Wednesday, July 18, 2018

John's Corner - Freelancing

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I grew interest in freelancing lately. In my "John's Life Space" blog, I posted two blog entries in partnership with BetterHelp. I haven't done sponsored blog posts much. When I did post, I would be paid for my posts. I have been blogging for a long while even before migrating to Blogger/Blogspot from Myspace. With no traditional 9-to-5 job, I have to do SOMETHING to financially profit. At least when I did certain paid posts, I got some money for my work. Recently, I was handsomely paid for my two blog posts on "John's Life Space" that I did in partnership with BetterHelp. If it was possible to gain such pay for posting quality posts, it means that I have discovered a different avenue of blogging which I never considered previously. I will explain much more about this topic as I welcome you to another installment of...

Johns Corner
John's Corner!

Freelancing Thoughts

When you are a freelancer or do freelance work, you don't exclusively work for someone. You basically take up offers or give offers towards things you want to be a part of. You usually work with a certain client and can still work with other clients rather than be totally tied to one entity. While I don't consider myself an "influencer," I do want to at least expose my material to the world.

Why I Did Not Consider Paid Posts Before?

The big reason why I didn't go with many paid posts or partner posts is because I am very selective with whatever money offers there are. I have always done blogging with the intent of providing content to the masses; NOT [necessarily] to make money for my posts. I always feel doing something for money means that you are posting for attention rather than providing something worthwhile to others.

A long time ago, I admitted that I wanted to blog for money and to make a living doing so. I didn't even see blogging as a "side hustle." I wanted to do this kind of stuff for real and financially profit from it. When you consider lucrative offers, you want to be careful. Some paid work and some paid offers can be very sketchy. This is also why I am cautious when people send me inquiries to post blog entries in my blogs for some money.

Some Past Offers.

There were posts I have done in which I was paid for posting. All I had to do was make a quality post including some of the individual guidelines suggested. I've done a few posts in my fashion blog (StyleSpace by JBM) and paid through PayPal for those posts. Of late, I did two posts for BetterHelp on "John's Life Space." I was even offered to have a blog banner run on my fashion/beauty blog. A number of my collaborative works have been with my fashion/beauty blog more than any of my other blogs.

Freelancing Considerations.

Since there are some sites that will pay you at least US$50 for posting quality material, I almost have been reluctant to find as many high-paying sites to post on. I was fortunate enough to take up on BetterHelp's offers. Even if it means I will be able to profit more than I ever did using Adsense and/or Amazon, so be it. I want to be able to make a living while even taking up on lucrative offers.

Getting these legitimate offers, however, is not easy. Someone has to care enough about my work to where they are willing to pay me to make quality posts about them and their work. I always make quality posts and feel it is paramount to establish my image and my purpose as a blogger. Even with some of the work out there and money left on the table, I don't consider myself an "influencer."

Since my blogging pace hasn't been as popular in recent years, I still keep going forward because I still love blogging and still feel I can contribute in a number of ways. I still want to take part in certain freelancing offers based on my interests and what I feel I can contribute to cyberspace. Blogging is not a traditional 9-to-5 job (unless doing so for any major companies). Even still, being able to make quality posts and get paid for doing so is what makes me feel happiest and feeling like I am contributing in a number of ways.

I am willing to take up certain interesting offers if introduced to me. So look at the "Media Kit" and all of the sponsorship material I have posted in all five of my blogs. Thank you for your interest in my work if indeed my work interests you. Thank you also for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Plush Time Wins

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@PlushTimeWins is about arcade fun. The main channel is all about hosts Angel and Crystal going to arcades worldwide and having fun all the while. There is never a dull moment with these two and the positive energy they exude. What you're about to see here is my own look at these two wonderful folks. If this is your first time on "John's Blog Space," welcome! Hopefully I can make this experience worth your while. And if not, well... you can always look elsewhere or look at someone else's blog. Can't please everybody...

So... let's begin!

Plush Time Wins

Plush Time Wins is about to be featured. Get to know the couple who provides their own brand of awesomeness:

Plush Time Wins Angel Crystal
^ from: (YouTube) - Meet the Plush Time Wins duo in their own custom T-shirts. That's Angel on the left, and Crystal (or "Cris") on the right.

Plush Time Wins features a fellow named Angel and a lady named Crystal (also known as "Cris"). Both of them publish videos showcasing their adventures at various arcades. The channel has garnered millions of fans (over 1.2M Subscribers on YouTube as of July 1, 2018) worldwide through their YouTube channel. They even interact with others through live streams with their YouNow channel. The two hail from the greater Orlando, FL, USA area.

Plush Time Wins at a Glance.

How about the two providing their brand of awesomeness? The fellow in these videos is Angel. He's the cool guy who normally lets everyone know what kind of action the two will get into. Crystal is the super-cute and super-adorable lady who is very fun. Their arcade adventures take them to a variety of arcades ranging from arcades at restaurants or even proper arcade rooms. Their adventures have taken them across the United States, in Mexico, in England, and even Japan among many locations.

This duo often plays arcades together. They may challenge to try to win prizes or challenge each other to win more tickets or the bigger prize. All of their work is done in fun ways. They bring levels of energy that are fun and very positive. You are not going to be met with an indulgence of Internet memes or casual, excessive swearing. What you will see is what happens when two individuals go out and have fun at the arcades. The coolest moment I can recall from PTW was when they devoted one video towards donating prizes they won at arcades to Toys for Tots.

Besides their arcade videos, Plush Time Wins also have channels where the two just share their lives and even some of their other material. Plush Time Vlogs is where Angel and Crystal simply showcase some of their real life adventures. Crystal even has her own YouTube channel called "Cute Cuddly Cris" with insight and adventures in her life. Angel and Crystal even have a channel dedicated to their YouNow streams also shown on YouTube. So there are a number of ways to enjoy PTW besides their usual arcade adventures.

How I Discovered Plush Time Wins.

I found out of Plush Time Wins as I was trying to find a video of a Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix. It was kind of part of me researching blog topics for my racing/driving game blog, "John's Race Space." I grew fond of their style of videos that I offered my subscription. After seeing several other videos, I grew fond of Angel and Crystal and enjoyed a lot of their other videos. While I haven't seen many of their videos from start to finish, what I did see has been very entertaining.

Thoughts About Plush Time Wins.

Angel and Crystal feature some very fun action. From claw games to ticket games and more, Plush Time Wins is a very fun channel to watch and follow. I think Crystal is very unique. She has a personality that is youthful and cheery. Maybe even a bit like a little kid with her childish (yet very cute) voice. Both Angel and Crystal are adorable and fun. These two could possibly make a bad day you are having better with their personality and charm. And it is quite fitting that these two from the Sunshine State offer sunshine of their own with such amazing content.

What I Would Tell Angel and Crystal.

What would I tell these two?

TO ANGEL: You're one cool dude! You got plenty good skills with a lot of the different games. You have great energy with all you do.

TO CRYSTAL: You are absolutely adorable! You look very cute and deliver great energy in your videos. I even think your voice is surely cute (screw the haters)!

TO ANGEL AND CRYSTAL: Keep up the great work with your amazing videos! I am surely fond of your work. In a realm of negative and sometimes annoying media online, you two provide a breath of fresh air. Not to mention a very fun breath of fresh air.

Would I Want to Meet Angel and Crystal?

It would be an honor to meet the Plush Time Wins duo.

Video Preview.

So what is Plush Time Wins all about? Here is a sample video I want to share. I chose this video not because it's one I remember, I just wanted to show you the two I've described all video long:

^ We won a Nintendo Switch at the arcade!

I guess now you may be sold on these two.

For More Information...

You can visit Plush Time Wins' official site at You can visit their YouTube channel at, and you can find them on YouNow at Their YouTube channel has even the alternate channels of their work. Find them on Facebook at their Facebook page and on Twitter at their Twitter feed.

This post is over. Of course, I will usually have some extra ideas for posts. Subscribe and Follow this blog and my others. I post when I can, rather than on some set schedule. Let me know if there are any topics you want to see in any of my blogs. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Storm Calysta

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It's raining awesome with @StormCalysta ! When the forecast calls for Storm Calysta, it rains with a vintage diva in a modern world does not disappoint with her charming vintage style and her music. This blog post is a look at someone whom I have been fond of the past few years since first following her work.

Storm Calysta

Storm Calysta
^ from: (Pinterest) - There is a 100% chance of awesome when Storm Calysta is in the forecast! :)

(Born: February 23, 1993)-year old Storm Calysta hails from Chicago, Illinois, USA; by way of Austin, Texas, USA. Yeah- a Texas girl born in Chi-Town. This major section generally features Storm Calysta at a glance.

Storm Calysta: Fashionista.

I think I first came across Storm Calysta on LOOKBOOK. So I obviously became drawn to a hot looking '70s style girl and decide to enjoy her fashion outfits. After all, bells and ruffles never go out of style. She has modeled for a number of different vintage-type and non-vintage designers including the likes of Rachel Zoe, Free People, and even American Apparel.

Storm Calysta: Music

Storm Calysta, however, is not only a pretty face- she also can strum a mean guitar and drop some vocals. She is an independent (or "indie") pop artist outside of her fashion modeling.

Here are samples of her music work. This first one is a cover of "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac:

^ Dreams - Fleetwood Mac | Storm Calysta

I like this video a bit more because of her outfit. It's the same song from the video above, but this is a more recent video:

^ Storm Calysta - Dazer Lady Feature

By the way, how awesome does Storm Calysta look with this outfit? :) If you like her outfit in the video above, you should see these other fine pictures and outfits on Dazey LA's website: Dazey Lady Feature: Storm Calysta Talks Music - Dazey LA.

Here is one more video to share:

^ Storm Calysta - Brand New Key (live)

This is essentially a look at Storm Calysta.

Storm Calysta: Final Thoughts

I think Storm Calysta is very cool. Often times, I like her bell bottom outfits and a lot of other '70s style outfits. She has a very cool singing voice. Storm Calysta excels at style and music. She may be from the '90s, but she is very much a '70s girl. This alone adds to her coolness and awesomeness. The combination of her fashion style and her music style makes for the perfect storm of awesomeness. The perfect Storm Calysta, of course! :)

What I Would Tell Storm Calysta?

If she reads this post, just know I appreciate your work and your amazing sense of vintage fashion style. If your star isn't already shining, you are surely a superstar.

Would I Want to Meet Storm Calysta?

Oh, sure. Why not?

For More Information...

Learn more about Storm Calysta by visiting her website at You can also connect to her other social media from her site, such as Storm Calysta's Facebook fan page.

I hope you all enjoy my work here in this blog and in my other online content. Subscribe and Follow this blog and my others if you like my work and want to be in the know for the Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

FIJI Water

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Water is water. However, @FIJIWater is something quite different. FIJI Water is artisan water from beautiful Fiji that claims to be untapped from humans and factories until you unscrew the cap. Over time, I admit I have had FIJI Water many times in the past. I figured I would blog my thoughts on FIJI Water. So welcome to "John's Blog Space!"

FIJI Water

Here is a look at FIJI Water:

Fiji Water
^ from: - Fuji Water - "Earth's Finest Water."

FIJI Water is still just drinking water. However, Fuji Water is different in it having such a fine taste to it. Each bottle of FIJI Water comes in a clear bottle along with a dark pink hibiscus flower on it and a blue panel discussing what makes FIJI Water special. You can buy them in single bottles or even in a pack of six. REALLY love FIJI Water? Try packs of 12, 24, and even 36 bottles of FIJI Water!

FIJI Water is smooth and has a refreshing taste to it. There were times my family used to drink tap water. I usually liked tap water since it tasted better than any spring water. FIJI Water reminds me of tap water, only much more nutritious. Once researching this topic, I came across something specifying what was processed and what is natural. Fiji Water was on the "natural" side of food and drink from an article I read online. All I know is that the water is refreshing and natural. I don't know about health benefits or anything regarding FIJI Water.

While I do enjoy drinking FIJI Water, there is one downside- price. A bottle of FIJI Water can be more expensive than several other bottled waters. So FIJI Water can be seen more as "luxury" or "gourmet" water. A single bottle of FIJI water can cost at least $0.50 USD to $1.00 USD more than a lot of other average bottled waters. You could even order a bottle or a pack of FIJI Water online.

Final Thoughts.

If you never tried FIJI Water before, you should try some. The water has a great taste and flows nicely. It is water that is as beautiful as Fiji itself. Almost any kind of water is helpful considering it is the warm weather seasons as of the time of this blog post. You can always have certain processed waters, but FIJI Water is an excellent taste experience while also making sure to keep you hydrated.

For More Information...

To learn more about FIJI Water, please visit, or go to its online store at

FIJI Water: Online and Bonus!

Maybe you liked my review and thoughts on FIJI Water that you want to support me. Well, I came up with these items below. Have a look around and show your continued support if you are inclined. Buy some for yourself or for some other people. NOTE: Availability of these items may vary:

- FIJI Water: single bottle

- FIJI Water: 6-pack

- FIJI Water: 12-pack

- FIJI Water: 24-pack

- FIJI Water: 36-pack

Bonus Material!

Once for my creative works material, I designed a FIJI Water car. Take a look at this skin I designed for a car in a game:

FIJI Water Super V8 SuperV8
^ from: (JohnMarineDesigns - Automobilista Game Mods) - This Super V8 car in Automobilista was designed with my livery from FIJI Water.

Yes- the turquoise on this livery was meant to be sort of the same blue color of Fiji's flag. I even tried to incorporate some pink as part of the look of FIJI water bottles, especially the pink flower on the bottles.

This concludes another blog post to "John's Blog Space." I hope you enjoyed my work. Subscribe and Follow my work if they interest you. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Box Thoughts

John Marine | 5/15/2018 11:09:00 AM | | | Be the first to comment!
The Google Nexus Player was my first Android TV device. It served me well for the most part in trying to play Android TV material. I once encountered the Xiaomi Mi Box. One advantage of this Chinese media device was better external memory. With the Nexus Player basically being obsolete, I was thinking of getting a new Android TV device to replace my Nexus Player. That device may just be the Xiaomi Mi Box. This blog post mostly shares my thoughts in regards to the Mi Box before I attempt to really try to get this device.

In case you don't know what the Mi Box looks like, here is a picture I found. Get to know the Xiaomi Mi Box:

Xiaomi Mi Box
^ from: - This is the Mi Box from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

One of the biggest flaws of the Nexus Player was how tough it was to get external memory to help with the only eight gigabytes of onboard memory (five gigabytes available). Unlike the Nexus Player, the Mi Box has a USB port to it. You had to have a certain cable with the Nexus Player to be able to use USB devices. That is one reason why I am considering the Mi Box. Another reason is just because I want a better-performing Android TV device. I think I can have a better chance to test an Android game freely and easily with the Mi Box than with the older Nexus Player. While I am not in the 4K era, the Mi Box is known for providing a solid 4K viewing experience for sharp visuals and impressive color quality. What could be a problem is that the Mi Box operates on Android 6.0 and not 7.0, so I may not be able to have the latest Android OS to work with should I get a Mi Box.

Whereas the Nexus Player looks like a huge hockey puck, the Xiaomi Mi Box has a more elegant appearance. It has even won awards for its design. The Nexus Player did allow for external memory, but you had to have a specific OTG cable to connect it to certain USB devices. The Xiaomi Mi Box has only USB 2.0 functionality. It is possible to get a USB hub to connect to the Mi Box for added USB functionality. I know I have some options and some leverage should I ultimately get a Xiaomi Mi Box.

If I do get a Mi Box, I will certainly look into getting external memory to expand its memory. I would probably prefer a 16GB external memory device. Having a 32GB Flash drive would be great, though I probably would not need that much space. I may even consider going back to playing "Real Racing 3" and build up my status all over again in that game by having more hard disk space. On the other hand, some people do suggest you get some kind of USB external memory 32GB or higher to use with the Mi Box. Most of the USB flash drives I've seen on Wal-Mart (or Walmart these days) cost no more than $10 USD. So I may not have to spend too much more money should I get myself a Mi Box.

The Xiaomi Mi Box is essentially a better-engineered Nexus Player. While you may not get as direct of material for it like you do with the Nexus Player, the Mi Box is just overall better to me in the long run. A lot of reviews for the Mi Box among owners have been fairly positive. So I am sure if I had the money to get one of these, it would be a fine investment. I will surely offer my thoughts in this blog concerning my thoughts and review on the Xiaomi Mi Box. So please stay tuned to this blog for more updates!

Blog posts have not been as frequent of late, but I'm still here. I am not giving up unless I fully believe I have done enough and said enough about a variety of topics. Maybe you own a Xiaomi Mi Box or tried one out. If so, I'd like to get your thoughts on the device. Regardless, make sure to stay with my blog(s) to gain my latest insights and more. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

John's Corner - Other Avenues

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Times have been slow, but I keep on blogging and making loads of content. I still keep my blogging and such open because I still feel I have content to please everyone. My creative concentration shifts a lot as a solo entity. Yet still by trade, I am a blogger. This has been basically my online home for a number of years. When one trade is going slow, you try to find other things to do to stay busy or maybe find something that will serve you well now and into the future. That is basically where I stand. So what I am trying to get at is that I am simply looking for more avenues to enhance my appeal online.

It will take a whole lot for me to give up blogging and fully commit to things other than blogging. So while none of my blogs have been buzzing of late, I still keep them open because I still enjoy blogging and still enjoy posting. Even the best of us have to endure some slow or rough times to hopefully return to some level of happiness and success. I apologize if I am supposed to keep this blog (or any of my others) updated constantly. I do live my own life and have things outside of blogging to focus on. I still appreciate the support everyone has given me for my work.

What are these "other avenues" of work? For one, I am trying to get something going in providing computer game content. I have been designing liveries for cars in the PC game "Assetto Corsa" lately. My hope is to provide my material for download. Nothing has been released from me as of the time of this post. However, that will all change once I get some footing down on building my content. You can view some of my work on my JohnMarineDesigns page. Look for the Assetto Corsa page in my portfolio. Or, you can view some of my blog posts on John's Creative Space to see my work also with Assetto Corsa.

That has basically been an update from me. I hope you're doing well, and I thank you for being here. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Minecraft (PC Version)

John Marine | 1/05/2018 10:23:00 PM | | | | | Be the first to comment!
Minecraft is popular for a reason. Those bestowed with a PC that can run Java can play this highly-successful independent ("indie") game. I previously reviewed console Minecraft. Here, PC Minecraft gets the spotlight. A certain individual who contacted me reminded me of my old post on console Minecraft. This is my chance to review PC Minecraft after previously discussing console Minecraft. So welcome to a new post on "John's Blog Space!"

Minecraft (PC Version)

^ from: - What adventures await you in the wild world of Minecraft?

Minecraft was born on May 6, 2009 by Team Mojang. Through its history, Minecraft has grown to be more than just a game. It has become a cultural phenomenon. There are Minecraft merchandise ranging from clothing to toys. There is even an entire channel on Pluto TV dedicated to Minecraft. Minecraft found its way onto more platforms ranging from mobile devices to console. Even if you have a Raspberry Pi, you can play Minecraft.

Minecraft was that little indie game that challenged the likes of AAA-type developers. While most gamers were into gritty first-person shooters and some various RPGs, Minecraft was a colorful game offering unique experiences. Because this game is considered a great game even for children to learn programming, Minecraft is one of few major games that can appeal to just about everyone. That is something you can not say about too many major games. Most major games loved by many are usually games rated at least (from the ESRB here in America) Teen.

Minecraft allows you to build your own worlds or try to survive in a world. The block-by-block approach made building worlds easily. Creative minds can create amazing structures and natural settings with a strong imagination. Many different people even developed their own Minecraft-inspired games in the future, including Survivalcraft, which I reviewed previously on "John's Blog Space."

Let's look at "Minecraft" as a concept. You can collect various resources through mining. Rather than collecting items and weapons, you can use those resources of yours to craft items rather than go to a store or something to get tools. These are game changers in trying to exist in a massive world. This is what gives Minecraft its appeal. It is the formula a lot of independent developers tried to match or better. The mod community has made many different mods to help expand Minecraft all the further. You can even gain many more resources to craft many more items.

To a lot of people, Minecraft "cheated" or "sold out" as an indie game when Minecraft was sold to Microsoft. Even still, Minecraft hasn't really lost its indie style and appeal. If anything, Minecraft probably lost its title as an indie game while not being spammed with advertisements or anything.

My Minecraft [PC] Story

On June 13, 2013, I bought a gift card good to play Minecraft on my PC. It never worked on my former PC. My former PC somehow just couldn't get Java to work. So when you can't get Java working, you can't play Minecraft. Since getting my current computer, I've played Minecraft quite a lot. I got a chance to try out a lot of features that makes the PC versions of Minecraft great. I even got to enjoy the music composed by C418 ("Sweden" is my favorite song). Minecraft is a constantly-evolving product. The game has seemed to adopt a lot of fantasy RPG elements over its time. No matter what, Minecraft captures the imagination like no other game.


If you prefer creating a world and populating it with cities and other structures, then Creative is for you. I spend a lot of time in Creative Mode honestly. Many things can easily be created and destroyed easily through Creative Mode. And unless you build something that ultimately has you dropping out of the world you created, you can't die in Creative. Trust me- I once dug a hole too deep and fell out of the world I created. Some people have created all sorts of structures and cities. It really depends on your talent level. You can also populate Creative worlds with various entities. Everything from NPC Villagers to sheep to Creepers can populate various worlds. Something to keep in mind is that there are several biomes sort of hard-coded so that you can't make certain natural features in some realms. For example, an area designed to be desert land would still behave like desert land if you were to convert that desert into an icy biome. Imagine dust storms in an icy biome!


Survival is exactly what it says. Instead of having infinite resources to build what you want and where you want, you are instead gathering loads of resources to try to survive as long as you can. The two most important tools in your Minecraft adventures are your Workbench and Furnace. The Workbench allows you to create more advanced items than what you can craft without a Workbench. The Furnace can be used to create certain useful items ranging from tools to cooking food. Decorative items can also be crafted using any combination of the Workbench or the Furnace. So be sure to have either or both items on hand through your Minecraft adventures.

You are not going to have access to your own house if you're starting out in real life. With Minecraft, you are not starting out with a lavish house. Your first home may simply be a little cave cave you made through the ground. Regardless, you need some place to dwell in before darkness settles. Dark areas and darkness are breeding grounds for monsters. If caught out in darkness, you will have to learn to fight against monsters. So make sure to craft a sword to battle monsters. You can make other weapons as well as armor to protect you. In later versions of Minecraft, you can craft potions to provide extra protection. You also need to stay fed. Eating certain foods will keep you fed and prevent your Hunger Points from going down.

Some people want a great challenge, so some Survival players go into Hardcore mode. So if you die in a Hardcore difficulty, you can't respawn, and the world you created will be of no further use. Hardcore is pretty much real life.

Atmosphere and Entities.

Minecraft was meant to be an endless, unlimited world. However, most games usually are defined by having a certain plot or mission. Those who felt Minecraft needed a storyline or some reason to continually play the game were met with two things- The End and the Ender Dragon. If you can defeat the Ender Dragon, you've accomplished something for sure. Later versions of Minecraft would give you the ability to craft a boss- the Wither.

You can not talk about Minecraft without talking about its most iconic entity- the Creeper. Creepers are slimy-looking green quadrupeds that are known for (lack of a better term) creeping up on you when you least expect them. The only notice you get of them is a hissing sound as they get close to you. Then when they get close enough to you, they explode at you. This can be annoying especially if you are trying to survive in areas where you can't immediately find your way out, such as deep in a cave. Rumor has it that the Creeper was developed by accident through coding. Still- fear the Creeper.

Neutrality and Gender.

Some aspects of Minecraft may be a bit questionable to people. There is a lot of neutrality that defines certain features of Minecraft.

For one, you may have been to or seen The Nether. What most people would consider The Nether is what we would call Hell. The neutrality even goes as far as gender neutrality. A lot of the material regarding entities was mostly meant to be genderless. There were people who wanted to see a female protagonist other than the male protagonist Steve. There was a character named Alex who was supposed to be that female character. There was even an attempt to make sound effects for the main character that was supposed to be a cross of a masculine voice and a feminine voice. It didn't pan out well. The NPC Villagers are not supposed to be either male or female. Yet still, NPC Villagers mate with each other and give birth to other NPC Villagers. Most people know of witches as females. Well, the Witches aren't really regarded as female either.

Modding Community.

I run bone stock (or "vanilla") Minecraft. So my Minecraft isn't weighed down with a bunch of mods. Skilled individuals can model and code items into Minecraft. In fact, a book I have on coding in Java has an entire chapter devoted to coding in Minecraft. I haven't yet attempted to code or model for Minecraft.

IN CASE YOU ARE INTERESTED: You can look up a number of websites featuring mods for Minecraft. One such site, however, was the one that brought me to blog about PC Minecraft after having liked my post on console Minecraft. This link will point you in the direction of some of the best mods to try out for PC Minecraft: Top 15+ Best Minecraft Mods 2018. I want to thank this individual for bringing this post to my attention.

With all of this said, you will be facing a lot of opposition while exploring a vast world in front of you. Explore like a boss!

Minecraft (PC Version): Final Thoughts

Anyone who wants to know what has made Minecraft a success need only play PC Minecraft. The limitless amount of enjoyment building content and trying to live have made Minecraft the highly successful game that it is today. It is still an indie title through and through even though it is now owned by Microsoft. Also, this game is very kid-friendly as there isn't much that is extremely violent or sensitive. The game has been criticized by some by being too colorful or too ugly. If you ask me, Minecraft is actually quite beautiful. It is beautiful in its own way. At least its blocky aesthetic and colorful nature is something different from all the gritty dystopia games most other people are in love with. It doesn't need to be some overrated first-person shooter or RPG just to win your respect. Even if you are trying to learn how to program, Minecraft is also good for that as well as modding it to your liking. All I have discussed is only a small sample size of what all you can do in Minecraft and with Minecraft. So what adventures will you take part in Minecraft?

Video Preview.

Even though Minecraft is MUCH more advanced today, here is a very old trailer showing you what is possible with Minecraft:

^ Official Minecraft Trailer

For More Information...

Begin your Minecraft adventures or learn more about Minecraft by going to Visit the very helpful Minecraft Wikia for resources and help with Minecraft. Finally, I want to thank the individual who got me to blog about PC Minecraft to offer a special resource. You saw the link earlier, and here it is again: The 15+ Best Minecraft Mods 2018 - LyncConf.

These are only a few resources to get you started.

You may have read my post on console Minecraft. Now you know my thoughts on PC Minecraft. I'm sorry it took so long for me to try to focus on PC Minecraft. Anyhow... thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

My First Hospital Procedure

John Marine | 1/01/2018 09:21:00 PM | | | Be the first to comment!
November 2017 was not an easy month for me. The passing of my grandmother followed by going to the hospital for surgery to remove an abscess and its infection has thrown me for a loop. Missing home and friends was an experience that really tested my patience. I do apologize for not being able to produce much content between these times. So now, I decided to chronicle my time in the hospital and the various thoughts I have to share. This is a rather special post for "John's Blog Space." Thank you for visiting my blog and this blog post. Let's get started!

NOTE 1: This entire blog post chronicles certain moments between November 12, 2017 and about November 24, 2017.

NOTE 2: Some of the material featured in this blog post may not be pleasant to my audience. You are reading at your own risk.

My First Hospital Procedure

This sets up the story. It began at a time when my grandmother passed away on November 4, 2017. In preparing for funeral services, I had to do some clothes shopping. I began feeling funny the Thursday I went clothes shopping. The day after was my grandmother's funeral. I began to feel a bit more uncomfortable. I began to note my scrotum enlarged and felt some kind of funny feeling in my groin. It almost felt like I had a baseball dangling. Some guys have an enlarged scrotum in much worse ways. There was even a show by a guy whose enlarged scrotum was large and weighed about 130 lbs.! I went to get some examination from an emergency care clinic, and I was told to get an ultrasound. So we went to another emergency care clinic to where I got my ultrasound done. Turns out, I had a condition that required me to go to a hospital. I then was loaded up into the back of an ambulance to a hospital.

What happened next almost seemed like a comedy of errors. The ambulance people were unable to get some advice from some of the doctors and nurses about what room I am supposed to be in or how to get there. Once I finally did arrive into my hospital room, I ended up arriving in my hospital room at about 4:40 PM Central Time as I saw the second half of the Houston Texans play at the Los Angeles Rams on the TV. As I was feeling horrible that I needed hospital support, I began to feel depressed and worried this condition was this bad. However, this medical condition wasn't as bad as my Texans getting destroyed in the 2nd half by the Rams after trailing 9-7 at Halftime. As if a single emergency care clinic could only do so much to treat whatever condition I had. To be reminded that I am loved and that there was loving concern, my mother [finally] found the hospital I was in. Since I was basically going to be in the hospital for some time, I basically needed to get adjusted to time in the hospital- including being fed. Initially, it took some time before I eventually got to be part of some meal plan. I was put on a regular diet, so it was okay for me to have almost any food I wanted offered by the hospital. Most of the diet plans instituted are for people who can't eat solid foods, have diabetes, etc. It was going to be some long time to be away from home, so I had to get adjusted to being in a hospital room while also learning the channel lineup on the TV.

Then came Monday, November 13, 2017. For the first time I can remember in my life, I was away from home by being in a hospital room. This was a time when I would be examined to find out just what is going on with me. Most of the real action took place that Monday night. Even before then, my mother came up to the hospital to check on me. She was off due to bereavement in my grandmother's passing. She even got to watch some TV. I had to be mindful that I don't want my mother to miss one of her favorite shows- "Judge Judy." So I made sure I had it on FOX 26 here in Houston so she can see "Judge Judy." Usually 7:00 PM Central Time on Monday night usually means I'm watching pro wrestling. But on this Monday, I had to go get another ultrasound and some extra diagnostic work. After having my diagnostic work done, I was carted back into my hospital room. My brother would arrive at the hospital a bit later to see me and see how I was doing. I was later told that I had some kind of abscess in my groin that required surgery to remove. Not sure if it was some ingrown hair or something. Around 11:30 PM that Monday night, surgeons arrived to take me to the surgery section of the hospital to operate on my groin area. I was given the stuff to where I would be put to sleep and not feel as much pain during the surgery process. I was returned to my hospital room still in my hospital bed. The good thing was that the abscess was removed.

Now the process of post-surgery work was to begin along with all of the recovery work.

My First Hospital Procedure: Post-Operation

After experiencing surgery, I was basically drowning in antibiotics just to treat the infection this abscess produced after my surgery. I was still ordering meals just to say nourished, but I was really beginning to miss home. However, I couldn't be too depressed or homesick because I was in a place of healing. I was still mostly a mess regardless. This abscess triggered some kind of infection that led to me feeling so bad in my groin area and my scrotum enlarged. So this began a process of being strapped to an IV Unit and having to have antibiotics streamed into my body. I also had to have my other daily medicines to be taken care of in addition to my antibiotics. I have had high blood pressure, and I was even prescribed Pepcid AC to help in the healing process. This meant seeing the nurses poking needles into me just to get strapped in. If I wasn't getting accustomed to the different nurses already, I would be. Some of the different nurses and personnel mostly ranged from nurses and physicians to those who simply checked in to do inventory. That even included some housekeepers and those who wanted to do quick surveys.

The Healing Process.

At times after the surgery, I had to have dressing in my wound to try to recover. This usually meant having gauze with some kind of solution get stuffed into my wound to help aid in limiting the blood and to try to naturally recover. The nurses would come in to change my dressing and even change up the linens on my hospital bed. I even felt the pain as the dressing was changed. One point, changing the dressing felt like ripping up jeans by the seams. It hurt like crazy! It also doesn't help having so many hairs down there that just makes the pain feel worse.

I had to make sure that I had the IV Unit was disconnected if I had to use the bathroom or take a shower. At this point, it was all about trying to get this infection treated. My mother still would come to the hospital if she was able to each day. She even called the hospital room each morning and each evening. Anything to not feel like crap or feel alone helped me to feel better each day while I was in the hospital. My mother would even would console me and kiss me before she left my hospital room as I was trying to recover. All the while, I did get to enjoy a lot of shows I didn't usually get since my parents dropped Dish Network and went to Sling. Mostly, stuff like ESPN. There were moments where I was feeling awkward trying to get up. I had to be careful getting up and walking around. In addition to walking around, I had to wear these yellow socks that were good so that I didn't slip and slide trying to walk around. I was able to use the bathroom and sit on the toilet. I felt to bad trying to use the toilet at times. The nurses even warned me to be careful and take my time getting up out of my bed. At times, I even used a urinal for when I have to urinate just to be safe and not have to use the bathroom in my hospital room. I feared often times the dressing would come out or get wet as I was trying to use the toilet or the shower. Speaking of showering, I had some kind of plastic wrap around the IV unit needle to make sure that it doesn't get wet as I showered. I had to also be careful not to wash the groin area too much to where I could possibly spread the infection. Everything went pretty okay.

Missing Home and Its Comforts.

One other way I was missing home was because I was unable to sleep on my own comfortably without having being checked on my nurses. It would probably be about 11:00 PM trying to sleep, until having to be checked on at about 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM. At times, nurses would come in to check my vitals. So I would have some nurses draw blood from me at times. I even had my blood pressure checked at these vital times. A bit later in my hospitalization, I sometimes used a respirator to make sure my lungs were still functional and that I could breathe properly.

I waited until about 7:00 AM usually to order breakfast and even brush my teeth. Brushing my teeth meant using supplied toothpaste and brush, and I also used mouthwash. I usually would just watch the morning news and maybe some SportsCenter. The food I ordered for breakfast arrived mostly in at least 45 minutes. Unlike a lot of my days at home, I welcomed the sunlight into my hospital room. I also just got to see cars drive by looking out the window. The room service people were very kind to call me if I wanted to request meals now or for later. I mostly follow the recommended times of day to schedule my meal plan for each day. Usually, these were my times of requesting meals:

• BREAKFAST: around 7:00 AM
• LUNCH: around 11:30 AM or 12:30 PM
• DINNER: around 5:00 or thereafter

I was missing home while also wondering when this infection would finally die down. Instead, I was watching a lot of shows like Dish Nation, The Chew, Harry, and (I'm afraid to admit) Judge Judy. My mother still would come to the hospital if she could just to see me in the afternoons. Since I was in the hospital, it also meant I got to enjoy watching college football- which I am a big fan of. I almost felt a bit spoiled with all of this trying to make sure I remained entertained and not think so much about when I'm going to eventually be discharged. I sometimes had to have some kind of snack when the room service dining was done for the day. So it meant I had to have something to keep me fed to avoid being hungry. That something? Snickers bars. The moment I felt hungry at night, I would eat a Snickers bar to stay fed. Since Snickers talks about "you not being you when you're hungry," I began to admit Snickers really does fill you up just enough to justify this slogan.


Speaking of being discharged, I just wanted the moment to tell my mother that I'll be finally discharged. Just when I get my hopes up that I can return home, I get held up some extra time. There was one point where I was starting to feel depressed that I am being held up for longer rather than return home and get back to things like blogging and making content online. I even felt like I needed to tell my social media profiles that I have been in the hospital for at least a week.

One of the worst feelings was missing out on being at home with my family on Thanksgiving. So that meant I had to make my own Thanksgiving dinner. I went ahead and ordered as lunch: a roast turkey breast, cornbread stuffing, and a Sprite. I don't have cranberry sauce or anything. It was basically my Thanksgiving. Good news around Thanksgiving was that I was beginning to feel much better and didn't have to have antibiotics streamed into me so often. I went from injected antibiotics to oral antibiotics in my recovery. All the while I was still held up as it was mostly because of a high white blood cell count. That really was part of the reason why I stayed in the hospital for a number of days. I wouldn't get discharged until it went down.

Then on about November 24, 2017 (Black Friday of 2017); I got the word from physicians that I would be discharged on Black Friday. I immediately told my mother that I was ready to be discharged. I wouldn't leave the hospital until I got some extra medical supplies to help treat the wound in my right groin area where the surgery to my abscess took place. After being in a hospital bed for so long, I was finally taken into a wheelchair ready to go home, but not without getting some prescribed material from a pharmacy. Even though my hospital wardrobe was mostly medical gowns, my cute yellow socks, and sometimes some medical mesh underwear; it felt great to wear actual clothes again prior to my official discharge. I knew I could slowly return to going back to normal when I got into my mother's car and saw a Porsche Panamera right in front of me. I then started seeing more interesting cars going from the hospital to the pharmacy. Since I was a little hungry, I went to Burger King to get a chicken club sandwich. That would be my meal going home from the hospital.

I have felt a lot better returning home. Just had to make sure to get up every now and then and walk around just to stay fresh. I even checked all of my social media profiles and the various online communities I was a part of to let everyone know how I was doing. It also made me want to make some online stuff already since my time in the hospital. I actually planned on doing this blog post about my hospital procedure long ago, but I never completed it and released it until now.

Though it was a long time returning home, it felt good to return back to normal while also being free of this abscess and its infection. Now on to some stories from my time in the hospital not related to the surgery. That is the next section.

My First Hospital Procedure: Other Thoughts and Moments

This section of this blog post relates to certain non-hospital related material. Mostly thoughts and other moments. Here are some extra notes as well as some lighthearted material:

• The first thing I was thinking was that the confusion early on was just sad. My mother even felt disappointed that one of the nurses was writing something down on a napkin, mostly feeling a lack of professionalism.

• When I was watching the Houston Texans game at the Los Angeles Rams, the Texans were down 9-7. As the Texans were getting hammered by the Rams, I almost felt like the whole 2017 team needed more therapy than I needed. The 2017 NFL season was a lost cause for the Texans anyways with all the injuries. It was just painful to watch- despite myself being in pain before getting the surgery.

• The remote to the TV had an extra speaker to it so I could hear what I was watching in mono sound. It was cool to me because it meant I could specifically hear certain things and details than I would miss with stereo sound.

• I got to communicate with some of the hospital staff quite well. One of the cool ones was this guy who was a Star Wars fan as well as a gamer. We had some chats about gaming and stuff at one point. It is always great when you get to come across people who can relate to or get along with. Sadly, his nose was broken late in my time at the hospital. So I had to hope he would be alright. I also did my impression to him of the sound bit as sports commentator Joe Buck announced the Houston Astros winning the 2017 World Series over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Great guy.

• At one point, I joked to a housekeeper that I needed prayer to get this pain out of my system. What she did later surprised me and made me respect her- she said a prayer to me. We held hands while she provided this seemingly impromptu prayer to me. She was very nice. And so when she would come in to do housekeeping, it was great.

• Housekeeping wasn't entirely good though. There were about three times me and my mother would request the bathroom toilet get cleaned, and it finally was cleaned about a day later by a housekeeper.

• About three different times, I noted helicopters flying onto the helipad of the hospital to bring over patients in their hospital bed. I even was able to get out of my hospital bed to see one patient come into the hospital from the helicopter.

• Some of the nurses were helpful and encouraging. Not to say they all weren't though. There was a point where I was feeling depressed that I was being held over for longer than I was. One of those nurses was able to help me regain my happiness and calm down.

• Almost every nurse was helpful, but one seemed very confused. In order to draw blood while hooked into an IV unit, most of the work was done to my left arm. One nurse started drawing blood to my right arm and even to my right wrist. It felt even more awkward trying to rest and even move about with the IV unit drawing from my right arm as opposed to my left. I think she even was trying to tape up my groin wound strangely. I was... squeamish at best.

• I have been in the hospital for a total of 12 days. But really, since I was discharged after 4:40 PM on that Friday, it was *officially* 13 days I been in the hospital, and it was about 4:40 PM on a Sunday that I made it into my hospital room.

• One of the things I did before returning to my content producing online was devote my newest blog, "John's Life Space" in loving memory of my grandmother. That blog features my discussion of life issues and offer advice to help others. You can visit JLS later in this post if you are interested.

There is one more bit of lighthearted material I have to share, and warrants its own section. So go to the next section!

My First Hospital Procedure: Food

This requires its own section. As much I hated being cooped up in a hospital bed and being drenched in antibiotics to battle an infection, one thing was great for me being in the hospital- the food was bomb! I had to get all set up and everything for my first day. I was on a regular diet, so almost anything I ordered was fair game. There was a service called "At Your Request Room Service Dining" from a company called Sodexo, which I didn't know was a French company. People could request meals at different times of day. You could even have (for example) breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast. I checked off the different food items I tried out while in the hospital. What you will see here is all the different food items I tried out. So here goes...

--- Breakfast Items ---
• Juices and Fruits:
apple juice, orange juice

• Morning Fare:
Cholesterol Free Scrambled Eggs, Buttermilk Pancakes, Buttermilk Biscuit and Country Gravy

• Create Your Own:
Breakfast Sandwich

• Beverages:

--- Lunch-Dinner ---
• American Comforts:
Grilled Lime Cilantro Chicken Breast, Macaroni and Cheese, Roast Turkey Breast, White Fish (choice of Salmon or White Fish)

• South of the Border
Grilled Quesadilla - Chicken

• Grill Favorites
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, Chicken Tenders

• From the Garden:
Side Salad - Creamy Cole Slaw

• Specialty Sandwich and Wraps
Spicy Ham and Swiss Flatbread Melt (delicious! Old World style flat breat filled with smoked ham, Swiss cheese, plum tomato, and spicy brown mustard. The "spicy" comes from this sandwich having jalepeños in it, which I found out one time I ordered it), Wraps: BLT, Grilled Chicken Caesar

• Accompaniments:
steamed broccoli, seasonal vegetables, cornbread stuffing, French fries, Macaroni and Cheese

• Desserts:
Baked apple crisp, Cookies: chocolate chip

--- Mindful by Sodexo ---
• Clear Liquid:
Juices: apple, Carbonated: Sprite

• Full Liquid:
Juices: Orange

Because I would be unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family back at home, I basically made my own Thanksgiving meal. So what I did was order roast turkey breast with some cornbread stuffing. I was mostly feeling better before eventually being discharged from the hospital the day after Thanksgiving. Some of the food and drink items were healthy choices. I didn't mark which ones were the healthy choices.

I admit I was a bit spoiled by being on a Regular Diet and trying out these various food and drink items. My mother even joked that the hospital food was making it tough for me to get discharged from the hospital! But what else do you expect when you got some good eats? The hospital food was bomb, mates! :D

Now with that lighthearted material out of the way, I learned some serious things about this experience in the hospital. That will be the final section of this blog post.

My First Hospital Procedure: Lessons Learned and Final Thoughts

There are some important takeaways from this experience.

Lesson Learned: I Am Loved.

Some time as I was able to return to being on social media, I received an overwhelming amount of comments from my Facebook friends and family. People noticed I haven't been around for some time since my time in the hospital. I was so pleased so many people commented to me in my return home. Prior to discussing my hospital experience, I received many comments when I mentioned my grandmother passing away. So many people offered their condolences to me in the wake of my grandmother passing away. Usually, the only real time I get so much comments from my Facebook friends is usually when it is my birthday. I was pleased that so many people missed me and that I was so respected.

I didn't need people to assure me that I mean something in their lives. However, it was nice to know that people do care about me and do regard me in such a positive light. Even people who usually don't react to my posts or communicate with me offered their love. You mean something to people. For me to get so many positive and heartwarming comments just made me feel special and loved. Again- I didn't need any proof that I am loved and that people actually read my stuff, but I was pleased to know my presence in this world is a great one and that I mean so much to various people.

One thing I do not take for granted is love among my family. Just the fact my mother would call me almost every morning and almost every evening while also coming up to the hospital shows I have a loving and supportive family. It also meant I never should feel alone or unloved regardless of what conditions I face. This was a reassuring feeling.

Lesson Learned: Psychology of Hospitalization.

Being cooped up in a hospital is a terrible feeling. You are away from home and others. Remember, though- the hospital is a place of healing. There are people who have injuries or certain medical conditions that prevent them from living life comfortably and free. So when you hear of people who have only so long to live, it becomes depressing because you know you have only so long to enjoy what life you have. Therefore, it is great when individuals do their part to help people in hospitals by offering happiness and hope.

I mentioned at one point feeling depressed that I was in the hospital for an extended period time. There was nothing I can do about it because I was still being taken care of to get back to normal health. I ended up feeling great I could return to doing what I love and living my life again instead of being attached to an IV unit or needing surgery to remove some abscess and treat its impending infection. If you have the chance to uplift the spirits of people in hospitals, do what you can to help people feel better.

Salutes I'd Like to Share.

I take nothing for granted. I want to say I am thankful to have a loving family whom are concerned with me. Most people have families and famiiy members who can't stand each other. I am thankful to have a loving and caring mother as well as love from my brother and some of my other family members. I am pleased so many people have shown concern for me as I was away for so long. Even people on Facebook who normally don't communicate with me shown their concern either when my grandmother passed away or when I was in the hospital for almost two weeks. Most of all, I want to thank all of the hospital personnel and all of the nurses and physicians who helped me to recover from this surgery and the horrible infection to my groin area.

I now feel mostly normal again. I couldn't have felt happier and healthier had it not been for the loving support of family and friends, and also for the nurses and physicians who helped me to feel better. I am eternally thankful and grateful for all of the loving support in getting my life back to normal.

Final Thoughts.

As terrible as it is to have had this infection, what had to be done had to be done so I could return to living life normally. While I had to deal with the passing of my grandmother, life happens. This all was part of a 2017 that meant a lot happening to me in my life- dental work to remove a tooth and a cyst, Hurricane Harvey, my grandmother's passing, and being hospitalized. This has been a rough 2017 to say the least. Yet still, I counted my blessings and remained positive. Getting love and respect from my family and friends in trying times is enough to encourage me to remain strong and keep doing what I love. And for that, I am truly grateful.

That is the conclusion of this blog post. I say this often to my sincere and loyal audience, but I really mean it here:

Thank all of you for your loving support. I love all of you.

And also thank you for reading this blog post! Take care and be well.

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