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Thug Shells

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"I can rap any word," says the "pocket sized self-described bubbly gangster," Thug Shells. There is big time talent from this petite freestyle rapper and entertainer who shares her awesomeness with gangster adorability. Don't worry- it's okay to drink the Thug Juice and become a fan of this impressive entertainer and musician. This blog post focuses in on the wonderful personality known as Thug Shells.


Everything in this blog post is all opinion-based. This is not meant to be a proper interview or article.

Thug Shells

Meet Thuggy:

Thug Shells
^ from: (YouTube) - Thug Shells is a positive pocket-size gangster who offers her awesomeness through gangster adorability. Care to drink the Thug Juice?

Thug Shells is a Canadian rapper from the Canadian province of Alberta. She is best known for her incredible rap skills, especially freestyle rap. One of her first acts where she gained popularity around 2020 by making a music video based on a popular public service announcement in Canada from the 1990s. She since has been at the forefront of many different impressive and fun songs and projects. Thug Shells has a knack for positive-focused music along with lots of lighthearted and uplifting acts.

Thug Shells often likes to say she can rap any word. If anyone visits her Twitch channel, you'll see she gets lots of practice taking in terms from Chat and making a freestyle rap song. Besides the freestyle rap she does, Thug Shells also produces her own music. She's done a number of different rap songs, but she also has done drum 'n bass and some other similar work. One of the simplest showcases of her work can be seen in a 20-minute long video that serves as "Stream Starting Soon" or intermission. Songs of hers include "Thugs Bunny," "Blooming," "Too Sunny," "Not Alone," and more. Recent songs of hers include "Money," "Figure It Out," "Drama Llama," and "Just Be."

Thug Shells has competed in some rap competitions before. She took part in some rap battles and won. What I found most interesting is that some of the rappers she went up against used a lot of profanity-laden rhymes while Thuggy just utilizes her own unique style of hip-hop. Even once in one performance, she mentioned (indirect quote) "...I don't have to swear to be a good rapper."

Thug Shells has a lot of marine wildlife influence for fictional characters. Her mascot is Finnigan, a dolphin. One of the animations on her channel features crabs walking by. So there is a lot of marine influence with a lot of her work.

My Testimonal.

Times previously, I seen Thug Shells featured in my Twitch recommendations, but I never gave thought to visit her channel in the past. Thug Shells finally convinced me of her awesomeness when she performed this freestyle rap session regarding PizzaPrincessG (who I blogged about before here: "PizzaPrincessG" on John's Blog Space):

...and since December 4, 2022, I've been a Thug Shells fan. I also don't regret being of Thuggy, either.

The Thug Shells Experience

Thug Shells mostly is about freestyle hip-hop. A lot of her regular Twitch streams are simply about taking terms said by Twitch chat and then making a song out of those terms. The process is simple- pop into Chat, mention a word or two, and Thug Shells will try to incorporate that into a freestyle song. At times, Thug Shells takes her freestyle rap into the world. She has had freestyle rap sessions chatting with real people. They range from common folk to even a few famous names. All the while, Thug Shells drops some bars that leave people absolutely impressed.

Though she is great at freestyle rap, she also is a DJ. Her DJ work is not exclusively hip-hop; other genres she mixes includes hip-hop, drum 'n bass, breakbeat, disco house, and more. Thug Shells is just as talented mixing music as she is making music.

Her biggest contribution to Twitch is hosting Freestyle Rap Night. This is an occasion held whereas a number of individuals get on stage and freestyle rap to their heart's content. There usually are no major musicians taking part in these rap sessions. Most of the individuals who perform are mostly into real hip-hop and rap for the love of it. More detail on "Freestyle Rap Night" is coming up later in this blog post.

Is Thug Shells all music on Twitch? No. She sometimes does real life streams featuring real-life insight. Her streams can be travel streams, hiking streams, gaming streams, or anything like that. I seen her stream her experience visiting cities like New York City and San Francisco. I seen her stream going hiking in the Yukon. She had a stream of her getting a tattoo. Many things are featured on her Twitch channel.

Back to freestyle rap for a moment, though.

Thug Shells Raps.

Freestyle rap involves putting together an impromptu song based on certain key words. This is a style popularized by talent like Harry Mack. I think Harry Mack is the king of freestyle. Honestly, I think Thug Shells is the queen of freestyle rap.

Thuggy has a very smooth voice that lends power to the bars she drops in her songs. She got that 1990s hip-hop style, and that's what I love about her hip-hop style. Thuggy can rap slow or fast, usually fast. Most of all, Thug Shells doesn't rely on excessively swearing. Her own songs mostly have some great positive messages. She is all about "good vibes only" and positive energy. I honestly think if 2020s Thug Shells went back in time and rapped in the 1990s, she could hold her own against some of the 1990s talent. She'd fit right in. Thug Shells would be right there against Queen Latifah, Salt 'n Pepa, MC Lyte, Da Brat, and even quite a few of the male hip-hop talent of the 1990s.

Thug Shells even competed in a hip-hop battle tournament in Vancouver in 2023. She had to try to hold her own against some other rappers dropping savage bars. Thuggy won her rap battles with minimal swearing and witty humor while her opponents would fill up the Swear Jar easily with savage bars.

Freestyle Rap Night.

Let me use this space to discuss Freestyle Rap Night, hosted by Thug Shells. Every other Thursday night at the River City Revival House in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; various people get up on stage and drop some freestyle raps to the crowd. Some time later in the Freestyle Rap Night, a feature artist or artists will take the stage and perform some of their songs to the crowd. Thug Shells even drops some freestyle bars in between some of the different rappers from time to time. After that, there is usually a 20-minute break before the night continues with more freestyle rap. You could either relax or enjoy what River City Revival House is famous for- its delicious chicken wings.

Freestyle Rap Night was where I got to hear some of the common and popular names. The first personality I grown to love on Freestyle Rap Night is an artist known as STIX the Legend. Later, I got to know different personalities like Jangles and Rat King Radio.

One time, Thug Shells had to serve three roles in one night- host, DJ, and feature performer. This specific night was all on her birthday or around the time of her birthday!

One word of warning... Freestyle Rap Night is purely uncensored with some raw language.

Now for some final thoughts...

Thug Shells: Final Thoughts

Thug Shells is an absolutely genuine and very cool personality. This Canadian excels at hip-hop and doing DJ sets. She has that 1990s style of hip-hop and a polarizing personality that makes her very loveable and enjoyable. One would have to try very hard to not like any of her material. It is very easy to smile, laugh, and/or admire her immense talent. She may be a "pocket sized self-described bubbly gangster," but she is also a wonderful person who has massive talent and personality and executes with "gangster adorability." So go ahead- drink the Thug Juice. What 'chu got to lose?

What I Would Tell Thug Shells (if she were to read this)...

Thug Shells, thank you so much for your awesomeness. Your personality and charm in all arenas of life are absolute boons to the world. I even enjoy being part of such an amazing Twitch community you have. You even introduced me to a number of different personalities through Freestyle Rap Night Maybe my only regret is becoming a fan of yours any sooner. I didn't get to be sold on your awesomeness until you dropped an awesome freestyle rap about PizzaPrincessG at TwitchCon 2022. I even purchased some of your songs from Bandcamp, until I found about your work also available on Beatport. I have been more than honored being part of your community since December 4, 2022. I wish you more success and greater success in the future. Most of all, thank you from saving me from boredom on Twitch (and/or YouTube as well). Stay awesome! :D

For More Information...

To learn more about Thug Shells, visit her official site at: Also visit her Twitch channel at and her YouTube videos at Thug Shells on YouTube.

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