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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In 1986, the Republic of Hungary unveiled the Hungaroring. It is the premier motor racing circuit in Hungary. This circuit is situated in a city about 11 miles (17.70 kilometers) away from beautiful Budapest in the city of Mogyoród, Hungary. This blog post is a look at the Hungaroring. I am pleased to welcome all of my racing fans worldwide to "John's Blog Space."


Did you know that prior to this blog post, that I have not done a proper blog post on any race track since June 20, 2012? The last race track I blogged about was Moscow Raceway. So this is a category I have neglected for over two years! The last time I made mention to a race track was with Circuit of the Americas on November 20, 2012.

If you are from Hungary, I'd like to offer you a special hello and welcome to "John's Blog Space!"

--- Hungaroring ---

Let's take a look at this fine Hungarian motor racing circuit.

^ from: (links to image source) - The Hungaroring hosts a number of events ranging from national series to international racing series. The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix (or Magyar Nagydíj) is the signature race around the Hungaroring each year since the track's inception in 1986.

What I love most about this track is primarily the views of beautiful Budapest from some of the camera views. The track itself is one that I think has a great rhythm and character to it. This track measures 2.722 miles (4.381 kilometers) in length and has 14 turns. There is a chicane after Turn 3 primarily for motorcycle racing around the Hungaroring. It is one of few race tracks on today's Formula 1 World Championship schedule in which the circuit situated in a natural bowl.

The Hungaroring is a rather tricky circuit to navigate. There is plenty of character to it. It has a pretty good rhythm to this track you must establish as you try to lay down consistent laps or to try to properly treat each section. The trickiest sections to me are the first corner and the entire section going from Turn 5 to Turn 11.

Lap Record.

As of the date of this initial blog post, the lap record around Hungaroring was set by Michael Schumacher racing for Scuderia Ferrari in 2002. He posted a time of 1:16.207 around Hungaroring in 2002.

Video Lap.

Want to know what it is like to go around the Hungaroring? Check this out:

^ Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton Onboard Lap Hungary 2012 {HD} - Monday TV

This is a greatly competitive old-school race track. I hope you enjoyed this one.

For More Information...

For more about the Hungaroring motor racing circuit, please visit the track's official website at

I mostly abandoned this topic because of view count. I may jump back into all of this with new content to further extend the range of topics to my already massive blog. I thank you for visiting JBS. Thank you for reading!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Blue is my favorite color, as you may know. What does your favorite color say about you, though? I visited a website once which featured information on what a color says about your personality. Needless to say, a lot of what it says about blue lovers is true about myself. Here is the short version of what the site says about people who love blue:

"Lovers of blue have a deep need to find inner peace and truth, to live their life according to their ideals and beliefs without having to change their inflexible viewpoint of life to satisfy others."

If you love blue like I do and want the longer version of what blue says about your personality, try this link: Personality Color Blue

Again... a lot of what it says about people who love blue are things I mostly admit about myself. It does seem pretty amazing that being fond of a certain color can say so much about you. I sort of wonder what kind of connection one's favorite color and his/her personality have. Like, are there certain cues of certain colors that are linked to certain personal traits or habits? I've always been sort of educated that blue is a calm and relaxing color. Lots of services have blue as their primary color- such as Facebook and Twitter. Google's logo went from its colorful "G" to a blue color. Blue has so many applications.

One last thing to note... whatever you may find out about your favorite color doesn't mean you are a great person or a bad person- it is just an overall reflection of what kind of personality you have or may have based on your favorite color. Don't feel down on yourself because certain negative qualities may be true about you. Everything has positive and negative value- including yourself.

To Learn About Your Favorite Color and Personality Traits...

Here is the website I visited where you can learn more about what your favorite color says about your personality: Your Personality Color. After visiting the site, my discussion questions for all of you are:

What is your favorite color, and do you agree or disagree with what your favorite color says about your personality? How much of the different personality qualities associated with such colors do you admit to?

I can't believe I have not posted a blog entry here on "John's Blog Space" in over a month. Do remember that I live my own life as well as post material for my other blogs. So if one seems dead, it hasn't mean I've given up on it entirely. I still thank you for being here.

Be sure to Follow and Subscribe if you love my work and if you enjoyed your time here. I do what I can to make all of my posts interesting. Thank you for reading!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

If your computer lacks Bluetooth functionality, you'll need to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter to be able to use Bluetooth. I bought an adapter on Amazon called the Kinivo BTD-400. I bought one of these as it was a best-seller on Amazon (in fact, it was the #1 seller). This blog post is my own review of this device after using it for a bit.

--- Kinivo BTD-400 ---

Here is the device I will be reviewing in my blog post:

Kinivo BTD-400
^ from: - This is the Kinivo BTD-400.

The Kinivo BTD-400 is a USB Bluetooth adapter (also called a USB Bluetooth dongle) that allows for any PC not equipped to handle Bluetooth be able to send and receive Bluetooth signals. I was considering getting a USB Bluetooth dongle even with my former PC. I usually don't buy something just because it's the best seller. What could be best-selling could be something that doesn't work as intended.

Before I go any further, I figure it's important I let you know what exactly I am talking about before I review this device.

What Is Bluetooth?

As I have learned, Bluetooth is a revolutionary technology that allows for wireless communication with various devices. Bluetooth sends out radio signals to allow for connectivity among various Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is the most effective wireless technology to date. Functions of Bluetooth can range from exchanging files among devices, listening to music, gaming, communication, and more.

Specifications/Details of Kinivo BTD-400.

Now that I have given you an idea about Bluetooth, let me go ahead and explain as much as I can about the Kinivo BTD-400.

For starters, the Kinivo BTD-400 is a USB Bluetooth adapter that is built to Bluetooth 4.0 standards. That means this USB Bluetooth adapter can handle and utilize devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, and it can also handle devices that have earlier builds of Bluetooth. The Kinivo BTD-400 is a step up from the previous model- the Kinivo BTD-300, which was meant to handle Bluetooth devices up to version 3.0. But back to the BTD-400... it was meant to handle mostly Windows systems ranging from Windows XP up to Windows 8. However, I read this USB Bluetooth dongle COULD also be used for Linux systems. Only that you'll have to do a little extra work to get this to work for Linux. This device is NOT supported with Mac computers. So you would be out of luck trying to use this for Mac computers.

Anyone considering getting the Kinivo BTD-400 has to be aware of the system requirements for this device. Here are the system requirements:

• 200 MHz processor
• 64 MB of RAM, 128 MB of RAM recommended
• a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
• compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

That covers the device. Now on to my review after spending mostly a day with this device.

--- Kinivo BTD-400 Review ---

Let me show you the packaging the Kinivo BTD-400 comes in.

Kinivo BTD-400
^ from: (one of my Facebook albums) - The Kinivo BTD-400 after opening the package.

My Experiences.

When I bought the Kinivo BTD-400 from Amazon, I was pleased to see this device in the mail. I didn't have to use the included install disc because I was using Windows 8. Windows 8 will automatically try to find the drivers necessary to install this device rather than have to use the install disc. Those using Windows 7 or earlier will need to use the install disc to install the files onto the PC to be able to use the Kinivo BTD-400.

Upon installation, I quickly went ahead and tried to test out the Kinivo BTD-400. I was pleased at being able to pair it with my two Android devices I use- the Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet PC and the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 portable media player. Only real problem I've had trying to pair these devices with my PC was simply in trying to get my PC to recognize the different devices. All I need to do is have the Bluetooth features turned on and try to connect with the PC through Bluetooth. There is an HTML file for which all of my bookmarked links are stored in. I used Bluetooth to send and receive this Bookmark file to my devices. All I needed to do on the devices was accept the file transfer, and that was it. The biggest plus to all of this is that I no longer have to have my Android devices physically attached to my computer to be able to send and receive files from my PC. Even with my new PC, I don't have to upload files to Microsoft OneDrive as long as I have my PC up and running. Another advantage to using Bluetooth is that I don't need an Internet connection of any kind (including Wi-Fi) to be able to use devices or transfer files.

Two nice features about the Kinivo BTD-400 is that it doesn't consume loads of PC power, and it emits a pretty blue light to show it is working. Some people kind of find it annoying (I don't know why you would) about the blue light on this device. It still gets the job done. It isn't as if it is overly bright to light up a dark room. Its small design makes it unobtrusive of other USB devices. You almost don't even know it's there once you put it into an available USB port.

My Review.

I wish I had gotten the Kinivo BTD-400 device sooner. At least for my current Windows 8 PC, this device works very well. I have had some good usage out of this USB Bluetooth dongle. More importantly, I wish more physical stores have such USB Bluetooth adapters in stock and on sale. The Kinivo BTD-400 supports devices with up to Bluetooth 4.0, meaning this is a worthy device to have if you have certain Bluetooth devices up to that version. And of course, devices with older versions of Bluetooth are backwards-compatible with the Kinivo BTD-400. Mac users need not apply trying to get this device because the Kinivo BTD-400 does not support Mac devices.

The Kinivo BTD-400 is a best-seller in its category on Amazon for a reason. It works. I have only used this (literally) for less than one day and already am thinking of more ways to utilize the Bluetooth capabilities I gave my PC by simply plugging in this device. In fact, I am almost considering getting Bluetooth headphones to listen to music from my PC (or other Bluetooth-enabled devices) going around my house. The Kinivo BTD-400 is a fabulous device for anyone looking to give a PC Bluetooth functionality. Pair your devices and enjoy the technological genius known as Bluetooth as provided by the Kinivo BTD-400.

For More Information...

For more information on the Kinivo BTD-400, please visit Kinivo's official website at If my review has convinced you to get one of these, I want you to buy this device on Amazon by clicking on this item below:

I would appreciate your business if you did shop for this item based on your satisfaction in my review.

Thanks to all of you for your reading of my review of the Kinivo BTD-400. I hope it maybe has swayed your interest in getting this device. Please Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if my work interests you and if you enjoyed what I posted. Thank you for reading!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Many things give us pleasure and joy. Some hobbies and activities offer pleasure for us. No matter what we love, there are some things we enjoy that others may find creepy, annoying, surreal, and the like. These are what we like to call guilty pleasures. These are things we enjoy that others may not find acceptable or that others may not accept or approve. This blog post regards various guilty pleasures and the nature of such pleasures.

--- Guilty Pleasures ---

You probably have an idea of what a pleasure is. Imagine being fond of something that other people may not like you for. Having such guilty pleasures doesn't automatically make you a bad person. It just means you like something secretly that others may or may not accept. Or you may be fond of something you may or may not be willing to accept or disclose. These can include any number of items including: TV shows, movies, music, books, video and computer games, certain celebrities, certain fashion items, travel sites... and even (not to freak out some of my readers)- sexual fetishes. You can like things ranging from songs most people probably hate to

[Some Of] My Guilty Pleasures.

Time to answer questions never asked. The BOLD text notes certain guilty pleasures of mine.

NOTE: Some of these topics featured may show up in future blog posts.

My biggest guilty please from 2013 is...

• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Yep... I was somewhat a "brony" last year as I fell into the allure of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." I saw all or most of the episodes on The HUB Network last year including most of the "Equestria Girls" movie. I saw what was so cool about this My Little Pony series. I began to even appreciate the many characters of the series. Hands down, the one you can relate most with is Applejack. I also like Twilight Sparkle.

I was kindly humbled by my friends on GTPlanet when I talked about "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." One person was a bit stunned I mentioned being a fan of this cartoon series. I am no true "brony," though. I just... like this cartoon.

I sort of admit to this as my latest guilty pleasure as a sports fan:

• Competitive Cheerleading - People will say competitive cheerleading isn't a sport. It certainly takes athleticism to pull off various tumbles and formations. Also, competitive cheerleading is very fun and positive. I'd actually watch something like cheerleading competitions than something like figure skating. I first started watching cheerleading competitions on TV back in 2013 or so. What do I mean in regards to competitive cheerleading? This video is an example (WARNING: do NOT adjust the volume):

^ Stingray Allstars Orange- Worlds 2012 (day 2)

Other such teams I'm aware of include the likes of the Stingray All Stars, Top Gun All-Stars, World Cup Shooting Stars, and more. There are also various collegiate teams and certain international teams that take part in competitive cheerleading.

There are two songs I admit I like and consider guilty pleasures:

"Toxic" by Britney Spears...

^ Britney Spears - Toxic

Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus...

^ Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

"Toxic" from Britney Spears was a song from 2003 I secretly like. I've never been any Britney Spears fan. It's a catchy song no matter how you look at it.

During her sweeter (or relatively sweet) Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus came along with the very girly song "Party in the USA," which I liked. Like with Britney Spears, I am no Miley Cyrus fanatic, and I'm CERTAINLY not a fan of hers since she's taken over this new sort of personality apart from her Disney days. Good songs still remain with you and remain memorable. So is the case with "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus released in 2010. Only guy I know of who probably love this song more than I do is basketball player Jared Sullinger. He even sort of recited this song at times when he played his college basketball at Ohio State. Or should I say, THE Ohio State University.

Believe it or not, there is sort of a fashion guilty pleasure I admit to. And what would that be?

• Boat/Deck Shoes

Especially with girls, boat shoes are surely cute to see being worn with short shorts. I've been a bit tempted to have interest in getting my own pair of boat shoes. The most common boat shoes you'll normally see among females are the ballet flat-like Sperry Top-Sider "Angelfish" boat shoes, or or of course... the Sperry Top-Sider "Bluefish" boat shoes, which are like a nice alternative of oxfords or brogues and sneakers. The most common color combination for these boat shoes is usually Linen Oat. However, they do come in various other colors and patterns. For example, I've seen these shoes in a combination of Navy Blue and leopard print. I've even seen metallic versions of these shoes from Sperry Top-Sider and various knockoffs of these shoes.

Now I labeled these as a guilty pleasure because there aren't too many who regard boat shoes as stylish shoes not exactly limited to the preppy set. In fact, I see them as a great pair of shoes that are a more-than-decent alternative to your average lace-up sneakers or your average Converses. Also, these are not shoes I'd recommend be paired with certain outfits, but I do find them attractive... and even cute.

Okay, maybe one more guilty pleasure I admit- because I'm a guy...

• spandex booty - Gaucho pants, yoga pants, certain classy and chic wide-leg pants and palazzo pants made of modal or jersey, certain other spandex pants and spandex shorts... some wear them to be comfortable- and they are. Some others wear them just to show off their backsides in a fabulous way. Either way, they'll get most of us guys' attention. Most of the time... mission accomplished! Can't help but stare sometimes. Even my male audience reading this blog post can attest to this!

So now you know about some of my guilty pleasures.

--- Guilty Pleasures ---

Everyone has their own guilty pleasures of many different things. Depending on what those guilty pleasures are, having these guilty pleasures does not make you any less of a person. It just means you love things that either most people probably wouldn't approve of or admire about you. We usually like admitting to things we are obsessed with or love. Some things are things we like, yet tend to hide or not admit to being fond of. Whatever guilty pleasures you may have, they are a part of your personality. Even the weirdest and most surreal things we enjoy help define who we are individually. They are just other things to help define us as people in society. Such guilty pleasures could make us just a little bit crazy or weird in the eyes of others. But who cares? There are things we love, and even things we secretly love! So go enjoy having guilty pleasures!

Okay. That was fun... and a bit embarrassing. Discussion time! Here are my questions to you:

What do you think about having guilty pleasures? (Optional) What are some of your guilty pleasures?

That's all for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed your time here. If you did, don't forget to Subscribe and Follow. Get social with me and help support my work any way you can if you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"It is better to be lucky than good." Or so the saying goes. Would you rather be lucky or good at something? Are you better off being lucky or good? Take your pick! I want to know what you think about being lucky or good. But of course, I have to provide a fancy introduction because while this is a casual blog post, I prefer professional-type commentary. So let's do this.

--- Lucky or Good? ---

Success at something involves skill and sometimes luck. Some people tend to be more fortunate than actually being talented. Those who can be more talented than lucky may not be so lucky at getting the job done. Those who are more lucky than good are obviously good enough to complete a task successfully. Why don't we look at the two elements?

Before I begin, I want to let you know I will use a lot of sports references here. I know a lot of my audience doesn't really watch or care about sports. I still will use these references to help prove my points. Let's get on with the show now.

Better Lucky Than Good.

As a Houston Rockets fan, I was pretty angry when Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers hit a flukey three-point shot to knock out my Rockets in the 1st Round of the 2013-2014 NBA playoffs in six games. I was pretty (pardon my choice of words) damned angry and heartbroken that million-to-one 3-point shot was hit by the Portland Trail Blazers. Even Lillard (whom I respect) said it was a lucky shot in a later interview.

Think of other sports upsets- like Chaminade University's upset of the University of Virginia in 1982. Or because of the "Always Hate Houston" rule people seem to have- North Carolina State beating the University of Houston for the 1983 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball tournament. You have to have the talent to pull certain feats off and be in a position to win. And in the case of luck, luck is more like insurance in hopes you complete a task.

Being more lucky than good means you may or may not have the talent to accomplish a task with mastery, but you somehow manage to achieve the best results in the end.

Better Good Than Lucky.

Now let's look at the other end of the spectrum. Imagine just being good enough to not have to rely on luck to assure yourself a victory. An example of being more good than lucky is that you are able to win a Spelling Bee or pass a test with high results. You rely more on skill rather than hoping you are fortunate enough to get the best results. In one mindset, that is total confidence. In another mindset, however, you can be immensely talented yet still lose. Let me use another sports example. Think of Super Bowl XLII in 2008 between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. New England seemed destined to be the only other team besides the 1972 Miami Dolphins to finish an NFL season unbeaten. They obviously had the skill to hammer the brains of all the other NFL teams to remain unbeaten. However, the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, AZ, USA. This is a case where being talented just isn't enough- you need a little luck in hoping you can still pull through even if you have all the talent in the world.

Being more good than lucky means you believe in your talents more than hoping you are fortunate enough to get the desired result you wish to obtain.

I think that explains things quite well.


Would you rather be lucky or good if you could choose between the two? Does wanting to be either lucky or good depend on certain situations?

Take your pick! I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to contact me online if you have any ideas for future posts and topics you wouldn't mind seeing in any of my blogs. "Like" me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, circle me on Google+... GET SOCIAL WITH ME! Thank you for reading!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Can transgenders be beautiful? I will attempt to answer that question with a resounding yes. None of the ladies featured were born female. They may be part-time females (transvestites) or even have had surgery (transsexuals). They may even be intersex- having both male and female organs. No matter what, this is another opportunity for me to celebrate the beauty of certain individuals. Besides, that's what I do with all of my "Beauties"-themed posts. These are all my own thoughts on who I think looks lovely. You know what to expect if you've seen any of my past posts regarding beauties. If not, then get ready for me to share some transgender beauties. You can be beautiful even if you weren't born one specific gender. I'll prove this point in this blog post... or will at least try to prove this point.


NOTE 1: Most of what you will see in this post are mostly male-to-female transgenders of some capacity.

NOTE 2: This post contains a lot of YouTube videos, which may hinder your viewing performance of this blog. Be mindful of this. If you want to view a certain video outside of this blog, links to each featured video are featured below the embedded videos. I thank all video makers who allowed for their videos to be embedded.

WARNING: This post may contain links to websites not suitable for all audiences. To keep this post as world-friendly (my term for "safe for work") as possible, I have carefully selected sites and personalities to minimize this post being too adult-oriented.

A Special Hello...

I'd like to extend a special hello to all of you who may be transgender or intersex in any capacity. I also want to extend a special hello to everyone in the LGBT community who may be reading this blog post.

--- Transgendered Beauties: Before I Begin... ---

I want to incorporate this section into this Beauties post before I begin.

The majority of personalities featured here are all male-to-female (M2F) transgendered people. I may even feature some female-to-male (F2M) just to keep the F2M crowd happy.


My latest attempt to showcase a world of lovely people takes me into the "T" of LGBT. The "T" stands for transgender- meaning these are persons who are either are part-time members of one's opposite birth gender or those whom have had proper surgery to be full-time members of one's opposite birth gender. Also among this crowd are those whom are intersex. Intersex people are those born with both male and female reproductive organs. In fact, instead of LGBT, there is the acronym of LGBTI, in which the "I" includes intersex types. I actually enjoy showcasing a variety of people in my Beauties-themed posts. I feel it is a great way to not only make mention to certain people, but also to enjoy trying to bring certain people to light. This collection is fairly difficult in that I am not sure how my audience would respond to me featuring such persons as what you are about to read in this post.

The most difficult part of this post is mostly in trying to figure out what personalities I should feature. While that isn't a serious issue, the challenge is magnified here since I am featuring persons based on a rather shaky category such as that of transgender and intersex people. How am I going to be able to feature certain individuals when there are those who either love or loathe such people? I do try to feature whomever I like. After all- this is my post. I shouldn't have to adjust my train of thought just to please certain would-be critics. The main constant is that I feature those whom I think look attractive, appealing, beautiful, cute, sexy... whatever you want to characterize certain entities as. Having said this, it is time I try to feature any number of individuals to fit the bill of this blog post.


This is the criteria of who qualifies for this post:

• must be a transvestite (not a full-time member of one's opposite sex)
• must be a transsexual (a full-time member of the opposite sex through surgery), even including adult entertainers)
• must be intersex (born with male and female characteristics)

Transgender and intersex are two different things, but I will include anyone intersex if I do indeed find any to feature here. It is important I explain the difference between transgender and intersex because there are some people who don't understand what either term means. They are NOT interchangeable terms or umbrella terms.

There were a few personalities I had to take out because the focus of this post is on transvestites, transsexuals, and intersex people; not androgynous persons. That may be the focus of a future blog post related to this topic. Stay tuned to "John's Blog Space" for if and when I post a topic regarding androgynous beauties.

A Warning...

Here is a warning I want to stress... I will use "transgender" and "intersex" to describe certain featured persons. I will NOT, however, use "shemale" to refer to anyone transgender. Using "shemale" to describe anyone transgender or intersex is strongly discouraged and is only reserved for the pornographic industry. Even though I will make mention of some transsexual adult entertainers in this post who would be fitting of the term, I will not use the term "shemale" in this blog post.

Another reason why I'm doing this is to limit unnecessary and unwanted traffic to my blog.

What Do I Hope to Accomplish Here?

Because my reading audience is diverse, I am hopeful to accomplish these:

• that beauty exists in all things, including transgender and intersex people.
• (hopefully) instill some confidence to the transgender audience
• at least one transgender from every continent (except Antarctica, obviously)

The purpose of topics under this label is to celebrate the beauty of various people. In this blog post, I devote the beauty towards transgender and intersex types. You certainly have my word- I will discuss these individuals with class and respect. I don't post anything just to get on someone's bad side. I am professional with my work. I don't use my content to attack or demoralize anyone.

--- Transgender Beauties: an Example ---

This blog post is a World Tour of transgendered beauties. Here is a look at what each featured personality is like:

[FirstName LastName, Stage Name, or Nickname] (Nationality).


• (any extra links or videos)

Click on the heading to each featured personality to view personal websites, fan pages, or whatever else. Any link pointing to anything besides any official home page will be noted in the description. Any transsexual adult entertainers will be featured with red headings. While I won't post a link to their sites, I will make mention of certain ones to make mention to them. You can still search them online away from this blog to learn more about them. After all, there's already enough porn online for you to look up if you're into that sort of thing and if you're really into certain personalities. Why should I contribute to it? So search elsewhere for certain adult-oriented material featured in this post.

This is still a Beauties post- meaning I celebrate someone as being beautiful (or at least attractive or appealing).

Okay? So let's begin!

--- Transgender and Intersex Beauties: The World Tour! ---

Let's begin my own World Tour of transgender folks. You are free to follow any blog, YouTube channel, or whatever if you fancy their material. That is for any featured personality that may have any such resource available within their sites. I will only feature as much as possible to describe each personality. To save space and not consume lots of bandwidth, don't expect too many pictures or videos with some featured persons. You will instead have to visit certain links (that I will provide) for you to learn more about each featured person in case certain personalities interest you.

I will try to find replacement material if there are images I can't use (because of copyright issues, for example).

NOTE: Some of the featured personalities may be featured in blog posts in the future, as well as past blog posts I've done on some of these personalities. So keep up with John's Blog Space in case I do feature them in individual blog posts. Let's begin!

Jessica Savano (USA).

The included link goes to her Facebook fan page.

On an MTV show called "I Want a Famous Face," perhaps the show's most popular regular person was one Jessica Savano. Hailing from Chicago, IL, USA; Jessica Savano wanted to look like Jennifer Lopez. Jessica Savano mostly speaks out as a prominent figure in both the LGBT community and even in various political functions. Here is an acting reel with this transsexual star:

^ "I Am Not My Body - Documentary"

Sunny Dee-Lite (USA).

Sunny Dee-Lite
^ from: - This diva is a stylish ray of sunshine. She is... Sunny Dee-Lite!

The winner of Miss Big Apple 2011 is Sunny Dee-Lite. Born in Miami Beach, FL, USA but calls New York City, NY, USA home; Sunny Dee-Lite is a very beautiful transsexual with her own unique charm. Here is a video review featuring the lovely Sunny Dee-Lite:

^ "Sunny Dee Lite's TS Party Fri. Nites!"

Candis Cayne (USA).

Candis Cayne was born Brendan McDaniel. The Hawaii-born candy-sweet Candis Cayne was known for playing Carmelita in the hit ABC drama "Dirty Sexy Money." She has the sort of privilege most transgender folk would want- the opportunity to perform in primetime on a major network on a major network show or movie. Candis Cayne has also shown to be philanthropic as she acted out for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

MY PAST BLOG POST ON HER: "Candis Cayne" (John's Blog Space)

Jamie Clayton (USA).

From San Diego, CA, USA; Jamie Clayton is a transgendered actress. Her looks even earned her the title of second most beautiful girl in New York City once. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine being even in the Top 5 of beautiful women in a major city like New York City? Tremendous honor, right? Video insight on Jamie Clayton can be seen right here:

^ "Transsexual Jamie Clayton"

Nikki Araguz (USA).

Nikki Araguz has been famous as her firefighter husband was killed in action a few years ago. It was discovered that beautiful Nikki was born a man. Her story and legal battles were portrayed in a reality TV series called "Being Nikki." Less favorable about her was that she stole a Rolex watch. She was arrested and jailed for two months. Despite her crimes, Nikki is now very active in various LGBT functions and is a motivational speaker. You can visit her official website listed in the heading to this section to learn more about Nikki Araguz.

Janet Mock (USA).

Janet Mock is a transsexual activist. She, like Candis Cayne, was born in Honolulu. Janet was born a boy named Charles. The boy named Charles would transition to Janet at 18 years old. Janet Mock is named since she loves Janet Jackson and looks like Janet Jackson. Quoting Janet Mock, "she was born a baby, not a boy." Part of her struggle is to try to battle against the media's perception of transgendered folk. Janet Mock famously had an on-air argument with Piers Morgan when she was interviewed on his show. The disputes were mostly regarding how the transgender community took Piers Morgan's comments and even how Janet Mock was portrayed during the interview. Here is a sample of Janet Mock speaking out in regards to one article regarding a transsexual who was killed in a fire and how media portrayed the slain transwoman:

^ "Transgender advocate Janet Mock criticizes the media's image of transwomen "

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED... can buy her book by using this item:

Or, you may visit the Books link of her official website for more information on this book.

Brook Ferreros (USA).

A Houston-area transvestite is Brook Ferreros. Brook is a makeup artist (MUA, as we say) whom I came across as I was researching this topic. She shares her beauty insight in her videos. You can visit her Facebook fan page or Brook's YouTube channel.

Sidney Star (USA).

The link directs to her YouTube channel.

The hip-hop honey known as Sidney Star is a hot woman. However, this hottie was born a man. I first saw her randomly when I was doing a search online for another topic. I later saw her during Season 1 of "The Bill Cunningham Show." When I saw her on The Bill Cunningham Show, I knew the name "Sidney Star" was familiar to me for some reason. Turns out, I was right- the Sidney Star I glanced at online and saw on the show were one in the same!

This video showcases Sidney Star as she talks about being transgender and the various struggles she faces (WARNING: bad language featured):

^ "Sidney Star Speaks on Being a Transgendered Woman and struggles"

Jeffree Star (USA).

Recording artist Jeffree Star will freak you out if you dislike Goth or punk style people. (Born: November 15, 1986)-year old from Orange County, CA, USA doesn't care if he doesn't win any beauty contests or be among the prettiest celebrities in the world. What he will do is put on a wicked cool pop music performance for you. I have included this video to showcase a sample of his music (WARNING: some bad language):

^ "Jeffree Star - Prom Night [Official Video]"

Carmen Carrera (USA).

Carmen Carrera is a lustfully lovely lady. This transsexual first found fame as a contestant on the third season of the reality TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race." She is a model under Elite Model Management. She even modeled for companies like Marco Marco earlier in 2013. Carmen even received an outpouring of support for her to be a Victoria's Secret Angel. So it is safe to say she is a modern trendsetter as well as someone who really changes perceptions regarding the LGBT community. That in itself is as beautiful as Carmen Carrera. You couldn't tell (or even care) if she's a real woman or not because she is so passable.

Isis King (USA).

Born Darrell Walls, Isis King was a contestant on the 11th Cycle of "America's Next Top Model." She became the first-ever transgender model in the popular TV series' history. Isis is both a fashion designer and a model.

Claudia Charriez (USA).

This model named Claudia Charriez is a model of Spanish descent. She was an America's Next Top Model contestant. The link directs to her Model Mayhem page, where you can see pictures of her.

Kylan Wenzel (USA).

Kylan Arianna Wenzel
^ from: - Meet Kylan Arianna Wenzel of California.

The first-ever transgender contestant of the Miss USA pageant was Kylan Arianna Wenzel. Representing Century City, California, USA; this model took advantage of a rules change in the Miss USA pageant that allowed her entry into the 2013 competition.

Fallon Fox (USA).

One MMA fighter made serious waves when a male-to-female transsexual fighter took on stars like Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Erika Newsome among others. Fighter Fallon Fox is a (born: November 29, 1975) year old who came out transgender starting with hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery (GRS) in 2006. Fallon Fox will have no problem beating you down or making you tap out if you get on her bad side.

Lindsey Walker (USA).

Lindsey Walker
^ from: - Slam dunking with style, this former basketball center stylishly stands seven-feet tall.

At seven feet tall, Lindsey used to be a male basketball player. On record, her height of seven feet (or 213.36 cm) tall makes her reportedly the world's tallest transsexual. She hails from the Cleveland, Ohio, USA area.

Lindsey Walker set up an old blog about herself and features a few different stories about her. It hasn't been updated since 2012, so don't expect anything new here. Take a look if interested: Making Lindsey: A Story About a Self Made Woman.

Eric/Erica (USA).

This may be the only intersex individual I will discuss in this blog post. Dr. Drew's Lifechangers featured a mosaic hermaphrodite named Eric/Erica on one show. This is an intersex beauty whom was seeking love. I think Eric/Erica is a beautiful person regardless. Despite this person's beauty, this person shares a very sad story in this video:

^ "Heartbreaking Marriage Tales & Tragedies"

Here is another video featuring Eric/Erica. This time, involving this person living in society:

^ "Horrifying Childhood Bullying & Hate Crimes"

Very sad. You have to feel for Eric/Erica.

...rather than me provide misinformation on mosaic hermaphrodites, you can learn more about mosaic hermaphrodites by reading this Wikipedia page on True Hermaphroditism. Mosaic hermaphrodites are VERY rare.

Candice, of "Candice if you want to know." (USA).

Candice was one of the first transgender bloggers that I've ever followed. This is a Californian transvestite who dresses up as Candice. And as Candice, she shares some of her outfits and thoughts in her blog. The blog is rarely updated, but there are posts as old as from 2010 in her blog.

Shybiker (USA).

This person simply refers to himself as Shybiker. This person is someone who rides motorcycles as well as practices law. What you will find in this blog is a look at some of his outfits when dressed up girly. In addition, you may find some other readings outside of any outfits. Feel free to visit Shybiker today.

Bailey Jay (USA).

Despite being one of the most popular transsexual adult entertainers today, Bailey Jay is a cute-faced transsexual who isn't as innocent as she looks. One of her sort of things she partakes in is cosplay. She is an award-winning adult film star, having won awards in the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards in 2011 and 2012 for Transsexual Performer of the Year.

Here is the cleanest video I could find on Bailey Jay, so you can see what she looks like:

^ "Bailey Jay at brooklyn"

Vicki Richter (USA).

Multiple-time award winning transsexual adult entertainer Vicki Richter is a veteran in the adult film industry. She has won awards as Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2005 and 2009. The (born: 1977)-year old was even nominated for Transsexual Performer of the Year a number of times throughout her adult film career.

Gia Darling (USA).

Gia Darling
^ from: - This is the very popular transsexual adult film star Gia Darling.

One of the most popular transsexual adult entertainers is (born: July 30, 1977)-year old Gia Darling. The award-winning pornographic actress from Los Angeles, CA, USA is often referred to as the "Transsexual Barbie." Gia Darling has made a number of appearances on TV aside from her adult film career.

Laura Amato, of Laura's Playground (USA - Honorable Mention!).

Laura's Playground is perhaps the most popular online resource for transgender folk. It was created by a transsexual named Laura Amato. The site provides services and resources for transgendered folk. It is no way a gossip site. In fact, I recommend you visit it to properly educate yourself on transgender issues and matters. Laura's Playground has gotten over 29 million hits in its long history online. I am mostly including this site for those concerned with transgendered matters.

Gwen Araujo (USA - Honorable Mention!)

In 2002, a teenage boy who went by Gwen Amber Rose Araujo (born Edward Araujo) went to a Halloween party. Gwen was murdered at this Halloween party once four men were sexually intimate with her, all to find out she was biologically male. She was 17 years old at the time of being slain. The story of Gwen was portrayed in a 2006 movie called "Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story."

On a greater scale, Gwen's murder speaks to the level of stupidity of anyone to exhibit this extreme act of homophobia. It is fine to not like anyone for any reason- even including members of the LGBT community. What did Gwen do to deserve being killed? Gwen was simply being herself. The shock factor to this entire incident is the fact the fact that Gwen- whom her killers thought was a real girl- ended up beating her to death because she was not a real girl once someone got intimate with Gwen. The issue of disclosure is often times a touchy subject among transgenders. Certain types who don't disclose their true gender are often times victims of violence (and even death) when certain people find out about one's true gender through intimacy or through disclosure of one's gender.

Regardless, it is really a terrible shame that this teenager had her life taken away so early. I certainly feature her among my transgender and intersex beauties to show my support and respect for the slain Gwen Araujo.

Last, but not least... I'd be remiss if I didn't include THIS person:

RuPaul (USA).

RuPaul is considered a deity in the transgender realm. The transgendered star is from San Diego, CA, USA; by way of Atlanta, GA, USA. The (born November 17, 1960)-year old was born RuPaul Andre Charles. There is no denying just how celebrated and revered RuPaul is among the LGBT community.

Time to break off some of this post. Most of what you've seen so far are American transgender beauties. Up next are non-American transgender beauties from around the world. So keep on if you are enjoying this post so far.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I bought a new PC this past weekend. Even with some strings attached and sacrifices made, I was able to get myself the Acer AXC-603G-UW30. Part of my adjustment to this new computer is using Windows 8. As I slowly began to settle in with this PC, I felt more and more able to do work better and faster with this new PC. Since only so much comes in the box, I used plenty of components from my former PC to set myself up with the new PC. Most of all, this computer has no monitor, so you'll need a monitor to use it. Let me talk a little bit about my new PC in this edition of...

Johns Corner
...John's Corner!

To me, my adjustment from Windows XP to Windows 8 (actually Windows 8.1) involves getting accustomed to a new interface and trying to learn the nuances of this interface. I have had absolutely no experience with Windows 7, even though more people prefer Windows 7. I began to settle in with this PC and with the various past programs I put on my new PC from my old PC. This new computer of mine is quite capable despite being so cheaply priced. I am not expecting to play any games that will really test the limits of its performance. Only modern game I'm playing most here as of this post is Minecraft. What I've enjoyed most about Windows 8 so far has been using the News and Sports apps. The Sports app gives me some data and insight on games and teams that I thought I'd only enjoy on Android more than I would on a PC. Cool stuff.

What about my blogging? Don't worry! I'm obviously back to blogging after trying to get accustomed to my new computer. I put in NoteTab Light as well as the special library I use for it to make typing blog posts easier. I probably will not post a review of my new computer, but if you'd like to learn more about the Acer AXC-603G-UW30, here is a link for you:

Acer AXC-603G-UW30 - my new computer

The early review is that this is a very nice PC for what it is. Nothing impressive or dominating, but it is a very serviceable unit that is a great PC for getting into the modern PC realm. I tried to get this PC on Amazon because there was a better deal for it on Amazon. However, I ended up buying this computer from a Wal-Mart. I'm still glad I got this PC and am now in the modern realm of PCs after years of using Windows XP.

That concludes another edition of John's Corner. I have a lot of posts I'm working on, so I hope you've enjoyed this one. More to come from yours truly. Thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The FIA Formula E Championship promises to provide great racing featuring completely electric race cars. The tracks will all be major cities- the likes of Los Angeles, Rome, and Beijing among others. How the racing will be executed will also be interesting. I don't know all the specifics of Formula E, but I am very much interested in how this series will play out and how its continued evolution will play itself out.

This blog post is a look at the all-new FIA Formula E Championship. These are all my thoughts on the series and what it could be.

--- Formula E Championship ---

The Formula E World Championship is a racing series that features formula race cars powered by electric engines. Its racing format and style will be much different from any other average racing series. Cars have to be changed over during the course of a race. How all of this will be executed is something I am purely curious about. The design of the cars and their various internals help make these cars vastly sophisticated.

There are a number of teams that will partake in the inaugural season of Formula E. Among them... Renault, Andretti Autosport, Team China, Dragon Racing, Virgin Racing, Super Aguri, and Drayson Racing among others. There will be various drivers taking part in the series ranging from ex Formula 1 drivers to drivers of various other circuit racing disciplines.

Inaugural Schedule.

The races will take place on city streets. Here is the 2014-2015 schedule for the series:

Rd. 01: Beijing, China - September 13, 2014
Rd. 02: Putrajaya, Malaysia - October 18, 2014
Rd. 03: Punta del Este, Uruguay - December 13, 2014
Rd. 04: Buenos Aires, Argentina - January 10, 2015
Rd. 05: ???, ??? - February 14, 2015
Rd. 06: Miami, Florida, USA - March 14, 2015
Rd. 07: Los Angeles, California, USA - April 4, 2015
Rd. 08: Monte Carlo, Monaco - May 9, 2015
Rd. 09: Berlin, Germany - May 30, 2015
Rd. 10: London, England, UK - June 27, 2015

I had to consult the Wikipedia page on the Formula E Championship for info on the open date on Valentine's Day 2015. Considered cities that were eventually dropped include Rome, Rio de Janerio, and Bangkok.


Many people could care less about Formula E because this is about electric cars. Over time, people will easily write off and hate on cars like these just because they are not gas/petrol powered. Why do you think people hate on cars like the Toyota Prius (besides not being overly sexy or attractive)? I think Formula E represents a generational leap in not only motorsport, but also automobile culture in general. After all, our automotive culture has some influence and insight from motor racing. What could be learned from Formula E may likely be picked up by automotive companies and even other racing constructors.

I say that if you are any kind of motorsports fan, at least respect this series from an enthusiast's standpoint. Nobody said Formula E was going to turn the racing world upside down and blow peoples' minds. All that can be said is that this series will be a continued evolution of automotive engineering and motorsport engineering.

Final Thoughts.

I still think you should give Formula E a chance and not dismiss it. The cars may not be overly fast or intimidating, but that isn't the point in my view. This series will probably provide great racing while not hurting the environment to a great extent. I mentioned that this series is not going to be anything groundbreaking or exciting. Well likewise, it isn't going to be completely perfect. Part of me wants to believe Formula E will be a championship that's sort of a work-in-progress. Lessons learned from races and in helping develop the cars all the further will help this series continue to evolve. Regardless of the further development of this series and its cars, there remains one constant- hard racing, and I think that is what people tend to forget in regards to what this series is about and how far it can go. People just think this is going to be just another racing series with uninteresting cars on uninteresting tracks. Who is to say that maybe this series doesn't eventually race on world-class racing tracks like Laguna Seca, Silverstone, Circuit de Catalunya, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, Suzuka, and tracks like that?

If you have your qualms or doubts, I say give the Formula E Championship a chance. You don't have to be a tree hugger or some other sort of environmentalist to give this series at least a modicum of your attention. My respect for this series is primarily as an auto enthusiast and as a racing enthusiast. Also, it is a good marketing deal for the races to be held in major cities. These cars shouldn't be terribly loud once they race on these streets. And besides- who wouldn't love to go full speed through the streets of major cities? So give this series a chance. I hope this can be a continued project to make "green" racing better and perhaps help enhance technology and engineering apart from the possible racing excitement this series will provide.

At least these are all my thoughts on Formula E. Feel free to express your own opinions on this series if you choose.

--- Formula E Championship: Preview ---

Here is a video preview of what Formula E racing could provide:

Formula E Trailer


For More Information...

If you want more on the Formula E Championship, including the latest news and updates on the series, please visit

That concludes this blog post.

Here's the question I pose to you:

What do you think about this new Formula E Championship? Do you think more cities could take part in this series?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Make sure you're subscribed to see more blogging madness from me. Thank you for reading!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

"In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

-Andy Warhol

We all want to be famous and popular, but to what extent are we willing to go to reach popularity? How starved for attention are you, and how much attention do you want to get from others? Those "15 minutes of fame" are what many of us seek in getting ourselves noticed. There are even celebrities who do outrageous things and acquire all sorts of attention from others- just to get us common folk talking about them. Whatever the case, one goal remains paramount to most people- getting noticed and being talked about... even at any expense, including being perceived in a certain way by the general public.

This blog post is all about gaining attention and to what lengths some people will go to get famous or noticed.

--- Anything for Attention ---

Want to get noticed? A lot of people want to. Some will do anything to get any real attention. The goal for most people isn't so much to pull a stunt or do something to instantly garner attention. Instead, it is more along the lines of doing something that will get people talking. I usually think someone gets attention from the media for something interesting. What qualifies as interesting can mean anything from making something enjoyable or doing something that people can get to talking about. The ones who get attention may get attention for all the right reasons and all the wrong reasons.

In addition to getting attention, gaining attention may lead down a variety of issues. Among the biggest one is doing something to draw attention to be perceived in a certain manner. Because most people don't know you personally or know who you are as a person, the first impressions that some people will have of you probably aren't going to be very pleasant. So if you do something to garner some negative attention, and if you want to be respected or seen in a respectful way, doing something counterproductive or negative for attention will hurt your public image. Some people do things they are or are not going to be proud of. It still doesn't matter if what someone does is good or bad as long as they have attention being called to them. What someone does for attention subjects them to being perceived positively, negatively, or indifferent. Here are some examples:

Attention: Positive Perception.

Positive perception examples:

• A teenager may be hailed a hero for rescuing people and animals from a burning building.

• A person or a family donates loads of money and resources to help financially support a certain charity or cause.

• A person is severely injured or killed trying to save the lives of someone or multiple people.

• A stylish fashion blogger and his/her work is showcased on TV shows, magazines, and other websites.

• An entertainer makes an enjoyable performance that becomes wildly popular.

These are instances where attention is positive, and thus, is worthy of some positive attention.

Attention: Negative Perception.

Negative attention examples:

• A celebrity is accused or charged with assault and battery of either another celebrity or some average person.

• A dangerous animal is stolen or on the loose, terrorizing others until the dangerous animal is eventually caught.

• A person engages in disgusting, childish behavior to cause a scene and disturb the peace. For example- streaking at a sports event.

• A person posts offensive or controversial material (such as a tweet or a "selfie") on a social networking site that many people immediately lash out at the person for making such material available.

These are moments where gaining attention comes at the expense of being perceived as someone negative and hateful.

Attention: Indifferent Perception.

Indifferent perception examples:

• A shady and suspicious individual is hailed a hero and an inspiration despite one's shady or controversial past.

• A celebrity is asked about some popular issues or is asked for some opinion on something. What he/she responds about something affects certain communities in certain ways.

• A person gets a unique tattoo or has some other extreme body modification that draws attention.

With certain people, certain actions profiled by others either gets someone loved by one community, and loathed by another community.

Some people and the attention they garner operate differently. To delve further into attention and gaining attention, I invite you to keep reading.

--- Anything for Attention: Talking Points ---

Here are various talking points in regards to gaining attention. What do you think about these matters:

Attention... at What Expense?

Some people don't realize (or care) about doing something they aren't going to be proud of. Let's consider two different people- one good, one not so much.

When I think of gaining attention, let me provide a bad example. Some people at sporting events often get onto the field either streaking or simply interrupting a sporting event by getting onto the field of play. Such people know they are going to get punished for their actions, so they do what they do knowing they are going to face some sort of punishment. Almost like, "I don't care. I just want my moment of fame."

Us bloggers and vloggers are no strangers to trying to get attention either. Some people have posted some absolutely poor material and made stupid points in regards to certain issues. I remember once learning of a young race car driver getting killed in a sprint car race in 2013. When I visited one person's blog to read opinions about it, this one person made some absolutely stupid points in posting opinions about the matter. I am going to disgust or sicken some of my readers with this next sentence... you've been warned. If that wasn't bad enough, the same blogger didn't believe there is a such thing as child rape.

Nothing angers me more than people who simply post certain opinions just to gain attention. I do trust that if it is what someone honestly believes, I am not one to debate on that. What sickens me are pathetic and sickening opinions that I think most people post just to rile us up. People can make unpopular opinions without needing to make a total joke of oneself. For example, it is like when some people refer to anyone transgendered as a shemale, thinking it is okay. Ask anyone transgendered, and unless they work in a certain field of the adult entertainment industry, calling a transgendered person a shemale is considered extremely derogatory to be called or labeled by someone. Some people still don't care less. So when trying to gain attention from others, some will stoop to various lows just to get noticed. Enabling this attention basically means someone got the attention they wanted at an expense or at expenses. Which leads to my next talking point on attention...

Got What He/She/They Wanted.

You know how people say "don't feed the trolls" when dealing with people online who cause trouble and leave others to talk bad about others or veer a discussion off-course? Well, people starved for attention look for the opportunity to do something that gets people riled up. Anyone whom has been on YouTube and looked at some popular videos may have seen comments posted by many people. Some comments actually relate to the video. Some other comments have very little (if anything) to the actual video. Some of those other comments may be something racial, derogatory, homophobic, and the like.

It seems sometimes like you can't go one day without hearing about certain celebrities in the news. To me, the one that fits the bill best as someone who you can't go one day without hearing in the news is Justin Bieber. I usually watch "TMZ Live," and in almost every episode, there is at least one mentioning of Justin Bieber. It is almost as if us common folk helped enable the gossip. When one enables such attention and allows for it to happen, us regular people helped enable and contribute to the discussion of someone or something.

Hating someone/something or being tired of someone/something helps enable gaining attention all the further. Being famous means you basically feel like we all should talk about you about almost anything. It probably helps the enabling process by talking about people in the news only in negative lights. Not everyone is as sugar-sweet as the likes of (for example) Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Miranda Cosgrove, Bruno Mars or whomever... but I'm sure lots of people would rather hear about non-annoying types than keep hearing about people the likes of Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, or almost any Kardashian.

Of Attention and Desperation.

Some realms and communities are notorious for generating attention. There is even one such controversial online destination famous for generating negative attention to certain websites and blogs. Here is a true blogging story. One fashion blog I follow was getting negative attention. Someone somehow followed my "StyleSpace by JBM" blog because I made frequent comments to (this fashion blog). Someone apparently looked at my comments and started to visit my blog as well as my fashion blog. The good news? I got a whole lot of hits to my views those days from that site. The bad news? I got loads of views from a negative/suspicious audience.

Some people would probably try to cheer me up by saying that I am at least getting views. However, that's a bunch of crap. I am never desperate to get attention to where... okay. Look at it this way. Would you rather get 500 views in a day from mostly organic traffic, or would you rather get 500 views from mostly spam traffic? It's still 500 views- just who or what would you rather have view and share your content? Look at it in commenting as well- would you rather receive comments mostly from organic traffic or from mostly spam traffic? You're still getting comments, but what crowd do you actually follow? Gaining popularity is rather done best with people who actually are attentive and actually (honestly) care. One of my most-viewed posts in any of my blogs was my review of the kiosk demo of Gran Turismo 5. I was fortunate enough to have a community like GTPlanet visit and enjoy my material. Other online forums even discussed my review. But at least these were real people and not spammers or other suspicious people.

That is why even though blog views have steadily declined for "John's Blog Space" and a number of my other blogs, I would still rather post whatever I want to discuss and grow my audience my own way rather than spend money or do something shady to gain attention.

"Ha Ha... Made You Gossip!"

Certain people and publications basically enable the attention-grabbing and the gossip. Here is another quote I'd like to share before I continue:

(indirect quote) "It doesn't matter if they talk good or bad about you- at least they are talking about you."

-Dale Earnhardt Jr.

There is also another dynamic to gossip. Here on "John's Blog Space," I once blogged about Rebecca Black, best known for one of the most horrible songs I've ever heard- "Friday." Many people understandably took this as an opportunity to thrash and negatively mention Rebecca Black. However, people had something to talk about. Gaining attention often times is the result of certain extremes. These extremes could be something outrageous in behavior or in some sort of creative works. In the case of Rebecca Black, it was an extreme of something extremely horrid to where people discussed a creative piece in a negative light.

There was an incident years ago about the capturing of Bigfoot. The whole incident was later conceived as a hoax. What I could respect about the ones who came up with this hoax is that they said they wanted to give people something different to talk about. At the time of this Bigfoot hoax, the biggest issue in America was the economic recession. So while this was a stunt to get people gossiping, I could respect this because it was something to discuss besides (at that time) economic recession.

Gaining attention sometimes even goes into the form of Internet Memes. This is where some people post pictures of things or modify pictures to include certain comical or offensive material based on certain things. You can go back to my Rebecca Black example. Attention through the means of Internet memes means someone may post a picture of Rebecca followed by some kind of comical or offensive message. Negative attention may also come in the form of demotivational pictures.

The main thing to take from all of this is basically about generating gossip- regardless of if something is liked or disliked by the general public-at-large.

Are you willing to gain attention and become famous by doing things you are or are not going to be proud of? It's just something to think about if you're trying to become famous in some capacity.

--- Anything for Attention: Final Thoughts ---

The quest to gain popularity and get noticed has more twists and turns than any race track. Some people are willing to be accepted or noticed by a vast audience and will do almost anything to achieve fame (or notoriety). How one becomes famous and what for lends itself to being perceived positively, negatively, or indifferent by others. Not everyone is going to feel the same way. Anyone aware of anything or anyone is subject to think of others positively or negatively. You will get in the good graces of some people, and some other people will perceive you poorly. All you mostly care about is getting noticed, even in pulling stunts and making opinions others are not going to like. Making yourself available in the public eye and in the collective hearts of gossip leads you to gaining attention for all the right and wrong reasons depending on who you are and what you do.

So go out and gain attention however you can. Just remember- your perception from others in becoming famous and gaining attention varies. Are you willing to own up to your actions that made you popular- especially any negative actions? Gain your attention wisely.

That concludes this blog post. Before I close this one out, let me ask you all:

How do you feel about gaining attention? Would you be willing to do things you may not be proud of in becoming famous or popular? What do you think about people so starved for attention?

Feel free to share your thoughts if you found this blog post interesting. I always want to try to post material that I feel will generate conversation and interest, even for niche topics. So feel free to share my content. Thank you for reading!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

"John's Shop Space" is no more as of this blog as of this post. This edition of "John's Corner" highlights on one blog's end and the beginning of another. I rarely promoted JSS because it was it was meant to be a secondary blog focused mostly on shopping for items based on relevant content from my main blogs. A number of factors led me to ultimately retire "John's Shop Space." Among others, I failed to find topics or items to showcase to keep it going. I also failed to find ways to extend its lifespan with new topics and interesting content. So in the end, and after a few people got on me regarding JSS like it was a spam blog, I decided to terminate "John's Shop Space."

All is not entirely lost, though. Welcome to another edition of...

Johns Corner

JOHN'S CORNER! This is my series of blog posts that are just about me talking to all of you one-on-one. NOTE: Click on the above graphic to see all the latest "John's Corner" posts, including this one.

In case you didn't know, I started a new blog back on March 21, 2014 called "John's Creative Space." It is the new "red" blog in my blogging universe. JCS is a blog regarding my own creative works- namely art, music, literature, and more. It is a positive space where I basically have fun showcasing my own sort of media work for you all to enjoy. I feel very happy to be able to have a certain online medium where I can share these works in a more visible setting as opposed to my massive main blog- "John's Blog Space." Here is the motto/mantra for JCS:

"Get inspired. Get motivated. Get creative!"

Remembering JSS...

Thanks to everyone who supported my rarely-promoted blog. I had to pull the plug on it, eventually. So allow me to offer this brief summary of "John's Shop Space" and its stats:

• "John's Shop Space" reached about 121,679 views through its time online.
• There have been officially 88 posts to it.
• The most number of views in one day was 246 back on June 16, 2012.
• The most number of views in one month was 5,560 views back in September 2010.
• The highest observed number of FeedBurner subscribers for JSS was 36 back on October 18, 2011.
• The highest FeedBurner Reach I got was 59 back on June 27, 2011.
• The most popular post (notoriously, in my opinion) on JSS was my blog post there about swimsuits. Primarily because I discussed swimsuits for children; and that's what a majority of people were searching for, even though I discussed swimsuits for males and females- including children.

Now for the burial service for "John's Shop Space"...

"John's Shop Space"
Sunrise: June 4, 2010 ~ Sunset: March 28, 2014

Is there a lesson to be learned here? This is perhaps the best one to all of my blogging types:

Do not try to extend the life of something if it just isn't working despite your best efforts.

I actually worked to preserve all of the material from "John's Shop Space" so that I could implement them into edits across my other blogs and their posts. So you may see certain edits made to various blog posts in an effort to add more content to them. The edited content may consist of material I posted on "John's Shop Space" and then ported over to existing blog posts elsewhere. Yes- I saved all 88 posts from JSS into individual text files for archiving. It goes to show you how important I feel my posts and my presence online are. So you may see old material resurface and be put into existing blogs and existing posts.

Moving On...

With that said, I must move on as a blogger. That concludes John's Corner; but if you want to visit my new blog, you are welcome to do so by clicking on the graphic below:

Johns Creative Space

Feel free to Follow and Subscribe to that blog if its content interests you.

One blog is no more; one blog is still in its infancy. I hope you have a great day and that you continue to enjoy my blogging work. Thank you for reading!

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