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Since 1991, The Maury Show has remained one of the finest daytime talk shows on television. Maurice Povich (better known as Maury) and his show are vastly known for drama in episodes involving paternity tests as well as cheating lovers. He is a total class act in all that he does. Even as a number of different daytime talk shows have come and gone, Maury remains one of the last great daytime talk shows on the American talk show circuit. This blog post is on Maury as well as The Maury Show. Some information gathered from Wikipedia for this blog post.

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--- Maury ---

The man, the myth, the legend... (born: January 17, 1939)-year old Maury is below:

Maury Povich
^ from: - Maury- the king of daytime talk shows who still sits atop his throne to this day.

Maury was born in Washington, District of Columbia, USA; and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He's also one my own fellow Capricorns (represent!). Many people know him for his talk show- Maury. I first started watching Maury back in 1999 or so. Back at that time, the Maury Show was taped in New York City. Starting in the mid-2000s, the Maury Show moved from New York City to Stamford, Connecticut, USA. He has become synonymous with paternity test shows whereas men deny being the fathers of children. One element of him being famous for DNA tests relates to the fact Maury has a child whom he is not the biological father of. He will even tell certain men about being the father of a child that is not his, and he will stress that you don't have to be the biological father of a child to be a father. The only other way I remember Maury was that he was the host of a game show called "Twenty-One" back on PAX TV (which is now called Ion TV). Twenty-One was a great trivia game show where guests could win a lot of money.

The Maury Show.

The Maury Povich Show (or just The Maury Show) has been on the air since 1991. It is best known for various episodes regarding paternity tests as well as being known for exposing cheating lovers. Maury does offer various shows on various topics. Among other topics, The Maury Show covers topics like out-of-control teens, abusive and controlling men, outrageous behavior caught on tape, missing children, episodes with animals and Jack Hanna, nerdy people who are now very sexy, if certain women are really men, and more. Maury even does update shows to update viewers on the most popular guests on the show. Sometimes even, Maury will re-run some of the most popular episodes and most popular guests.

Experts on the Maury Show.

There are times when Maury calls up on guest hosts and various other people to help out in the resolution department. Today's Maury has the likes of Paul Faulhaber (Executive Producer), Ralph Barbieri (lie detector administrator), Dave Vitalli (Special Ops expert), Dr. Jeff Gardere (conflict and relationship expert) and often guest host Trisha Goddard (Conflict Resolution expert) among many others. I've remembered other personalities such as Duane West and Raphael B. Sampson who helped out in helping out-of-control teens and abusive men get their act together.

What I Respect About Maury.

What I love most about Maury is that he is 100% classy in all he does. He is not some in-your-face kind of person who's always opinionated or anything like that. He is a total class act. Even the raunchiest of guests on Maury do very little to suppress or deter the character of Maury and how Maury does his show. Another thing I like is that he dislikes looking at results beforehand. It adds to the drama and really makes the results and resolution element more interesting.

--- Maury at a Glance ---

So what is the Maury Show about? Truth. Results. Resolution. Turning lives around for the better. No nonsense- just the pursuit of the truth. Did you father that child or those children? Did you cheat on your lover? That's what the Maury show is about with the usual topics. This part of this blog post will introduce you to some of the insanity that happens in some of the most popular topics.

Embedded videos are offered for educational/entertainment purposes.

Maury: Paternity/Maternity.

Paternity is what Maury is best known for. There's even merchandise and stuff people make saying "You ARE the Father!" or "You Are NOT the Father!" Paternity segments usually involve a distraught mother who is upset a man (or other men) denies fathering a baby or babies. There may sometimes be more than one mother who accuse one man for denying parental responsibility. On the other hand, there are some distraught fathers who love being fathers, but these distraught fathers are upset their women for cheating on them. No matter what, there's never a dull moment when a Maury DNA test is needed to help resolve paternity/maternity matters.

Here are some paternity test reactions:

^ 10 Best Paternity Reactions

Maybe the most memorable paternity deal for me was when FIVE different women with a total of six babies claimed one man to be the father of all six. I sometimes can't help but laugh when one woman says "you are the father," and then Maury reads the paternity results and says "you are NOT the father." Some of the paternity segments are really amazing, especially involving older people. One episode from this current season had one man deny one woman's baby, but then was tested himself later on because one 19-year old woman claimed he is her father. So there are MANY stories that take place.

In rare times, there are maternity tests. This one young woman thought one woman was her biological mother. But man- the older woman was ROUGH! One other was a "bearded lady" who took a maternity test.

This has to be my all-time favorite quote from one paternity test episode. It was said by one mother's angry grandmother (and pardon my language): " bring your Black behind out here, you 'bout to get a ass-whooping with this cane!"

Maury: Cheating and Lie Detectors.

A usual cheating episode of Maury often involves a woman whom suspects her boyfriend/fiancé/husband is cheating on her. The woman talks about her suspicions of being cheated on as well as lies made by cheating men. For example, a woman who finds sex stains on her man's clothes may say ketchup or mayonnaise was on there from something he was eating. A woman who may find another woman's intimates may either say he bought them for her (even if they don't fit her woman) or that the clothes got mixed up at the laundromat. Some of the men are great compulsive liars. There are other times when men suspect their girlfriend/fianceé/wife of cheating. Some paternity test episodes have mothers who take lie detector tests in addition to paternity tests.

To get the truth about cheating lovers, a lie detector test is taken to prove one's fidelity. The truth may get taken a step further when decoys enter a green room with the alleged cheater and with a hidden camera rolling. Dave Vitalli is the Special Ops expert who brings in the decoys. These decoys are private investigators who pose as guests. The decoys' purpose is to basically share how far a cheater would go with cheating on loved ones with other people. Some of these men expose themselves or do inappropriate touching of the female decoys.

Guests may either come clean or let Maury reveal the results of lie detectors. When the accuracy of a test is questioned, Maury lie detector administrator Ralph Barbieri often appears to explain lie detector results. Afterwards, Dr. Jeff Gardere or Trisha Goddard would come in and offer their opinions to try to resolve matters or explain important lessons. Executive Producer Paul Faulhaber may also chime in backstage to further aid the resolution process.

Sometimes (only some times), I don't blame some of the guys who are with some of the women they are with. Some of the women can be crazy! Do women REALLY need to express how good the sex is? Still can't get over one woman who bragged about having sex eight times a day with her man. My mother even wonders either where some of the guests come from or if Maury is staged sometimes.

This video may be one of the most popular cheating segments in Maury history. Two words need only describe this one: chicken tetrazzini.

^ Maury: Chicken Tetrazzini Ep 2!

And there is your look at two of the most common topics on Maury.

--- Maury: Review ---

The Maury Show is really the last remaining traditional daytime talk show on television. It has remained on the air even has past shows have had their time on the air- Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Montell Williams, Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo... you name it. Today's Maury show even is a great show even in today's crop of daytime talk shows. The diversity of topics and sense of resolution can be felt in this show even today. Maybe it isn't as casual as The Bill Cunningham Show. Maybe Maury's version of in-your-face may not be like what The Steve Wilkos Show or The Jeremy Kyle Show is like. Regardless, Maury has been a fantastic show and remains a fantastic show to this day. I watch Maury almost every day unless some re-re-run is aired.

Daytime talk shows may come and go, but there is only one Maury. Even when Maury does eventually retire from the daytime talk show circuit, it is and should be considered one of the all-time greatest shows in television history among any genre of television shows.

--- What I would Tell Maury (if he were to read this) ---

You have long been the greatest daytime talk show host in history and long have one of the best daytime talk show personalities ever. I have great respect for you and all you've done. You represent so much of what being a classy individual is all about. You have no equal. You are a class act. And above all else... you 'da man! :)

Would I Want to Meet Maury (if given the chance)?

What do you think? Absolutely!

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I hope you Maury fans got to enjoy this blog post, and maybe those of you being introduced to Maury for the first time learned something about Maury and his show. Thank you for reading!

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