Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Double Dragon Neon" marked the silver (25th) anniversary of this brawler franchise in 2012. This game was developed by WayForward, famous for taking various classic franchises and games and giving them new life. They worked their own magic with two forgotten heroes in today's realm of gaming and reviving it in their own way. So how do you revive one of today's more forgotten franchises? Of course- with a new adventure! DD Neon is a new adventure with old school style. If you look elsewhere, one reviewer, say... IGN (or as I like to call them, "IGNore") gave this game a score in the 3 out of 10 range, saying the game is slow and brings nothing new to gaming. Well guess what? You're on John's Blog Space! I'm here to offer my own thoughts on "Double Dragon Neon."

--- Double Dragon Neon ---

Double Dragon Neon is a new adventure with some old feel to it. The story is the same as almost any past Double Dragon- Marian gets kidnapped by evil forces, and it's up to Bruce and Jimmy to rescue poor Marian. This time, rather than the Shadow Boss, it is a new foe- your worst nightmare: Skullmageddon! Ten levels of insanity await you. If you want to stand the best chance of victory, make sure you fighting skills and magic skills are up to par.

Here are some basic things to know, including a few basic thoughts.

Double Dragon Neon: Basics.

This game has an '80s feel to it with the environment and the music. Usually, I HATE the 80s (and I was born in the '80s!); but this game playfully references to the '80s without overkilling it. At least you know what game you are playing when you hear "Dead or Alive"- the theme of Double Dragon. Some songs from past Double Dragon games are re-mastered as part of the package. Your skills are primarily based on having two sets of cassettes that serve as the bases of your fighting technique. Being that unstoppable force means having one cassette define your basic fighting style while having another one define your magic. You may equip one tape that focuses on powerful attacks or does greater damage using weapons, and then equip a magic attack that makes you able to shoot fireballs. In a way, think of this customization kind of like playing a MegaMan game- in the sense that you equip yourself with certain attacks from enemies you've defeated to use against other enemies. Every even-numbered level (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) is a Boss battle level. Remember these boss battles because one aspect of beating bosses will be important in upgrading your skills.

Early on, you play the game on the easiest setting and work your way until you eventually complete the game for the first time. You will need to collect money to be able to purchase items to upgrade your abilities and to keep yourself maintained. As you beat bosses, you will earn Mythril that can be used to upgrade your tapes. Let me warn you- you may have to do some grinding of money and Mythril to really boost your skills. There are a number of items for you to pick up ranging from powerups to weapons. Weapons range from baseball bats to exploding barrels to... afro picks. Clearing the game on one difficulty level will unlock harder levels. And trust me- you will need to upgrade your skills before even thinking about taking on the tougher difficulty levels.

The brawling action itself is mostly standard issue Double Dragon action with some of the more popular enemies making appearances in the game. This includes everyone from the weak Williams enemies, to the whip-wielding Linda girls, to the beastly Abobo. A number of newer enemies fill the roster of characters to deliver the most frenzied brawler experience on modern consoles. Combat is very engaging while not feeling impossible or unfair. Only minor frustration can ensue in most battles.

If you are playing with a friend, you and your friend can engage in different moves and gestures to help out your bro. I've only played this game solo, so I can't say I've used the combo of Bruce and Jimmy Lee in Double Dragon Neon.

Those are most of the basics. Now on to my overall review of "Double Dragon Neon."

--- Double Dragon Neon: Final Thoughts/Review ---

Double Dragon Neon is a great classic-style game. The only real negatives of this game mostly involve the pace of the game and some of the battles. Even a modern mainstream gamer can appreciate the classic feel of one of gaming's great franchises. This game appeals to the old school gamer who loves a good fight. The game plays smoothly just about all game long with no hitches or lag. Any frustration one may have will be mostly minimal. You may even argue that this game maybe could use a few more classic elements and a few more classic enemies. Other than that, "Double Dragon Neon" is a new adventure in the Double Dragon series that feels every bit as enjoyable as any past Double Dragon. This is a classic Double Dragon game that still retains its old feel while not being too new to veterans of the franchise. It may not be of Final Fight or Streets of Rage brawler quality, but this game does have its distinct Double Dragon feel. I think anyone who enjoys old school brawling game action will enjoy this game. Guaranteed. Even if you know nothing of the Double Dragon franchise, this game will surely make you a fan of the series.

There is one thing about this game- this game is absolutely funny! In fact, when I beat the game for the first time, I couldn't stop laughing at the ending of the game. The humor is incredible and really keeps the game interesting. You can say whatever you want about Double Dragon Neon... just don't call it boring.

Video Preview.

Here is the official trailer to this game:

^ Double Dragon: Neon Trailer

Double Dragon is available on PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

Bonus Material!

You can listen to the entire Double Dragon Neon soundtrack by clicking on this link below. Enjoy!

Double Dragon Neon Official Soundtrack by Jake Kaufman

To learn more about WayForward and their other games, please visit The link to Double Dragon Neon on their site can be found here: Double Dragon Neon link on

That concludes my own personal review of "Double Dragon Neon." Go dole out justice proper and defeat Skullmageddon with these two guys. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

On April 24, 1990; the #HubbleSpaceTelescope went into orbit. Named after astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble, it has provided many beautiful images of space throughout the entirety of its time in orbit. It has literally been our eyes to the universe. So much of what we can see in our universe was made possible thanks in part to the Hubble Space Telescope. This post is more a digest rather than something detailed or something made for a school/college essay or report. I would want this to be a detailed post, but I decided to make this more a semi-casual post that still shares my overall respect for what the Hubble Space Telescope has provided.

This long video provides the greatest insight on this great telescope and just what it means to learning more about our universe:

^ "The Hubble Space Telescope: The Most Important Instrument Ever Built"

I also want to share this video, featuring some of the many beautiful images the Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture. This video only goes up to 2012, but it is worth watching if you want to see some amazing cosmic displays:

^ Hubble Space Telescope - The Best Images From Over Two Decades In Orbit

All I can say is that the Hubble Space Telescope is surely one of human's greatest creations. It has literally been our eye to the rest of the universe... not to mention an "eye" that has had to be repaired a time or two to enhance its abilities and what all it is able to capture about our universe.

If you want to take something away from this post, the main concept to grasp is that we live in a fascinating and awesome universe. We wouldn't know how much so had it not been for creations like the Hubble Space Telescope. Anything that helps open our eyes to the universe we live in is surely special and important. The Hubble Space Telescope has expanded our knowledge of our universe. So often these days, we learn more and more about our universe with the Hubble Space Telescope and through the many different advancements in research and development by various space exploration agencies and missions. Most of what we are able to see and observe is all mostly thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope.


As a special bit of thanks to you reading my blog post on the Hubble Space Telescope, I have provided some extra links as well as some little offers in case you're interested.

More Information on the Hubble Space Telescope
If you want some resources on the Hubble Space Telescope, I have prepared these links for you to visit. Take a look and enjoy:

About the Hubble Space Telescope|NASA
Hubble Space Telescope on Wikipedia
Edwin Hubble
Hubble Space Telescope turns 25 -

Telescopes Online
You can't have the Hubble Space Telescope, but you can have your own telescope if you fancy stargazing. So take a look at these items:

telescopes on Amazon
telescopes on eBay

I may add more material to this Resources section in the future, but that is all for now.

This has been a semi-casual post. Since the original date of this blog post is on April 24, 2015, let me say this:

Happy Silver (25th) birthday, Hubble Space Telescope!

I'll blog about almost anything, and I'm sure/hopeful you'll probably like it. I hope you appreciated my brief blog post taking a look at the Hubble Space Telescope. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Some sports cities have great athletes and great teams, yet fail to parlay that success into championships. Houston- my hometown- is one of several poor sports cities. It is consistently among the poorest sports cities in America. It is almost as if no matter how much you try to root on a team to win it all or go very far, they always seem to fall short. So most people would just feel like rooting on certain teams/athletes is just a lost cause because failure is inevitable. And in the case of sports cities, it is even more depressing when various teams representing a certain city or region just can't seem to win.

This blog post mostly concerns futility among sports cities and even futility among certain athletes and teams. So while this is about sports cities, this also pertains to individual athletes and teams.

--- Sports City Futility ---

Don't you hate it when your favorite team(s) of a certain city or such consistently fail? This post is for you. Let's go through some talking points.

Sports City Futility: The Woes of a Sports Fan.

Okay. Many of you know I was born and raised here in Houston. I love my Houston teams and athletes. I am a fan of teams like the Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Astros, the Houston Dynamo, the University of Houston athletics (sorry Rice!), and I sometimes root on Texas Southern University even though I make fun of them constantly. I even at times root on Sam Houston State University. What damage have these teams done in championship play? Well, as of the date of this initial typing of this post (April 16, 2015):

• The Houston Texans made the NFL Playoffs two straight years, failing to advance to the AFC Championship game. Their first Playoff appearance was in 2011 when they won the AFC South. They'd return in 2012 to the Playoffs. Both times, coincidentally, against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card game.

• The Houston Rockets have had great seasons, but the best ones were the two championship times- the 1993-1994 Houston Rockets and 1994-1995 Houston Rockets. Those were the good old Clutch City days. Since then? Playoff appearances... but never even making the NBA Finals since. Closest they came to the NBA Finals again was when the 1995-1996 Houston Rockets were defeated by the Utah Jazz and eliminated from the NBA Playoffs that season. The Rockets have never advanced past the first round since the 2008-2009 Houston Rockets did so.

• No one had the Houston Astros make the World Series in 2005. Many Astros have helped lift the franchise to prominence over the years- Alvin's own Nolan Ryan, Jose Lima, Joe Nierko, Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, and Jeff Bagwell among many others. Only once have the Houston Astros won 100 or more games, and that was the 1998 Houston Astros. The 2005 World Series was the farthest the Astros have EVER advanced in franchise history. Not only did the Astros not win the World Series, they lost every game in a sweep to the Chicago White Sox. That even included that marathon of a World Series game here in Houston that went from about 7:00 PM on one day to 2:00 AM the next day! Even worse about all of this? The Houston Astros have NEVER made the playoffs since the improbable 2005 World Series run.

• The Houston Dynamo won two league championships in Major League Soccer in their first two years. Since then? Lots of conference championships and postseason appearances... but no more titles since. It was getting so tiresome to see the Dynamo take on the Los Angeles Galaxy year after year, and fail to beat them time and time again. I would at least think a team like the Houston Dynamo would have more titles in Major League Soccer than what they really have. Almost as if the Dynamo are stuck on two titles when they probably could have many more championships. They just haven't won the Major League Soccer championship ever since, sadly...

• My biggest gripe as a University of Houston fan is to keep having to hear of "Phi Slamma Jamma" losing the National Championship twice. I have to keep hearing of North Carolina State beating my beloved Cougars in 1983 and even Georgetown beating UH in 1984. I do wish there was a time where the University of Houston can emerge, especially in the bigger sports.

Is Houston the only miserable sports city? Not at all. Other cities commonly in this funk include Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Cleveland among others. Something is to be said about having great teams and having great seasons, but never accomplishing the task of becoming champions of a league or winners of major events.

Sports City Futility: The "Can't Win" Mentality.

What do I mean about can't win places? Think about having a great team with great players... yet never coming together to become champions. Think of some of those same players playing for different teams and accomplishing what they couldn't do when playing for a certain team. Does this sound familiar to some of you? Here is a popular example- remember when a younger LeBron James played for Cleveland but could never win a championship, then he famously/notoriously decides to "take his talents to South Beach" and win NBA Championships with the Miami Heat? I was disgusted as a Houston Texans fan to see players like Jacoby Jones play hard for my beloved Texans... but never be part of a Super Bowl winning team until he joined the Baltimore Ravens. Recently, the great Andre Johnson went from the Houston Texans to play for the Indianapolis Colts. Maybe a sad Houston Rockets example was when the Rockets traded Robert Horry back in the 1990s. What did Horry do since? All Horry would do is win championships... for teams OTHER than the Houston Rockets. If you want an example of where the best teams and players just doesn't result in a championship, many people look to the tandem of John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz- nearly 20 years together, never winning the NBA championship.

As a Houston sports fan, it pains me to constantly feel like my favorite athletes and teams somehow are incapable of winning in certain cities and for certain teams. It is this sort of "can't win in Houston mentality" that has me disappointed. It is as if we are constantly coming up short or failing to ever emerge as champions. Or in some cases, having enough to be contenders, but not enough to be champions. Almost as if we should never be champions of any sport because... we are incapable of being champs. When many different teams from a different city or region have this sort of mentality or curse, things begin to feel depressing that you just can't seem to win championships in any sport. It depresses you as a sports fan.

The point of sporting competitions is to play hard enough to become champion. Some reach the top of the mountain; some others fail to. It gets frustrating when it seems like there is a force field or an invisible wall that disallows you from becoming the top team or the top athlete of a sport. When you can't seem to win, the "can't win..." mentality latches onto you and prevents you from becoming the best.

Sports Championship Futility Among Teams/Athletes.

Individual athletes and teams are also quite notorious for having extremely long droughts of championships. Some even wish they could become champs again. Here are some examples to prove the point.

• Most famously in American sports is the Chicago Cubs' championship drought. Cubs fans have had to go through the same old song and dance of not winning the World Series since their triumph back in 1907 and 1908.

• The Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, but that championship was the first championship for the franchise since 1918. The Red Sox would win two more titles since 2004 by winning in 2007 and 2013.

• In Australian Rules Football, there was a long drought as when the Sydney Swans last won the Australian Rules Football championship. They won the championship in 2005 after not having won the league championship since 1933. The Swans won only one other time since 2005 when they won the title in 2012.

I included this section to show that teams and cities can have long periods of not becoming champions, yet still have a chance to become champion. Winning it all a long time ago doesn't mean a team can no longer become champion again.

--- Sports City Futility: Final Thoughts ---

No matter what team(s) you love, no matter who your favorite athletes are, you want your beloved athletes and teams to win. When they can't seem to win, it feels like a continual struggle to become champion. Your unrelenting love for a sports team keeps you interested. However, and especially involving multiple teams representing one city or region, you hate it when all the hard work of teams you love go for nothing. You still love your team(s) because you want the team to succeed. The only problem is when it seems like certain sports teams from certain cities just can't seem to win no matter how great they are. That happens in sports. You just wish teams can stop failing and win more championships than they have at present.

Never stop rooting for your favorite teams and athletes. Never stop caring for your beloved teams. Some teams and athletes go through funks before finally emerging. Winning championships isn't inevitable, but it isn't impossible either. True fans stick to their teams and athletes no matter how rough things get. I am no fair weather fan. I remember the two seasons my Houston Texans finished 2-14. I remember when my Houston Astros won only 55 games, then only winning 53 the following season, then winning only 51 games in their American League debut. I stood by my teams despite the brutal records. I also hate that Houston teams and Houston-area teams consistently failed on the national stage and in championship events and tournaments. Yet still, you never give up hope.

In Case You Are Wondering...

Is this post mostly a cry and a release of my favorite team(s) woes? You [expletive] right!!! You'd feel the same way too if your team(s) can't seem to become champions or be better than what they eventually show. But of course, this post applies to others who feel the same way about certain teams falling short of championship glory consistently.

That's it for this post. I hope you sports fans enjoyed it and can relate to many of the different things I discussed. Let me know what you think about the issues discussed here.
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wanderlust is a passionate desire to see the world. For those with wanderlust, someone may be from a certain place, but the entire world is his/her home. A lot of fashion bloggers I follow often go worldwide and see many places. There is truly nothing wrong with being a world traveler. Nothing wrong with wanting to see the world. This blog post is a casual and quick blog post regarding wanderlust.

Let's break down the word "wanderlust" for a moment. Wandering is basically wanting to go to certain places... just because you want to. Lust is essentially insatiable desire and passion for something. Of course, lust is more associated with sexual desire for someone. Because, of course, we live in a sex-crazed world and everything has to have some sort of romanticism or sex connected to it. Anyhow- combine wander and lust and what each term entails, and you get wanderlust- a passionate desire to go anywhere you please.

One thing I usually wonder is... how do such types prepare these travel destinations? At least on Facebook or Instagram or somewhere, it seems like someone visits one location and then quickly visits some other locations in short order. Almost as if the goal is to go from one place to another quickly. Some people ever want to go to one or more specific places in the world and not see any place else. Some others- especially certain fashion bloggers and some other online personalities- they set up certain vacations going through certain countries or going to certain cities. Some others even simply just travel and take all kinds of modeling pictures. No matter what the case, seeing the world and traveling the world surely has its appeal. Nothing is wrong with you if you have wanderlust. It just means you have a true desire and passion to see the world and have your own adventures. If anything, this should make you proud and have something to be proud of.

Finally, to conclude this post, here is a little video for you all:

^ "8 Signs You Have Wanderlust"

Have you any of these signs?

That concludes another blog post of "John's Blog Space." For discussion sake:

Have you wanderlust? How do you feel about having such a passion to travel? What would you recommend to someone who may have a case of wanderlust?

Another post is wrapped up. Thank you for your involvement and for taking time out of your day to visit my blog. I am hopeful you enjoyed your time here. Be sure to visit my other blogs as well as read my other posts here on "John's Blog Space." Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Rugby football is one of the most intense forms of football anywhere in the world. It is a gritty sport all about hard-hitting football. It is all about getting into scrums and lateraling the ball to players to score tries. If you have never seen rugby football before, get ready for an intense experience! This blog post is about rugby football, and it is more of a general digest rather than something real serious.

NOTE: I will use "match" a lot to refer to games, but I know that rugby games are called "tests." Most of my research comes from Wikipedia. This is a VERY old blog post I had planned but never released. Evidence of this is in the fact there were old formatting codes I had used in the creation of this post.

--- Rugby at a Glance ---

Let's talk rugby!

rugby football
^ from: - Get ready for fast-paced, hard-hitting football that only rugby can provide.

I was first introduced to rugby back in about... maybe 1999. My brother and I were watching FOX Sports World (now FOX Soccer Channel) when we would see matches involving some of the world's best rugby teams. I think I'd see a lot of New Zealand rugby.

Now when it comes to world rugby, I am most impartial to Tri-Nations Rugby. Tri-Nations Rugby has three of the finest clubs in the world: the South Africa Springboks, and of course- rivals Australia Wallabies and the New Zealand All-Blacks. In fact, a lot of the South Pacific teams have some great rugby teams. Fiji comes to mind and even Tonga. Fiji is probably the only other South Pacific power in rugby besides New Zealand. One thing I always enjoy watching New Zealand rugby are the haka routines. The rivalry I most enjoy in rugby is the rivalry between the Australia Wallabies and the New Zealand All-Blacks. From my research, what used to be Tri-Nations is now the Rugby Championship. The Rugby Championship is the South Africa Springboks, the Australia Wallabies, the New Zealand All-Blacks, and the Argentina Pumas.

As I began to learn more about other rugby teams worldwide. Watching YouTube videos and remembering certain other matches I've seen introduced me to other good rugby teams. They include (but are not limited to) England, Wales, and France among others. I think I have even seen Japan and Hong Kong in YouTube videos on rugby. As an American, I do cheer on America's rugby team. I would love to see the USA Rugby team become a power (or at least a contender) in the world rugby ranks.

College Rugby.

Rugby is competitive even in the collegiate ranks. The men's championship has seen the Golden Bears of the University of California become a national power in men's rugby. The only other teams to be National Champions besides California include Texas A&M, Harvard, San Diego State, and Air Force. The women's side of collegiate rugby has mostly seen Stanford and Penn State as powerhouse programs. There are even championships in lower divisions for smaller schools.

The NCAA doesn't regulate rugby. It is instead regulated by the International Rugby Board, USA Rugby, and a handful of different unions.

Women's Rugby.

Yes- there are female players not afraid to get physical on the rugby pitch! The ladies of rugby play about as hard as the men. How hard can girls play rugby? Here is a sample:

Ouch! Girls play just as hard as boys, you know!

--- Rugby Football vs. Gridiron Football ---

Now comes the most common deal. What makes rugby different from traditional American football? Well, here are some of the biggest differences- no helmets, no pads, no first downs... everything is more on-the-fly and more fast-paced than a traditional game of gridiron football. There are also no plays, no timeouts, and you have two halves of play. You have two 40-minute halves in rugby compared to four 15-minute quarters. You have to be hockey player tough to play rugby. Basically, rugby is like basketball- fast-paced and physical.

Maybe you've seen a gridiron football game and heard of a pooch punt or a rugby punt. Such a punt (often also called a pooch punt in gridiron football) originated from rugby. It is a swift kick that sends the ball downfield from an athletic kicker. If you have seen an actual rugby test, you may see one team punt the ball to the other team even as they try to advance the ball.

Unlike the 11 players that take the field in gridiron football, rugby union features 15 players- eight forwards and seven backs that take the field at once. You don't have the usual offense, defense, and special teams like in gridiron football. And when it comes to possession, you are allowed six tackles as your team has possession in rugby league. Possession changes if you're tackled for a sixth time. There are lots of scrums in rugby to see who possesses the ball. Rugby usually allows you to have six tackles per possession much like you have four downs in gridiron football (or three downs for you Canadian Football League fans). There's only a scrum in gridiron football when there's a fumble.

In rugby, you have to down the ball in the end zone to score a try. You can either run into the end zone and put the ball down, slide into the end zone with the ball, or you can dive into the end zone with the ball. You just have to take the ball into the end zone and down it. Gridiron football just has you score a touchdown by possessing the ball or by crossing the plane. Try attempts can be reviewed from the booth much like in gridiron football. A try is worth five points. In gridiron football, you kick the ball from the opposing team's 3-yard line after a touchdown to score an extra point. In rugby, you can convert after a try to go for two more points. I am going to use to explain this because I am unsure how to explain conversions: conversions must be taken at least ten meters from the goal line and in a straight line from where the try was scored. The ball must be kicked between the uprights for the conversion to be successful. MUCH tougher than a simple extra point.

Oh, and if you want to know what rugby is like as far as hits are concerned, this video shows you the REAL difference between rugby football and gridiron football... ;)

And you think only American athletes hit hard? Think again! Remember- these guys don't wear helmets or pads. Got to love rugby! :D

I am not completely educated on rugby, so please feel free to correct me on things I get wrong. Do this for myself and for my many readers worldwide who visit John's Blog Space. Where are the loyal readers?

--- Rugby Sevens ---

The way I understand sevens, it is seven-on-seven rugby with seven-minute halves. I read on Wikipedia that Sevens have 7-minute halves and a one-minute halftime. I have also read that the Sevens game originated in the Greenyards at Melrose in Scotland.

So this is VERY fast-paced. Here is a video sample of a Sevens match. It was a 2007 match between Fiji vs. New Zealand held in Hong Kong:

I guess for my fellow gridiron football fans, think of rugby sevens more like seven-on-seven football.

--- Rugby Football: Final Thoughts ---

Rugby football is both gritty and exciting. Its fast pace and grueling nature make it exciting to watch. A good deal of physical prowess is needed to shine in rugby whether playing in Sevens or in a full rugby game. As an American, I do cheer on the USA Rugby team. I do want to see them become as fearful a team as most of the other powerful teams, such as New Zealand, Australia, England, Wales, France, and teams like that. Rugby football is really fun to watch from the passes and scrums to the tackles. So if you've never seen a game of rugby, you're in for something special. Trust me.


Here are some semi-random resources for you all in regards to rugby. Take a look:

World Rugby and World Rugby Sevens Series
World Rugby Shop
USA Rugby and USA Women's Rugby
USA College Rugby
Rugby News on EuroSport
Rugby Week

I will surely add more resources in edits. If there are any resources that you think my readers would benefit from with this topic, feel free to contact me online.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you did and if you want more of my material, make sure you're Subscribed and Followed. These are the best ways to keep up with my blog and all of its content. Thank all of you for your continued support and your reading. Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Something is expected, but something else happens. The struggle of expectation vs. reality is common. Some feel like failures for not meeting expectations. Reality, however, shows what truly happens when even attempting to meet expectations. Some people try to meet expectations but don't have enough drive or focus to stay within trying to meet certain expectations or goals. Common expectations most people have are to exercise and eat right. That's EXPECTATION... so what is reality? Many of us sleep and eat [unhealthy foods] instead of exercise and eat healthier foods. Some expectations and reality scenarios are less serious. As a personal example, I bought "The LEGO Movie" on DVD/Blu-Ray months ago. Expectation: watch the movie. Reality: never seen it. (By the way- don't review or spoil the movie for me!)

Let's set the mood with a picture or two. This one just to identify this blog post:
expectations vs. reality
^ from: - Expectations relate to ideals or what one would assume. Reality relates to what truthfully is happening. The parallel between the two is a big part of what goes on in our lives.

And here is a comical, cute, ...yet very realistic idea of expectations vs. reality:
expectations vs. reality Pusheen cat
^ from: - Expectations vs. reality. This is Pusheen the Cat demonstrating a few things expected, and what reality is happening or eventually happens.

Personally, this is why I can care less about expectations. It is also why I don't make New Year's Resolutions. Only thing I suggest is just to live. Make good and bad decisions and learn to live with the consequences of making such decisions on the fly. So when looking at expectations and reality, always try to work on things you know you can work on and try to do things as best as you can. You're not the worst person in the world just because you fail to meet expectations or constantly fail at trying to meet expectations or goals. Don't beat yourself too badly if you consistently fail at trying to do something you know you can be better at. I am not being soft here- I am being real and honest. I know there are things I know I can do better but fail to actually do. Once you start getting too hard on yourself, that's when you have an even worse time trying to do things right and be easier to bring down. And when you're brought down, that makes meeting expectations and accomplishing goals even harder.

It is human nature to have such expectations yet not meet all or many expectations set. Life ultimately is about trying to work out as many different issues in your life, but I have seen life to be more about doing what you can with each individual thing you want to change for the better. The real challenge is in trying not to be too down on yourself on things you know you can change but fail to actually do something about. I know from experience- consistently feeling like I can never accomplish any sort of goals eventually makes me feel like I'm worthless and unable to reach any sort of goals.

The parallel between expectations and reality are very telling, but trying to meet most expectations without too much compromise is often one of life's greatest challenges.

That's it for another "John's Blog Space" post. Care to discuss? Here's my question to you all for debate:

How do you deal with expectations vs. reality? What would you recommend to people dealing with this issue?

I am hopeful you found some value with this topic. Please Subscribe and Follow if you enjoyed my work and want more. I am thankful to have so much valuable support from a worldwide audience who cares about my blogging work. Be sure to have a great day/night. Remember to get social with me if you love my work. There are MANY ways to do so- most of them are through looking at the "About Me" tab on the top bar of this blog. So connect with me any way you like! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

In life, many of us are seen as good or bad to others. We are either those who bring happiness and joy, or we may be those who cause trouble. So we are all heroes and villains to many others. We may be the go-to source for help or the ones up to no good. One person may seem to be someone who may possess qualities of both a hero and a villain, but is fairly neutral. Some heroes can possess villain attributes. Some villains can possess heroic attributes. This post is a look at heroes/heroines and villains/villainesses. Now, this is not a post about any specific ones- it is basically a post of being seen or regarded as a friend or as an enemy.

This was actually a blog post of a topic I had planned long ago, yet never completed or released until now.

--- Qualities of Heroes and Villains ---

Here is a picture I found to set the mood:

heroes and villains
^ from: - Either you are a hero/heroine to others, or you are a villain/villainess to others. How you are perceived depends on who you are around and how he/she/they feel in your presence. Which side do you stand? Which side do you want to stand in some peoples' lives?

Most people seen along the lines of heroes or villains are based on qualities they have and how people perceive these qualities. How is someone at handling himself/herself in certain situations? Is there always something with that person?

In the case of heroes/heroines, these are people whom are innocent and likable. They represent those who don't get into trouble or cause trouble. They always seem to do the right thing and always seem to be the ones making decisions for the well-being of others. So when a hero somehow does wrong, the amount of trust others have in heroes feels threatened. Almost as if whom one sees as a hero isn't exactly a hero in terms of always making the right decisions and doing the right things to protect others (including the hero's/heroine's image to others).

In the case of villains, these are people whom always seem to be up to something or have some sort of agenda that makes them seem suspicious or worthy of dislike. They never seem to be of any good and are commonly causing trouble or making fools of themselves. A villain in the classical sense is never supposed to have malice or regard for the well-being of innocent and trustworthy people and entities. Some who may see a villain as slowly becoming a hero may somehow think differently of a certain evil character.

Sometimes (and in some stories), someone who is a hero ultimately becomes a villain, and some villains end up becoming heroes. Plot twists and changes in various things help provide this sort of drama that keeps things interesting. Some people are completely neutral or just about neutral- not a villain, but not exactly a hero either. Passing judgment on such people is shaky at best. Such imbalances in good and evil pertains to real life in addition to fiction.

Basic Heroes and Villains in Fiction.

In various forms of fiction, you have a handful of personalities who act as heroes and villains. Some actors can portray the ultimate heroes... and some the ultimate villains. Some seem completely natural always trying to be the one to save the day and provide hope. Some others are natural in being a polarizing and fearful figure. And then, there are some are too much of good people to be on the villain side. Or maybe someone is too vile to ever take on a heroic role. There are also characters that go from hero to villain or villain to hero.

Besides "traditional" heroes and villains, there are some heroes and villains who have to work together to defeat a common enemy or enemies. To give you an example of a hero-villain team, imagine if Batman and The Joker had to work together to defeat a certain enemy.

Heroic Villains and Villainous Heroes.

I'll define this section to relate to those who perform actions from the other side to reach certain outcomes. Most people think of Robin Hood in this regard- stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Heroes usually don't commit crimes or perform evil acts to try to protect others. Sometimes, though... you have to play the enemy's game to beat the enemy.

Lots of people in our lives can be heroes or villains depending on what we think they represent to us in our lives and what they do to make us think they are heroes or villains. Someone you love may also be someone who you may secretly despise. So these matters vary from person to person. You may be happily in love with someone, but there may be someone else just looking to break up your relationship out of jealousy or anger. Someone may always show up at an unusual and unexpected time who seems incredibly suspicious. Certain actions or qualities of others will either lower or heighten the level of panic or concern.

As important as recognizing heroes and villains are, dealing with them is even more critical. Certain things you may do or say can intensify love or hate among yourself and the other person or other people. I've had people whom hated me that eventually loved me. Enemies turned friends and friends turned enemies are all a part of society and life. How you balance the scales dealing with heroes and villains depends entirely on you.

Your Hero AND Your Villain: Frenemies.

You might have a friend who also serves as your enemy. Enter the realm of "frenemies." A frenemy is both your friend AND your enemy. It is possible a frenemy will enjoy your successes, but then wait for the right moment to express his/her evil intents to you. It is possible you may not share a solid friendly bond with a frenemy. Sort of like a complicated bond. Or sometimes, a frenemy may hate everything you stand for but is willing to fight with you to eliminate a common enemy. Frenemies can be as much as heroes/villains as any true hero or true villain (as you perceive them to be).

Pro Wrestling as a Hero/Villain Example.

Let's look at heroes and villains from something I am familiar with- professional wrestling. No better place you can sense heroes and villains than in professional wrestling. Storylines help add a little flavor to professional wrestling, and people willingly choose whether to accept or decline them.

In professional wrestling speak, heroes and villains are respectively referred to as faces (heroes in this case) and heels (villains in this case). Faces represent all that is good and of good character. They usually make all the right decisions (or seemingly all the right decisions) and are very well-liked among fans. Heels represent all that is evil with characters up to no good. Such heels play dirty and are often disliked by fans. Certain personalities can instantly change the flow of an organization from the promotion he/she represents by performing certain actions. Here is an example- a well-liked wrestler may attack another well-liked figure in an unexpected way and at an inopportune time. Beating that person leads to one face to turn heel. Likewise, a pro wrestling heel may turn face by beating down another heel. There are also factions in pro wrestling which give you a sort of team to either root for or despise. Certain alliances help fuel chemistry among given people. Keeping up with these storylines adds some value to watching pro wrestling.

The ability to play the role as someone good or evil lends itself to certain personalities that help define them while in the business. But if you want examples of heroic figures and villain figures, pro wrestling is one such media to follow.

The main points on this topic have now been expressed. Please check out the next section now.

--- Are There Ever True Heroes or Villains? ---

Let me look to sports to provide the answer to this question. Certain athletes are seen as heroes because of what they've done while playing sports. Think of the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Joe Paterno, Jim Boeheim, Hope Solo, and people like that. They have all been regarded highly for their successes in sports. However, they all have been among the ones whom have cheated for using performance enhancing drugs and things like that. Some people looked to such figures as some of the premier athletes their respective sports. But because they've cut corners to become such celebrated figures, many people disregard and dismiss such personalities. Some even say they've given a black eye to the sports they've contributed to.

You can praise someone for as much as you can or hate someone for as much as you can. I don't necessarily think there are any true heroes or true villains. To say such figures exist mean they ALWAYS do what they do for the better of one's personality and character- whether good or bad (depending on what someone deems good or bad). You can have inspirations, but I don't really believe in heroes or villains. Not everyone has always done the right thing or always did the wrong things. Just as much as nothing is perfect, no one is any kind of true hero or true villain. Some people whom you see as heroes have done things you're not going to disagree with or like; and I am not just talking about people who did wrong in the past but have since cleaned up their image.

I at least don't think there is a such thing as a true hero or a true villain, and I don't think there ever will be. People and entities do good and bad things- sometimes great deeds and disgusting conduct. However, I don't think someone will be a true hero or true villain to others. Some people flip the script so many times that not even some other people regard or care being considered a heroic figure or an evil figure.

The notion of a true hero or a true villain is that one is one is supposed to always do the right or wrong thing depending on what others deem right or wrong. Certain qualities and actions of others lend themselves to one being likable as a hero or worthy of dislike as a villain. As much as you aren't going to truly agree/disagree with any one person, you likely aren't going to always regard someone as a complete hero or role model. Whether or not we love and respect someone depends entirely on the sum of one's positives and negatives. That even includes seeing people in our lives as heroes/heroines and villains/villainesses. No one is truly a true hero or even a true villain. Most people are true heroes and true villains in our lives only in the sense that some of their qualities boastfully and brightly speak of their character. Only thing I will say is that certain actions will make certain people be defined best by those actions. So if one is best known as being a molester or committed an negative action that far outweighs any positive qualities, then that purely defines the balance of one being a hero/heroine or a villain/villainess.

--- Heroes and Villains: Final Thoughts ---

Every one of us have heroes and villains in our lives. We all have certain agendas and feelings towards us that make us unique. It is purely natural to have or associate people as heroes and villains. Some people may see others as genuine, and they may see certain others as shady. No matter who you regard as a hero or a villain, you may equally be seen as a hero or a villain to others. You are as much a compliment or a threat to others as others may think of you. Some people may even flip the script and start becoming more like a heroic figure or a villain figure to you. All of us will have heroes and villains in our lives. It is as much a spice of life as variety is. Even people who take on dark or questionable lifestyles are subject to being heroes or villains in the lives of certain people. Someone who may exhibit himself/herself to be a diva and be completely unsociable may actually be someone friendly and helpful to certain other people.

No matter what, we are all heroes and villains to various people. How we are perceived makes all the difference in whether we are helpful or threats. It may also be possible for some people to be both helpful AND hurtful. No matter what, there is a unique (and sometimes playful) quality of being both good and bad in the eyes of others.

Believe it or not, this is a VERY old topic I wanted to release a long time ago. It wasn't until recently that I decided to post this topic for discussion. Feel free to offer your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to offer some discussion and express certain points, such as...

What do you think about the notion of heroes and villains? Of what level of importance do you see being a hero or villain in someone's life? Do you think it is possible to be both a hero and a villain at the same time?

You are welcome to chat about this issue. Also feel free to share my blog and its posts if they interest you (I do my best to make all of my material interesting enough to share). Thank you for reading!

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"Iz it om nom nom time?" Sure! Burger Cat is a casual puzzle game. Lead the cat to the hamburger waiting at another point of the level. Doing so isn't easy, as you will need to modify levels to safely reach the burgers. Oh, and enjoy all the Internet memes- there's PLENTY of them here. This blog post is my own review of "Burger Cat." Meow!

NOTE: There are two Burger Cat games- one by Ravenous Games and one by Woblyware. This blog post pertains to the Flash version developed by Woblyware.

--- Burger Cat (Flash Version) ---

I am discussing the Flash version of Burger Cat. Here is a picture of the Flash version of this game:

Burger Cat Flash Woblyware
^ from: - I can haz cheezburger? Help the cat reach that delicious hamburger in each level while avoiding certain obstacles and modifying the level.

There is no real story to the Flash version. According to the iOS version, this is the would-be story to Burger Cat:


A cat was going to prepare hamburgers while also using a certain ingredient- nitroglycerin. Yep... not a good idea, because the Burger Cat's burgers went all across the land. It is up to you to help Burger Cat get back his burgers.

According to what I read, Woblyware made the first game while Ravenous Games made the iOS-exclusive overhaul of Burger Cat. The Flash version has 40 levels, and the iOS version has 85 levels. So I'm reviewing the original here.


Burger Cat requires you to try to recover a hamburger in each level. Here is how Burger Cat works:

Each level begins with Burger Cat expressing his hunger. You will find the cat and the hamburger. Your job is to help the cat reach the hamburger by modifying parts of the level to help him safely reach the burger. You will have to either add or delete certain items to help the cat safely reach the hamburger. Doing so will have you to utilize certain resources, which you have only a set number of. Think about how you want to attack the course before trying to set up the path. When you have an idea of what the safest path will be, release the cat. Once the cat is released, he will cutely scour the land to try to reach the hamburger. Modify the level so that the cat reaches the hamburger. If you can successfully get the cat to the hamburger, you won the level and will advance to the next level. If the cat touches a dangerous object or falls off, you failed the level and you must try again. Can you complete all 40 of this game's puzzles?

There are a lot of items at your disposal to modify levels. You have only a set amount of certain items to help you along the way. Among others:

• Magic Wand - adds terrain blocks to the level. Useful as platforms or stairs.

• Pickaxe - deletes terrain blocks.

• Spring - allows the cat to jump to reach high points or clear chasms.

• Rubber Mouse - allows the cat to change direction, especially to avoid certain obstacles while navigating the land.

• Dog Bone - in later levels, allows the cat to avoid being attacked by the dog. It works like the Rubber Mouse in that it will change the direction of the dog in case the dog is nearing the cat. Place it in the direction opposite of where the dog is pacing.

• Umbrella - projects the cat from being doused by toxic water drops. Limited usage.

Some later levels also have features such as keys and doors to unlock. Later levels also are longer. So you will need to really think about how to help the cat get to the burger in each of the different levels.

Now that you have an idea of how the game works, it's time I offer a review of "Burger Cat." Head over to the next section.

--- Burger Cat (Flash): Review ---

Burger Cat is nothing too intense as a puzzle game. Despite the various Internet memes uttered by the cat, this is a very fun puzzle game to play. It is challenging without being overly difficult. The most fun part of the game is simply watching the cat go across the terrain and won't stop until he gets to the hamburger in each level. Then after that, it's feeding time! It's such a cool game and not a bad way to waste some time online. Only thing you could probably complain against "Burger Cat" is a lack of variety in environments. Other than that, this is a very cool game to play.

Normally, I would share a video with you to show you what the game is like. However, and in fear of spoiling some of the game's puzzles, I decided not to feature a video. Do you want to play "Burger Cat?" Here is a link to the game for you to play in your browser:

"Burger Cat" on FOG

For more information on Woblyware and their other games, please visit

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you are interested in the iOS version of Burger Cat, find it on iTunes here: "Burger Cat" on iTunes.

Thank you for visiting "John's Blog Space!" With some of the many Flash-based games I've reviewed recently, part of me is considering offering some of these games to be embedded either in blog posts or on a certain page. It is something I may experiment in the future. You may let me know if you would actually play certain Flash games I reviewed by contacting me or by chatting with me on my Facebook fan page. I am also considering making a proper portfolio online of my online work ranging from art to music. That is just to have a more proper way of showcasing my work. Anyhow, I appreciate you coming here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cheerleading in itself is positive and engaging, but what happens when you compete to be the best cheer team? You get competitive cheerleading- one of the fastest-growing sports. Or IS it a sport? This blog post showcases the realm of competitive cheerleading and why it has become such a popular sport. I'll also discuss if indeed we should look at this as a sport. Time to go to work again.

--- Competitive Cheerleading ---

Competitive cheerleading is what this blog post is all about. Here is a sample image to set the mood:

competitive cheerleading
^ from: - Stand up and cheer! These cheerleaders have the spirit and are ready to put on a show hopefully better than any other cheer team they are contending with.

Competitive cheerleading is all about more than just psyching up the crowd. You have to be able to wow the crowd with exciting moves, great synergy, and crowd involvement. One false move could destroy an entire performance. You certainly don't want that when you've practiced for so long to come up with a solid performance. In competitive cheerleading, the focus is on putting together quality routines. You don't just focus on one specific part of the dance routine- you are looking at everyone trying to put together the most complete package through the duration of the performance. Sure, there are individual sections and portions of cheerleading routines that are part of the whole performance, but the key is on trying to put everything together as best as possible with a few drop off points as possible. All of these aspects go into the final score judges will determine in grading an entire performance.

Most of these competitive cheerleading competitions mostly involve cheerleading companies and teams. There are competitions for various cheerleading teams ranging from grade school, colleges and universities, cheerleading companies, and even various international teams. Some of the famous teams here in America include Top Gun All-Stars, Stingray Allstars, and Spirit of Texas, Cheer Extreme, Shooting Stars among others. A few of these cheer programs have individual categories and separate teams. Most of these competitions take place usually around Spring time and into the Summer. Rather than just basic cheerleading, there are competitive cheerleading competitions involving different competitions, such as hip-hop dancing for example. Sanctioning these competitions are groups such as the UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association) and the NCA (National Cheerleading Association).

Judges who watch these routines are looking for exciting moves and involvement with the crowd. It pays if your team challenges some difficult routines and routines with a substantial degree of difficulty. You are going to make mistakes- just don't regularly make mistakes. Put it all together with proficiency, and your team will win top honors in these cheerleading competitions.

Competitive Cheerleading Samples.

Let me provide you videos now. This will give you an idea of certain dance routines and what makes these competitive cheerleading competitions popular. Take a look at these videos for some perspective (thank all the YouTube channels that allowed for their videos to be embedded):

Here is one of the popular cheer teams I mentioned previously:

^ "Top Gun All-Stars Large Coed NCA 2014 National Champs"

Here is a college competition:

^ "2015 University Of Alabama ALL-GIRL Winning Performance National Cheerleading Championship"

This is a hip-hop dance routine by Louisiana State University (LSU, of course):

^ "UDA College Dance Team National Championship Hip Hop 2014 LSU Tiger Girls"

This video features some international competition. Here is Japan putting on a show on the dance stage:

^ "Japan Cheer ALL FEMALE Cheerleading World Championships WC 2009"

Finally, I am including this video only to demonstrate "degree of difficulty." The cheer team in this one stumbles on a lot of the routines, but the degree of difficulty in putting everything together is insane. This makes you appreciate just how difficult it is to put these moves together and make a solid performance. Check it out:

^ "Japan Team 1 - 2011 Cheerleading (best one)"

So now you have some perspective on what all competitive cheerleading is all about.

--- Competitive Cheerleading: The "Bring it On" Influence ---

Many movie buffs will likely credit the aspect of competitive cheerleading to the "Bring it On" movie series. Here is a trailer of the first "Bring it On" movie from back in 2000. This video is offered to give you an idea of "Bring it On" and its influence on competitive cheerleading:

^ "Bring It On Official Trailer #1 - Holmes Osborne Movie (2000) HD"

Now for some of the finer points of the sport... or IS it one? Next section awaits!

--- Competitive Cheerleading: Sport? ---

Some people love to question whether certain athletic feats or competitions are sports, especially those that don't seem like proper sports. I called competitive cheerleading as a sport. Does that mean it really is one? To me, I think competitive cheerleading IS a sport. You would need to have your head examined if you feel that anyone can compete in competitive cheerleading. Even out-of-shape, overweight people like myself probably wouldn't be able to complete even one routine even if I was properly trained on doing so. You certainly need to be fit and athletic to be able to pull off the various moves and routines executed by these cheerleaders.

Another aspect of sports is the ability to teach the sport to others and expand the sport. That is certainly true with competitive cheerleading. The example I can hark to is in certain nations worldwide learning and adopting the style of such dance routines among cheer teams. In international competitive cheerleading competitions, some nations are fairly new or not as experienced in competitive cheerleading, such as Finland or Sweden. You have different cheer teams ranging in age range from children to adolescents.

On the merits of these two aspects, competitive cheerleading is very much a sport. Or look at it this way- at least competitive cheerleading is more of a sport than, say... poker, which sports networks show on TV as if it were a proper sport.

--- Competitive Cheerleading: Final Thoughts ---

As one of the most popular and fastest-growing sports, competitive cheerleading is fun to watch and is often times quite exciting. Seeing such choreographed moves and routines executed fluidly is something to savor and enjoy. The competitive aspect of cheerleading lends itself to being worth watching. That drive to be better and push harder makes competitive cheerleading as moving as any more proper sport. And most of all, I credit competitive cheerleading as being positive. Nothing is as uplifting and positive as cheerleading. It is great fun if you ask me.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here is some other material of mine that may interest you on this topic:

"Cheerleading" (John's Blog Space)
^ Here is my umbrella post regarding all things cheerleading.

"Cheerleader Chic" (StyleSpace by JBM)
This is a fashion-based post about cheerleading fashion.

Most of the stuff I tried to explain have been complete.

--- Competitive Cheerleading: Resources ---

The resources I'll provide are mostly of cheer companies that I mentioned earlier. Take a look at these companies:

Top Gun All-Stars
Stingray All-Stars
Cheer Extreme
Cheer Athletics
Georgia Allstars
Spirit of Texas
Fierce All Stars
World Cup Allstar Cheerleading

Here are various other resources for cheerleading fans:
UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association)
NCA (National Cheerleading Association)
USASF (United States All-Star Federation)

Inside Cheerleading Magazine

I may add more resources in case this post gets popular or if anyone can suggest extra material relevant to this topic.

That is all for this post. If you want to discuss this topic, here is my discussion for you all:

What are your thoughts on competitive cheerleading? Do you consider it a sport? What do you like/dislike about competitive cheerleading?

I had to try to mix things up after mostly doing game reviews. Remember- this blog (and my others) are all about anything and everything. Random topics at random times. That's the beauty of this blog since I started opening this blog to many more topics than I used to only focus on. Anyhow, I'm hopeful you enjoyed your time here. If you did, please subscribe and follow if you haven't done so already. Get social with me on social media to share your love of my work further. That's all from here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

"FIST!" Animal rights activists may not approve of "Fist of Awesome" by I Fight Bears. Then again, they may even boycott a game design studio with a name of "I Fight Bears." But for us gamers... who gives a flying crap? "Fist of Awesome" is made by Nicoll Hunt of the British development studio "I Fight Bears" and features a lumberjack trying to rescue humanity from bears, who have become the dominant species in the world. This lumberjack has a golden ally- one big fist! Can this lumberjack save humanity? You're going to need to utilize these skills and more to take down these evil forces. This blog post is my own sort of review based on my playing of "Fist of Awesome."

NOTE: My review and thoughts are based on my experience playing the OUYA version of "Fist of Awesome."

--- Fist of Awesome ---

Fist of Awesome
^ from: (click this link to buy on Google Play) - "Ever wanted to punch a bear in the mouth?".

"Fist of Awesome" is a brawler game where most of your enemies are wild animals and (of course) bears. You play as Tim Burr, a lumberjack who was enjoying time with his family until something unusual happened. The forest gets set on file, Tim's house is on fire, and his family is missing. All the while, Tom has an epic living fist ready to knock out those evil creatures and retake control of humanity. That epic left hand will be put to good use and will be a great weapon in the quest to rescue humanity. Standing in your way of saving humanity are lots of grizzly beasts with and without clothes.

This game consists of two modes- Legend and Arena. Legend has you running the main storyline of "Fist of Awesome," and Arena is a mode dedicated more towards deathmatch and handling waves of enemies. Most of my experience playing this game is mostly through Legend mode. Progress in these modes earn you experience good for upgrading characters. Upgrading characters allows you to enhance the main attributes while playing the game. The attributes you can configure include the following:

• Health: increases more health so you can last longer.
• Attack: increases attack power when performing regular attacks.
• Speed: increases speed so you can execute attacks quicker and move faster.
• Special: increases the power of Special attacks.

The game involves some time travel, and you will be venturing through some times to take down the bears and other animals that have taken over as dominant species. Upgrade your abilities to keep pace against the beasts. You will be taking on these beasts in vastly pixelated glory. You even get to enjoy some cool sounds and even hearing "FIST!" when that epic fist is used. The game uses an Auto-Save system. So when you're defeated, you start off at the last scene you were working on before being knocked out. In fact, when I started working on this blog post again, I was NEVER defeated in the Normal difficulty setting until I started being defeated for the first time in any level.

A few things to be wary of in this game... there is a little bit of bad language with "damn" and "hell" being used, but this game isn't entirely some mature-level game. I'll put it like this- it is less mature than when I reviewed "Fist Puncher."

--- Fist of Awesome: Final Thoughts and Review ---

"Fist of Awesome" has a great feel to it as a brawler. However, I think the pace of the game is rather slow compared to the classic brawler games that inspired this game. People who may see this game for the first time ever may easily say this is an ugly-looking game because of its pixelated graphics. PLEASE do not fall into the trap of thinking this game isn't worth playing just because of its graphics! If you look beyond the pixelated look of this game, you'll see this game performs just as brilliantly as any other brawler game. And it isn't as if this game is too ugly looking to be worth playing. Cool music is in this game. "Fist of Awesome" has some great humor, and some of the jokes are pretty funny.

The only things I'd change about this game is a little more variety in enemy types as well as more methods to dole out punishment. I would add more abilities, maybe some items and weapons to clear out waves of enemies faster, and most importantly, find ways to make the game feel faster. Those are things I'd look at if "Fist of Awesome" were to have a sequel or a complete upgrade. Something indifferent would be the ability to have different characters to use and maybe even some multiplayer action. After all, beat-em-ups are more fun and easier when you bring along a buddy or more.

Video Preview.

This video is your first look at "Fist of Awesome" in case you were compelled by my review of this game. Click the link below the video if you can't view embedded media:

^ "FIST OF AWESOME - PC & Mac Release"

For More Information...

Visit for more information on "Fist of Awesome."

That concludes this blog post.

It is a great pleasure of you to visit my blog. I hope you have yourself an amazing day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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