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Wedding Hairstyles

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(UPDATED: April 5, 2012)

Before I begin, congratulations to anyone who may be getting married or just married. I wish you all a fantastic and happy marriage full of love and happiness. Now on to the main point of this blog entry.

Look and feel your most beautiful as a bride-to-be with a lovely hairstyle. Lovely hairstyles vary with your hairstyle. I think what makes a great wedding hairstyle important is when you're able to wear your hair a certain way to where you feel like a goddess. Another reason why a lovely hairstyle means so much? Simple- as much as our fashion choices are a reflection of what message we want to convey to others, a lovely hairstyle along with a beautiful wedding dress is a reflection of the divine and ethereal beauty of the woman who will be married. A bride should have a hairstyle and charm that says "I want to be with you for as long as possible. I want to look and feel my best for you so that we can look ahead to the rest of our lives together."

This blog entry doesn't feature any kind of advice on hairstyles. Instead, it's a look a various kinds of hairstyles. If you want some hairstyle advice for brides, you can check out wedding hairstyles advice at weddingchannel.com.

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APR 5 2012 - updated look of post, edited some content

--- Wedding Hairstyles at a Glance ---

As beautiful as a wedding dress is as well as the veil are, a beautiful hairstyle complimenting the dress can make you feel fantastic. A moment like being married should be cherished as something special. I value weddings to be equivalent of proms or even Quinceañeras. A bride should be able to look like a princess, to wow the groom as her loving prince. So a great hairstyle can be just as beautiful as any wedding dress.

More important than a lovely hairstyle is having the confidence and the feeling that she is on Cloud Nine as she is set to commit to her loving groom for as long as possible and with prospects of a happy and healthy marriage. Some of my female friends whom have gotten married or becoming married have had beautiful hairstyles to go along with their lovely dresses. Many of them are beautiful as I've known them, but on their respective wedding days, they've never looked any more beautiful previously.

The variety of hairstyles I've loved are curly hairstyles and wavy hairstyles. Many of you may know that I consider curly hair my favorite style of feminine hairstyles from my blog entry, Curly is Cute!. Curly and wavy hairstyles offer up so much femininity and charm. I think these hairstyles pop a bit more for weddings than any straight hairstyles.

--- Wedding Hairstyles in Pictures ---

This blog entry is just a discussion on hairstyles that I like for brides. Let's look at a few different wedding hairstyle examples.

Wedding Hairstyles: Curly or Wavy.
Curly is cute! It can also be beautiful, though. Here are a few examples around the Internet to prove the point.

blonde curly wedding hairstyle
^ from: weddingtail.wordpress.com - This bride's golden hair is styled beautifully. Curls are luscious and voluminous helping shape her face. A little edge is given with the bangs on her right side. Otherwise, this is picture-perfect beauty for a curly hairstyle.

curly wedding hairstyle
^ from: www.bride.ca - From a blonde to a brunette, no dramatic bangs or such are used here. Her hair still remains beautifully curly.

curly in the back wedding hairstyle
^ from: www.hairstylesguru.com - Here is an example of curly hair at the back. Beautiful all around.

Wedding Hairstyles: Updos.

Letting hair hang down is beautiful. However, there are various updos that can be just as beautiful. Updos can range from very beautiful to very sexy. I guess what makes an updo beautiful is not so much the hair as it hangs up, but also shaping the face with some lovely bangs. Here are some examples:

wedding hairstyle with curly bangs
^ from: bridalclarity.com - Multiple bangs help shape the face while the rest of her hair is wrapped up beautifully.

wedding hairstyle with bold bangs
^ from: bridalden.com - Big and bold front bangs offer a beautiful apperance up front. A lovely updo finishes a beautiful hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyles: Other Styles.

Here are some other different wedding hairstyles of note:

wedding hairstyle with flowers in hair
^ from: onsugar.com - It's possible to look your most beautiful and feel sexy at the same time. Have a look from the eyes or from her face- she seduces and allures with her style. Along with the many floral accents, her beauty just comes alive.

beach wedding hairstyle
^ This is a wedding hairstyle meant for the beach. Since this is a beach hairstyle, I don't think you need anything really super-chic. I think you need something loose and casual while still being goddess beautiful.

Thank you for reading my blog entry! You can read another Blogspot blog entry highlighting on details and tips on wedding hair. I feel my blog entry isn't going to do much on talking about wedding hairstyles and on tips to have great hairstyles. So that's why I include the resources I do, because I know only so much about fashion and style. People and resources more qualified than I can help you. So please check out the following resources featured in this blog entry:

Resources in This Blog...

Wedding Hairstyles Advice at weddingchannel.com
Wedding Hairstyles Pictures

Thanks to all of you for reading this blog entry! You'll need to take care of your hair, regardless of whatever style hair you have. So find yourself some hair care products on Amazon as my way of saying thanks to you for reading:

Thank you for reading! And also, thank you for making this blog post so popular!

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