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When Posts Get Neglected

John Marine | 11/27/2011 02:48:00 PM | |
Sad but true fact- some posts I make get completely neglected. Just because I post a lot on a number of topics doesn't mean all of them will get sufficient traffic. I have come to a point where I anticipate certain posts to get great traffic. However, that is not always the case. A post on a certain topic depends entirely and mostly on Internet traffic. A combination of certain elements help make blog posts viewable, mostly certain keywords and certain images.

While some posts get neglected often times, some others get noticed for the wrong reasons. One of those was a popular blog post that was supposed to be about dressing inconsistently with weather. Trouble is, it has only been noted because I mention mini skirts. The problem was that I had already made a post on mini skirts, but it is another post that is getting more attention on that specific subject, rather than a post where I make a mere mention of something.

Let me make a suitable analogy about all of this. For me to make my blog and its content more efficient, it is like trying to improve a city's traffic flow by building more roads and finding ways to better manage traffic flow on existing roads. You may have to get rid of some roads or re-direct traffic elsewhere, but anything you can do to improve traffic and make things more efficient can be a great help. I can have a massive-size blog with many topics and posts, but it all means nothing if it is not handled efficiently. So I have to work to continually make my posts more efficient as well as how people get to them.

My job as a blogger is to provide quality material on a number of topics. Part of accomplishing this task is in making quality posts as well as making efficient posts. I often take a look at how people find "John's Blog Space." I want to look for the next blog post or next item to edit to make my posts more efficient and more viewable. If it means lightening the load, my poorest-performing or irrelevant blog posts get deleted to make way for more updated material. Some even just get deleted and don't even come back in any form. Some material in posts may also get deleted to provide for a better Internet searching experience.

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So while I haven't blogged in almost a week on JBS, do know that I work on making the next for you to hopefully enjoy. What I may start doing is making "In Case You Missed It" posts, highlighting on certain blog posts that I think could get more views than what they currently do. Make sure to connect with me on Facebook and on Twitter to see what posts I am working on for the future.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I am going to make an effort to visit your blog more regularly I'm wayyy behind on your posts.

John B. Marine said...

I need to add a blogroll to my blog when I have time to figure it out; you'll definitely be on it when I do!  I follow you on Facebook & Twitter already. :) Good luck getting more fans/followers.

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