Monday, January 11, 2010

Curly is Cute!

John Marine | 1/11/2010 09:25:00 PM |
(UPDATED: February 25, 2012)

Curly hair can be very cute. Whether long locks of curly hair or a curly bob hairstyle, curly hair is very fun and lovely. Regardless, curly hair is eye catching and accentuates the face beautifully. What I like most about curly hair is just how curly hair looks. Curly hair can be like ribbons of hair that fall down to accentuate the face of a femme sporting curls. Voluminous and long curly hair can even have a good amount of bounce. Curly hair can be both cute, sophisticated, and sometimes... both at the same time.


FEB 25 2012 - made a bunch of edits

PERSONAL NOTE (added: February 25, 2012): Thanks for keeping my post on curly hair relevant! I will work to revamp this blog post and make it much more interesting to read with more pictures and commentary. Thanks for your continued support!

--- Favorite Curls from Famous People ---

The one whose curls I love most is from this lady...

Taylor Swift curls
^ from: - Can you guess who this curly-haired beauty is?

Taylor Swift sophisticated curls
^ from: - This is the same curly-haired girl from the previous image. Who is she?

...Taylor Swift. Whether as a short hairstyle or long hairstyle, Taylor's beauty shines beautifully. I think the volume of her hair and the style of her curly hair sticks out to me most as to why I love her curly hair. Taylor Swift's curly hair is beautiful even as her looks sparkles like stars on a clear night's sky. I think Taylor looked her best in the music video to "Teardrops on my Guitar." Look it up on YouTube. It's Taylor at her most beautiful.

Selena Gomez curly hair
^ from: - Whose curls are THESE?

Selena Gomez is equally lovely with curly hair. She has amazing curly hair whether with short hairstyles or longer hairstyles. This youngster has adorable hair to match her adorable face. Then again, Selena Gomez has beautiful hair anyways, whether curly or straight.

To all of you with curly hair, I got nothing but love. I love all women's hairstyles. But it's just that if I had to choose one hairstyle among curly or straight or wavy, it's curly. Curly is cute whether as long hair, as a short hairstyle, even curly bangs... curly hair is very cute to me. Curly hair can even be sophisticated.

Thank you for reading!

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