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Tunic with Leggings and Ballet Flats

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(UPDATED: June 16, 2015)

A real easy-going and fun look is by pairing tunic with leggings and ballet flats. A look like this is simple and fun. It will even be simple and fun as the weather warms up. For some time, I've gotten a bit tired of seeing leggings (especially under mini skirts). If it's one thing I'll admit, though, leggings with ballet flats makes a cute look for any female for almost any age. I've even seen a college girl wearing this white top, a short black jumper, black leggings, and black ballet flats. It's a very comfortable and cute look. That's what I'll share here. I'll even show you some items on Amazon to help put a few tunic + leggings + flats look together. If this is a look you like, I'll be sure to have some fun with this.

JUN 16 2015 - made several edits

--- The Look at a Glance ---

Here are a few pictures showing a tunic paired with leggings and ballet flats:

tunic leggings ballet flats
^ from: - A cobalt blue tunic, black leggings, and pale purple ballet flats.

tunic and leggings with ballet flats and jacket
^ from: - This combination includes a leather jacket to add some toughness to this otherwise cute look.

I'm not real sure what should stand out the most. If I had to pick, I think the real key would be either a lovely tunic or a lovely pair of leggings. The leggings should compliment the ballet flats beautifully.

Why the Tunic?

A tunic is more like a top that thinks it's a dress. The right kind of tunic can provide a very girly and cute touch to compliment any bottoms and shoes being worn.

Why the Leggings?

A good pair of leggings will compliment the look further. Cute leggings will also compliment the ballet flats.

Why the Ballet Flats?

The look here is about easy-going and cute style. There are a lot of girls who prefer stuff like flat sneakers or flat boots, but I think in accordance to this look, ballet flats look best.

So this look is all about cute, easy-going style. That's what you're going to get here. Other accessories and such can be added for some more style. These can be things like jackets, sweaters, handbags, necklaces, earrings, and more.

--- What to Look For With This Look ---

I guess what makes this look lovely is a cute tunic to go with leggings and flats. If going with a patterned tunic, best to find some solid leggings. If going with a solid tunic, likely best to have either solid leggings or patterned leggings.

The Tunic.

For warmer weather, the tunic would have to be lightweight and airy. A decent-length tunic (meaning, a tunic that extends below the crotch) will work just fine. It can have sleeves or be sleeveless. There are a number of femmes who dislike babydoll tops. But really, a babydoll tunic is pretty basic. The look I'm discussing is a cute look, but if you want to be a little more bold, a sleeveless or strapless tunic would provide a sexy edge. Then too, you'd probably have to go from ballet flats to high-heel pumps or sandals. But... it's up to you. If not a tunic, then an oversized T-shirt is a nice alternative.

The Leggings.

I think the leggings have to fall somewhere between below the knees and above the ankles. They also have to be opaque leggings. Leggings that go to about mid-calf are probably the best to go with. A patterned tunic would have to be paired with solid leggings. If the tunic isn't long enough (in other words, doesn't extend below the crotch or longer), then absolutely avoid sheer leggings. That's why I mention opaque leggings.

The Ballet Flats.

This look is finished off proper with a cute pair of ballet flats. My two favorite kinds are the simple ballet flats, and the other being the ballet flats with a bow across the toes. Again- I probably would avoid patterned style ballet flats if you already have patterned leggings or a patterned tunic. The LAST thing you want to do is have clashing patterns. Clashing patterns is a no-no, unless you're Ugly Betty.

So that's a look at this outfit. Oh, and one last thing... I would avoid the so-called "jeggings" (legging jeans) for this outfit.

I made a blog entry about leggings and tights. Visit either of these two links:
my blog entry on leggings and tights
shop for leggings and tights I've found online

--- A Few Sample Outfits ---

I'm going to use Amazon to find tunics, leggings, and ballet flats to complete the look. You are free to buy (or find more information about) any items you like here. Widgets will be provided for you to use to pick out a combination of tunics, leggings, and ballet flats for yourself.

NOTE: This blog entry contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

All sizes are Women's sizes unless otherwise specified. Not all featured items may be currently available as you're viewing this post and these items.

Outfit 1: Inexpensive Look.

When I normally do fashion-themed blog entries, I usually start out with the cheapest-priced items before going to more expensive items. So here is the first look:

^ Three colors with sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. From Style & Co.

^ Three colors with sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. From Under Moments.

^ Only in black with sizes ranging from 5.5 M US to 11 M US. From Mossimo.

The look here is as basic as possible without being overly expensive. Everything is simple and basic for that day out on the road, at school, at the mall, or wherever. If you saw the tunic, that outfit alone in the graphic is its own tunic + leggings + ballet flats look.

Outfit 2: A Look for Girls.

Now for the little fashionista. This is for all of you who have little daughter kids.


^ First tunic only in pink with sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large for girls. Second tunic in only its multicolor design with sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large for girls. Both tunics from Circo.

^ Only in white with sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large for girls from Mossimo Supply Co.

^ Two colors with sizes ranging from 13.5 M US Little Kid to 3 M US Little Kid, and in 5 M Big Kid and 5.5 M US Big Kid, from Sugar.

This look for girls is cute. This look has bedazzle without overdoing it. The sparkly details are in the rhinestone "Princess" details on the tunic followed by the sparkly ballet flats. If you prefer the second tunic more than the first, it's also a cute tunic to accompany leggings and ballet flats.

Outfit 3: Plus Size Women.

Here is a sample look for plus size femmes.

^ Kimono top in two colors with sizes ranging from Small to XXXXX-Large from PacificPlex.

^ Only in black with sizes ranging from 1X to 5X from Torrid.

^ Six colors with sizes ranging from 6 B(M) US to 11 B(M) US from Kenneth Cole REACTION.

The liveliest element to this outfit is the patterned tunic. The leggings and ballet flats aren't overpowered more than the tunic.

Now I'm going to challenge myself on the leggings front...

Outfit 4: Tunic + Sequin Leggings + Ballet Flats.

If you like sequin leggings, I've now challenged myself to come along with the same look I've expressed all entry long, only with sequin leggings. Still need a good tunic and some cute ballet flats. I'm trying to think chic here.

^ Available in sizes ranging from X-Small to Large with three color choices available, from G by Guess.

^ Only in Medium and in black from Hot Topic.

^ Four different colors with sizes ranging from 4 B(M) US to 11 B(M) US from crocs.

Equally as challenging as finding sequin leggings was finding a tunic that didn't overpower the sequin leggings. The tunic I found was expressive while not being too much. The ballet flats were also not supposed to overpower everything. So I looked up this pair of ballet flats that were in no way overpowering. Of course, rather than ballet flats for this look, help yourself to a hot pair of platform, high-heel, peep-toe pumps.

Outfit 5: Pregnant Women.

Time to make you the cutest future mommy there is! :D I'll find a tunic, some leggings, and some ballet flats for the pregnant femme.

^ Available only in Cobalt (though there is another color available) with sizes ranging from Small to X-Large from Motherhood Maternity.

^ Available in three different colors with sizes in X-Small/Small or Large from GUESS.

^ Black patent ballet flats in sizes ranging from 5.5 M US to 11 M US from Mossimo Supply Co.

The top and flats are cute for the expecting mom, but the leggings are lovely. Maybe I got caught up so much on the leggings plus those slingback peep-toe pumps.

ELSEWHERE IN MY BLOG: For more maternity fashions, visit my "Hot Mama!" on John's Blog Space, or you can shop for more maternity fashions at "Hot Mama!" on John's Shop Space.

Outfit 6: High-End Diva!

If you're so content with expensive clothing, this is your section.

^ Only in black with sizes ranging from X-Small to Large. From AIKO and available on

^ Available only in black with sizes ranging from XX-Small to Medium. From Les Chiffoniers and available on

^ Nine colors available with American and European sizes available. Sizes range from 5 B(M) US (or 35 M European) to 12 B(M) US (or 42 M European)

This one was tough for me. Black tunic, but some black leggings. I tried to to add something of color, but I didn't want to overpower the leggings. The flats are in multiple colors.

Those are only a few combinations. I may edit this blog entry with more combinations. Find your tunic, leggings, and ballet flats by using my widgets.

For tunics (women's sizes unless otherwise specified):

For leggings (women's sizes unless otherwise specified):

For ballet flats (women's sizes unless otherwise specified):

If you have your own looks of a tunic with leggings and ballet flats, feel free to share pictures with me. Thank you for reading!

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