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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rainy days can either be relaxing or depressing. Some people just want to stay home and be lazy when its wet. Some find rain to be relaxing. Any way you take rainy days, everyone has a different sort of take on days that get anywhere from misty to total washout. Rainy days depress some people because such days are so dull and bring down peoples' productivity. To counteract this, some people even devote certain rainy days to fun in-home entertainment, like watching movies or playing board games. On the other hand, some people embrace rainy weather by doing things ranging from playing in the rain to even (among the fashion community) do fashion pictures and posts while it is raining.

The certain mood to rainy days can range from days where there are sprinkles or drizzle to flooding rain days. Some days are just rainy, and some others can be rainy with storms. These sorts of things can screw with your mind if rainy days really affect your thinking. I personally admit that I do tend to be less productive and less like staying awake on rainy days. Everyone takes rainy days differently and in different ways. Weather does play a psychological edge often times.

Whether a day is a dry one or a wet one, it's still a day of the week and still a day of your life. Try to make the most of each day regardless of what the weather is like. Creative types will find ways to make rainy days more productive and more interesting. If that means staying home and reading your favorite book(s) or watching your favorite movie(s), so be it. You still try and make the most of each day even if you loathe rainy days. So remain strong if rainy days bring you down.

This was a mostly casual blog post- no research or anything to try to make something high-quality and detailed. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe found something to discuss in regards to this. Speaking of discussion, here is my question to you all who want to discuss this topic a bit more...

How do you handle rainy days?

Every day is a sunny/fair day when you visit my blog(s). Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you have a great day/night and that you'll return to this blog of mine for more blogging madness from yours truly. GET SOCIAL WITH ME if you enjoy my work and want to show your support for my work through social media. Please Subscribe and Follow through either/both FeedBurner and Bloglovin' to keep up with all of my blogging work. Thank you for visiting, but also for reading! Much love to you.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

This world can be a sad world to live in. A lot of things in life and society make it seem as if you can't do anything anymore. Or at least... do without fear of the unknown. These feelings help make life unenjoyable to some people. Negative influences are overexposed, often leaving us forget or neglect the positive life has to offer. This leaves us feeling like life can't be enjoyed as much as it could be. I am not going to solve all of the world's problems with just one blog post or a video. What I CAN do, however, is offer this blog post to hopefully share some thoughts and offer something that I think will be of help and of positivity. That is what I hope to do with this blog post.

As someone who has experienced moments of weakness, I am not providing this information as any sort of of professional at handling depression. The reason why I am providing this post and this advice is to help others who may not be as happy or content help feel better. I especially have put full effort in trying to provide something very useful and positive. The thoughts expressed stem from personal thoughts and even personal experiences.

Having said all of this, I hope you enjoy this post. Now let's begin.

--- A Happier World? ---

Ever wish there was something you wish you could change? What about something you could either change or influence change? Everyone has at least something they wish they could change about the world or how we live in life and society. For me, this relates to trying to have control over lots of things that lead us to feeling down. You won't have full control of your life. You are even going to worry over things you have no control over. However, there are a number of things that can help you feel happier and more in control than with a lot of other things.

Effects of Negativity.

What happens when it seems as if all you are truly exposed to is negativity? Among other things, you give into such negativity to where it takes over your life. You begin to lose interest in doing things you love. Some things that make you happy sometimes don't work as effectively when you're down. You sometimes may try to find anything to help bring happiness and harmony into your life, and those measures may not even work often times.

Negativity can lead to many disparaging things. Among others- depression, hopelessness, low self-esteem, anti-social behavior, health ailments, etc. So many different negative influences bring us down. Some of these negative influences can even be self-inflicted. These can involve things within our control or outside of our control. The important thing to remember from the latter part of the last sentence is that you have to be ready to deal with and accept certain things even if you can't control them. Regardless, a lot of things really rack our brains in trying to maintain happiness.

What would a happier world be like? Visit the next section.

--- What a Happier World Entails ---

Here are elements to help produce some positivity...


Another element of social media is in being appreciated by others. Often when I visit blogs or comment, I usually wonder if I am appreciated or welcomed. I sometimes don't want to feel like I am just another anonymous figure posting comments to blog posts and other things. It feels good knowing you are appreciated by others. I know a lot of people will say in their blogs that they appreciate comments and views, but I want to personally let certain entities know I personally enjoy their work. If I feel like I am not appreciated when I visit someone's material, I almost seem like just another talking head or (even worse)... a stalker, at least, according to the party(-ies) in question. Doesn't it feel good knowing you are appreciated for your work rather than be disrespected or feel like you are unwelcome?


When someone praises you for what you do, it helps you to do better and be better. As someone who mostly follows fashion blogs, you can imagine what it is like when someone praises one for their looks rather than make all sorts of insults and destructive criticism. Being encouraged allows you to remain positive and helps you stay focused and confident. When I offered compliments to certain individuals on how they look, some people even tell me that they feel encouraged or motivated to keep posting outfits and pictures. It was my honest kindness helping others feel better and feel encouraged.

Uplifting Spirits.

People sometimes just need a lift. It is tough to do tasks or live life if you feel down all the time. So people need their spirits uplifted in weak times. Sometimes, people have already had such high spirits, all to have their spirits broken because of some incident or series of incidents. For example, think of a sports team that loses a game on a last minute score by the other team. If we can uplift other peoples' spirits, they can feel better about themselves and feel loved even when things go wrong. I certainly feel great knowing I've positively impacted someone's life.

Knowing People Care.

There ARE people out there who care about others. There ARE still people with great hearts doing great things for people. Chivalry isn't dead. I think what gets a lot of people is that we don't really care about other people caring (or attempting to care) about us because of a certain lack of trust. It is true that you can't trust everybody. Likewise, it is at least nice to know someone cares about you and has your best interests in mind. I don't think you should rely on people, but it does feel wonderful knowing somebody cares about you. Be thankful if someone does care about you and for you.

These are among many different things to help people feel better and happier. When people feel better and when there is lots of positive to look to, people live better and feel better. Surroundings and other factors sometimes allow us to not feel as confident or as happy as we could be.

--- Inspiration for this Post ---

Really, I've been thinking about a lot of things in my life and in the lives of others. A terrible thing is that we all have certain aspects of life that really just bring us to shame and make us feel sad. Some things just really make us feel like we live in a sad world with no possible way to improve our positive mood. I certainly can't help make the world a better place, nor am I able to work miracles. However, I can still make some sort of contributions either to myself or to others to help make life happier for myself and others.

Some people basically need certain things to be happy about. Not everyone is willing to share a laugh or truly feel positive each day. What CAN be done is maybe find ways we can make our society and our world a happier place. It is tough to feel happy when things in your life bring you down so much. Some people sort of wait for something positive to come along to draw happiness into one's life. Some others attempt certain things just to try to make something happy happen.

Whatever the case, I think there are too many things that break us down rather than keep us up. I am not making excuses or anything- it's the truth. Some people just have certain tough times or certain feelings which make us feel depressed and unable to enjoy what good there is in the world.

--- A Happier World: Final Thoughts ---

The world we live in can be a hodgepodge of things that bring us down and make us unable to enjoy life. Whether self-inflicted or brought on by countless influences within and outside of our control, life isn't enjoyable when we are surrounded by so many negative things. We sometimes bring unhappiness on ourselves in having certain feelings that prevent us from feeling our best and feeling happy. Whatever the case, there are too many negative influences that bring us to unhappiness. It is really unfortunate that there aren't enough influences to help us fell happier about ourselves, the lives we live, the people we are around, our own health conditions, and countless other things. If we can find ways to help bring happiness into the world and have it outweigh the negative burdens we life with, this world can be a happier place. Feeling happy inside and out even with countless negative influences within and outside is the key here.

Having a more positive life and having more positive influences can help us live and feel better. Too much negative leads to many poor things- depression, low self-esteem, health ailments, pessimism, hopelessness, and the like. Even people who seem normal and happy may have lingering issues that help prevent them from completely feeling happy.

If even to make yourself a better person, do whatever you can to try to work with people to help them feel better. I feel being able to help one person feel better is enough to spark a movement of helping people feel better about themselves and offer happiness. If we can help some people feel happier about themselves or do things to help make life better for others, it will help make the world a happier place regardless of the various issues that plague our world. We can make the world a happier place and live happier lives if we work to make things happen rather than pile on more doom and gloom. Take it from someone whom has had multiple episodes of depression- we need to do whatever it takes to help others feel happy. Sometimes, making others feel happy makes yourself feel happy- you certainly want this if you yourself are experiencing some sort of unhappiness or feel like times can be much better.

Negative influences can be internal or external. They can stem from things within our control or outside out of our control. They can be things we can prevent or things forced onto us. No matter what negative influences there are, we still need to remain as happy and as hopeful as possible to prevent lives spiraling out of control to where there is no chance of recovery. So go ahead- let's try to make life and times happier for others, and let's try to reduce the many negative elements that bring down our society and our world.

A Music Video Influence.

All I got to say is... it may be tough, not every day is a great one. At least from one person, here is a message to take to heart- don't worry, be happy!

^ "Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy"

Best wishes to all of you with all of your various situations.

Get ready to sound off. Here's the discussion:

Do we live in a negative world? Is it possible to reverse the negatives that impact our lives and our world? Of what importance is being and feeling happy to you? Is it possible we can make the world a happier place and our society a happier society?

That concludes this blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post and found something useful. Make sure to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) to keep up with my material. Thank you for reading!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Bowling can be quite fun to partake in. You never know what will happen as you try to knock down 10 pins in a frame of bowling. It can be fun no matter what. So for this casual blog post, I'll share thoughts on the sport of bowling. I am no ace in the sport or anything, but I have done some bowling before and want to share this with my wonderful worldwide audience.

NOTE: When I did my research for this blog post, Wikipedia made mention of two different kinds of bowling- pin bowling and target bowling. This post refers to pin bowling, and especially the traditional ten-pin bowling.

--- Bowling at a Glance ---

Let's set the mood! Here is a little bowling video to get you excited about this topic:

^ "Crazy Bowling Shot"

Now for some commentary on bowling.

Brief History.

(Information in this section was taken from Wikipedia)

The sport of Ten-Pin bowling dates back to more than 3,000 or 5,000 years ago; and more modern bowling dates back to about 1840 with the first ten-pin bowling alley built in New York City. Bowling equipment was proudly served by the Brunswick Corporation starting in 1914 to help enhance the sport. Just like golf, this was a sport brought over to the United States from Europe, and it stemmed from the German nine-pin game of Kegeln.

Who Bowls?

Bowling today happens in a number of different bowling alleys and is enjoyed by people ranging from casual bowlers up to professional bowlers. You have families and circles of friends playing bowling at bowling alleys, and you even have the professionals- like in the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) who are among the very best in the profession. I have even seen TV highlights of collegiate bowling at times. The sport is played by males and females, and they range from individual bowlers to bowling teams.


Though the sport is enjoyed by a range of people with a range of abilities, there is actual technique involved in being a great bowler. You don't just roll the ball down the lane and hope to knock down all of the pins. The strategy begins as you try to line up your shot. Much like a race car driver has to envision the next turn of a race track when running laps around the track (I had to get a racing reference in!), a bowler has to envision how he/she is going to knock down all the pins in one frame of bowling. The bowler has to give a good amount of force swinging the ball and rolling the ball down the lane. The ball can go straight ahead or even have a curved trajectory to try to knock down all the pins. And of course, you want to make sure to knock down the pins while making sure not to let the ball fall into the out of bounds area- the good old gutter balls.

(Some) Terminology.

A traditional game of bowling is done in ten frames. Frames in bowling are like innings in baseball. You get two chances to knock down all ten pins in a frame. In the tenth frame, you can get three attempts to knock down all ten pins. If one is successful at knocking down all ten pins in one bowl, you get a strike. Bowling three or more strikes in succession earns you a turkey. If unsuccessful in knocking down all ten pins in one bowl but take out the missed pins in the bottom half of the frame, you earn a spare. The greatest feat any bowler can accomplish is the Perfect Game- a score of 300. How do you do that? Knock down all ten pins... in all ten frames. It has been done before, but it is rare. Bowling a perfect game is as great of an accomplishment in bowling as pitching a perfect game (or even a no-hitter) in baseball.

Bowling Style.

Show some style when at the bowling lanes. Here are a few things to note:

bowling ball
^ from: - If you really want to be unique, why not have your own special bowling balls?

Most bowling balls are very smooth and shiny. Some others are more rubberized. Not all bowling balls are created equal. Find a type that best suits you and your skill level if you want your own custom bowling balls.

bowling shoes
^ from: - Bowling shoes. Men's bowling shoes, in this case.

For those of you who read my fashion blog "StyleSpace by JBM," I may discuss bowling fashion in that blog to compliment this discussion here.

The most important bit of fashion regarding bowling is in bowling shoes. You need sufficient traction on the wood floors as you try to line up your shot. Bowling shoes are low-heel oxfords that give you the needed traction as you bowl. They are available for males and females in various styles. You rent a pair of bowling shoes to go bowling in (or you can bring your own, of course). Just find a pair that suits the shoe size you normally wear.

Some people wear bowling gloves or wrist supports to get a better grip of the ball. Consider getting yourself these items if you want better grip of the ball as you're preparing to bowl frames.

There isn't really much else to discuss regarding bowling fashion except for those who wear special shirts and jackets to look stylish while bowling. You probably want to look at such items if you just want to look cool at the bowling alley or when you're trying to buy items to form your own bowling team.

That's about it in discussing bowling.

--- Bowling: Final Thoughts ---

Bowling is very fun, whether doing going to a bowling alley or even in playing virtual bowling. I still remember playing bowling with Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. I usually score in the 170-190 range in my Wii bowling. Bowling is still great fun either playing solo or with others. Go out and enjoy playing this fun sport. Or if you're watching on TV, marvel at the technique and skill bowlers of various skill levels provide. There's just nothing like it.

In Case You're Interested...

I shown off a little of material online for you all who want to get some bowling merchandise. If you want more, click on the link below and help support my blogging work. Your participation is voluntary, but would be greatly appreciated if you enjoy this post:

all things Bowling on Amazon

Look around for stuff that will interest you bowlers. Happy shopping! :)

It is now your turn to speak up.

Do you enjoy bowling? What do you think about bowling?

I hope you have enjoyed this post and my efforts to discuss the sport of ten-pin bowling. That concludes another post of "John's Blog Space." Subscribe and Follow if you want to keep up with my latest posts. Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't. You are sometimes able to effectively do your job or hobby to perfection (or near it), and you sometimes can't. Being in that "zone" is all about performing at a level that makes you a superstar at something. All of us have certain levels we wish we could be at all the time in whatever we do whether as a hobby or a profession. This blog post is all about being in that zone. What is that zone? What qualifies at being at a certain level that we can be satisfied with? A lot of my fellow bloggers could possibly relate to what I am about to discuss in this blog post.

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Okay, enough small talk. Let's go to work!

--- Being in the "Zone" ---

Let me share a quote with you all before I begin:

"When I'm doing my best is when I'm completely focused... You completely wipe off any thoughts of the future, there's nothing going on in the past, you're just completely locked in on the moment, and there's no thinking, you're zoned in on this moment in time."

-MMA Fighter, Frank Mir

And now a random image...

in the zone
^ from: - What happens when you are you "in the zone" doing hobbies or professions? More to come in this blog post!

We all want to do our best at any task given to us or want to take part in. We could be doing anything- taking part in a hobby, performing in our profession(s), competing in athletic and sporting activities, even in being romantic or sexually active with others. The only thing that makes us happy in our work and activities is knowing something is done right and efficiently. Somewhere during the process of participating in a task is a sometimes rare level of performance that makes us more efficient and more effective in completing tasks. This "zone," then, is a special bit of territory that makes us near unbeatable in our work. While we do our best to satisfy the needs and wants of the task at hand, there are certain situations when positive momentum takes us over to where we consistently crank out positive results. These high levels of performance don't last forever, so we have to take advantage of these times and ride that wave as much as we can. Being "in the zone" makes you feel good while also going for longer. If you are in the zone, you feel you can perform harder for longer, and you feel impervious to any and all distractions.

This "zone" is a level of karma or spirit that isn't easily broken by any number of factors. Once you are in the zone, there is nearly no stopping your momentum or your vibe. You also don't want things to ruin being in that zone. Something like this is not anything you can quickly call upon to help you do better. Being "in the zone" is not like picking up an energy drink and being able to quickly draw upon such energy on demand for a time when you really need it. This "zone" can only be reached with momentum or, in some cases, luck.

So that is a look at being in that zone. What about some thoughts on being in this zone? Go to the next section.

--- The Zone: Schools of Thought ---

Here are ways to look at being in the zone, based on what actually qualifies as being in the zone...

Being in the Zone.

Being in the zone means you are performing whatever task you are doing, but you are doing it more efficiently and more confidently than you normally would. It means you are doing something in a way or ways that most people could probably NEVER accomplish if they were doing the same task(s) you're doing. You feel better and more confident about yourself than you normally would. You may even enjoy what you do more than you ever have. This "zone" is more like something that attaches onto your mind and spirit and helps you do something better what you can already do. You can complete certain tasks, but that zone helps you feel even more professional and capable.

That is what it is like when you are in the zone. What about when you are NOT in that zone? Well...

NOT Being in the Zone.

What happens when you are NOT in the "zone?" Where do I start... you get bored, you seem unable to do tasks right, you maybe even give up, you may doubt yourself, you may hate yourself, you are counterproductive... see where I'm going with this? Not being in the zone is a level of performance where (to use runner speak) "hit the wall."

When Being in the "Zone" Spikes.

Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned that being in the zone is not like picking up something on demand to be "in the zone." Reaching this level of performance is something you have to feel and be confident about. At a certain point of being "in the zone," you will spike. You will go from great confidence and belief to returning to a certain level of determination and drive for what you do. Let's face it- unless you are REALLY good, nobody performs at a high level for a long time. Even Cinderella goes from a polarizing princess to being just another average girl. Don't feel bad if you are unable to perform at high levels for longer than what you are probably capable of. Momentum runs out. It is called reality.

You obviously want to perform well at something. Whether or not you reach that "zone" makes you better or worse depending on if you actually have the energy or the drive to do so.

--- In the Zone: Final Thoughts ---

Enjoy being "in the zone" when you are performing certain tasks or taking part in certain activities. Just like there are days when you feel good and times where you feel lazy, being in a certain "zone" allows you to be better than what you are normally capable of. You are not able to perform at the best levels all the time. So when you're in the zone in your activities, you reach a level of zen and harmony where you can perform at your best more efficiently and consistently. You will ultimately spike when being in the zone, so when you "come back down to earth," just remember that you are capable of anything as long as you have the drive and the energy to do so. Take advantage of these moments when you can perform at the highest level... then savor being at even higher than higher levels.

--- In the Zone: BONUS Final Thoughts! ---

There is kind of a special reason why I created this blog post for reasons other than trying to motivate and inspire my readers/visitors. Recently, I have become active again- wanting to make more posts for my "John's Creative Space" blog including 3D models and music. I am also trying to return to YouTube with more video content. I mostly have been drawing energy to try to fuel a comeback to a lot of my creative work. Most of the reason why I didn't blog so much this past month was because I was trying to boost my creative energy. Among other things, I recently have gotten back into making voxel models, and I even learned how to rig models in Blender. I am currently learning and trying to make animations with Blender.

Right now, the ups and downs of my own creative energy is at a high again. So I created this blog post to not only announce trying to be more creative and share more content, but also to help other people maybe get inspired and motivated. I feel better about myself knowing I can help other people feel better about themselves. Consider this post something to ponder about as you go through life. I hope I'm able to inspire you and maybe get you going as well after you've read my post here.

This post is over. So let me ask for you discussion's sake:

What does being "in the zone" mean to you? How do you feel you perform when you reach such a level of performance?

I hope you liked it and could take something away from it- as I always hope I can do for all of you. Thank you for visiting my blog as well as for reading!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Everyone needs a support system to help deal with a number of issues in our lives. Some have a strong support system, others do not. Some loners are their own support system. Regardless, it is always nice to know other people care about us to where they lend their support to us. Having such a support system helps all of us better be able to handle various aspects of life and certain tasks and endeavors.

Before I go any further, let me share with you a quote I found online to demonstrate how special it is to have a support system:

"My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them I have no idea where I would be and I know that their love for me is what's keeping my head above the water."

-Kelly Clarkson

Let's continue.

--- Support Systems ---

How about a random image to set the tone here?

support system
^ from: - You know you can succeed and solve problems, but we sometimes need a support system to help ensure and assure we can succeed and solve problems.

Not everyone believes in having a support system. Many just think if they are on their own that they have only themselves to blame for not accomplishing a task or doing something right. Think of the classic test of falling over backwards and having someone catch you. Not having a support system, you'd fall hard on your back and feel the pain. A person who catches you in your fall or something soft supporting the fall is that support system. The support system is there to help you in the event of an emergency or to help you towards recovery from failure.

Whoever or whatever serves as your support system, be thankful and blessed you have such support. You want to succeed. Others want you to succeed. Why don't you and others get together and make magic happen? Yeah. Let's work with you to help you to succeed. You know you can succeed; all that needs to be done is to help ENSURE you succeed. That is where having a support system can help. The ones in your support system can do everything from point you in the correct direction and even ward off all the enablers and hazards that provide counterproductive measures.

No matter what, there is hope for you no matter what problems or issues you may face. Look to your support system to help ensure that you meet your goals and solve your problems. You can handle all of these issues on your own, but life is better and more enjoyable knowing there are others who have your best interests in mind and want you to succeed in life. So don't take support systems for granted- just be thankful there are people and things to help you succeed and solve your problems.

That concludes this brief blog post. Discussion time...

Do you have a support system? Are you part of a support system for someone else? Of what importance do you think support systems are?

I initially intended to post something regarding some fairly interesting news as to why I haven't been blogging too much lately. However, I decided to make this blog post just to kick off August 2014. I'm doing fine. I may discuss what's been going on with me lately in a "John's Corner" post. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I also hope you've found it useful (as I intended to make it). Thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In 1986, the Republic of Hungary unveiled the Hungaroring. It is the premier motor racing circuit in Hungary. This circuit is situated in a city about 11 miles (17.70 kilometers) away from beautiful Budapest in the city of Mogyoród, Hungary. This blog post is a look at the Hungaroring. I am pleased to welcome all of my racing fans worldwide to "John's Blog Space."


Did you know that prior to this blog post, that I have not done a proper blog post on any race track since June 20, 2012? The last race track I blogged about was Moscow Raceway. So this is a category I have neglected for over two years! The last time I made mention to a race track was with Circuit of the Americas on November 20, 2012.

If you are from Hungary, I'd like to offer you a special hello and welcome to "John's Blog Space!"

--- Hungaroring ---

Let's take a look at this fine Hungarian motor racing circuit.

^ from: (links to image source) - The Hungaroring hosts a number of events ranging from national series to international racing series. The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix (or Magyar Nagydíj) is the signature race around the Hungaroring each year since the track's inception in 1986.

What I love most about this track is primarily the views of beautiful Budapest from some of the camera views. The track itself is one that I think has a great rhythm and character to it. This track measures 2.722 miles (4.381 kilometers) in length and has 14 turns. There is a chicane after Turn 3 primarily for motorcycle racing around the Hungaroring. It is one of few race tracks on today's Formula 1 World Championship schedule in which the circuit situated in a natural bowl.

The Hungaroring is a rather tricky circuit to navigate. There is plenty of character to it. It has a pretty good rhythm to this track you must establish as you try to lay down consistent laps or to try to properly treat each section. The trickiest sections to me are the first corner and the entire section going from Turn 5 to Turn 11.

Lap Record.

As of the date of this initial blog post, the lap record around Hungaroring was set by Michael Schumacher racing for Scuderia Ferrari in 2002. He posted a time of 1:16.207 around Hungaroring in 2002.

Video Lap.

Want to know what it is like to go around the Hungaroring? Check this out:

^ Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton Onboard Lap Hungary 2012 {HD} - Monday TV

This is a greatly competitive old-school race track. I hope you enjoyed this one.

For More Information...

For more about the Hungaroring motor racing circuit, please visit the track's official website at

I mostly abandoned this topic because of view count. I may jump back into all of this with new content to further extend the range of topics to my already massive blog. I thank you for visiting JBS. Thank you for reading!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Blue is my favorite color, as you may know. What does your favorite color say about you, though? I visited a website once which featured information on what a color says about your personality. Needless to say, a lot of what it says about blue lovers is true about myself. Here is the short version of what the site says about people who love blue:

"Lovers of blue have a deep need to find inner peace and truth, to live their life according to their ideals and beliefs without having to change their inflexible viewpoint of life to satisfy others."

If you love blue like I do and want the longer version of what blue says about your personality, try this link: Personality Color Blue

Again... a lot of what it says about people who love blue are things I mostly admit about myself. It does seem pretty amazing that being fond of a certain color can say so much about you. I sort of wonder what kind of connection one's favorite color and his/her personality have. Like, are there certain cues of certain colors that are linked to certain personal traits or habits? I've always been sort of educated that blue is a calm and relaxing color. Lots of services have blue as their primary color- such as Facebook and Twitter. Google's logo went from its colorful "G" to a blue color. Blue has so many applications.

One last thing to note... whatever you may find out about your favorite color doesn't mean you are a great person or a bad person- it is just an overall reflection of what kind of personality you have or may have based on your favorite color. Don't feel down on yourself because certain negative qualities may be true about you. Everything has positive and negative value- including yourself.

To Learn About Your Favorite Color and Personality Traits...

Here is the website I visited where you can learn more about what your favorite color says about your personality: Your Personality Color. After visiting the site, my discussion questions for all of you are:

What is your favorite color, and do you agree or disagree with what your favorite color says about your personality? How much of the different personality qualities associated with such colors do you admit to?

I can't believe I have not posted a blog entry here on "John's Blog Space" in over a month. Do remember that I live my own life as well as post material for my other blogs. So if one seems dead, it hasn't mean I've given up on it entirely. I still thank you for being here.

Be sure to Follow and Subscribe if you love my work and if you enjoyed your time here. I do what I can to make all of my posts interesting. Thank you for reading!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

If your computer lacks Bluetooth functionality, you'll need to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter to be able to use Bluetooth. I bought an adapter on Amazon called the Kinivo BTD-400. I bought one of these as it was a best-seller on Amazon (in fact, it was the #1 seller). This blog post is my own review of this device after using it for a bit.

--- Kinivo BTD-400 ---

Here is the device I will be reviewing in my blog post:

Kinivo BTD-400
^ from: - This is the Kinivo BTD-400.

The Kinivo BTD-400 is a USB Bluetooth adapter (also called a USB Bluetooth dongle) that allows for any PC not equipped to handle Bluetooth be able to send and receive Bluetooth signals. I was considering getting a USB Bluetooth dongle even with my former PC. I usually don't buy something just because it's the best seller. What could be best-selling could be something that doesn't work as intended.

Before I go any further, I figure it's important I let you know what exactly I am talking about before I review this device.

What Is Bluetooth?

As I have learned, Bluetooth is a revolutionary technology that allows for wireless communication with various devices. Bluetooth sends out radio signals to allow for connectivity among various Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is the most effective wireless technology to date. Functions of Bluetooth can range from exchanging files among devices, listening to music, gaming, communication, and more.

Specifications/Details of Kinivo BTD-400.

Now that I have given you an idea about Bluetooth, let me go ahead and explain as much as I can about the Kinivo BTD-400.

For starters, the Kinivo BTD-400 is a USB Bluetooth adapter that is built to Bluetooth 4.0 standards. That means this USB Bluetooth adapter can handle and utilize devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, and it can also handle devices that have earlier builds of Bluetooth. The Kinivo BTD-400 is a step up from the previous model- the Kinivo BTD-300, which was meant to handle Bluetooth devices up to version 3.0. But back to the BTD-400... it was meant to handle mostly Windows systems ranging from Windows XP up to Windows 8. However, I read this USB Bluetooth dongle COULD also be used for Linux systems. Only that you'll have to do a little extra work to get this to work for Linux. This device is NOT supported with Mac computers. So you would be out of luck trying to use this for Mac computers.

Anyone considering getting the Kinivo BTD-400 has to be aware of the system requirements for this device. Here are the system requirements:

• 200 MHz processor
• 64 MB of RAM, 128 MB of RAM recommended
• a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
• compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

That covers the device. Now on to my review after spending mostly a day with this device.

--- Kinivo BTD-400 Review ---

Let me show you the packaging the Kinivo BTD-400 comes in.

Kinivo BTD-400
^ from: (one of my Facebook albums) - The Kinivo BTD-400 after opening the package.

My Experiences.

When I bought the Kinivo BTD-400 from Amazon, I was pleased to see this device in the mail. I didn't have to use the included install disc because I was using Windows 8. Windows 8 will automatically try to find the drivers necessary to install this device rather than have to use the install disc. Those using Windows 7 or earlier will need to use the install disc to install the files onto the PC to be able to use the Kinivo BTD-400.

Upon installation, I quickly went ahead and tried to test out the Kinivo BTD-400. I was pleased at being able to pair it with my two Android devices I use- the Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet PC and the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 portable media player. Only real problem I've had trying to pair these devices with my PC was simply in trying to get my PC to recognize the different devices. All I need to do is have the Bluetooth features turned on and try to connect with the PC through Bluetooth. There is an HTML file for which all of my bookmarked links are stored in. I used Bluetooth to send and receive this Bookmark file to my devices. All I needed to do on the devices was accept the file transfer, and that was it. The biggest plus to all of this is that I no longer have to have my Android devices physically attached to my computer to be able to send and receive files from my PC. Even with my new PC, I don't have to upload files to Microsoft OneDrive as long as I have my PC up and running. Another advantage to using Bluetooth is that I don't need an Internet connection of any kind (including Wi-Fi) to be able to use devices or transfer files.

Two nice features about the Kinivo BTD-400 is that it doesn't consume loads of PC power, and it emits a pretty blue light to show it is working. Some people kind of find it annoying (I don't know why you would) about the blue light on this device. It still gets the job done. It isn't as if it is overly bright to light up a dark room. Its small design makes it unobtrusive of other USB devices. You almost don't even know it's there once you put it into an available USB port.

My Review.

I wish I had gotten the Kinivo BTD-400 device sooner. At least for my current Windows 8 PC, this device works very well. I have had some good usage out of this USB Bluetooth dongle. More importantly, I wish more physical stores have such USB Bluetooth adapters in stock and on sale. The Kinivo BTD-400 supports devices with up to Bluetooth 4.0, meaning this is a worthy device to have if you have certain Bluetooth devices up to that version. And of course, devices with older versions of Bluetooth are backwards-compatible with the Kinivo BTD-400. Mac users need not apply trying to get this device because the Kinivo BTD-400 does not support Mac devices.

The Kinivo BTD-400 is a best-seller in its category on Amazon for a reason. It works. I have only used this (literally) for less than one day and already am thinking of more ways to utilize the Bluetooth capabilities I gave my PC by simply plugging in this device. In fact, I am almost considering getting Bluetooth headphones to listen to music from my PC (or other Bluetooth-enabled devices) going around my house. The Kinivo BTD-400 is a fabulous device for anyone looking to give a PC Bluetooth functionality. Pair your devices and enjoy the technological genius known as Bluetooth as provided by the Kinivo BTD-400.

For More Information...

For more information on the Kinivo BTD-400, please visit Kinivo's official website at If my review has convinced you to get one of these, I want you to buy this device on Amazon by clicking on this item below:

I would appreciate your business if you did shop for this item based on your satisfaction in my review.

Thanks to all of you for your reading of my review of the Kinivo BTD-400. I hope it maybe has swayed your interest in getting this device. Please Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if my work interests you and if you enjoyed what I posted. Thank you for reading!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Many things give us pleasure and joy. Some hobbies and activities offer pleasure for us. No matter what we love, there are some things we enjoy that others may find creepy, annoying, surreal, and the like. These are what we like to call guilty pleasures. These are things we enjoy that others may not find acceptable or that others may not accept or approve. This blog post regards various guilty pleasures and the nature of such pleasures.

--- Guilty Pleasures ---

You probably have an idea of what a pleasure is. Imagine being fond of something that other people may not like you for. Having such guilty pleasures doesn't automatically make you a bad person. It just means you like something secretly that others may or may not accept. Or you may be fond of something you may or may not be willing to accept or disclose. These can include any number of items including: TV shows, movies, music, books, video and computer games, certain celebrities, certain fashion items, travel sites... and even (not to freak out some of my readers)- sexual fetishes. You can like things ranging from songs most people probably hate to

[Some Of] My Guilty Pleasures.

Time to answer questions never asked. The BOLD text notes certain guilty pleasures of mine.

NOTE: Some of these topics featured may show up in future blog posts.

My biggest guilty please from 2013 is...

• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Yep... I was somewhat a "brony" last year as I fell into the allure of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." I saw all or most of the episodes on The HUB Network last year including most of the "Equestria Girls" movie. I saw what was so cool about this My Little Pony series. I began to even appreciate the many characters of the series. Hands down, the one you can relate most with is Applejack. I also like Twilight Sparkle.

I was kindly humbled by my friends on GTPlanet when I talked about "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." One person was a bit stunned I mentioned being a fan of this cartoon series. I am no true "brony," though. I just... like this cartoon.

I sort of admit to this as my latest guilty pleasure as a sports fan:

• Competitive Cheerleading - People will say competitive cheerleading isn't a sport. It certainly takes athleticism to pull off various tumbles and formations. Also, competitive cheerleading is very fun and positive. I'd actually watch something like cheerleading competitions than something like figure skating. I first started watching cheerleading competitions on TV back in 2013 or so. What do I mean in regards to competitive cheerleading? This video is an example (WARNING: do NOT adjust the volume):

^ Stingray Allstars Orange- Worlds 2012 (day 2)

Other such teams I'm aware of include the likes of the Stingray All Stars, Top Gun All-Stars, World Cup Shooting Stars, and more. There are also various collegiate teams and certain international teams that take part in competitive cheerleading.

There are two songs I admit I like and consider guilty pleasures:

"Toxic" by Britney Spears...

^ Britney Spears - Toxic

Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus...

^ Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

"Toxic" from Britney Spears was a song from 2003 I secretly like. I've never been any Britney Spears fan. It's a catchy song no matter how you look at it.

During her sweeter (or relatively sweet) Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus came along with the very girly song "Party in the USA," which I liked. Like with Britney Spears, I am no Miley Cyrus fanatic, and I'm CERTAINLY not a fan of hers since she's taken over this new sort of personality apart from her Disney days. Good songs still remain with you and remain memorable. So is the case with "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus released in 2010. Only guy I know of who probably love this song more than I do is basketball player Jared Sullinger. He even sort of recited this song at times when he played his college basketball at Ohio State. Or should I say, THE Ohio State University.

Believe it or not, there is sort of a fashion guilty pleasure I admit to. And what would that be?

• Boat/Deck Shoes

Especially with girls, boat shoes are surely cute to see being worn with short shorts. I've been a bit tempted to have interest in getting my own pair of boat shoes. The most common boat shoes you'll normally see among females are the ballet flat-like Sperry Top-Sider "Angelfish" boat shoes, or or of course... the Sperry Top-Sider "Bluefish" boat shoes, which are like a nice alternative of oxfords or brogues and sneakers. The most common color combination for these boat shoes is usually Linen Oat. However, they do come in various other colors and patterns. For example, I've seen these shoes in a combination of Navy Blue and leopard print. I've even seen metallic versions of these shoes from Sperry Top-Sider and various knockoffs of these shoes.

Now I labeled these as a guilty pleasure because there aren't too many who regard boat shoes as stylish shoes not exactly limited to the preppy set. In fact, I see them as a great pair of shoes that are a more-than-decent alternative to your average lace-up sneakers or your average Converses. Also, these are not shoes I'd recommend be paired with certain outfits, but I do find them attractive... and even cute.

Okay, maybe one more guilty pleasure I admit- because I'm a guy...

• spandex booty - Gaucho pants, yoga pants, certain classy and chic wide-leg pants and palazzo pants made of modal or jersey, certain other spandex pants and spandex shorts... some wear them to be comfortable- and they are. Some others wear them just to show off their backsides in a fabulous way. Either way, they'll get most of us guys' attention. Most of the time... mission accomplished! Can't help but stare sometimes. Even my male audience reading this blog post can attest to this!

So now you know about some of my guilty pleasures.

--- Guilty Pleasures ---

Everyone has their own guilty pleasures of many different things. Depending on what those guilty pleasures are, having these guilty pleasures does not make you any less of a person. It just means you love things that either most people probably wouldn't approve of or admire about you. We usually like admitting to things we are obsessed with or love. Some things are things we like, yet tend to hide or not admit to being fond of. Whatever guilty pleasures you may have, they are a part of your personality. Even the weirdest and most surreal things we enjoy help define who we are individually. They are just other things to help define us as people in society. Such guilty pleasures could make us just a little bit crazy or weird in the eyes of others. But who cares? There are things we love, and even things we secretly love! So go enjoy having guilty pleasures!

Okay. That was fun... and a bit embarrassing. Discussion time! Here are my questions to you:

What do you think about having guilty pleasures? (Optional) What are some of your guilty pleasures?

That's all for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed your time here. If you did, don't forget to Subscribe and Follow. Get social with me and help support my work any way you can if you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

"It is better to be lucky than good." Or so the saying goes. Would you rather be lucky or good at something? Are you better off being lucky or good? Take your pick! I want to know what you think about being lucky or good. But of course, I have to provide a fancy introduction because while this is a casual blog post, I prefer professional-type commentary. So let's do this.

--- Lucky or Good? ---

Success at something involves skill and sometimes luck. Some people tend to be more fortunate than actually being talented. Those who can be more talented than lucky may not be so lucky at getting the job done. Those who are more lucky than good are obviously good enough to complete a task successfully. Why don't we look at the two elements?

Before I begin, I want to let you know I will use a lot of sports references here. I know a lot of my audience doesn't really watch or care about sports. I still will use these references to help prove my points. Let's get on with the show now.

Better Lucky Than Good.

As a Houston Rockets fan, I was pretty angry when Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers hit a flukey three-point shot to knock out my Rockets in the 1st Round of the 2013-2014 NBA playoffs in six games. I was pretty (pardon my choice of words) damned angry and heartbroken that million-to-one 3-point shot was hit by the Portland Trail Blazers. Even Lillard (whom I respect) said it was a lucky shot in a later interview.

Think of other sports upsets- like Chaminade University's upset of the University of Virginia in 1982. Or because of the "Always Hate Houston" rule people seem to have- North Carolina State beating the University of Houston for the 1983 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball tournament. You have to have the talent to pull certain feats off and be in a position to win. And in the case of luck, luck is more like insurance in hopes you complete a task.

Being more lucky than good means you may or may not have the talent to accomplish a task with mastery, but you somehow manage to achieve the best results in the end.

Better Good Than Lucky.

Now let's look at the other end of the spectrum. Imagine just being good enough to not have to rely on luck to assure yourself a victory. An example of being more good than lucky is that you are able to win a Spelling Bee or pass a test with high results. You rely more on skill rather than hoping you are fortunate enough to get the best results. In one mindset, that is total confidence. In another mindset, however, you can be immensely talented yet still lose. Let me use another sports example. Think of Super Bowl XLII in 2008 between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. New England seemed destined to be the only other team besides the 1972 Miami Dolphins to finish an NFL season unbeaten. They obviously had the skill to hammer the brains of all the other NFL teams to remain unbeaten. However, the Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, AZ, USA. This is a case where being talented just isn't enough- you need a little luck in hoping you can still pull through even if you have all the talent in the world.

Being more good than lucky means you believe in your talents more than hoping you are fortunate enough to get the desired result you wish to obtain.

I think that explains things quite well.


Would you rather be lucky or good if you could choose between the two? Does wanting to be either lucky or good depend on certain situations?

Take your pick! I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to contact me online if you have any ideas for future posts and topics you wouldn't mind seeing in any of my blogs. "Like" me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, circle me on Google+... GET SOCIAL WITH ME! Thank you for reading!

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