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Wayback Wednesday: Dec. 10, 2014

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This #WaybackWednesday is special because this is the first themed edition of "Wayback Wednesday." This one is devoted entirely to musical themes. These are themes to TV shows, movies, games, and more. It will be featured in this week's selections if it was used as a theme to a certain bit of media. Otherwise, it will be something cast aside and have to settle for some other installment of Wayback Wednesday. Welcome to this week's Wayback Wednesday!

--- Wayback Wednesday: How it Works ---

Wayback Wednesday on JBS
Welcome to Wayback Wednesday on John's Blog Space!

Most of what I select for "Wayback Wednesday" primarily consists of music videos. Rather than share with fans, I usually share YouTube videos among friends in my Facebook profile. Most of what I share are selections based on a certain group of songs I want to feature. I want to label it as "Wayback Wednesday" for the sake of hashtag usage. The proper person in me knows it is "Way Back Wednesday" rather than "Wayback Wednesday." The main criteria element is that the material must be at least five years old. So as of this blog post, all Wayback Wednesday features material from 2009 or earlier. Nothing from 2010 or later will be featured. All Wayback Wednesday selections go in chronological order from earliest to oldest. So more recent material is featured before going to least recent material. For example, a song from 2003 will be shown followed by a song either from that same year or before 2003.

Here's the quick rundown:
• material that is at least five years old is featured.
• selected material is from more recent to less recent.
• not every selection is music.

This is a sample post:

Wayback Wednesday: (Month Day, Year)

(song arist - song title, or title) (year)
(link to video)

I decide to post just a link to the video rather than slow down the performance of my blog with embedded YouTube videos. Links to some videos may or may not be available all the time. You're basically clicking at your own discretion in this sense.

Depending on traffic and other considerations, I may start this as a common feature of my blog. Having said all of this... let's begin!

--- Wayback Wednesday: Selections ---

Here are the songs I've selected for this Wednesday. Click on the links to view the YouTube videos associated with the individual songs. NOTE: Certain restrictions may apply to some of the material I've selected- such as (but not limited to) age restrictions. Be wary of this if you decide to click on any of the provided links to this post.

If you like to comment, feel free to let me know which songs you like from this list I selected.

Wayback Wednesday: December 10, 2014

Here are the themes I selected for this week as part of this themed edition of Wayback Wednesday. Some of these selections don't have proper years I can really tag, but they are pretty much in order of when I remember first hearing each song:

That's So Raven theme (circa 2005)
That's so Raven... "Yep, that's me!" This hit Disney channel show featuring Raven-Symone is what you're going to get with this featured song.

NBA on ESPN 2003-2006 (2003-2006)
This is my favorite NBA on ESPN theme. I prefer this one more than the current theme.

Top Gear Theme (BBC Top Gear)
This the theme to BBC's Top Gear. Go ahead and make your own introduction. "Tonight..."

NASCAR on FOX theme (2001)
With NASCAR on FOX giving way to NASCAR on NBC, let me share this post to get you going with NASCAR on FOX.

ESPN Speedworld Theme (1990s)
When I started following racing back around 1999, there used to be ESPN Speedworld. That theme is what you're going to hear here, and this song is the Speedworld theme as I got to know it. Click on the link above and enjoy some old school ESPN music here.

Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge (1998)
SEGA's "Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge" has a song that will get you going almost immediately if you're a racing fan. That song can be heard here. Have a listen!

ESPN National Hockey Night theme
When ESPN shown coverage of the NHL, there was this classic theme.

X-Files (mid-late 1990s)
Time to take things to a surreal level now. My brother was a big fan of the FOX series "The X-Files." This rather creepy tune sounds great to me. By the way, this is full X-Files theme.

Living Single (mid-1990s)
The theme to the FOX sitcom "Living Single" is featured season-by-season with this video. Nothing like 90s hip-hop. Listen and enjoy!

The Ricki Lake Show theme (1993-2004)
Maybe one of my favorite daytime talk show themes is that of [the old] Ricki Lake Show. I did enjoy the newer Ricki Lake Show theme before it got canceled. Here is the classic theme to the classic Ricki Lake Show. "Go Ricki! Go Ricki!..."

John Tesh - Roundball Rock (NBA on NBC theme) (1991-2002)
I love the current NBA on TNT theme. But when it comes to NBA themes in general, there is nothing better than John Tesh and "Roundball Rock." Listen to this classic here as part of the old NBA on NBC days.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme (long theme) (1990s)
One of my all-time favorite sitcoms is "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The theme to this classic sitcom can be heard by clicking on the link above.

Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (1984)
The theme to "Beverly Hills Cop" is called "Axel f." All I know is, this is a great theme to listen to. Why not give this one a listen?

Gary Portnoy - "Every Time I Turn Around" (1984)
The theme to "Punky Brewster" is what you'll find here. This is a really cool song with mellow vocals and nice instrumentals. This is such a positive and happy song. Check it out!

Rita Coolidge - All Time High (1983)
One of my favorite James Bond themes is "All Time High." This sexy number can be enjoyed by clicking on the link above. It was performed by Rita Coolidge for the Bond film "Octopussy."

Alvin and the Chipmunks Theme (1983)
"Simon... Theodore... ALVIN!!!" Okay. Something got me to feature this song. Enjoy you some old school cartoons here.

Dave Grusin - St. Elsewhere theme (1982)
I love this mellow theme to "St. Elsewhere." I've never seen a single episode of this show, but I do love this theme. The song was performed by Dave Grusin. Have a listen.

Henri Mancini - Nadia's Theme ("The Young and the Restless" theme) (dates back to 1973)
I do NOT watch soap operas. However, my favorite soap opera theme is that of "The Young and the Restless," which you can listen to by clicking on the link above. I swear to you this is a beautiful song with the soft piano melody and with the stringed sounds. It is both beautiful and sad at the same time. It is perfectly normal to shed tears hearing just how beautiful this song is.

Good Times theme (1974)
This is the theme to the old sitcom "Good Times." This song dates back to the sitcom's 1974 debut.

This concludes another "Wayback Wednesday" post of mine. To check out the latest posts in the "Wayback Wednesday" category, click this link: Wayback Wednesday.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!

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