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Sydney Celeste Rose

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@Model_Celeste23 is a jack-of-all-trades entertainer. Nicknamed the "Bad Ass Barbie," Sydney Celeste Rose is a model, musician, comedian, and more. Her talent is greater than her petite frame. I first learned of her on LOOKBOOK. She shown off some of her outfits before, and I enjoyed her looks. I later went on to see some of her other modeling shoots and even listen to her music. After a while, I was sold on Sydney Celeste Rose. She is a Greek model based in North Carolina. This blog post is sort of my look at Sydney Celeste Rose.

Sydney Celeste Rose

Here are a few individual pieces in regards to Sydney Celeste Rose.

Modeling and Style of Sydney.

Sydney Celeste Rose is beautiful to look at. Her smile is very sweet complimented with her beautiful, long, curly hair. I will even say she boasts a pretty pair of legs as well. Perhaps Sydney's signature style would be some kind of leopard print incorporated into her wardrobe. Yes- she's one of those girls. Many of her outfits range from casual outfits to various chic outfits. Lingerie and swimwear also play as her fashion fortes. She has even had some more classy outfits. For the most part, Sydney mostly delivers enticing modeling in her style.

Sydney's modeling also includes promotional work. She has been a model promoting certain businesses and products.

Music of Sydney.

I don't think Sydney has the best singing voice, but I do think she puts on a great show. I actually think her singing has gotten better since I first learned of her. As of April 2, 2017; she is working on a hip-hop song with a producer named Verceti Trap Star. I wish her luck with this music project.

While this video isn't an example of her hip-hop music, this is a sample of Sydney's singing ability:

^ It's whatever (cover )

A Determined Dreamer.

What I love most about Sydney is just how real and honest she is. If anything, she is someone who you can look up to. Just having a passion to perform is also what makes Sydney special. Whether or not you think Sydney is the best at her performances is up to you, but she delivers no doubt in her work. She only stands 5'2", but her personality and her heart are much greater than her petite size. Here is a video demonstration of the heart she has with her work:

^ Question : when did you learn that grinding like no one is watching is the key to success?

And then, there is this video interview Sydney did:

^ Sydney Celeste Rose Interview

Convinced much about her heart?

Final Thoughts.

Long story short, I have great respect for Sydney Celeste Rose. Not only (mostly) for her amazing looks, but because of her determination and her heart. Nothing was handed to her- she worked for everything. Even when others said no or doubted her, she kept going because there was a much greater purpose to her work. You can not fault somebody for simply following his/her dreams. The end game is in trying to reach a level of satisfaction and success that defines her as a person and as an entity. Sydney is going to go very far if she hasn't progressed well already. She represents unrelenting courage and determination to be absolutely amazing and accomplish absolutely amazing. She also represents the "prove you wrong" type to those who doubt her. Sydney may be sassy, spicy, and wild; but she is also beautiful in heart and (obviously) looks. There is no denying she is someone born to perform and born to succeed.

What If Sydney Read This?

I have long admired you and your work. Just your personality and spirit alone are reasons why you have become the superstar you've become. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring others. Maybe some of my viewers of "John's Blog Space" will get to appreciate you and all you do.

Would I Want to Meet Sydney?

I think Sydney Celeste Rose is a very cool personality. So I'd definitely want to meet her if given the chance or meet candidly.

For More Information...

More about Sydney Celeste Rose can be procured by visiting her website at

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