Amazon Kindle eReader - Base Model

The cheapest gateway to Amazon Kindle is with the base Amazon Kindle eReader. This bare bones eReader is the easiest path to downloading and buying Kindle books. It lacks features from the Paperwhite and Voyage eReaders. Despite what the base Kindle eReader gives up, it remains a more than capable device to get into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem. I decided to offer a review of this device after using this for a short period of time. These are my thoughts on the base Amazon Kindle eReader, based on the seventh generation model.

NOTE: Because there is no real fancy name for it, I will refer to it as the "base Kindle eReader." The device I am mentioning is an eReader, not any of the Kindle Fire tablets. Keep note of this as I discuss as much as possible about this Kindle eReader.

Amazon Kindle: Base Model eReader

Kindle entry level eReader
^ from: - This is the base model Kindle eReader.

As the base model of the eReader range of Kindle tablets, it is the basic entry way into the Amazon ecosystem among the three e-ink e-Readers. The base model Kindle eReader is normally priced at about $79.99 US Dollars. The other two models are the much more popular Paperwhite at about $119.99 US Dollars and the top-level Voyage at about $199.99 US Dollars. The base Kindle eReader In addition, this model can be had with special offers. These "special offers" are simply advertisements that appear on the screen as you are on the main page or from the lock screen. To get rid of them, you will have to pay about $20 US Dollars to remove the ads. So this device can come to almost $100 USD; and for that much, you almost can get the Kindle Paperwhite instead.

This Amazon Kindle eReader I will review is the seventh generation of the device. It features a six-inch touch screen and WiFi connectivity. The amount of memory you get is 4 gigabytes of memory, but you mostly get 3 gigabytes of memory. You can not knock this device for its memory. Unless eBooks you load onto it are intensive with graphics and other media, this is really more than enough for the most basic of eBooks. The memory can not be expanded, unfortunately. Battery life is told to last for about four weeks for this device.

This is the very first eReader of any kind I have owned. The main reason why I bought the entry-level Kindle eReader is just for basic functionality and testing of eBook layouts. There are only a few differences between the layout of eBooks in Amazon's proprietary MOBI and AZW3 formats and the universally accepted EPUB format. Besides the MOBI format, the Kindle devices can easily pick up PDF format eBooks just as much as any eBook reader or any applications that can read eBooks. Kindle devices do NOT read the EPUB format. So if you want to read or load this device with eBooks, make sure they are in the MOBI format. The preferred program to convert from one eBook format to another is the popular Calibre program. You can download Calibre by going to

Using the Kindle eReader.

When you use this Kindle eReader for the first time, you will first be given options to set the default language. You later will be asked to configure the WiFi options so you can access the Amazon Kindle store. A host of other offers and options are available to you before you eventually get to use the Kindle proper. As you go along, you will get a number of quick tutorials before you finally can use your device. Once all is settled, you are ready to read on your Kindle eReader.

I was surprised early that this was a touch screen device. I thought the device had physical buttons to turn pages, but that was an older version of the base Kindle eReader. You can either press either side of the screen to turn pages. Press on the right side of the screen to turn forward a page, and press the left side to go back a page. Or if you prefer, you can swipe pages in either direction to turn pages. Press and hold a certain word in text to quickly get a definition of that word. Other options include the ability to get a Wikipedia definition of that term (if available) or get a translation of that word to another language. You can even highlight multiple words in a sentence or multiple sentences for more options.

Some of the various eBooks I used and utilized came out pretty well. Considering this is an e-ink device (as opposed to a full-color device), you do not get full-color displays. You are perhaps better off getting a full-color device to read eBooks if you do not fancy this eReader. While the preferred format is EPUB, Amazon does not utilize the EPUB format. Any non-MOBI eBooks will need to be converted to the MOBI format. Be sure to download and use Calibre to convert from any format to MOBI to be able to use that eBook on your Kindle eReader or any other Kindle. Once you save an eBook in MOBI format, you can then go ahead and upload the converted MOBI eBook to your Kindle eReader either from your computer or through e-Mail. It will only recognize MOBI or AZW3 material. Worst of all, the biggest drawback to the base Kindle eReader is the fact it has no backlighting. So if you intend on reading in low light situations with this device, get a book lamp.

Now on for a review of the base Kindle eReader.

Amazon Kindle: Base Model eReader - Review

At its most basic, the base model Kindle eReader does what it is supposed to do with little or no distraction from any other material. You are better off getting a proper tablet PC if you want to play games or do other things while reading eBooks. This eReader otherwise is more than enough to satisfy your viewing needs. For the eBook author considering uploading to Amazon, this is the cheapest way to test your eBooks before releasing it online. The workflow may be strange and lengthy, but you can still get your eBook testing done with a quality device like this one.

There are two major drawbacks to this Kindle eReader. First off, this device will NOT read EPUB eBooks. You will need to convert eBooks to MOBI format to read them on your Kindle. If you are going to read with this Kindle eReader, make sure you have good lighting because there is no backlight to this device. The fact there is no expandable memory can be a negative especially if you are an eBook author looking to test eBook layouts. You will need to connect this eReader to your PC/Mac for those purposes. The fact this device is WiFi only can be another negative. Also, this device only comes with the Kindle eReader and a USB to micro USB cable. Accessories like a power adapter or covers will cost you extra. However, if you already have a USB to micro USB charging cable, you can still charge the device just fine without needing a dedicated power adapter.

Even if you are willing to live with these negatives and want something to simply get into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem, this is the cheapest and most rewarding way to do so. You honestly do not need all kinds of features and all kinds of perks to enjoy this device. This Kindle eReader does not need to do everything at once in a pretty manner. It was simply made to read eBooks and connect you to Amazon's amazing library of Kindle eBooks. For those purposes, this is a cheaply-priced gateway into the Amazon Kindle ecosystem. You can do better with the Paperwhite, the Voyage, or the Kindle Fire series. You could probably also do better by getting the Kindle app for mobile devices and the Kindle program for PC/Mac. But if you want a basic eReader that connects you to Amazon Kindle, you can not go wrong at all even with this entry-level device.

Speaking of eBooks... (Bonus Section!)

As someone aspiring in making electronic books, I will be sure to let you know if and when I make eBooks available for sale/download online. To keep up with the latest developments, I will post in my various blogs about my eBook work. You are welcome to take a look at my material and help support my material. Most of what I feature will be in my creative works blog, "John's Creative Space." I will also post about my eBooks on my JohnMarineDesigns page on Weebly.

Anyone interested in my work is welcome to visit any and all of my different sites and profiles. Once again- I thank all of my supporters no matter how I and my work are supported.

Amazon Kindle eReader Online

If you would like to buy the device I just reviewed, click on the item below to get your own:

I reviewed only the entry-level Kindle eReader. While it is outside of the main point of this post, if you prefer other models in the Kindle eReader range, take a look at these:

Your business would be appreciated if you do buy these items from my blog.

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Disruptor for the PlayStation 1 is a first-person shooter. While many people at the time of Disruptor's 1996 release were awaiting "Duke Nukem 3D," "Disruptor" was to be something to hopefully tide over fans awaiting DN3D for the PS1. Did Universal Interactive Studios and Insomniac Games succeed? Find out right now, as I am here to offer my review of "Disruptor" in this blog post on "John's Blog Space!"


Disruptor PS1
^ from: - Armed with various guns and Psionics, "Disruptor" will test your instincts and reflexes as you try to save the universe.

Released in 1996 by Universal Interactive Studios and Insomniac Games, Disruptor is a first-person shooter sort of in the vein of Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM. This game, however, has a look and feel much different from either game. It is only a "clone" of either game only in the sense it is a first-person shooter. Where Disruptor differs as a first-person shooter of its time from some of its competitors is that all of the walls are not 90° walls. You have sloped floors, ceilings, and structures unlike in Wolfenstein 3D or DOOM. Disruptor was mostly seen as a game to challenge the likes of the upcoming Duke Nukem 3D for the PlayStation 1. It was only released for the PlayStation 1.

The story of Disruptor involves you going around United Earth in the 22nd Century. Terrorists have dared threaten the livelihood of United Earth and various other locations. You are armed with guns and Psionics to try to avert the various threats everywhere. You are one of the Lightstormers trying to bring peace to the universe. Will you prevail in protecting space?

I first learned of Disruptor when I had a demo disc for the PlayStation 1 that included this game in the disc. One time long ago, I bought Disruptor from a secondhand game store. I started playing it again primarily to review it for this blog.

Weapons and Items.

Disruptor features a handful of guns ranging from your standard pistol to various rifles and other items. There are even one-time use items that deal loads of damage, such as the Plasma Lance. A lot of the weapons are pretty straightforward in their usage. Find ammo packs to go with various guns. In addition to various regular guns, what gives Disruptor a unique feel is the use of Psionics. Think of Psionics as magic attacks and secondary attacks. Psionic attacks are handy to use for when you don't want to continually expend ammunition from your guns. You will earn more Psionics as you progress further in the game. Take advantage of these more powerful Psionic attacks to give yourself the edge in battle. Some levels even have you using or starting with Psionics.

In later levels, you start with some extra health in later levels the further you progress in the game. Your maximum health will be increased so you can take a little more of a beating than you normally would. Be sure to take advantage of this extra health to try to clear some of the later levels.


Each of the 14 (or so) levels in Disruptor have you go from the Starting point to the Finish teleporter. Starting with the third level, reaching far enough will allow you to reach checkpoints. Getting to these checkpoints will allow you to restart from a certain point if you are killed during the course of the mission. But be careful- if you die three or more times, you will have to restart the entire mission from the beginning. So make sure to stay alive for as long as you can. You can also review the video prior to each level in these situations.

If you are killed during a mission, you can restart the mission or restart from a checkpoint to get a hint during the loading screen to help you try to clear the level. Use these hints to try to get through each level better.

You can review the objectives to each level or look around the level by accessing the map feature (press Select). This can be very helpful in trying to keep track of where you are. It is certainly helpful in the later, larger levels.


Not many of the enemies are anything spectacular. You will be facing a variety of enemies ranging from mechanical foes to organic enemies. Learn their different attack patterns and adjust to take them down. You may need to use a combination of gun play and Psionic weaponry to clear each mission.


• You can save your progress upon the completion of each mission. However, you can use certain passwords to get ahead in the game. Keep track of these passwords if you don't have a PS1 Memory Card or if you are not using the PS1 system on the PS3.

• Some weapons may have certain traits or features. It is recommended you use Phase guns (like the Phase Rifle) against organic enemies. If you find High Frequency Cells, this is a temporary amount of ammo for Phase weapons which increase the rate of fire. Hold down the shoot button with the AM Blaster to charge it up, then release to fire a charged shot. You will, however, use up two units of AM ammo, so don't do this often especially if you are low on AM ammunition. You can carry only one of the one-time use items. So for example, you can't have two Plasma Lances. If you have a one-time use item and you see another of it, use the one you have and then pick up the other one.

• Look for Health Boosts to recover your energy. In some levels, there are Full Health boosts that refill your entire health. These are taller canisters that will refill all of your health.

• Use the Drain Psionic to build up your Psionic energy by firing the spheres at enemies, then collect the drained energy to gain some extra Psionic energy. Later in the game, there is a more powerful Psionic that can be used both as a powerful attack and as a way to acquire vast amounts of Psionic energy. However, (that Psionic) requires much more energy than Drain.

• Look for secret areas with different paths. Some of these secrets will let you access more powerful weapons early. You also help your ability to kill all the enemies in each level as well as being able to discover every bit of a level.

Now for my review of Disruptor.

Disruptor - Final Thoughts

Disruptor is a very good game for what it is. It won't frustrate you too much, but the game is devoid of any serious character. What character it does have severely pales in comparison to many other games. The acting is laughable in the full motion videos- and not in a good way. Some of the in-game action can be pretty intense. While the game is violent, it isn't intensely violent. Disruptor is none too exciting or memorable. But at the same time, it is a fairly good game that will still be worth your time until you eventually feel semi-bored with the game as a whole. Disruptor isn't the best PlayStation 1 first-person shooter, but it isn't the absolute worst. It is just a middle-of-the-pack first-person shooter for your PlayStation 1.

Video Preview.

This video is a preview of this game I just reviewed. Maybe it will help you a bit more as to whether or not you want to get this game:

^ "Disruptor (PSX) - Map 01 (The Gauntlet)"

Want to get this game? Use this below:

This concludes another blog post of "John's Blog Space"- the blog about two things: anything and everything. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow if you enjoyed your time here. I do what I can to service all of my wonderful readers and visitors worldwide. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Your Greatest Talent

What is your true talent? Sometimes, as much as we try to be great at everything, there are just certain things we do better than others. Your greatest talent may be something you aren't great at or totally enjoy. Or maybe your greatest talent is something you are good at, but certain aspects of that talent are not your strongest points. So what do you consider your greatest talent?

As a blogger, I have gotten used to typing stuff up. I often pre-type material before posting on online forums. Part of typing up stuff ahead of time has helped me to develop a sense of having a somewhat good feel of typing. This eventually developed my blogging skills. When I went from blogging on Myspace from time-to-time to eventually blogging on Blogger/Blogspot, I not only kept trying to develop blog posts, I also had to learn HTML to help enhance my posts. So over time, the importance of building blog posts and doing everything possible to make them presentable became a talent of mine in trying to excel in my craft.

Honest Truths About My Talent.

Now get ready for some honest truths. Even though I post blog entries, I do NOT consider myself a great writer or a great reader. I almost never was.

One writing assignment I did in college was only so great because my brother tutored me on it. I don't even consider myself a writer. Most of what I type up is all done in my head and haphazardly makes it into TXT files on my PC. All that remains is editing my mixed bag of thoughts into blog posts. I keep going with blog posts because I love finding new material to try to discuss in my blogs. I always say that all of my online works are focused on "anything and everything." I mean that. And in trying to help my cause, I always try to look for material to discuss and discuss them in ways I can be proud of. I tend to try to find fun and purpose in all I create blog posts on. If there are words I misspell before I make a blog post, I often times use a browser's Spell Check feature to proofread certain words. I also make sure to check for correctly-spelled words that may not be properly spelled or used properly. If I find a mistake, I not only correct that misspelled word, but I also edit my TXT file to reflect that change, then copy-and-paste everything again. I can always improve, especially when it comes to more formal writing. Really, the reason why I love being independent in my work is because I know I can blame myself for my performance instead of potentially disappointing some client or some other person. Even if I considered being a guest blogger for some other blog, I want to feel like I'm responsible for myself doing well instead of trying to meet the demands and standards of someone else.

What about reading? I am admittedly not a good reader. I don't have good reading comprehension all the time. I probably should read more books and newspapers than websites. I don't have the passion to read certain books as much as I would watching certain sports events or playing certain video/computer games. Had this been YouTube or Reddit or something, someone would probably attribute my lack of reading skill on my ethnicity. Most of my reading isn't entirely bad. I do try to read certain magazines. I usually could look up [U]Road and Track Magazine[/U] to look at cars. I often also flip through the pages of [U]Teen Vogue[/U] and [U]Seventeen[/U] to keep tabs on some of the latest fashion trends, especially among the Junior and Young Adult set. Even still, I don't usually have the unconditional (I guess you can call it) love of reading to make myself better as a reader and as a writer.

Did you notice certain words I used in the previous paragraphs? I used words like "haphazardly" and "desecrate." How can I be not good at reading and writing but use words like those in my text? In a weird sense, I actually learned to enhance my vocabulary watching pro wrestling. Yep- certain words I got to learn was mostly due to listening to WWE announcers. Learning such words has helped me to expand my vocabulary in ways. There are still certain words I try to learn. I have the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on my Android devices. Certain words I try to remember are favorited with a few more I am trying to learn or remember the meaning to. But usually, I use dictionary resources online as I am typing blog posts up.

Talent Skills Perfected.

If there is one thing I admit in writing or reading, I admit being poetic- something else I don't consider myself being great at. I playfully try to rhyme at times, sometimes unintentionally. I usually like using alliteration when I can also. Here are some literary examples of mine. When complimenting some fashion bloggers and fashion posts, I mention how lovely one's smile and hairstyle are if I find their smile and their hair to be styled well. On the alliteration front, I sometimes enjoy trying to chain together words to compliment certain individuals in one sentence. It can be easy if someone's name begins with certain letters, as I can say something like "Amanda awesomeness," "Brenda beauty," or "Laura loveliness."

Being sincere while also being playfully literary is also something I've been fond of. I am careful building words to express whatever thoughts I want to express. Focusing on certain details is what I try to focus on. Some details are obvious, and some others are a bit hidden; and I am not going to notice every detail in preparing reactions or comments. Here is another fashion example. If a fashion post consists of a female wearing some sort of beautiful floral garment- like a floral maxi dress or a floral romper/playsuit, I often like to say she "beautifully blossoms" or "blossoms with beauty." It is to stay consistent with a floral theme. If there is an outfit or style influenced by sweets, or maybe the person has a "sweet" name (like Candy, Candace/Candice, Honey, Carmel, etc.) I like to compliment by trying to stay with a theme of sweets or candy.

I am honestly more old-fashioned and "boring" than fancy. However, I do like being fancy and creative at times.

I guess you can say typing has become my talent. Even with things I admit I am not great at, I still tend to enjoy what I do. I blog. I type up stuff to be posted on forums. I sometimes just type stuff up for the heck of it. I am thankful for a Spell Checker in browsers as I blog. Because after all, I could misspell any word... including misspelling "misspell." Regardless, I develop such material as a talent.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let's chat if you want to discuss this topic:

What do you consider your greatest talent? How well are you in different aspects of this talent? Is there something you wish you can improve upon this talent?

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my blog(s). It means a lot to me. Subscribe and Follow if this is your first time and if you enjoyed my blogging material. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner: [Re-]Introducing JohnMarineDesigns

(UPDATED: October 20, 2015)

JohnMarineDesigns (or JMDesigns) is the creative hub for all of my creative works. You can call it JMDesigns or JMD for short. I needed a proper site to showcase my creative works. After some research, I decided to join Weebly. This blog post is part of my "John's Corner" series, and this post is all about the creation of this new site and what I hope to accomplish with it.

Welcome to another installment of...
Johns Corner
JOHN'S CORNER! Click on the link above to see the latest posts in my "John's Corner" series.


OCT 20 2015 - updated information regarding JMDesigns to reflect on my history with JMDesigns

Re-Introducing "JohnMarineDesigns"

On an experimental basis, I am considering a new format to showcase headers for major sections. So I am using this new sort of format using a header and some line breaks. That's not the important bit here. I just wanted to make that point concerning my blogging.

Anyhow, I want to introduce you to JohnMarineDesigns. Read on, enthused ones...

Thoughts on "JohnMarineDesigns."

While I recently unveiled JMDesigns on October 15, 2015; it is not entirely new. In fact, I joined Cafepress officially as "JohnMarineDesigns" on June 2, 2012. JMDesigns is just re-imagined. It used to be the handle I used on Cafepress in hopes of making merchandise to coincide with my YouTube channel. Nothing truly unique was made, and I don't think I earned anything from the merchandise I attempted to create. So I decided to [eventually] retire my Cafepress store and make JohnMarineDesigns my creative works studio.

While the name JohnMarineDesigns has "Designs" in its name, and though Designs suggests art, JMDesigns is not exclusively about art. It is my umbrella studio for non-art features, such as music, literature, mobile and computer apps, games, and anything else I may create and offer. I will be looking to further expand upon the appeal of my work to include a variety of different items. As much as I am proud of the support my blogging work receives, I also want to extend my craft into this new site.

The JohnMarineDesigns site is simply a proper showcase of some of my creative works. When I begin to make more material, I will hope to showcase that material in my new Weebly site. I will showcase only so much of my material just to showcase my finer works. I will still use my various blogs to feature all sorts of other material. The only difference is that my new site on Weebly will more elegantly and properly showcase my work. In other words, this is more a portfolio and a demonstration piece to showcase my various works.

The development of my new site is going very well, but I fear I may have to do something else in terms of offering work for sale. There is a "JMDesigns Store" on my Weebly site, but I will use that to simply link to my blogging content and some other material that may be featured elsewhere online. I can't afford the plans to sell digital goods on Weebly, so material I may sell will be in my blog(s).

There was one other problem I faced in making my new site- I misspelled it! I didn't notice this until I looked at the URL name. I had two M's in its URL. The URL came out to "johnmmarinedesigns" when it should be "johnmarinedesigns." I have since made those changes, and the proper spelling is there.

(ADDED: October 20, 2015)
After long keeping up my Cafepress store up, I finally retired my store on Cafepress on October 20, 2015. I also retired from Cafepress. So JohnMarineDesigns now only exists as my creative works hub and no longer as a store on Cafepress.

Want to Visit JohnMarineDesigns?

If you would like to visit my Weebly site, consider this your invitation. Click on the following link to visit my Weebly site: JohnMarineDesigns (

Remember that my Weebly site will be under development. I am still getting accustomed to everything and have yet to really settle in. I haven't even set up the logo for JMDesigns yet either as of the date of this initial blog post. Things will surely change over time, I can assure you.

Once again, my new site featuring my creative works called JohnMarineDesigns can be found at:

I will be sure to promote this new site as much as I can. I am considering also to make a Facebook fan page for JMDesigns, or I may just use JMDesigns material in my already existing Fan Page. I hope you enjoyed your time here. Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) for more content when it comes available. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Stars of Pleiades

The Stars of Pleiades (also called the Seven Sisters) are seven bright stars. This star cluster is also called Messier 45 (or M45). You can find these stars in the Taurus constellation. They are 400 light years from Earth. Even though the Stars of Pleiades are known as the Seven Sisters, only six of the stars are visible to the human eye. I learned a lot in my research of this topic. The Pleiades are the seven daughters of Atlas in Greek Mythology who were turned into stars. The Stars of Pleiades consist of Atlas, Pleione, Alcyone/Halcyone, Merope, Maia, Electra/Eleckra, Celaena, Taygete/Taygeta, and Asterope/Sterope. Atlas and Pleione in Greek Mythology are not Pleiades.

Here is a picture I found online through a Google Images search to show you the Stars of Pleiades:

Stars of Pleiades
^ from: - The Stars of Pleiades.

And here is some video insight on the Stars of Pleiades:

^ "Seven Sisters or Pleiades (M45) - Deep Sky Videos"

Stars of Pleiades: Subaru.

If you are a fan of Subaru, you know their logo is based on these seven stars. Those seven stars of Subaru bear the Stars of Pleiades. If you know your Subaru cars, then you may know Subaru made one car called the Alcyone, which is also called the SVX. Here is a picture of that car bearing the same name as one of the Stars of Pleiades:

Subaru Alcyone SVX
^ from: - This is the Subaru Alcyone (also called the SVX). The Alcyone is named one of the Stars of Pleiades.

And here is some video insight on this car:

^ "MotorWeek | Retro Review: '91 Subaru SVX"

You probably have a hint about the Stars of Pleiades if you played Gran Turismo games and competed in the "Stars of Pleiades" events. If you like racing games (including the Gran Turismo series), I invite you to visit my racing/driving game blog called "John's Race Space."

So now you know about the Stars of Pleiades... and also gained some factoids about Subaru.

This blog post is over. I actually wanted to blog about the Stars of Pleiades for the longest. The post is now complete. Be sure to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) to keep up with the latest posts. I appreciate you visiting my blog(s). Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John's Corner: eBooks?

If I created an eBook, would you read it? "John's Corner" this time is somewhat an announcement. Someone suggested long ago I could be an eBook author with lots of the niche content I've created. I never considered trying to make an eBook on anything previously. Considering the fact I am that dude from Houston, Texas, USA who will blog about almost anything, why not test the waters of eBooks? Just like anything in the realm of creative works, I have a number of ideas but nothing to fully focus on towards completion. I do have an idea that I do want to entertain as the basis of my would-be first eBook. Usually, I never reveal anything because I usually want to keep the element of surprise intact. It is much the same way I am with blog posts and videos. I usually release material when I feel like it. Not being under any pressure from others and making myself responsible for content I post are why I do what I do in blogging and videos. What you are about to read is more on my thoughts on trying out the eBook realm, and maybe I could get you to try out making an eBook. But first, this commercial break. This is "John's Blog Space!"

Do you want the opportunity to get a piece of my mind on certain topics? Read any blog post of mine. Do you want me to just chat with you one-on-one? Read my "John's Corner" blog posts! These are the posts where I simply chat with you one-on-one outside of any of the usual material I make blog posts all about. Best news of all, you don't have to leave my blog! To see all of my latest blog posts in the category of "John's Corner," click on the image below. And as always, welcome to...
Johns Corner

Now back to the blog post.

eBooks: A New Challenge.

Because I am stepping into territory I have little experience, I am not really expecting to come up with anything spectacular in my would-be debut in eBooks. I surely will still give a solid effort regardless because that is what I do and I have a certain amount of pride and reputation to maintain. I certainly have one thing going for me here- the ability to type up a bunch of stuff to somehow get people to care. Hey! I've done that for years online! I've done that for over 2,000 blog posts across all of my blogs... even when I blogged on Myspace! So what makes eBooks different? Well, as much as I feel a blog post has its own level of appeal, I feel making an eBook entails a certain level of professionalism. eBooks range in price online from free to who knows much. They can have less than 20K words to perhaps over 100K. If I am going to make a blog post on something, I want to do so knowing I provide something useful and/or entertaining. Same goes for the eBook scene.

What is the biggest barrier and challenge for me in this possible venture? Believe it or not, I think the biggest challenge is that I am not a pro at formal writing. I feel doing something like an eBook requires a little more professionalism than most bloggers and most blog posts. Not to disgust any of my past English/composition teachers, but I couldn't properly make a formal-type book (let alone an eBook) even if my life depended on it. I figured since I almost basically live in cyberspace, why not offer something I feel others can use? I also feel this can be an opportunity to maybe make material I feel I could profit from financially. Of course, I care more about offering quality material before even considering making even a penny for my work. It is the same way I feel about simply making a blog post here or in any of my other blogs. On top of that (this may REALLY disgust my past English/composition teachers), I haven't developed a general love of reading or writing to where I make myself any true aficionado of reading or writing. Even still, I have long had the passion to express myself through the means of words. I do admit that I've developed a habit of being slightly poetic in something as simple as posting comments on Facebook. Most of these include alliteration and sometimes rhymes.

eBooks: Inspiration.

One such inspiration for eBooks was provided by the fact I have some software capable of making eBooks with. Never have I succeeded yet in making one, though. I began to think about what it would make to make even a simple eBook. For the most part, I think I could create something that I think people would be even slightly interested in. The biggest inspiration of all- that ultimate dream of making something I can be proud to release that earns me fame and respect. Of course, that's the same thing I hope for with some or most of my blog posts.

That piece of software I have capable of eBooks? I have Corona SDK. I may use something more proper for making eBooks with instead. To make an eBook for free, I read online it is possible to simply use something basic (even as simple as Wordpad (not Word)) to make even a halfway decent eBook.

eBooks: Expectations?

If you have read my blog posts for the longest, you sort of know what you're going to get from me in an eBook I post. You are going to get my own thoughts in an almost unapologetic way about topics I am educated enough to make proper opinions on without making a fool of myself. I am somewhat contradicting myself to something I posted earlier in this blog post, but I am going to bring the same sort of vision and panache to eBooks as I do any of my blog posts.

Message to my Fans.

I hope you all get to enjoy my content and support my eBook efforts as much as you all do my other material. I thank everyone- friends, family, fans for all of your support of my work. Help support my work should my eBook work ever materialize. Thank all of you for your support over the years.

That's it for this post. Maybe I can work my magic and come up with something awesome in the eBook realm apart from my blogging. Why? Because that's the John Marine way, gosh darn! :) Anyhow, go have a great day/night. And as always, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sword of XOLAN

You don't mess with the XOLAN! :) "Sword of XOLAN" is an action platformer made by indie developer Alper Sarikaya, and it offers an intense pixel art experience as you try to save the world from evil. Your mean sword and sharp wits will be more than enough to tame the 33 levels of this game. I'll let you know if this should be worth your time or not with this review. This review is based on my experience playing this game on my Google Nexus Player.

--- Sword of XOLAN ---

This blog post is a look at "Sword of Xolan." The review is based on my playing of this game on my Google Nexus Player. This is a mobile game available for both Android and iOS. It was made by Alper Sarikaya.

Sword of XOLAN
^ from: - Sword of XOLAN is an action platformer from indie developer Alper Sarikaya.


The story is centered around a colossal evil named Borzandar, whom has had his minions ravage the land and seize many villagers. Tulvir is a wizard who tried to fight off Borzandar's magic, but he too was captured. It is up to Xolan to go into the world and rescue the trapped villagers and also defeat Borzandar. Can you save the world from this madness?

Briefing and Strategy.

"Sword of XOLAN" features two modes of play: Adventure and Challenge. The main story plays itself out over three Acts each with 10 levels and one boss fight. So you are looking at a total of 33 levels in Adventure Mode. Challenge Mode consists of nine levels. The total number of levels among both modes is 42.

In Adventure Mode, you must complete all ten levels and beat the boss at the end of each Act. Each regular level has three villagers trapped in cells and a treasure chest. If you want to beat the game, you need to find and rescue all three villagers and find the treasure chest in each level. The most important thing to remember is that you must complete the level. If you fail to do so, all of the progress you've made will go null and void. That even includes how many Coins you collect in each level. If you simple complete a level rescuing only a few of the trapped villagers or if you only find the treasure chest, your progress is saved, and you don't need to re-rescue any villagers you've freed or once again find and open the treasure chest. So the most important thing to do is to complete each level.

In Challenge Mode, you will need to destroy 30 uniquely-placed targets as quickly as you can. You can unlock more Challenge levels by rescuing more villagers from the Adventure Mode. If you want to unlock all nine Challenges, you must rescue at least 80 villagers.

There are ten Game Cards to collect. Each Card costs 1,500 Coins to unlock. The Game Cards offer perks to help give you an edge in a number of departments in the game. Collect all ten to have the greatest edge in your journey.


Your weapons are your sword and your fireballs. These are more than enough for you to complete this game. You are unable to upgrade your sword or magic. Thankfully, many of the enemies won't require too many hits to bring down. Few enemies take only one hit to defeat, and some enemies could take as many as four hits to defeat. Most will take about three hits to defeat.

When loot is dropped by enemies and items, nothing goes away. So you can go back track through levels to pick up certain items to replenish health or mana. Same goes for collecting coins. After defeating enemies sometimes, Xolan will say something as a taunt, such as "Xolan is in the house!" They are a bit cheesy, but it offers a nice touch to the action and keeps you interested.

With this briefing, it is time I review this game now. Get ready.

--- Sword of Mana: Review/Thoughts ---

"Sword of Mana" began as me trying to find a game for my Google Nexus Player that requires a gamepad. What ended up happening was this game taking up minutes and hours of my time with enjoyment. This game is a very solid action platformer. Nothing seems repetitive or boring. While the action isn't brash or in-your-face, the game is still a fun, classic experience. This is the kind of game you can probably recall playing in the days of 16-bit gaming.

The only real faults to this game are the rather uninspired boss battles and some minor English grammar faults. Other than that, I would recommend this game for action RPG and action platformer gamers.

For More Information...

Learn more about "Sword of XOLAN" by going to". The developer's website can be found at

Thanks again for your support! I hope you enjoyed your time here. Subscribe and Follow this blog (and my others) if you enjoy my work. Be sure to support my work any way you can if you enjoy my work. Go have a great day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Google Nexus Player

(UPDATED: September 28, 2015)

The Google Nexus Player is vying for your streaming media attention. It is doing so with Android TV, Android "Lollipop," and a $79 USD price point. This is also Google's third attempt at a streaming media player. Is the third time the charm? I had a chance to play around with the Nexus Player enough to give a review based on my thoughts on this device. If you are interested in my thoughts on the Nexus Player, please keep reading this blog post. Welcome to "John's Blog Space" and my review of the Google Nexus Player!


SEP 28 2015 - added extra section, including notes on Bluetooth; also added information on the Nexus Player gamepad

--- Google Nexus Player ---

Let's take a little further look at the Google Nexus Player. Here is how one looks:

Google Nexus Player
^ from: - Here is the Google Nexus Player. It is made by ASUS, features an Android TV interface, and runs on Android "Lollipop."

The Google Nexus Player is meant for media consumption. It also is capable of playing games. The device was made by ASUS. In addition, the optional gamepad for the Nexus Player was also made by ASUS. It is one of many devices today in the streaming media market, and it is going up against the following: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and even Google's own Chromecast. The Google Nexus Player is a device meant for media consumption as well as gaming. Someone could take the Nexus Player and even make it one's own home theater PC (HTPC).

Released since October 2014, the Google Nexus Player brings Android to your TV. This is NOT Google's first attempt at bringing Android to the big screen. In fact, the Nexus Player is Google's THIRD attempt. The first attempt from Google was with the long defunct Google TV interface that didn't work very well. The second attempt was with a device that was so much an epic fail that Google quickly pulled it from the market- the Google Nexus Q. So you can say that the third time's the charm if you believe in that expression.

The device is shaped like a large hockey puck. The device comes with three ports: an HDMI port, a Micro USB port, and an A/C Adapter port. At the bottom of the device is a circular button good for picking up Bluetooth devices. You may navigate items using the directional buttons and the centered select button, or you may use the integrated voice button to search for items with your voice. The voice search only picks up YouTube videos, movies on Google Play, and music on Google Play. So don't expect to use this feature on the Nexus Player for any web browsing or anything like on your smartphone or tablet PC. The device runs on WiFi. If you use Ethernet to connect, you will need to buy a Micro USB male to Ethernet female cable or adapter to utilize an Ethernet connection.

The Google Nexus Player is always on. There is no Power button on it. The only way you can turn it off is to unplug the device from the jack you plugged it into or disconnect the A/C cord. If you don't want to display the Nexus Player while it's running, either switch the HDMI input or go to another input on the TV. If you want to replace the HDMI input with input from some other device, disconnect that HDMI cord and put in the HDMI from another device into that slot (if your TV or monitor has only one HDMI port).

About That Nexus Player Gamepad...

(ADDED: September 28, 2015)
You can purchase a gamepad suited for the Google Nexus Player, also made by ASUS. The gamepad works just fine and plays much better than the OUYA controller I used previously. The controls and buttons are all functioning nicely. You can power up and power down this gamepad by holding down the Power button. You use this for pairing Bluetooth with it. A lovely blue hue is given off with the lighting on the gamepad. I recommend you get this if you plan on gaming. While you could use other Bluetooth controllers, the Nexus Player Gamepad is recommended for gaming on the Nexus Player.

Why I Bought a Nexus Player.

The Google Nexus Player intrigued me most for its apps and its Android interface. As someone who has yet to design ANYTHING for Android, this was another platform for me to study and imagine what I could design for it. Namely- a game or some other app. The Android TV interface is built into this device to offer a host of options for media consumption. It runs on Android L- "Lollipop." Some people are even wondering if the Nexus Player will be upgraded in the future to Android "Marshmallow." I figured if I am going to have a device capable of streaming media and playing media, I'd best have something actually best equipped to handle such duties rather than have my PC try to do everything at once. Also, I prefer Android gaming on a proper device rather than game on my mobile devices and my tablet PC. That's why I still use my OUYA for OUYA-designed games (OUYA is Android-based) and also why I use my Nexus Player to play some Android games made for Android TV. The many things that are possible with a device like this have ultimately led me to buy a Nexus Player.

Learning Something New.

Prior to setting up this blog post, I had no real idea on what I wanted out of using a device like this. I actually wanted to get another device instead, but I became intrigued with the Nexus Player to where
I imagined the possibilities for me to enjoy Android on a big screen. Two other devices loved in regards to Android TV is concerned are the Razer Forge TV and the nVidia Shield. I had no interest in the Razer based on reviews I read about it, and the nVidia Shield is just really out of my budget. So I went ahead and bought a Nexus Player from a Wal-Mart after considering my needs and doing my own complete research.

App Detail.

From accessing the Store app on the Google Nexus Player, you can find apps designed for the Nexus Player through Google Play. These range from apps to games. A lot of the usual suspects are included as apps available to you right away. Among some of the included apps are YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Sling Television among others. Google services are also available to you including Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Music, and Google Play Games. Any other apps you download/purchase will be available on the main screen of the Google Nexus Player.

While you can use various apps from Google Play, being able to have extra memory or be able to sideload apps will require you to have certain apps (like Sideload Launcher) or have certain apps stored on some sort of flash drive or flash media. Those wanting to enjoy streaming music may look to apps such as TuneinRadio and iHeart Radio. Those who want one of the ultimate media experience need not look any further than KODI (formerly XBMC). KODI plays and runs very well on the Nexus Player, and I actually recommend you get this as opposed to having this for a PC (though there's nothing wrong with the PC version). Some people even recommend you get ES File Explorer for managing memory on the Nexus Player and to do some extra things.

Two games available to you are "Badland" and "Despicable Me." You can uninstall either or both games. Games are offered for free or for a fee. Few games have a free version for you to try out. Also, some games may require you have a gamepad to play. There is an optional Nexus Player gamepad you can buy to play games on the Nexus Player. However, you can use almost any Bluetooth-enabled gamepad to play games. I say ALMOST any because some gamepads may not be fully compatible with the Nexus Player. Also, be aware that some gamepads may have unusual button mapping. So playing certain games on the Nexus Player with a gamepad can be somewhat of a challenge. In fact, I played two games using the controller from my OUYA controller to play two different games on my Nexus Player. It is probably recommended you get the Nexus Player gamepad if you intend on playing games with a gamepad or that require a gamepad to play.

Just like there are some apps and games that are not compatible with all devices, there aren't as many apps and games suited for Android TV devices like the Google Nexus Player. The best way to know if an app is compatible with the Google Nexus Player is to simply poke around the Google Play app store. At least you know through the Google Nexus Player what apps can be used on the Nexus Player without needing to go to the Google Play store through a web browser.

NOTE: I know nothing about rooting Android devices, nor do I know of any apps to recommend for rooted devices. I will leave this up to you to find certain apps and resources in case you are thinking of rooting the Nexus Player. I do not recommend rooting any Android device. Unless you REALLY know what you're doing, root at your own risk.

Google Cast.

While I have no experience with Google Chromecast, the Google Nexus Player comes with Google Cast functionality. Google Cast allows you to take media from your mobile device to cast to your television. So you may be playing a movie on your device and want to put it onto the big screen with the Nexus Player running. Or maybe you are playing a game on your mobile device and want to put your experience on the big screen. Either way, Google Cast allows you to take your media to be played on any connected TV through Google Cast. All you need is an app that is Google Cast capable.

I have no Google Cast experience, nor did I test this feature in my review.

The Google Nexus Player has perhaps one major shortcoming. Which is...

Not About That Space, Space...

Yes- that was a Meghan Trainor reference. Glad you noticed. The serious note here is that the Nexus Player comes stocked with 8 GB of onboard memory. The amount of total space for you to work with is 5.8 GB of memory. It is a good amount of memory if you don't plan on overloading the Nexus Player with high-quality movies or games. However for gamers, this is a very poor amount of onboard memory. So you will have to invest in certain methods of external memory. One recommendation is to purchase a Micro USB male to USB female cable or adapter. For example, the freely-available "Ashpalt 8: Airborne" requires 1.48 GB of memory. You may need to simply delete certain apps or games you aren't playing or using to save up space on the Nexus Player.

Now that you've been briefed, allow me to offer my own review of this device.

--- Google Nexus Player: Final Thoughts/Review ---

The Google Nexus Player is a very good media consumption device that has few, if any, faults. There isn't enough to say the Nexus Player will replace your PC or your home entertainment system, and it likely will not replace your PC or home entertainment system. You may have to buy some extra equipment to take advantage of the Nexus Player's shortcomings. The biggest shortcoming is its poor amount of memory at 5.8 GB. Many of the apps and features work perfectly fine. The Android TV interface is rather stylish and is responsive and doesn't lag much at all. It is probably recommended you get some cables or adapters which go from Micro USB to USB or Micro USB to Ethernet depending on your needs. You can play games with the remote or with a Bluetooth gamepad. A gamepad is required for some games on Google Play. While you can use almost any Bluetooth gamepad for gaming, it is probably recommended you get the Google Nexus Player gamepad for your gaming needs.

The Google Nexus Player is a very good streaming media device that takes advantage of the Android and Google ecosystems. Do not look to the Nexus Player to replace your PC, laptop, or home entertainment system, however. What it CAN be is your own home theater PC. Granted you have the right apps, you can have a quality and enjoyable media experience with the Google Nexus Player. The selection of apps is great enough for Android TV and the Nexus Player. However, I do wish more apps would be available for or engineered to be played on Android TV.

Maybe the biggest fault of the Nexus Player is the loss of the Bluetooth signal when gaming sometimes. I almost never had my controller go out when I was gaming on my OUYA. There were a few times when I had to try to restore the Bluetooth signal on my devices when I was playing games. The quickest way to restore the signal is to press the button at the bottom of the Nexus Player to have the device look for available Bluetooth devices to pair with it. Just seek the devices to pair back with the device to restore the Bluetooth signal of paired devices. This isn't a common occurence, so don't feel like this thing can't hold a Bluetooth signal.

So if you want a solid media player that utilizes Android and Google and offers a robust gaming interface, you can do little to no wrong going with the Google Nexus Player.

For More Information and to Buy...

Want to buy one of these? You can learn more about the Google Nexus Player by going to If I compelled you to buy one of these, I'd like for you to visit Nexus Player at Google Store to buy directly from Google Store, or click on the item(s) below to learn more about the Google Nexus Player and to buy one:

I would appreciate your business if you do buy this item online through my blog.

That is all from me on the Google Nexus Player. I hope you got yourself some insight from me in regards to this device and what it is capable of. Please be sure to Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) for more content from me. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Random Heroes

The world needs heroes, even random ones. Even random heroes toting big guns. Heroes are needed in the world of Random Heroes because the world has been invaded by aliens. You are the last hope to save the world from these evil beings. This blog post is my own review of "Random Heroes." The review is based on my playing of the Flash-based version.

--- Random Heroes ---

Random Heroes
^ from: - When aliens invade the world, who needs some superhero or some team? A bunch of random heroes will save the day!

Released in 2011 by Woblyware, "Random Heroes" is an action platformer that will have you feeling like a hardcore (or "H4RDC0R3" for you people who love confusing old men like me with hacker speak), gun-toting bad a$$. You need to be that kind of person to blast your way through the various levels of Random Heroes. This game is available in Flash, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon. Ravenous Games made the non-Flash version of this game.


Two emo or punk guys went into a cemetery and awoke a horde of evil zombies and robots, and they have terrorized the city. These are monsters who come from a different dimension and have terrorized the world as we know it. It is up to you to go and drive away the evil forces from our world. There could have been some task force specifically designed to wipe out the aliens. There could have been some superhero or superheroine that is humanity's last hope. But no- you have a bunch of nameless people armed with huge guns with the task of wiping out these baddies. So don't worry about some overrated and cheesy storyline or some whiny heroes who say what almost any hero-type character would say. This game is all about heroes- random ones with big guns!


There are have 18 levels and three boss battles in your quest to save the world. Every sixth level is a Boss fight. You can play as any of the three included heroes, and progress in the game will allow you to play as two extra characters. This game allows you to upgrade your weaponry and also add certain perks to help save the world by collecting money. Keep buying items and killing enemies to help add to your Achievements. You will sort of pick up money quite quickly and somewhat easily.

There are a total of nine guns you can use in the game. You start off with a weak 9MM pistol and work your way to more powerful, faster-firing weapons. Each gun is rated for their damage and their rate of fire. Damage determines how much attack power you can lay out with each fired shot. The rate of fire determines how quickly (or slowly) shots are fired off.

Buy Armor to add extra units of health. There are five Armor upgrades you can purchase. Having more than one unit of health is better than the three you start off with. So make sure to buy these upgrades as you have enough money to get them.

There are five Books to buy, and each Book gives you certain perks and bonuses. These are mostly boosts to picking up items. One book gives you slightly better attack power. Collect them all to gain that edge you can vastly use.


It is a better strategy to go with guns that deal great damage at a decent firing rate. You'll want to pick up all nine guns, but maybe the most ineffective of the nine is the Flame Thrower. None of the enemies are terribly difficult to defeat. Just make sure to attack quickly and don't leave yourself open to either get shot or run into them. If you get killed, don't worry about the money you have collected. The amount of money you have will carry over as you restart the level. So you still will have sufficient funds to buy upgrades if you have enough money. Also, none of the platformer elements to this game are extremely difficult. This game really isn't all that difficult or challenging.

Now that you have a grasp on this game, I'll let you know if this is any good.

--- Random Heroes: Review ---

"Random Heroes" is none too difficult or cheesy. The game is very fun even if it doesn't seem overly hardcore and laden with explosions and blood. There isn't too much really to complain about this game. If there was maybe one or two complaints, however, the game mostly feels too short. There's no real replay value once you've cleared all of the accomplishments. What you probably could do after completing all the accomplishments is maybe start a new game to go through the game again. I probably would have liked different characteristics and abilities with each of the heroes, but there isn't anything to distinguish between them except for simply picking one on personal preference. Sounds and music are very good. Nothing impressive, but very good all around.

Video Preview.

I must warn you that this is the non-Flash version of "Random Heroes" in this video. Still, it is your best look at this game and what it has to offer:

^ "Official Random Heroes Trailer"

Want to Play?

I played this game from Armor Games' website. If you want to try your hand at this game, click the link below. Good luck! :)

Random Heroes on Armor Games

Woblyware made the Flash version of this game, but the game was really designed by Ravenous Games. To learn more about Ravenous Games and the games they offer, visit

I hope you got to take something from this review.

Happy gaming. I hope you enjoyed this look at "Random Heroes." Please be sure you are Subscribed and Followed so you can keep up with my latest posts. Until next time, it has been a great pleasure of you to visit my blogs, including this one. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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BetaMax: Sherbet Plains

"BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" by Super Cookie Games is an old-school 2D platforming experience but with super fancy graphics. Big-nosed Max is out to save his girlfriend Min while defeating the evil Mittens. I am reviewing based on my OUYA experience with this game. However, it has long been offered for Android and iOS. So if you're ready for another review blog post of mine, you've come to the right place- "John's Blog Space!"

--- BetaMax: Sherbet Plains ---

"BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" is a platformer that plays itself out among 21 levels including a final boss battle (Level 21 is the boss fight). According to the developer, Super Cookie Games, BetaMax's history goes back as far as 2010-2011. BetaMax was released to Android in 2013. It was some time earlier in 2015 that BetaMax landed on OUYA. So this is the work of over three to five years to get to this point.

Max's girlfriend Min has been kidnapped. Rather than cry his eyes out hoping and praying his girlfriend will return to his loving arms, this guy with a big nose decides to venture out into the world and try to rescue her. The world you get involved in is sweet. It is sweet in the sense that there are lots of candy-themed and sweet-themed items in the world, such as all the sweets you collect. Everything is simple- navigate your way through the various perils and reach the exit to go to the next stage. But of course, a handful of hazards await you ranging from evil bunnies, massive rolling donuts, and more. Nobody said this sweet world was COMPLETELY sweet...

If you want to challenge yourself, try to complete each level getting three stars. Here are the ways to earn stars for your progress:

• complete the level
• collect all three cookies in each level
• collect as many items as possible to fill up the candy jar.

Simple, huh? It is not important to collect all three stars to advance through each level. This one will give you a very nice platforming experience.

My Review/Thoughts.

"BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" is a very good platformer game in its execution and in its play. However, there isn't too much variety or personality to make it great. The game just feels boring traversing most of the same kinds of levels dealing with some of the same sort of obstacles. It has variety all around. I just wish there was a bit more variety in level design and maybe even in level types. For example, why not a few levels at night? Maybe some underground levels or levels in conditions like rain, wind, snow, or stuff like that? I also wouldn't mind a few more enemy types. A way to recover your health would also be helpful. I also think the game would be better and have more replay value if you could better keep track of your progress. What if you wanted to ensure that you collected the maximum three stars for all the levels? This game has no way to keep track of your progress to help you reach that goal of totally beating this game.

There is one thing I am indifferent about. At least on my OUYA, I noticed points in the game where the graphics are a bit off with some of the sloped terrain or some other different other graphics on screen. This is only a minor annoyance that does nothing to ruin the flow of "BetaMax: Sherbet Plains." Speaking of graphics, I forgot to mention that the old TV-style effects can be annoying. You can thankfully toggle this screen display at any time during the game.

So all in all, I would say that "BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" is a very good platformer. Only that there are a number of factors that prevent it from being a great platformer game. Perhaps too many factors to keep it from being great. It is still worth playing regardless of the negative commentary I've given it.

For More Information...

Learn more about Super Cookie Games and all the games they offer by going to Get "BetaMax: Sherbet Plains" on your OUYA by going to BetaMax: Sherbet Plains on

I hope you were able to enjoy this review of mine. Thanks a lot for visiting "John's Blog Space." Have you seen my other blogs? Yeah- blogS, with an "S," meaning I do more than one blog. Be sure to visit my other blogs to see my other content if you enjoyed the content of my main blog here. JBS is my main blog, but I blog about lots of other stuff in my other blogs. So check them out if you like my work here. I thank you for visiting. So until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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