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Pusheen the Cat

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(UPDATED: January 20, 2015)

I discovered Pusheen the Cat not too long ago. Pusheen is a very popular tabby cat as part of a webcomic called "Everyday Cute." She has many adventures and misadventures that will not fail to get you to smile or laugh. Pusheen is adorable, cute, and funny. I'll do what I can to discuss this popular webcomic star in my post here on John's Blog Space.


JAN 20 2015 - added extra link

--- Pusheen the Cat ---

Pusheen the Cat. Get to know her.

Pusheen the Cat
^ from: www.readersread.com (best I could find) - Meet Pusheen the Cat- perhaps the cutest kitty you'll ever meet. Meow!

^ "Pusheen - Gwiyomi"

Pusheen the Cat is the name of a cat from a popular webcomic called "Everyday Cute." Created by Andrew Duff and Claire Benton, the gray tabby cat The word "Pusheen" translates to the Irish word "puisin" (Irish for for "kitten"). She was inspired by a real cat from the youth of Claire Belton. Much like Hello Kitty was the standout star of the Sanrio characters, Pusheen is the standout star of "Everyday Cute." Her popularity has garnered merchandise of various kinds, including a book by Claire Benton. Even though "Everyday Cute" still exists, Pusheen has her own blog.

Some of you may know that I am very old-fashioned and usually late to the party (so to speak) when it comes to Internet memes and entertainment trends. So therefore, when I started seeing a familiar-looking big gray cat, I had to find out who this cat was. This was where I learned of Pusheen the Cat and started to see what the buzz was about with this cat. Since seeing Pusheen, I basically became addicted to various pictures and other media regarding this cat.

What Got Me Into Pusheen the Cat.

There are so many cute and funny images featuring Pusheen. She can be so silly and cute.

Why I Became Fond of Pusheen the Cat.

I became fond of Pusheen the Cat because of the various silly pictures of her. I would even say her cuteness is really positive and lighthearted. And as someone who tries to promote and honor positivity, Pusheen really provides this lighthearted and fun experience. This is one cute cat who really does not fail to make you smile or laugh.

If Pusheen the Cat Were Real...

What if this webcomic cat were real? I certainly would love to cuddle and play with Pusheen. She seems to be as playful and as fun as an adorable baby. She would also be fun to pet while sleeping. It would be quite a fun experience.

Time to close this post out. The next section awaits you.

--- Pusheen the Cat: Final Thoughts ---

As a cat lover, Pusheen the Cat is just absolute fun to me. It is her cuteness and her silliness that makes her just enjoyable. A really good job is done to offer Pusheen's cute and silly ways. This is all lighthearted humor and fun only Pusheen can provide. Since I am a male, it is no shame to like something as cute and as fun as Pusheen the Cat. I am only hopeful that my commentary and my featuring of her will have you into Pusheen the Cat too.

For More Information...

Want more on Pusheen the Cat? Take a look at these links for more info:

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Pusheen the Cat collection on Hey Chicadee (shop for Pusheen the Cat stuff!) (ADDED: January 20, 2015)

And in case you're interested in some Pusheen merchandise, take a look at these items:

And for more: Pusheen the Cat on Amazon, and also Pusheen the Cat merchandise on Hey Chickadee.

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading.

Here is the only other post I can offer you in regards to related topics with Pusheen the Cat. That video I shown you in this post? I mentioned Pusheen in this other post here on JBS. Check it out, cat lovers!

"Cats" (John's Blog Space)
^ My reborn post on cats after the previous post garnered so few views over a few years. I mentioned Pusheen the Cat in my "Cats" blog post.

Thanks for visiting "John's Blog Space!"

I'll now let you comment. Sound off!

Are you a fan of Pusheen the Cat? What do you like most about her and her personality?

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