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Michael Angelo's Meal Roundup

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I decided to blog a roundup of Michael Angelo's dinners I've had before. I am not new to Michael Angelo's different meals, this is a roundup of different dinners I've had from the Austin, Texas, USA-based Michael Angelo's. To give you an idea of some of Michael Angelo's meals, I figured I share this roundup of their meals.

Before I Begin...

All of the mentioned dinners were prepared via microwave. All of these are also starter meals. I am basing my opinions on these experiences. These opinions are of my own. I was not contacted by the company to review anything. I did this all on my own.

Michael Angelo's Meal Roundup

Let's talk dinner! Even though I prepared all of these meals via microwave, it is recommended they are prepared via oven. It is this versatility of oven and microwave, however, that makes these meals enticing. So you can prepare these meals even if you fear burning the house down with an oven. And as Michael Angelo's would say, "microwaves work, too. But would Nonna approve?" Michael Angelo's offer homemade meals with very delicious tasting meals and Italian style. I figured eventually to want to do a blog post rounding up a bunch of meals I've had recently from Michael Angelo's. I hope you enjoy my blog post and my reviews!

Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata.

^ The Chicken Piccata is white meat chicken breast smothered in lemon garlic butter sauce and met with artichokes, tomatoes, and capers.

My favorite of these five dinners I am to feature is the chicken piccata. This was the first Michael Angelo's meal I've had. The chicken piccata then was one that could be a single-serving meal. For the longest, though, this meal was served only as a meal starter and meant for more than one person. Even when you prepare it, the smell of this meal is just amazing. The chicken is absolutely delicious bathed in the garlic sauce. Adding things like the artichokes and capers make it just as delicious. This meal will NOT disappoint. Even Michael Angelo's themselves say this is a favorite meal. This meal can be prepared between eight to ten minutes in a microwave. I prepare it in nine minutes in the microwave.

Michael Angelo's Spicy Chicken Marinara.

^ The white meat chicken breast of the Spicy Chicken Marinara is cooked until golden brown. Then, it is met with spicy vine-inspired tomato sauce.

Bathed in marinara sauce with a spicy kick to it, the Spicy Chicken Marinara is a tasty starter meal from Michael Angelo's. The spicy nature is not extreme in any real sense, but you do get the spicy taste while digging into the chicken. You don't have much in the way of vegetables or anything to add with the chicken. I think this is pretty good. Normally, I am not much the spicy food person. This is still a great meal to dig into.

Michael Angelo's Chicken Bruschetta.

^ The Chicken Bruschetta has white meat chicken cooked until a golden brown. Then, the chicken is smothered in diced tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken Bruschetta by Michael Angelo's features some great-tasting chicken along with cheese slices and tomatoes. This starter meal tastes very good. The chicken is cooked until golden brown. Then, it is topped off with a combination of diced tomatoes, basil, and vinegar. The chicken itself is very tasty. Adding in the different other ingredients just make it better.

Michael Angelo's White Wine Lemon Chicken.

^ This chicken meal features breaded white meat chicken covered in a white wine and lemon sauce. Spinach, carrots, and capers compliment the chicken.

Here is a starter meal with chicken bathed in some buttery garlic sauce that also have white wine infused. Add a lot of vegetables to it, and let me tell you- this one is DELICIOUS! Spinach and carrot slices are added to the mix. This meal offers the most protein of the featured meals in this blog post with 16 grams of protein to be had. I sometimes pile on some of the extra spinach and shredded carrots on top of the chicken to eat together. Trust me- the White Wine Lemon Chicken is an amazing taste experience.

Michael Angelo's Spicy Shrimp Scampi.

^ This meal features plump shrimp and linguine pasta. It is then smothered in garlic butter sauce with Calabrese peppers.

I am a chicken lover. However, I wanted to mix things up by having a starter meal from Michael Angelo's other than chicken. So I chose their Spicy Shrimp Scampi. Many times before, my mother prepared some mean shrimp scampi. I never had SPICY shrimp scampi, though. I thought this was a fairly good meal. You taste the spiciness early when you eat the first few noodles or even one of the pieces of shrimp. I am personally not much into the meal, but I did enjoy this meal.

This concludes my roundup of five these meals. A few extra thoughts are coming up.

Michael Angelo's Meals: Final Thoughts

Michael Angelo's offer a number of different tasty meals. They pride themselves on offering quality Italian style cuisine with a real homemade style. The meals offered will surely suppress your hunger with great-tasting food. Even if you are not adept with using an oven, you can still prepare these foods in the microwave. All of these are enjoyable meals just as good in a microwave as they are in an oven. So feel free to enjoy these meals for lunch and/or dinner.

Ranking the Five Meals.

I am not in any way trying to rank these five meals, but if I did, allow me to rate them all.

• My favorite of the five I featured is the Chicken Piccata. I love it for its rich taste and overall delicious experience. It also takes the least amount of time to prepare at about nine minutes in the microwave.

• My second favorite is the White Wine Lemon Chicken. This one actually surprised me because I never thought this would taste so delicious. It also offers the most protein with 16 grams of protein. I really like this meal. While I don't drink or smoke, I do like wine and champagne, and I certainly like white wine. This meal is my second favorite, but a VERY close second.

Chicken Bruschetta is my third favorite. It is tasty while offering 14 grams of protein. I thought it was a great taste experience and would certainly recommend.

• The fourth favorite of mine is the Spicy Chicken Marinara. The chicken was still good, but maybe I just wan't really into the spicy sort of kick to the chicken.

• Through process of elimination, you can tell my least favorite of the five is the Spicy Shrimp Scampi. It was a different experience to have

Just because I rate something as "least favorite" doesn't mean I hate any of these meals. Do not get me wrong on that. These are more about personal taste to me than saying one meal is worse than another. These are all fine meals that I mentioned here.

Some Bonus Commentary...

As a bonus piece of commentary, I once had Michael Angelo's Chicken Parmigiana. This was a LONG time ago, though, so this was not part of this roundup of meals.

If I could recommend a few things for Michael Angelo's, I would recommend making some of these starter meals as single-serve meals. Maybe these meals are meant to be starter meals, but they can also be tasty as single-serve meals like when I first had chicken piccata.

Other Reading.

This was my early review of Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata. Visit this blog post in case you're interested: Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata (John's Blog Space).

For More Information...

For more information on MichaelAngelo's and their meals, please visit Visit to learn more about the company and to see many more meals offered by this company.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


John B. Marine | 5/15/2019 10:55:00 PM | | | Be the first to comment!
Bringing arcade gaming to homes has always been something game companies want to achieve. This has stemmed from providing arcade quality experiences for home to making quality home ports of arcade games. Arcade1UP is providing kind of the dream experience many a child of the '70s, '80s, or (especially) '90s can dream of- an actual arcade unit for home. While I have seen these units before at stores like Fry's or Wal-Mart, I never actually PLAYED any of them. This blog post is merely a bunch of thoughts on the Arcade1up units.

NOTE: I have NOT operated or tested any Arcade1UP arcade units, so this is not any kind of review. Thoughts of mine and topics expressed here are of my own.

Arcade1UP at a Glance

So what's up with these Arcade1UP units? Let me show you one just to set the mood...

Arcade1UP arcade cabinet
^ from: - Arcade1UP brings the arcade experience to home with real upright arcade units and popular games.

Arcade1UP arcade units offer an arcade experience that seems long forgotten in today's gaming culture. It is a company bringing back the experience of spending minutes to hours playing some of the best arcade games ever. The parent company behind Arcade1UP is Tastemakers, L.L.C.- a New York City-based company.

Arcade1UP offers a unique time travel back to the glory days of arcade gaming. What makes Arcade1UP different is that they actually provide some of the most popular games in a proper arcade unit. This is not like any of the different devices with a bunch of games bundled into it that you can immediately play. These arcade cabinets from Arcade1UP bring you back to times when going to the arcades and playing on arcade uprights were fun times of gaming.

Though Arcade1UP makes these units, these arcade units aren't the same height as what many of the past arcade units were. Some people, in fact, see Arcade1UP more as toys rather than authentic arcade units. They still shouldn't be disregarded. What you are getting for the money is a quality experience of some of the most classic arcade games in history despite the smaller scale of these arcade units. What people can also appreciate is that these Arcade1UP units aren't bloated with knock-off, no-name games to try to fill up the space offered by an Arcade1UP unit.

What I Think Arcade1UP Brings to Home.

Something I think Arcade1UP is trying to provide is more than just bringing the arcade experience to home. To me, they are doing so by providing actual arcade units you can build and play games on- something many people especially in the '80s and '90s wished they could do. I mean... name some people who wished they could have the hottest of-the-moment arcade games in their house.

What I think helps Arcade1UP's cause is that these units are offered at mainstream stores as opposed to some online-only stores. Besides, I don't think Arcade1UP could get as much attention if these units were only available online or at not-as-popular brick-and-mortar stores. This means you won't have to go all around the world or at speciality stores to find one of these arcade cabinets from Arcade1UP.

Something else I kind of thought of is that these cabinets could mostly be sized just right for children to play classic arcade games on an arcade cabinet. Not saying they are too small for grown-ups, but these miniature scale arcade cabinets may be rather short for a lot of us. Arcade1UP even offers some pedastals so that they can accommodate taller people to try to play these games on these Arcade1UP cabinets.

Arcade1UP Arcade Units vs. Other Arcade Units.

If you love the idea of having arcade units in your home but not exactly feel what Arcade1UP offers, one may be tempted to think more proper arcade units are better. One may even be tempted to buy either actual arcade units or even any arcade units that have all kinds of actual games included. Some of those units of more proper games or offer multiple real games in one arcade unit can be pretty expensive compared to one Arcade1UP unit. At least you know if you get an Arcade1UP unit, you are getting one for the game or set of games that you like. So you can make your own arcade room if you like. Or, you may simply have a single arcade units featuring your favorite game or series. Some people who are skilled enough can make their own arcade unit; but if you're going to go THAT route, you will need plenty of supplies, some extra resources, patience, skill, and most of all- money.

So if you simply want the arcade unit experience in your home, you may be best served to get an Arcade1UP unit. Save yourself the trouble and just enjoy gaming with a simple Arcade1UP unit. That is... unless you want a much more advanced arcade gaming experience. For that, you may as well be willing to spend anywhere from $1K USD to almost $4K USD for your own custom arcade gaming experience!

Educational Value.

Before you get irked about this section, please note I am not referring to Arcade1UP as providing intellectual material. I don't mean "educational value" as in that math test or that book report due in a few days or a week. What I mean by "educational value" is in educating others about what made arcades fun to begin with. The educational value in question is about getting younger types to appreciate gaming with arcades as opposed to any home or mobile gaming experience. For older people, Arcade1UP arcade cabinets make people reminisce about gaming's past by playing on various arcade cabinets and especially at dedicated arcade rooms.

About the only thing close to an arcade experience these days would be to go to certain family fun centers or go to a Dave and Buster's restaurant or something.

Let me share some extra thoughts in the next section. Read on, enthused ones!

Can Arcade1UP Bring Back the Arcade?

Honestly, no; and I mean this in a respectful manner. Today's culture has a few factors that make bringing the arcade back somewhat impossible. I want to think of the '80s and the '90s in regards to arcade culture. Two things I think are essential to the arcade's success were shopping malls and in meeting with people. Most people simply don't want to get out and shop any more at malls. People these days enjoy online shopping as opposed to going out to shopping malls. Also, there aren't a lot of close friends who want to socialize at places like shopping malls anymore. Like, imagine you and three friends playing a four-player arcade game like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" or "The Simpsons." Imagine also playing against several other people in arcade racing games like "Cruis'n USA" or "SEGA Super GT" in a proper arcade place.

On top of that, the arcade experience involves more than just upright units. Some arcade units were very unique in their design as well as in the experiences offered. I mentioned the likes of racing arcade units earlier. Arcade1UP is providing the classic experience we all know of- the upright arcade unit experience with a handful of buttons and the joystick. I want to imagine what Arcade1UP may provide in terms of other games not controlled by joysticks and buttons. For example, let's say Arcade1UP makes some arcade cabinets that have light gun games cabinets for games like "Lethal Enforcers" or "Time Crisis." Or what if Arcade1UP wanted to offer simple racing games that don't require you to sit down on them or something? My idea of these "simple racing games" can mean games like "Pole Position," "Ivan Stewart's Off-Road Racing," "Badlands," or "Great 1000 Miles Rally" among others. Or let's say Arcade1UP makes games like SEGA's "After Burner" series, where you have a throttle lever to pilot something.

Another thing to note is that arcade rooms themselves are part of a business. When a business or an industry isn't doing so well, several businesses suffer. I remember as a kid in the 1990s that a lot of games could be played for a quarter. A few games then required two quarters to play. A few other games required four quarters- or $1 USD to play. Now fast forward to the later 1990s and early 2000s. A lot of arcade rooms struggled to stay financially stable, so more games cost more for a single play or maybe for continues. Couple this with the continued progression of home game systems (and even PC/Mac gaming) finally overtaking and lapping the arcade experience, not to mention the advent of gaming on mobile devices, and... the demise of the arcade was eminent.

Arcade1UP probably isn't going to revive the arcade industry as I remember it, but it surely will revive and re-kindle playing the classic arcade.

Arcade1UP: Final Thoughts

Arcade1UP will not entirely bring back the arcade as many know it best, but it does provide the fun and appeal of arcade gaming that many in the golden times of arcade gaming could only dream of. Even the fact these arcade cabinets are designed at a smaller scale than most bigger arcade units still doesn't take away from these units being so enjoyable. Anyone who wants to enjoy the thrill and appeal of arcade gaming on a proper arcade cabinet can surely enjoy the experience on an Arcade1UP arcade cabinet. There may be other methods to enjoy classic arcade gaming, but Arcade1UP has the formula done pretty much right.

I probably wouldn't get myself an Arcade1UP unit, but these certainly make for fun times for dedicated gamers. I love arcades and arcade units, but I am not a seriously hardcore arcade gamer.

For More Information...

For more information on Arcade1UP and to check out their entire line of arcade cabinets, please visit You can also follow Arcade1UP on social media by looking at their official page.

Your involvement in the next section is not required, but it would mean a lot to me if you get involved in it. Go to the next section after this or skip it entirely.

Arcade1UP Online

I'd like to direct your attention to these items in this section in case you have enjoyed my blog post regarding Arcade1UP. Your cooperation here is voluntary, but would be appreciated. Let's get you (or someone else) an Arcade1UP arcade cabinet!

NOTE: Availability of these items may vary especially as this blog post ages. Items may or may not be replaced in any possible edits to this blog post.

Want your own Arcade1UP items? Please take a look around here, especially if you shop on Amazon:

If you need a cabinet riser so you can play these Arcade1UP arcade cabinets for taller people, try this:

Or look here for all "Arcade1UP" items on Amazon.

Happy shopping! :)

I hope you have yourself a great day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Embracing Pinterest

John B. Marine | 5/14/2019 11:47:00 AM | | Be the first to comment!
For some time, I signed up for Pinterest, since there were some images I saw in image searches that used Pinterest. Though really, I never cared much for using it then. Times have changed recently. The way I understand Pinterest, it is more like your own collage of images representing certain themes. Some Pinterest Pins and Ideas that you have on your board may be shared or tried by other Pinterest users. This makes it a better way to try to build up your own Boards. Some people have even used Pinterest to try to sell material online. Let me continue this casual post regarding Pinterest.

My Pinterest Experience So Far.

The first Board I started was on April 15, 2019; and it was about dresses with sneakers outfits that I actually like. As much as I felt the need to express thoughts of mine with any sort of material, I felt it was only right to do so with Pinterest. So I came along with many more different Boards on Pinterest sharing my mind about various other things. I thought it only seemed fair to try to express various thoughts under a certain category or categories. Ideas and collections I want to share are still fresh in my mind the more I want to use Pinterest. For the most part, maybe I overlooked or disregarded Pinterest when I probably shouldn't have.

Pinterest vs. Instagram.

While I don't fully understand Pinterest, I do at least have a general idea as to what you use Pinterest for and how to utilize it. Pinterest is picture-sharing social media, but not in the case of Instagram. I would probably say Pinterest is better for you if you are sharing some of your own physical or digital goods. There is, however, a HUGE difference between Pinterest and Instagram. The biggest difference between the two is that Pinterest does not use or utilize tags for any pictures. So whatever ideas may be offered for a Pinterest Board may not completely suit what the board is about. The inclination is more towards visual searching. Pinterest also involves material already posted online rather than Instagram showing material actually already posted by individuals themselves. You can, though, upload your own images and put them in your own Boards. Your images could also be part of other peoples' Boards. You can think of Pinterest more like your own saved collection of images you'd probably put in a collection as if you were doing image searches with your favorite search engine.

In Case You're Interested...

You can see the Pinterest boards I put together by visiting the following link: my Pinterest site. If you want to start your own Pinterest Boards, sign up for Pinterest at

This was mostly just a casual post, but it is a post nonetheless in my continued blogging of anything and everything. Hope you enjoyed it! Your Subscribing/Following of my work will help you to get my latest content when it becomes available. So thank you for your support! Also, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

John's Corner - Introducing

John B. Marine | 4/21/2019 10:27:00 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
This is a special announcement from me. Since being associated with Google and Blogger/Blogspot since 2007, it is time I take my online content to a new level. So I introduce you to "!" This new site I created on the Wordpress platform is set to be a new direction for me and also a new platform for opportunities. I invite you to keep reading this blog post to learn of my plans with this new site. Welcome to another post of...

Johns Corner

John's Corner:

Here are some talking points in regards to this new venture of mine. Read on...

The Story Behind My New Website.

As I was trying to learn website development, I saw there were opportunities I can engage in that I don't think blogging alone can create. I created multiple blogs to share and discuss different topics. I later went to Weebly to create my "JohnMarineDesigns" site. My JMDesigns page on Weebly was meant to stylishly showcase my creative works. It was mostly an extension of my "John's Creative Space" work. The site does get a good amount of traffic ever since I launched it on October 15, 2015.

I felt I was mostly at a crossroads as an online content producer. I thought about trying to develop websites as part of my "anything and everything" approach to developing content. This made me think about developing my own website. Back then, money was an issue. I was barely making anything through digital content. I have done a number of posts for money. I have no traditional or proper job, so my online content IS my career. Once I felt I made enough money online to try to maybe buy something special, I started holding onto the cash I made through PayPal. I originally had plans to try to get a PlayStation 4. Afterwards, I thought about buying one program online and then look into finding an online hosting service when I was interested in building websites. I started learning how to build websites from big images as well as through coding. When I thought about building my own personal website, I began to consider the possibilities of how I can make a profitable website that may ultimately increase my appeal online. So on Easter Sunday of 2019, I took the plunge and bought an online hosting plan from BlueHost along with setting up a Wordpress site to help create and try to expand upon it. Actually in terms of buying that Bluehost plan, there is a dirty little secret... I got a discount setting up Bluehost by accessing a discount offer from

The new site was created with the possibility of exploring new content and new opportunities to enhance and expand my appeal. If you think there is something I can create

Where Does This New Site Slot In?

My new website is currently mostly supposed to be a portal to me and my online work. I eventually want to grow it to where it can be more than just a portal. I want to grow it to be more than a personal site. I basically envision this site to be a variety sort of site everyone can enjoy with content powered by me.

Let me explain a few things for a moment. This new site does NOT spell the end of my blogging work on Blogger/Blogspot. None of my blogs are going anywhere or get migrated from Blogger/Blogspot to Wordpress. I am also not going to shut down my JohnMarineDesigns site on Weebly. For the most part, my blogs and my Weebly site will remain. That is, unless I decide it's time for me to move on from Google and/or Weebly. is [for now] just a portal to my online content. Through the evolution of my new site, I will try to expand and grow my site to be exactly or near what I want it to be. This includes content, graphics, and more. My site will be as much a continuous work-in-progress like life is.

I Will Need Your Help!

Just as much as I've looked to you all to help make my work relevant online, I will further need your help to keep my work afloat. I will mostly try to offer you things to help offset the cost of trying to build and maintain my work. I always encourage you to help support me and my work if you enjoy it. This deal here is no different.

• If you think there is something I can provide to help enhance the appeal of my site, please contact me and let me know. Not all ideas will be considered, but I am open to new ideas.

• If there are any legitimate sponsorship offers that may be of interest to me or my future readers and/or visitors, contact me. Not all offers will be accepted by me, but I will certainly look into certain offers after doing my own review and research.

If you are going to create something in which you don't see it become something special, why even try? I always try to create something with the intent and promise that it will succeed. I CERTAINLY want this to succeed. I will try to build my personal website to be what I want it to be. Everything else will mostly come in due time.

This just means there is only one more thing to do...

John's Corner: The New Site!

I been talking about my new website. I been mentioning how I came up with it. I been talking about what I want to do with it. I been asking for your support of it. Now, only one thing remains. Even in its infant stages (as of the time of this post), please visit my new site and get ready for a new chapter of my online content. Click to visit my new site (currently in WIP):

Thank you for your support!

Thank you also for reading! Remember that my blogs and my other material will remain. Anyhow, take care and be well, everyone.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Rodeo Events

John B. Marine | 4/09/2019 01:45:00 AM | | | Be the first to comment!
Rodeo events can be very fun to watch. Surely we have the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo here in Houston. I want to blog about rodeo events for you all. It is an opportunity to discuss sports among cowboys and cowgirls. I hope you get to find this material useful if you wonder about rodeo events. This will not be a definitive look at rodeo events, but you will get to get a look at rodeo events and what makes them interesting. Time to blog again!

Rodeo Events

I will mostly focus on events from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to discuss these events. The prominent league featuring these rodeo events in the United States is the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association). These are some fun to watch sporting events involving cowboys and cowgirls. Those who may not enjoy these events are those who may consider these events as acts of animal cruelty, mostly for how the animals are harmed. Rest assured, animals are treated with respect and are cared for exceptionally well.

I will not mention every last rodeo event, but I will make an effort to discuss as many events as possible. If I am unable to use certain images, I will try to find alternative ones to represent these events.

Steer Wrestling.

rodeo events steer wrestling
^ from: (Pinterest) - How do you win in steer wrestling? Dismount from your horse and twist down a runaway steer by the horns.

In steer wrestling, there are two horses with riders out of the gate. One one of the riders is to dismount from the horse and take down a steer by the horns. Quickest time wins. If the rider misses the steer, the run will be invalidated.

Bareback Riding.

rodeo events bareback riding
^ from: (Gerry Rodeo) - Can you hang onto a bucking bronc for eight seconds riding bareback?

Two events involving trying to stay on a horse is bareback riding. Each participant is to try to ride bareback on a bronc for eight seconds. The rider lays back on the horse (hence the bareback namesake) while holding onto a rope. The rider will be punished proper by the bronc by being thrusted forward and back constantly. If you get bucked off or if you touch the bronc with your hands, you will be disqualified. A score of 100 points is on offer. Judging depends on how well you do hanging onto a bucking bronc based on degrees of difficulty. This score is usually a combination of the horse and the rider. Best score wins.

Saddle Bronc Riding.

rodeo events saddle bronc riding
^ from: - Try hanging onto a bucking bull for eight seconds riding upright in Saddle Bronc Riding.

The difference between Bareback Riding and Saddle Bronc Riding is that the rider sits upright in Saddle Bronc Riding. The same task of trying to stay on the bucking horse for eight seconds is the key. Your free hand cannot touch the bronc. If so, your run will be disqualified. Up to 100 points can be up for offer. Best rating from the judges wins the event.

Barrel Racing.

rodeo events
^ from: (YouTube) - It's you, your horse, and three barrels to round. How quickly can you clear the course?

This is perhaps my personal favorite event of most rodeo events. The goal of barrel racing is to try to round three barrels on your horse and then hustle to the finish line. These events are usually run by cowgirls. However, there are some cowboys who participate in barrel racing. The horses being ridden are horses that are very agile and fast. Having a horse with low center of gravity and agility will be able to shine in barrel racing events. If you knock over a barrel, five seconds will be added to your time. Also, these events usually are completed within 14.5 to 14.9 seconds. However, I always wonder when horses and their riders will post times south of 14 seconds- even if it's 13.999.

Tie-Down Roping.

rode events tie down roping
^ from: (YouTube) - Lasso up a calf and then tie up three of the calf's legs. Easier said than done.

The goal of this competition is to catch a runaway calf and tie it down. One rider attempts to first lasso up the calf. Once successful, that rider must then dismount from the horse and then tie three of the calf's legs. Quickest time wins the competition.

Team Roping.

rodeo events team roping
^ from: (YouTube) - To be successful in Team Roping, both the header and heeler must be in perfect symphony to lasso up a runaway steer.

Two horse riders will try to lasso up a steer. One roper is known as the header (who goes for the horns or neck), and the other is the heeler (who goes for the legs). The header roper must lasso up the steer's neck while the heeler must lasso up the steer's rear legs. The steer must leave its chute first, and the riders must not get a false start out of their chutes. Missing either the steer's head or leg will result in disqualification. Quickest time wins.

Bull Riding.

rodeo events bull riding
^ from: (El Paso Times) - You. A bucking bull. Can you last for eight seconds?

Usually, I used to watch bull riders in the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) when I used to have CBS Sports Network. Bull riding is maybe the toughest of all rodeo events. I have seen a handful of wrecks by cowboys mounted on bucking bulls. Injury- and even death- are possible. As a sad example, Mason Lowe was killed earlier in 2019 stemming from injuries sustained from getting wrecked by a bull. You must nod your head to be released from the chute. Your goal is to stay on a bucking bull for eight seconds. If you are ready while the bull is also ready, If your free hand touches the bull, you are disqualified. Your score is based on the performance of both you riding the bull and the bull itself. Re-rides may be offered if the bull performs poorly. A total score of up to 100 is offered.

NOTE: I may make a separate blog post about the PBR, so stay tuned to "John's Blog Space" for if and when I make a post on the PBR.

Mutton Bustin'.

rodeo events mutton bustin
^ from: (Pinterest) - Little cowboys and little cowgirls attempt to hang on as long as possible on fierce sheep. It is may be the cutest competition of any rodeo event!

This is the cutest and most fun competition! Children try to hang onto these sheep for as long as they can. The rider who hangs on for the longest is the winner. Most mutton busters are usually about five years old riding on sheep. For most of my research of this topic, I mostly seemed to find mutton bustin' popular here in Houston with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

I hope I have described each of the events as best as I could to the best of my ability.

Rodeo Events: Video Samples

If you want a better-explained look at these events, I have found this video for you to watch featuring all of the aforementioned rodeo events:

^ PRCA Rodeo 101 All Events

Here is a video that features the mutton bustin' competition:

^ Lamb chopped: Mutton Busting tiny tots show fierce character at Rodeo Houston

I hope this gives you some video perspective on each event I mentioned here.

If you didn't know about rodeo events, I hope my blog post here helped you out. So...

What is your favorite rodeo event?

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Friday, March 8, 2019

morning dose.

John B. Marine | 3/08/2019 12:15:00 AM | | | | | Be the first to comment!
When "Eye Opener" went defunct, "morning dose." was born. The CW Network's morning news show debuted in . Today and since October 2018, "morning dose." is all local in Houston and is three hours long. This morning show will be reviewed and mentioned by me with this blog post. Having a great day? You made mine better by visiting "John's Blog Space," so thank you! I hope you enjoy this post of mine here.

morning dose.

I will use this picture to identify this post (or find some other one if I can't use it):

CW Morning Dose
^ from: (Twitter) - morning dose. is a different kind of morning show that is fresh, cool, and fun. Do I feel the same way about it, though? Find out in this blog post!

The CW Network came up with a morning news show long ago called "Eye Opener" back in 2011. Here in the Houston area, it was the compliment for news in the morning since "NewsFix" launched in 2011 to replace CW39 News here in Houston. Eye Opener was handed early on in Chicago, Illinois, USA before production moved to Dallas, Texas, USA.. In 2017, "Eye Opener" would be replaced by a new morning news show called "morning dose." This "morning dose." was mostly run from CW33 Dallas. During commercial breaks, local CW networks would have their own anchors feature news updates and news segments. In 2018, "morning dose." went from a nationally-syndicated telecast to a local operation here in Houston for CW39 Houston. Today's "morning dose." is a three-hour long morning news show by the CW network's Houston affiliate, KIAH. This show runs on weekday mornings between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM on CW39 Houston.

morning dose. Cast.

Some of the main personalities include the following:

• Shannon LaNier - anchor
• Sharron Melton - anchor
• Maria Sotolongo - meteorologist
• Hannah Triplett - traffic, anchor/reporter
• Trey Serna - anchor/senior producer
• Maggie Flecknoe - host/reporter
• Courtney Carpenter - reporter

What makes "morning dose." different is that it offers your basic morning news, but it does so with youthful and fun flair. It includes even a handful of interesting stories maybe some of the more professional morning newscasts doesn't offer. A lot of social media stories as well as weird news and positive news are featured on "morning dose."

As with any usual morning news show, you get your usual check of weather conditions and traffic conditions. You also get your basic look at the latest news insight. Just that "morning dose." is all a good bit casual and not as serious.

(Some Of) morning dose.'s Segments.

Outside of many of the different news notes on the day, there are a few features that make "morning dose." stand out. Here is a description of some of them:

• With some topics, the Deep Dish segments have NOTHING to do with pizza. Instead, these are stories which warrant social media involvement and discussion. A question is presented as the morning dose. crew debates on certain issues.

The Art Spot is devoted to artwork from local artists here in the Houston/Galveston area. This is artwork done mostly by students and are shared each week on "morning dose."

• For FOX 26 news here in Houston, there used to be a meteorologist named Lindsey Day. When she went elsewhere, Lindsey started to adopt a fitness regimen. That segment is part of "morning dose." as Fitness Friday. Lindsey Day offers exercises to everyone in this segment.

• Getting hungry? Why not check out a food truck? Food Truck Friday features food trucks around the Houston area offering great food.

Where's Maggie? And who is this Maggie, anyway? Well... remember Maggie Flecknoe (who I blogged about a long time ago)? Well, the "Where's Maggie" segments feature Maggie at certain happenings and locations in around the Houston/Galveston area. These segments can range from going to fun restaurants to some more serious matters, such as the different ceremonies when George H.W. Bush died. Maggie was once the morning news anchor for "morning dose." before "morning dose." went local in Houston. Usually when it was Friday in the older days of "morning dose.", Maggie's position would be filled in by a lady named Meera Nandlal.

• Oprah has her Favorite Things. Well, Maggie Flecknoe has her Maggie Must-Haves. These "Maggie Must-Haves" feature a number of different items and goods that she adores and wants to share with you.

There is never a dull moment with what is covered and shown on "morning dose."

morning dose. - Final Thoughts

Even as "morning dose." went from replacing "Eye Opener" to even becoming all local (Houston), "morning dose." is actually a great morning news show. For me personally, having "morning dose." on between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM means I am better able to catch at least some of the show. It used to be on between 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM or so. I usually try to wake up each weekday morning before 9:00 AM.

Even as Maggie Flecknoe said once, "I can't make you a morning person, but I can make your mornings better." If you want a different kind of morning news show that still offers all the morning news you can handle along with something different, "morning dose." is about as essential to your mornings as your favorite breakfast.

For More Information...

To learn more about "morning dose.", please visit morning dose. on

Thank you so much for visiting "John's Blog Space!" I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did with my many others. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019


John B. Marine | 3/06/2019 09:12:00 AM | | | | Be the first to comment!
For weeks recently, I have used the Maxthon browser. It was developed by a Chinese group and is meant to be fairly quick. It is also a cloud browser, meaning files from the cloud can be accessed on many devices. I tried Maxthon out to try to compile a review of it. This even includes two versions of Maxthon other than Maxthon 5 (the current version). So this is my comprehensive review of Maxthon.


This post concerns the Maxthon browser.

Maxthon Browser
^ from: (Microsoft Store) - Find out what I think about the Maxthon browser in this blog post.

As of March 6, 2019; Maxthon is in its 5th version from its Chinese developers. It is a unique browser in that it is a cloud browser. So storage is stored in the cloud for the cache. The browser offers a fast experience for no matter what kind of browsing you do. Of its many features, Maxthon offers things such as a Resource Sniffer and certain video features that allow you to view videos in pop-up windows or even download video. So this browser can be effective in getting certain resources you like. You can get Maxthon for computers and mobile devices.

My Experience With Maxthon.

I downloaded Maxthon 5 to start things off. What you are able to accomplish and do with this browser is pretty incredible. Some of the features can be pretty useful in getting certain material or even trying to set up certain blog posts. The Resource Sniffer can be incredible at this. When I want to search for one topic across a number of sources, the Multi Search can be quite powerful. You can use the Multi Search to search one term across many different sources. For example, you can do a Multi Search on Converse and look up search engine results for Converse including shopping links for Converses that you can buy. You can even set up what resources you want to use in your Multi Search results. This offers extra customization. You can download extra extensions to enhance the Maxthon experience to your liking. It is also possible to download videos online with Maxthon from different sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.

The Maxthon browser is a fabulous browser... when fully loaded. Often times, Maxthon can be dreadfully slow and sometimes unresponsive. Maxthon will load quickly on the screen. However, for it to load everything properly and be ready to go, it can be slower than a number of other browsers. Sometimes when you request it to stop, it refuses to stop no matter how many times you try. In those times, you basically will have to close that tab to ensure stopping loading of a certain link. As I operate on Windows 10, I even tried to use Windows 8 compatibility settings. One plus to this is that Maxthon doesn't overlap my taskbar when Maxthon doesn't respond. My frustration in using Maxthon often times makes me not like Maxthon as much as I want to.

To counteract this, I tried out the Maxthon 5 Portable browser. I noticed a little better performance, but not too much. I found a bit more performance and control using Maxthon 4. However, since MX4 is outdated, you almost feel like you have to use MX5 to be current. One site I usually visit led to me being unable to stop a series of spam tabs. I had to eventually End Process Maxthon 4 at that point.

I recently have started using Opera more as my main browser. So among my browser retation, this is my current rotation of browsers: Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Maxthon, Waterfox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

You now know about Maxthon as well as some of my experiences in using it. Final Thoughts to come...

Maxthon: Final Thoughts

When Maxthon is fully loaded, it is a solid and fast browser. Note- WHEN FULLY LOADED. Maxthon can be quite slow to load everything. Features such as its multi-search tool and the Resource Sniffer are interesting features for various sites. However, being so inefficient and slow makes this Maxthon less than ideal. You know when you want to fully love something but can't for whatever reason(s)? Well, that's how I feel about Maxthon. I mean... I want to love Maxthon and make it my premier browser over Vivaldi. I just can't, though. I mostly will reserve Maxthon mostly for some sneaky browsing.

I do recommend Maxthon, but you need to be extremely patient with it to enjoy it if you want to try Maxthon yourself. Speaking of which...

For More Informaiton on Maxthon...

Want to learn more about Maxthon? Want to download Maxthon for computer or mobile? Please visit!

I hope this will give you all some insight on Maxthon. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Texas- South or Southwest?

John B. Marine | 3/05/2019 09:11:00 PM | | Be the first to comment!
Texas- a South or Southwest state? Geographically, Texas is considered a southwestern state. However, it is very much dead center south if you find Texas on a map. We have a popular event here in Texas called SXSW (South by Southwest). This is sort of a "just for fun" blog post I want to share with you all. So do you see Texas as a Southern state, or a Southwestern state?

Texas: South or Southwest?

Let's talk about my wonderful home/native state! :) Just wanted to find some semi-random picture of my home state:

Texas map
^ from: - Texas. The Lone Star State. The 28th State added to the Union. Used to be its own country once. Not to mention... my home/native state.

Allow me to share some thoughts on this topic.

South and Southwest Defined.

Any long-time visitor of my blog may remember I did a blog post about beauties from different regions of the United States. One of those regions involved the South and Southeast. South and Southeast related to the likes of Texas and Oklahoma along with the general southeastern United States. When most people think of the South, it's usually Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and places like that.

Usually, the Southwestern United States are Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. The only link I could see Texas with the other "Southwestern" states would probably be the dusty and arid landscapes, especially in western portions of Texas. These would be places like Midland or El Paso.

My Thoughts on Texas Being South or Southwest.

As a native of Houston, Texas; I tend to identify myself as a Southerner. I also tend to consider Texas a Southern state. In fact, for my region of Texas, I tend to think of the Mid-South as Texas and Oklahoma. I see my part of Texas to be more along the lines of the American South or Southeast more than I do as a Southwestern part of the United States.

So to say Texas is more Southwestern than South is to say we have the same sort of arid landscape as the other Southwestern states. To say Texas is more South than southwest is to suggest Texas is more along the lines of the American Southeast.

So I want to ask you all... do you think Texas is a Southern state, a Southwestern state, or maybe both at the same time?

Since I am from Houston, which is Southeastern Texas, I tend to think of myself as a Southerner. Because Texas is dead center South along with Oklahoma, I usually see Texas and Oklahoma as the Mid-South.

So is Texas South or Southwest?

I think Texas is a Southern state or a Southwestern state depending on what part of Texas you are from. Different parts of Texas are suggestive of different characteristics of some of the different states surrounding Texas. I think of Texas geographically as a Southern state, since it is in the dead south of the United States.

Then again... maybe Texas is unique in that it really is BOTH a Southern state AND a Southwestern state. So it's more a "best of both worlds" and why this is such a fine state Texas is. No matter what you think about the state of Texas, people worldwide call this state home of many different ethnicities and nationalities. Surely Houston is a diverse city with all sorts of cultures. I honestly have NEVER been to Austin, but I could say Austin personifies both Texas as a South and Southwestern state. After all, the SXSW (South by Southwest) show takes place in Austin. Maybe Texas is a Southern state. Maybe Texas is a Southwestern state. Or maybe... Texas is BOTH South and Southwestern. Regardless, and maybe I'm biased... but this is one of many reasons why the state of Texas is awesome! :)

In Case You're Interested...

Earlier, I mentioned a past blog post about American beauties in the South and Southeast. Take a look at my past post if you are interested:

"American Beauties: South and Southeast" (John's Blog Space)

And if you want to know more about the SXSW (South by Southwest) show, visit:

That's all for this post.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What do you think?

Do you consider Texas a Southern state, a Southwestern state, or perhaps both?

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Real World

John B. Marine | 2/27/2019 07:08:00 PM | | | | Be the first to comment!
Can you live with multiple strangers in one house? MTV was about music, but its best non-music series was The Real World. The Real World was one of the best reality TV series since its 1992 debut. While I never religiously followed The Real World, I will make an effort to introduce this immensely popular series to my audience here on "John's Blog Space."

The Real World

It is time for identifying this post and offering a first look at such a series. So let's go...

MTV The Real World
^ from: (Entertainment Weekly) - What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? Welcome to The Real World!

The Real World challenged multiple strangers to live in one house and interact with others. This show debuted in 1992. These strangers have personalities and thoughts different from each other. So you may not know who you will be encountering and who you will actually find yourself aligning yourself with. The Real World has happened in a number of cities around the United States as well as outside of the United States. Cities such as Los Angeles, New Orleans, Denver, and Sydney have played host to seasons of The Real World.

The idea of bringing together total strangers to live among themselves in one big house is a risky deal on first glance. Sure enough, things will not go very well. We all still have to come together as one and try to coexist. Doing so, however, is not easy; and no one ever said it was going to be easy to bring together different people to try to coexist with one another. What can it be like to come across someone you may not know too well? Situations vary. For example, you may be someone who believe in Christian values, but someone you know may be Jewish or Baptist. You may be heterosexual, but someone you come across may be openly gay or even bisexual. The goal on The Real World is not to agree with others' views, but it is more about trying to live with different people with different views.

It is not uncommon to see alliances as well as rivalries spur from people on The Real World. This is all a part of life and how all of us connect with each other.

Video Preview.

Here is a look at the very first Real World, as part of when The Real World celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2017. This video also gives you an idea of what this show was like:

^ First 10 Minutes of the First Ever 'Real World' Episode | MTV

As you can see, anything can happen as these individuals interact with each other when everyone is under one roof.

Final Thoughts.

While I have never followed The Real World in any capacity, I do think this is one of the originals and trail blazers in reality TV. Sure, there was lots of drama and stuff from certain individuals, but The Real World was (for lack of a better term) real. I don't know if I would survive being around people who may be incredibly different to me. I mean... could I be exposed? Could I possibly expose somebody else? What alliances could I set or destroy? It really is interesting what you can do putting together several strangers into one house in what is seemingly one of the ultimate social experiments.

For More Information...

Apparently when I was researching this topic, I learned The Real World still lives on- only now on Facebook Watch as opposed to MTV. So if you want to know more about today's "The Real World," visit this on Facebook: Real World on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Don't forget to Subscribe/Follow if you love my work and want to see more of it. I apologize for not keeping this blog updated with fresh new content. This post is the first in a long time for JBS. Anyhow...

What do you think about The Real World? Would you survive in such a setting?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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