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I have been using dlvr.it to feed my latest blog posts to the world for quite some time now. This service will deliver your latest blog posts as well as any updates on your most recent posts. Anyone who follows my Facebook fan page or my Twitter feed may have seen my latest posts being published via dlvr.it. I learned of dlvr.it when my blogging friend, Ericaritish, used this service to publish some of her latest posts. I used to use Twitterfeed to publish my latest posts via Twitter, but I stopped using it since it wouldn't update my posts regularly anymore. So I retired Twitterfeed and decided to look for something else. This blog post is my own look at dlvr.it.

--- dlvr.it at a Glance and Review ---

From its name, think "deliver it" with "dlvr.it." When you sign up for dlvr.it, you can set up whatever blog(s) you want to be fed and updated across various social media services. You begin by choosing whatever RSS feeds you want shared online. Updated posts can be shared across the following services: Facebook (personal page and/or fan pages), Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StatusNet, or any other feed destination. It is a great service to use to ensure your latest posts are properly fed to the Internet. You can even customize certain elements of your dlvr.it material to include hashtags or even offer a custom message for updated/new posts.

dlvr.it Examples.

Let me give you some examples of posts made through dlvr.it:

(Facebook Example of a dlvr.it post)
Ricki Lake
(UPDATED: June 17, 2012) Ricki Lake is best known for her daytime talk show back in the 1990s. She has also made several other appearances in media including being host of "Charm School" on VH1 as well as hosting a brief series on CBS called "Gameshow Marathon" devoted to classic... #JohnsBlogSpace

(Twitter Example of a dlvr.it post)
John B. Marine @johnbmarine

Love as a Motivator: Love from others can motivate. Knowing that people and things vastly care about... dlvr.it/1hrHpM #JohnsBlogSpace

From these two sample posts, you can see dlvr.it can be used to shorten links. Facebook dlvr.it posts usually feature up to 276 characters to set up posts all the way down to the last completed word. Any hashtags used will be featured if you set them up. I use hashtags so I can help my readers know what blog got updated. Here are the hashtags I use and what they mean:

#JohnsBlogSpace - John's Blog Space (which you're reading right now)
#JohnsShopSpace - John's Shop Space
#JohnsGTSpace - John's Gran Turismo Space

There are many things that can be customized with your dlvr.it info. Everything is fairly intuitive and easy to set up. You can even use some other link shorteners if you use them to feed your latest blog posts.

The only knock I have against dlvr.it is that I wish there were certain updated posts that don't get updated with posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The most recent posts that get updated are automatically fed through dlvr.it. I update my posts every so often to keep my blogs fresh as well as updated.

Only other knock would probably be a lack of support for Google+ with dlvr.it. Otherwise, I make manual sharing updates on Google+ for my latest posts.

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--- Blogging Advice: Check On Your Feed(s)! ---

It is of great importance that your blog's feed is up-to-date when a new post is made. Your RSS feed should feature the latest posts as they become available. This is true even if you do not update your blog on a regular basis. If you don't check on your RSS feed, and if you are still posting material in your blog; people will think your blog is dead if they see the latest post was from a month or two ago.

So what am I suggesting here? Check on your blog's RSS feed and make sure it is updating your latest posts. If you follow someone's blog that has been updated but doesn't appear updated in your blogroll, then you may want to contact that person's blog and tell him/her/them to check on their RSS feed so that the latest posts are featured. It may also be possible that the updating service may just be lagging.

Just to say again- make sure your blog features the most up-to-date material. I want even my visitors to keep in touch with other blogs that I love, and I even want my visitors to be able to see the latest posts from blogs I follow.

So if you are looking for a good service to feed your latest blog posts, I would recommend dlvr.it for the reasons specified in this blog post. I hope you found this blog to be of service to you. Please take care and have an amazing day/night! Thank you for reading!

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