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Party Time!

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(UPDATED: July 18, 2017)

"Party Time!" is a popular blog post of mine thanks to my many readers. This post is all about fashion for a night out, whether to parties or nights on the town. This popular post has been brought up so my newer readers can comment on it. "Party Time!" has been updated and brought to the forefront in thanks for all of my readers. I figured my new readers should be able to get a chance to comment on this blog post as well as see some other edits made to it. I would like to thank all of my readers for making this one of my most popular blog posts of all time.

All dolled up and ready to go for the night? Dressing up for a night out to a party or a nightclub should be fun. Step your style game up when it's party time and when glam is the ONLY way to go. Get it right, and you're basically the life of the party. Get it wrong, and you'll be a hot mess. If heading to a party or some kind of casual deal (like going to the nightclub) is your deal, I'm here to blog about party-type, evening-type, semi-formal/formal fashions. I may try to discuss party fashion for men as well. As most of you know, however, I tend to be more concentrated on feminine fashion than masculine fashion. I will TRY, though.

As of this blog entry, this is officially my 500th blog entry. So maybe it's great that I choose this time to make a fashion-themed blog entry involving a party. :)


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EVER BEEN TO STYLESPACE? I have posted a version of this topic in my StyleSpace blog! You can enjoy your time here, or you may visit my StyleSpace blog post also called "Party Time!"

PERSONAL NOTE: I would like to thank all of you for making this entry as one of my most popular blog posts! I'm glad that you all enjoy my work. I hope you enjoy this blog post if you are reading it for the first time ever. FUN FACT- this is one of my biggest (in terms of memory size) I've ever posted online.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog entry mostly concerns party-appropriate fashions for Juniors and Women only. I will mention party dresses, but ONLY for Juniors and Women. So no fashions for children or babies will be mentioned here as this blog was intended only Junior and Women audiences.

If you want to shop for relevant items online, I can help you! Use the various items from Amazon and ShopStyle I have included in this blog post. I would gladly appreciate your business if you buy anything from the material I've provided. These are all provided for you for your enjoyment and for you to look your best.

Party Fashion at a Glance

Club nights. Trendy parties. Fancy dinners. [Some] Formal occasions. You know that you want to have fun for the night. Because you want to have fun, you'll need to wear some stylish clothing to show you're ready for the night. These are times where some of your casual duds just aren't going to cut it. You need to dress up. You need to jazz up the night. You need to step your game up. It's party time!

You can dress almost any way you like during the day. However, when the time comes for taking style up a notch and letting your style REALLY come alive, that's when you need to come along with fashions and looks that make you the life of the party. Wearing great clothes for a night out helps you feel confident and sharp when out among others. Being "all dolled up" is all about looking (depending on your preference) handsome, beautiful, sexy, cute, or whatever you're aiming for in dressing for a night out or for a party.

Dress to Impress!

I think for some people, they feel like you have to look and feel as trendy as all the others at a party. The party can range from casual wear to more dressy styles. You want to look and feel good when out in public at a fun place at a fun time. You're trying to blend in with the other party goers, but you want to (of course) stand out.

Think about it like this... if you're trying to land a boyfriend or a girlfriend at a party or a club, do you want to look like an average Joe/Jill? When trying to land a big-time job, do you dress like you just got out of bed? So step up your style. Dress to impress, baby!

You want to look your best and wear some great clothes to help bring out some classy appeal. A girl needs a cute outfit for a night out about as much as a guy needs a cool outfit of his own.

Does Party Fashion Have to Mean Fancy Dress?

Does this style of fashion mean that you always have to wear very fancy-type clothing? Not always. There are a number of parties that are casual, semi-formal, or just straight-up formal. Some trendy parties and nightclubs may even disallow jeans and/or sneakers being worn. So it depends on where you go and what the occasion is. I always say that fashion is more versatile to females than us guys, so it's possible a dress you wear in the daytime can be worn at night while looking hot.

What about the guys? I don't party every night or every weekend, so I can't say I speak with any sort of experience. I can say that for the grand total of TWO times I've been to a nightclub, you CERTAINLY want to look great when at a trendy party or a trendy lounge/club.

Party/Club Fashion in Pictures: Females

Let's take a look at some party outfits and club outfits. What you are going to see here are what some people wear at parties, nightclubs, after parties, maybe some award shows, and things like that...

Party Dresses.

Party dresses are certainly in vogue for when it's time to shimmer and shine. There is nothing a girl could want than to wear a pretty party dress when it's time to glam things up. This is a look at various party dresses to get this blog post moving:

strapless party dress
^ from: - You know you got to glam it up when it's party time!

shiny sheer fabric
^ from: - Shiny and sheer fabrics can be stylish, but sometimes, a cute non-shiny dress (like this one from Max Azria) can be just as fun to wear.

satin shirtdress
^ from:, by way of - a satin shirtdress is purely indicative of evening/party style.

plus size party dress
^ from: - a Plus Size woman wearing a party dress. Even Plus Size Juniors and Women should be able to glam it up and look beautiful for a night out.

Perhaps the most basic night out fashion for females is the good old party dress. Whether the party is at a nightclub or at a real party, you always want to wear a girly and feminine dress that evokes your beauty. You don't want to go to a party or any other trendy/fun formal occasion not looking your best, do you? So a basic party dress is always fun to look into.

I think back to the old MTV show, "My Super Sweet 16" when the girls who have these lavish celebrations want to look for a fun and beautiful dress to wear for their party (I say "their party" since most of them don't have Sweet Sixteen parties. Some, for example, celebrated Quinceañeras). The beauty behind dresses is that they are feminine, flowing, and beautiful. Anything from a slim dress to any frilly and fancy dress is beautiful enough for almost any fun occasion. These are opportunities to wear clothes to make you look your best for very fun occasions.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I made a blog post about Quinceañeras. To read it, check out "Quinceañeras" on John's Blog Space="Quinceañeras" on John's Blog Space}"!

So in other words... if you come to party and very okay with wearing dresses, then find a party dress where you feel about as close as possible to feeling like a princess.

Party Dresses for Juniors (ShopStyle):

Party Dresses for Women (ShopStyle):

Cocktail Dresses.

cocktail dress
^ from: - Cocktail dresses are usually popular in cold weather times during the Holidays.

During cool weather times, cocktail dresses become very popular in cold weather times around the Holidays. They are characterized by dresses that resemble women's favorite cocktail drinks. These dresses have a sexy and chic appearance. They extend down usually at or just below the legs. Cocktail dresses can either be slim or beautifully flowing. Here is another picture of a cocktail dress. This time, with tights:

cocktail dress with tights
^ from: - A evening-type dress paired with black tights and black oxford pumps.

If you are not confident showing bare legs or spice up your party dress or cocktail dress, go with some tights or stockings to wear under your dress. Black tights and a nice pair of black platform pumps can elongate the legs of petites. Either opaque tights or sheer tights can add a little more substance and personality to any dress.

That will conclude this section. If you want some video advice on cocktail dresses, here is a video from The Wendy Williams Show to help you out:

Women's Cocktail Dresses (ShopStyle)

Party/Evening Skirts.

How about skirts? Here is a look at skirts for you for when it's party time:

party skirt
^ from: - a frilly taffeta skirt for party/evening wear.

If dresses aren't for you, then there are always dressy skirts to wear. The plus to skirts (as opposed to dresses) is that you can freely find a lovely top or blouse to compliment your skirt. The majority of items I've discussed in this blog entry are about proper party-style fashion items.

Party/Evening Pants and Pant Suits.

As much as dresses and skirts can be stylish, some would rather wear pants. If this describes you, this is your section.

evening pant suit women
^ from: - Rather than a fancy dress, you can always find a lovely pant suit or jumpsuit to wear.

palazzo pants sash
^ from: - these are dressy women's slacks that can be worn for parties or nights out on the town. These pants' biggest fancy detail is the sash belt.

palazzo pants evening
^ from: - If you don't fancy wearing a skirt, consider palazzo pants. Dressy palazzo pants can be a lovely pant alternative to long skirts.

palazzo pants
^ from: - palazzo pants made of jersey, spandex, or modal (among others) carries the capability of being versatile for day AND night fashions. Trade flip-flops or sneakers for more dressy shoes to go with pants like the ones above.

As long as you have a dressy pair of pants and a good top or accessories to go with them, you'll be alright with pants or a pant suit. Certain pants can be party or night appropriate ranging from slacks to palazzo pants.

Evening Jumpsuits and Rompers/Playsuits.

(click on the hyperlinked text in the heading above to read my blog entries on these items!)
Even one-piece pants and one-piece shorts can be great for a night out. Just take a look:

evening jumpsuit
^ from: - a jumpsuit can be just as beautiful as a dress, especially as long as you can find a one that suits you best.

evening rompers/playsuit
^ from: - a romper dress from bebe. Some know how to make even shorts look hot for nights out and for various occasions.

As long as your taste in jumpsuits isn't as deplorable as Tyra Banks in "America's Next Top Model," there are a number of lovely jumpsuits that can help you feel glamourous and hot. A good way to go is to go with a palazzo jumpsuit. Palazzo jumpsuits have style as graceful as a dress. Plus, you can confidently wear them as a long dress. More evening-appropriate palazzo jumpsuits can flare as much as a full skirt. Only that these are two full skirts you wear on each leg. If you fancy harem pant-like jumpsuits, that's another viable option for you if you can pull such a look off.

Rompers/Playsuits are really catching on as of late. While a proper dress can be attractive, rompers/playsuits can do the trick as well. What I think would be party/evening appropriate would have to be one of the following: either a romper that is shiny in appearance, or a very elegant romper. Short rompers can be just as appealing as any proper dress. If seeking rompers for a night out, I think silk or satin short rompers can be very beautiful for a night out. Wearing a blazer with rompers/playsuits can dress up your rompers/playsuit and give your entire look a chic touch.

(ADDED: July 18, 2012)
Here are some evening-appropriate jumpsuits on ShopStyle. In case you're interested in shopping for some jumpsuits online:

Party/Evening Short Shorts.

Shorts... not just for casual daytime wear anymore! Sometimes, the best way to look hot is to do so wearing shorts. It is very possible to dress up certain shorts and look hot a night out or for certain functions. Get your inspiration right here on dressing up shorts!

short shorts with pumps party
^ from: - Talk about a hot night out! Amanda Seyfried wearing dressy short-shorts with high-heel pumps.

You may remember from my blog entry on short shorts that some short shorts can be worn for a night on the town. For the sake of this blog entry, they have to be classy and stylish short shorts (meaning... no denim jean shorts that are destroyed or anything). Details I would look for in a stylish pair of short-shorts for a stylish outfit would be shiny fabrics and/or a sash belt. Some evening occasions are pretty much okay to wear denim jean short shorts. So unless it's for a stylish occasion, denim jean short shorts are perfectly okay. The three most common choices of footwear are pumps, sandals, or boots/booties. I say to make a statement, go with some shoes that have a high heel and with a platform base. Platforms and high heels exude sexy style and can (no pun intended) elevate your style for the night. It's up to you whether you want to go with closed-toe or open-toe pumps. Dressy sandals are also fine. High-heel boots or booties also add some style. I'd probably find some booties or shooties to wear. A pair of full tights along with any of these items (except sandals and open-toe pumps) would be great to wear with short-shorts.

While I don't necessarily like or crazy about them, Bermuda/walking/city shorts are also fine to wear. They just don't have the sexy appeal that short-shorts have, though. My mindset is more on sexy or flirty items sure to have you feeling hot.

Party/Evening Jeans.

Jeans can be perfectly fine to wear for certain parties and certain occasions. Not all jeans are created equal, though. Some denims are classy enough to be worn to semi-formal outings as well as nights at the nightclub, Girls' Night Out, or whatever interests you.

classy jeans party
^ from: - "Ginger" jeans for Women from 7 for All Mankind. These dark wash jeans are an example of classy denim with their flared legs and sophisticated style. VERY much party/evening/nightclub appropriate.

white jeans women
^ from: - don't fancy average blue jeans? Try white jeans. A lovely blouse or tunic will set you up for the night for parties or semi-formal occasions. These white jeans are from Not Your Daughter's Jeans, by the way.

When all else fails, go with a pair of jeans. Not just ANY pair of jeans, though. It's best to go with a classy and stylish paif of jeans. An example would include some cleanly-styled dark blue jeans. It is also best to find a dressy pair of pumps, sandals, booties, or boots to go with them. Dark wash skinny jeans with some black platform pumps is a nice dressy look. If you fancy more sophisticated style, try dressy, dark wash, bootcut or flare jeans to go with a pair of dressy pumps or sandals. Trouser jeans are also a great way to be semi-formal. Or why go with blue jeans when you can make as much of a statement with white jeans? The beauty of white jeans is in the fact that you're wearing jeans, but a pair of jeans just as stylish as any blue jeans.

If you want to learn more about trouser jeans or denim trousers, please visit my blog entry called "Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans" on John's Blog Space, or shop for them in my alternative blog at "Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans" on John's Shop Space.

That's style for the ladies. Now, time for a little guy time to talk about night out fashion!

Party/Club Fashion in Pictures: Males

Now, let's see how males show their style when it's party time!

button-down shirt men
^ from: - a button-down shirt like the one above is great to dress down during the day and dress up for the night.

male party wear
^ from: - a male wearing a dressy jacket with a T-shirt underneath.

men's club shirt
^ from: - This can be a very night-friendly look for a semi-formal night out. The classy dress shirt offers a touch of classy charm.

Us guys should be able to have great fashions for parties or for the nightclub. The basic pieces I'm into are a stylish short-sleeve or long-sleeve button-down shirt, some dress pants (or jeans, if they are acceptable for a party), and some dress shoes. Dress suits are also perfectly fine. Dress shoes can be things like dressy oxfords, dressy loafers, maybe even some ankle boots.

If you want to go with a "bad ass" look, go with a look inspired by Scarface- blazer, dress shirt, dress pants, and a wicked pair of men's dress shoes. A Miami Vice-inspired look would also be a "bad ass" look for a party. I say to go with something like this if you want to make a real statement at a party or at the club. Just don't put any hits on people.

Some parties and outings would call for a casual cool look. This is where wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans are fine. Jazzing up the look means you go for a dressy jacket or a vest. Footwear can either be dress shoes or a simple pair of sneakers.

Party Time! - Final Thoughts

(ADDED: September 4, 2011)
These night out occasions can be very fun. It's best to dress up however you want for the occasion as long as it is suitable. Wearing good-looking clothes helps you feel good.

For females in evening dresses of some kind, you feel great when wearing such dresses for a night out. It is always best to wear good-fitting and lovely looking clothing for nights out on the town or for parties. You deserve to look and feel your best in these occasions. No girl (loosely speaking) would want to go to a party or some other function not looking for feeling like a princess. A girl at a party wants to be the most beautiful sight at the party. A girl wants to look her best when having fun with her girl friends. She wants to be the hottest lady at the nightclub, eager to draw single males like bees to honey. And just like honey, she wants to be sweet both in looks and in personality. So any given night, a lady just wants to look and feel her best while wearing lovely clothes for a night out.

Males also want to shine when it's party time. No girl wants to meet a guy who lacks swagger and charm, so you know guys got to step up their style when it's a night out. A guy just wants to look his best so he can hang out with his boys or try to steal the heart of a single girl at a party or club. As important as looks are, charm and swagger are also important to have when having a night out.

For either males or females, these special occasions are times where we should allow our style to come alive. These are times where we should enjoy certain times out looking our best and feeling our best. I tend to believe males should have at least one dressy outfit. I also believe females should have at least one dressy outfit, whether evening dresses, some sort of party dress, dressy pant suits, and the like. Got to step your style game up when it's party time or a night out!

No matter what, the main goal is to look and feel great in what you wear. So now that I've completed this blog entry, it's time I reward you with some items on Amazon that may greatly interest you if you want to shop for some party/evening/nightclub fashions. A blog entry on John's Shop Space features many more items that may interest you. I want to make these available in offering various fashions to those of you interested in shopping for party, evening, or nightclub fashions.

You may do a little shopping here (if you want to- I'm not requiring you to, but it would be greatly appreciated if you find and buy something you like from Amazon featured here or on JSS). These widgets feature a number of items that may please you if you want to get some night-out fashions. Have a look:

--- Party Dresses: Amazon ---

For party dresses (for Juniors):

For party dresses (for Women):

For cocktail dresses:

Happy shopping and thanks! I would gladly appreciate your business if you did shop in this post.

That concludes this blog entry. Thank you for reading, and thank you for keeping this as one of my most popular blog posts! Now go look hot tonight... it's party time, baby!

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