Ever won the lottery or a lottery game? If you did, you've won yourself loads of money. This is a legal get-rich-quick deal especially if you win major prizes. Not all governments allow for lotteries, though. You sometimes may hear of major prizes for the lottery that go unclaimed or in which nobody has won. As a result, lottery prizes just go up and up.

Lottery games usually consist of things like trying to match up the ping pong balls with numbers on them. Matching as many numbers as possible improves your chances of winning bigger cash prizes. You could even go to vending machines that dispense lottery tickets and lottery games. For example here in Houston, you could play a lottery game where you could win big cash prizes and even a handful of Houston Texans prizes- such as joining the team on a private jet or having a party at one of the suites for the Houston Texans. A lot of the revenue from lotteries often times go to not only whomever wins the prizes, but also to fund various projects and various other causes. So it isn't as if the money is just blown haphazardly and nonchalantly.

I am sure a lot of my readers wished they won the lottery (if allowed by their governments) so they could have loads of money to be financially stable for a long time. You could have a "minor victory" if you play a lottery game and win only a few US Dollars. You certainly want the big prize but come up short. Still- better than nothing to not win the big prize.

What If You Win "The Big Prize?"

It depends. The smart thing you'd want to do is to properly invest and manage that money. You don't want to win (for example) $200M USD and end up blowing it all on building or buying your own Formula 1 racing team. I would probably think about trying to manage paying off certain things, like paying off financial aid from college or getting out of bankruptcy. Then maybe think about things like homes, cars, and certain other luxuries. Why not take advantage of the money? Think long term if you're smart, though.

Even if you win the big prizes from lottery games, you still have to pay some taxes or whatever. So you don't get the exact prize in full. But still... if you win the big prize from the lottery, CELEBRATE! Take full advantage of the winning prize. Of course, make sure to wisely use your winnings.

Winning the lottery has the potential to change lives forever. You may or may not be fortunate to get the big prize, but you'll never know unless you try. So be sure to try your hand at the lottery if it is allowed around your way!

That's all for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed your time here. So...

What would YOU do if you won the lottery? What change could winning the lottery provide for someone? Have you maybe won the lottery?

You all have a great day/night. Make sure to stay with "John's Blog Space" for my brand of "anything and everything" on the topic front. I'll blog about almost anything at almost any time. The element of surprise alone is good reason to stay with my blogs. So Subscribe and Follow in some capacity if you enjoy my blogging work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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My TurboSquid Work

My 3D experience is growing. A chance to showcase some of my work is in my TurboSquid profile under my "JohnMarineDesigns" handle. While I use "John's Creative Space" to showcase my work, this "John's Blog Space" is to direct you to my TurboSquid work. Speaking of JMDesigns, I recently created a logo for my creative works brand. Here's a little hint I'd like to share... you can click on the graphic below to visit my TurboSquid profile to see my work. Anyhow, here is the logo I recently created for JMDesigns:

JohnMarineDesigns JMDesigns
^ This is my logo for "JohnMarineDesigns." With this post, click on the above graphic to search for works published on my TurboSquid profile! Or visit my creative works site at!

Alternatively, you can also use the different TurboSquid links I have set up in this blog and on "John's Creative Space." Anyhow, let's get going!

My TurboSquid Work

TurboSquid is one of the leading online marketplaces for 3D models. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; 3D models from the likes of hobbyists to professionals alike are featured in the many different categories of items featured. Models are available either for free or for a fee (sometimes a BIG one!). Regardless, it is one of the finest sites to find 3D models for games or media projects.

Yours truly wanted to join in on the 3D publishing goodness. I had actually been on TurboSquid since about 2006. It has been only recently I decided to publish 3D material to TurboSquid. The first item I published was in March 2016 featuring a few voxel model vehicles I created in MagicaVoxel. Every item I published since are true 3D models (in other words, polygon models). My 3D experience is still very limited. However, I feel like I am getting better and slowly getting better. I don't have the patience to make anything hyper-realistic or vastly detailed. Then again, I may never attempt trying such hyper-realistic material. I still publish my material to TurboSquid because I have grown a fondness for making 3D models about as much as I do blog posts or any other media.

Some of my TurboSquid Work.

Some of the work I have created is featured in this post. Learn more about each item by clicking on any links.

NOTE: The material below is taken from this post on John's Creative Space: My 3D Journey So Far...

Model 1: Voxel Vehicle Starter Kit
Voxel Vehicle Starter Kit
Voxel Vehicle Starter Kit - This is the first TurboSquid item I published. It isn't a true 3D model because this originated from MagicaVoxel, and MagicaVoxel is used in the creation of voxel models.

The first item I offered on TurboSquid was to help people make their own voxel vehicle models. Due to the popularity of my voxel vehicles, I decided to offer a package to help some people get started making voxel models. I didn't want to simply offer my fine voxel model cars freely. In fact, I am still a bit undecided on whether or not to even offer my full range of voxel vehicle models or make polygon 3D models of my voxel model vehicles. I am considering the latter and have set up a few vehicles I am still developing. Speaking of polygons...

Model 2: Basic Sword
Basic Sword
Basic Sword - This is the first true polygon model I created and offered online.

One model I created was a sword. It was purely basic, hence it being a "simple" sword. I still wanted to offer a basic product for people to enjoy. So anyone could use this sword as a prop, something to equip for players in games, or any such application. I actually took this sword and added a few more details at the hilt and on the blade itself. I actually triangulate the faces on the blade to add a little more detail. I even thought about making the hilt of the sword more fancy. However, I kept things mostly as is and moved on.

Model 3: Basic Trophy
Basic Trophy
- This is a trophy I created in Wings3D. I made one in Blender, and I felt I made a better one in Wings3D.

Actually, I think I offered this trophy to TurboSquid before I offered my sword model. This is still a fairly good trophy model. This was actually a model I was working on then decided to make an entirely new model trophy. I made an entirely new trophy model to reflect some of my 3D skills in using Wings3D. One special skill I learned was in using the Intrude feature of Wings3D. You have to be careful using Intrude, especially when trying to use it to define certain interior details. It is best to use Intrude to properly define the interior of items. So one thing I did was make the cup part of the trophy it's own object. After making the cup part hollow, I re-attached the cup part to the rest of the trophy. I later went ahead and took four vertices to define the handle parts of my trophy. I then beveled those vertices. Afterwards, I went ahead and extruded those sections to define the handles. Many more extrusions were made until I made the handles as properly as I could. After I was all done with the cup part of the trophy, I went ahead and smoothened it for an amazing finish.

Model 4: Basic Trident
Basic Trident
- This model of a trident is fairly basic in design.

I tried a more interesting model by creating a trident. The most important thing I learned making this model was the usage of beveled edges and edge loops to define certain parts of models I want to keep sharp. At this time, I actually got to learn using hard edges. The model was uploaded in its non-smoothened form. I don't intend for the model to be smoothened anyways. The main thing I was learning was the use of adding edge loops and beveled edges to preserve certain sharp shapes for when a model gets smoothened. You have to place those edge loops very close so that you don't get funky results when you try to smoothen the model.

Model 5: Modern Stool
Modern Stool
- Have a seat in this modern stool! :)

I haven't made or released a model for some time. So what I did was try to create another model. My latest work is a stool. Rather than just a basic stool, I decided to make a modern kind of stool. This is a fancy sort of stool to sit in with back support and some bars for your feet to rest on. I needed to put some edge loops around the loop where the feet can be rested on to preserve a decent shape. Without proper placement of edge loops at key parts of the model, you end up with some funky results when you try to smoothen the model. This was perhaps a key lesson I learned in trying to make models. It will be a trial-and-error process trying to make proper models and trying to maintain a good amount of the geometry.

Just about all of these models were created using materials only. All of these five items to TurboSquid, except the first one, were modeled using Wings3D.

For More Information...

Feel free to click on whichever interests you:

• To see more of my TurboSquid items (including the latest items), click this link: JohnMarineDesigns on TurboSquid.

• To visit my creative works blog: John's Creative Space.

• To visit my creative works site: JohnMarineDesigns on Weebly.

As always, please feel free to support my work any way you can if you enjoy my work. I would appreciate your support. Thank you.

I hope you have yourself a great day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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You don't have to love something to appreciate it. Appreciation says while you don't particularly love something, you at least respect that it is there regardless. This is either good or bad for something depending on how you feel. It can be a tad disrespectful to say some things you don't like are appreciative. I like to think some of the material I discuss can at least be appreciated. I am not the least bit offended that I am not just posting anything just to warrant unnecessary attention or just to spam up the Internet and just to draw a reaction. I don't operate that way.

One thing to take away from this post is no matter what is out there, learn to appreciate things. I don't expect to be everyone's friend and make the most popular opinions. Most important of all is that I continue to provide content that I am certain people will at least appreciate that I provided it. If anything, I appreciate you even viewing my blog(s) and the content I provide. This is just the very basic things I want as a publisher of online content.

Just one thing I want you to know before I close this post...

Your involvement and your attention are always appreciated. These are just the littlest of things anyone can do to help support my work.

Just remember that you do not have to do a whole lot to make someone's day. You certainly made mine by reading this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel is best known either as Topanga on "Boy Meets World," or as the host of the late Style Network show, "The Dish." Either way, the native of Mesa, Arizona, USA is a bubbly and fun personality. This blog post takes a look at this unique personality.

Before I Begin...

The date of this original blog post (May 5) is her birthday, so Happy birthday, Danielle Fishel! :)

Danielle Fishel

Here is the beauty from the Grand Canyon State:

Danielle Fishel
^ from: (Twitter) - Oh, look! It's Danielle Fishel! It's Topanga!

A little girl named Danielle Christine Fishel was brought into the world on May 5, 1981 in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Little Danielle would grow up to become an accomplished actress as well as a successful TV show host. Many people know her best as Topanga on the hit sitcom "Boy Meets World." I would follow (and love) her as host of "The Dish" on the Style Network. No matter how you came across Danielle Fishel, she is funny and bubbly. In my research of this topic, I learned she's a petite- 5'1". So to you petite ladies reading this blog post... Danielle is one of your fellow petites!

"The Dish" Retrospective.

Because I know her in "The Dish" than I do in "Boy Meets World," let me just say I began to appreciate Danielle Fishel's personality and charm on "The Dish." The Dish was a show that offered funny takes on some of the most interesting bits in entertainment and in fashion. As Style Network was running out of shows that highlighted on fashion, it was refreshing to see this show each weekend. The one thing I hated was that the show was moved to a certain time slot I felt I wouldn't be able to see regularly. So the sinking ship of Style Network had The Dish as its saving grace. Danielle Fishel was a wonderful host of a wonderful show.

For those who may remember some of my past posts, I included Danielle Fishel among the Mountain beauties of my American Beauties posts.

Danielle Fishel in Videos

Here are a few videos of Danielle Fishel. Get a feel for her quirky personality:

• Here is a look at Danielle Fishel's book:

^ Danielle Fishel's Normally, This Would be Cause for Concern

• This is a live interview Danielle Fishel was given:

^ Danielle Fishel (Topanga) Today Show Interview | LIVE 9-8-14

• I have NEVER seen "Boy Meets World," but I have to provide SOMETHING to show Danielle as Topanga as a big part of this post and a big part of her personality. So I am featuring this video:

^ Boy Meets World- Cory and Topanga's (almost) first time | The Honeymooners

• Here is some of her humor, especially from "The Dish." I loved this show on Style Network:

^ "When Bad Fashion Happens To Good Celebrities - The Dish"

In case you're wondering, I made mention of The Dish in my "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post called "Remembering Style Network." A link to that post will be included later in this blog post.

Honestly... how can you NOT love Danielle Fishel?

Danielle Fishel: Final Thoughts

I think Danielle Fishel is not only lovely in looks, but also in personality. She isn't going to blow you away with a bodacious body or have any brash personality. However, she will astound you with her unique and quirky personality. The demise of Style Network meant it was sad to see "The Dish" go. I loved watching that show and what Danielle brought to it.

If Danielle is Reading This...

I have great respect for you and your work. Best of luck to you in all of you endeavors.

Would I Like to Meet Danielle (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! Especially after praising her on various levels, I'd surely would like to meet Danielle Fishel.

For More Information...

Here are some ways to get social with Danielle Fishel:

Danielle Fishel's official page
Danielle Fishel on Facebook
Danielle Fishel on Twitter
Danielle Fishel on Instagram

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here are a few related topics you may be interested in if you want more on Danielle Fishel:

"Sweet Petite!" (John's Blog Space)
^ This blog post takes a look at petite fashion.

Petite Beauties: The World Tour! (John's Blog Space)
^ Danielle Fishel is 5'1". What other ladies are beautiful despite being short? Take a look at my world tour of petite beauties!

American Beauties: Mountain (John's Blog Space)
^ Find out whom I consider the loveliest ladies among the Mountain time zone here in the United States. You know I included Danielle Fishel as one... who else did I include? Find out by reading my post!

Remembering Style Network (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Danielle Fishel was host the host of "The Dish." I pay some tribute to Style Network in this post.

And that's it for this blog post.

It is a pleasure of you to visit "John's Blog Space." Please make sure to Subscribe and Follow if you enjoy my work and want to be in the know for my latest posts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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The OneUps

(UPDATED: May 3, 2016)

Musicians made covers of music from games. Though I am not a rock person, I have heard some great metal covers of game songs. But have you heard of any good... jazz covers of game songs? The OneUps made quality jazz covers. This Arkansas band makes jazz covers of some of the most popular and not-so-popular songs from video games. I will be sharing with you some of the jazzy songs they've done.


MAY 3 2016 - corrected some spelling errors

The OneUps

The OneUps are a group that makes some fine jazz covers of songs. I first learned of this band based in Fayetteville, Arkansas (yes- University of Arkansas Razorback country!) once when I was listening to KTSU 90.9 FM here in Houston, a radio channel that mostly plays traditional jazz. I once heard certain songs I remember from gaming. Remembering some of the different melodies, I hopped onto YouTube to see if I could recall hearing certain songs again. I later learned of The OneUps. Ever since, I admired this group for their amazing jazzy music. One of the first songs of theirs I could remember was their jazzy rendition of Green Hill Zone from the very first Sonic the Hedgehog. Their music is diverse and covers a vast variety of different games. For instance, they have done jazz renditions of certain songs from games like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda series, the MegaMan series, Chrono Trigger, and even Metal Gear Solid among other different video games and computer games. Some of their tracks date back to about the mid-2000s. So they've been doing this for quite some time and still deliver some fine tracks. Many of the songs they've done are true to the original songs. Some others have the familiar melody, but are done in a different way or maybe in a different key than the original song.

The OneUps consist of: Anthony Lofton (Keys, Tenor Saxophone), Tim Yarbrough (Electric Guitar), William Reyes (Electric Nylon String Guitar, Electric Guitar), Mustin (Bass, Piano), and Jared Dunn (Drums, Synthesizers). This group has been around since the mid-2000s, meaning they've been performing for at least 15 years. They are under the label of Mustin Enterprises.

The OneUps: Music

Here is your chance to listen to some of their music. This will give you an idea of the amazing music they've put together. You don't have to know what the original song sounds like to know the jazz rendition The OneUps came up with. So those of you who may not know about video game music or certain classic themes may be hearing some of these songs for the first time. Having said all of this, let me share with you their wonderful jazz music.

Remember- if you can't view embedded media or if you want to listen to these songs on YouTube, click on the link below the embedded media. If no embedded media is provided, just click on the link to view on YouTube.

Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog).

^ "The OneUps - Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone"

Mystic Cave Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2).

^ The OneUps - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Mystic Cave Zone

AirMan (MegaMan 2).

^ The OneUps - Mega Man 2 - Air Man

The OneUps: Album Sample.

From their Bandcamp page, here is a sample of their music in one widget. Have a listen:

How do you like The OneUps after hearing these songs?

The OneUps: Final Thoughts

You may hear a bunch of covers of songs from games, many of which are mostly rock covers of some kind. To hear jazzy renditions from a group like The OneUps is unique. This is really a group that loves video games and computer games that they made jazz renditions of various songs. Not only make jazz renditions, but make some exceptional songs.

For More Information:

You can learn more about The OneUps and purchase their music by going to their Bandcamp page: The OneUps on Bandcamp. More links...

The OneUps on Facebook
The OneUps on Twitter
The OneUps on YouTube

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

That's all for this one. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if they interest you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Losing Interest

Losing interest in things you love can be damaging. A loss of interest can stem from not being satisfied with something or even being depressed or simply uninterested. Things that help you enjoy life can mean nothing without interest. Imagine being a guitarist and lose interest in making/playing songs. Imagine being a chef or a cook and not enjoying making food and drinks. Even imagine being a writer or a blogger and lose interest in posting. Things that bring you joy and clear your mind can do harm to you when you lose interest in doing certain things. There will be points in our lives when we somehow don't enjoy life as much even with things to help us relax and have fun. Seeing things in life that don't go as well will have you thinking, "what do I have to do to prevent from going absolutely crazy?" Enter Desperation Mode!

If there is something you love doing and love taking part in, try as hard as possible to not let external influences hamper the amount of enjoyment you get performing certain hobbies. Everyone will go through down times. Just look at my blogging. I still enjoy posting blog entries, but there were times where I didn't know what to type about or felt encouraged enough to post a blog entry on something. External influences for me? Well, I've had interests in many other things in making creative works outside of blogging. I keep myself occupied regardless. I have recently been trying to become better accustomed to making 3D objects. So I have been using and learning SketchUp. The intent is to provide material for download and/or sale. No matter what interests I have or whatever creative interests I have, I remain interested and intrigued in all that I do. If I feel like there is nothing to do or nothing to enjoy, I am just letting life pass me by.

It is okay to lose interest in things. What you don't want is to lose too much interest in things to where you feel you are unable to enjoy life and unable to de-stress your mind. Such hobbies help you to feel better and enrich your mind. If you want to keep going strong and keep a positive mindset, try not to lose too much interest in things you love.

This has been another attempt for me to offer some positive material to a negative cyberspace. I hope you enjoyed my latest effort. Feel free to share my post(s) with others if you find my material helpful and enjoyable. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Rediscovering Blender

@Blender3D is powerful. #b3D offers a powerful suite to make media of many kinds, ranging from 3D modeling to gaming and animations. After 15-20 years of trying, I recently made my first 3D model of any kind from start to finish with Blender. I have a long ways to go to be fully confident in my 3D work. Being on TurboSquid, I realize just what I have to do to make myself viable in such a deep and diversified talent pool in making 3D items. The name of this blog post is "Rediscovering Blender." The reason why is because I once used Blender to try to learn 3D as well as try to make items with Blender. Unfortunately, I never successfully made anything from start to finish with Blender until recently. Now that I built my first true 3D model, it has given me an idea of what is possible if I were to create more products for TurboSquid. I want to make more items because I want to further build up my portfolio of material for various media outlets.

I will NOT be offering this item online, but here is a look at my first-ever true 3D model that I've created as well as my first-ever true 3D scene:

my first 3D model
^ This trophy I made serves as the first-ever true 3D model I created from start to finish. This model was made completely from polygons. No voxels or conversions were used in the creation of this model.

If you are a regular blog reader of mine and wonder why I have been rather quiet blogging lately, there is one such reason. Part of my less active blogging has been as a result of trying to make other material outside of blogging. That includes me learning Blender and the different nuances to try to make material through I have been busy trying to find certain things to make in order to build up items for my TurboSquid products. I have also been busy trying to learn Blender and how to make certain things. Remember that I do more than just blog posts. I try to make myself a blogger as well as a one-man studio of all kinds of media material. I am no one-trick pony, nor do I try to be.

And what about my TurboSquid products? Here is my first TurboSquid product you can access:

my first TurboSquid product
^ (click to access product) This is my first TurboSquid product, released on March 3, 2016. To learn more of products I offer on TurboSquid, follow "John's Creative Space" or find my TurboSquid products under my handle, "JohnMarineDesigns" on TurboSquid.

This post could easily be on "John's Creative Space," but I am using my main blog to discuss my Blender work and ambitions as I rediscover Blender.

Rediscovering Blender

To learn more about Blender 3D, please visit

Blender offers a free and open-source program to make all kinds of material. The only limitation is your imagination. It can be tough trying to turn a vision into reality through the means of Blender. In these situations, it is best you look for resources online as well as online videos on how to use Blender.

A long time ago here on "John's Blog Space," I mentioned my past ambitions to use Blender. Those ambitions involved making race tracks. I never made a single race track since announcing those ambitions. On top of that, I was not at all experienced in trying to make a simple course. I also lacked the confidence to even try making something. A lack of skill and confidence leads to a long time of putting aside something until finally able to make something. To this end, I had to generate enough confidence to create something.

I had used Blender a number of times in the past. Recently, though, I had to re-learn how to do a lot of things in Blender to better be able to make material I want to make through the program. Because I had to re-learn some of the many things I learned using Blender previously, I had to slow down some of my past visions of working with Blender and not consider making anything until I felt confident enough to actually envision and make them to the best of my ability. I honestly consider a number of different projects I want to take on. How to actually execute these in a given setting is the real key in all of my work. To be honest, I still am trying to learn a few things as well as how to actually execute them through Blender. My visions remain just visions until I actually and properly convert them from visions in my mind to actual creations on my computer. That, in itself, is as much a challenge as actually trying to create something.

Despite my lack of skill, I am slowly coming around to being more confident in creating material through Blender and hopefully as assets for media projects or products for people to consume for various gaming and media works. Starting slow and improving my skills will ultimately lead to me making more quality material through the means of Blender. I actually feel it is possible to eventually create material I can be proud of to distribute online and use in projects. So my rediscovering of Blender is both a process of re-learning various things while also trying to apply those methods to my work. It is an ongoing process- just like living life.

Can You Expect Anything From Me?

What can you expect from me and my work?

Expectations on 3D and Blender?

Because my level of experience and skill are very limited, I may exclusively work with low-polygon material. That makes my work suitable for things like games and some media projects. Low polygon material usually makes for quick material to produce. Just because something is low in polygons doesn't mean it has to be boring, however. If you are going to expect me to make a lifelike re-creation of the McLaren P1 (for example), look elsewhere. I don't have the skill or the patience to make incredibly lifelike and realistic models. I will, though, try to make a variety of models that I think will interest you greatly.

What I want to do is offer items that are ready-made for animation and/or rigging. I do want to offer some base items to get people going, but I ultimately want to make my material completely ready to go and warranting of a decent asking price. I almost literally lose sleep at night trying to envision what kinds of items I want to create. As I try to learn how to model in Blender and learn various techniques, I want to make my presence felt with a variety of items. I am not usually satisfied until I feel I've done everything possible to make something as best as possible.

In addition to making models, I also want to utilize my 3D creations in videos. I haven't yet excelled in this department. I will reach these levels in due time.

Expectations on TurboSquid?

TurboSquid features all kinds of material from many people of many talent levels. Higher quality material is often very heralded on there. After all- there are people who seek professional-quality work for games and media. Sometimes, the hobbyist level models of so-so quality get slighted in favor of more incredible work by others. Any products I do offer will be offered at reasonable prices (even if free) based on the level of detail and how proud I am to model certain items the way I do. I want to offer my work to others while also profiting from my work.

People have contacted me wondering if they can use my work in their media projects. What I want to do is offer a proper sort of outlet for people to use and utilize my work. I chose to work with offering my material on TurboSquid to meet these needs. I may consider other outlets, but I am mostly sure of my work being most visible and most profitable on TurboSquid. So just look for "JohnMarineDesigns" to see my work. Or alternatively, search "JohnMarineDesigns" on TurboSquid.

Other than that, I want to thank all of you for your continued support. Let's work together and make magic happen.

Be sure to stay with my blogging work to see more of my material. Since a majority of this post relates to my creative work, please look at "John's Creative Space" to actively keep up with my creative works online as well as gain insights on various elements of creative work. Be sure also to follow any of my other blogs (including "John's Blog Space," which you are reading now) for more on the various topics covered in each blog. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Let me introduce you to Fans25 is an online forum and a community mostly devoted to college football. Besides college football, though, mostly college basketball and some other traditional sports are discussed. The site is run by a fellow named Brett Haynes. I was introduced to Fans25 by a popular person who was under the name "Common Sense." I was introduced to perhaps after someone saw one of my YouTube videos maybe five or more years ago. As I joined the site, I was introduced to a number of different people around America who love college sports. Most of the people whom I've come across were generally kind and passionate for sports as well as for their favorite teams.

Consider this paragraph my testimonial to When I join a certain community, I try to get as involved as I can to present myself as a functioning member. The involvement is enhanced or muddled depending on how I feel about being among the community. The Fans25 community is a fine one. So I try to chime in at times on the site. I consider myself a regular to Fans25 though I am not on all the time. I do like being part of this community and hardly ever feel out of place or that my opinions don't bear as much weight as anyone else's opinion.

For as good as Fans25 can be, it, like anything else in life, can be made better. One way to help make the site better is to join the site! So you want to talk about how Crimson Tide football is better than everybody else? You think THE Ohio State University owns everybody else? You think Kansas Jayhawks basketball is the best? If you are a college sports fan in any capacity, why not share your love on Fans25? We can always use more fans! So why not join this little-bit-crazy sports family? :) You love college sports (as well as other sports). Come on down to Fans25 and show your love with this fine community!

If Brett ( Owner) is Reading This...

Continued well wishes to you and your fine message board. I hope for the best for you and your site. Even in some low points and in some lulls in participation and traffic, stay positive and stay strong. There is silver lining to every cloud.

For More Information...

If you want to check out and join the Fans25 community, visit

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EF-12 is a 3D fighting game engine. Japanese developer Masahiro Onoguchi of Quad Arrow developed this game. EF-12 sounds more like a serial code or a tax form rather than a fighting game. However, it is like a 3D MUGEN. This blog post introduces you to EF-12 and if you should give it a try.

NOTE: Any commentary regarding EF-12 relates to the latest version (as of this blog post), which is Version 1.800 as of this post.


Let's take a look at EF-12.

^ from: (YouTube) - EF-12 has boundless potential as a 3D fighting game engine. Can you tap into and harness that potential?

EF-12 allows people to play a very decent fighting game or make one's own fighting game. The base package for EF-12 consists of a handful of characters and some stages. None of the material is too spectacular as many of the characters simply demonstrate the fighting style possible. There are no overly interesting characters here, as they are mostly almost purely generic robotic fighters that have fighting styles similar to many popular fighting games. A dead giveaway of certain styles can be seen in the names of some of the more anonymous characters. For example, the prefix of character "VF_Akagi" denotes a moves style based on the Virtua Fighter series. Another one of the characters, "TK_Montauk" has "TK" as its prefix, noting it has a fighting style like Tekken. The game also features a few different characters simply included to demonstrate the fighting and graphical capabilities of EF-12.

You can actually develop your own characters using some of your favorite 3D modeling programs. Some people basically rip 3D models from other games and turn them into EF-12 characters. Some even make certain models from scratch and then rig them and stuff. DO NOT be afraid to try to make your own 3D models ranging from fighters to stages. You do not have to stick with the included characters and stages. So go ahead and show your creative side and make your own material!

There is no storyline to EF-12. Its story is basically whatever you want it to be. All you do is set up matches or maybe try your luck in an arcade-style tour. Speaking of game modes...

Modes of Play.

EF-12 offers three modes of play.

• Arcade
Arcade Mode lets you pick a character and engage in a series of matches. Win the match and advance. Lose the match, and you may have to choose to continue or end the game.

• Single Match
You can compete in a single match. Select a character followed by an opponent. When all of the rounds are complete, the battle is over. The game also returns to the intro and splash screen.

• Development Mode
In Development Mode, you have the opportunity to test out a variety of different features. This is good if you are a developing characters or stages for EF-12. Any number of items can be customized.

Basics of EF-12.

EF-12 consists of two opponents in a 3D space kind of like in sumo wrestling. The default settings are set for 60-second rounds in a best-of-3 format. Defeat your opponent within the allowed time or have the most remaining health when time expires. By default, if you or your opponent are outside the ring area, the round will restart but the one who was out will face a health penalty. Certain movement and button combinations will allow you to execute super attacks as well as certain special moves. Do whatever it takes to win the match!

You could adjust some of these settings by modifying the settings file. Some of the settings you could adjust include width and height of the game window, the length of rounds, how many rounds, ring out rules, etc.

That covers most of the basics of EF-12.

EF-12 vs. MUGEN

As I mentioned previously, EF-12 is seen as a 3D MUGEN. This section features similarities and differences between the two fighting game engines.

EF-12 and MUGEN: Similarities.

Both EF-12 and MUGEN are similar in the respect that both allow nearly limitless customization. Both allow for characters and stages to be added.

EF-12 and MUGEN: Differences.

The obvious difference between EF-12 and MUGEN is that one is 3D while the other is 2D. Another difference is that EF-12 is made by Quad Arrow while Elecbyte made MUGEN. A more technical difference between the two games is that MUGEN's hit detection is based on hit boxes, and (as I read) EF-12 is more based on attacks to certain bones of models. It can be fairly tough to land hits on characters in EF-12. Another sort of technical difference between the two is that MUGEN is more like old-school fighting game action while EF-12 is more along the lines of Virtua Fighter in terms of actual fighting. One other difference I basically note is that you can set up an AI match in MUGEN, but you can't do so in EF-12 (as far as I know). MUGEN also has many more ways to play while EF-12 is purely one-on-one. In MUGEN, you can set up team battles with two characters on screen or set up an elimination-style setting with up to four fighters. EF-12, meanwhile, is purely one-on-one combat.

So while both games are similar, the two have differences that set themselves apart. Both are otherwise solid in their own rights.

EF-12: Review and Final Thoughts

EF-12 is still primarily a work in progress. Despite being such a WIP, there is immense potential in making some amazing 3D fighting games. Adept and creative developers can find all sorts of ways to make their own fighting games using the EF-12 game engine. Granted you have the performance specifications to run EF-12, you will be met with something that can prove to be a solid fighting game. A gamepad is recommended to play EF-12. Using my XBOX 360 controller, the game has a very intuitive setup. EF-12 does not have an in-game options menu. I found the default controller setup to be fairly simple. I haven't really found a specific character to suit my gaming experience best. I do have visions of characters I may want to create to enhance the EF-12 experience. Regardless, this is a wonderful 3D fighting game engine that has some immense potential. Only question is... can it be tapped into just enough to really become a true 3D equivalent of MUGEN? Or perhaps be better than MUGEN? That remains to be seen. For what we have now, EF-12 is quite fun for what it is.

Maybe the only negative for EF-12 is for people who prefer fast-paced 3D fighting. EF-12 handles itself more like Virtua Fighter or Tekken than say, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. The game is more along the lines of Virtua Fighter than Tekken. That isn't to say this game lacks enjoyment. You can still enjoy this game and the fighting experience it provides about as much as almost any other 3D fighting game.

For More Information...

You can get started with EF-12 by visiting EF-12 on Playism. You have to pay to download this game. You set your own price to download it. The minimum price you must pay to download EF-12 is $1 USD. When I bought EF-12, the download comes in at about a whopping 604 MB in size.

Here is the trailer to EF-12:

^ "EF-12 V1.65 PV (English version)"

Here is a sample of an EF-12 fight:

^ "3D Mugen Project EF-12 3D Fighting Game Engine (Overwatch Tracer) VS (Widowmaker)"

Learn more about EF-12 from its official site (WARNING: Japanese only): EF-12 official site. If you're going to download and play EF-12, have fun!

That's it for this blog post. Thank you for visiting "John's Blog Space" and for reading! Take care and be well.

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Formula Hybrid

Formula Hybrid is where colleges and universities build formula race cars powered by green and alternative engines. Started by Dartmouth College in 2006, colleges worldwide have made and tested their own electric or plug-in hybrid formula race cars. Students are challenged to make such machines applying what they learn in the classroom to make such racing machines. As you would imagine, it is great fun to make and build such cars and put them in competition.

If you have taken part in or represent a certain college or university that has competed in any formula competition (including Formula Hybrid), allow me to make a special hello to you and welcome to my main blog- "John's Blog Space!"

Formula Hybrid: Competition.

The events take place at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire- popularly known as "The Magic Mile." The competitions that these schools take part in include acceleration, autocross, and endurance. The Acceleration event is a performance test of how well a car can get up to speed. Since these are alternate source cars, these cars can have instantaneous acceleration. The Autocross event is a performance and handling test where you must try to race around a set course and clear it as fast as possible. Clipping cones can result in time penalties added onto your run. Finally, the Endurance test is a challenge of how well these cars can sustain themselves and last around a set course for a long period of time. Usually, this is a test lasting anywhere between 10-30 minutes. Only other thing besides these competitions is primarily design competitions.

My Thoughts on Formula Hybrid.

To me, I think it is cool that college and universities. A lot of people can attest to wanting to not having to sit in a classroom learning things when they could be applying what they learn into the real world while also (hopefully) enjoying applying what they learn in the real world. You do have that sort of school pride that goes into the whole process. Because after all, you would hate to be a Michigan student getting upstaged by Michigan State or Ohio State. As much as I love regular formula race cars, it is great seeing these alternative sourced machines built and raced by colleges and universities. Even those who eventually don't become part of the automobile engineering realm gain some quality lessons to learn in life. As you would imagine, what these colleges and universities demonstrate through programs like Formula Hybrid become vital and instrumental in further development of automobiles. So imagine being in college and learning these things to help influence making better and more efficient cars through competitions like Formula Hybrid. Sounds like a win, eh?

For More Information (and a demonstration)...

For more information on Formula Hybrid, including signing up for the next competition or learning more about the Formula Hybrid challenge, you can visit This is a video demonstration of Formula Hybrid:

^ "Formula Hybrid 2015"

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

I plan on making an updated post or an update to this past post (or both) to this topic. So if you like colleges and universities making formula racing cars, here is the only other post I can offer you:

Formula SAE (John's Blog Space)
^ This blog post takes a look at the largest and most popular competition for building formula race cars- Formula SAE.

That's all.

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