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Livia Corazza

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Livia Corazza is a Brazilian singer who sings sweetly and performs equally sweetly. Smooth vocals to some fine guitar play makes Livia a fine singer. This blog post of mine will introduce you to this fine singer. I hope you all will get to experience and learn of Livia Corazza and her music. Allow me to begin.

NOTE: This blog post is all opinion-based and is not a proper interview of this personality.

Livia Corazza

Meet Livia Corazza:

Livia Corazza
^ from: (Facebook) - This is Brazilian singer, Livia Corazza.

Livia Corazza is a singer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her music is showcased on Twitch and YouTube. The older days of her featured content has her singing alongside her guitar-playing father, Seu Nogueira. Livia nowadays is balancing both singing and guitar play. Sometimes, you may sense a Maltese dog wanting some face time. That adorable dog is named Filomena, and she's fun!

The music Livia Corazza sings to are mostly mellow tunes. It is the kind of music you might enjoy at a coffee shop or at a very nice cafe. The vibes are mellow and lighthearted. Most of what she sings are covers of various Portuguese (and even non-Portuguese) songs. She may perform a song in her native Portuguese tongue, or she may even perform a non-Brazilian or non-Portuguese song very well. Songs she performs even are of bossa nova or samba variety.

Livia Corazza has a sweetly powerful singing voice. Livia opened me towards learning about certain Brazilian singers from the times I visited her channel. She also is fairly adept at the organic trumpet and even using a shaker. At times, channel points were redeemed to do acapella on Twitch.

Suffice to say, Livia is quite talented musically. Her channel is very fun for when she streams. I do miss the classic times of Livia singing and Seu awesomely playing guitar, but Livia is doing rather well (to me) doing both singing and guitar play.

Video Previews.

I'm going to include two samples of Livia Corazza and her music. Both featured videos are in Portuguese. You will get a chance to hear Livia sing here. First is a piece with Livia and her father. Check it:

^ [Live] Lívia Corazza e Seu Nogueira - De volta pro aconchego (Dominguinhos / Nando Cordel)

And here is an older video with just Livia singing along with a band:

^ Lívia Corazza - Anunciação (Alceu Valença)

What I Would Tell Livia Corazza (if she read this)...

You and your music are wonderful. Both you and Seu are great at performing wonderful music. You sing wonderfully, and Seu is a great guitarist. You are even doing quite well doing singing and guitar play. I wish you well in all aspects of life. You are pure talent along with being a wonderful person. It is a pleasure to join your streams on Twitch when I can.

For More Information...

To visit Livia Corazza's Twitch channel, visit:

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