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Wayback Wednesday: Nov. 26, 2014

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This #WaybackWednesday is Thanksgiving Eve. Welcome to another installment of my musical look back in time! Material at least five years old will be featured in this and every "Wayback Wednesday" post. Thanks to everyone whom supports and admires my work with these posts. Before you get ready to host or attend Thanksgiving tomorrow, why not enjoy some old songs? Time to take you way back. This is Wayback Wednesday on "John's Blog Space!"

--- Wayback Wednesday: How it Works ---

Wayback Wednesday on JBS
Welcome to Wayback Wednesday on John's Blog Space!

Most of what I select for "Wayback Wednesday" primarily consists of music videos. Rather than share with fans, I usually share YouTube videos among friends in my Facebook profile. Most of what I share are selections based on a certain group of songs I want to feature. I want to label it as "Wayback Wednesday" for the sake of hashtag usage. The proper person in me knows it is "Way Back Wednesday" rather than "Wayback Wednesday." The main criteria element is that the material must be at least five years old. So as of this blog post, all Wayback Wednesday features material from 2009 or earlier. Nothing from 2010 or later will be featured. All Wayback Wednesday selections go in chronological order from earliest to oldest. So more recent material is featured before going to least recent material. For example, a song from 2003 will be shown followed by a song either from that same year or before 2003.

Here's the quick rundown:
• material that is at least five years old is featured.
• selected material is from more recent to less recent.
• not every selection is music.

This is a sample post:

Wayback Wednesday: (Month Day, Year)

(song arist - song title, or title) (year)
(link to video)

I decide to post just a link to the video rather than slow down the performance of my blog with embedded YouTube videos. Links to some videos may or may not be available all the time. You're basically clicking at your own discretion in this sense.

Depending on traffic and other considerations, I may start this as a common feature of my blog. Having said all of this... let's begin!

--- Wayback Wednesday: Selections ---

Here are the songs I've selected for this Wednesday. Click on the links to view the YouTube videos associated with the individual songs. NOTE: Certain restrictions may apply to some of the material I've selected- such as (but not limited to) age restrictions. Be wary of this if you decide to click on any of the provided links to this post.

If you like to comment, feel free to let me know which songs you like from this list I put together.

Wayback Wednesday: November 26, 2014

Do any of these songs bring back memories?

Flo Rida - Low (2008)
With the temperatures getting cooler/colder, I figured it's best I warm things up a bit with this old song. While I am really feeling Flo Rida's recent "Goin' Down" song, here's a classic bit of Flo Rida for you all. Enjoy... and welcome to 2008!

T-Pain feat. Ludacris - Chopped 'n' Screwed (2008)
Synth voice loving coming your way with T-Pain. T-Pain brought along Ludacris to make this hot joint. I hope you enjoy this song. Welcome to 2008... enjoy your stay!

Baby Bash feat. T-Pain - Cyclone (2007)
Cyclones are ferocious weather phenomena. They can also, however, make for some cool music. Bump this joint and enjoy this trip back to 2007. And look- T-Pain is along for the ride! Two straight selections featuring T-Pain.

Ginuwine - None of Ur Friends Business (1999)
I tried to find the music video to this song. However, two I looked up are not the music video. What you're getting with this Wayback Wednesday selection is "None of Ur Friends Business" from Ginuwine. Enjoy Ginuwine's genuine performance with this trip back to 1999. (WARNING: some bad language!)

Chemical Brothers - Under the Influence (1999)
Got to keep the music selection fresh! To do that, let me appease to you electronic dance music fans with a classic. Let's meet two fine blokes from the United Kingdom who put together great music. They are the Chemical Brothers, this song is called "Under the Influence" from WipEout 3 (or Wip3out), and this is 1999. Enjoy!

Len - Steal My Sunshine (1999)
Here is a cool track for you to enjoy. This would be a cool song to enjoy when it's warm/hot weather time because of its smooth flow. It's still a hot song even if it is not warm or hot. I think you'll like this 1999 song. Click on the above link and hear for yourself the awesomeness Len provides here.

Barenaked Ladies - One Week (1998)
This may be one of the most obscure songs you'll ever hear. Yet, it has such a great musical flow to it. This group is called the Barenaked Ladies... though none of them are ladies. And, they aren't naked. Welcome to 1998. Get a whiff of this crazy song.

Heavy D and the Boyz - Black Coffee (1994)
Heavy D is no longer with us, but this is a song of his I surely remember. You ready to go back to 1994? If so, click on the above link to listen to this classic song as well as

Salt-n-Pepa - Shoop (1994)
Salt-n-Pepa are ready to drop some rhymes on you the way these ladies can. Now that I think about this song after hearing it again, man- they can deliver some wicked rhymes! About as good as any of their male counterparts around the time of this song. Old school hip-hop coming your way. Welcome to 1994!

TLC - All That (1994)
Remember that "Wayback Wednesday" can be MORE than just music. There was a time when Amanda Bynes, as well as (one of my personal favorite Nickelodeon shows ever) Kenan and Kel were just starting out and just trying to get their popularity across. There used to be a show called "All That" featuring personalities such as the ones mentioned here. Of course, we all know how Amanda Bynes went from angel to sinner with the trouble she got herself into. This selection takes you back to about 1994, when "All That" debuted on Nickelodeon. This song is all that and a bag of chips. Okay... I HAD to say that! Just enjoy the video, darned you! :)

Toni Braxton - You Mean the World to Me (1993)
This song has a message I would offer to everyone who supports and respects my content- you mean the world to me. This is my all-time favorite song of Toni Braxton; and if you've never heard this song before, you're in for a treat. Have a listen to this song and welcome to 1993!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Summertime (1991)
Some people just can't let Summer go- like girls who'll wear their denim jean short-shorts with tights. And even worse... try to style this jean shorts + tights combination with any kind of shoes or boots. If you're someone who can't let Summer go, this song is probably for you. This one will take you back to 1991. You ready to take that trip back?

Rick James - Superfreak (1981)
Lots of guys make lots of songs about all kinds of girls. One guy wants you to know about a girl who's a super freak. The guy telling you about her is named Rick James. This song was cool WELL before MC Hammer used this song and put his own spin on it. Welcome to 1981 and "Super Freak." Boogie down like you mean it!

Kurtis Blow - The Breaks (1980)
I've heard this song a for a good while. I once heard it remixed by the likes of Krafty Kuts, but I never heard of the original. One thing I love about doing these "Wayback Wednesday" posts is that I get to really learn of past songs as well as enhance my overall appreciation of music. So I want you to hear this one if you've never heard it before. This is 1980, this is Kurtis Blow, and these are the breaks. Enjoy, fine folks!

Donny Hathaway - This Christmas (1970)
Well, after Thanksgiving, it will be that long grind to Christmas. And at least with my mother, it ain't Christmas time unless this guy sings "This Christmas." So get ready for this one. Welcome to 1970!

This concludes another "Wayback Wednesday" post of mine. To check out the latest posts in the "Wayback Wednesday" category, click this link: Wayback Wednesday.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you observe this holiday. Subscribe and Follow to keep up with the latest posts of mine! Use the table below to get social with me. Thank you for reading!

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