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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simon's Cat loves being fed. Or at least, he wants to be fed. This very popular animated kitty has some adventures in being fed. Doing so involves some wacky moments in these animated shorts. As a cat lover, the reasons are fairly obvious why I am even remotely into Simon's Cat. This blog post takes a look at this animated cat whom has been his own online sensation. If there are any fans of Simon's Cat visiting my blog, I'd like to welcome you here. Hope you enjoy your time here.

--- Simon's Cat ---

Let's get to know this animated kitty. Here he is:

Simons Cat
^ from: (best I could find and best fitting) - Simon's Cat wants one thing more than anything else- to be fed. So feed him, already!

The Simon's Cat series dates back to 2008. This cool cat was created by Simon Tofield. Simon's Cat features a number of animated shorts whereas this cat gets into some sort of trouble in trying to get his owner to feed him. To get his way, he'll either break things around him or cause some other sort of mischief. While he may sound like a troublemaker, Simon's Cat is actually fairly humble and actually kind of cute. He exhibits curious and fairly innocent cat behavior. The cartoons of him are funny.

Video Preview.

Here is one of the many different episodes of Simon's Cat. I picked this one so you get a general idea of Simon's Cat and the adventures he goes through.

^ "Catnip - Simon's Cat (A Christmas Special!)"

Not too long ago, I profiled another famous cat. Because I love you readers and visitors, let me give you a unique little duel. Read the next section!

--- Simon's Cat vs. Pusheen (a JBS Exclusive!) ---

Since I've mentioned Simon's Cat, why not we make things interesting by mentioning another fictional cat I blogged about- Pusheen the Cat? This is what you'll get only here on John's Blog Space. So gosh darn it... be proud!


How do the two compare personality wise? To me, Simon's Cat is more of a mischief maker than Pusheen. That isn't to say Pusheen isn't innocently sweet, however. Simon Cat's mischief is more comical in how he either tries to get fed or deals with certain other characters. Pusheen's mischief is more silly cute- kind of like a baby who'll make a big mess and laugh afterwards. Neither Simon's Cat nor Pusheen are spoiled in any way. Neither regard themselves better than everybody else.

Simon's Cat seems more active while Pusheen loves to sleep. Simon's Cat does sleep and rest, but not as much as Pusheen. Pusheen is lazy in a comical sense. You can't help but laugh (even lightly) when she's resting. Where Pusheen sleeps is even cute. In one picture, there is a picture of Pusheen joking that "home is where my butt is."

Both cats have one thing in common- they both love food. Simon's Cat seeks almost every episode to be fed by his owner. He'll gladly cause some mayhem to get his way or to get fed. The mayhem, though, is not anything extreme. Pusheen will seemingly eat anything... except cat food or anything healthy. So if you're hosting Thanksgiving and Simon's Cat and Pusheen came along, you'd be best to keep your food away from both of these cats!


Both Simon's Cat and Pusheen exhibit typical cat behaviors portrayed in different ways. I've never owned a cat, so I can't speak from any experience. I mentioned that Simon's Cat and Pusheen don't treat themselves like either are above anyone else. In one sense, someone would think Simon's Cat loves being the center of attention. Or at least, seeming like a bratty child who hasn't worked for anything, yet wants to be treated like royalty. Someone else would talk about Pusheen like she is queen of the world, and all of us human beings just live in her world.

We don't know too much about Simon's Cat on the character front. But really, the bio on Pusheen notes that she wants to make friends with as many people as possible. So Pusheen is actually friendly even if it seems all she wants to do is eat and sleep.

Philanthropic Efforts and Other Applications.

Both Simon's Cat and Pusheen have been linked to taking their personalities to viable causes as well as showcase themselves elsewhere.

There was a special episode of Simon's Cat called "Off to the Vet." This was where Simon Tofield went out to a vet center and looked at taking care of cats. It was part of a

Pusheen loves to eat. One campaign involving Pusheen was that of Pusheen stickers featuring the World Food Programme (WFP). A variety of stickers were created using the WFP acronym. Even Pusheen's sister, Stormy, was featured in some of those stickers.

Both cats have a variety of merchandise available. Those who enjoy cycling can enjoy seeing Simon's Cat on a cycling jersey. There are various plush toys of both, lots of Pusheen plush toys showcased by many people online. The plush Pusheen toys have become quite popular.

Who Wins?

Whichever one you like more is your call. You wouldn't want either to make a big mess around your house, but both are engaging cats with their own unique personalities. I would personally have Pusheen as my cat if I were to choose between Simon's Cat and Pusheen.

This blog post, for the most part, is over. I hope you enjoyed my little look at Simon's Cat along with a small comparison between him and Pusheen the Cat.

--- For More Information... ---

Visit Shop for Simon's Cat items by visiting Simon's Cat official web shop (all items in GBP Pounds, but currency can be converted to Euros or USD Dollars). More ways to get social with Simon's Cat:

Simon's Cat on Facebook
Simon's Cat on Twitter
Simon's Cat on Instagram
Simon's Cat on Google+
Simon's Cat Tumblog
Simon's Cat on YouTube and even Simon's Cat on YouTube (simonscatextra)

Simon's Cat has his own book. This book is among one of various books of Simon's Cat. If you want to learn more about it, I invite you to click on the item below:

or click here for more Simon's Cat merchandise on Amazon!

That's it for this one.

That's all for this post.

Are you a fan of Simon's Cat? What do you think about him and his adventures? How relatable do you think Simon's Cat is (if you're a cat owner)... or is he?

Please have yourself a great day/night. I am thankful for all of the visitors and readers I get, especially my loyal readers. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

It begins with friends. Friends become lovers. Lovers feel connected. That loving connection then leads to feeling like you've found your better half. When that time of finding your better half comes, it leads to engagement. And then... marriage. Get ready for a blog post featuring one of the biggest topics I will ever discuss. Thoughts and resources will be featured in this blog post. I hope you get to enjoy this post as much as I've given my all in putting it together.

This is actually a topic I actually wanted to blog about for a long time. However, I never completed this blog post no matter how long I've tried to work on it. It is now live on "John's Blog Space!"

Before I Begin- an Honest Truth...

When I do these Love and Relationship posts regarding dating and such... I have NEVER dated anyone or have any sort of relationship experience. Most of my commentary in these topics involves thoughts and impressions I take from things I hear and see. So if you ever wonder about me involving love-related issues, now you know. Also remember that my "Love and Relationships" topics doesn't always involve romantic bonds.

A Special Hello...

I want to send a special hello to those who are married or are getting married any time soon. Congratulations!

Now let's begin this post!

--- Weddings and Marriage: General Thoughts ---

Put a ring on it. Tie the knot. Get hitched. No matter what you call getting married, you know what this post is all about. Time to set the mood here. Here is a picture to do just that (I'll find another image in case I am unable to use the one at present):

weddings and marriage
^ from: (best I could find) - Let's get married! Love among two people can be so strong that couples feel connected and want to live and die together.

How about a little more motivation? Perhaps some musical motivation to get the mood set. Well, here's your musical motivation for this topic right here:

^ "Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married," or if you want to hear the remix, I have this link for you: Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married ft. Reverend Run. I prefer the original, but it's your call.

You're welcome. Now let's move forward!


No matter what the culture, marriage is a tradition and an honor to best be celebrated and honored. It is a celebration of love and the uniting of two parties. Two people share the same love for each other and come together to form one incredible union. People even go to the level of hiring wedding planners and such to help make unique and memorable weddings, as opposed to the usual marriage at a church or a wedding chapel. Also, there are different styles of weddings apart from traditional ones. Not every wedding has to involve lots of white and lots of prettiness. In fact, take Goth weddings, for example. Country folks have themselves weddings where the bride wears a fabulous wedding dress... made out of denim and with the bride wearing a good old pair of cowboy boots. No matter what kind of insane or unusual ideas are prevalent regarding weddings, the main constants are two folks madly in love with each other to the point of wanting to get married.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you want to look at an old post I did on different types of weddings, check this out: "What Would Be Your Dream Wedding?" here on John's Blog Space.

Planting the Seeds of Marriage.

Unyielding love for someone is always special. When one feels complete in the loving company of someone, and one feels so happy that he/she wants to be with that person for (hopefully) a long time, this calls for marriage.

There is a need and a desire to want to be together with someone for a long time. There are needs and desires to not only say one loves another, but to prove it for a long time. The key here is commitment. If two are willing to commit for a long time and continually show and prove commitment, then a relationship will last. Otherwise, these are just two friends who really like each other.

Besides the loving aspect of marriage, there are also the financial and legal aspects of marriage. I am no professional at these topics, but I do know you have a lot to consider financially and legally involving marriage.

Do You NEED to Marry?

Some couples just date each other a lot and don't want to be together through marriage. Does it mean a couple doesn't know what they want if they love each other so much but don't want to "put a ring on it" or "tie the knot?" Choosing to get married is not an easy process. You probably don't even know how special someone is to you until you really consider wanting to marry that special someone. Do you sometimes imagine you could be with someone whom you really love or have special feelings for? I'm going to be honest. Back in my days in grade school and in college, there were a number of female friends of mine whom I envisioned marrying one day. I never did any real dating or anything. These were mostly special feelings I had towards a number of female friends.

Some people tend to make marriage to be like an important part of one's life- like graduating from grade school and college. Almost as if you are a failure if you don't marry someone. Someone who may not have much luck marrying someone probably feels incompetent to keep and maintain a healthy relationship with a loving other.

Long story short... you don't NEED to marry someone. However, don't make marriage to be as important as getting a college degree. Don't take it so much as if it is an extremely important life goal.

Why Bother?

There are two strangers madly in love with each other. These two strangers who envision seeing each other together for a long while can imagine coming together in love. It doesn't really matter how two people come together. Despite how two people come together, all that matters is a desire for the couple to come together and share a loving bond.

Marriage, in my opinion, is a feeling in which one really loves being with a certain other so much that two entities want to become one. It is a feeling in which a person could possibly do better finding some other person to love, but he/she feels happiest and most comfortable with one other person whom he/she truly loves. I find it about caring for a certain other person so much that a couple wants to grow old together and work together 'til death do them part. This level of love and dedication is powerful.

I usually think of two people whom are so connected to each other that nobody else matters (except family, of course). It can begin with two who love each other very much or equally. The two begin to love and admire each other and go through a series of ups and downs. One can feel so connected with the other that he/she wishes he/she could be with that loving other for life... or at least, for a very long time.

After having read this, the main question has to be answered- why bother getting married? The general reason to get married is a general love for one another so powerful that the only way to make both sides completely happy is to come together in holy matrimony.

Personal and Social Impacts on Marriage.

I think for some people, there seems to be competition or desire to want to marry someone for status or for personal gratification. Never mind the aspect of being together and wanting to share love among others- some people feel they have to compete to marry the hottest male or the hottest female. Almost as if marriage is a game or a sport. It is NOT! Marrying someone is all about finding someone who makes you happy and complete. The one you want to marry doesn't have to be ultra attractive, highly seductive, or anything like that. If you care anything about marrying someone, let it be with someone who you feel will be the one you love for a long time. Or at least, someone who you feel you can love for a long time.

Also, there is also kind of pressure for some people to seem like they have to marry and be with someone before somebody else. Almost like saying that (for example) it is important that some guy marries this girl before she marries somebody else. An analogy of this mentality would be like saying that wanting to marry someone highly attractive or popular is like trying to find a great parking space- you know there may be several parking spaces, but there is a special one (in your mind) better than all the others. Same mentality applies to wanting to marry the most popular or most appealing person. Some people just feel a certain someone "on the market" is waiting to be married by someone, and you hope you're the one who marries that individual before anybody else picks him/her up.


You know what's cool? Being married to the one you love most. You know what's even cooler? Being married to the one you love most for years. Anything north of five years of marriage is commendable. Heck, I've heard of elderly people whom have been married for over 50 years. Having wedding anniversaries is a tremendous honor. It means that even with good and bad times, your love has held strong. Even complicated relationships that still stand for years on end is worth respect. Don't forget those wedding anniversaries!


I hope marriages go well. But as we all know, not everything lasts forever- marriage included. There may be a time where a loving couple just suffers some sort of snag in which loving spouses just no longer have love for each other. It is a point where attempting to recover and mend a failing marriage seems impossible or highly unlikely. This calls for divorce.

Sometimes... it just doesn't work. That's the fact of life. A failed marriage can almost be like trying to salvage a victory in a sporting event when you are too far back to try to win. It would be like trying to win a gridiron football game being down by three or more touchdowns with two minutes left in regulation. Divorce basically is basically wanting to terminate a failed relationship. While it may seem easy to simply file for divorce, doing so can entail so many more deep layers. Most difficult is when divorce involves children and families. When you want to walk away from a deep marriage, the impact of divorce even impacts children and families, especially marriages that include and involve children. This can provide a pronounced impact on their lives even as a married couple try to work out their differences.

If there are marital problems, it is best to seek marriage counseling. You are better off making an appointment with marriage counselors rather than have divorces escalate to dangerous levels- such as domestic violence or injury/death.


Just as worse as divorce is being widowed. This is where the one you love is deceased. You basically either want to be single or try to find a new spouse. Whichever direction you go in this situation is up to you.

LGBT Marriage (Bonus Topic!).

The LGBT community has been certainly in the news a lot in recent times. Among one of the big issues is the notion of same-sex marriage. The United States has long defined marriage as a loving bond between a man and a woman. Recent times, however, have been more accepting towards same-sex couples. One of the biggest news stories paving the way for happier marriage among the LGBT community is that of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) being struck down in 2013 in allowing for couples to have the same sort of legal rights as any heterosexual married couple.

I know a lot of my audience probably have their like or dislike of the LGBT community. But in the perspective of expressing as many different topics as possible, this is a key topic as it relates to marriage. Love between two people is love between two people regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation or other factors.

The final part of this deal is a collection of my final thoughts regarding weddings and marriage.

--- Weddings and Marriage: Final Thoughts ---

I have never been in any real relationship or anything. All I do know is that if I do get entrenched in being in some loving relationship, I know I will want to take my time knowing someone before wanting to commit. Being married is something to savor and enjoy should you ever get to love someone with all of your heart to where you want to commit long time to the one you love most. It is a responsibility to carry with you for a long time. Sometimes, however, marriage doesn't last forever, and they don't always work well. Some things just weren't meant to be. If that (sadly) includes your marriage, it is best to seek something like marriage counseling to help you deal in rough times of marriage. Don't take matters into your own hands that lead to negative scenarios like domestic violence.

Weddings themselves don't have to be plain and common. Some people spice things up and try unique (and sometimes unusual) situations and scenarios for marriage. Regardless, what is most important is the love between two people who want to be together for a long time in loving matrimony.

Most of all, enjoy marriage. Treat your significant other or better half (or whatever you endear your spouse as) with love and respect. Don't test the waters of infidelity or philandering (cheating). Be true to one another and work to make each loving day count. It takes a second to say "I love you," but a lifetime to prove your love. Once again- congratulations to all whom are currently married or soon to be married.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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^ I mentioned a not-so-nice topic here in this post: domestic violence. This post represents one of the worst things that can happen in any loving relationship- violence and abuse among couples.

Thank you for visiting "John's Blog Space." I hope you find my other posts to be as enjoyable as this one you just read.

Just So You Know...

I had attempted to discuss wedding planning and fashion-related material on weddings and marriage. However, I will discuss (especially fashion) aspects of weddings and marriage on "StyleSpace by JBM." Stay with my blogging work for more information and for whenever I eventually complete material on that topic.

Would you like to discuss this topic? Here is a question I have to share:

What are your general thoughts regarding weddings and marriage? If you are married or engaged, what do you think is most important in being married? What are the biggest responsibilities (to you) on marriage?

That concludes this blog post. I may enhance it further with more material in future edits. Be sure to check this post out in the future for any updates. Look for the "(UPDATED: (some date))" indicator at the top of the blog post in case an update is made. Anyhow, I wanted to make this post for a long time but never completed it until now. Glad I did. Go have a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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I want to salute and honor a blogging friend of mine in this blog post. Lily Fang of "imperfect idealist" is not only a blogging friend of mine, but also someone who exudes positivity with her posts and personality. Her blog is more than a fashion blog- it is a blog with musings on life and living. She has long been a supporter of my online content. Considering I get an international audience, I figured I would introduce my international audience to the wonderful Lily Fang of "imperfect idealist." That is what I intend to do in this blog post. No special reason, no special agenda, not asking for anything in return... just making a salute because I want to. Welcome to another "John's Blog Space" post!

To avoid any sort of possible copyright issues or anything, no images of her will be featured in this post. That is the protocol I usually follow when trying to make mention of certain other bloggers.

--- A Salute to Lily Fang ---

Lily is a fashion blogger, a distance runner, and a violinist among other things. I am not sure exactly how I found her blog, but when I first noted Lily, her blog was called "A Burst of Color." Her style is mostly about color rather than keeping up with the latest trends. She is certainly unique in how her style is patterned. A lot of her styles are very casual. However, she does go for classy pieces as well as some lovely dresses for special occasions.

More importantly, Lily's blog posts offer a number of philanthropic thoughts. Not every day in life is a pleasureful experience, but there is still something to learn both in success and in failure. Her blog greatly expresses these points in a number of her personal experiences. Many of Lily's posts are a combination of peeks into her fashion style coupled with interesting life stories of hers. Lily's blog posts are the unique poetry and synergy of her personal fashion style coupled with the journey of a young person going through life, learning (and teaching) valuable lessons along the way. She can be someone to learn from. I especially think she's a positive influence for secondary school and young college students. So you types between the ages of 12-21 out there have my approval to go check out Lily on life advice.

If Lily is Reading This...

Lily, thank you over the years for being such a great supporter of me and my work. I have long appreciated you and your presence online. I have respected you for more than just fashion- your personality and character are positive and pure in our negative society. Continue to spread your positive influence across the Internet. Outside of blogging, best wishes to you in all aspects of life. Best of luck to you in your studies. You are among one of many people whom are important to me in all of my online work (including blogging). It has been an outstanding honor for us to cross paths. Thank you so much for your influence and your involvement.

I hope you appreciate my efforts to spotlight you and your work. I didn't have to pay tribute to you and honor you, but I chose to because I want to personally let you know my appreciation of you, your work, and your presence.

For More Information...

This blog post is mostly over. If you would like to visit the blog of the person whom I've saluted in this post, I invite you to visit To share a sample of one of her posts, here is one I enjoyed: "Barefoot in the Park" (imperfect idealist).

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I want to hope you're able to visit Lily's blog after I've done my part celebrating her in this post. It is always nice to know there are people who salute and respect other people in unique ways rather than look for every possible opportunity and reason to demean and hate someone. Not everyone tries to honor friends or certain people, but at least it's nice to know someone is willing to show respect in any way possible- even including through blog posts, and even including through people you don't personally know or have met personally. I've still done my part to show respect in a specific way.

"John's Blog Space" is a positive space with a number of different positive things I try to do. I don't use any of my blogs to attack people or spew hatred. I only post material that I am hopeful people will enjoy and share. And surely, I hope this is one of those posts. Maybe I'll pay tribute to more people in the future here on "John's Blog Space" or elsewhere. You may never know. Of course, you never will know if you don't Follow my work in any capacity. So if you enjoyed your time here, I'd like for you to Subscribe and Follow my blog if you haven't done so already. Have yourself a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pusheen the Cat's print debut comes in the form of "I am Pusheen the Cat." I bought this on Google Play as my first e-Book of any kind. Pusheen is an adorable and funny webcomic kitty who makes her print debut with this comic featuring a handful of fun and charming pictures. It is much different since you don't have the animated bits famously featured on Pusheen's official website ( Yet still, Pusheen the Cat and her humor still remain intact. And in this blog post, I'm here to offer my thoughts on the "I am Pusheen the Cat" book.

--- "I am Pusheen the Cat" ---

Pusheen the Cat
^ from: (best I could find) - "I am Pusheen the Cat" is a webcomic sure to warm your heart if you love silly cute cats.

"I am Pusheen the Cat" is mostly a comic book featuring a handful of pictures featuring Pusheen the Cat. The book was written by Claire Benton. People who may have seen various pictures of Pusheen online may know that many of the pictures are animated images featuring Pusheen in a number of different situations. Most of these are very silly images featuring Pusheen in a number of innocently mischevious situations- such as making a big mess of things or eating a lot. When you go through the pages of "I am Pusheen the Cat," you are thrust into the world of Pusheen the Cat. There are some funny and interesting situations based on a number of different themes and settings. For example, there is one section regarding how to make pizza. What you will see are the individual steps (at least in Pusheen's case) on how to make pizza. You will see Pusheen featured in a number of ways and acting in certain manners to help set the mood.

This is not some detailed novel or a book with a proper storyline. It is simply a comic featuring collection of pictures with some interesting stories told in each section. The whole book is patterned to be a batch of lighthearted and fun images.

--- "I am Pusheen the Cat": Final Thoughts ---

"I am Pusheen the Cat" is an adorably funny book featuring one of the brightest Internet sensations. The humor in this book is not laugh-out-loud funny, but the book and its pictures are good enough to offer a quick chuckle or quickly drawing a smile. I may even go to the level that this book and its content can help anyone feel happy if having a bad day. The book doesn't dabble in Internet memes or is laced with shorthand text that's tough to understand. The book is fun to carry along and read either in print form or in digital form (like in my case buying it on Google Play). If you don't consider yourself an avid reader (I am not one myself), you can go through the entire book in about half an hour or less.

Pusheen herself is funny and charming in the various situations featured. She is cute and adorable while also being incredibly silly. She is almost as enjoyable as trying to keep up with a baby. Witty humor and cute art makes this book a funny... and even a positive experience. To all of my male readers, there is no shame being fond of a pixelated cat in a bunch of cute and silly pictures. Look elsewhere if you want some sort of classic literature experience. Look elsewhere (and lighten up) if you think a cat like Pusheen demonstrate what's wrong with America or if this book demonstrates activity cats shouldn't be engaged in. "I am Pusheen the Cat" is a cute, lighthearted, and funny book. I surely would recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick smile, a quick laugh, or a dosage of cuteness from a simple book.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Did you enjoy this post? If so, here are two other topics that may interest you:

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^ This blog post is my post about Pusheen the Cat. Learn more about the gray tabby cat and what makes her so loved.

"Cats" (John's Blog Space)
^ Here is my post about cats. I even made mention to Pusheen in this post.

"I am Pusheen the Cat" Online.

If you want to buy "I am Pusheen the Cat" and if my review convinced you, then please click on the item below to buy online:

And for more on Pusheen: Pusheen the Cat on Amazon (all items)

Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions on Pusheen the Cat or this book, I'm glad you came here to read my review of this book. Please have a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

When I started sharing my voxel art and my interests towards programming, I surrounded myself with others in the same field. My brother once taught me about surrounding myself with similar people and getting into similar environments to enhance my desires to exist and prosper within certain realms. You tend to be in certain communities often times to where you are part of a culture or a certain niche, and the people you meet will mostly be ones you try to connect with almost anywhere and everywhere. It is the feeling I've experienced often times when I go to certain communities. Especially on Twitter, I try to follow certain hashtags and certain users who make voxel art and pixel art. I even sometimes check on posts related to the OUYA and to game development- both on the #indiedev and #gamedev hashtags. Taking part in these communities allow you to stay within a certain community or culture. Which, in turn, keeps you motivated and focused at certain tasks.

Another example of communities is when you are on social media and a certain circle of mutual friends tends to follow you. For example, some common people I follow on LOOKBOOK are some of the same folks I try to connect with via Facebook and other outlets. You sometimes just meet people and try to connect with them everywhere. That's friendship and respect. Isn't it cool to know there are people you like and that you try to stay connected as many ways as possible?

As a blogger, I know I am part of a vast community. I sometimes see some of the same bloggers I follow post comments on others' blogs and sites. It almost seems like you're forever connected to certain people. I am certainly pleased being associated with certain personalities. Being involved with these communities is a great way of staying connected. It is great to have a certain circle of friends and supporters who seem to follow you and who you follow through almost anything.

That concludes this casual post regarding communities. Let me know what you think:

What do you think about communities? Do you tend to have a certain circle of friends who always seem to follow you or whom you tend to see in posts and other websites?

While I do make detailed posts, I try to sometimes make casual posts like this one. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Genesis of Drones by for the OUYA is a pixelated action game. It is up to Joe and Gem to retake control of humanity as drones increasingly put their stranglehold on cities and industries. A handful of levels will test your ability to suppress evil forces and rescue the various locales. A lot of action of the platform variety await you in this game. Are you ready to take on the robot forces and restore order to this crazy world? I'll let you know what I think of "Game of Drones" with this blog post.

--- Genesis of Drones ---

Genesis of Drones OUYA
^ from: (best I could find) - Genesis of Drones. Can you save the world from the evil drones?

Genesis of Drones is simplistic at its core. It combines elements of action and platforming into its levels. You have only one life for each level. So don't run into an enemy or fall off the map. Luckily, you can give yourself a chance by getting a suitcase. This suitcase is what you use to attack enemies. Another powerful is very important as you're able to fire projectiles for long-range attacks. It doesn't matter if you choose Joe or Gem- whichever one you choose is basically personal preference. Some levels have you commandeering vehicles. You will have only a certain amount of energy in those vehicles. If you fail to complete the level, you must start from the beginning of the level. Any level can be revisited to try to get a higher score.

Genesis of Drones: My Review.

Genesis of Drones is nothing spectacular, but it is a fairly good platform action game. You are not going to find the most engaging and addicting game play with this game, but you will find a fairly challenging title that delivers a good amount of action. It is a free game for the OUYA. This would be the kind of game to entertain you if you're bored.

For More Information...

You can find out more about BoredMob by going to More on "Genesis of Drones" can be found on OUYA's website at Genesis of Drones (OUYA).

Video Preview.

I wish I could find you something better, but this is all I could come up with. It's this or nothing...

^ "Genesis of drones: many short lifes of joe"

And there you go.

There isn't really too much to this game, so my look at this title is fairly limited. I at least have given you a good bit of information on it. Well I hope you enjoyed this review. Stay with "John's Blog Space" for more of anything and everything that I've been preaching since this blog's first official post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fist Puncher by Team2Bit harks to happier times of brawler type games. I played this game on my OUYA and have a bunch of impressions I want to share on it. This nostalgic brawling game has many things going for it to provide an exceptional gaming experience, with up to four players being able to throw down and clean up the streets. How does this game ultimately compare? I will offer my own review of "Fist Puncher" and let you know if you should add this to your collection of games.

--- Fist Puncher ---

If you ask most people about some of the best brawler games of all time, many will tell you about games like Final Fight (my personal favorite), Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, River City Ransom, and games like that. Fist Puncher was designed as a throwback to brawler games of old. While also delivering on this front, it does so with modern flair without losing focus of its old school cool.

NOTE: There's confusion of the name of the city you are in. Some note it as San Cruces, some as Las Cruces, I even seen Los Cruces. The name of the city in my review is based on what I've seen in the game. And in the game, it's San Cruces. With that said...

The story of "Fist Puncher" revolves around a pageant in the [fictional] city of San Cruces, California. The pageant participants were all kidnapped by The Milkman and his various accomplices. Four individuals swear to go after the Milkman in an attempt to rescue the Fist Puncher pageant participants. Those four? Meet them:

• Dr. Karate - A Chuck Norris-like surgeon who is well-balanced in battle.
• Andre "Steroid" Jackson - an overly powerful, hulking former baseball player.
• The Beekeeper - a mysterious woman who harnesses energy from honey and bees.
• Hella Fistgerald - a tomboyish girl able to convert enemies to allies with a kiss.

With this team, their goal is to rescue all of the Fist Puncher pageant participants while also thwarting The Milkman and his assailants. Doing so will require the player to go through waves of enemies. You can go solo or have as many as four players take on all of those thugs. Collect items along the way to keep yourself in the fight for as long as possible. Defeating the various enemies will allow you to level up your fighter and earn perks towards eventually completing "Fist Puncher." Along the way, you will actually unlock more characters with their own strengths and weaknesses. You may even find a character which will greatly suit your style. One thing to take note of, however, is that when you unlock new characters, you will need to try to upgrade their statistics to make them capable. Every new character starts off at Level 1 and with no experience. You are probably best to spar at the Dojo or play some of the first levels to easily give your character some experience.

The various levels of Fist Puncher feature a handful of enemies. Even though there are a lot of levels, you may find yourself having to return to certain levels just to unlock extra bonuses. The majority of these levels are straightforward with not much complexity in their design. And that's just the way a classic brawler usually is.

When battling waves of enemies in each of the levels, it seems like each level has their own unique set of enemies. It never really seems like you're facing the same-looking set of enemies in different levels. It is this unique balance that makes "Fist Puncher" different as a brawler. If you find yourself in a pinch, look to your character's Special moves to bust through. Make sure to have enough Special energy to execute your Special moves. If upgrading your character, one of the first perks I recommend you get is the Heal upgrade, which allows you to exchange your Special energy for healing. Just make sure to evade your enemies prior to doing this and be sure to attack your enemies to try to rebuild your lost Special energy.

The soundtrack is very cool. You aren't playing "Fist Puncher" for the music and sound, but you do have some pretty cool music to listen to.

As a bonus, you get a few fun facts when you pick up loot in this game. Certain bits of loot offer some interesting facts when you learn about them from the Stats page. The splash screen does say "Team2Bit Educational Software" after all! :)

General Thoughts.

Considering the insanity in "Fist Puncher," the game actually does a great job of capturing that kind of old school brawler feel. It is modern while also being retro. The game has its own character apart from classic brawler series like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. It has elements of classic brawlers, but it doesn't try to clone any classic brawler games. "Fist Puncher" doesn't try to be any other past brawler; it is its own game with its own personality and charm.

Now for a full-on review based on what I've played.

--- "Fist Puncher" Review ---

"Fist Puncher" is a brawler game that has a retro feel to it from the action to the art. Its modern feel makes it engaging to play, and its variety of characters and upgrading possibilities will allow you to find a fighter to enjoy bashing in the brains of unruly punks. The game never seems boring or repetitive. It never seems utterly frustrating, also. "Fist Puncher" and its difficulty isn't exactly just right, but there is an even balance that makes it playable for almost any gamer of any level. "Fist Puncher" is a violent game, but it is not overly violent to where this is reserved to a mature set or an adult-only set. "Fist Puncher" establishes itself as a quality brawler while not trying to emulate or pay homage to any brawler series past. It has a character all its own that makes it worth the price to buy the full version. Playing this on my OUYA, it was worth the $9.99 USD to buy to enjoy this game further. I know I have logged at least three hours playing this game.

Team2Bit could have weighed "Fist Puncher" down with lots of nonsense. They could have given this game some wonky voice acting (as in a lot more than what little voice acting this game has). They could have made this game prettier graphics and fancier effects. All Team2Bit was about is making this game as classic as possible and not turning it into some newfangled hot mess. If this game were to be expanded in some way, I wouldn't mind a sort of vs. mode to where you take your upgraded characters and put them into some local multiplayer free-for-all.

Yeah- this one will occupy your time. Guaranteed. It is a waste of time playing this game, but it is a great wasting of your time. I rated it 5 out of 5 on my OUYA. I have few, if any complaints. Only complaint I WOULD have is maybe some of the boss battles and some of the stages being a bit tedious.

Even though this game is available for the OUYA (which is what my review is based on), it is also available for other systems and services such as Steam, Desura,, and XBOX.

Video Preview and More Information.

Here is the official trailer to "Fist Puncher" below (WARNING: may not be safe for work!):

^ "Fist Puncher trailer"

For more information on Team2Bit and their games, visit

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and got my perspective on this game. This concludes my review of "Fist Puncher." Now go dole out some justice already. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My personal review of the OUYA gaming console is here on John's Blog Space. I had my chance to finally play and experience the OUYA after previously offering thoughts on this console you either love or loathe. I will be sure to express my review in an unbiased manner. In no way are my thoughts/reviews of the OUYA anything definitive. It will simply be my own thoughts on this little Android-powered gaming console. So with that said, let's begin!

--- OUYA ---

I talked about the OUYA before. If you don't know what it looks like, here is a refresher:

OUYA game console
^ from: (click to buy or learn more) - The OUYA is an Android-powered gaming console.

"OUYA - a new kind of gaming console"

-slogan for the OUYA

Now for some individual talking points.

OUYA: Love or Loathe It.

If you look around online and read comments from others, reviews of the OUYA gaming console are really a mixed bag. A lot of people love the OUYA. Many others totally loathe the OUYA. Some say it is laden with potential, and many others think it is a failed console. You can look anywhere online and get a pulse for its appeal- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram... everyone has their own take on the OUYA, a lot of it with mixed reviews. It is therefore tough to really offer a definitive view of the OUYA. I wanted to get this out of the way just to prove that the OUYA is really tough to offer a solid review on. My own views will probably add to the confusion.

Let me talk about the OUYA before offering my review. Take a look at these talking points below.

OUYA: The Basics.

The OUYA began life as the result of a Kickstarter back in 2012. The goal was $950K USD, and the OUYA received $8,596,474 USD from supporters. Many people backed the Kickstarter and contributed loads of money for the OUYA to come to life. Through its development, some got their OUYA that they finanically supported, and a lot of others have yet to get their OUYA. Various updates over time have been given to this console to improve many elements of its interface and design. The OUYA's controller is styled a lot like the XBOX controllers only that there is an integrated touchpad included in its design. It connects to the console through Bluetooth. Up to four controllers can be connected to the OUYA. If you don't have extra OUYA controllers, then you can use [your wireless] XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3 controllers instead. I think I read even the PlayStation 4's controller can be connected to the OUYA. The OUYA (at present) runs on Android "Jelly Bean" with its own interface.

It will be tough to try to sell the OUYA to some people- especially the mainstream types. On one hand, the OUYA is a gaming console that brings Android games to your HDTV screen. You can play the same game along with anywhere from one player to four players playing it. Conversely, it is also a console running on outdated hardware- namely its nVidia Tegra 3 processor and with a lineup of games that will not trump any Triple-A developers any time soon. You will only find the OUYA at brick and mortar stores Target or GameStop. Or of course, you can always buy the OUYA online. Here are stats on the OUYA (source: Amazon)

• includes 1 OUYA controller
• powered by nVidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor; 1GB RAM
• 8GB of internal memory, but can be expanded via a USB Flash Drive; one USB 2.0 port and one Micro USB port
• WiFi connectivity (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet port and Bluetooth, HDMI output of up to 1080p

An HDMI cable and an AC power supply are also provided with the OUYA package. One thing about the OUYA is that it is friendly towards modification. Your warranty won't be voided if you root (the Android version of "jailbreaking") or modify it with certain pieces of hardware. I am too careful and cautious working with Android devices, so I am going to keep my OUYA as stock as possible.

OUYA: The Killer App and Triple-A Influences.

Many people judge the success of a console on two emphases: a "killer app" and involvement from Triple-A companies. A console is just another console if it lacks either or both characteristics. A lot of games for the OUYA are mostly mobile Android games reworked and refined for the OUYA. The console does feature some exclusive titles for the OUYA including some games with some content made for the OUYA. One of those OUYA exclusives is Amazing Frog, which I was not impressed with to be honest. Two titles from Triple-A type developers include "Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode 4" and "Final Fantasy III Remix."

Honestly, some people talk about the OUYA's game lineup like it is a bunch of no-name titles that can't compare with anything from a Triple-A developer. It is that mindset that every console should be on the exact level (or very close) to big time developers to be worth anything. Almost as if no one wants to take a chance with the OUYA and some title from an independent (indie) developer. Almost all of the games are free to try. If you like a certain game that has a full version that can be purchased, you can buy any games you enjoy. Many of the games start at about $0.99 USD. That's about as much as picking out certain MP3s on iTunes or something. Bigger titles can cost up to $9.99 USD or more. You will need either a debit/credit card or prepaid OUYA credit to purchase games. No charges will be made until you successfully make a purchase.

OUYA has become a viable outlet for running emulators and even towards being a good base for an HTPC (home theater personal computer). Some people even side load certain programs and games to the OUYA. The OUYA is a more dedicated gaming console. So therefore, not much is made of certain other popular non-gaming applications like Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, and apps like that. I have popularly heard of the OUYA being used for the very popular Kodi (better known by its former name- XBMC (XBOX Media Controller)).

OUYA: Misunderstood?

I think a big reason why a lot of people dislike the OUYA is because not as many people understand the OUYA. A lot of people probably perceived the OUYA to be a console to overwhelm or challenge the major gaming consoles. Some people even think of the OUYA as being a console to replace their PlayStation, XBOX, Wii, or whatever. The technology and game lineup for the OUYA hasn't overwhelmed anyone for the most part. One thing is for certain- this console is not some super cheap console that is flimsy and has little appeal. Yeah- it may be running on outdated hardware, but it doesn't mean it still lacks the horsepower to play various games.

OUYA: Development.

Perhaps the biggest single element of the OUYA is what you can do in development. Here is one thing you have to love about the OUYA- if you have an XBOX or a PlayStation or a Wii, if you don't like certain games, you don't have to play them. If you don't like certain games for the OUYA, you can make your own rather than waste your time complaining about this game or that game. The OUYA actually ENCOURAGES development of new games for the system. The OUYA and the OUYA team have actual resources for you to make your own games for the system. There is even a specific forum on OUYA's website where you can discuss and share your developed games or check out games in development. Even if there is a game that looks like a school project than a real game made by real developers, at least there is a viable community that not even most mainstream console developers can lay claim to. If you can believe it, one OUYA game called "Astronaut Rescue" was created by a boy who was only eight years old making it. This only adds to the opportunities available to almost anyone- from hobbyist developers to legit developers.

Now that you have an idea on the OUYA, it is time I offer my review. My review is in the next section.

--- My OUYA Review ---

Here is my cumulative review of the OUYA based on the various talking points from the previous section.

• OUYA: General Thoughts
The OUYA is a mixed bag- some love it; others, not so much. I was someone willing to give the OUYA a chance. I'm glad I did. Too many people found as many reasons as possible to dislike the console for what it is. I have a big enough heart to forgive many of the OUYA's shortcomings that many people would consider Cardinal sins. The most common thing I've read and heard is that the OUYA is a console with loads of potential. To some others, that potential has yet to be reached. All I know is that I bought an OUYA thinking the console will last for me and that I could possibly make games for it. The OUYA itself runs quite well with minimal lag often times. Most of this lag was mostly with the user interface (UI). Games play very well with the controller, and while it seems like a huge brick, it still feels very good in the hands with responsive controls.

Speaking of games, if you honestly think that only Triple-A type games and Triple-A game developers matter more than indie games, then (this may hurt) you are not a true gaming fan. A real gaming fan will lovingly play a quality game from an indie developer and enjoy it as much as any similar game from a bigger developer. Just because the OUYA doesn't have much support from Triple-A developers doesn't mean it is a failure. In my personal opinion, the OUYA doesn't NEED Triple-A developer support to be considered successful. Most of all, if you don't like the OUYA's game lineup (I am not saying it is good or bad), you have two options: (a) complain to the high heavens all around the Internet about how bad the OUYA is and its games are, or (b) make your own games for the OUYA. The OUYA and the OUYA team actually encourages you to make your own games and even offers resources for you to make your own games for the system. Join the ranks of people who developed games for the OUYA in addition to other platforms rather than continually hate on the OUYA. Just because the OUYA doesn't have a handful of titles most mainstream people care about doesn't mean it is a lackluster console. If anything, the OUYA is one of the brightest beacons for the indie gaming community. At least a voice is given to indie game developers rather than being drowned out in the seas of PlayStation Network, WiiWare, and XBOX Live. On top of that, you are helping support indie gaming by buying any games that can be bought. It is encouraging when indie gamers make games and make profit from their work. It won't kill you or make you less of a person to buy OUYA games to help support indie developers who offer in-game app purchases. Some of these people probably even rely on purchases of their games to pay bills or live better lives. So do what you can when you play an OUYA game you love.

A lot of people have had lofty expectations for the OUYA or just didn't understand the system to give it more credit than it really should. The OUYA is not the greatest console, but it is certainly far from being the worst. Most people have to abandon the mindset of the OUYA being in the same category as any mainstream console. I treat the OUYA like it is its own console catering to its own market. It is much like how someone has a PlayStation 3 and also has a PlayStation Portable or even a PlayStation Vita. I am not giving up my PS3 in exchange for an OUYA. I don't want the superlative experience- I just enjoy gaming and enjoy playing games. If you care anything about gaming, give the OUYA a chance and have at least a modicum of heart. With over 1K games for the OUYA, one of the joys of playing this console is in finding a game that may pleasantly surprise you.

Since a lot of people say this system is a waste because you can always play certain games on an Android device (since OUYA is based on Android), that takes down the OUYA's appeal to most people. I am gamer, just not much a mobile gamer. So I can appreciate playing Android games with a proper console with a console look and feel rather than play on my mobile devices. This will surely appeal to me as a gamer.

• OUYA: Complaints
I have only two complaints about the OUYA. First off, the UI can sometimes be laggy and it sometimes can be cumbersome to navigate through a lot of features. A bigger complaint about the OUYA is just how fancy pants it is. I bought a PC monitor that I THOUGHT had an HDMI port to it... all to find out it doesn't. So I had to buy an HDMI to DVI converter cable. That worked fine... except I wasn't playing with sound. I then bought an HDMI to VGA cable with audio input that was absolutely horrible. I then bought an HDMI to VGA adapter that had sound to it and works very well. This saved me from having to buy Bluetooth headphones to privately listen to my OUYA gaming experience. Why the OUYA doesn't just have an analog jack for either analog speakers or headphones is beyond me. I know Bluetooth is great and all, but not many people have such access to such items- even including HDMI. I wish it had better and more expansive support for USB- headphones, sound cards, keyboards, mice, wired USB controllers, etc. That's really my biggest complaint about the OUYA besides its UI. Otherwise, I would recommend this console if someone was considering getting one.

If you are still uncertain as to whether or not to buy an OUYA, let me give you my final thoughts to you on the OUYA: give this system a chance and have some heart. You may actually find yourself a bit surprised with what the OUYA has to offer in gaming and in other features. About $100 USD to buy one of these is just enough for you to enjoy a different kind of gaming experience that can be enjoyable by all. One would probably wish there were more outlets to buy this console and any accessories for it, but what you get for the money is just enough for even the most discriminating gaming fan to enjoy. You can always try to make your own games and apps for the OUYA if you want to contribute to its growth or test the waters of game development. If you can forgive most of the shortcomings most mainstream gaming types think of with the OUYA, you'll find the OUYA can be just as incredible as any of the major consoles and any of the major games, even if they lack anything Triple-A level. Also, don't forget to help support games and game developers by buying games that are available for purchase on the OUYA. You can do great service on many fronts with the OUYA and its content. I've even reviewed some OUYA games in my blogs before (more to come!).

Considering buying an OUYA? I say "hestitate no longer- buy one."

--- OUYA: My Current Game Collection (BONUS SECTION!) ---

Because I love my readers/visitors, let me share with you this bonus section. Some of the games I got for the OUYA came for free setting up my OUYA account. You know how people ask what is on someone's device or what someone has. Well, here is a look at what I have on my OUYA. I mention these items because I may review them in the future. Check it out:

NOTE: The following items are games/apps I have on my OUYA as of the time of this initial blog post. Some games have to be bought to be used.

• Diversion
• Pixel Sword
• Thunder Desert GP
• Night Riders
• Highway Rally
• BombSquad
• Tetris Battle Fusion
• Amazing Frog
• Genesis of Drones
• Speeed Rush
• Pizza Boy
• Fist Puncher
• Double Dragon Trilogy
• Retro Racing
• Real Speed: Need for Asphalt
• Big Action Mega Fight!
• XBMC on OUYA « haven't fully configured it yet
• FilePwn

For more games and apps available for the OUYA, visit: OUYA - Games.

That is what is on my OUYA so as of the date of this initial blog post (January 14, 2015). Some of the games here have been reviewed by me previously or will be reviewed in the future.

--- OUYA Resources ---

Here are some OUYA resources for you all in case I persuaded you into buying one or being interested in one:

OUYA on Facebook
Follow OUYA on Twitter (@playouya)!
OUYA on YouTube
OUYA on Google+
OUYA on Instagram

...or you can get one yourself online! Use these:

OUYA on Amazon
OUYA on eBay

Happy shopping! :)

This blog post is over, but let me provide some off-topic material. Last year, the more powerful (compared to the OUYA) Mad Catz M.O.J.O. was recently touted for being able to play OUYA-compatible games. The Mad Catz MOJO runs on the nVidia Tegra 4 processor. Imagine having a little extra horsepower to run and play OUYA games. I hope I can review the Mad Catz MOJO if I ever get the opportunity to do so. Check "John's Blog Space" for if I do get to review it.

Until next time, I'd like to thank you for looking at my review of the OUYA gaming console. You've now read both my thoughts on the OUYA and now my review of the OUYA. All of my thoughts are relevant and real. Feel free to agree or disagree at will. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

"John's Corner" this time is about gaming. Since buying an OUYA console, it has been fairly hectic for me to try to envision building my first game. I have limited programming and only so much art experience. What I have been doing is take here-and-there advice to develop material whether for games or media projects. The best news of all is that I never felt more capable and equipped to design something. There are just some times when you feel productive enough to make something that will be amazing. Or at least... what you hope will be something amazing. That, right now, is me and my situation. Allow me to share my thoughts in this blog post.

Happy new year! This is my first released post of 2015 on "John's Blog Space." Welcome to my series of posts where it is just me talking with you all person-to-person. This is...

John's Corner
JOHN'S CORNER (click on the link to see the latest posts in the "John's Corner" label)!


I plan on making another blog post regarding the OUYA. Now that I have an OUYA and have played around with the OUYA, I will offer a proper review of mine on this gaming console in the future. Please stay with "John's Blog Space" for my own updated OUYA thoughts.

--- John's Corner: My Quest to Make a Game and/or App ---

Some people aspire to design something they feel will really get them noticed. They may create things that they can proudly stand behind and showcase to the world. The creation of these items is of great importance to people because they want to make something that people want to remember and admire. My journey of late has been to create various media projects or even games and apps. Those whom have visited my creative works blog- "John's Creative Space" may know of some of my different works I've showcased. I feel some sort of importance in trying to create something to exhibit my creative spirit.

Game Importance.

Because I do love games, I feel it is best when you can make your own game rather than just play them. As I am trying to learn making games, part of that experience involves being educated in mobile gaming since the OUYA console is Android-based. The unfortunate thing is that I am not a mobile gamer. Someone suggested I try to develop for mobile devices and then port my work to the OUYA. Should I successfully develop something for the OUYA, I want to be sure it is something I can proudly show off.

Among the ideas for an OUYA game of mine are certain brawler and racing titles. To be honest, a lot of different mobile-type games don't interest me all that much. Most notable are a lot of infinite games (such as endless runners) and procedural worlds. The ideas I have are more old-fashioned and classic. I'm sorry if I'm too outdated and out of the loop with certain ideas. I've never made a game before. It's more about learning as I go along until I eventually make something that could eventually be enjoyable. Another idea I had was something where you play with a certain character in a variety of fun and cute moments. Not sure if that would fly on something like the OUYA, but it's another idea of mine.

App Importance.

I know I am at a disadvantage because I only know Android best. So I may be unable to tap into the iOS market if I develop something. I've had a simple app in mind that I hope will be helpful. I want to offer an app that offers positive and motivational material to others. I may even try to make it interesting by offering mini games in addition to the advice offered. Prior to trying to learn Android, I've had a good bit of trying to self-teach Visual Basic (remember THAT?) and here-and-there C++ programming with some games... namely Duke Nukem 3D.

I noted about not being much a mobile gamer, even more I feel I have to properly learn Android and be able to utilize it to make a quality app. The vision and the determination are both there. All I need to do is tap into those things and come up with something great. Most important to me is being able to offer something in today's fancy realm of mobile applications.

No matter what I create, I know I will give my best effort. Everything just has to be something I can proudly proclaim and promote. I can always try to update my content to make it better. In other words, I want my first game or my first app to be as valuable as any of my blog posts or videos. Only time will tell if I can successfully make a game or an app.

I engage in a lot of different activities and different kinds of media. I therefore have a tough time committing to everything I do. So I find myself breaking from certain things- like blogging. I don't give up on anything unless I feel I can't contribute any longer to something. Either that, or if I simply lack the energy to make something for a certain arena or platform. I'm not leaving anything, people. I still need great people like yourself to go along for the ride with me. Subscribe and Follow if you love my work and haven't subscribed for followed yet. More media madness from me to come, but until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's #WaybackWednesday New Year's Eve edition! Final day of 2014 as I present more goodness for you all to end this year. I figured this will all be songs to keep you upbeat on the upcoming new year. Who wants to start the new year poorly, right? Let me see what music I can find for you all. Welcome to John's Blog Space and another "Wayback Wednesday" post!

A Little Note: YouTube has been twitchy with me. Sometimes, the video player would suffer an error to where trying to function on YouTube ends up in videos stopping loading and then function again after a few seconds. This was a challenge in trying to check if these videos are any good in trying to feature them in posts.

In Case You're Unaware...

I decided to no longer do "Wayback Wednesday" posts either ever or for a while. So this may be the last-ever post I do in this category. The one thing I do try to pose in this series is to respect a lot of the old songs. I did these posts semi-casually to express a general love of music regardless of whatever decade of music is featured. I am thankful and pleased at all who noted my posts and decided to show their love for my work of finding old songs. Unfortunately, this may be the last one I do. It has nothing to do with trying to constantly feature these things- it is more along the lines of just not really feeling trying to almost randomly pick out songs I have in mind. I have certainly enjoyed doing this even before making this "Wayback Wednesday" a part of my blogging.

Once again... to everyone out there who noticed my posts and responded in some sort of way- thank you. I guess you can say if I'm not going to do this again anytime soon, I might as well give a memorable performance. It's your call if this one is a great way of going out with a bang.

--- Wayback Wednesday: How it Works ---

Wayback Wednesday on JBS
Welcome to Wayback Wednesday on John's Blog Space!

Most of what I select for "Wayback Wednesday" primarily consists of music videos. Rather than share with fans, I usually share YouTube videos among friends in my Facebook profile. Most of what I share are selections based on a certain group of songs I want to feature. I want to label it as "Wayback Wednesday" for the sake of hashtag usage. The proper person in me knows it is "Way Back Wednesday" rather than "Wayback Wednesday." The main criteria element is that the material must be at least five years old. So as of this blog post, all Wayback Wednesday features material from 2009 or earlier. Nothing from 2010 or later will be featured. All Wayback Wednesday selections go in chronological order from earliest to oldest. So more recent material is featured before going to least recent material. For example, a song from 2003 will be shown followed by a song either from that same year or before 2003.

Here's the quick rundown:
• material that is at least five years old is featured.
• selected material is from more recent to less recent.
• not every selection is music.

This is a sample post:

Wayback Wednesday: (Month Day, Year)

(song arist - song title, or title) (year)
(link to video)

I decide to post just a link to the video rather than slow down the performance of my blog with embedded YouTube videos. Links to some videos may or may not be available all the time. You're basically clicking at your own discretion in this sense.

Depending on traffic and other considerations, I may start this as a common feature of my blog. Having said all of this... let's begin!

--- Wayback Wednesday: Selections ---

Here are the songs I've selected for this Wednesday. Click on the links to view the YouTube videos associated with the individual songs. NOTE: Certain restrictions may apply to some of the material I've selected- such as (but not limited to) age restrictions. Be wary of this if you decide to click on any of the provided links to this post.

If you like to comment, feel free to let me know which songs you like from this list I selected.

Wayback Wednesday: December 31, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let me find you some songs surely warranting a good mood. These are all songs that are upbeat and positive in their beats or even in the flow of the songs themselves. It's feel good time, folks! Enjoy this post!

Airbase - Roots (Andy Blueman Remix) (late 2000s)
I figured I would start this post with an uplifting trance remix that is one of the very best I've ever heard. I wouldn't feature this song unless I heard something truly epic. Trust me on this one- this remix is both epic and uplifting. It is MUCH better than the original song. Andy Blueman since moved on to doing other kinds of songs, but his remixes of trance songs were on point and amazing. Don't believe me? Listen to this link I provided and hear for yourself.

David Morales feat. Lea-Lorien - How Would U Feel? (2004)
House music, anyone? This was one of two different songs I really liked in the mid-2000s. The version I found here is the extended mix. Even if you don't have time on your hands, this is still worth a good listen.

DJ Jonathan Peters feat. Sylver - After All This Time (2004 or 2005)
The other of two songs I liked a lot from the mid-2000s is this one. This time, it is DJ Jonathan Peters with Sylver. Unlike the song above, this one is the Radio Edit. This one is one to enjoy on a Saturday night or so. Go ahead- click the link above and enjoy.

Janet Jackson - All For You (2001)
Janet Jackson provides this fun and upbeat song for you all. This one is all for you, and it takes you back to 2001. Go have a listen to this one.

Amber - Above the Clouds (Eric Kupper Classic Mix) (2000)
There is this woman from the Netherlands/Holland named Marie Claire Chalmers, better known as Amber. Though "This is Your Night" is one of her all-time hits, the remix of this song is surely magical in its own right. You are certainly free to enjoy this wonderful remix here. It's the Eric Kupper remix of Amber's "Above the Clouds." This mix dates back to 2000, so welcome to the year 2000!

Daft Punk - One More Time (2000)
One more day of the old year. Why not groove one last time for the old year? This song should be to your enjoyment. So go have a listen to this bit of 2000 goodness.

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight (1999)
J-Lo is waiting for tonight in this classic 1999 song. There's nothing like this track that combines Latin-style sounds with some solid beats. You're probably going to love this one if you've never heard it before.

Madonna - Ray of Light (1998)
This light dance song surely has positive vibes to it. Nice instrumentals and beats are complimented by Madonna's singing style. Listen and enjoy.

Faith Evans - Love Like This (1998)
There was a time when Bad Boy Entertainment was one of the hottest labels in the realm of hip-hop. One such part of Bad Boy was... a girl. Her name? Faith Evans. Here is a hot song that I've heard a number of times remixed. Welcome to 1998 and this great song.

Kimara Lovelace - Movin' in Circles (1998)
"Real Racing Roots '99 in... Shooting Hoops!" At least when playing "Ridge Racer Type 4," I ALWAYS select this song to be played on the Shooting Hoops track. The song sets the mood for a race in a festive and memorable environment. If you've never played "Ridge Racer Type 4," the Shooting Hoops event takes place at 11:45 PM on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 1999 gives way to 2000 as the race progresses. It's a chance for you to become the last champion of the old year... and the first champion of the new year. It is so cool. Just because this is a video game song doesn't mean it has no place in any of my old music posts. I don't discriminate. Enjoy this classic.

MISIA - Into the Light (1998)
For Japanese pop fans, here is a song that has loads of energy to it. Misaki Ito, better known as MISIA, is one of my personal favorite JPOP artists. I surely felt the energy when I heard this song for the first time. Here is another 1998 song for you all. At least this song dates back to 1998.

David Bowie - Dead Man Walking (1997)
Even though the song's title suggests something dark and evil, just the guitar flow and beats to this rock song are enough for me to say this is fairly upbeat. This is one of my favorite songs from "The Saint" soundtrack. Enjoy David Bowie and this 1997 song.

??? - Flight in the Dark (1997)
My favorite song from my favorite arcade racing game. True to the mood of this blog post, it's another upbeat, feel-good style song. This song is the Beginner-Night theme in SEGA SCUD Race (or SEGA Super GT here in the United States). Staying in 1997 for this song.

Europe - The Final Countdown (1986)
It's the final countdown! This unworldly popular song from the group Europe is a song that has somewhat an upbeat flow to it. Here is a trip back to 1986.

Kool and the Gang - Celebration (1980)
More feel good music coming up! This time, Kool and the Gang supplants the feel good here. Some sports games have this song playing after the home team (assuming the home team won) wins. Celebrate good times! It's Kool and the Gang, and it's 1980.

McFadden and Whitehead - Ain't No Stopping Us Now (1979)
This song is great to groove to. There is a lot positive with this song and its overall flow. Come get your 1979 loving, folks!

Rufus and Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good (1974)
Finally, I want to end this post by offering up this song. I'll tell you something good alright- this is one very cool song. Get ready for this fine 1974 song.

Here is a bonus video for you all:

Race of a Thousand Years (2000 - Bonus Video!)
In 2000, we had the Sydney 2000 Olympic Summer Games. Later that year would be a season-ending race in the American Le Mans Series (now United SportsCar Racing along with the former Grand-American Road Racing Series). What was so special was that this race was held on New Year's Eve in 2000 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. This, unlike what many people have thought, is the TRUE new millenium whereas many thought 2000 was the new millenium. If you have about two hours on you, I present you this famous race from the 2000 season of the American Le Mans Series. Enjoy this bonus video, racing fans!

This concludes the final "Wayback Wednesday" post of 2014... and maybe the last one I do ever or for a while. To check out all of the other posts in the "Wayback Wednesday" category, click this link: Wayback Wednesday.

Again, I'd like to thank everyone for your continued support of my work- including my "Wayback Wednesday" posts. I do hope you enjoyed your time here this year and for as long as I've blogged here on Blogger/Blogspot. Have yourselves a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Thank you for reading!

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