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Ricki Lake

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(UPDATED: September 4, 2012)

Ricki Lake is best known for her daytime talk show back in the 1990s. She has also made several other appearances in media including being host of "Charm School" on VH1 as well as hosting a brief series on CBS called "Gameshow Marathon" devoted to classic game shows. No matter what, Ricki Lake has always been someone of class and character. This blog post is a look at Ricki Lake.

NOTE: Wikipedia and IMDb were two sources in me making this blog post.


SEP 4 2012 - edited table at the end

--- Ricki Lake ---

This lady is Ricki Lake:

Ricki Lake
^ from: - Daytime talk show veteran Ricki Lake.

(Born: September 21, 1968)-year old Ricki Pamela Lake was born into a Jewish family in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, USA. Many people know her for her successful daytime talk show, but not as many know her for her acting. Among two of her different acting roles was in the 1988 movie "Hairspray" and the 1994 movie "Serial Mom" among others. Ricki Lake even took her talents to the dance floor by taking part in Dancing With the Stars. I respect Ricki Lake a lot for her warm and casual personality on air. Even before losing over 100 lbs., I still think Ricki is a beautiful woman. She's even more so now.

Here is a weird fact I learned about Ricki Lake... she's a brunette, but was born a blonde. How would Ricki Lake look if she remained blonde even through her career, even today?

--- The Ricki Lake Show: Retrospective ---

Did you know that The Ricki Lake Show is supposedly coming back for September 2012? How about we take a look at the Ricki Lake show in the past?

In the time slot today, what used to be for "The Ricki Lake Show" is now where "The Wendy Williams Show" slots in. The Ricki Lake Show is a show I vastly respect since there are many different topics and variations to topics on her shows. For example, one of her shows was about if gay people should adopt children. Her topics have also involved matters such as out-of-control teens and children, relationship-related issues, and a number of competitions and makeovers. The Ricki Lake Show has been on the air between 1993 and 2004.

I invite you to check out these videos to see some old school Ricki Lake. I'd like to thank the people who allowed these videos to be embedded. WARNING: Some of the following videos may not be safe for work.

"The Ricki Lake Show" - Then.

This first video is the catchy introduction song to "The Ricki Lake Show." It is actually a compilation of various seasons of The Ricki Lake Show's theme. Check it out:

^ "Ricki Lake Through The Seasons - "The Ricki Lake Show""

I personally tend to remember the video themes starting with Season 6/7 of The Ricki Lake Show.

Got to love the '90s! :) This girl think she's the... well, the stuff. No confidence problem for this young lady in this video:


The sound quality to this video is not very good. However, here is another sample of what kind of insanity and outrageous topics on "The Ricki Lake Show." This was from 2000:

^ "ricki lake show man wanna dump his girlfriend for latin woman"

A popular element of daytime talk shows in the late 1990s was makeovers. This is a sample of Ricki Lake's contribution. (WARNING: turn up the volume because the volume is low for this video)

^ "#1 Ricki Lake: Hoochie Crimes Of Fashion"

"The Ricki Lake Show" - Now.

This material highlights the new-age Ricki Lake show and what all it entails. This new Ricki Lake Show will air starting on September 10, 2012. The new Ricki Lake will mostly focus on issues involving all women rather than many of the various usual daytime talk show material she's famously done throughout the old Ricki Lake Show. Here is your look at the new Ricki Lake Show:

^ "A Message From Ricki - "I'm Back" NEW SHOW COMING 2012"

And then, this:

^ "'The Ricki Lake Show' Promo Teaser (May 18, 2012)"

And there is your look at The Ricki Lake Show- past and present/future. I must say... she's never looked better. More important than launching this new show is in fans connecting with Ricki Lake. So to compliment the show, there is a new "Friends of Ricki" social network. This is where women connect with The Ricki Lake Show as a number of topics are discussed each weekday. A link to this new "Friends of Ricki" feature will be shown later in this blog post.

--- What I Would Tell Ricki Lake (if she were to read this) ---

I have the greatest of respect for you and all that you do. Keep up the great work and much luck to you with your new show later this year.

Would I Want to Meet Ricki Lake (if given the chance)?

I truly would. I respect her fully.

For more on Ricki Lake, please get social with her! Here's how:

Ricki Lake Show (official)
The Ricki Lake Show Facebook Fan Page
Friends of Ricki Facebook Fan Page
Ricki Lake on YouTube
Follow Ricki Lake on Twitter!
Follow The Ricki Lake Show on Twitter!
Ricki Lake on IMDb

Are you also a fan of Ricki Lake and all of her work? Let's chat! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Oops I must to confess it's the first time to hear for this stunning lady and her show. She indeed looks excellent now after so many years! Thank you for sharing those great videos dear John!!
Happy Friday!! kisses

John Marine said...

I've heard of Ricki Lake before, but I didn't know too much about her. I do remember watching her on Dancing with the Stars. The blog looks nice too, John, I like that social bar at the top. :)

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