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• RIP, Nelson Mandela... - My thoughts and prayers go out in loving memory of the Ultimate Warrior. He was an awesome wrestler.

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• 2,000,000 Views and Happy (Belated) 4th Anniversary! - "John's Blog Space" has surpassed 2 million hits all-time (Blogger/Blogspot statistics) yesterday! Thanks to all of you for contributing to these numbers! Since Blogger/Blogspot unveiled its own stat engine in June 2008, very few blogs have reached the 2M view count. So I am very pleased to receive so much attention from such a worldwide audience. Can't say enough- thank you so much for contributing to this milestone for me! Also, my blog celebrated its 4th anniversary back on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

• I May Be Idle... - ...but I am not "dead." I do contribute to my other blogs as well as just living life. So do remember to keep checking in to see my latest posts here on "John's Blog Space" and my other blogs.

• Over time, the "Car Style" label will not be discontinued, but posts will not take on the "Car Style" name. It was originally intended to be about how I think certain vehicles look. Because of spam comment concerns, however, I have not discussed this topic as much as I used to. Some old "Car Style" posts will be deleted with newer versions just to keep the topic alive on John's Blog Space.

• Some of this blog's old blog posts will be edited and/or deleted. Many of them are old Gran Turismo posts that will be moved over to "John's Gran Turismo Space." So I invite you to visit JGTS to get your fill of Gran Turismo commentary from me.

• My blog will take on a new theme in the near future. The current theme is called "Sea of Stars." The new theme will not really be an overall change to the look of this blog. However, I am working on something to give this blog some new life.

• Sidebar Updates - My Cafepress widget and Twitter widget have both been updated. Be sure to look at each of the items I've provided to you. Don't forget also to take advantage of any offers I have for all of you. Please help yourself now that you're here.

• New Search Bar - I am experimenting with a new search bar. This search bar will allow you to search for items not only in this blog, but in my others as well. Feel free to use this new search bar to your advantage. I may, however, go back to the old one and leave this newer one behind if I am unable to make the absolute most of it.

• Have You Visited My StyleSpace Blog Yet? - Visit to check out my fairly new blog devoted to fashion. StyleSpace is all about anything and everything regarding fashion. Diverse topics, diverse opinions... it is not your average "fashion" blog.

• Joined ShopSense - If you see any ShopStyle widgets, that is because I joined ShopSense, their affiliate program. This will help my fashion lovers to find more items based on relevant material in my blog posts. That leads to the next point...

• "An Important Amazon Note" is now "Affiliate Notes" - "An Important Amazon Note" now falls under a new name. It still has information regarding other affiliate programs I've signed up for. Even though it pertains to Amazon, it also includes other programs I've taken part in; and so I have to change up the info.

• Layout Changes - Incremental changes to the current layout will be made over a certain amount of time. The whole blog will have a much different appearance as the changes are being made. Forgive me if the blog appears to be messy- all I am doing is making changes in a slow and steady manner. The new Social Bar is now below the header (which I was trying to go for all along).

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(UPDATED: August 13, 2011)

This blog entry will help you to understand each of the blog labels in this blog. Feel free to learn more about each blog label to better understand what each entails. These blog labels exist to categorize my blog entries.

NOTE: In its earliest stages, it will just feature the blog entry names. Future edits will link you to each blog label featured in my blog.

--- Blog Labels: Overall ---
Labels are used to better identify and categorize certain topics. Once I've started mastering using them, I can better sort my categories.

--- Blog Labels: Specific ---
Here is a basic synopsis of each blog label. You may click on any of these headings to view the latest posts under each label:

Aircraft and Aviation.

This blog label features topics related to aircraft and aviation. Discussion on planes, flying, and things of that nature are discussed here.


Blog posts about a certain kind of animal are featured here.


Announcements from me in regards to my blog.


Automobile-related topics.


The premise of my "Beauties" post is on a look at various lovely people featured in posts. I say people because I may not focus on just females in my posts under this label.


Topics about blogging in general. It may also contain blogging notes I'd like to share with you.

Car Style

My "Car Style" blog entries are featured here. This is where I focus on how cars are styled, rather than any sort of review on cars. The focus is on how I think cars are styled.


Blog posts with topics about or related to the Caribbean and its people.

China and Chinese

Blog entries with or about China and/or Chinese items.


Formerly only about college sports, this blog label now entails ALL things college (including college sports).

Contact and Feedback

Use my Contact Form to send me comments and feedback!


Posts related to dancing are featured here. It could even include famous people who have some dancing experience. Gymnastics are also featured under this label.

Electronica and EDM

The music genre of electronic music is featured here. Formerly Electronica, it is now "Electronica and EDM" to represent electronica and electronic dance music (EDM).

Elements of Racing Games

Elements of racing games. This is an analytical series of blog entries where I focus on certain aspects of racing games from a technical and analytical standpoint.


Issues regarding arts and entertainment.

Enthusia Professional Racing

Devoted to the underrated Enthusia Professional Racing, these blog entries pertain to Enthusia and all that it has to offer.

Famous People

Blog entries of famous people are supplemented with information on each personality as well as commentary on each. In addition, I may also discuss what I would say to those exact people if they were to visit my blog and read a blog entry about that person or those people. Links and other content will be added to help fans connect online with the famous people they love.

Fashion and Style

Issues regarding fashion, beauty, and style. These blog entries are among my most popular topics on John's Blog Space. Rather than speak like a fashion pro, I take a different approach. I mostly discuss certain fashions. I will also attempt to discuss certain looks as well as fashion styles exhibited by celebrities. I mostly focus on feminine fashions because I am not very good on male fashion.

Fictional Characters

Fictional characters conceptualized by me. Get introduced to characters I've conceptualized and introduced.

Fire Pro Wrestling

Blog entries pertaining to the Fire Pro Wrestling series, the longest-running wrestling game franchise in gaming history.

Food and Drink

Issues pertaining to food and beverages. Blog entries in this category include reviews as well as insight on those involved in the culture of food and cooking.

Forza Motorsport

Blog entries for, of, and about the Forza Motorsport series.

Game Reviews

Reviews of games are offered in this blog entry. If you are interested in purchasing certain games featured, I supplement links to Amazon so you can purchase any games mentioned.


All issues related to video and computer games.

Gran Turismo

Topics regarding the Gran Turismo series. In its earliest stages, my blog was all about the Gran Turismo series. When I was running out of GT topics to blog about, I decided to blog about various other topics. Gran Turismo is still the key to this blog entry and its existence.

GT Commentary

Personal commentary regarding the Gran Turismo series. These can range from commentary pieces to certain features on the Gran Turismo series.

GT Ideas

Ideas for future Gran Turismo games are featured here.

GT Speculation

On YouTube, I'm known for speculating on the Gran Turismo series. Ideas on speculating for the GT series are featured here.

Health and Safety

Important issues regarding health and safety are featured here. This may also apply to fitness-related issues.


(added: Nov. 8, 2010!)
Various hobbies are featured in these blog posts.


Blog entries of and about the Houston/Galveston area. I feel I must do a service to my Houston-area readers by showcasing material of and about the Houston/Galveston area.


Learn more about me and my blog.

Japan and Japanese

Issues of and about Japan and Japanese topics.

Just for Fun

Created for entertainment, this blog entry concerns various topics where I just have some fun posting certain materials.

Korea and Korean

Blog entries concerning Korea Republic and Korean topics.

Latin America and Spain.

All topics pertaining to, or featuring issues and topics regarding Latin America, Spain, and the people within these regions; are all mentioned in this blog label.

LGBT Issues

Issues regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed, genderqueer, and other like topics. These can pertain even to certain minor issues and themes in this department. It can relate to varying degrees of transgender as well. These TG issues can range from many forms and terms of crossdressing, ranging from (but not limited to) sissy crossdressing, drag queens, transvestites, transsexuals, and various other terms (such as katoeys and newhalfs). It is a full-circle sort of topic regarding various LGBT issues. I had initially wanted to name it "GLBT Issues" because that's the way I came across this category. But, it is LGBT issues.

Life Issues

Blog topics with this label have to do with life issues. These relate from living better to living under rough circumstances.

Love and Relationships

Topics regarding love and relationships. The relationships in question, however, don't have to do with romantic bonds. This topic can simply relate to being friends with someone or trying to keep a happy family going. This is a diverse blog label.

Luxurious Lifestyles.

This topic relates to luxury items and luxury lifestyles. This is where rich and famous lifestyles are discussed.


Get your inspiration from me in these blog entries!

Motorcycle Style

Like "Car Style," but for motorcycles. I explain how I feel about how certain motorcycles are styled.


Topics related to motorcycles.


The world of motor racing is featured in this blog label.

Motorsports Style

This series of blog entries are like Car Style and Motorcycle Style, but these relate to racing machines. Because it involves racing machines, this is the most diverse of the Style-based blog entries, because it pertains to almost any purpose-built competition machine.


All movies and movie reviews will be mentioned here. To expand upon this label, blog posts featuring movies or movie-related topics will be part of this label.


While many think of Honda, this series of blog entries relates to the freeware fighting game, M.U.G.E.N.


Blog entries relating to music. These can cover a broad variety of music-related topics ranging from specific artists/groups to music-related topics.


News events are covered here.

Other Reviews

Other things that I review are featured here.

Pacific and Oceania

(added: 10/9/2010!)
As a series of topics devoted to people of the Pacific Islands and of Pacific Islanders, I have offered this label purely devoted to topics of and about Oceania and the South Pacific. Blog entries in this label consist of famous people, certain locations in this region, and more. All of which related to Oceania and the South Pacific. This is my thanks for all the people of the South Pacific who have visited my blog (especially recently since posting my "Oceania and the South Pacific" blog entry).

Personal Commentary

I try to be neutral in all of my posts. For those that involve a big dose of personal insight, this label is applied.

Philippines and Filipino

(added January 2, 2011!) All blog posts of and featuring Filipino-themed topics are featured in this blog label. It was a label I was debating whether or not to release, until I eventually decided to release it after making blog posts about Charice Pempengco and Sarah Geronimo. So thanks to all of you Filipino folk who visit John's Blog Space! This blog label is for you in thanks!

Race Tracks

Motor racing tracks are featured here. Blog entries in this category usually include a track map, a description of one lap around a course, video(s) on the track, and even lap records. I am recently working to just discuss race tracks without having to always describe one lap around each course.


Blog topics of and about rFactor. rFactor is a critically-acclaimed racing game mostly for the ability to customize almost ANYTHING for this game. The modding community is HUGE for this game. In fact, even Image Space Incorporated (the makers of rFactor) make mods for this game. This label has been expanded to include topics regarding rFactor mods.


Personal salutes I make to people and things are featured under the Salutes label.


In an attempt to give back to my loyal readers and subscribers, I offer these blog posts to point readers and subscribers towards things to check out online.

Software and Hardware

Software and hardware items are featured (and sometimes reviewed) in this category of blog entries.


All sports issues in general are featured here.

Stars and Space

Issues regarding outer space, astronomical issues, and more are featured here.


Discussions on technology and on various devices and machines are featured here.


Though called Television, this can also relate to movies. Blog entries about TV shows and general ideas about television are featured here.

Tourist Trophy

Blog entries of and about Tourist Trophy from Polyphony Digital are featured here.


(added: Nov. 8, 2010!)
Get your play on! This blog label pertains to various blog posts regarding all kinds of toys.


Issues regarding travel are featured here. These topics can also include a specific focus on visiting various locations, attractions, countries, and more.


Blog entries regarding Twitter. It may be expanded to include any mention of Twitter or Twitter accounts featured in the blog.

Water and Watercraft.

These are all issues related to topics related to life on water, boats, sailing, rowing, water sports, and things like that.

What If?

(added 12/17/2010!)
"What If?" is a commentary and idea-driven label asking... what if? Fantasy situations and alternative stories are offered in this blog label.

Why Should You Care

"Why Should You Care" is a series of racing videos on my YouTube channel regarding why you should be interested in certain racing events. Nowadays, I have incorporated these topics to my blog for extended explanations of why you should care about these races.


This blog label relates to wrestling-related topics. For the discriminating audience, that includes pro wrestling as well as regular wrestling.


Blog topics regarding YouTube. Topics may also include specific YouTube channels. I may expand this blog entry to include more topics regarding specific YouTube channels. These blog labels may also pertain to any blog entry that features YouTube videos, including my own videos.

Now you know about each blog label and what they are about. Now go read my blog and enjoy! :)

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