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A Salute to Ivana

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Ivana of "a little place to call my own" has been a long-time supporter and visitor of my work. So I figured I would honor this Croatian cutie with this blog post. Ivana's blog features her fashion, travel, and art insights. There is a little of everything that this Croatian blogger offers to the online realm. Even still, I want to salute her out of love and respect. While I do get blog hits from Croatia (hello to any and all Croatians reading this post), I figured I'd do the nation proud by paying respect to one of Croatia's own in this "John's Blog Space" post.

NOTES: Because I've seen her under certain surnames, I will only refer to her as Ivana. To avoid any copyright issues, I will not hotlink any images.

A Salute to Ivana

This video gives you a little idea of Ivana and her voice and looks:

^ "Book review Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings"

To be honest, I like Ivana's voice. I was doing my research for this topic and came across this video. Anyhow, moving on...

Ivana is from Split, Croatia. I am not sure if I found the Croatian blogger's material or if she found me. Either way, I am pleased to come across her in some capacity. She runs a blog called "a little place to call my own." Her blog really is more than just about fashion. While fashion is a focus of the blog, she also shares some of her illustrations as well as travel insights. You know you are in for something special when even a post regarding some location is just as detailed as any of her fashion posts. So rather than just fashion, Ivana offers travel and art insight. While I haven't seen every last post of hers, I do check in at times to gauge her fashion style. Ivana's blog is available in both English and Croatian.

There is no real concrete definition or designation of her fashion style. Not so much into trends, but she does a fine job putting together a lot of outfits. Most of her style is rather classy and modest. So nothing overly casual or overly elegant is featured. You can get an idea of her fashion style by looking at Ivana's LOOKBOOK profile.

The reason why I am honoring Ivana is because she has been a regular visitor and comments often to my posts. To show my support, I've offered this post as well as offering my respect to this lady. I am hopeful she can appreciate me devoting an entire blog post to her. Since "a place to call my own" isn't entirely a fashion blog, that's why I am featuring her here in my main blog rather than in my fashion blog, "StyleSpace by JBM." Either way, I am thankful and pleased to gain a loyal visitor. Not just a loyal visitor, but someone who offers some timely insight.

I know I say that "John's Blog Space" is a blog about anything and everything. If you were to categorize it as one specific kind of blog, JBS is a personal blog. It is a personal blog that has a professional feel to it and with professional material. Since this is a personal blog, I often times mix up topics and even offer differing topics. I may offer something educational in one post and then go and make something personal in another. All of this adds to the appeal of "John's Blog Space." Besides this sort of chatter, I find great importance in trying to pay respect in people all around the world. So it is great to try to provide honor and respect to others. One of my initial goals for 2016 anyways was to pay tribute to certain individuals as a means of celebrating people and showing respect to others. And of course... to offer something positive amid the various negativity online.

For More Information...

If you would like to visit Ivana's blog, click on the following link: a little place to call my own.

Could there be others I may salute in the future? Perhaps. I do hope you enjoyed this blog post and perhaps got to know a special individual online. On that note, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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