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Leggings and Tights

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(UPDATED: December 29, 2017)

The bread and butter for the fashion savvy are leggings and tights. You see a number of females (including some males) who wear tights or leggings with some kind of fashionable garment or look. I have personally gotten tired of leggings and tights. I know, however, that there are many others who would gladly disagree and are more tolerant of these than I am. It doesn't mean, however, that I totally hate these. I'm just tired and bored of them.

This blog entry discusses what may well be the bread and butter of the fashion savvy- leggings and tights. Or look at it this way- I blogged about jeans tucked into boots, voicing my dislike of the style, but it was still a popular topic even before I eased up on the look. It was my first-ever fashion-themed blog entry actually involving fashion, and it still remains one of my most popular topics. So I hope I can be of interest for you all with this topic.


DEC 29 2017 - edited items towards end of post

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Leggings and Tights at a Glance

Let's take a look at some leggings and tights to kick this post off.

^ from: - Sexy "Miranda" cropped leggings from GUESS (or maybe I'm using "sexy" because I'm drawn to those peep-toe slingbacks along with these leggings).

Allow me to stress again- I've gotten tired of leggings and tights. However, they are still very much must-haves for fashionable types. Various females (and even some males) wear leggings and tights. Wearing black leggings offer a slimming look for various figures.

A Love-Hate Relationship.

There was a point when I've severely disliked seeing leggings under mini skirts. I have viciously attacked this on a message board and here in my blog. Here are some examples...

Leggings Under Skirts
leggings under denim mini skirt
^ from: - leggings, meet denim mini skirt. It was [yet] an[other] '80s revival that began in 2005.

leggings under skirt
^ from: - tights under a white mini skirt. Some would rather go with sheer tights under a mini skirt rather than bare legs and a mini skirt.

This was one of many '80s trends I got sick of extremely early. I've criticized in the past that leggings just take away the beauty and sex appeal of wearing a mini skirt. Why would you wear a mini skirt if you aren't confident baring your legs for all to see? That's why I hated getting into a constant tug of war with other fashionable types in blasting this look. It was also one of my motivations to stay away from, and stop considering myself qualified to discuss fashion online, relegating my own comments to my blog. Why try to fit in with people who know a lot more about fashion than I do?

I did, however, eventually respect leggings under skirts. I still prefer a mini skirt and bare legs than leggings under skirts, but a cute touch is added with leggings. I've found lace trim leggings to look lovely with leggings under skirts. Many people think leggings under skirts should be for, and ONLY for little girls. NOT for teens and young adults.

I blogged about this topic before. Read: Leggings Under Skirts.

Leggings and Tights Under Shorts
cuffed jean shorts with leggings
^ from: - denim shorts with leggings and ballet flats. I have personally disliked light-colored denim shorts with dark tights. Even more dislike if they are destroyed shorts and/or tights/leggings.

jean shorts with tights
^ from: - denim jean short-shorts combined with lace tights.

Sure, shorts cover you better than a skirt. Does that mean, however, that you can wear leggings under shorts like you're the most fashionable thing alive? I was disgusted with wearing leggings under shorts, especially denim jean shorts. I'm sorry... I am just not crazy over denim short shorts too much. Others see leggings or tights under denim jean shorts to be fashionable. I don't. Then again, I'm not qualified to discuss fashion passionately then, am I?

Also to be honest, I know wearing blue jean shorts (usually medium blue or light blue) with opaque black tights or sheer black tights and black shoes/sandals/boots is trendy... but I do NOT like this look unlike most other fashionable types. I'm not crazy about this look like most fashionable types. If you like this, that's fine. I have yet to even understand what makes this look even remotely acceptable.

Leggings Under Tunics
leggings under tunic
^ from: - a young girl wearing black leggings under a colorful tunic.

Tunics with leggings was always accepted by me. Decent capri pants or capri leggings under a tunic were always acceptable. I even blogged about a look I've considered cute- tunics with leggings and ballet flats.

Wet-Look and Sequin Leggings
wet look leggings
^ from: - Black wet-look leggings are worn by this young lady to compliment this outfit.

For those who want leggings other than opaque leggings, wet-look leggings may be able to provide that touch of style you so crave. Wet-look leggings somewhat provide a leather-like look to your outfit.

sequin leggings
^ from: - Add some bedazzle to your look with some sequin leggings! That is, if you have such an eye for style that includes sequined leggings...

Sequins add bedazzle to any look. And considering the appeal of leggings, sequin leggings, you feel like your legs are sparkling along with your outfit. Some love these; others don't.

Leggings and Tights... for Men?

men in tights
^ from: - Fashionable males feel they can look as great in leggings as they their females counterparts.

Male fashionistas (fashionitos?) feel that the appeal and charm of leggings and/or tights should apply for fashionable men as well. There was even a trend that started which featured men wearing leggings under shorts. Here is an example:

shorts and leggings for men
^ from: - a man wearing shorts with leggings underneath.

Personally, only male athletes playing sports should wear leggings with shorts, NOT the fashionable male. It just looks so wrong to me to see guys trying to wear leggings under shorts. That's even if... okay. Imagine some tan or khaki men's cargo shorts worn with black leggings underneath, and the leggings go down to about mid-calf or to the ankles.

On the other hand, fashionable males know how to work leggings quite well, especially when not trying to do the shorts + leggings deal. The key to making ANY fashion look work is confidence. Without confidence, you're just a hot mess.

Tights (With Feet)

There's a reason why "footless tights" is used among most fashion types. What you've seen in past pictures in this blog entry have been footless tights. Just about all you will see in this section are tights that go from the feet to either mid-thigh or even up to the hips. Let's take a look at traditional tights now...

Solid/Single Color Tights.

black dress with bold tights
^ from: - Kylie Minogue wearing a black dress with bold-colored pink tights. Black tunics and dresses with purple/violet tights is a popular combination.

tights color
^ from: - Wearing tights of a certain color completely different from the overall style of an outfit can provide a positive or negative diversion from the rest of the outfit. They can either offset colors nicely, or just look totally wrong.

color mismatch tights
^ from: - Be careful trying to wear anything that appears to be a total mismatch color-wise, especially with tights.

If you visit a lot of fashion blogs or read up on fashion, you will see a handful of tights being worn. Going with solid-color tights is perfectly safe as long as you're pairing them up properly with items. What I've found most popular is going with a certain overall color scheme, then wear some bold-colored, usually opaque tights to go with it. What is also popular is wearing some light-colored clothes, then wear some dark tights to offset the bright colors.

Tights, then, are a great way to offset an overall mood or outfit. The right kinds will offer that diversion. The wrong kinds will just trash an otherwise good look.

Patterned Tights.

patterned tights
^ from:, by way of - patterned tights offer even more risk of clashing styles than tights that mismatch an outfit.

patterned tights with outfit
^ from:, by way of - patterned tights worn with an outfit.

two-tone tights
^ from: - Two-tone from Chanel paired with a cute pair of mary jane pumps.

colorful tights
^ from: - colorful tights worn with a cropped T-shirt and a denim mini skirt.

Solid or single-color tights offer their own style statement. However, patterned tights can be disastrous to pull off if paired improperly with garments. A fashion sin (unless you're Ugly Betty) is to have clashing patterns. The reason why it's tougher is because picking a bad pattern to go with certain outfits just looks wrong on a world of levels.

Regardless, tights (as I know them best) can completely enhance or destroy your overall look depending on what you pair them with. So choose wisely!

Sheer Tights.

sheer tights with outfit
^ from: - sheer tights worn with this young lady's outfit.

tights with dress and boots
^ from: - sheer tights worn with a dress and boots.

There is nothing wrong with sheer tights. Finding a hot pair of sheer tights to go along with some chic shoes, sandals, or boots can go a long way in providing a wonderful edge to your outfit. I am reminded of a friend of mine who attended this party wearing a fancy hot pink dress. To compliment this dress, however, she wore some sheer patterned tights with some slouchy ankle booties. It was a hot look that was quite different from wearing some dressy pumps or sandals. So feel free to experiment to your heart's delight with sheer tights.

Oh, and one last thing to remember- do NOT wear sheer tights as pants! Many argue that tights are not pants, and sheer tights ESPECIALLY aren't pants.

Fishnet Tights.

Fishnet tights can offer a sexy edge to a look when paired with chic shoes:

fishnet tights sexy chic
^ from: - fishnet tights worn with peep-toe slingback pumps.

However, they can also offer a trashy rocker look:

fishnet tights rock chic
^ from: (best one I could find) - a Goth-style costume worn with fishnet tights.

torn fishnet tights
^ from: - torn fishnet tights. You could easily go from chic to rock with certain shoes or boots with torn fishnet tights.

Finally, there are fishnet tights. Fishnet tights offer that "barely there" appeal. The fishnet designs themselves can range from very small fishnets to very wide fishnet designs. These are popular ranging from certain fashionable types to the Rock, Goth, and surreal types. Certain kinds of footwear will illicit different moods and styles. For example, a hot pair of fishnet tights can be met with some stylish pumps or some sexy boots. On the other hand, wearing Converse high-top sneakers or combat boots give fishnet tights a rocker edge. The versatility in two different styles become apparent with fishnet stockings. You're free to transition from good girl to bad girl by changing up your footwear with fishnet tights! :)

Leggings and Tights Online

I've gotten mostly tired with leggings and tights from proper fashion-themed websites and certain blogs, but I don't hate them. Anyhow, this is a blog entry that offered my own look at leggings and tights.

You may use these widgets below. Click on any item you want to purchase or learn more about if you see anything you like. Scroll through the pages of each widget to see many more. The items featured range from fashion items for babies up to adults. (Please read "An Important Amazon Note" for information involving all items from Amazon.)

This section has recently been updated to include more items.


More leggings and tights (on ShopStyle).

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Other resources for tights and leggings:
American Apparel Leggings for Women
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Thank you very much for reading! Please take care and have a great day (and don't forget to comment)!

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