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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch Tablet

7 inch tablet or 10 inch? Samsung provides an 8-inch tablet. An 8-inch slots in between the quality of a 10-inch, but the portability of a 7. So the Galaxy Tab A 8-inch could be what you need if you love Samsung. Should you get one if you are considering getting a tablet PC? I'll offer my thoughts to you on this tablet as I bought one some time ago.

NOTE: I bought this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch with my tablet. I was not contacted by Samsung or anybody to provide this review. This review is based on my own personal experience using this.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-Inch

Get to know the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch tablet:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch
^ from: - This is Samsung's eight-inch tablet from the ever popular Galaxy line.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch tablet offers you some great power. Why an eight-inch tablet? Why not seven or even ten inches? Take it from me- when I first bought the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 followed by the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2, I needed something more practical and more useful to serve as my gateway to cyberspace outside of my PC. Something more practical means I had to pick up a tablet. When I had my Hisense Sero 7 Pro (a 7-inch tablet), I had that practical tablet. When the Wi-Fi went out on it, I needed to get something to replace it. An eight-inch tablet is larger than a regular seven-inch tablet, but not as massive as a ten-inch tablet. So a slightly-larger tablet would do the trick for me while still providing my daily online consumption needs.

So enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch tablet. It is a slightly larger tablet than your basic seven-inch tablet. It is big, but doesn't feel overwhelmingly big. It is still a tablet you can use for taking in online media or handling certain PC tasks on the go. Or just have it around to utilize a Wi-Fi network. The Galaxy Tab A 8-inch utilizes Wi-Fi, but the Galaxy Tab E 8-inch can take on connectivity from mobile carriers. To my knowledge, this tablet comes in three colors: White, Smoky Titanium, and Smoky Blue. The one I have for this review is in Smoky Titanium.

(Some) Specifications.

Unlike the previous tablet I had, this tablet is packing 16GB of storage unlike the Tab E Lite 7-inch's 8GB of storage. It also packs Android "Marshmallow." It is the first Android "Marshmallow" device I've ever used and my first time using "Marshmallow." It is also the first Android device I owned offering more than 8GB of internal storage. There is a 2 megapixel front-facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera. The tablet communicates only using Wi-Fi. However, and if you prefer this eight-inch tablet, you can get versions of the Galaxy Tab E 8-inch tablet with various carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more. A 4.2K mAh, non-removable, rechargeable battery powers this tablet. A 1.2GHz Quad Core processor powers the Galaxy Tab A 8-inch carrying 1.5GB LPDDR3 RAM. This tablet is capable of playing 1080p video with its 1024x768 resolution. It runs the full Android suite with Touchwiz. Up to a 128GB microSD card can be inserted into this device for loads more storage than the stock 16GB this device packs.

Initial Thoughts.

This tablet offers a very nice displaying experience. You can do split screen action with this tablet. You can set up half of the screen for one program, but then use another program to use. You can then multitask with this tablet nicely. The tablet isn't huge, but is a bit more troublesome than with the 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite I had previously. It's not that bad, though. You can still nicely hold the tablet in one hand while using your other hand to tap the screen and stuff or to use a stylus (like I do). I haven't tested the cameras, but I did play a bit trying to see how to use the front-facing camera. I could easily see myself doing video chats or video calls with this device. There is no flash with the cameras, so you're going to need a good amount of light to look fairly decent or to take decent photos. Otherwise, that's why you use a more capable smartphone or a camera for your pictures.

When you buy this device, you can get yourself some deals and some perks. For example, you can get a free eBook each month for up to one year using Kindle for Samsung when you buy this tablet. You will need to set up a Samsung account to be able to take advantage of these offers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-Inch: Final Thoughts

Samsung did great delivering a tablet that slots in between a portable 7-inch and a more than capable 10-inch. For merely the most basic of mobile device usage, this tablet will set you well. I admit I do miss some of the nice features of the Galaxy Tab E Lite when I sold it, notably the charming water ripple effect when you swipe to unlock. This is still a tablet good for mobile media consumption. You won't get anything other than Wi-Fi with the Galaxy Tab A, but you can get the Galaxy Tab E 8-inch if you want connectivity from mobile carriers. I actually didn't want to get the Galaxy Tab 8-Inch initially because it was out of my budget. With a little financial help (thanks, mom!), I got it and actually don't really regret getting this over the Galaxy Tab A 7-inch I originally wanted to get. I still wouldn't mind getting that Galaxy Tab A 7-inch to be honest. The Galaxy Tab A 8-inch is a more than suitable replacement for my Hisense Sero 7 Pro.

I didn't get into things like gaming or anything with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch because I don't consider myself a mobile gamer. However, you can still pretty much be able to play a lot of casual mobile games with this tablet. So play your Candy Crush or whatever with this tablet proudly.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch retails for about $199 USD. If my review interested you, here is the tablet I reviewed, available on Amazon:

This post was about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch. I tried to offer some resources to the Galaxy Tab E 8-inch in case you may be interested, but was unable to find any resources.

As much technology as I review and feature, it would be great if I could actually be able to either purchase more products or perhaps get certain quality material for free to expand the range of topics in my main blog. People don't get these kinds of breaks unless people legitimately see your blog as something useful and if people actually value your work enough to want to sponsor you or offer you things. I sure want to be seen as some sort of elite or some sort of quality blogger enough to get really good stuff. Money and talent aside, I care about one thing- providing quality material for the blogosphere. You being here and reading this makes me happy. Maybe I can continue to keep you interested. Subscribe and Follow my work if you enjoy it. And as always... thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E=Lite is a 7-inch tablet from Samsung. This is my first tablet from the Korean manufacturer. I bought this tablet when I was originally seeking another tablet. Samsung's entry level tablet is the E Lite. Could the E Lite really be called "elite?" Well, you'll see what I think in this blog review.

NOTE: I bought this tablet with my own money from a store. So this is a legit purchase and review. I wasn't contacted or anything to get this tablet. Then too, it would be cool to have stuff to review by having material provided to me, but that's another story for another time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-Inch

Here is a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-Inch:

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch
^ from: - The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch is an entry-level tablet PC from Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch is the lowest-spec tablet in the Galaxy Tab range. This tablet delivers many of the base essentials for most mobile device users. It is a quality tablet that doesn't cost a whole lot. In fact, I bought mine from Wal-Mart for (tax included) $106 USD. If you want a seven-inch tablet from Samsung, the top-of-the-line version is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7-inch.

As my Hisense Sero 7 Pro's Wi-Fi gave out on me, I was looking for something to move on from this tablet. The Hisense tablet served me well, but I really wanted to go with something more modern. I actually was shopping at a Wal-Mart for the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 I mentioned in a recent "John's Blog Space" post. When the store didn't have that tablet in stock, I went ahead and bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite. I then went ahead to try to get accustomed to this new tablet. I also

(Some) Specifications.

The Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch has a 1.3 GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. It has 8GB of storage, but you can also expand its memory by about 32GB with a microSD card. It runs Android 4.4.1- Android "Kitkat." To my knowledge, I don't think it is upgradable to any higher versions of Android. The tablet is available with Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want connectivity through something like a mobile carrier or any LTE type connectivity, seek Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8-inch or larger Galaxy Tab tablets. The Galaxy Tab E Lite only comes in white for what I know. There is no front-facing camera, but you do get a 2.0 MP camera. The tablet comes with a rear-facing speaker to the left of the camera. It has a resolution of 1024x600 resolution with its VSVGA display.

Software Interface.

Anyone familiar with Samsung mobile devices may be familiar with Touchwiz. You get the suite of Google apps. I even noticed a Google folder of items when I first set up my tablet. An app I liked among the offered apps is Flipboard. I may review Flipboard in the future, but it is a nice program for getting news from various sites. Rather than the stock Android browser, you get Google Chrome. So if you prefer something other than Chrome for web browsing, you can freely choose some other app from the Google Play Store.

This is my first experience that I know of with Android Kitkat. I had to introduce myself to what this tablet has to offer as opposed to what I was used to with the Android "Jellybean" interface of my Hisense Sero 7 Pro. I had to adjust myself to get used to some of the changes Android "KitKat" provides as opposed to my time with "Gingerbread" and "Jellybean." The interface is beautiful and colorful for one. When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released, its calling card was that it was "inspired by nature." I was reminded of this when I mostly swipe to unlock the Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch. Swiping provides a beautiful watery effect with ripples. At one point in my research prior to this post, I noted this interface can do the multitasking of certain programs. I had one window with Chrome working and another with Google Play working. I didn't go hardcore with this, but it was pretty cool having both programs working even on a 7-inch tablet.

The tablet comes pre-installed with various Google apps ranging from Google Play to Google Music, Google Books, Google Maps, and more. The tablet even comes with Samsung's own suite of apps. The tablet was meant to be fun even for children. To that end, there is a Samsung Kids app to excite the little ones. The Samsung Kids app is free, but you will need to pay monthly or annually to use the Samsung Kids service.

Surprising Elements.

Two things actually surprise me about this table. For one- there is no vibration motor for this tablet. There is also no lighting for the buttons on this tablet. So you will have to make sure you have some light to know where to find the non-capacitive buttons. You can jack in headphones, but you can still hear the regular sound effects you either set or implement. The headphones mostly are for private listening to things like games, videos, music, and more. The back is a bit slippery, so be careful holding onto it.

Final Thoughts.

If you want an all-in-one tablet to be the end-all of tablets, you are NOT going to find it with this tablet. While it is not a top-level tablet, it IS a very respectable low-end tablet from a quality company like Samsung. Unless you can't afford it, you may want to pick up the Galaxy Tab A 7-inch. (Figures from the Samsung Mobile site) Whereas the Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch retails for about $99 USD, the Galaxy Tab A 7-inch retails for about $149 USD. Forget about this tablet if you are thinking of having something outside of Wi-Fi connectivity.

I don't want to sound mean, but you don't NEED a tablet with every last bell and whistle and every benchmark beast. This Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch tablet lacks a lot of features that would make most people would associate with being a top-level tablet. You're not going to play Asphalt 8 Airborne as fluidly as a Triple-A level game on a PlayStation 4 or an XBOX One X with the Galaxy Tab E Lite However, this budget tablet still does a lot of the basic tasks with little or no compromise. You can live with a lot of what this tablet has to offer for its price point. It is a very basic tablet, but it isn't a boring one. You don't need to make too many sacrifices to enjoy this tablet PC. Samsung makes some quality products, and even this budget tablet is as solid as their more expensive, more capable offerings. Definitely do NOT overlook this tablet if you are wanting to buy a decent 7-inch tablet. It will handle a lot of the different needs with little or no compromise.

You can say that the E Lite is "e-lite" in delivering many of the basics of a modern tablet while still being fairly useful to many audiences and cater to many media needs of many people. If you can live with the shortcomings the Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch has (and you actually can live with them), you can do no wrong picking up this tablet.

A Future Review?

I was kind of thinking of exchanging the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7-inch for a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7-inch. Perhaps if I succeed in doing so, you may see a future review here on "John's Blog Space" offering my thoughts on the Galaxy Tab A 7-inch.

Your participation in the next section is voluntary, but I would surely like for you to participate and support my work any way you can if you enjoy it.

Samsung Online

For all things Samsung, visit, or for my American readers.

For various Samsung items, please look around here:

Again- please support my work any way you can. You don't have to, but I would appreciate any and all support.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Series Thoughts

My Hisense Sero 7 Pro's WiFi gave out months ago. Rendered almost useless after a few years with it, I am looking at some alternatives. One is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3. When I visited a Wal-Mart, I saw this 10-inch tablet PC on display. I did further research on it on YouTube and elsewhere online. Much like how the Microsoft Surface is touted as being "the tablet that could replace your laptop," the Yoga Tab 3 is touted as being "your own personal TV." Part of the reason is because the Yoga Tab 3 has two front-facing stereo speakers and a lovely and colorful display. This means the tablet could be great for watching streaming media.

Prior to preparing this blog post, I originally thought of only the Yoga Tab 3 10-inch tablet. However, I learned there is also a Yoga Tab 3 in an 8-inch. This tablet is adaptable as it can be utilized in four different styles. You can simply hold it in your hand. You could flip out the stand and stand it up on a device to view like a monitor. You can flip out the stand to tilt the device on a flat surface. And finally, you can use the stand and hook it onto something so it can hang. One of the biggest draws to these tablets is its very long battery life on a single charge. However, I hear this tablet is rather heavy because of this huge battery. I think I heard it weighs just over one lb. I still see this as a solid tablet. The Yoga Tab 3 runs Android 5.1 "Lollipop." I think it can be upgraded to "Marshmallow" or something. The Yoga Tab 3 has a quadcore 1 GB RAM Processor, but I've heard conflicting reports of what actually it has on the RAM front. So don't take the last comment for gospel.

I mentioned there are two kinds of the Yoga Tab 3. Well, here are pictures:

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 inch
^ from: - This is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10-inch model.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 inch
^ from: - If the 10 inch is a bit too much, Lenovo also offers an 8-inch version of its Yoga Tab 3.

If I decide to make this my new tablet PC, I will be sure to offer a proper review of it as well as my thoughts on it. But for now, I just want to offer this little chat on Lenovo's fine Yoga Tab tablet PCs.

For More Information...

Find out more about Lenovo and the products they offer by going to Thank you for visiting and reading.

Do you own one of these Yoga Tab 3 tablets I mentioned in this blog post? If so, you can tell me a few things about what I should know about the tablet. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata

Italian dinners made easy from your microwave or oven. That is the Michael Angelo's way. One of their dinners I tried out was their Chicken Piccata. I am offering my review of this frozen dinner with this blog post after having it about twice. I hope you get to gain some insight of what I think about this chicken dinner. Should it be something you should try? Find out by reading on!

Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata

Here's a look at the product I'll be mentioning in this blog post:

Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata
^ from: (YouTube) - I tried one of these dinners.

Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata dinner can be prepared in a microwave or a conventional oven. For the former, it can be put into a microwave for about seven or nine minutes. I put it on at eight minutes. Thankfully, you don't have to do any extra preparing after cooking the meal in a microwave. You don't even have to remove the foil until after cooking. It has white meat chicken breast, artichokes, tomato strips, and red bell peppers and capers in lemon-garlic butter sauce.

Taste Experience.

The taste experience of this chicken piccata dinner is in a word- delicious. It is the buttery sauce that offers a sweet taste of both the chicken and the artichokes. You almost feel like eating even various other bits because of how tasty the lemon butter is.

Final Thoughts.

To say the least, the chicken piccata meal from Michael Angelo's is amazing. Even Michael Angelo's admits it is a family favorite of theirs. So if they like it, you probably will too. It is fairly healthy for a frozen meal also. It has only 290 calories, 14 grams of protein, and 660 milligrams of sodium. I would surely recommend this dinner to anyone who loves chicken dinners. The taste of the chicken piccata is just amazing with the buttery sauce. Both the chicken and the artichokes just offer a wonderful taste experience.

For More Information...

I profiled one of Michael Angelo's frozen dinners. To learn more about their products, visit

That concludes another blog post of mine. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Death of the Brick and Mortar Store?

Could brick and mortar stores become extinct? Online shopping is the way to go in recent times. This comes at the expense of brick and mortar stores along with even shopping malls and shopping centers. If this happens, brick and mortar stores could be easily phased out in favor of online shopping, thus meaning lots of job losses and a bunch of abandoned stores and parking lots. Part of the reasoning for not as many brick and mortar stores lasting mostly pertains to most people finding comfort and confidence in buying material online as opposed to going to basic brick and mortar stores. I often fear a lot of shopping centers will be mere ghost towns since not as many people will go to certain physical stores for things. On top of that, think about the small business owners who may be just hanging on trying to remain competitive in the business realm. There could realistically be a point where a lot of brick and mortar stores simply just will not thrive very long considering the success and appeal of online shopping. In addition, there are many different signs of culture change. Much like how people moved on from 8-tracks to cassettes and CDs, a lot of people are moving on from a lot of physical stores to online stores. Shopping centers, malls, and even places like grocery stores and department stores are even looking at options of online shopping. So there may be a chance that the brick and mortar store can either be not as productive or even be obsolete.

This is basically a collection of thoughts in regards to the dead (or dying) brick and mortar store. So please read on if this topic interests you.

Death of the Brick and Mortar Stores?

brick and mortar store death extinct obsolete
^ from: - Could brick and mortar stores go the way of the dinosaur? Some think it is a matter of time before most brick and mortar shopping centers become dead or even obsolete considering the success of online shopping.

Can the brick and mortar store become obsolete? Here are a collection of thoughts of mine.

Dead/Dying Shopping Centers.

What possibly could abandoned stores and malls be like in the future? Here is one article showcasing what could become of certain stores and malls. By the way- I recommend you watch the video that comes with this link: Here's what could happen to America's hundreds of dead malls.

Here in the Houston/Galveston area, I have come across a number of once-thriving shopping centers. In my youth, my family would go to Almeda Mall in southeast Houston. It used to be that there were a lot of great stores to go to. I certainly enjoyed going to the arcade store there to play arcade games. There were also a book store (Waldenbooks), a toy store (Kay Bee Toys), a Radio Shack, and even a few restaurants I liked. There was also an area adjacent to the food court that usually is home to the merry-go-round or other fun events (such as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus). The mall has a small library outside of the mall also that had some books I was looking for for a project I was working on. Keep in mind that this was back around the 1990s. Last year or so (or maybe this year), I revisited Almeda Mall. SO much has changed. Many of the past stores are dead and gone. The library at Almeda Mall is abandoned. One of the anchor stores, JCPenney, has long been a Burlington Coat Factory store. You almost can't tell it was a two-story JCPenney store. One of the bigger stores at the mall was an Old Navy store. I even remember in the past how that Old Navy used to be a bunch of stores, including a Woolworth. That big Old Navy there was abandoned for the longest. Rather than a lot of stores being within the mall building, some stores and businesses are situated outside of the mall. This is an example of a once-thriving mall increasingly becoming a potential dead shopping center.

Did that example prove my point? Well, I got more for you! These are some Houston/Galveston area locales to prove my point.

• There is Pasadena Town Square that I've been to before. This is Pasadena, Texas, mind you. Anyhow... I liked this place for stores like Electronics Boutique, the F.Y.E. music store, the fancy food court, and the arcade room there. Last time I visited... there was an arcade room that was under construction, the food court is almost literally dead, and what was the old arcade room has long been cut off. There are also not as many stores or interest inside the mall.

• San Jacinto Mall around Baytown also was kind of a thriving place. Most of the old stores have died out. One of the anchor stores is (on my last check) now some kind of college. There are still a cool movie theater and an arcade room there. However, there aren't too many more stores.

• Mall of the Mainland was a mall I visited maybe twice before. Both times, it just seemed like an indoor desert. I often joked about seeing tumbleweed in the mall and around the mall since it is so empty. Mall of the Mainland (or what used to be Mall of the Mainland) was a mall in Texas City, TX.

As you can tell by these brief bits I have mentioned, shopping centers and malls are businesses. When businesses fail, you end up with lost jobs and lots of abandoned space. You also end up with places where people can't really socialize and have fun at. So while I am looking at all of this on the standpoint of business, there is also a social aspect that takes a hit when such locales are gone.

Why Online Instead of Brick and Mortar?

For one thing, certain items simply just aren't available or sold to physical stores. For example, I had to buy a PC audio splitter cable for my gaming headset online after many stores don't sell such cables at physical stores. I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle online for the prospect of using Bluetooth to transfer material. Certain items simply are not sold at even small businesses. Not having to leave home to buy items can be a great reason why many prefer online shopping. Or at least, being able to shop on your mobile device as opposed to going to physical stores to buy things.

Often times, online shopping can lead to you getting things you didn't ask for. This is like when you order certain food at restaurants, and you end up getting something different than what you ordered. As if you get a fish sandwich when you ordered a cheeseburger. It is often better you have a brick and mortar store so you can actually see certain items you want to get in person. At least you can see and touch certain items you are interested in. You could read all you want about certain items available online. As we all know, people can manipulate and alter certain seemingly legit items and provide fakes or misinformation. Therefore, it is best to visit certain brick and mortar stores. I personally find brick and mortar stores to be better than having to shop online. I will mostly shop online if I feel I can't get something at any brick and mortar store (even secondhand items) that I could have a better chance of finding online.

I think thrift stores and consignment stores may likely be the best survivors should brick and mortar stores die out. I mostly am thinking of stuff like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and stores like that. Even the fact these are used items and worn items still mean they can be enjoyed and have a good amount of purpose still in them. Usually, these are the kinds of items that still provide some sort of pulse among physical stores.

New Hope for Brick and Mortar Stores?

To avoid being completely phased out, and if you saw the link I posted before this section, you will know certain failed shopping centers are becoming re-imagined. So it may be possible brick and mortar stores may not completely go the way of the dinosaur. However, shopping centers are as much of businesses as almost any other business. Businesses succeed and fail. In the case of dying areas, certain former stores and former shopping centers could be converted into other businesses. It happens all the time most of the time. A shopping center you may remember could be a big church or maybe some kind of educational facility. Anything to keep business going and extend the life of certain properties will be taken full advantage of to make the most of any newer opportunities.

Final Thoughts.

The reason I get depressed about decaying and dying shopping centers is that I find shopping centers as both thriving businesses as well as social hangouts. By going with mostly online shopping, you don't get to enjoy brick and mortar stores as much as you can. At least you can be able to get certain items from physical stores rather than exclusively have to get content from an online store. While I haven't fully concentrated on the social aspect of brick and mortar stores, the impact of not as much social attention to such shopping centers also takes a hit as such locales die out or fail to thrive. With all of this said, the dying brick and mortar store can lead to losses both in business and social fields.

That's all for this post, but what do you think about this topic?

Do you think the brick and mortar store may die out?

Feel free to offer your thoughts while also sharing my material. Subscribe and Follow if you enjoy my blogging work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Loving Support

One can live life alone, but it is nice to know there are others who care about you. I think a lot about people who have certain issues, some blessed to have support from family, friends, or loved ones. Those with loving support just make life easier. Not all the time do others remain loving and loyal, but at least I think of those who benefit from having someone care about them even in the roughest of times. Having someone care for you and love you will not solve the world's problems, but at least there is something less to worry about. I blogged before about love being something to motivate you and help you feel better. I am dedicating this blog post to people who have others in their lives who are sincere and respectful.

Sometimes, I feel like any kind of positive material I suggest makes people think I have a one-sided mind regarding certain issues. So in this context, there are those who probably feel I am not regarding the fact that not everyone needs or cares about having someone else look over them. Or maybe having someone worry about them only makes someone less of a person. The fact is that there is a psychological advantage in having someone care about you and think of you kindly. The only way to disagree with my logic here is if some of the ones who show interest for you in tough times are only pretending to like you rather than be sincere. You don't tell people to be in your life. However, it is nice to know there are those who actually do care and actually want the best for you.

If you happen to know such people always wanting the best for you (even if it's me), be blessed and humbled. At least it is nice to know there are people who care in a world where it seems like hardly anybody cares. We always hear stories of despicable crimes and absolute stupidity. It is refreshing to know people do care and that there are good people left in this world. So thank the person or people who think about you and love you as you face some tough times. While you can still live life solo, at least be thankful there are people who want to help make life better for you. These are people who you should hold close to your heart and be blessed to have so much love and support. And as long as you don't do them wrong or if they don't do you wrong, be thankful for the loving support you get from other people.

I am hopeful this positive and lighthearted post is to your liking. I do what I can to offer positive material in a seemingly negative world. I just hope you appreciate my efforts even with the most depressing and difficult topics. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Live Stream Dream

My #LiveStreamDream has come true! Through and with Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio), I made my first-ever live stream. It was a learning experience for me. This blog post explains some things I learned. You will get some insight on me putting this all together and how I thought I did with my first live stream. So I first want to thank you for visiting my blog. Keep reading on for some of my thoughts in making my first live stream.

My Live Stream Dream!

Since joining Twitch early in January 2017, I became a regular on Twitch trying to find all sorts of material. I got involved with streams and even tried to find channels I liked. I had the dream of making my own live stream of some kind. As I was putting together material to make that dream come true, I knew I had a chance to be my own superstar. And unlike some things in my life, dreams were realized and came true.

I made the hashtag #LiveStreamDream to showcase my first-ever live stream. The point of the topic was to introduce myself and to showcase my blogging work. That was the topic I decided on when making my first live stream. As I selected my topic and thought about what to discuss, I went ahead and put the stream together as I was thinking about it. I even said a little prayer before starting my live stream. I was fairly nervous for the most part, but I eased into making my live stream as time went along.

In making my first stream, it meant some things went right, and some things went wrong. Here is an overview...

What Went Right...

The biggest thing that went right is that I managed to successfully stream something to Twitch. I also felt more confident using OBS Studio for live streams rather than OBS Classic. I used OBS Classic to make my GTR2 video project. Turns out, I may use OBS Studio for my streaming. Initially, I was never able to use OBS Studio efficiently. Turns out this program was made for streaming basically. So the amount of control was great in switching scenes and in designing my material.

What Went Wrong...

Twitch got the stream, but there were some main problems. I streamed my material to YouTube Stream Now, but I never saw it uploaded on YouTube. I gave out social media alerts, but a link to my stream was never posted. Because it was a live stream and because I didn't entirely plan on discussing my material in a cleaner manner, the usual sort of stutters happened in my stream. This also meant I was at a loss for words.

UPDATE: YouTube did feature my video. It just took a while initially for YouTube to save my stream to video.

My Grade for My First Live Stream.

I am going to give myself a B- for my efforts. If I can connect my material better, I felt my live stream debut would have been much more successful. I otherwise felt more confident as I went along. I tried to offer my video in kind of a 720p setting to suit widescreen formats. This is almost the question of, "if a tree falls in a forest, will anyone be around to hear it?" So if I posted a live stream, will anyone be around to see it? Since it was not linked from my Social Media alerts, nobody got to see me live or interact with me. I want to offer the opportunity to have people view my material and interact. I was unable to provide the kind of environment I wanted to make. And in so, I failed most in that department. At least now I have some Restream experience.

I do see myself attempting more live streams. When and on what topics remain to be confirmed.

Want to View My First Live Stream?

If you want to see my first-ever live stream as it happened, click on the link below:

#LiveStreamDream - The Start of a New Journey!

PLEASE be sure to offer your thoughts on the quality of my work. I may be able to make better material in the future. I am not sure how long my video will stay up on Twitch. So therefore, it's best you check it out now before it potentially could be gone.

For Future Reference...

To check out my streams on Twitch and YouTube (respectively), visit these links:

my Twitch channel
my YouTube channel (Live Stream link)

Other than that, it was a tremendous experience to do a live stream. I may try to make more. Make sure you follow my material to see more of it when it becomes available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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@Inspireu2Action is an initiative set by Julie Barbera. If the Barbera surname sounds familiar, that's because Julie is the sister of inspirational singer Amy Barbera (previously featured on "John's Blog Space"). I figured for this blog post that I introduce my international audience to the work of Julie Barbera. Maybe you will get to gain her insight and let her advice empower and encourage you. Remember that all of my material are positive spaces, even with the most negative and depressing topics. So allow me to discuss Inspireu2Action.


Inspireu2Action was created by Julie Barbera. These are podcasts and messages created to help empower and encourage people to get through life. Julie offers up personal insights and offers a handful of useful advice based on her experiences. Biblical insight is also offered at times also.

The main idea behind "Inspireu2Action" is to get people inspired and motivated to make changes in their lives to become better people and live better. Motivation can be tough, but at least Julie Barbera provides a basis behind getting started. Her advice is helpful even if you feel you don't need extra inspiration. In that case, perhaps Julie can help you become better even if not facing some crisis. She provides calming words and encouraging thoughts to help you do and feel better than you have previously. You don't have to live like life is the most depressing thing ever. Let Julie offer up wonderful thoughts to help you become the amazing person you were destined to be.

So if you're in need of some positive reinforcement, just remember that Julie Barbera is here to help empower you to take action one inspired step at a time. Julie does all she can to help... inspire you to action!

Final Thoughts.

In today's negative world and within our own transgressions, Julie Barbera's "Inspireu2Action" initiative is a source of positive energy and inspiration. Anything to help provide something wholesome and powerful is much appreciated in today's society. Handling the task of inspiring and motivating others is not as easy a task as it could be. Yet still, Inspireu2Action is a tremendous boon to positive thinking and living better. Julie's advice is as beautiful as her looks. Visit her home page to check out Inspireu2Action across social media later in this post. You will not be disappointed or feel left out- I can assure you that.

If Julie Barbera Is Reading This...

Keep up the great work with all that you do. Your insight is a great help to us all. You are just as amazing with your inspirational content as Amy Barbera with her singing.

(And hello to Amy Barbera if she's reading this post as well!) :)

For More Information...

Visit to gain her positive insight into life and to check out the encouraging material she provides.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Now you know about Julie Barbera and her fine motivational work. However, what if you wanted to know about Amy Barbera? Here are past posts of mine...

"Amy Barbera" (John's Blog Space) «
^ My original blog post regarding Amy Barbera.

"American Beauties: South and Southeast" (John's Blog Space)
^ The Barberas hail from Maryland, so this post is about lovely American ladies from the South and Southeast- including Maryland.

I want to thank everyone for continually making my blog(s) and their posts useful and shared. Subscribe and Follow this blog and my others if my work interests you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner: Discord

Long ago, I joined Discord. Just recently, I made my own Discord server. I feel the desire to offer an outlet to communicate with my fans. Discord is a popular chatting platform mostly used by live streamers and gamers. My hope is to offer something to serve as my home on Discord as well as make it an outlet to connect with my fans. Over time, I will be adding more chat rooms to try to expand the range of topics and such of this Discord channel. This edition of "John's Corner" announces my Discord channel.

Welcome to...

Johns Corner

If you have Discord, you are cordially invited to join my my Discord channel at: "John Marine's Universe" on Discord. Depending on certain circumstances, I may or may not keep this link going for security purposes. I do monitor my content and will make any needed changes to my channels if need be.

Special Request!

If you have your own Discord channel, and you want to invite me to yours, please let me know where I can find you. I might just drop by! :)

That's all for this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sydney Celeste Rose

@Model_Celeste23 is a jack-of-all-trades entertainer. Nicknamed the "Bad Ass Barbie," Sydney Celeste Rose is a model, musician, comedian, and more. Her talent is greater than her petite frame. I first learned of her on LOOKBOOK. She shown off some of her outfits before, and I enjoyed her looks. I later went on to see some of her other modeling shoots and even listen to her music. After a while, I was sold on Sydney Celeste Rose. She is a Greek model based in North Carolina. This blog post is sort of my look at Sydney Celeste Rose.

Sydney Celeste Rose

Here are a few individual pieces in regards to Sydney Celeste Rose.

Modeling and Style of Sydney.

Sydney Celeste Rose is beautiful to look at. Her smile is very sweet complimented with her beautiful, long, curly hair. I will even say she boasts a pretty pair of legs as well. Perhaps Sydney's signature style would be some kind of leopard print incorporated into her wardrobe. Yes- she's one of those girls. Many of her outfits range from casual outfits to various chic outfits. Lingerie and swimwear also play as her fashion fortes. She has even had some more classy outfits. For the most part, Sydney mostly delivers enticing modeling in her style.

Sydney's modeling also includes promotional work. She has been a model promoting certain businesses and products.

Music of Sydney.

I don't think Sydney has the best singing voice, but I do think she puts on a great show. I actually think her singing has gotten better since I first learned of her. As of April 2, 2017; she is working on a hip-hop song with a producer named Verceti Trap Star. I wish her luck with this music project.

While this video isn't an example of her hip-hop music, this is a sample of Sydney's singing ability:

^ It's whatever (cover )

A Determined Dreamer.

What I love most about Sydney is just how real and honest she is. If anything, she is someone who you can look up to. Just having a passion to perform is also what makes Sydney special. Whether or not you think Sydney is the best at her performances is up to you, but she delivers no doubt in her work. She only stands 5'2", but her personality and her heart are much greater than her petite size. Here is a video demonstration of the heart she has with her work:

^ Question : when did you learn that grinding like no one is watching is the key to success?

And then, there is this video interview Sydney did:

^ Sydney Celeste Rose Interview

Convinced much about her heart?

Final Thoughts.

Long story short, I have great respect for Sydney Celeste Rose. Not only (mostly) for her amazing looks, but because of her determination and her heart. Nothing was handed to her- she worked for everything. Even when others said no or doubted her, she kept going because there was a much greater purpose to her work. You can not fault somebody for simply following his/her dreams. The end game is in trying to reach a level of satisfaction and success that defines her as a person and as an entity. Sydney is going to go very far if she hasn't progressed well already. She represents unrelenting courage and determination to be absolutely amazing and accomplish absolutely amazing. She also represents the "prove you wrong" type to those who doubt her. Sydney may be sassy, spicy, and wild; but she is also beautiful in heart and (obviously) looks. There is no denying she is someone born to perform and born to succeed.

What If Sydney Read This?

I have long admired you and your work. Just your personality and spirit alone are reasons why you have become the superstar you've become. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others. Maybe some of my viewers of "John's Blog Space" will get to appreciate you and all you do.

Would I Want to Meet Sydney?

I think Sydney Celeste Rose is a very cool personality. So I'd definitely want to meet her if given the chance or meet candidly.

For More Information...

More about Sydney Celeste Rose can be procured by visiting her website at

This has been another blog post of "John's Blog Space." Make sure you Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if my work interests you. Be sure to stay with JBS for more blogging goodness. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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