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Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans

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(UPDATED: June 16, 2015)

Jeans for the classy set can be found with trouser jeans and denim trousers. What makes them so lovely for females is the fact they are jeans, but classy jeans. Some women even wear these to office environments. The denim I'll be discussing in this blog entry are all the classy denim pants that are as comfortable as any average pair of jeans, but you can... basically get away with wearing jeans on the job. You will NOT see any trashy denim jeans in this blog entry. This is for the classy diva. I'll discuss classy denim while also presenting you some trouser jeans (or jean trousers) on Amazon in case you want to buy a pair of denim trousers or trouser jeans of your own.

The reason why I'm going to use "trouser jeans" more often is because I don't want to confuse people with interchangeably using "trouser" and "pants." What we call pants are what most others call trousers. So to avoid confusion with most of my international audiences, I'll almost exclusively use "trouser jeans," just to avoid confusion.


JUN 16 2015 - several edits

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--- Why Denim Trousers and Trouser Jeans? ---

The real reason why you wear trouser jeans to work is because you want to wear jeans, only that you're not wearing jeans. These are sophisticated denim pants that are every bit as stylish as an average pair of wool slacks. Some trouser jeans have properties of proper slacks, such as slant pockets on the front and welt pockets at the back. Not all businesses welcome wearing any denim trousers or trouser jeans. For places with a little more loose dress code, you can probably get away with wearing denim trousers as much as any female wearing proper career slacks. So if you ask if it is okay to wear trouser jeans to work, my answer is... it depends on your business. The most stylish pairs of trouser jeans are stylish enough to make you go unnoticed in wearing jeans to the workplace.

Of course, such trouser jeans can be perfectly fine to wear on a night out. Leave behind the sneakers and flats for a night-out look with trouser jeans- just go with a dressy top and a sassy pair of pumps or sandals. These trouser jeans can provide sexy sophistication as suitable semi-formal fashion.

--- Trouser Jeans in Pictures ---

This section consists of various kinds of trouser jeans. They range from sophisticated types to more casual kinds. Some can be casual and sophisticated at the same time. Here are some pictures to set the mood:

Habitual bootcut trouser jeans
^ from: - Habitual Ascot bootcut trouser jeans. The jeans are classy with slant pockets up front and faux welt pockets at the rear. In other words... the jean alternative to career slacks.

Anlo trouser jeans
^ from: - "Mara" trouser jeans from Anlo. The jeans up front have a trouser-like appearance with the slash pockets, but they have jean-like flap pockets at the rear.

denim pant suits
^ from: (best picture I could find) - in addition to trouser jeans, there are denim pant suits, such as this denim pant suit from Pickens. (It was either find a good denim pant suit or don't discuss it at all.)

As you can see, the right pair of trouser jeans can be as wearable as any of your favorite casual jeans. This is sophisticated denim being discussed here. Many of these can still be worn with casual shoes of various varities, but their beauty can really shine with a dressy pair of shoes or sandals.

--- What Footwear Goes With Trouser Jeans? ---

Please note that I am not a fashion expert, so don't take my advice for gospel. Having said this, any pair of classy shoes will work just fine. I'd probably avoid wearing any kind of sneakers since these trouser jeans were meant to be classy. Some trouser jeans, however, have a huge casual touch. I've always found it best to have classy jeans with classy shoes. So no sneakers, no flip-flops, no really furry shoes... the like.

Anything from dressy sandals to pumps to boots will do just fine for almost any classy pair of jeans. A few trouser jeans are those you can probably wear with certain sneakers.

In fact, such denim trousers can be PERFECTLY acceptable for a night out on the town. Just find a nice top and some lovely accessories, and you're set.

--- Denim Trousers/Trouser Jeans Around the Blogosphere and Elsewhere ---

(ADDED: September 29, 2011) Here are some ladies wearing trouser jeans in their blog posts. They consist of various bloggers I follow and some I've found elsewhere.

Inspiration: Fashion is Evolution.

The blogger behind "Fashion is Evolution" is Célèste. This young lady wears a lovely pair of Gap trouser jeans with a semi-formal look. Have a look at her lovely style by checking out "What I wore today 08/24/2011 (Family dinner)" on Fashion is Evolution.

Inspiration: Fashionable Hijab.

A young blogger named Mona Bok-Tash wears some nice trouser jeans along with a coat in "Spring/Summer Look #1" on Fashionable Hijab.

Inspiration: the style enthusiast.

With a delicious sense of style, Jacqueline wears a lovely pair of trouser jeans along with a cardigan and a ruffled top. Check her out in "Catching Up" on the style enthusiast.

Inspirations: Chictopia.

Chictopia ladies are up now. Quick descriptions on each are provided on each link. You are invited to click on posts that interest you:

Channeling RZ. - furry vest with blouse, trouser jeans, and wedge sandals

A Friday - gray T-shirt with wide-leg trouser jeans
Trying Not to Get Pinched - green blouse with white polka dots and high-waist trouser jeans

STAYIN' ALIVE - elbow-sleeve shirt with high-waist bell bottom trouser jeans

Want to Shop for Denim Trousers or Trouser Jeans? Use these widgets to find some denim trousers or trouser jeans on Amazon:


Other Sources...

The ShopStyle deal is a bit too vague. Perhaps these options from these other sources will be better suited to you. All sizes are mostly meant for US Women's sizes. These first few items should get you started before I share links to other sources:

trouser jeans on Amazon
trouser jeans on eBay
trouser jeans on Neiman Marcus
trouser jeans on Nordstrom

Happy shopping to you all!

Thank you for reading!

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