Ann Poonkasem

Ann Poonkasem, also known as Ann P. is someone whose heart is as beautiful as her looks. This model and singer performs beautifully with concerts and in charitable functions. A TV show introduced me to her, and I've admired her since. So this blog post was created to chat about the beautiful lady named Ann Poonkasem, and what makes her beautiful not only in looks, but in personality and heart. Time to go to work on another blog post on "John's Blog Space."

Ann Poonkasem

Get to know this beautiful lady. Here's a picture:

Ann Poonkasem
^ from: (Twitter) - This is Ann Poonkasem, an individual beautiful not only in looks but also in heart and personality. Ann P. extends her appeal further in various charitable acts she takes part in.

I first learned of Ann Poonksaem from former Speed Channel show, "Hi-Rev Tuners." She was the hostess in the first season of the show, then a reporter in subsequent seasons of that show. I still admired her to the fullest as one of many lovely ladies in the world. Born in New York City and calling the Tampa Bay area home, Ann Poonkasem is one of the loveliest ladies out there. She often times gets involved in activities such as with the University of South Florida. She is beautiful not only in looks and personality, but also in being benevolent. As a pageant model, she has earned a number of honors such as Miss Tampa, Miss Gasparilla, and Miss National Patriot among other honors. I surely respect her for all she does.


How about seeing and hearing Ann Poonkasem? Well, here are your chances here.

I mentioned the former Speed Channel show "Hi-Rev Tuners." This show bears importance to me because this is where I first learned of Ann Poonkasem. Admiring her through seeing her in these episodes got me to further appreciate her. So without "Hi-Rev Tuners," I maybe would have never heard of her back around 2002 or so. Here is a sample of Ann on this show:

^ Ann Poonkasem AKA Ann P - TV Host for "Hi-Rev Tuners" on The Speed Channel

Want to hear Ann Poonkasem sing? Well, have a listen to this:

^ Behind the Scenes with Ann Poonkasem AKA Ann P & Jay Rosenberg - "No Air"

This is a look at Ann Poonkasem getting involved in charitable acts. It is also another series of singing samples from Ann. Have a look:

^ Ann Poonkasem AKA Ann P with Hannah's Homeless ~ Christmas in the Park 2014

Pretty cool, huh?

What I Would Tell Ann Poonkasem (if reading this)

Here is what I would say...

Ann Poonkasem, you are one of the loveliest ladies in the world. For as beautiful as you are in looks, you are even more beautiful in personality and in benevolence. Your helpful efforts mean a lot in today's insane world. You are sunshine to us all for what you do. All I can suggest is for you to continue providing your exceptional charm and personality in all that you do.

Would I Want to Meet Ann Poonkasem (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! Any time you can remember a certain personality from a failed TV show and still regard that person as someone special even years later, you absolutely would want to meet that person. So tab me for "absolute yes" here.

For More Information...

To learn more about Ann Poonkasem, I invite you to visit these sites:

Ann Poonkassem (official)
Ann Poonkasem on Facebook

That will conclude this blog post.

Well, this blog post regarding Ann Poonkasem has ended. I hope you were able to enjoy this post and enjoy your time here in this blog. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow if you did indeed enjoy your time here. I mean... you want to see more of my posts when they become available, do you? So make sure to show your support any way you can. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Allison Chu

Once on Myspace, there was a Hawaiian singer I was introduced to named Allison Chu. She sings songs sweetly. She also has lovely looks to match her lovely singing. Allison is also a model and an actress. This blog post here is on this fine individual. Previously, I thought I made a post on her. Apparently not. So this will be my opportunity to mention the wonderful Allison Chu. Get ready, everyone!

Allison Chu

This lady is Allison Chu...

Allison Chu
^ from: (Twitter) - Allison Chu. Her finest talent is singing, but she has many more talents.

Long ago on Myspace, I heard Allison Chu sing with some of her different songs. Then a teenager, she had an angelic voice, almost like a Hawaiian Charlotte Church. Allison- now 22 years old (as of July 26, 2016) over time has matured and kept up her upbeat and positive psyche. She is a classy and fun individual who smiles often.

Allison Chu is a singer, but she has also shown her craft in modeling and in acting. Allison has gone from a cute teenage girl to a beautiful young woman since I first learned of her. As of the time of this original blog post (July 26, 2016), she recently won Miss Hawaii 2016.

Sample Songs and Videos.

This is your chance to hear the sounds of Allison as well as get to see her. So have a look at these videos:

This one features a younger Allison Chu, about a few years after I first learned of Allison Chu:

^ NightTime with Andy Bumatai Show NT-008-165 Part 4 of 4

This song here is one I remember hearing from her back on Myspace. It sounds every bit as beautiful from this lady now as she was when a younger Allison first sung this song:

^ Akaka Falls

Allison Chu can play a mean guitar or a ukulele. Here, she combines guitar play with singing:

^ Blackbird

Here is an original song from Allison Chu. This is "Ride This Wave" from Allison Chu. Hawaiian pop coming your way:

^ Ride this Wave (original song)

This is Allison singing the National Anthem. She also sings the Hawaii Pono'i in this video after the Star Spangled Banner:

^ The National Anthem, Hawaii Pono'i , Rainbow Warriors Men's Basketball vs UNO, Allison Chu

This not a song, but it is a public service announcement regarding sun safety:

^ Safe in the Sun PSA

There you have your video insight on Allison Chu.

Allison Chu: Thoughts

This is where I share some thoughts and such after profiling certain individuals.

What I Would Tell Allison Chu (if she read this)...

I have long appreciated and admired your talent. You have an amazing singing voice and equally lovely looks. I truly respect you and all you have accomplished. I can only wish you much greater success in future endeavors. Had it not been for hearing your music back in 2006 or 2007 on Myspace, I probably would have never heard of you or be able to admire your immense singing talent. So I am very pleased to have admired you and your music for quite some time from your teenage years to know.

Would I Want to Meet Allison Chu (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! I think it would be an incredible honor to meet this lady.

For More Information...

You can learn more about Allison Chu by visiting

I hope you were able to enjoy this fine blog post of Allison Chu. This concludes another blog post of mine. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a gorgeous automobile. It is an inexpensive sports car with beautiful exotic style and fine performance. It looks more expensive than its $55K USD really is. As part of Alfa Romeo's return to the United States, this is surely a car to really arouse the souls of those seeking an appealing and enticing sports car. While it may not be a car with ridiculous power or top speed, it is a very good car simply about the joy of performance driving. People have seen this like a baby Ferrari. To me, it's more like an Italian Lotus. Draw your own visual commentary on this car with this picture:

Alfa Romeo 4C
^ from: (YouTube) - The Alfa Romeo 4C is a truly enticing sports car priced between about $55K USD.

The Alfa Romeo 4C's performance characteristics are pretty good. It is a car with a curb weight of 2465 lbs. (or 1118 kg). It has an Inline-4 Turbo engine producing 237hp and 258 lb. ft. of torque. The 4C gets from 0-60 mph in about 4.1 seconds, and it can go down the quarter mile in about 11 seconds at an rounded 107 mph. I think its braking from 60 to 0 is in about 97 feet if I recall from my pre-post research.

To give you some perspective on the Alfa Romeo 4C, here is a video for you:

^ "2015 Alfa Romeo 4C: The Most Affordable Supercar! - Ignition Ep 113"

I think Alfa Romeo did a fine job with this car. There aren't too many Alfa Romeo cars I disliked. I certainly don't dislike this one. It is almost as if Alfa Romeo's vision was to cram as much supercar panache into as small a package as possible and make it "affordable." I would love to see one of these in person. In addition to a hardtop, there is also a convertible version. Admit it, readers... you want this car! :)

From America's Alfa Romeo site, learn more about this car at Alfa Romeo 4C (USA Website).

This is a rare post I've done regarding a car. I retired the "Car Style" posts after consistent spam comments. So future attempts at these topics may be mostly brief while still providing my own commentary expressed in my own way. Of course, your reactions are always welcome. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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A Salute to JED

I want to salute a fellow blogger for this post. This blog post salutes a Filipino lady named JED. JED is short for Joana Erica Danielle. The blogger behind "Ericaritish" is a courageous petite with a spirit greater than her petite frame. Ever since following her work, she is someone who I think is inspiring. Besides her inspiring posts, she is also quite fashionable. As a blogger, JED's material is more a series of thoughts and musings rather than a fashion blog. Kind of like how I praised Lily Fang of "Imperfect Idealist" for her deep thoughts on life in addition to her featuring outfit posts of hers.

One of the best things about having a personal blog is that you are mostly responsible for yourself, and you also are free to say almost anything you want. You could blog about almost any topic and even mention certain things on a personal level. You do have to be a good bit careful if mentioning personal matters or offering personal feelings for all to see. You can even make ordinary people seem like celebrities or superstars if you devote an entire post to that person and offer such encouraging words. Having said all of this, I'd like to share a moment that helped show I have somehow meant something to someone.

A Moment of Respect.

There was a point where JED mentioned me in a blog post years ago. It was proof that someone thought of me and praised me for making a positive impact on her life. I have to set up the story a bit just to help you understand what the context involves. The post basically was in reference to her aspirations as a writer. Part of the post, including the comments in regards to me are featured below in this quote. Take a look:

"If you’re telling me that maybe I’m getting the wrong choice of career, you’re wrong. This is what I love, being in the industry of authors, editors, writers, columnists, etc. This is really the profession I wanted to take. I’m just being TOO LAZY."

"And I find my courage again when a friend of mine, Mr. John Marine, had an article about blogging stuff which I find it absolutely true. He inspires many people across the world including me. And his words are very powerful and meaningful that you will get up from where you are seated and start doing what you really love that is good for you and for your career. I appreciate everything he does for me all the time.
If you want to meet him, just visit his blog here."

-from: "Reformation" (Ericaritish)

To would-be haters of my work, this is what NOT being a hater or a troll can do for you.

My Further Salute.

If JED were to read this, I have this to say. I always say that you inspire me as much as I have inspired you. I have enjoyed and admired knowing you as a friend online through the blogosphere as well as in social media. I am thankful we have crossed paths. Even if separated by the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific and Mountain time zones of the United States, it brings me great pleasure knowing I've impacted your life in a positive way. I am always someone to try to offer positivity in an increasingly negative world and society. You are certainly welcome for all of the support and backing I've offered to you even in times when you feel weak or not good enough. I want the best for you and hope you are able to become as amazing of a person as you aspire to be. As much as I have inspired you, you also inspire me. You are an example to let me know it is greatly possible to influence and encourage others. You at least show my efforts ultimately pay off. Having said all of this, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and in whatever challenges you set your mind and heart to. We may or may never meet in person, but I certainly am pleased I have made a positive impact on your life.

Most importantly, thank you so much for your continued support and for thinking of me.

For More Information...

Her blog hasn't been updated in quite some time as of the time of this post, but in case you are interested to see her blogging work, please visit: Ericaritish.

I actually enjoy the feeling knowing I am regarded kindly for my positive spirit. This post was just an example of me giving back. I really do love being able to make positive impacts on people. I hope you are able to enjoy this blog post. I actually wanted to make this tribute long ago, but never completed it fully until now. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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A Salute to Warren Fernando

I want to salute a blogging friend of mine. Meet Warren Fernando, a blogging friend of mine from the Philippines who meant a lot to me early in my blogging career. I want to pay tribute to him here to offer my thanks and to show that I am thankful for him even caring about me. I would encounter this fellow online. He wondered how to get better as a blogger. When I read some of his posts, I got to see some of the life issues he brings about. Warren combines certain songs he enjoys and connects them to life issues of his or for others. He provides some deep connections between moments in his life and music. It is really a fine blog of his, and he does great work.

While I am not entirely a blogging superstar, I am thankful someone even thought of me and looked to me for some help and some encouragement. That's why I am glad I got to meet Warren online. I actually wanted to do a tribute post to him for a long time. It hasn't been until recently I actually gathered the ability to actually make this post.

If Warren is Reading This...

Especially when I was somewhat on the rise, I want to thank you for even caring about me and thinking of me in wanting to make your blog better or to become more visible. Blogging is tough, especially if trying to make yourself visible. I am pleased you found just enough out of me and my material to wonder how to get better. I did enjoy seeing your posts long ago. Wherever you are or however you are doing today, I hope you're well. I wish you the best in all aspects of life. Most importantly- thank you. Can't stress this enough.

For More Information...

His blog hasn't been updated in ages; but if you want to visit his work just to see his blog, go to 24K Forever!!!.

I hope you enjoyed this salute. I simply wanted to thank someone whom has been influential in me continually providing support and respect for my work. You feel this way after you've blogged for so long and came across so many different people. Anyhow, this is another example of "anything and everything" from a blog about... "anything and everything." This has been another awesome blogging presentation of "John's Blog Space." Subscribe and follow if you enjoyed this post. Do the same for my other blogs if their subject matter interests you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Dolphins may be the most fascinating sea creatures in existence. They are credited as being some of the most intelligent creatures in the world. They are also rather friendly mammals and can even pull some amazing tricks and stunts. You won't hear of a "Dolphin Apocalypse" or anything. These are amazing creatures. This blog post is not meant to be a detailed post about dolphins, but rather a brief and casual post on them. So I hope you'll enjoy this post.

NOTE: A lot of the material I researched beforehand mostly come from the Wikipedia entry on dolphins.


How about I kick off this blog post with a dolphin picture? Here goes (picture will be replaced if I can't use them for certain reasons):

^ from: - Dolphins are surely some of the most fascinating creatures alive.

Yours truly made some tribute art LONG ago featuring a dolphin. Check this out:

dolphin art
^ from: (my Facebook albums) - This was some tribute art I made a long time ago featuring a dolphin.

Dolphins are incredibly interesting. Can you think of any sort of famous dolphins? Many know of Flipper. Many gamers know of Ecco. Some others even recall dolphins helping Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi in "Super Mario World." No matter what, you can't help but be fascinated with dolphins. A friend of mine from my college days loves dolphins, and so I kind of thought of her when I came up with this blog post.

I guess what I find most fascinating about dolphins is just how intelligent they are in addition to being very friendly. Dolphins are mostly not predatory animals, though I read they tend to kill porpoises as I was researching this topic. Some dolphins are even used by military. From what I read on that front, dolphins in military use are more like the water equivalent of bomb-sniffing dogs or try to move out water mines. There was even a study once that suggested that dolphins could help boost the mood in people who suffer from depression.

Needless to say... dolphins almost seem like natural wonders to us all.


Dolphins use certain sounds and calls to communicate with others. These include some rather loud noises and even some clicking sounds. Take a look at this video for a sample of dolphins answering questions:

^ Super Smart Dolphin Answers Questions - Extraordinary Animals - Earth

I mentioned Ecco the Dolphin earlier. If you played the classic Genesis/Megadrive game series before, communication is important to conversate and even navigate your way through the game. It is a fantasy game, but it is just an example of dolphins communicating.

Dolphin Tricks!

Let me share with you this video of dolphins performing tricks. It may not be like what you'd see at Sea World, but this is a fine showcase of dolphins and some of the tricks and stunts they can pull. Note also the trainers playing with the dolphins:

^ "Dolphin Show - Five Dolphins perform High jumps, Great speed and underwater tricks"

Now that you have insight on dolphins, let me share some final thoughts.

Dolphins: Final Thoughts

Dolphins are amazing creatures. Just learning about them and what they are capable of make them some of the most fascinating mammals alive. They are intelligent and playful. I might even say they are about as beautiful of creatures as horses (which I blogged about long ago). So if you get a chance to see or interact with dolphins, it is a most incredible experience.

I'll blog about [almost] anything here on "John's Blog Space." That even includes dolphins. I hope you got to enjoy this post and maybe take away a few things about dolphins. I'm sorry I can't fully help you with your homework assignment or essay project about dolphins, but you have just a little insight on them. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow this blog for more goodness from yours truly. Until next time... thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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My Best, My Worst

A famous Marilyn Monroe quote inspired this topic. Marilyn Monroe once mentioned being prone to mistakes; but she stresses you don't deserve her at her best if you can't handle her at her worst. It all comes down to love. Do you love someone enough to accept them at their best AND at their worst? I figure I will share my thoughts on accepting people at their best and their worst in this blog post.

My Best, My Worst

Everyone performs at levels which we can gauge them at their best and their worst. We obviously don't want people we care about to be at their worst, but there are those times where their worst times shine. We surely praise people for being at their best. What side of someone shows up at times? The way to envision this is to imagine athletes and sports teams. A team can completely hammer some other team almost any given game, but the same team may find every way to lose and feel hopeless.

In regards to relationships, whether among friends or lovers, we certainly are exposed to what good and bad qualities others have. There are many things we are happy for being with certain people and being associated with certain people. People at their best make life easier and enjoyable. And then... for as much as we love certain people at their best, we can absolutely HATE somebody at their worst or for their worst qualities. People can improve upon their weakest qualities, but a lot of us ultimately just hate someone to some extent for their worst qualities or at their worst performance. True love and true respect relate to how well you can unconditionally love someone overall for their good and bad qualities and personality.

That covers others at their best and worst. How about evaluating yourself at your best and at your worst and how you wish others perceive you? It takes some courage to honestly admit things about yourself. Myself personally, I can have some anger issues and feel vengeful when people see me less than what I am or what I am capable of. I had people look at me and think of me as a liability. I've been potentially not good enough to meet certain peoples' needs. I know I can't please everybody. I sometimes don't even think I can please myself. I still give my best effort to others because I want to assure myself that I mean something to people I care about and to people whom I want to impress or reassure respect.

Everyone can always improve on their worst qualities. Certain personality traits will always exist within ourselves. The only issue is if we let those poor qualities define us to others or if we can work around our deficiencies and try to show our best performance. For example, if someone admittedly has an attitude problem, can that person put aside those attitude issues and still manage to produce and execute at certain tasks given to them? Or will that person do everything possible to disgrace and shame others around him/her? These qualities ultimately determine how we feel about people in general. This goes back to me discussing the good in others. Can you still love someone enough (worst qualities notwithstanding) for their best and worst qualities? This, more than anything, determines ultimately what people mean to us. If it seems like you can't take someone much anymore and feel they don't serve any greater purpose for you any more, the best thing may ultimately be to let that person go and cut him/her out of your life.

People at their best and worst...

At Best...

People being at their best is obviously what we want. Having good times and being productive leads to more enjoyment of life and greater self-esteem. We don't DESERVE great efforts, but we at least would like people we care about to give their best in everything to help make life better and fun. If we have reason and encouragement to do our best, then we are going to give our best effort to try to make things great for everyone.

I always give my best as a blogger because I feel great importance in offering quality content done in a quality way. Not many people actually tell me how I am doing- then again, I rarely get feedback from anybody about anything. There is still importance in posting material of fine quality to me. I at least give a decent effort, even if not my "best" effort. It is not as if I am expecting to win a major prize or some honor for my work.

At Worst...

If you care about someone, you don't want that person to fail or be at their worst. People have attitudes and sometimes can be lazy. Some others may simply act as if they don't care or don't listen. These are times when we are exposed to the worst of people. We all want jobs done properly. Trouble is, some people just don't perform on a level worthy of properly completing tasks. Tasks are done because we care about certain individuals, and we want to do everything possible to assure and ensure our love and respect. So what happens when our worst traits come alive? We end up frustrating people to no end.

I can tell you right now I have had problems trying to stay focused on certain tasks, such as releasing material in a timely fashion. You won't even believe how many blog posts and other material go unpublished or finished. Some topics I ultimately release have been the work of stuff I could have posted a long time ago. There have been tasks I've done successfully for others, but I always imagine what if I screwed up incredibly? For instance, I remember trying to haul a big television out of my room and stopping every so often because I was feeling tired lifting the doggone thing. What if I dropped that TV and had to face the wrath of my mother? Again- this didn't happen, but I always consider the worst scenarios aside from the best. Experiencing the worst scares me incredibly. This motivates me to try to do things at my best even if I make common sense errors. I am not perfect or smart; but please, spare me if I make errors about things most people normally wouldn't.

Overall Evaluation.

When you take someone at best and at worst, how do you ultimately judge someone? Do you still have the heart to accept and love someone for their qualities? Remember that people are not always at their best. Conversely, not everyone is at their absolute worst all the time. Does the balance of good and bad convince you enough to accept someone for who he/she is? Can you possibly work with someone to improve upon their worst qualities?

If you love someone despite their good and bad qualities, that makes others feel good because they know they can screw up or be poor and still garner one's unconditional love. But if someone is not loved despite the good and bad qualities, it can lead to a shaky relationship or always feeling he/she will never truly win the good graces of someone. Not being able to win one's good graces can lead to isolation and not getting the best out of someone or have someone on his/her best behavior. Unless someone just isn't sociable or simply can't stand around and among people, we all want to be loved and respected- even among ourselves. Some of those worst qualities ultimately define us, almost as if our negatives outweigh our positives.

Someone who we love but can't stand being with for too much longer may have one ultimate solution- just cut that person out of your life and let him/her go. You want to be careful making that decision, though. Really think about how much someone means to you and people around you. Also consider if you want that person to be associated with you for much longer. Can you live with yourself better without the person in question? Or is it possible that someone who can be better simply can't be coached to do better or be better? If you are totally and completely confident in letting someone go and never have that person be associated with you ever again, then by all means... cut that person out of your life and let him/her go. Addition by subtraction.

I hope you were able to take something away from this blog post. Let's discuss...

Do you deserve peoples' best if you can't handle them at their worst? Do others love and accept you at your best AND your worst? Can you improve on your worst qualities to improve your relationship with others?

This concludes another blog post of mine. Put this advice and this insight to good use. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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The Power of Prayer

In tough times, prayer offers some hope. Most people don't believe in prayer mostly because it will not immediately solve problems. It is granted prayer is not a cure-all. However, it is something to fall on for help and guidance. It is rare I discuss any sort of religious matters in my blog. Despite this, I do believe in hoping times get better and look for any source or motivation to keep going.

Another aspect of prayer is in the sense of offering spiritual guidance and support for when we are unable to try to help someone. It is not a sign of weakness or a lack of dedication to say you are wishing someone well in spirit. We can't always have the answers and solutions in trying to help others out with their problems. Think about cases of certain impending or possible danger- such as a dangerous weather or a pressure-packed situation. Offering prayer and praying doesn't mean everything will be better in the end. It just means there is spiritual support for when times are horrible or could be horrible. I am not one to tell anyone how to live or what life choices to make. All I do know is in trying to offer some kind of hope in tough times, prayer doesn't hurt. At least it is better than thinking everything will be okay and that the most positive outcome(s) will result. What if the desired results DON'T happen? What if you think everything will be okay and things actually get worse? Like what if a loved one is barely hanging on to life and you don't even hope and pray he/she will live? Having prayer at least assures some extra hope for when times are rough.

Often times, especially in social media, there are those who want to pray for certain individuals, cities, and nations in the wake of disaster. Some of the most recent incidents include the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, bombings at an airport in Istanbul, and a hostage situation in Dhaka. Prayer is a way of offering support and love for when we can't do too much to try to ease tensions or solve problems. It is a way to show love for people who may need or otherwise wouldn't mind gaining support of some kind. Some people can be inconsiderate or fussy about others trying to offer such love, but most usually wouldn't mind someone worrying about them. I even become concerned about friends and family with whatever goes on in the world. A nice thing about Facebook is that there is something that allows people to be marked as safe in the wake of certain disasters. Even still, I am pleased knowing so many fine people from around the world that I often hope they are okay even in the wake of some of the most horrific incidents. A lot goes on in this world and in this society. All I can hope for is the best for everyone. I don't have to know people personally to have legitimate concern for them. Especially for loyal and respectful people, the last thing I want to be told is for certain people to have hit rock bottom in their lives or face complete depression and hopelessness.

If you don't believe in spiritual matters, that is okay. I am not convincing anyone or forcing anyone to start believing in these things. Conversely, if there is a problem or an issue, at least it is nice to know there are some things you can look to for help and protection. Prayer will not protect you physically or give you any legitimate edge. There is hope and something you can believe in for the weakest moments. There are people I like and dislike. I have learned as I have gotten older to love and appreciate everyone regardless of how I personally feel about certain others. So in the case of offering some prayer and hope for myself and for others, I look to spiritual and heavenly guidance to help make times better or to have some extra assurance rough times will get better. At least having some hope is better than thinking the world will come to an end and that we won't have much longer to live. You are better off having hope than being given absolutely no shot at having a positive or favorable outcome. So have prayer in your heart and in your spirit. Better than nothing.

I hope I have provided some positivity and some insight for you. We can always use something positive and useful even with all the usual nonsense cyberspace can provide. This concludes a thoughtful post of mine. Perhaps you can use its contents to good use. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Maggie Flecknoe

Maggie Flecknoe is a sassy blonde beauty with plenty of personality and charm. Her work consists of on-air voice over work as well as an anime actress. There is never a dull moment when "Blondie" speaks as sweetly and silky as she does. The following blog post is about the beautiful Maggie Flecknoe. If you know nothing of her, I'll do what I can to feature this personality as best as I can here on "John's Blog Space."

Maggie Flecknoe

Ladies and gentlemen, get to know Maggie Flecknoe:

Maggie Flecknoe
^ from: - Maggie Flecknoe.

A baby girl named Marguerite (or Maggie) Kathryn Flecknoe was brought into the world on April 17, 1983. This lady from Aurora, Colorado, USA would grow up to become one of the finest voice-over talents anywhere in the world as well as a totally awesome morning news anchor. Maggie would also graduate from the University of Colorado. So you University of Colorado fans have one of your own Buffaloes to cheer on (or one to be jealous of if you are a Colorado State University fan). She also studied at Harvard at the Moscow Art Theater School. Today, Maggie is the morning personality for when Eye Opener shifts over to local news. She is also a producer for NewsFix. She's also a championship-winning celebrity milker at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. And unfortunately... Maggie gained some viral video notoriety as she was holding up a pig that ended up pooping on live TV as she was holding up the pig.

I first learned of Maggie Flecknoe during some behind-the-scenes work with the former CW39 News. She would, from time to time, be featured in this little mini segment called "Happy Hour" mostly featuring certain bars offering certain drinks. I best know Maggie of "Online Dish," as do many others who seen her on the tube or online. This is where she would offer her opinions on certain interesting topics in a segment lasting anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes. Most of these topics were mostly sex-related, pop culture, outrageous behavior, and things like that. Here is where I respected Maggie for her opinions (whether I agreed or disagreed) as well as appreciate taking a stand on certain issues.

Samples of Maggie Flecknoe.

Want to hear (and see) Maggie Flecknoe? Check this out:

• On-Air Sample

^ CultureMap Top Stories: Bill Clinton, overrated restaurants and Texans QB talk

I honestly didn't know she did this little segment until researching this topic before posting it. Here is a sample of "Online Dish With Maggie" in the video below:

^ Online Dish: Horrible Boss Alert! Fires Employee Who Donated Kidney to Her

• Anime Sample
Here is some anime work sample featuring the voice of Maggie Flecknoe:

^ High School of the DEAD - High School of the Dead Dub Cast: Saya Takagi

Now for some more commentary.

Final Thoughts

Maggie Flecknoe is a fabulous personality for the on-air work she's done. Personally, I think Maggie Flecknoe has an amazing voice. She speaks sweetly, yet also silky. I haven't had the liberty to listen to her anime voice work. So I'm not going to give you my list of my favorite anime vocal performances of hers because I don't know of her anime work all that well. Maggie often times showcases her on-air outfits on her Facebook fan page and her Instagram page. Most her finest fashion outfits consist of charming dresses and pretty shoes are the norm. Maggie used to have lovely curly hair, but she is equally lovely with non-curly hairstyles. Maggie looks every bit as beautiful as she is speaking. She really is a lovely lady. In fact, I even featured her among my "American Beauties: Mountain" beauties.

What I Would Tell Maggie Flecknoe (if she read this)

You are an amazing personality. Ever since becoming fond of you and your work, I've always respected you. I have even had my own thoughts on ideas you've shared with "Online Dish With Maggie" whether I mostly agreed with the opinions offered or not. Go further and gain as much credit and honors as you can.

Would I Want to Meet Maggie (if given the chance)?

Are you kidding me? Absolutely I'd want to meet her!

Maggie Flecknoe: For More Information...

To learn more about Maggie Flecknoe, including material not featured in this blog post, I invite you to take a look at these links:

Maggie Flecknoe Official
Maggie in the Mornings (Facebook)
Maggie Flecknoe on Twitter
Maggie Flecknoe on Instagram
Entry on Maggie Flecknoe on Wikia (features her voice-over roles)

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What More Do I Have to Do?

We are often met with frustration. When you feel you are talented but not talented enough, you are thinking, "what more do I have to do?" How can you ever reach success when you seem so limited or have limited success? Not being good enough is something I've mentioned before. Now imagine the feeling where no matter how much you try to show improvement, you will always seem to come up short. You will always feel like something always holds you back when you could be successful. Almost as if you are banned from being successful.

As an example of questioning what more you have to do, I used to have a CafePress store under the "JohnMarineDesigns" handle. After a long time of not making anything and feeling as if none of my material would ever sell, I discontinued it. I felt like even my simple creations could never be as successful as most other people. People often give things a chance and buy into such things. Trouble is, when you're doing the same thing others are doing but with limited success, you feel as if your hardest efforts are not doing much justice. Shouldn't you have similar success as others if you are doing things not much different than others? If you are not as successful, you basically feel like you don't know what more you have to do to become any kind of success. So in other words, "why bother?"

Nothing hurts more than feeling like you can't enjoy success as much as others in your field. You can always improve your skills, but when they don't mean much, you feel like you have to work harder and harder to eventually come up with something that makes you viable and respected. What happens when even THAT fails? In the end, your best efforts doesn't result in success that others have generated. Almost as if you were never meant to be a success in life or in any field of study. You become a nobody in a somebody world. You hate yourself because you feel you can never be as good as other people no matter how hard you try. And you begin to question- "what more do I have to do?"

Sometimes, this matter is all about not having ample opportunities and chances to become something special. You are never going to be any kind of success if certain opportunities aren't given or made. Life will be better when there is a moment- even if very brief- that we all can feel like our own superstars. Life will be better when we finally get those big breaks we have worked hard for and that our transgressions and shortcomings help us to become successful. It will feel much better knowing we have reason to be happy about ourselves and our work rather than find every reason to lament the lives we've led and lament not having levels of success we know we are capable of or can make happen. Life is not fair, but it can be at least marginally enjoyable.

Think about people who work their whole lives to be great but never actually become great. Kind of like a sports team that has the best athletes but could never parlay that talent into championships. Or maybe think of athletes who never win major events. People feel relegated to mediocrity when they could be great. They work for greatness, but never achieve greatness. This feeling leads people to wondering what more they have to do to become great. Sometimes, simply not being lucky or fortunate can be a factor in wondering what more someone has to do to become successful or liked. Peoples' perceptions and expectations are also factors. How well can you tie into others' standards to where you become liked or admired? These also play factors in this matter.

In the end, what more do you have to do? It all depends on a number of factors outside of talent and hard work. You may even have to try to win peoples' respect as best as you can. If it were easy to impress others and get those big breaks, we wouldn't have to wonder what more we have to do to be successful. However, since only so many people have only so many levels of success, we often wonder just what we have to do to be successful. Continually trying harder than we normally would just leads to frustration. While frustration can make us stronger, it also caps us from really being anything great. So we can try only too hard to where we don't reach a breaking point of giving up and having to accept failure. Failure is acceptable, but constant failure ends up being redundant and can put a damper on us really becoming better than what we could be. If only we can be great without having to question everything in life and question how to actually achieve greatness, our society and our world will be a much better place.

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