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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cheerleading in itself is positive and engaging, but what happens when you compete to be the best cheer team? You get competitive cheerleading- one of the fastest-growing sports. Or IS it a sport? This blog post showcases the realm of competitive cheerleading and why it has become such a popular sport. I'll also discuss if indeed we should look at this as a sport. Time to go to work again.

--- Competitive Cheerleading ---

Competitive cheerleading is what this blog post is all about. Here is a sample image to set the mood:

competitive cheerleading
^ from: - Stand up and cheer! These cheerleaders have the spirit and are ready to put on a show hopefully better than any other cheer team they are contending with.

Competitive cheerleading is all about more than just psyching up the crowd. You have to be able to wow the crowd with exciting moves, great synergy, and crowd involvement. One false move could destroy an entire performance. You certainly don't want that when you've practiced for so long to come up with a solid performance. In competitive cheerleading, the focus is on putting together quality routines. You don't just focus on one specific part of the dance routine- you are looking at everyone trying to put together the most complete package through the duration of the performance. Sure, there are individual sections and portions of cheerleading routines that are part of the whole performance, but the key is on trying to put everything together as best as possible with a few drop off points as possible. All of these aspects go into the final score judges will determine in grading an entire performance.

Most of these competitive cheerleading competitions mostly involve cheerleading companies and teams. There are competitions for various cheerleading teams ranging from grade school, colleges and universities, cheerleading companies, and even various international teams. Some of the famous teams here in America include Top Gun All-Stars, Stingray Allstars, and Spirit of Texas, Cheer Extreme, Shooting Stars among others. A few of these cheer programs have individual categories and separate teams. Most of these competitions take place usually around Spring time and into the Summer. Rather than just basic cheerleading, there are competitive cheerleading competitions involving different competitions, such as hip-hop dancing for example. Sanctioning these competitions are groups such as the UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association) and the NCA (National Cheerleading Association).

Judges who watch these routines are looking for exciting moves and involvement with the crowd. It pays if your team challenges some difficult routines and routines with a substantial degree of difficulty. You are going to make mistakes- just don't regularly make mistakes. Put it all together with proficiency, and your team will win top honors in these cheerleading competitions.

Competitive Cheerleading Samples.

Let me provide you videos now. This will give you an idea of certain dance routines and what makes these competitive cheerleading competitions popular. Take a look at these videos for some perspective (thank all the YouTube channels that allowed for their videos to be embedded):

Here is one of the popular cheer teams I mentioned previously:

^ "Top Gun All-Stars Large Coed NCA 2014 National Champs"

Here is a college competition:

^ "2015 University Of Alabama ALL-GIRL Winning Performance National Cheerleading Championship"

This is a hip-hop dance routine by Louisiana State University (LSU, of course):

^ "UDA College Dance Team National Championship Hip Hop 2014 LSU Tiger Girls"

This video features some international competition. Here is Japan putting on a show on the dance stage:

^ "Japan Cheer ALL FEMALE Cheerleading World Championships WC 2009"

Finally, I am including this video only to demonstrate "degree of difficulty." The cheer team in this one stumbles on a lot of the routines, but the degree of difficulty in putting everything together is insane. This makes you appreciate just how difficult it is to put these moves together and make a solid performance. Check it out:

^ "Japan Team 1 - 2011 Cheerleading (best one)"

So now you have some perspective on what all competitive cheerleading is all about.

--- Competitive Cheerleading: The "Bring it On" Influence ---

Many movie buffs will likely credit the aspect of competitive cheerleading to the "Bring it On" movie series. Here is a trailer of the first "Bring it On" movie from back in 2000. This video is offered to give you an idea of "Bring it On" and its influence on competitive cheerleading:

^ "Bring It On Official Trailer #1 - Holmes Osborne Movie (2000) HD"

Now for some of the finer points of the sport... or IS it one? Next section awaits!

--- Competitive Cheerleading: Sport? ---

Some people love to question whether certain athletic feats or competitions are sports, especially those that don't seem like proper sports. I called competitive cheerleading as a sport. Does that mean it really is one? To me, I think competitive cheerleading IS a sport. You would need to have your head examined if you feel that anyone can compete in competitive cheerleading. Even out-of-shape, overweight people like myself probably wouldn't be able to complete even one routine even if I was properly trained on doing so. You certainly need to be fit and athletic to be able to pull off the various moves and routines executed by these cheerleaders.

Another aspect of sports is the ability to teach the sport to others and expand the sport. That is certainly true with competitive cheerleading. The example I can hark to is in certain nations worldwide learning and adopting the style of such dance routines among cheer teams. In international competitive cheerleading competitions, some nations are fairly new or not as experienced in competitive cheerleading, such as Finland or Sweden. You have different cheer teams ranging in age range from children to adolescents.

On the merits of these two aspects, competitive cheerleading is very much a sport. Or look at it this way- at least competitive cheerleading is more of a sport than, say... poker, which sports networks show on TV as if it were a proper sport.

--- Competitive Cheerleading: Final Thoughts ---

As one of the most popular and fastest-growing sports, competitive cheerleading is fun to watch and is often times quite exciting. Seeing such choreographed moves and routines executed fluidly is something to savor and enjoy. The competitive aspect of cheerleading lends itself to being worth watching. That drive to be better and push harder makes competitive cheerleading as moving as any more proper sport. And most of all, I credit competitive cheerleading as being positive. Nothing is as uplifting and positive as cheerleading. It is great fun if you ask me.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is some other material of mine that may interest you on this topic:

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^ Here is my umbrella post regarding all things cheerleading.

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This is a fashion-based post about cheerleading fashion.

Most of the stuff I tried to explain have been complete.

--- Competitive Cheerleading: Resources ---

The resources I'll provide are mostly of cheer companies that I mentioned earlier. Take a look at these companies:

Top Gun All-Stars
Stingray All-Stars
Cheer Extreme
Cheer Athletics
Georgia Allstars
Spirit of Texas
Fierce All Stars
World Cup Allstar Cheerleading

Here are various other resources for cheerleading fans:
UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association)
NCA (National Cheerleading Association)
USASF (United States All-Star Federation)

Inside Cheerleading Magazine

I may add more resources in case this post gets popular or if anyone can suggest extra material relevant to this topic.

That is all for this post. If you want to discuss this topic, here is my discussion for you all:

What are your thoughts on competitive cheerleading? Do you consider it a sport? What do you like/dislike about competitive cheerleading?

I had to try to mix things up after mostly doing game reviews. Remember- this blog (and my others) are all about anything and everything. Random topics at random times. That's the beauty of this blog since I started opening this blog to many more topics than I used to only focus on. Anyhow, I'm hopeful you enjoyed your time here. If you did, please subscribe and follow if you haven't done so already. Get social with me on social media to share your love of my work further. That's all from here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

"FIST!" Animal rights activists may not approve of "Fist of Awesome" by I Fight Bears. Then again, they may even boycott a game design studio with a name of "I Fight Bears." But for us gamers... who gives a flying crap? "Fist of Awesome" is made by Nicoll Hunt of the British development studio "I Fight Bears" and features a lumberjack trying to rescue humanity from bears, who have become the dominant species in the world. This lumberjack has a golden ally- one big fist! Can this lumberjack save humanity? You're going to need to utilize these skills and more to take down these evil forces. This blog post is my own sort of review based on my playing of "Fist of Awesome."

NOTE: My review and thoughts are based on my experience playing the OUYA version of "Fist of Awesome."

--- Fist of Awesome ---

Fist of Awesome
^ from: (click this link to buy on Google Play) - "Ever wanted to punch a bear in the mouth?".

"Fist of Awesome" is a brawler game where most of your enemies are wild animals and (of course) bears. You play as Tim Burr, a lumberjack who was enjoying time with his family until something unusual happened. The forest gets set on file, Tim's house is on fire, and his family is missing. All the while, Tom has an epic living fist ready to knock out those evil creatures and retake control of humanity. That epic left hand will be put to good use and will be a great weapon in the quest to rescue humanity. Standing in your way of saving humanity are lots of grizzly beasts with and without clothes.

This game consists of two modes- Legend and Arena. Legend has you running the main storyline of "Fist of Awesome," and Arena is a mode dedicated more towards deathmatch and handling waves of enemies. Most of my experience playing this game is mostly through Legend mode. Progress in these modes earn you experience good for upgrading characters. Upgrading characters allows you to enhance the main attributes while playing the game. The attributes you can configure include the following:

• Health: increases more health so you can last longer.
• Attack: increases attack power when performing regular attacks.
• Speed: increases speed so you can execute attacks quicker and move faster.
• Special: increases the power of Special attacks.

The game involves some time travel, and you will be venturing through some times to take down the bears and other animals that have taken over as dominant species. Upgrade your abilities to keep pace against the beasts. You will be taking on these beasts in vastly pixelated glory. You even get to enjoy some cool sounds and even hearing "FIST!" when that epic fist is used. The game uses an Auto-Save system. So when you're defeated, you start off at the last scene you were working on before being knocked out. In fact, when I started working on this blog post again, I was NEVER defeated in the Normal difficulty setting until I started being defeated for the first time in any level.

A few things to be wary of in this game... there is a little bit of bad language with "damn" and "hell" being used, but this game isn't entirely some mature-level game. I'll put it like this- it is less mature than when I reviewed "Fist Puncher."

--- Fist of Awesome: Final Thoughts and Review ---

"Fist of Awesome" has a great feel to it as a brawler. However, I think the pace of the game is rather slow compared to the classic brawler games that inspired this game. People who may see this game for the first time ever may easily say this is an ugly-looking game because of its pixelated graphics. PLEASE do not fall into the trap of thinking this game isn't worth playing just because of its graphics! If you look beyond the pixelated look of this game, you'll see this game performs just as brilliantly as any other brawler game. And it isn't as if this game is too ugly looking to be worth playing. Cool music is in this game. "Fist of Awesome" has some great humor, and some of the jokes are pretty funny.

The only things I'd change about this game is a little more variety in enemy types as well as more methods to dole out punishment. I would add more abilities, maybe some items and weapons to clear out waves of enemies faster, and most importantly, find ways to make the game feel faster. Those are things I'd look at if "Fist of Awesome" were to have a sequel or a complete upgrade. Something indifferent would be the ability to have different characters to use and maybe even some multiplayer action. After all, beat-em-ups are more fun and easier when you bring along a buddy or more.

Video Preview.

This video is your first look at "Fist of Awesome" in case you were compelled by my review of this game. Click the link below the video if you can't view embedded media:

^ "FIST OF AWESOME - PC & Mac Release"

For More Information...

Visit for more information on "Fist of Awesome."

That concludes this blog post.

It is a great pleasure of you to visit my blog. I hope you have yourself an amazing day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Pixel Staff continues the story of Pixel Sword. Homeworld Arts offers a new experience within their gaming realm with this title that can be played in Flash, Android, iOS, or the OUYA. You play as a mage this time in a different world. Can you rid the world of evil that threatens it? Pick up your magic staff and prepare to do battle in a brand new and different adventure! Time to go to work again- it's another post for "John's Blog Space!"

--- Pixel Staff ---

Aside from what "Pixel Sword" brought, you are now taking on a different challenge in "Pixel Staff." Rather than levels, you are involved in one large stage with many different rooms and outdoor sections to explore. You will do battle against a horde of new enemies as well as the ability to upgrade your abilities and unlock some perks and powers. You fire projectiles against enemies by using your magic staff. As you go around the vast world in Pixel Staff, you can find some treasure chests with upgrades to your health and attack power. Battling major enemies will grant you extra abilities should you defeat them. Should you defeat the final boss of this game, you will have saved the world from a curse. Not that I know many gaming terms, but this is a true "Metroidvania" type game.

Your character is a mage bestowed with a magical staff. His abilities and powers can be upgraded by finding various treasure and beating major enemies. Among other things is the ability to jump higher. The staff can be upgraded to provide more powerful attacks. You can even find heart pieces to boost your health further, just like in the Zelda games.

Review of "Pixel Staff".

Don't expect too many new things if you are familiar with Pixel Sword and have played it. I don't mean this in any negative context; it is just that if you enjoyed "Pixel Sword," you'll love "Pixel Staff" a good bit more. The action is more free and loose than in "Pixel Sword." Some of the different enemies offer a different touch as opposed to in "Pixel Sword." Your strategies will change since you are dealing with a different kind of hero with a different style of offense. Both "Pixel Sword" and "Pixel Staff" were not meant to be overly difficult. So in this game, the only thing really difficult is in trying not to get lost or trying to do too much back tracking. Here is a game basically anyone can enjoy- and you probably will if you're a fan of classic action games like this one. The game can be completed at or just over half an hour. The main song that plays throughout the game is great, but I like Pixel Sword's song a little more.

So this game will keep you busy for its length. If I were to offer a refresh of this title, I'd maybe expand the wizard's attack abilities to include using the staff as a melee weapon if in a close-quarters battle. This would even include making the mage be able to crouch and perform low attacks. I would also include the ability to fire upwards. If I wanted to expand the game, I'd include another world or another story to add to the experience after clearing the main game.

Video Preview.

Here is the game I've discussed in video form:

^ "Pixel Staff - Indie Game - Gameplay"

Want to play this game? Here are the ways you can enjoy Pixel Staff:

Pixel Staff (Flash)
Pixel Staff (Android)
Pixel Staff (iOS)
Pixel Staff (OUYA)

That's all from me on this game. Hope you enjoyed this review. To learn more about HomeWorld Arts, visit

--- Looking Ahead? (Bonus Section!) ---

Part of me says if HomeWorld Arts were to expand on both Pixel Sword and Pixel Staff, what would a third installment of this series include? The two games are similar in structure to where I wonder what a third game would be like. There are a few possibilities:

• Combine Elements of Both?
I think it can be possible to have one protagonist be able to wield a sword while also being able to use magic. Do you have one character serve as having both the heroes of Pixel Sword and Pixel Staff, or do you have one character be able to be diverse on offense? Think of Link being able to engage in swordplay as well as be able to fire arrows. You'd have both a melee fighter that also has some long range ability. So the sword fighter from Pixel Sword could also engage in projectile attacks for long-range battle. You have to love the idea of a versatile protagonist for a game and be able to utilize that versatility effectively.

• Switching Characters?
Not that I've played the full game, but I remember playing the demo to a PC game called Realms of Chaos from Apogee/3D Realms. You could freely change from the male fighter to a female mage. Using their respective abilities are crucial in getting through that game. It is possible you could go with the sword fighter but then use the upgraded abilities of the mage. Or to look at another set of games, you can think about the Donkey Kong games on the SNES, where you could change between characters once you have a little party going. You may even think about games like "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" and after when you have Sonic and Tails working together for if you have both of them together. So you can have yourself a possible RPG party to help take care of business.

• Possible Multiplayer?
Part of me wants to imagine some multiplayer action. Can you imagine one fighter and one mage taking on the enemies? Two fighters? Two mages? It is also possible to maybe have one-on-one battle. Since I talk about the OUYA so much, and since the OUYA can handle up to four players, is it possible for the Pixel Sword/Staff universe be conducive to any sort of four-player multiplayer?

These are just things to wonder if you like Pixel Sword/Staff.

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Homeworld Arts' "Pixel Sword" is an action platformer where you enter a castle and kill off several monsters. It can be played via Flash, Android, iOS, and on the OUYA. I first learned of this title playing on the OUYA. I will be sure to tell you about this game and perhaps interest you enough to where you might like this game if you agree with my review. This is "John's Blog Space," and this is another game review of mine. Welcome to my blogging universe! :)

--- Pixel Sword ---

The game "Pixel Sword" was made by Homeworld Arts, a Vermont-based independent gaming studio. This game features 10 levels and is as basic as you can get. There is nothing in this game that suggests anything truly fancy. "Pixel Sword" is all about simply traversing a level and wiping out all the enemies.

I actually think this game was meant to provide quick action and old-school game play without consuming a whole lot of your time. The entire game can be completed in one sit-through for about half an hour (or 30 minutes in case you're not good at Math). You can find some certain treasure in the game along with some characters to unlock. Though unfortunately, there isn't much difference in unlocking the characters. They don't have any sort of different capabilities or powers that make them different. So you're basically unlocking and using them on personal preference. Even the OUYA profile on Pixel Sword mentions the characters as skins rather than any full-blown characters.

Now on to my own review of this title.

Review/Thoughts of "Pixel Sword."

Pixel Sword will likely be considered boring to a lot of reviewers, especially a lot of big-name reviewers or reviewers working for major companies. There just isn't anything to Pixel Sword which will make many Triple-A gaming types happy- No engaging storyline, fancy voice acting, no spectacular graphics, no fancy musical score, the whacking of enemies can be repetitive and dull, and... it's fairly short for a lot of people.

But once you consider what this game DOESN'T have, for its purpose and its appeal, Pixel Sword is a great basic action platformer. This game still delivers plenty of polish and gameplay for what it provides. This game will only be disappointing to people who are expecting a Triple-A style gaming experience and want to see features befitting of such quality games. Pixel Sword is a simple action platformer that is a very good time killer (if you want to call it a "time killer"). At least you're getting to enjoy a nicely-structured game that rarely has any frustrating moments or anything annoying. Oh, and I love the song that plays at all moments of the game! I've played certain platformers that are poorly made and offer nothing in the way of anything fun or engaging. "Pixel Sword" is a well-structured game sure to deliver classic action platform action.

This game is simple and fun. If I were to offer suggestions or if I were to re-create this game, I probably would make the game a bit longer and offer some interesting perks and some newer monsters. I would also maybe add some obstacles and diversity in level design. Maybe even add in some mid-level bosses or mid-bosses just for some extra challenge. As for the different characters, I maybe would make them seem more like unique characters with their own abilities and powers. Since you're using swords, I'd even be open to see upgraded weapons or even upgraded abilities just to have that extra special touch when battling monsters. Otherwise, this game is not a bad way to waste some time while also wasting enemies who dare threaten you.

Video Preview.

What game was I talking about all along? Take a look at this video:

^ Pixel Sword - Indie Game

For More Information...

Learn more about Homeworld Arts by visiting More ways to play this game:

Pixel Sword (Flash)
Pixel Sword (Android)
Pixel Sword (iOS)
Pixel Sword (OUYA)

That concludes this blog post on "Pixel Sword." If Homeworld Arts themselves is reading this blog post, I offered my own personal opinions on this game, and I hope you can respect these opinions of mine.

As a note in all of this, I keep saying "the game" as far as Pixel Sword goes so that I don't confuse people with a gaming studio called Pixel Sword. I also didn't want to confuse people simply about pixel art swords. What you read in this post is about Pixel Sword from Homeworld Arts. Thank you for visiting John's Blog Space and for reading this post! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simon's Cat loves being fed. Or at least, he wants to be fed. This very popular animated kitty has some adventures in being fed. Doing so involves some wacky moments in these animated shorts. As a cat lover, the reasons are fairly obvious why I am even remotely into Simon's Cat. This blog post takes a look at this animated cat whom has been his own online sensation. If there are any fans of Simon's Cat visiting my blog, I'd like to welcome you here. Hope you enjoy your time here.

--- Simon's Cat ---

Let's get to know this animated kitty. Here he is:

Simons Cat
^ from: (best I could find and best fitting) - Simon's Cat wants one thing more than anything else- to be fed. So feed him, already!

The Simon's Cat series dates back to 2008. This cool cat was created by Simon Tofield. Simon's Cat features a number of animated shorts whereas this cat gets into some sort of trouble in trying to get his owner to feed him. To get his way, he'll either break things around him or cause some other sort of mischief. While he may sound like a troublemaker, Simon's Cat is actually fairly humble and actually kind of cute. He exhibits curious and fairly innocent cat behavior. The cartoons of him are funny.

Video Preview.

Here is one of the many different episodes of Simon's Cat. I picked this one so you get a general idea of Simon's Cat and the adventures he goes through.

^ "Catnip - Simon's Cat (A Christmas Special!)"

Not too long ago, I profiled another famous cat. Because I love you readers and visitors, let me give you a unique little duel. Read the next section!

--- Simon's Cat vs. Pusheen (a JBS Exclusive!) ---

Since I've mentioned Simon's Cat, why not we make things interesting by mentioning another fictional cat I blogged about- Pusheen the Cat? This is what you'll get only here on John's Blog Space. So gosh darn it... be proud!


How do the two compare personality wise? To me, Simon's Cat is more of a mischief maker than Pusheen. That isn't to say Pusheen isn't innocently sweet, however. Simon Cat's mischief is more comical in how he either tries to get fed or deals with certain other characters. Pusheen's mischief is more silly cute- kind of like a baby who'll make a big mess and laugh afterwards. Neither Simon's Cat nor Pusheen are spoiled in any way. Neither regard themselves better than everybody else.

Simon's Cat seems more active while Pusheen loves to sleep. Simon's Cat does sleep and rest, but not as much as Pusheen. Pusheen is lazy in a comical sense. You can't help but laugh (even lightly) when she's resting. Where Pusheen sleeps is even cute. In one picture, there is a picture of Pusheen joking that "home is where my butt is."

Both cats have one thing in common- they both love food. Simon's Cat seeks almost every episode to be fed by his owner. He'll gladly cause some mayhem to get his way or to get fed. The mayhem, though, is not anything extreme. Pusheen will seemingly eat anything... except cat food or anything healthy. So if you're hosting Thanksgiving and Simon's Cat and Pusheen came along, you'd be best to keep your food away from both of these cats!


Both Simon's Cat and Pusheen exhibit typical cat behaviors portrayed in different ways. I've never owned a cat, so I can't speak from any experience. I mentioned that Simon's Cat and Pusheen don't treat themselves like either are above anyone else. In one sense, someone would think Simon's Cat loves being the center of attention. Or at least, seeming like a bratty child who hasn't worked for anything, yet wants to be treated like royalty. Someone else would talk about Pusheen like she is queen of the world, and all of us human beings just live in her world.

We don't know too much about Simon's Cat on the character front. But really, the bio on Pusheen notes that she wants to make friends with as many people as possible. So Pusheen is actually friendly even if it seems all she wants to do is eat and sleep.

Philanthropic Efforts and Other Applications.

Both Simon's Cat and Pusheen have been linked to taking their personalities to viable causes as well as showcase themselves elsewhere.

There was a special episode of Simon's Cat called "Off to the Vet." This was where Simon Tofield went out to a vet center and looked at taking care of cats. It was part of a

Pusheen loves to eat. One campaign involving Pusheen was that of Pusheen stickers featuring the World Food Programme (WFP). A variety of stickers were created using the WFP acronym. Even Pusheen's sister, Stormy, was featured in some of those stickers.

Both cats have a variety of merchandise available. Those who enjoy cycling can enjoy seeing Simon's Cat on a cycling jersey. There are various plush toys of both, lots of Pusheen plush toys showcased by many people online. The plush Pusheen toys have become quite popular.

Who Wins?

Whichever one you like more is your call. You wouldn't want either to make a big mess around your house, but both are engaging cats with their own unique personalities. I would personally have Pusheen as my cat if I were to choose between Simon's Cat and Pusheen.

This blog post, for the most part, is over. I hope you enjoyed my little look at Simon's Cat along with a small comparison between him and Pusheen the Cat.

--- For More Information... ---

Visit Shop for Simon's Cat items by visiting Simon's Cat official web shop (all items in GBP Pounds, but currency can be converted to Euros or USD Dollars). More ways to get social with Simon's Cat:

Simon's Cat on Facebook
Simon's Cat on Twitter
Simon's Cat on Instagram
Simon's Cat on Google+
Simon's Cat Tumblog
Simon's Cat on YouTube and even Simon's Cat on YouTube (simonscatextra)

Simon's Cat has his own book. This book is among one of various books of Simon's Cat. If you want to learn more about it, I invite you to click on the item below:

or click here for more Simon's Cat merchandise on Amazon!

That's it for this one.

That's all for this post.

Are you a fan of Simon's Cat? What do you think about him and his adventures? How relatable do you think Simon's Cat is (if you're a cat owner)... or is he?

Please have yourself a great day/night. I am thankful for all of the visitors and readers I get, especially my loyal readers. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

It begins with friends. Friends become lovers. Lovers feel connected. That loving connection then leads to feeling like you've found your better half. When that time of finding your better half comes, it leads to engagement. And then... marriage. Get ready for a blog post featuring one of the biggest topics I will ever discuss. Thoughts and resources will be featured in this blog post. I hope you get to enjoy this post as much as I've given my all in putting it together.

This is actually a topic I actually wanted to blog about for a long time. However, I never completed this blog post no matter how long I've tried to work on it. It is now live on "John's Blog Space!"

Before I Begin- an Honest Truth...

When I do these Love and Relationship posts regarding dating and such... I have NEVER dated anyone or have any sort of relationship experience. Most of my commentary in these topics involves thoughts and impressions I take from things I hear and see. So if you ever wonder about me involving love-related issues, now you know. Also remember that my "Love and Relationships" topics doesn't always involve romantic bonds.

A Special Hello...

I want to send a special hello to those who are married or are getting married any time soon. Congratulations!

Now let's begin this post!

--- Weddings and Marriage: General Thoughts ---

Put a ring on it. Tie the knot. Get hitched. No matter what you call getting married, you know what this post is all about. Time to set the mood here. Here is a picture to do just that (I'll find another image in case I am unable to use the one at present):

weddings and marriage
^ from: (best I could find) - Let's get married! Love among two people can be so strong that couples feel connected and want to live and die together.

How about a little more motivation? Perhaps some musical motivation to get the mood set. Well, here's your musical motivation for this topic right here:

^ "Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married," or if you want to hear the remix, I have this link for you: Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married ft. Reverend Run. I prefer the original, but it's your call.

You're welcome. Now let's move forward!


No matter what the culture, marriage is a tradition and an honor to best be celebrated and honored. It is a celebration of love and the uniting of two parties. Two people share the same love for each other and come together to form one incredible union. People even go to the level of hiring wedding planners and such to help make unique and memorable weddings, as opposed to the usual marriage at a church or a wedding chapel. Also, there are different styles of weddings apart from traditional ones. Not every wedding has to involve lots of white and lots of prettiness. In fact, take Goth weddings, for example. Country folks have themselves weddings where the bride wears a fabulous wedding dress... made out of denim and with the bride wearing a good old pair of cowboy boots. No matter what kind of insane or unusual ideas are prevalent regarding weddings, the main constants are two folks madly in love with each other to the point of wanting to get married.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you want to look at an old post I did on different types of weddings, check this out: "What Would Be Your Dream Wedding?" here on John's Blog Space.

Planting the Seeds of Marriage.

Unyielding love for someone is always special. When one feels complete in the loving company of someone, and one feels so happy that he/she wants to be with that person for (hopefully) a long time, this calls for marriage.

There is a need and a desire to want to be together with someone for a long time. There are needs and desires to not only say one loves another, but to prove it for a long time. The key here is commitment. If two are willing to commit for a long time and continually show and prove commitment, then a relationship will last. Otherwise, these are just two friends who really like each other.

Besides the loving aspect of marriage, there are also the financial and legal aspects of marriage. I am no professional at these topics, but I do know you have a lot to consider financially and legally involving marriage.

Do You NEED to Marry?

Some couples just date each other a lot and don't want to be together through marriage. Does it mean a couple doesn't know what they want if they love each other so much but don't want to "put a ring on it" or "tie the knot?" Choosing to get married is not an easy process. You probably don't even know how special someone is to you until you really consider wanting to marry that special someone. Do you sometimes imagine you could be with someone whom you really love or have special feelings for? I'm going to be honest. Back in my days in grade school and in college, there were a number of female friends of mine whom I envisioned marrying one day. I never did any real dating or anything. These were mostly special feelings I had towards a number of female friends.

Some people tend to make marriage to be like an important part of one's life- like graduating from grade school and college. Almost as if you are a failure if you don't marry someone. Someone who may not have much luck marrying someone probably feels incompetent to keep and maintain a healthy relationship with a loving other.

Long story short... you don't NEED to marry someone. However, don't make marriage to be as important as getting a college degree. Don't take it so much as if it is an extremely important life goal.

Why Bother?

There are two strangers madly in love with each other. These two strangers who envision seeing each other together for a long while can imagine coming together in love. It doesn't really matter how two people come together. Despite how two people come together, all that matters is a desire for the couple to come together and share a loving bond.

Marriage, in my opinion, is a feeling in which one really loves being with a certain other so much that two entities want to become one. It is a feeling in which a person could possibly do better finding some other person to love, but he/she feels happiest and most comfortable with one other person whom he/she truly loves. I find it about caring for a certain other person so much that a couple wants to grow old together and work together 'til death do them part. This level of love and dedication is powerful.

I usually think of two people whom are so connected to each other that nobody else matters (except family, of course). It can begin with two who love each other very much or equally. The two begin to love and admire each other and go through a series of ups and downs. One can feel so connected with the other that he/she wishes he/she could be with that loving other for life... or at least, for a very long time.

After having read this, the main question has to be answered- why bother getting married? The general reason to get married is a general love for one another so powerful that the only way to make both sides completely happy is to come together in holy matrimony.

Personal and Social Impacts on Marriage.

I think for some people, there seems to be competition or desire to want to marry someone for status or for personal gratification. Never mind the aspect of being together and wanting to share love among others- some people feel they have to compete to marry the hottest male or the hottest female. Almost as if marriage is a game or a sport. It is NOT! Marrying someone is all about finding someone who makes you happy and complete. The one you want to marry doesn't have to be ultra attractive, highly seductive, or anything like that. If you care anything about marrying someone, let it be with someone who you feel will be the one you love for a long time. Or at least, someone who you feel you can love for a long time.

Also, there is also kind of pressure for some people to seem like they have to marry and be with someone before somebody else. Almost like saying that (for example) it is important that some guy marries this girl before she marries somebody else. An analogy of this mentality would be like saying that wanting to marry someone highly attractive or popular is like trying to find a great parking space- you know there may be several parking spaces, but there is a special one (in your mind) better than all the others. Same mentality applies to wanting to marry the most popular or most appealing person. Some people just feel a certain someone "on the market" is waiting to be married by someone, and you hope you're the one who marries that individual before anybody else picks him/her up.


You know what's cool? Being married to the one you love most. You know what's even cooler? Being married to the one you love most for years. Anything north of five years of marriage is commendable. Heck, I've heard of elderly people whom have been married for over 50 years. Having wedding anniversaries is a tremendous honor. It means that even with good and bad times, your love has held strong. Even complicated relationships that still stand for years on end is worth respect. Don't forget those wedding anniversaries!


I hope marriages go well. But as we all know, not everything lasts forever- marriage included. There may be a time where a loving couple just suffers some sort of snag in which loving spouses just no longer have love for each other. It is a point where attempting to recover and mend a failing marriage seems impossible or highly unlikely. This calls for divorce.

Sometimes... it just doesn't work. That's the fact of life. A failed marriage can almost be like trying to salvage a victory in a sporting event when you are too far back to try to win. It would be like trying to win a gridiron football game being down by three or more touchdowns with two minutes left in regulation. Divorce basically is basically wanting to terminate a failed relationship. While it may seem easy to simply file for divorce, doing so can entail so many more deep layers. Most difficult is when divorce involves children and families. When you want to walk away from a deep marriage, the impact of divorce even impacts children and families, especially marriages that include and involve children. This can provide a pronounced impact on their lives even as a married couple try to work out their differences.

If there are marital problems, it is best to seek marriage counseling. You are better off making an appointment with marriage counselors rather than have divorces escalate to dangerous levels- such as domestic violence or injury/death.


Just as worse as divorce is being widowed. This is where the one you love is deceased. You basically either want to be single or try to find a new spouse. Whichever direction you go in this situation is up to you.

LGBT Marriage (Bonus Topic!).

The LGBT community has been certainly in the news a lot in recent times. Among one of the big issues is the notion of same-sex marriage. The United States has long defined marriage as a loving bond between a man and a woman. Recent times, however, have been more accepting towards same-sex couples. One of the biggest news stories paving the way for happier marriage among the LGBT community is that of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) being struck down in 2013 in allowing for couples to have the same sort of legal rights as any heterosexual married couple.

I know a lot of my audience probably have their like or dislike of the LGBT community. But in the perspective of expressing as many different topics as possible, this is a key topic as it relates to marriage. Love between two people is love between two people regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation or other factors.

The final part of this deal is a collection of my final thoughts regarding weddings and marriage.

--- Weddings and Marriage: Final Thoughts ---

I have never been in any real relationship or anything. All I do know is that if I do get entrenched in being in some loving relationship, I know I will want to take my time knowing someone before wanting to commit. Being married is something to savor and enjoy should you ever get to love someone with all of your heart to where you want to commit long time to the one you love most. It is a responsibility to carry with you for a long time. Sometimes, however, marriage doesn't last forever, and they don't always work well. Some things just weren't meant to be. If that (sadly) includes your marriage, it is best to seek something like marriage counseling to help you deal in rough times of marriage. Don't take matters into your own hands that lead to negative scenarios like domestic violence.

Weddings themselves don't have to be plain and common. Some people spice things up and try unique (and sometimes unusual) situations and scenarios for marriage. Regardless, what is most important is the love between two people who want to be together for a long time in loving matrimony.

Most of all, enjoy marriage. Treat your significant other or better half (or whatever you endear your spouse as) with love and respect. Don't test the waters of infidelity or philandering (cheating). Be true to one another and work to make each loving day count. It takes a second to say "I love you," but a lifetime to prove your love. Once again- congratulations to all whom are currently married or soon to be married.

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Thank you for visiting "John's Blog Space." I hope you find my other posts to be as enjoyable as this one you just read.

Just So You Know...

I had attempted to discuss wedding planning and fashion-related material on weddings and marriage. However, I will discuss (especially fashion) aspects of weddings and marriage on "StyleSpace by JBM." Stay with my blogging work for more information and for whenever I eventually complete material on that topic.

Would you like to discuss this topic? Here is a question I have to share:

What are your general thoughts regarding weddings and marriage? If you are married or engaged, what do you think is most important in being married? What are the biggest responsibilities (to you) on marriage?

That concludes this blog post. I may enhance it further with more material in future edits. Be sure to check this post out in the future for any updates. Look for the "(UPDATED: (some date))" indicator at the top of the blog post in case an update is made. Anyhow, I wanted to make this post for a long time but never completed it until now. Glad I did. Go have a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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I want to salute and honor a blogging friend of mine in this blog post. Lily Fang of "imperfect idealist" is not only a blogging friend of mine, but also someone who exudes positivity with her posts and personality. Her blog is more than a fashion blog- it is a blog with musings on life and living. She has long been a supporter of my online content. Considering I get an international audience, I figured I would introduce my international audience to the wonderful Lily Fang of "imperfect idealist." That is what I intend to do in this blog post. No special reason, no special agenda, not asking for anything in return... just making a salute because I want to. Welcome to another "John's Blog Space" post!

To avoid any sort of possible copyright issues or anything, no images of her will be featured in this post. That is the protocol I usually follow when trying to make mention of certain other bloggers.

--- A Salute to Lily Fang ---

Lily is a fashion blogger, a distance runner, and a violinist among other things. I am not sure exactly how I found her blog, but when I first noted Lily, her blog was called "A Burst of Color." Her style is mostly about color rather than keeping up with the latest trends. She is certainly unique in how her style is patterned. A lot of her styles are very casual. However, she does go for classy pieces as well as some lovely dresses for special occasions.

More importantly, Lily's blog posts offer a number of philanthropic thoughts. Not every day in life is a pleasureful experience, but there is still something to learn both in success and in failure. Her blog greatly expresses these points in a number of her personal experiences. Many of Lily's posts are a combination of peeks into her fashion style coupled with interesting life stories of hers. Lily's blog posts are the unique poetry and synergy of her personal fashion style coupled with the journey of a young person going through life, learning (and teaching) valuable lessons along the way. She can be someone to learn from. I especially think she's a positive influence for secondary school and young college students. So you types between the ages of 12-21 out there have my approval to go check out Lily on life advice.

If Lily is Reading This...

Lily, thank you over the years for being such a great supporter of me and my work. I have long appreciated you and your presence online. I have respected you for more than just fashion- your personality and character are positive and pure in our negative society. Continue to spread your positive influence across the Internet. Outside of blogging, best wishes to you in all aspects of life. Best of luck to you in your studies. You are among one of many people whom are important to me in all of my online work (including blogging). It has been an outstanding honor for us to cross paths. Thank you so much for your influence and your involvement.

I hope you appreciate my efforts to spotlight you and your work. I didn't have to pay tribute to you and honor you, but I chose to because I want to personally let you know my appreciation of you, your work, and your presence.

For More Information...

This blog post is mostly over. If you would like to visit the blog of the person whom I've saluted in this post, I invite you to visit To share a sample of one of her posts, here is one I enjoyed: "Barefoot in the Park" (imperfect idealist).

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I want to hope you're able to visit Lily's blog after I've done my part celebrating her in this post. It is always nice to know there are people who salute and respect other people in unique ways rather than look for every possible opportunity and reason to demean and hate someone. Not everyone tries to honor friends or certain people, but at least it's nice to know someone is willing to show respect in any way possible- even including through blog posts, and even including through people you don't personally know or have met personally. I've still done my part to show respect in a specific way.

"John's Blog Space" is a positive space with a number of different positive things I try to do. I don't use any of my blogs to attack people or spew hatred. I only post material that I am hopeful people will enjoy and share. And surely, I hope this is one of those posts. Maybe I'll pay tribute to more people in the future here on "John's Blog Space" or elsewhere. You may never know. Of course, you never will know if you don't Follow my work in any capacity. So if you enjoyed your time here, I'd like for you to Subscribe and Follow my blog if you haven't done so already. Have yourself a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pusheen the Cat's print debut comes in the form of "I am Pusheen the Cat." I bought this on Google Play as my first e-Book of any kind. Pusheen is an adorable and funny webcomic kitty who makes her print debut with this comic featuring a handful of fun and charming pictures. It is much different since you don't have the animated bits famously featured on Pusheen's official website ( Yet still, Pusheen the Cat and her humor still remain intact. And in this blog post, I'm here to offer my thoughts on the "I am Pusheen the Cat" book.

--- "I am Pusheen the Cat" ---

Pusheen the Cat
^ from: (best I could find) - "I am Pusheen the Cat" is a webcomic sure to warm your heart if you love silly cute cats.

"I am Pusheen the Cat" is mostly a comic book featuring a handful of pictures featuring Pusheen the Cat. The book was written by Claire Benton. People who may have seen various pictures of Pusheen online may know that many of the pictures are animated images featuring Pusheen in a number of different situations. Most of these are very silly images featuring Pusheen in a number of innocently mischevious situations- such as making a big mess of things or eating a lot. When you go through the pages of "I am Pusheen the Cat," you are thrust into the world of Pusheen the Cat. There are some funny and interesting situations based on a number of different themes and settings. For example, there is one section regarding how to make pizza. What you will see are the individual steps (at least in Pusheen's case) on how to make pizza. You will see Pusheen featured in a number of ways and acting in certain manners to help set the mood.

This is not some detailed novel or a book with a proper storyline. It is simply a comic featuring collection of pictures with some interesting stories told in each section. The whole book is patterned to be a batch of lighthearted and fun images.

--- "I am Pusheen the Cat": Final Thoughts ---

"I am Pusheen the Cat" is an adorably funny book featuring one of the brightest Internet sensations. The humor in this book is not laugh-out-loud funny, but the book and its pictures are good enough to offer a quick chuckle or quickly drawing a smile. I may even go to the level that this book and its content can help anyone feel happy if having a bad day. The book doesn't dabble in Internet memes or is laced with shorthand text that's tough to understand. The book is fun to carry along and read either in print form or in digital form (like in my case buying it on Google Play). If you don't consider yourself an avid reader (I am not one myself), you can go through the entire book in about half an hour or less.

Pusheen herself is funny and charming in the various situations featured. She is cute and adorable while also being incredibly silly. She is almost as enjoyable as trying to keep up with a baby. Witty humor and cute art makes this book a funny... and even a positive experience. To all of my male readers, there is no shame being fond of a pixelated cat in a bunch of cute and silly pictures. Look elsewhere if you want some sort of classic literature experience. Look elsewhere (and lighten up) if you think a cat like Pusheen demonstrate what's wrong with America or if this book demonstrates activity cats shouldn't be engaged in. "I am Pusheen the Cat" is a cute, lighthearted, and funny book. I surely would recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick smile, a quick laugh, or a dosage of cuteness from a simple book.

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"I am Pusheen the Cat" Online.

If you want to buy "I am Pusheen the Cat" and if my review convinced you, then please click on the item below to buy online:

And for more on Pusheen: Pusheen the Cat on Amazon (all items)

Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions on Pusheen the Cat or this book, I'm glad you came here to read my review of this book. Please have a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

When I started sharing my voxel art and my interests towards programming, I surrounded myself with others in the same field. My brother once taught me about surrounding myself with similar people and getting into similar environments to enhance my desires to exist and prosper within certain realms. You tend to be in certain communities often times to where you are part of a culture or a certain niche, and the people you meet will mostly be ones you try to connect with almost anywhere and everywhere. It is the feeling I've experienced often times when I go to certain communities. Especially on Twitter, I try to follow certain hashtags and certain users who make voxel art and pixel art. I even sometimes check on posts related to the OUYA and to game development- both on the #indiedev and #gamedev hashtags. Taking part in these communities allow you to stay within a certain community or culture. Which, in turn, keeps you motivated and focused at certain tasks.

Another example of communities is when you are on social media and a certain circle of mutual friends tends to follow you. For example, some common people I follow on LOOKBOOK are some of the same folks I try to connect with via Facebook and other outlets. You sometimes just meet people and try to connect with them everywhere. That's friendship and respect. Isn't it cool to know there are people you like and that you try to stay connected as many ways as possible?

As a blogger, I know I am part of a vast community. I sometimes see some of the same bloggers I follow post comments on others' blogs and sites. It almost seems like you're forever connected to certain people. I am certainly pleased being associated with certain personalities. Being involved with these communities is a great way of staying connected. It is great to have a certain circle of friends and supporters who seem to follow you and who you follow through almost anything.

That concludes this casual post regarding communities. Let me know what you think:

What do you think about communities? Do you tend to have a certain circle of friends who always seem to follow you or whom you tend to see in posts and other websites?

While I do make detailed posts, I try to sometimes make casual posts like this one. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Genesis of Drones by for the OUYA is a pixelated action game. It is up to Joe and Gem to retake control of humanity as drones increasingly put their stranglehold on cities and industries. A handful of levels will test your ability to suppress evil forces and rescue the various locales. A lot of action of the platform variety await you in this game. Are you ready to take on the robot forces and restore order to this crazy world? I'll let you know what I think of "Game of Drones" with this blog post.

--- Genesis of Drones ---

Genesis of Drones OUYA
^ from: (best I could find) - Genesis of Drones. Can you save the world from the evil drones?

Genesis of Drones is simplistic at its core. It combines elements of action and platforming into its levels. You have only one life for each level. So don't run into an enemy or fall off the map. Luckily, you can give yourself a chance by getting a suitcase. This suitcase is what you use to attack enemies. Another powerful is very important as you're able to fire projectiles for long-range attacks. It doesn't matter if you choose Joe or Gem- whichever one you choose is basically personal preference. Some levels have you commandeering vehicles. You will have only a certain amount of energy in those vehicles. If you fail to complete the level, you must start from the beginning of the level. Any level can be revisited to try to get a higher score.

Genesis of Drones: My Review.

Genesis of Drones is nothing spectacular, but it is a fairly good platform action game. You are not going to find the most engaging and addicting game play with this game, but you will find a fairly challenging title that delivers a good amount of action. It is a free game for the OUYA. This would be the kind of game to entertain you if you're bored.

For More Information...

You can find out more about BoredMob by going to More on "Genesis of Drones" can be found on OUYA's website at Genesis of Drones (OUYA).

Video Preview.

I wish I could find you something better, but this is all I could come up with. It's this or nothing...

^ "Genesis of drones: many short lifes of joe"

And there you go.

There isn't really too much to this game, so my look at this title is fairly limited. I at least have given you a good bit of information on it. Well I hope you enjoyed this review. Stay with "John's Blog Space" for more of anything and everything that I've been preaching since this blog's first official post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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