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Cats have surely gained popularity in recent times. Especially on the Internet scene, a variety of cats have made themselves quite the stars. Cats have been my favorite animals for most of my life. I've been fond of cats since childhood. There's just something about them that just really makes me like them. Maybe I liken cats as being intelligent creatures, always curious and ambitious, able to stand their own ground, are very agile and adaptive... there is just something to love about cats. Much as I've done with rabbits and horses previously... it is time I blog about cats.

Hello to all the cat lovers out there reading John's Blog Space!


This blog post is a reborn version of a past blog post. It was first released on October 10, 2011; and the last update to it was in January 25, 2012. It has been very poor in getting views- some 36 views were accumulated in its time since. Being disappointed with its performance, I deleted the old post and brought it back with a new makeover. So this blog post has been made over and reborn.

--- Cats in Pictures and Videos ---

I understand the importance of establishing a positive atmosphere, so I want to do nothing more than offer a positive and fun place for which to discuss a topic like this. Do you love cats? I hope this blog post will warm your heart. This is dedicated to all of you who love cats. I hope you will be able to enjoy all that I have to provide for all of you.

I know there are people who would rather prefer dogs over cats. Often times, I get jaded about always hearing about vicious dogs being involved attacking people as well as other dogs. How often do you hear of violent cats (except for the ferocious cats, like panthers, tigers, lions, etc.)? It's almost as if people tend to dislike cats so much that they usually have them neglected. Again- there are lots more people who'd rather have dogs than cats, but as a cat lover, cats need the own time in the spotlight.

What Do Cats Signify to/for People?

I don't know my cat breeds too well and what makes them different. You have cat types like Scottish Folds, tabbies, and cats like that. Many nations have such felines in their coat of arms, on their flag, or even as icons of a city or nation. Having such fierce felines (especially lions) usually signify power and wisdom. For example, Singapore's mascot is the Merlion- a mermaid lion. The use of such felines mean many things to many people in many applications.

If you're a sports fan, you've heard of lots of feline-nicknamed teams.

For example... here are some pro examples of feline mascots: the Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, Detroit Tigers, Florida Panthers, and the Arizona Sabrecats.

Now for MANY college examples about feline mascots: University of Houston Cougars, Louisiana State University Tigers, Auburn University Tigers, University of Kentucky Wildcats, University of Pittsburgh Panthers, Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions, Brigham Young University Cougars, Arizona Wildcats, Western Carolina Catamounts, Lafayette Leopards, Northern Iowa Panthers, College of Charleston Cougars, Chicago State Cougars, IUPUI Jaguars, Tuskegee University Golden Tigers, and teams like that. Even sports teams can appreciate the ferocity and character felines have. Even here in Houston, we are sometimes called the Wildcat City, and us Houstonians are sometimes called Wildcatters. Wildcatters was one of the nicknames that was considered to name the team eventually called... the Houston Texans of the NFL. So even sports teams can appreciate feline mascots and nicknames and what each represents.

This blog post is my virtual salute to cats. So be proud to be here for this post on John's Blog Space, especially if you love cats! What you will see mostly is of videos dedicated to all of you cat lovers out there. This post contains everything from cute kittens to some more fierce felines. Cats of all kinds? I gots 'em, yo! :)

--- Cat Pictures ---

Pictures will be replaced if there are certain copyright issues I can't use certain pictures. Anyhow, this is your first bit of cat loving:

cute cat
^ from: - Here's a cute cat to start things off. Isn't this kitty cute?

cat and yarn
^ from: - Cats can be quite fascinated with yarn. This kitty is having fun with this ball of yarn.

Nyan Cat
^ from: - This is the ever-famous Nyan Cat. For more information on it, learn more about this Internet meme at this entry on Nyan Cat.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I may add more in future edits.

For performance purposes, I will include this Jump Break. Please keep reading this post (if you are not reading the full post) by clicking "Read More" to see the rest of this blog post. If you do not wish to read the rest of this post, then please show your support of my blog by visiting any (or all!) of the following:

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--- Cat Videos ---

I usually show videos and pictures whenever I do posts like this. However, I will only feature videos to set the tone for this blog post. Thanks to all the YouTube channels that allowed for embedding. If there are must-see videos that are not embedded, I will add links to the videos so you can view them privately. I am careful not to feature videos of cats in potentially dangerous situations. The point of these videos is to showcase them in an entertaining and fun manner. This is all supposed to be lighthearted and fun.

• Meowing
A cat's meow is its cry. We have no idea what a cat is trying to say when we hear "meow." It can be, however, quite cute to hear. Here is one video demonstrating the cuteness a meow can provide:

^ "Kittens And Cats Meowing"

• Cats at Play
You have to admit, cats can be such active little creatures! These videos showcase cats playing around as well as cats playing with people. Heart-warming is guaranteed with these. These are a few more videos I found just to fill out and complete this video look at cats. Enjoy! :)

^ "Cat playing ping pong"

^ "Cute Kitten Playing With Fake Cat | Porcelain Fight"

^ "Tiger Cat Mom Talking to Her Kittens"

Hope you enjoyed these videos!

--- Cats of Honorable Mention ---

Here is a section I want to entirely devote to certain special cats. Let's show some love for these popular cats. The links in each of the headings lead to official websites for each featured cat:

Hello Kitty.

I believe you know this kitten quite well. The other one, however, may be a bit foreign to you since the other is so well-known. Here's the only key word I will provide: Sanrio. Meet one of the most famous cats in the world, and also meet another fictional cat (VERY LONG video):

^ "Underground Kitty & Watch the Birdie Hello Kitty's Paradise"

^ "Charmmy Kitty" (the cute white hamster in this video is named Sugar, by the way)

(I had actually planned to post a blog about Hello Kitty. I still haven't ruled out making one eventually.)

Nyan Cat (or Pop Tart Cat).

Who would think a pixelated cat with a Pop Tart body and makes rainbow trails would be such a viral video success? This cat got overwhelmingly more views than my old version of this blog post and of any of my online content. As of me doing this remake of this blog post, this video has over 114M views. Get to know the impressively popular Nyan Cat here:

^ "Nyan Cat [original]"

"Tara" the Hero Cat.

Earlier in 2014, there was a cat who famously fended off a dog who attacked a little boy while on his bicycle. This cat- named "Tara" was a heroine who prevented the boy from being further hurt. The video on YouTube has garnered over 23M views as of this post. The cat herself is affectionately known as "Tara the Hero Cat."

Even though embedding of this video is allowed, I am only providing the link to this video because it has some graphic elements to it, namely pictures of the blood the boy shed from the dog attack. So if you want to see the video, follow this link: My Cat Saved My Son (YouTube).

Pusheen the Cat.

Recently (as in: November 16, 2014), I learned of a famous cat online known as Pusheen. Pusheen the cat is a cat in a web comic known as Everyday Cute, and she is a big tabby cat doing cute things while looking cute. This cat- despite fantasy- is adorably cute. How much so? Take a look at this video:

^ "Pusheen - Gwiyomi"

Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat
^ from: (best I could find) - There she is- Grumpy Cat!

Forgive me if I'm not at as educated as I should be on any sort of trends in entertainment. However, the ever-popular Grumpy Cat is a very popular cat. The cat is named "Tardar Sauce" but is also known as Tard and of course... Grumpy Cat. She is known as "Grumpy Cat" among the online realm because of her grumpy facial appearance, which is told to be a result of her feline dwarfism.

I can make mention to many more, but I'll stop here for now.

--- Are YOU a Cat Lover? ---

If you love cats, I hope these videos have helped put a smile on your face. Here are a few resources if you love cats. Feel free to visit these sites and get more cat love:

Here are two of the most popular YouTube channels devoted to cats:
thecatdiaries on YouTube
ShallAdoreCats on YouTube

And these are various other cat-related sites:
Kitten Pictures - Cute Little Kittens
Cats on
*~ HitomiNeko ~* * * Lovely Things in my life * * * ("Neko" is cat in Japanese)
Pusheen the Cat
Nyan Cat (or Pop Tart Cat)
Grumpy the Cat

I may provide more links in edits. Let me know if there are any I should feature. Remember- help me help my readers/visitors. I don't blog for myself; I do this for everybody. So PLEASE help if you can and if you'd like to.

Thank you for reading! I hope this reborn post on cats gets MANY more views than the 36 views it got in its previous three years alive. Meow! (=^o^=)

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