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Motorcycle Style - The Peraves MonoTracer

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(UPDATED: May 17, 2012)

Perhaps the most unusual motorcycle this side of the Campagna T-Rex, the MonoTracer from Peraves AG of Switzerland is both a motorcycle and a car. But unlike the T-Rex, this machine is more motorcycle-like than the moto-car combination from Campagna. Peraves AG is the company based in (or near) Winterthur, Switzerland that makes the MonoTracer. This is a very unusual and futuristic machine. Many feel this could be the future of motoring if Peraves had its way. A good thing about this machine? No worries about being flown off of your bike or having to have rain or bugs in your face. If you think this machine seems too heavy to lean into the corners, you'll be pleased to know that this motorcycle has two little deployable wheels on the side to aid in making sure the bike doesn't fall on its sides. This bike is powered by a 130hp BMW motorcycle engine, and can do 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. This machine has the miles per gallon numbers you'd expect with scooters. This may be the most comfortable motorcycle you'll ever ride. Be ready to pay up if you want your own, though. I hear these things cost about $80,000 USD.

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MAY 17 2012 - edited look of post

--- Motorcycle Style: The Peraves MonoTracer ---

Meet this futuristic and unusual motorcycle here:
Peraves MonoTracer
^ from: motorcycles.about.com (the little driver number at the front not included)

I can think of a variety of analogies to use to describe this thing. However, I'll need to choose carefully. One way to look at it is like a fighter jet with handle bars and a windshield wiper. The view up front boasts some bold headlights. What the bike may lack in in-your-face character makes up for with a futuristic design. The bike, as I mentioned earlier, has a fighter jet-like appearance as well as a windshield wiper. A pair of side view mirrors are as quirky as the rest of this bike's design. The sides are nothing boastful or imposing- just futuristic. In addition, you note the area where the two side wheels are deployed to keep the bike from falling on its side when slowing down. Somewhere between the side wheels and the rear wheels is where the engine lies. The muffler sides on the left side of this bike. Up top, this bike has a long strip of glass that serves as the moonroof for this bike. The rear of the bike isn't anything imposing or menacing... just futuristic. This machine looks like it should be a motorcycle that was made for 20 or 25 years from now rather than a bike designed about a few years ago.

Once you climb into the MonoTracer, you are met with two seats and the handle bars. No accelerator or brake pedals- just the handle bars for acceleration and deceleration. The seats look very comfortable. Its instrument panel consists of multiple analog gauges. This is about as close to as you'll get to climbing into a fighter jet as you step inside the MonoTracer.

The MonoTracer isn't anything to blow away every other motorcycle on the road. However, it may just be the future of motorcycle riding. No worries with high siding or anything. This is essentially a touring bike that can be safe to ride in and feel protected in. I'm not sure about doing anything like taking this to a technical race track, though. Still, this Swiss make has made such a unique motorcycle. It's a very expensive motorcycle, costing just a bit more than the Ducati Desmosedici RR. Most people would rather spend that money on a Ducati Desmosedici RR than the Peraves MonoTracer. While both motorcycles can turn heads, the MonoTracer is a once-in-a-lifetime machine. It is a motorcycle from the future that has found a home in these present time. Marvel in this motorcycle's unique and unusual charm.

Or, you can see for yourself what this machine is like by watching this video:

Visit www.monotracer.ch for more information on the MonoTracer or to order one. This motorcycle retails for somewhere between $60,000 US Dollars to maybe $80,000 US Dollars. You can learn more about the Peraves MonoTracer by visiting their offical website at http://www.monotracer.ch/. Thank you for reading!

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