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Storm Calysta

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It's raining awesome with @StormCalysta ! When the forecast calls for Storm Calysta, it rains with a vintage diva in a modern world does not disappoint with her charming vintage style and her music. This blog post is a look at someone whom I have been fond of the past few years since first following her work.

Storm Calysta

Storm Calysta
^ from: (Pinterest) - There is a 100% chance of awesome when Storm Calysta is in the forecast! :)

(Born: February 23, 1993)-year old Storm Calysta hails from Chicago, Illinois, USA; by way of Austin, Texas, USA. Yeah- a Texas girl born in Chi-Town. This major section generally features Storm Calysta at a glance.

Storm Calysta: Fashionista.

I think I first came across Storm Calysta on LOOKBOOK. So I obviously became drawn to a hot looking '70s style girl and decide to enjoy her fashion outfits. After all, bells and ruffles never go out of style. She has modeled for a number of different vintage-type and non-vintage designers including the likes of Rachel Zoe, Free People, and even American Apparel.

Storm Calysta: Music

Storm Calysta, however, is not only a pretty face- she also can strum a mean guitar and drop some vocals. She is an independent (or "indie") pop artist outside of her fashion modeling.

Here are samples of her music work. This first one is a cover of "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac:

^ Dreams - Fleetwood Mac | Storm Calysta

I like this video a bit more because of her outfit. It's the same song from the video above, but this is a more recent video:

^ Storm Calysta - Dazer Lady Feature

By the way, how awesome does Storm Calysta look with this outfit? :) If you like her outfit in the video above, you should see these other fine pictures and outfits on Dazey LA's website: Dazey Lady Feature: Storm Calysta Talks Music - Dazey LA.

Here is one more video to share:

^ Storm Calysta - Brand New Key (live)

This is essentially a look at Storm Calysta.

Storm Calysta: Final Thoughts

I think Storm Calysta is very cool. Often times, I like her bell bottom outfits and a lot of other '70s style outfits. She has a very cool singing voice. Storm Calysta excels at style and music. She may be from the '90s, but she is very much a '70s girl. This alone adds to her coolness and awesomeness. The combination of her fashion style and her music style makes for the perfect storm of awesomeness. The perfect Storm Calysta, of course! :)

What I Would Tell Storm Calysta?

If she reads this post, just know I appreciate your work and your amazing sense of vintage fashion style. If your star isn't already shining, you are surely a superstar.

Would I Want to Meet Storm Calysta?

Oh, sure. Why not?

For More Information...

Learn more about Storm Calysta by visiting her website at You can also connect to her other social media from her site, such as Storm Calysta's Facebook fan page.

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