. If you clear this game for the first time, you will be granted a second quest that is a good bit tougher.

TRUE STORY... One of my proudest accomplishments in gaming is going from Stage 1-1 to 5-2 without warps and without dying. I think I had about 4.2M points during this stretch.

Video Preview: Super Mario Bros.

If you have absolutely know idea what Super Mario Bros. is like, let this video do the talking:

^ "Super Mario Bros. - NES Gameplay"

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle. "G.I. JOE!" :)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988).

Super Mario Bros. 2 offered a much different experience from the long heralded experience the first Super Mario provided. Rather than rescue Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser/Koopa, you are instead on a mission to free the dream world from a spell cast by King Wart. This game features seven worlds each with three levels, excluding the seventh world, which has only two levels. Of each of the NES Super Mario games, this is the only one where there is a health system as well as the first Mario where you could play as Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach.

Each character was unique in their own physics. Mario is generally all-around average. Luigi is able to jump high and has low gravity. Toad is pretty basic also. Princess Toadstool is able to jump into the air and float into the air for about 1.5 seconds. So whomever you choose can play a big impact on how you get through the levels. Some characters can be the best to use for a certain level. Be sure to experiment using certain characters and take advantage of their strengths (and weaknesses).

Unlike the first game, rather than platform jumping, you are pulling out weeds and throwing them at enemies to defeat them. You may also have to pull out items that will allow you to use on the level. One such item are bombs. Just remember to throw them before they explode! You may also have to dig your way through sand to delve deeper into some levels. Every fifth Vegetable thrown will stop time. Collecting enough Cherries will grant you either a Heart or a Star. If you find a Potion, a door will be created at the spot where you throw the Potion at. If you find the right location using the Potion, you can find a Mushroom which will extend your health to up to four units for that level. It is also possible to find coins to use for the Bonus Game when a level is complete. Also possible is the ability to warp ahead to higher levels. There is no time limit to the levels, so there is no need to try to complete levels as quickly as possible. Take your time, but be efficient.

Super Mario Bros. 2 offered an experience much different from what the classic Super Mario Bros. offered. The action still remains fun despite trying some new things.

Video Preview: Super Mario Bros. 2.

Here is a look at Super Mario Bros. 2:

^ Super Mario Bros 2 NES 1/7!!!

And there's your look at Super Mario Bros. 2.

About Birdo...
The primary boss of levels in Super Mario Bros. 2 is the pink dinosaur Birdo. While not much of a big deal was made about Birdo, some question if Birdo is transgender or genderless or whatever. I can't really comment here simply because I don't know. It is just something I wanted to share.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)

Considered by many to be the greatest Super Mario Bros. game of all time, Super Mario Bros. 3 offered one of the most engaging and challenging experiences of all the NES Mario games. Princess Toadstool has been kidnapped [again] by Bowser. Not only is Bowser's wrath on the eight different worlds, they are also on the rulers of each world. Go through the eight worlds and restore order to each land. For its time, Super Mario Bros. 3 was revolutionary in a number of platforming aspects. Among new features were the ability to fly as well automatically scrolling levels. SMB3 was the game changer for not only platformers, but for most modern games.

Super Mario Bros. 3 will keep you busy with so many levels. There are a number of basic levels to take part in offering their own challenges. You can gain items to use before each level by getting them from Toad's house or by winning battles on the overworld. Enter fortresses to eliminate evil and to unlock certain passages. The main thing you want to do is go to the main castle to help out the rulers of each world. From there, you will board on some of Bowser's airships trying to find the Magic Wands to bring the rulers back to their original form. This means fighting against Bowser's kids on the airships. All of Bowser's/Koopa's kids made their debut in this game. If you fail to defeat the Airship stage for that world, you must chase down wherever the airship is and play again! Once you catch up with the airship, you will automatically return to the airship level. One aspect of this game is that if you take damage, you will not go straight to regular Mario if you have anything higher than Super Mario status.

While the main levels are there, the game has MANY surprises. You may see cards on the overworld that will allow you to play bonus games. One game has you trying to line up individual tiles to create something. The other has you playing a match game where you get only two chances to try to win items by matching different cards together. There may also be a ship level that just has a bunch of items available for you. There are also enemies scouring the world where you can engage in battle. Defeating the enemy or enemies in these battle stages will reward you with items you can use while in the world.

Speaking of items, there are MANY of them! This is the first Super Mario game where you can fly. Picking up a leaf will turn you into Racoon Mario. From there, you can use your tail to whack enemies in close quarters or take flight. Get a running start and when at full power, you can fly! There are also other items along the way including a Hammer Bros. suit, stars, a Frog suit, and even the infamous Tanooki suit. While there are no Warp Zones, you can find whistles that will allow you to enter different lands. If you collect enough whistles, it is possible you can go all the way to the final world.

Here is a brief look at the eight worlds. There are proper names to these worlds, but these are just a description of each:
• World 1: a basic grasslands world.
• World 2: this world takes you through a desert.
• World 3: a world dominated by water. Prepare to swim a lot here.
• World 4: a world full of giant items and enemies!
• World 5: a two-part world that takes you into the skies.
• World 6: this world is very icy and slippery.
• World 7: in this world, there are lots of pipes to travel through and deal with.
• World 8: this is Bowser's/Koopa's world, and where Princess Toadstool is held captive. This world is difficult and dangerous.

This game will keep you busy.

Video Preview: Super Mario Bros. 3.

I said this game will keep you busy. How much so? This video may give you some insight:

^ "Super Mario Bros. 3 - NES Gameplay"

Imagine what the rest of the game is like if you enjoyed this video...

That's the bulk of this blog post. But despite this, allow me to offer a bonus section.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan; Bonus Section!)

Unless you've played Super Mario All-Stars, you may not know about the Japanese version of the first Super Mario Bros. This section takes a look at the Super Mario Bros most of the rest of the world didn't get at the height of its time. The Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 was featured in a game known as "Super Mario: The Lost Levels" in "Super Mario All-Stars." And since we're talking about the Japan NES, we are more than likely discussing the Famicom and not the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Funny enough, while most of the rest of the world got Super Mario Bros. 2 of Japan, there was also a "Super Mario Bros." of the USA in the Japanese version of "Super Mario All-Stars." In my research of this topic, I learned that the SMB2 in the United States was a modified version of Japan's "Doki Doki Panic!" The real Super Mario Bros. 2 from Japan was deemed "too hard for Americans (or Western audiences)," so we got this modified "Doki Doki Panic!" as our SMB2.

Insight: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan).

This individual can explain this game better (and funnier) than I can:

LGR - Super Mario Bros 2 Japan - NES Game Review

Either embedding was disabled, or I couldn't get to embed the video in the initial creation of this blog post. Anyhow, there is your insight.

Super Mario Bros. NES Trilogy: Final Thoughts

The Super Mario Bros. series has been a game changer in a number of aspects. There is a reason people still play these games and follow this series, and at least these games helped set the tone for years to come. Even people who make their own fan-made games or practice making programs in the vein of Super Mario games all do so in love and appreciation for what this game provided. Even in the future when Mario would face the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, it was still the Super Mario Bros. games that helped pave the way for a lot of future platforming stars including those making their own basic platformer titles. Even in this day of ruthless assassins, macho men, faceless heroes, femme fatales, and other heroes and heroines; there are still no other heroes or heroines quite like Mario and Luigi along with the games that helped define the legacy of these two brothers.

Even these days, the platforming action created by the likes of Mario and Luigi can be enjoyed these days with "Super Mario Maker" on the Nintendo Wii U. Just remember the next time you are enjoying a platform type game, pay respect to Mario and Luigi. They probably played a role in making any future platforming title to it being successful in its own right.

I haven't been blogging too much lately. However, it doesn't mean I have given up on it. I am actually trying to develop material outside of blogging to keep me busy and maybe gain me some revenue. That is why it has taken me so long to try to develop material. Be sure to check out my material across social media and even on my Weebly site to learn more. For now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post here. Here is a question for you if you want to make a discussion out of this topic...

What are some of your biggest memories of the NES Super Mario Bros. games? How much different would gaming be (to you) without these Super Mario Bros. titles of old?

One last note... from my latest "John's Corner" post, I mentioned something along the lines of donations. If you want to show your support of my work financially, you can do so through PayPal; or you may also follow my Patreon profile to help inspire me to make better creative material. Remember- this is voluntary. I am not forcing anyone to pay money for my content. But of course, I wouldn't mind the kindness of you to show your support of my work financially. I appreciate the support of everyone and the various forms of support. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner - Profit

I enjoy publishing material online. Despite this all, I have done so without being driven by money. I have no sponsors or are sponsored by anybody. Never have been sponsored. I don't have the luxury of having products offered to me. Even if I was sponsored or got such material, I still like to offer personal opinions on things and not being too politically correct about things. It's me talking one-on-one with you. This sounds like another edition of...

Johns Corner
...John's Corner (and you're right)!

Future Plans...

There are two dynamics to this whole deal. I first don't want to feel as if I am driven by money to make my content online. That is why I am not reluctant to sign on with any sort of deal offered to me to get paid some amount of money. It would be nice to be paid handsomely or even receive products free of charge. Even still, I can only hope I can find ways to financially profit from my work and have some kind of decent income.

I think what I will have to do is find more ways to offer my creative works for profit. I don't know what else I can do that is within my limits and abilities, but I am looking for perhaps the best opportunity to profit. I therefore want to announce I am considering PayPal donations for my creative works as well as joining Patreon. Though I've been blogging since 2009 and doing lots of other work since, I feel now is a time I should consider profiting from my work in more ways than one.

A Passionate Plea.

How much does this mean to me? Allow me to express myself.

While blogging and making other content online is not a proper "job," it is almost basically my job. Almost everything I've created was work of my own. It is rare I collaborate with someone to make content of my own. So while I don't profit much financially for my work, I do wish I could have better recognition and profit for my work. Trying to be one entity among others, I sometimes feel I get lost or disregarded among others trying to make money or make a living. People won't seem to care

I have tried a number of things to try to make some kind of decent profit. I reportedly had only one sale of one of my eBooks. CafePress was an absolute fail. As much as I tried making my own merchandise, I had no sales. No one has even bought any of my songs on Bandcamp. I have never had any kind of financial profit on some things I tried to promote and offer. So why am I even thinking of some other services? It is because I am trying to find something that works. We all do this- you probably do, too. It is all about trying to find and do things that are enjoyable and lead to gratification and satisfaction. I believe more in giving things a chance and trying to be hopeful it will work instead of avoiding something entirely thinking I have no chance to thrive.

Taking on this Patreon direction will help me to realize my potential and my level of stardom among the greater whole of cyberspace. I wonder who will actually support my work to where people pledge money to support me and my work. Should I start making profit, the profit can go towards perhaps funding towards various things to make more online content with (as well as making a semi-decent living). So I would appreciate the support.

Well, are you one of those entities? If so, support yours truly on Patreon! Go to today!

Just know that I will be looking for new ways to try to profit from my creative works. Until then, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sense of Accomplishment

Doing something... just to say you did it. Having a sense of accomplishment brings satisfaction and confidence to anyone who achieves certain feats. I felt this way when I made my first GTR2 video recently. Same for when I made eBooks. Some things we do are for building confidence and being able to say we can do anything as long as we work hard towards making such visions possible. There is a sense of accomplishment even in things that may not be wholesome, sane, or legal. For example, there was once a story I heard of one young woman who had a goal of having sex with a certain number of men. Yeah... not exactly wholesome, and while it is not certainly something to be proud of, at least it is a goal someone sets and wants to accomplish. No matter what, the end game is in trying to do something you can be proud of and brag about.

When you make something, it is usually with the intent of reaching a certain audience and gaining a certain reaction. I mentioned making a video recently for the PC game "GTR2." That video was the work of months wondering how to get such a video uploaded and created. Just like some of my blog posts, many of them were the work of conceptualizing it for a long while (usually weeks to months to even years), but never getting around to making it. So being able to publish something is an accomplishment in its own right. Making my video was in trying to learn various kinds of software to eventually put my video together and publish it to YouTube. I put it all together in the end and am pleased for the most part making my first true game video. I then stated online that I did something I long wanted to do, and it was something I could say I accomplished among friends of mine online whom have done the same thing before.

There are still a number of things I want to do as a content publisher that I haven't yet accomplished. Among one of those was to make some kind of game. It was my goal when I bought an OUYA as a very early Christmas gift. Now before some of you ask me about why I wasted money on the OUYA console, it was because I saw potential in making a game. I also just wanted to try out this along with trying to learn programming. My heart is big enough to have enough drive and passion to develop some kind of material to publish. That even includes making a game for Android devices like the OUYA. As long as my interest remains strong, I can try to make the most of my visions and try to make them come true to make material people like yourself can enjoy (or hopefully enjoy). Your satisfaction is what I am after in the end.

Once you gain a sense of accomplishment in something you create, you feel you can do a lot more. It helps you to do more and be more productive. You are better served doing things that make you happy than to let your life pass you by doing very little to be or remain personally happy. Celebrate your achievements. Honor your victories. Gain a sense of accomplishment that will help you feel confident for a long time to come.

In Case You're Wondering...

Two things...

First, if you have never seen the game video I mentioned, here is the video I created. Click on the link below the video if you can't view embedded media:

^ Coca-Cola Summer Speed Series - Road Atlanta

To learn more about this video, here is the blog post on this video: Summer Speed Series.

Second, to keep up with my creative works, visit my creative works blog John's Creative Space. I am mostly working on skins for cars in racing games along with slowly developing an ambitious eBook. I am also trying to get more experienced making pixel art. So visit this other blog to keep up with my creative works.

There is your positivity for the day. If you want to discuss this topic, here is something I can ask you...

What gives you a sense of accomplishment in what you do?

I know I haven't blogged a lot lately. That is mostly because I have been trying to work on some of my creative works material. Rest assured that I am not done blogging by any stretch. So be sure to stay with me and stay connected with my work to see my latest material. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Total Request Live (or TRL)

Remember when MTV used to be about music? Total Request Live, or TRL for short, was one of the few remaining shows about music. This show originating from about 1998 had on some of the hottest songs to date in a Top 10 format. The ten most requested music videos are played in each installment of this weekday show. Rather than start-to-finish replays of videos, most of them are usually just small samplings lasting for maybe two or three minutes. These brief plays even include fans giving dedications to others. For the most part, the show mostly featured High Schoolers and teenyboppers in Times Square.

In addition to music, Total Request Live even featured various famous persons from the entertainment world including recording artists and music groups. This further added to the star power that made TRL so liked among music fans and entertainment types in general. Many of the episodes of TRL were hosted by Carson Daly. The only other host I could remember before doing any researching this topic was Vanessa Minnillo.

TRL was discontinued in 2008. So this program lasted for about ten years while being one of the last few actual links to music from this music channel. Today's MTV is now mostly reality TV and re-runs of old shows and certain old movies. But in case anyone needed a reminder that MTV used to be about the music, TRL is a great reminder and one of the more successful music programs in the channel's history.

I've already set the mood mostly for this blog post. Now for some media. Enjoy...

MTV Total Request Live
^ from: - Total Request Live (or TRL) was perhaps the last true link to music on MTV.

I chose this video to offer you what the atmosphere was like when TRL was on the air with enthusiastic fans. It is also fitting I mention this was in a different time of music culture. So what you are actually about to see are different flavors of TRL. Take a look at these videos. All material is provided for educational purposes.

^ "Destiny's Child TRL The Writing's On The Wall Album"

^ "N Sync - Tearin Up My Heart [TRL 1998]"

^ Britney Spears - TRL USA 2003 Part 1

These were about as good of vidoes as I could find. I wish I could find some better material, but this was the best I could find for you all. Now you have an idea about MTV's TRL.

Because part of me wants to do more topics on MTV programs, I decided to open actually two labels. Here they are:

About the Label: "MTV"

Blog posts under this label are about various programs on Music Television (or MTV). This includes past and present material featured on this channel.

About the Label: "Remembering"

As of the time of initial original blog posts, this label regards my own personal looks back on various items, trends, personalities, and more. This is also assuming all of the material is no longer with us as of the initial date of such posts.

You now have a few more things to search for in my massive blog. You're welcome. :)

That concludes this blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little retrospective on Music Television's Total Request Live.

If you've seen TRL before, what do you remember most about the show? Have you any favorite moments from the show?

Believe it or not, I wanted to blog about Total Request Live for a few years but never completed a legit blog post about it until now. That is a true reality of my blogging work. I sometimes try to blog about topics but never actually complete them or make any posts worthy of being shown in any of my blogs. So this one is a long time coming to be quite honest. I did what I could. Hopefully you enjoy my efforts. Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Nickelodeon Game Shows

Nickelodeon had many famous game shows on. In this blog post, I will highlight on some of the many different game shows past and present on Nickelodeon. I spent many a weekend watching many of these shows. Don't look to this post as a definitive collection of Nickelodeon game show goodness, but instead see it as a basic introduction to some of the many different game shows of then. So why don't we get started?

Nickelodeon Game Shows: Briefing

Here is a picture to set the mood:

^ from: (YouTube) - If you were watching Nickelodeon between the late '80s and early 2000s, many of the game shows featured here in this blog post will be familiar to you.

I certainly will tell you that a big part of my youth was in watching game shows. Nickelodeon was no different in this department. Many of these classic moments were filmed at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA. I would look forward almost every weekend to see these shows and the insanity some of these shows provided. There used to be a channel called "Nickelodeon GaS," or "Nick GaS." The "GaS" stood for Games and Sports. The full channel's name was Nickelodeon Games and Sports For Kids. It was basically a channel devoted mostly to old game shows on Nickelodeon. Besides game shows, it shown a few old Nick cartoons.

Now that you have a little briefing on what you're about to read, it is time I introduce you to a handful of game shows from Nickelodeon's game show history. I won't feature every one, but I will make notice to a number of these past shows.

NOTE: If you want full-length videos, you can look yourself on YouTube or someplace for such videos of full episodes. I will only provide brief videos just to give you an idea of the different shows.

Nickelodeon Game Shows

Some of the many game shows from Nickelodeon's past will be featured in this section of this blog post. I'll introduce you to these shows based on my understanding of them. I won't feature all of them, but I will share just enough to get you educated on each. Videos and other material are provided for educational purposes. Each show is not listed in any particular order.

If you know ANYTHING about Nickelodeon game shows, one series I will make mention to should come as no surprise to you. What is it? None other than...

Double Dare Series.

Perhaps the most successful, longest-running game show series in Nickelodeon history is Double Dare. Before this became popular on Nickelodeon, did you know that Double Dare debuted in 1977, was not kid-oriented, and was once hosted by Alex Trebek? Yes- THAT Alex Trebek.

Double Dare on Nick was mostly hosted by Marc Summers with the announcer Harvey. The appeal of this game lies in challenging another team to answer questions and earning money. Each show began with a Physical Challenge where a team would immediately pick up some early money to start the show. The goal of the show was to have the most money at the end to play in the final round. Here is where the fun begins. Each question is worth money. You will be giving money over to the other team for a wrong answer. To prevent this, a team can issue a Dare to the other team to answer the question. The money amount is increased on a Dare. If the other team can't answer the question, that team can issue a Double Dare to the team who issued the first Dare. The offered money is at its highest on a Double Dare. What happens then is either that team can answer the question or issue a Physical Challenge. A Physical Challenge requires a team to complete a certain task within 30 seconds. If the challenged team fails to complete the challenge, the money goes over to the other team. The team who has the most money at the end of the game will get to play in the Obstacle Course. This final round consists of an obstacle course featuring eight different challenges. Clearing each challenge required you to collect an orange flag in each obstacle. The teammate would pass on the orange flag to initiate the next obstacle. Each completed obstacle earned you a prize. The team will win the Grand Prize if that team clears all eight challenges within 60 seconds.

• The first Double Dare pit two teams of two against each other. This was the basic game that was most popular.

Super Sloppy Double Dare sort of set the tone of the iconic green slime famous among Nickelodeon parts.

• Along came Family Double Dare in the future, which is what its name implies- two teams of families going against each other for cash and prizes. Many of the same rules and such applied to this newer style of Double Dare.

• There was Double Dare 2000 that was a mini resurrection of this classic game show. What made Double Dare 2000 unique was a "Triple Dare Challenge" in the 2nd Round of the game. This allowed a unique bit of strategy to Physical Challenges. If a team elects to offer a Triple Dare Challenge, the team being challenged will be given a certain stipulation that will make a Physical Challenge a bit harder. For example, a Triple Dare in a Physical Challenge may require a team to complete the challenge in 25 seconds rather than 30 seconds, or maybe reach a little longer goal. $300 USD was on the line for completing the challenge as opposed to the usual $200 for completing a Physical Challenge. Double Dare 2000 was hosted by Jason Harris with announcer Tiffany.

The Double Dare series was surely the most popular game show on Nickelodeon. Most people probably know Marc Summers moved on to Food Network. Here is a sample of the Double Dare Obstacle Course:

^ Family Double Dare (syndicated): Fondak vs. Fischler, Part 3

Now here are as many others as I can recall...

GUTS Series.

Do you have it? Do do do, do you have it? GUTS! GUTS was a game show on Nickelodeon that could be thought of as American Gladiators for kids. It gave kids the chance to compete in athletic challenges far beyond what any real athlete could do. Items such as elastic cords and harnesses were strapped onto each contestant in most of the events. Each episode featured four challenges and ended with an ascent up the Aggro Crag. The host for this show was Mike O'Malley of the USA with referee Moira Quirk (also known as "Mo" or "Quirky") from England. There were four challenges in each episode. The final challenge for each was the Aggro Crag- a challenge in which each contestant had to try to touch off individual targets while all kinds of distractions would throw off the contestants' progress. Victory here meant you had to go from the bottom to the top activating all targets including the final one at the top of the mountain. The contestant who has the most points at the end would be the champion of that episode and win a glowing piece of the Aggro Crag. Points are distributed with 300 points for 1st in an event, 200 points for 2nd in an event, and 100 for finishing 3rd. In the Aggro Crag event, the points are distributed as follows: 725 points for 1st, 550 points for 2nd, and 375 points for 3rd.

• The regular GUTS featured a handful of events. Not all events had kids in harnesses and cords. Safety was a huge part in all of the events on GUTS. So to this end were a number of trainers who made sure to protect the kids as they performed the events.

• There was even a unique competition called Global GUTS in which kids from around the world competed in the same events. It provided an international flair to this game show. You could almost call it the Kids Olympics considering there was a medal count for the various nations represented in Global GUTS.

There was even a game for the Super Nintendo called GUTS based on the events in the show. There was even a time I kind of remember during Global GUTS when one kid got injured. There was an episode of GUTS I remember where some of the ones who had a perfect show were invited back in some kind of champions challenge edition of GUTS. You were a "GUTS All-Star" if you completed a perfect game- winning every event. Only a select few actually accomplished the rare feat of earning the maximum 1925 points for the show.

Supposedly today, Mike O'Malley moved on to various other acting roles such as in "Glee" and "Survivor's Remorse" among others. The British beauty Moira Quirk mostly does voice-overs for audio books and has done some acting. I think Moira Quirk still has a wonderful voice along with her pretty British accent. Here is a sample of GUTS. Or for this video, Global GUTS:

^ guts episode 30 part 1

GUTS is surely as iconic as Double Dare.

Get the Picture.

Get the Picture was hosted by Mike O'Malley. Contestants were required to try to identify what certain pictures are. Answering questions and identifying images earned teams points. The second round allowed you to identify pictures by connecting lines. Teams that advanced to the final round was treated to a memory challenge. If a team in the final round was able to correctly identify all of the images within 60 seconds, the team would win the Grand Prize.

There was an infamous moment where Mike O'Malley may have apparently dropped an F-bomb during one episode of "Get the Picture" that was not censored or blocked out.

Finders Keepers.

One of the earliest game shows on Nickelodeon was "Finders Keepers." This was a show had two different hosts- Wesley Eure and Larry Toffer. Teams of two explore a house that have a lot of stuff in it. The goal is to find certain items in a picture to answer questions. Contestants would win money for finding the correct item in a room. In the final round, the winning team from each episode will go through the house and try to find six items in each room. A team who is successfully able to find all items in all six rooms within the time limit would win the Grand Prize.

Think Fast!

Think Fast was a different kind of game show that tested your mental and physical skills. Mostly, though, your mental skills were tested in the different games of Think Fast. A few different challenges were set up to test players' minds and bodies. Completing each challenge allows you to identify what image is on a board for more money. There were two teams of two who competed. The team with the most money would play in the Final Round (called the Locker Room) for a Grand Prize. In the Locker Room, contestants try to match one locker with another item. Should the team get all six matches, the team wins the Grand Prize. This show was hosted by Michael Carrington.

Make the Grade.

The next featured show is "Make the Grade" hosted by Lew Schneider. Make the Grade was a real showcase of academic skill while also providing a great deal of game changing moments. The goal of Make the Grade is to answer one question in seven different subjects across seven different grade levels. Along the way were a number of different tweaks that could change the landscape of the game. Free squares let you take a category for free. Lose squares means you have to give up one of your won squares. Take means you steal one of your opponent's squares. The Fire Drills are certain Physical Challenges. The winner of each Fire Drill can take one of the different colored desks. So if one contestant is behind one of the leading contestants and he/she wins the Fire Drill challenge, that contestant could take the position of any of the leading contestants. The first one who successfully answers seven questions across the seven grade levels wins $500 USD and advances to the Honors Round. In the Honors Round, the winning contestant must try to answer seven questions within one of three categories in 45 seconds. Each correct response was worth $100 USD. If successful in answering seven questions, $600 USD and the Grand Prize was offered. The final round is called the University Round. The University Round was essentially a bonus round where the contestant could win up to $1K USD. There are five questions in various subjects. Each correct answer is worth money. The contestant can choose to continue after getting the previous question right. If at any time the contestant fails to answer a question correctly, the game is over, and the contestant's winnings in the University Round will be dumped. Suffice to say, this game had a great deal of strategy with many different turns. And actually in preparing this blog post, I actually have more respect for this show after having researched this show.

Wild and Crazy Kids.

Get ready for a fun series of outdoor games. Three teams took part in these unique and wacky events. The three hosts of the first few episodes were Annette Chavez, Omar Gooding, and Donnie Jeffcoat. A later host was Jessica Gaynes. The show itself was all about having fun in some unique challenges. There were some interesting outdoor events that were nothing short of nuts. Three teams squared off against each other in a number of challenges. This was surely a fun time to be had by all.

Nick Arcade.

The bridge was gapped between Nickelodeon and video gaming when Nickelodeon Arcade (or "Nick Arcade" for short) was created. Phil Moore was the host of this great show. A lot of the game material was developed by Psygnosis. Yes- the same Psygnosis that would create or develop games such as the WipEout series. Each episode starts off with a Face-Off game where players try to advance the furthest within a certain amount of time. gets an early advantage. Each episode has two of these Face-Off games. There are two rounds where players must go from the Start to the Finish using the show's mascot, Mikey. There are four P's that made up the main rounds: Points, Puzzles, Pop Quizzes, and Prizes. A brief explanation of each:

• Points - simply earn points.
• Puzzle - a certain video-based puzzle is featured. Correctly identifying something earns points.
• Pop Quizzes - answer a question for points.
• Prizes - win a prize for landing on a certain square.

Landing on an Enemy will result in control shifting to the other team. The real fun in Nick Arcade is in the Video Challenges. In the Video Challenges, one player from a team must reach a certain score within a certain time limit in one of five different games. The challenge is to meet or exceed a certain point total within a given amount of time. The other member of a team has to wager a certain amount of points that the one player will complete the challenge. If successful, points are added to the team who completes the video challenge by the certain point amount wagered. If unsuccessful, the points are subtracted from the team, and control goes over to the other team. The team with the most points at the end of the game will compete in the final round. The final round is where players enter the gaming realm. The final round features three game levels. To advance to the next level, the previous one must be cleared. The final level involves a battle against one of three different Wizards characters. If the winning team is able to clear all three levels within the time limit, the Grand Prize will be offered.

I tried to find a good enough sample of Nick Arcade, but most of the ones I found are mostly full-length episodes. So what I did was find a fairly brief video with a few different elements of the final round games. Here is a sample of the final round of Nick Arcade, featuring all of the final round levels including the Wizard battles:

^ Nickelodeon Arcade: Interactive Video Game Compilation

There was supposedly a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to "Nick Arcade." I don't think it materialized, though. Or maybe I'm wrong.

Legends of the Hidden Temple.

All you kids (and I use this loosely) out there who love the mobile game Temple Run... well, here's the ORIGINAL Temple Run, provided by one iconic Nickelodeon game show. "Legends of the Hidden Temple" was all about exploring an ancient temple retrieving goods within its walls. Olmec was the voice of this temple and the iconic rock formation. The host of this show was Kirk Fogg. The main goal of this game is to try to get a certain item while solving puzzles and avoiding temple guards. Six teams of two made up the general part of this game. The six teams are as follows:

• Red Jaguars
• Blue Barracudas
• Green Monkeys
• Orange Iguanas
• Purple Parrots
• Silver Snakes

To have a chance to play in the main game, one physical challenge was offered to try to whittle down the six teams to four. The remaining four teams are invited to the second round, known as the Steps of Knowledge. From there, Olmec will tell a story of the item that is hidden in the temple. Olmec will even tell where that object is within the temple. The Steps of Knowledge required teams to correctly answer questions based on the story told by Olmec. Only two teams will advance from the four. The better two teams of the remaining four will compete in three different challenges to earn life pendants for entering the temple. The first two challenges are worth a half a pendant while the third challenge is for a full pendant. The team with the most progress and most success will move onto the final round in exploring the temple.

When the final round occurs, the team will have three minutes to successfully retrieve whatever the featured item is. Only one person can go into the temple at a time. He/She must try to reach the room that has the hidden treasure. Along the way, the contestants must try to solve puzzles to open doors as well as try to avoid being caught by temple guards. If caught by a guard, the contestant can give up a life pendant and move on. There may even be a room where another life pendant can be found. But if caught without a pendant, that contestant will be captured, and it will be up to the other teammate to go in and try to retrieve the hidden treasure. If the team manages to find the hidden treasure, all doors will open and the guards will vanish. To win the Grand Prize, one must retrieve the hidden treasure and escape the temple within two minutes. Prizes are offered respectively for simply for making it to the final round, retrieving the hidden treasure, and making it out within the time limit.

Here is a sample of the famed Temple Run in "Legends of the Hidden Temple":

^ Legends of the Hidden Temple Win

Somehow, "Legends of the Hidden Temple" has garnered a movie in recent times. In fact, check this out:

^ Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie l First Official Trailer I Nick

So what do you think about this movie reboot? The most notorious element of "Legends of the Hidden Temple" is the infamous Shrine of the Silver Monkey. So many contestants has had a tough time trying to put together the Silver Monkey. Many will surely agree that "Legends of the Hidden Temple" is one of the most iconic game shows in Nickelodeon game show history.

What Would You Do?

Before I discuss this show, let me remind you that this is NOT the "What Would You Do?" series on ABC regarding serious issues. Instead, this is the game show on Nickelodeon called "What Would You Do?" It was hosted by Marc Summers of Double Dare fame. Fun tricks, weird moments, and a lot more made up this unique game show on Nickelodeon.

Figure It Out.

This is about the only Nickelodeon game show hosted by a female in its history. Hosted by Summer Sanders, "Figure it Out" challenged a panel of mostly Nickelodeon stars to try to figure out what a certain guest does. There is a certain talent or a certain accomplishment a guest can do. There are clues offered during the process of trying to figure out what talent a certain guest or guests can do. If the panel can't figure out what that is during the rounds, the guest(s) wins a prize. The guest(s) will win the Grand Prize if the panel is completely stumped after three rounds. From there, the guest(s) demonstrate his/her/their special talent.

In my research of this show and in preparing this blog post, there was somehow some modern version of Figure it Out with episodes in 2012 or so.

There were some other game shows in Nickelodeon's history, and all I did was name some of the many. I hope you got to enjoy this post and take a trip back in time. Maybe I educated my younger readers/visitors on these past shows if they are not familiar with these shows. I am almost on a level of being reminded of just how simple and fun times were back then compared to now. I do find enjoyment in looking back in the past with posts like these. So I hope you got to enjoy this post.

This was either an educational experience (albeit an entertaining one), or a flashback in time, or perhaps both. Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. This concludes another post of the "anything and everything" blog- "John's Blog Space!" Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Video Power

Feel the power- Video Power! This gaming show from the early '90s was about video games as video gaming was gaining popularity. Video game cartoons and a decent game show made up Video Power's history. It was a good part of my youth. Preparing this blog post, I felt old seeing such material from my youth. I hope to discuss this show with you all to the extent of my knowledge and through various impressions.

Time to set the mood. Feel the power (and the fashion train wreck that is the early 1990s)!

Video Power
^ from: - Video Power was a popular show that came at a time when gaming was positively trending in popularity.

Here is a brief history of "Video Power." Video Power debuted in October 1990. It ran for two seasons in 1990 and 1992. The first season was mostly entertainment featuring some game-themed cartoon pieces. The second season went from a basic show on gaming and turned it into a game show (as in winning prizes game show). I would watch as much as I could before heading off to Elementary School each morning. The host of Video Power was a fellow who went by the name "Johnny Arcade." This show (as well as others) came at a time when gaming was booming and trending. For myself personally, this came some time after I got over my fear of video games. If gaming culture was going to become something special, "Video Power" surely provided this spark along with insight from other games.

You can probably find any number of videos on YouTube or something. I may feature some video material later in this post to give you a better idea of what Video Power was about.

Video Power: The First Season

Let's look at Video Power when it was just a show back in 1990. A number of game-themed cartoons made the base of Video Power. The show even featured insight and advice as to how to clear certain levels or anything of that nature.

Video Power: The Power Team.

Animated characters. These are animated pieces in which a team of characters from video games all team up to try to stop Mr. Big from causing chaos. Imagine a number of interesting characters along with a big truck making up this formidable team.

Video Power: Edge.

Tips and tricks on games are featured in this segment. These range from what we would call in today's culture as "pro tips" to certain cheats. Still, if you needed advice, you could get the advice you need granted you mailed the Video Power team. Remember- there was nothing in terms of personal Internet or some other connectivity back in 1990. So good old "snail mail" was the way you contacted the Video Power team.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you want to see an episode of "Video Power," try this one- the very first episode! I must warn you- there are some old commercials and a lot of old memories that will make some of my older readers and visitors... well, old: 1990.10.01 Video Power Episode 01.

The first season of Video Power was surely an entertaining deal. However for a future season, the Video Power team wanted to try something a bit different. Next section coming up!

Video Power: The Second Season

In the second season of "Video Power," it went from an entertainment show to a game show. The same love of gaming was still there, but it is now about gaining advice as well as being humbled for being a dedicated gamer. Let's look at Video Power when it was a game show (as in winning prizes). Check it:

Video Power: Edge.

The Edge gives you some gaming hints on how to clear certain levels or beat certain enemies.

Video Power: Johnny On the Spot.

Those four contestants from the "Johnny On the Spot" segment play certain games trying to get the highest possible score or advance the furthest in one given game. The better two get to play in the next round, and the worst two are eliminated. This session lasts two minutes and two seconds. Judges look for certain factors in determining who will advance to play in the Video Power Challenge.

Video Power: Power Play.

Four contestants play certain games trying to get the highest possible score or advance the furthest in one given game. The better two get to play in the next round, and the worst two are eliminated. This session lasts two minutes and two seconds. Judges look for certain factors in determining who will advance to play in the Video Power Challenge.

Video Power: Video Power Challenge - Power Picks.

Contestants are asked five questions about games. These can range from general trivia about certain games to trying to memorize what song comes from what game. The first three questions include one music question. Each correct response to these questions are worth 10 points apiece. The fourth question is worth 20 points. The final question in this round requires one to identify whatever game is being played on a screen. The one who answers that fifth question wins a prize.

Video Power: Video Power Challenge - Final Power Play.

One last challenge to determine who will get to get goods from the Video Power mall. The remaining two contestants will play a final challenge worth 50 points. This is a session that lasts one minute and one second. The winner of the Final Power Play will get to go to the Video Power mall in The Run.

Video Power: The Run.

The Video Power mall is full of games, gaming accessories, and more. The winning contestant has to snatch as much as possible within the allowed time. Whatever is attached to the contestant is for that person to keep. If a contestant finds a certain specified item in The Run, that contestant will win a special prize. No matter what one picks up, the contestant has to find certain goods in the allowed time.

Video Power: Preview.

Now that I introduced you to the game show version of "Video Power," here is a little sample of Video Power:

^ AKG appearance on Video Power game show PT. 1

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: Do you want to see a full-length episode of "Video Power?" And do you mind checking out some old commercials in the process? Feel free to check out this video (provided for educational purposes).

And there you have it- Video Power: the Game Show edition.

Video Power: Final Thoughts

Video Power represented a culture change in gaming. While the popularity of gaming was nowhere near where gaming is today, at least this was a show that cashed in on trying to expand the popularity of gaming. It did so with an expressive individual who was every bit as interesting as the featured games. If you were a gamer back in the early 1990s (or granted you were born before the boom in gaming), this was a show that sort of spoke to you and captured the imagination. Shows like "Video Power" are every bit part of the greater picture of the history of gaming and how far we've come.

What If: A Modern Video Power? (Bonus Section!)

Imagine if Video Power, or some spiritual successor to it, existed today. What would it be like? How would such a show be paced? What games would even be featured?

I would have a number of issues with this entire thing. For one, the fashion faux pas of the early '90s would be long gone. My other issue is that you could probably look to various websites and videos for answers to gaming questions. Such a show would probably also allow for social media to weigh in whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Vine, or some other services.

People who would call in would want some advice in games like Titanfall, Minecraft, the Gran Turismo series, or any such games on console or PC (and maybe even mobile games). Imagine someone wanting some tips on the Candy Crush series or something. Or maybe someone would want advice on the Goat Simulator.

People could basically make their own videos about games rather than look for some animated series featuring popular characters. What if this modern Video Power took the game show route? People would have so many things to snatch from the Video Power mall if a contestant advanced to the final round. Could you imagine all the stuff for consoles and PC that people can snatch in today's gaming culture?

Another part of "Video Power" is a reflection of culture at its time. Around the early 1990s, skateboarding and inline skating were popular. So too were mullets and certain '90s fashion. Remember when it was okay for guys to wear neon shirts and neon shorts? More people got outside rather than play video games at home. So that was another element of life around this time.

It may also be possible you could have modern gaming personalities be featured and interviewed. You could probably see people the likes of Classic Game Room's Lord Karnage, PewDiePie, Captain Sparklez, or (someone I blogged about recently) iHasCupquake be featured and share their gaming insight. You could have other personalities like Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, "FATAL1TY," and others; others who are gamers could even be on there such as Deadmau5.

Could a modern "Video Power" exist today? Not likely. It would be a tough sell to even try to emulate what Video Power achieved in its time on the air and to an audience willing enough to care.

What will I blog about next? You may not know. I may not know myself! So make sure to Subscribe and Follow to see more of my work when it becomes available. Get social with me across social media if you want to further show love for my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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A Salute to Ivana

Ivana of "a little place to call my own" has been a long-time supporter and visitor of my work. So I figured I would honor this Croatian cutie with this blog post. Ivana's blog features her fashion, travel, and art insights. There is a little of everything that this Croatian blogger offers to the online realm. Even still, I want to salute her out of love and respect. While I do get blog hits from Croatia (hello to any and all Croatians reading this post), I figured I'd do the nation proud by paying respect to one of Croatia's own in this "John's Blog Space" post.

NOTES: Because I've seen her under certain surnames, I will only refer to her as Ivana. To avoid any copyright issues, I will not hotlink any images.

A Salute to Ivana

This video gives you a little idea of Ivana and her voice and looks:

^ "Book review Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings"

To be honest, I like Ivana's voice. I was doing my research for this topic and came across this video. Anyhow, moving on...

Ivana is from Split, Croatia. I am not sure if I found the Croatian blogger's material or if she found me. Either way, I am pleased to come across her in some capacity. She runs a blog called "a little place to call my own." Her blog really is more than just about fashion. While fashion is a focus of the blog, she also shares some of her illustrations as well as travel insights. You know you are in for something special when even a post regarding some location is just as detailed as any of her fashion posts. So rather than just fashion, Ivana offers travel and art insight. While I haven't seen every last post of hers, I do check in at times to gauge her fashion style. Ivana's blog is available in both English and Croatian.

There is no real concrete definition or designation of her fashion style. Not so much into trends, but she does a fine job putting together a lot of outfits. Most of her style is rather classy and modest. So nothing overly casual or overly elegant is featured. You can get an idea of her fashion style by looking at Ivana's LOOKBOOK profile.

The reason why I am honoring Ivana is because she has been a regular visitor and comments often to my posts. To show my support, I've offered this post as well as offering my respect to this lady. I am hopeful she can appreciate me devoting an entire blog post to her. Since "a place to call my own" isn't entirely a fashion blog, that's why I am featuring her here in my main blog rather than in my fashion blog, "StyleSpace by JBM." Either way, I am thankful and pleased to gain a loyal visitor. Not just a loyal visitor, but someone who offers some timely insight.

I know I say that "John's Blog Space" is a blog about anything and everything. If you were to categorize it as one specific kind of blog, JBS is a personal blog. It is a personal blog that has a professional feel to it and with professional material. Since this is a personal blog, I often times mix up topics and even offer differing topics. I may offer something educational in one post and then go and make something personal in another. All of this adds to the appeal of "John's Blog Space." Besides this sort of chatter, I find great importance in trying to pay respect in people all around the world. So it is great to try to provide honor and respect to others. One of my initial goals for 2016 anyways was to pay tribute to certain individuals as a means of celebrating people and showing respect to others. And of course... to offer something positive amid the various negativity online.

For More Information...

If you would like to visit Ivana's blog, click on the following link: a little place to call my own.

Could there be others I may salute in the future? Perhaps. I do hope you enjoyed this blog post and perhaps got to know a special individual online. On that note, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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I Am Jazz

#IAmJazz on the TLC Network chronicles a transgender teen named Jazz Jennings. This Florida transgender features a number of issues in her life as well as dealing with everything from health prodecures to transphobia from others. This series has two seasons, and the second season recently concluded as of when I began the initial draft of this post (August 12, 2016). This is my own sort of review of "I Am Jazz" as well as thoughts on the issues discussed and thoughts on Jazz herself.

I am Jazz: All Thoughts

I Am Jazz
^ from: (hover over for picture credit) - "I Am Jazz" is new to me, but it completed its second season in 2016.

"I Am Jazz" is a TLC Network series that focuses on a transgender teen named Jazz Jennings. This past season in 2016 was the second season. I was intrigued to see what this was all about as I learned about Jazz previously in a past blog post. I couldn't believe her popularity would reach this level. The reason why I say this is because when I researched one of my blog posts long ago on transgenders, I came across a young Jazz Jennings talking about having a girl brain and a boy body. Years later, here is this 15-year old (at this time) transgender teen living life and dealing with a number of issues. You not only got to see Jazz as she is, you also get a glimpse of her personality. Even a lot of things I don't even think about in regards to transgender types are mentioned in this show. Among some of them, I heard of the testosterone blockers she has in her so she doesn't go back to being a boy. These blockers, however, even increase her eating habits and her appetite.

Jazz Jennings is completely real. She is no drama queen or feels she has to be the center of attention all the time. I feel very much how real and honest Jazz is. Nothing is phonied up. What I do get from impressions is just on the impacts on Jazz's body from different medical procedures and in using certain medicines and other products. I even think it is amazing the amount of support Jazz gets from her family and how well the family gets along. There are moments when the family bond is questioned, but for the most part, the support and unity of the family are amazing.

As if being among the LBGT community has its own dark side, what is appalling about this is all the transphobic material from others. Though I am not properly educated about LGBT issues, at least I have more tolerance and respect than a lot of the people Jazz has to deal with. I surely would be a concerned parent if I were the father of a transgender sibling and had to deal with the individual incidents like some individual who would post threatening, disrespectful, and transphobic comments. The one individual who leaves threatening messages (comments like "tranny freak...") needs to be locked up. For real.

Video Preview.

Here is a little preview of "I Am Jazz" and some of the challenges Jazz faces:

^ "Meet Transgender Teen, Jazz Jennings"

This gives you a little idea on some of the things Jazz faces.

Honest Thoughts on Jazz Jennings.

I honestly see Jazz as courageous and real. Say ANYTHING you want about Jazz, but she is completely real. I believe her when she mentions issues about trying to socialize with others or trying to keep herself healthy.

Honest Thoughts on "I Am Jazz."

Since this post was based on the second season of the show, I almost feel like wanting to see Season 1 of "I Am Jazz" just to see what all was mentioned in that season. Jazz is an entirely intriguing person. The respect I had for her previously only grew after understanding her challenges and what all she goes through. I can't help but be intrigued and impressed about Jazz and her life. Even if you couldn't care less about anyone or anything LGBT, at least give "I Am Jazz" a try.

I learned of "I Am Jazz" earlier this year. On a message board, someone told me of "I Am Cait," about Caitlyn Jenner. I had NEVER heard of that show since I have been so exposed to "I Am Jazz."

What I Would Tell Jazz Jennings (if she were to read this)...

Congratulations to you on how far you've come along. The respect I've had for you previously only grew after watching this series. You are very much someone people can draw inspiration to; let alone your fellow transgender teenagers. I wish you the absolute best moving forward in all aspects of life. Stay strong, stay brave, and stay beautiful (inside and out).

Would I Possible Want to Meet Jazz Jennings (if given the chance)?

I surely would. Unlike a lot of the people she's had to deal with, I am understanding and tolerant of LGBT matters. It would be a great honor to meet her if I had the chance.

For More Information...

Learn more about this show by visiting I am Jazz | TLC.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well. If you want to get social with me or see any of my other posts, take a look at the links below:

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