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Live Stream Dream

My #LiveStreamDream has come true! Through and with Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio), I made my first-ever live stream. It was a learning experience for me. This blog post explains some things I learned. You will get some insight on me putting this all together and how I thought I did with my first live stream. So I first want to thank you for visiting my blog. Keep reading on for some of my thoughts in making my first live stream.

My Live Stream Dream!

Since joining Twitch early in January 2017, I became a regular on Twitch trying to find all sorts of material. I got involved with streams and even tried to find channels I liked. I had the dream of making my own live stream of some kind. As I was putting together material to make that dream come true, I knew I had a chance to be my own superstar. And unlike some things in my life, dreams were realized and came true.

I made the hashtag #LiveStreamDream to showcase my first-ever live stream. The point of the topic was to introduce myself and to showcase my blogging work. That was the topic I decided on when making my first live stream. As I selected my topic and thought about what to discuss, I went ahead and put the stream together as I was thinking about it. I even said a little prayer before starting my live stream. I was fairly nervous for the most part, but I eased into making my live stream as time went along.

In making my first stream, it meant some things went right, and some things went wrong. Here is an overview...

What Went Right...

The biggest thing that went right is that I managed to successfully stream something to Twitch. I also felt more confident using OBS Studio for live streams rather than OBS Classic. I used OBS Classic to make my GTR2 video project. Turns out, I may use OBS Studio for my streaming. Initially, I was never able to use OBS Studio efficiently. Turns out this program was made for streaming basically. So the amount of control was great in switching scenes and in designing my material.

What Went Wrong...

Twitch got the stream, but there were some main problems. I streamed my material to YouTube Stream Now, but I never saw it uploaded on YouTube. I gave out social media alerts, but a link to my stream was never posted. Because it was a live stream and because I didn't entirely plan on discussing my material in a cleaner manner, the usual sort of stutters happened in my stream. This also meant I was at a loss for words.

UPDATE: YouTube did feature my video. It just took a while initially for YouTube to save my stream to video.

My Grade for My First Live Stream.

I am going to give myself a B- for my efforts. If I can connect my material better, I felt my live stream debut would have been much more successful. I otherwise felt more confident as I went along. I tried to offer my video in kind of a 720p setting to suit widescreen formats. This is almost the question of, "if a tree falls in a forest, will anyone be around to hear it?" So if I posted a live stream, will anyone be around to see it? Since it was not linked from my Social Media alerts, nobody got to see me live or interact with me. I want to offer the opportunity to have people view my material and interact. I was unable to provide the kind of environment I wanted to make. And in so, I failed most in that department. At least now I have some Restream experience.

I do see myself attempting more live streams. When and on what topics remain to be confirmed.

Want to View My First Live Stream?

If you want to see my first-ever live stream as it happened, click on the link below:

#LiveStreamDream - The Start of a New Journey!

PLEASE be sure to offer your thoughts on the quality of my work. I may be able to make better material in the future. I am not sure how long my video will stay up on Twitch. So therefore, it's best you check it out now before it potentially could be gone.

For Future Reference...

To check out my streams on Twitch and YouTube (respectively), visit these links:

my Twitch channel
my YouTube channel (Live Stream link)

Other than that, it was a tremendous experience to do a live stream. I may try to make more. Make sure you follow my material to see more of it when it becomes available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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@Inspireu2Action is an initiative set by Julie Barbera. If the Barbera surname sounds familiar, that's because Julie is the sister of inspirational singer Amy Barbera (previously featured on "John's Blog Space"). I figured for this blog post that I introduce my international audience to the work of Julie Barbera. Maybe you will get to gain her insight and let her advice empower and encourage you. Remember that all of my material are positive spaces, even with the most negative and depressing topics. So allow me to discuss Inspireu2Action.


Inspireu2Action was created by Julie Barbera. These are podcasts and messages created to help empower and encourage people to get through life. Julie offers up personal insights and offers a handful of useful advice based on her experiences. Biblical insight is also offered at times also.

The main idea behind "Inspireu2Action" is to get people inspired and motivated to make changes in their lives to become better people and live better. Motivation can be tough, but at least Julie Barbera provides a basis behind getting started. Her advice is helpful even if you feel you don't need extra inspiration. In that case, perhaps Julie can help you become better even if not facing some crisis. She provides calming words and encouraging thoughts to help you do and feel better than you have previously. You don't have to live like life is the most depressing thing ever. Let Julie offer up wonderful thoughts to help you become the amazing person you were destined to be.

So if you're in need of some positive reinforcement, just remember that Julie Barbera is here to help empower you to take action one inspired step at a time. Julie does all she can to help... inspire you to action!

Final Thoughts.

In today's negative world and within our own transgressions, Julie Barbera's "Inspireu2Action" initiative is a source of positive energy and inspiration. Anything to help provide something wholesome and powerful is much appreciated in today's society. Handling the task of inspiring and motivating others is not as easy a task as it could be. Yet still, Inspireu2Action is a tremendous boon to positive thinking and living better. Julie's advice is as beautiful as her looks. Visit her home page to check out Inspireu2Action across social media later in this post. You will not be disappointed or feel left out- I can assure you that.

If Julie Barbera Is Reading This...

Keep up the great work with all that you do. Your insight is a great help to us all. You are just as amazing with your inspirational content as Amy Barbera with her singing.

(And hello to Amy Barbera if she's reading this post as well!) :)

For More Information...

Visit to gain her positive insight into life and to check out the encouraging material she provides.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Now you know about Julie Barbera and her fine motivational work. However, what if you wanted to know about Amy Barbera? Here are past posts of mine...

"Amy Barbera" (John's Blog Space) «
^ My original blog post regarding Amy Barbera.

"American Beauties: South and Southeast" (John's Blog Space)
^ The Barberas hail from Maryland, so this post is about lovely American ladies from the South and Southeast- including Maryland.

I want to thank everyone for continually making my blog(s) and their posts useful and shared. Subscribe and Follow this blog and my others if my work interests you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner: Discord

Long ago, I joined Discord. Just recently, I made my own Discord server. I feel the desire to offer an outlet to communicate with my fans. Discord is a popular chatting platform mostly used by live streamers and gamers. My hope is to offer something to serve as my home on Discord as well as make it an outlet to connect with my fans. Over time, I will be adding more chat rooms to try to expand the range of topics and such of this Discord channel. This edition of "John's Corner" announces my Discord channel.

Welcome to...

Johns Corner

If you have Discord, you are cordially invited to join my my Discord channel at: "John Marine's Universe" on Discord. Depending on certain circumstances, I may or may not keep this link going for security purposes. I do monitor my content and will make any needed changes to my channels if need be.

Special Request!

If you have your own Discord channel, and you want to invite me to yours, please let me know where I can find you. I might just drop by! :)

That's all for this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sydney Celeste Rose

@Model_Celeste23 is a jack-of-all-trades entertainer. Nicknamed the "Bad Ass Barbie," Sydney Celeste Rose is a model, musician, comedian, and more. Her talent is greater than her petite frame. I first learned of her on LOOKBOOK. She shown off some of her outfits before, and I enjoyed her looks. I later went on to see some of her other modeling shoots and even listen to her music. After a while, I was sold on Sydney Celeste Rose. She is a Greek model based in North Carolina. This blog post is sort of my look at Sydney Celeste Rose.

Sydney Celeste Rose

Here are a few individual pieces in regards to Sydney Celeste Rose.

Modeling and Style of Sydney.

Sydney Celeste Rose is beautiful to look at. Her smile is very sweet complimented with her beautiful, long, curly hair. I will even say she boasts a pretty pair of legs as well. Perhaps Sydney's signature style would be some kind of leopard print incorporated into her wardrobe. Yes- she's one of those girls. Many of her outfits range from casual outfits to various chic outfits. Lingerie and swimwear also play as her fashion fortes. She has even had some more classy outfits. For the most part, Sydney mostly delivers enticing modeling in her style.

Sydney's modeling also includes promotional work. She has been a model promoting certain businesses and products.

Music of Sydney.

I don't think Sydney has the best singing voice, but I do think she puts on a great show. I actually think her singing has gotten better since I first learned of her. As of April 2, 2017; she is working on a hip-hop song with a producer named Verceti Trap Star. I wish her luck with this music project.

While this video isn't an example of her hip-hop music, this is a sample of Sydney's singing ability:

^ It's whatever (cover )

A Determined Dreamer.

What I love most about Sydney is just how real and honest she is. If anything, she is someone who you can look up to. Just having a passion to perform is also what makes Sydney special. Whether or not you think Sydney is the best at her performances is up to you, but she delivers no doubt in her work. She only stands 5'2", but her personality and her heart are much greater than her petite size. Here is a video demonstration of the heart she has with her work:

^ Question : when did you learn that grinding like no one is watching is the key to success?

And then, there is this video interview Sydney did:

^ Sydney Celeste Rose Interview

Convinced much about her heart?

Final Thoughts.

Long story short, I have great respect for Sydney Celeste Rose. Not only (mostly) for her amazing looks, but because of her determination and her heart. Nothing was handed to her- she worked for everything. Even when others said no or doubted her, she kept going because there was a much greater purpose to her work. You can not fault somebody for simply following his/her dreams. The end game is in trying to reach a level of satisfaction and success that defines her as a person and as an entity. Sydney is going to go very far if she hasn't progressed well already. She represents unrelenting courage and determination to be absolutely amazing and accomplish absolutely amazing. She also represents the "prove you wrong" type to those who doubt her. Sydney may be sassy, spicy, and wild; but she is also beautiful in heart and (obviously) looks. There is no denying she is someone born to perform and born to succeed.

What If Sydney Read This?

I have long admired you and your work. Just your personality and spirit alone are reasons why you have become the superstar you've become. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others. Maybe some of my viewers of "John's Blog Space" will get to appreciate you and all you do.

Would I Want to Meet Sydney?

I think Sydney Celeste Rose is a very cool personality. So I'd definitely want to meet her if given the chance or meet candidly.

For More Information...

More about Sydney Celeste Rose can be procured by visiting her website at

This has been another blog post of "John's Blog Space." Make sure you Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if my work interests you. Be sure to stay with JBS for more blogging goodness. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner: Live Streaming?

Since the start of 2017, Twitch has kind of become an obsession. I'm looking for some of the latest videos and games with various personalities. People miss me on YouTube. However, I am tempted to live stream. If the dream to live stream materializes, it could be possible I add another layer to my jack-of-all-trades appeal. The primary bits of concern are mostly about picking a proper platform and knowing what to actually make streams about.

Welcome to the latest edition of my series where it's just me chatting with you. I call it...

Johns Corner

Chances are, my work may range from podcast-like material to certain features. In fact, rather than having pre-made videos of certain projects, I may elect to have certain game footage run live rather than come up with some highlight package. I will work with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Classic to make my material. OBS Studio may allow more flexibility, but OBS Classic works better for me. I'm sure you all will hopefully get to support me and my work should I get something going on Twitch or YouTube. There is even this service called that allows you to simulcast your live streams across many different platforms. I am considering that as well so that I don't have to specifically target Twitch and/or YouTube.

Whatever I come up with, I hope to do good and provide quality material. I don't do promises, but I'm sure I will not disappoint with any live stream material I may make. Visit my Twitch in case you're interested:

John Marine on Twitch

Maybe you might have some ideas for topics I may want to look into?

This brief post of mine is now over. Thank you for visiting and reading! Take care and be well.

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Turtle Beach Recon 60P

I admit not being any hardcore gamer. In fact, I was never a hardcore gamer. So why would someone like me get a gaming headset? Well, I want something better for audio and voice chatting than my USB headset. I did my research and decided to get myself the Turtle Beach Recon 60P from a Wal-Mart. It was what I wanted and was within my budget. If I could, I could have picked up the Turtle Beach PX24, but I got the lower-spec 60P headset instead. Anyhow, I am here to blog about the Turtle Beach Recon 60P gaming headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 60P

Let me share with you the headset I will be referring to in this blog post...

Turtle Beach 60P gaming headset
^ from: - This is the Turtle Beach 60P gaming headset. This version is for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4.

Turtle Beach is a company I am familiar with prior to getting this headset. I had a MIDI cable to hook from my music keyboard to the PC, and I think it was from either Turtle Beach or Voyetra. Anyhow, Turtle Beach offers the Recon 60P as a rather affordable headset for gaming and even for listening to media on your PC or on your mobile device. The Recon 60P comes in a regular version and an amplified version. The amplified version is only for consoles. This is a wired headset, and I don't think In my case, I bought the regular Turtle Beach Recon 60P headset for the PS3 and PS4. Live streamers on Twitch and YouTube use headsets the likes of Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach Recon 60P at a Glance.

When I tried out the Recon 60P on my PlayStation 3, it was a bit tough trying to open the box, take out the contents, and find out what goes where. You do get a manual letting you know what all goes where. You can also use this headset on your PC. If you don't have a USB port on your PC and if you have individual green and pink ports on your PC, you will need to purchase a PC splitter cable from the Turtle Beach website. I took the advice of one website to simply jack in the USB port of the headset to this super-long cord. I felt then that I didn't need to purchase the PC splitter cable to use this headset on my PC. At least for my Windows 10 PC, it is plug-and-play. So the device will be recognized on your PC as long as it is jacked in. You can even use the headset as well as the microphone. Speaking of the microphone, you can detach the microphone so that it doesn't get in your way listening to music. You can adjust the microphone to your liking. Just make sure it is plugged in. The Turtle Beach Recon 60P has one device that allows you to turn the volume up and down as well as turn the microphone on or off. The amplified audio only applies to console gaming.

Using the Turtle Beach Recon 60P.

The Turtle Beach 60P offers a very comfortable experience. It offers a comfortable feel on your head and on your ears. Sound quality is very good. I wouldn't say impressive, but you do get a great hearing experience. Sample recordings of my voice in Audacity were fairly good. Not exactly clear, but I did enjoy most of my results. I used this very long cord included to connect my headset to my PC. The cord is so long, I literally stood outside of my room and still was able to comfortably still be able to hear my headset without venturing too far from my PC! The two things you need to be careful of when doing voice chatting is that your microphone is properly connected and that you have the microphone enabled.

Final Thoughts, Review.

This Turtle Beach Recon 60P gaming headset is perfect for me and my needs. I am not blown away by it, but it is a great gaming headset for my needs as a gamer and as a PC user. I can not really find any faults with this headset. Unless you want something a bit more hardcore for your gaming needs, try some of Turtle Beach's other, more expensive headsets. I actually was very pleased with my purchase of the Turtle Beach Recon 60P. Maybe you will be too if you were sold on my review of this headset.

I want to attempt a live stream or do some other kind of stream someday. I want to be able to listen to my work and speak using this Turtle Beach Recon 60P gaming headset. My own speaking could be supplemented as audio tracks to my videos. So the possibilities are endless to me. Regardless of these possibilities, at least I know I have a great gaming headset to make this all happen.

For More Information...

Do you want to know more about Turtle Beach and their other products? If so, please visit

For those of you looking for a gaming headset, I hope this review has helped you. I hope you enjoyed it. Please Subscribe and Follow for more! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Vicious Circles

Vicious circles have reoccurring problems that result in nothing getting done. Vicious circles (also called vicious cycles) involve the same issue(s) circulating, rendering us incapable of accomplishing tasks or achieving goals. Everything comes back to the same faults or weaknesses. Especially for people trying to do things like lose weight or get a job, some of the same problems arise with hardly any answer to break such circles and emerge. You try to accomplish something; but one problem leads to another problem, then another problem, then another problem... almost like you are driving forever on a highway loop with no offramp in sight. That is what being trapped in a vicious cycle is like. You want to get off that freeway but keep going in circles with no way to escape. You want to break that cycle so you can accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish. However, vicious circles will prevent you from making magic happen because the same issue(s) will keep preventing you from completing certain tasks.

The opposite of a vicious circle/cycle is a virtuous circle/cycle; however, this blog post is about vicious circles. I am hoping again to address a not-so-nice topic and offer some positive and encouraging advice.

When Faced With Vicious Circles/Cycles...

So what can you do if faced with living in a vicious circle? The main goal is to try to have some kind of way to break a cycle that is tearing you apart inside and preventing you from living better or staying happy. Everyone's situation in a vicious circle is different. What is often done to try to help certain situations opens up several other possibilities and problems. A potent solution is what we all want when faced with such shaky situations. You find yourself finding other ways to gain comfort and control, but some of these methods could make things worse. For example, people drink alcoholic beverages or smoke to get over certain rough times or troublesome situations. These actions provide mostly temporary relief, but these actions can potentially make things worse. So the best way to break a vicious circle is to opt for something to provide more effective relief from pain. Rather than be locked into a no-win situation, find some sort of way to emerge from being caught up in a loop limiting your productivity. You may need some motivation from others either internally or externally. You still need to have some kind of way to overcome such odds and break from vicious circles.

Life has its fair share of moments where it seems difficult to live happily each day. Sometimes when you try to remedy bad situations or do your best damage control, certain solutions only lead to more problems or no definitive way to overcome problems. So consider your situation wisely and do not do anything that can only make things worse. The last thing you want when facing hard times is to have even more problems to deal with.

Do your best to break vicious circles in your life. Some negative never-ending cycles in life just need a little something to help make life and living enjoyable (as opposed to overly stressing). It won't be easy. Everyone's situation is different. What is most important is being able to find ways to break free from an endless loop of negativity rather than let such vicious circles take over your life. Having said this, be hopeful and strong.

It is always tough discussing certain life issues. However, I want to do my best to offer some kind of support or help. I don't have the answers to all of life's questions, and I do not work miracles. I am living life as best as I can- just like you are. There sometimes need to be moments where I actually give back rather than post nonsense all the time. I do what I can to inject some positivity to an otherwise negative world. If you appreciate my efforts, I would like for you to please Subscribe and follow this blog and my others. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Josh Groban

The bold singing of Josh Groban is something to truly marvel. The charming (born: February 27, 1981)-year old from Los Angeles, California, USA delivers a powerful singing performance and is truly amazing to hear sing. I first learned of Josh Groban when he did a duet with Charlotte Church called "The Prayer." This was back when Charlotte Church was still a sopranoist. To me, Josh Groban is an amazing singer. His voice is powerful as he brings so much emotion to songs. Besides his work in singing, he even has done some acting. He's played a part in films like "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Get to know this fellow a bit...

Josh Groban
^ from: (Pinterest) - Josh Groban sings as handsomely as his looks.

Singing Sample.

Let me share with you some samples of Josh Groban. Here is a sample of Josh Groban singing his heart out. Have a listen:

^ Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video)

I mentioned Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. Well, this was my first time hearing Josh Groban. So if you enjoyed the first video, you might enjoy this one too:


How can you not love this guy? He's one of the best male singers today.

What I Would Tell Josh Groban...

I don't own any of your CDs or know about your music much, but what I have heard are nothing short of incredible. You have an amazing voice. Best of luck to you extending your fine music career. And also, best wishes in any other avenues of life you wish to take on.

Would I Want to Meet Josh Groban?

Absolutely. Why not?

For More Information...

To learn more about Josh Groban, visit his official site at

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow in some sort of way to keep up with my blog posts. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Roku means "six" in Japanese, but Roku media devices mean media awesomeness. It is surely one of the best devices of late for media consumption. Roku comes in different styles for you to enjoy a vast array of content. Earlier in 2017, I took the bait and decided to give the Roku a try. So allow me to share my thoughts and honest opinions in regards to the Roku.


The Roku is one of the many different media devices out there where you can enjoy loads of content. Each Roku comes with a remote you can use to easily navigate with content. Roku remotes feature four physical buttons to quickly allow you to access certain services. Depending on the model and such, you can access the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, VUDU, Google Play, Amazon Video, and more. A stylish interface allows you to instantly access a variety of content and channels. You can add more channels if you please. Roku comes in different devices:

(all pictures from Amazon; click on the corresponding devices to learn more about them)

• Roku Express (and Express+)

^ The Express is gateway to all things Roku.

• Roku Streaming Stick

^ Hiding discreetly through an HDMI port, enjoy the Roku like never before with the Streaming Stick.

• Roku Premiere (and Premiere+)

^ The Premiere offers a much more enhanced experience than the Express and Streaming Stick.

• Roku Ultra

^ The Ultra is the ultimate in Roku enjoyment.

Each Roku allows you to enjoy content ranging from subscription content to certain online exclusive content. All you need to do is to pick out channels. Channels can range from free channels to those that may require subscription fees. Material can be viewed on your television or on your mobile device (iOS and Android). For what I know, the Premier and Ultra Roku devices are capable of expandable memory as well as voice searching for content. So if there are videos stored on flash drives or anything, you can view them on the Roku devices that allow for USB device input.

It was not too long ago that Roku changed up its lineup from Roku 1 through 4 to these newer names. You can visit Roku's website to find out what many of the popular channels are, but what is really out there? Among MANY other Roku channels: Amazon Video, FOX News, ABC, PBS, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, WWE Network, FOX Sports Go, ESPN3, and many more. Channels can be either free or may require certain fees and subscriptions.

When you buy a Roku, you need to set up an account to be able to use all the various features of the Roku. All that has to be done is to hook your Roku to a certain online network, pick out channels you want, and play away. Newer channels may require you to access a certain website to activate the Roku and that channel. So you may want to be near a computer or maybe look up a site on your mobile device as you are adding channels.

Roku also has a suite available if you want to develop channels or games for the Roku. You will need to look around online to learn more about that if you plan on developing channels for the Roku.

Roku Reviews

This post is about the Roku, and I am here to discuss the two Roku devices I own. The headings take a look at the ones I own.

Roku Express.

If you want to enter the Roku realm, you need not spend a whole lot. In fact, the Roku Express costs around $30 USD. I bought a Roku Express from a Sam's Club. One of the big reasons was because one of the buttons on the remote was for Google Play. You hook in the device using the HDMI port on your TV. If you're going to use the Roku Express or Express+, make sure you are able to point the remote at the device to operate it. For the price point and for what you get, you honestly can't really beat it.

If you don't have an HDMI port, you can pick up the Roku Express+. This is for TVs that don't have HDMI ports. You have to order it from Wal-Mart (I believe), though.

Roku Streaming Stick.

I then tried to buy the Streaming Stick. C|Net notes the Roku Streaming Stick as an Editor's Choice, and for good reason. You can hook in the Streaming Stick straight into the HDMI port. Its discrete design works great and doesn't clutter things much. You can charge it using either the included AC adapter or with the USB port on your TV. The best thing about the Streaming Stick is that it can be controlled from your remote without having to directly point at some device. It is also a better performer than the Roku Express. I would say you get the Streaming Stick if you can afford it. Only complaint, if any, is that the Roku Streaming Stick can run a little hot sometimes. It's only a nit-pick and not really anything of great concern.

Final Thoughts.

I am pretty happy with my Roku Streaming Stick. I don't know if I want to upgrade to the Premier or the Ultra if I had the money (or if I were offered either or both free of charge). So if you want to give the Roku a chance, what are you waiting for? I say go for it! Check one out and enjoy media the way you want with a stylish device.

For More Information...

If you want to learn more about Roku and its vast array of channels, please visit:

So ends another blog post on "John's Blog Space." Thanks for visiting! Make sure to Subscribe and Follow if you enjoyed your time here. Share my posts with friends if you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Drone Racing League

The Drone Racing League is a racing league featuring drones. The DRL is like a video game come to life. Imagine using a virtual reality headset trying to pilot your drone through a neon-lit course with many ups and downs and loops. The DRL is surely a competition that is catching steam and is very intriguing. The ESPN networks are showing these races in highlight shows. Various people worldwide are competing in these events. I don't know everything about the Drone Racing League, but I will make the effort to introduce you all to this fine series.

I understand there are other drone racing series, but this blog post is focused on one of the many- the Drone Racing League.

Drone Racing League

Considering how popular drones have become the past five to ten years, a series like the Drone Racing League is something that is really catching on. Imagine a race in which you pilot a drone at some high speeds through a neon-lit course with a number of different obstacles. You have to be able to control your drone around a specific course. You have to do things like weave between columns, through certain loops, various gates, and more.

These racing drones are controlled by a drone remote control along with the pilots wearing virtual reality headsets to see the drones in action. These are drones that may light up pretty in neon and such, but they are very much business machines made to take on some unique courses. The races all start with the drones perched on some platforms and take off ready to go. From there, it is up to the pilots to navigate their drones from the Start position to the Finish gate.

Most of the courses are usually set in venues ranging from certain abandoned buildings to even some proper sporting locales. So the various venues are quite unique and have some interesting character as drones fly around trying to take on the various obstacles. It is really one of the more unique sports out there.

Video Preview.

Let me give you an idea of what the racing is like with the Drone Racing League. Check out the video content I have provided for this blog post:

^ Drone Racing Through the Miami Dolphins Stadium

Pretty cool, huh?

Drone Racing League: Final Thoughts

As one of a number of different drone racing leagues, the final thoughts expressed here will be varied.

Final Thoughts in General.

I think the Drone Racing League can really catch on if it hasn't already. It is surely unique in the racing venues and in some of the competitive drone racing. It takes a good deal of skill to pilot these machines and to maneuver them across some interesting courses. I want to imagine how many more courses can be created. I can even imagine what if more fans started watching a lot of the races live (if possible).

The Future of Drone Racing?

The Drone Racing League is showing that it is possible for this kind of racing to be as popular among robotic series like Robot Wars or similar series. I want to imagine more people maybe take part in drone racing much like there is sufficient interest in remote control racing. If racing with average RC cars is popular, this drone racing could end up being just as popular.

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