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Fashion Illustrations

John Marine | 11/30/2011 01:30:00 AM |
Rather than actual people in actual fashions, some express their love of fashion through art. Drawing fashion presents vivid representations of certain fashion pieces and outfits. Why worry with someone else's models and fashions when you can create your own? These illustrations can range from visual representations of styles to simply playing around with and making your own versions of fashions.

I have thought about trying to post a picture to define this post. However (and due to copyright fears), I have passed on the idea of posting a picture here.

--- Fashion Illustrations: Why Make Them? ---

I always say that fashion is art. What about when fashion literally is art? What you get are pictures made by artistic people who show a love of fashion through art. This art may involve sketches or paintings. Regardless, a certain look or style is exhibited through the means of art. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing fashion with sketches and artwork rather than have actual people in actual fashions.

Certain cues help express fashion in special ways. Elongated legs, exasperated details, and things like that are often expressed in various fashion illustrations. Some people often design images as prototypes for certain fashionable looks. Some fashionable types draw (as in deriving or taking away) inspiration from certain dolls or other images. However you get your inspiration, you have an eye for style and want to express it however you please.

These sketches, paintings, and things of that nature are all a part of expression through the means of art. A vivid imagination and a creative approach at art help make these fashion illustrations special.

--- Bloggers Who Make Fashion Illustrations ---

You will meet certain bloggers who make various fashion illustrations. The blog posts I will showcase feature only a sample of the artwork they provide. They may either be art they created themselves, or artwork of the represented persons from others.

To prevent any sort of copyright issues, no images will be hotlinked from any of the following sites. You will need to click on the various links to learn more about each featured artist/blog/site.


Often times, a young lady from Estonia would take certain pictures from certain fashion collections and make her own artwork. This youngster's name is Tuuli. Fallie's Scrapbook is mostly a fashion blog featuring a lot of art. It was one of the first blogs I've followed mostly based on art. The styles are more like childish art, but her work is very nicely done. See for yourself with this sample post:

"Jason Wu," on fallie
This is only a sample of Fallie's artistic talent.

"chin up, beautiful," on fallie
Sometimes, she'll put together a few quick sketches. This is one of those quick sketches.

Miss Kwong.

This beautiful teacher from Hong Kong added fashion illustrations as part of her repertoire of content to her blog. I have picked one post to give you an example of her fashion illustrations, and it is actually an entire page devoted to some of her various fashion illustrations. Here is where you can see Miss Kwong and gauge her artistic talent:

"Fashion Illustrations"
Miss Kwong's unique fashion illustrations are featured here in this page.

Song of Style.

"Illustrations... of ME!" on Song of Style
This recent blog post features Aimee Song in various fashion illustrations made by various people.

The others are blogs I don't follow. Some of them may have not been updated in a while, and I am only including them to find more relevant content to feature in this blog post.


This blog has not been updated in a long while, so they may be no real point in trying to follow it. I was looking for more blog posts. Take a look at this lady's various fashion illustrations by clicking on the header to this area.

Fashion World.

The post featured here is a look at fashion illustrations from this blog.

"Fashion Art Illustration" on Fashion World

Fashion Sketches.

No point in Following this blog since it hasn't been updated in a long while. However, there are a number of fashion sketches showcasing a broad variety of different looks. Visit the blog to see all of the different sketches.

PAPERFASHION (WordPress blog).

PAPERFASHION is a WordPress blog featuring many fashion illustrations. Visit the hyperlinked header to visit this blog, or you may see these two sample posts from PAPERFASHION:

"Work in Progress..." on PAPERFASHION

Alesya's Bags (WordPress Blog).

This WordPress blog has a post regarding fashion illustrations. It features three different illustrations in the post I am about to feature: "Fashion Illustration" on Alesya's Bags.

I would like to find more bloggers who make their own fashion illustrations. If you're one of them, please feel free to contact me and let me know about your blog. If I like your material, I may edit this post with a link to one or more of your posts!

I want to salute all the artists and such who make fashion sketches. Please let me in on any other sites I should know of in case this topic interests you. Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I love art in almost any form, so of course I love fashion illustrations. When I was younger I used to draw dresses & outfits for fun, but it's not my best   :) Fun post! 

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