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Michael Angelo's Meal Roundup

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I decided to blog a roundup of Michael Angelo's dinners I've had before. I am not new to Michael Angelo's different meals, this is a roundup of different dinners I've had from the Austin, Texas, USA-based Michael Angelo's. To give you an idea of some of Michael Angelo's meals, I figured I share this roundup of their meals.

Before I Begin...

All of the mentioned dinners were prepared via microwave. All of these are also starter meals. I am basing my opinions on these experiences. These opinions are of my own. I was not contacted by the company to review anything. I did this all on my own.

Michael Angelo's Meal Roundup

Let's talk dinner! Even though I prepared all of these meals via microwave, it is recommended they are prepared via oven. It is this versatility of oven and microwave, however, that makes these meals enticing. So you can prepare these meals even if you fear burning the house down with an oven. And as Michael Angelo's would say, "microwaves work, too. But would Nonna approve?" Michael Angelo's offer homemade meals with very delicious tasting meals and Italian style. I figured eventually to want to do a blog post rounding up a bunch of meals I've had recently from Michael Angelo's. I hope you enjoy my blog post and my reviews!

Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata.

^ The Chicken Piccata is white meat chicken breast smothered in lemon garlic butter sauce and met with artichokes, tomatoes, and capers.

My favorite of these five dinners I am to feature is the chicken piccata. This was the first Michael Angelo's meal I've had. The chicken piccata then was one that could be a single-serving meal. For the longest, though, this meal was served only as a meal starter and meant for more than one person. Even when you prepare it, the smell of this meal is just amazing. The chicken is absolutely delicious bathed in the garlic sauce. Adding things like the artichokes and capers make it just as delicious. This meal will NOT disappoint. Even Michael Angelo's themselves say this is a favorite meal. This meal can be prepared between eight to ten minutes in a microwave. I prepare it in nine minutes in the microwave.

Michael Angelo's Spicy Chicken Marinara.

^ The white meat chicken breast of the Spicy Chicken Marinara is cooked until golden brown. Then, it is met with spicy vine-inspired tomato sauce.

Bathed in marinara sauce with a spicy kick to it, the Spicy Chicken Marinara is a tasty starter meal from Michael Angelo's. The spicy nature is not extreme in any real sense, but you do get the spicy taste while digging into the chicken. You don't have much in the way of vegetables or anything to add with the chicken. I think this is pretty good. Normally, I am not much the spicy food person. This is still a great meal to dig into.

Michael Angelo's Chicken Bruschetta.

^ The Chicken Bruschetta has white meat chicken cooked until a golden brown. Then, the chicken is smothered in diced tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken Bruschetta by Michael Angelo's features some great-tasting chicken along with cheese slices and tomatoes. This starter meal tastes very good. The chicken is cooked until golden brown. Then, it is topped off with a combination of diced tomatoes, basil, and vinegar. The chicken itself is very tasty. Adding in the different other ingredients just make it better.

Michael Angelo's White Wine Lemon Chicken.

^ This chicken meal features breaded white meat chicken covered in a white wine and lemon sauce. Spinach, carrots, and capers compliment the chicken.

Here is a starter meal with chicken bathed in some buttery garlic sauce that also have white wine infused. Add a lot of vegetables to it, and let me tell you- this one is DELICIOUS! Spinach and carrot slices are added to the mix. This meal offers the most protein of the featured meals in this blog post with 16 grams of protein to be had. I sometimes pile on some of the extra spinach and shredded carrots on top of the chicken to eat together. Trust me- the White Wine Lemon Chicken is an amazing taste experience.

Michael Angelo's Spicy Shrimp Scampi.

^ This meal features plump shrimp and linguine pasta. It is then smothered in garlic butter sauce with Calabrese peppers.

I am a chicken lover. However, I wanted to mix things up by having a starter meal from Michael Angelo's other than chicken. So I chose their Spicy Shrimp Scampi. Many times before, my mother prepared some mean shrimp scampi. I never had SPICY shrimp scampi, though. I thought this was a fairly good meal. You taste the spiciness early when you eat the first few noodles or even one of the pieces of shrimp. I am personally not much into the meal, but I did enjoy this meal.

This concludes my roundup of five these meals. A few extra thoughts are coming up.

Michael Angelo's Meals: Final Thoughts

Michael Angelo's offer a number of different tasty meals. They pride themselves on offering quality Italian style cuisine with a real homemade style. The meals offered will surely suppress your hunger with great-tasting food. Even if you are not adept with using an oven, you can still prepare these foods in the microwave. All of these are enjoyable meals just as good in a microwave as they are in an oven. So feel free to enjoy these meals for lunch and/or dinner.

Ranking the Five Meals.

I am not in any way trying to rank these five meals, but if I did, allow me to rate them all.

• My favorite of the five I featured is the Chicken Piccata. I love it for its rich taste and overall delicious experience. It also takes the least amount of time to prepare at about nine minutes in the microwave.

• My second favorite is the White Wine Lemon Chicken. This one actually surprised me because I never thought this would taste so delicious. It also offers the most protein with 16 grams of protein. I really like this meal. While I don't drink or smoke, I do like wine and champagne, and I certainly like white wine. This meal is my second favorite, but a VERY close second.

Chicken Bruschetta is my third favorite. It is tasty while offering 14 grams of protein. I thought it was a great taste experience and would certainly recommend.

• The fourth favorite of mine is the Spicy Chicken Marinara. The chicken was still good, but maybe I just wan't really into the spicy sort of kick to the chicken.

• Through process of elimination, you can tell my least favorite of the five is the Spicy Shrimp Scampi. It was a different experience to have

Just because I rate something as "least favorite" doesn't mean I hate any of these meals. Do not get me wrong on that. These are more about personal taste to me than saying one meal is worse than another. These are all fine meals that I mentioned here.

Some Bonus Commentary...

As a bonus piece of commentary, I once had Michael Angelo's Chicken Parmigiana. This was a LONG time ago, though, so this was not part of this roundup of meals.

If I could recommend a few things for Michael Angelo's, I would recommend making some of these starter meals as single-serve meals. Maybe these meals are meant to be starter meals, but they can also be tasty as single-serve meals like when I first had chicken piccata.

Other Reading.

This was my early review of Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata. Visit this blog post in case you're interested: Michael Angelo's Chicken Piccata (John's Blog Space).

For More Information...

For more information on MichaelAngelo's and their meals, please visit Visit to learn more about the company and to see many more meals offered by this company.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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