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Remembering the OUYA

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On June 25, 2019; the #OUYA shut down its servers, signaling the end of the OUYA experience. OUYA and Razer Forge TV stores would be shut down, and OUYA profiles would be no more. The OUYA was the crowd-funding Android gaming darling of old. It was an Android gaming console to challenge the proper consoles. Did it succeed? Many people will tell you the OUYA was a colossal failure and never became any serious challenger. Some even looked at the OUYA as a means of providing lackluster games or turning mobile and web games into worthy titles. Over 1,250 games were made for the OUYA through its lifespan. Some OUYA games worked for me- the likes of Fist Puncher, Fist of Awesome, and Elliot Quest. Some others, unimpressed- especially that Amazing Frog game.

So what is the OUYA? That's this thing:

^ from: (Amazon) - The OUYA- an Android gaming console you either loved or loathed.

What I take away most from the OUYA was how anyone could build games. I even became fond of the OUYA in that I have gotten better respect for independent (or "indie") gaming culture. That was my main takeaway from the OUYA experience. Most people weren't loaded with cash and talent to make AAA-quality games. I think the OUYA was only a disappointment if people thought a bunch of Android games were going to overtake AAA titles on the major consoles. For the most part, I am a gamer that does not discriminate too much on what a great game is or should be. Maybe the OUYA didn't have enough going for it to become a tremendous success. Perhaps it didn't have lots of 3rd Party support from major developers. No matter what, I liked the idea of an Android gaming console because I wouldn't like the idea of playing games on my smartphone when I can have a more concentrated gaming experience on a console. If you are disagreeing with my views so far, just know that I am an old-fashioned person with old-fashioned thoughts.

I am most thankful for the OUYA in becoming a gaming outlet for Android. Granted the OUYA ran on "Jellybean," it still was just enough to have some fine Android gaming. Great news of all is that at least these games could be compatible on an outdated version of Android compared to today's Android build. For most people, people have used the OUYA mostly for playing emulated games and even watching some movies and such. Not as many used the OUYA for playing gaming titles designed for the OUYA. In fact, I think even the OUYA was meant to be rooted and even provided some resources on how to root the OUYA. For those of you familiar with iOS, "rooting" to Android users is the Android version of "jailbreaking."

Future Plans With my OUYA?

I am an unapologetic OUYA owner. I went to many lengths to eventually get an HDTV and get all kinds of other stuff to properly enjoy the OUYA experience. I even once wanted to go from the OUYA to the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. because I wanted a home Android gaming experience as well as a fairly decent Android device to handle various other tasks. I am going to keep my OUYA and play a lot of my old games. My dream would be to use my OUYA as a means of Android game development. That means I'll have to learn to sideload apps and make such apps able to have sideload going. The only real problem I've had was in making something that is compatible with the OUYA. When I made something in Godot Game Engine to test using on the OUYA, I got some message saying the game was incompatible with the OUYA. I will try to work on designing games to be run on the OUYA and maybe even hopefully make them available to more modern builds of Android. It also means I will need to make them compatible with the likes of smartphones, tablets, and even Android TV.

What I Would Tell OUYA and Razer?

I bought an OUYA as a Christmas gift for myself long ago. I didn't fall in love with the OUYA, but I was very satisfied with what the OUYA had to provide. Thank you for providing a mostly mainstream Android gaming experience. I was impressed even as my own gaming interests waned a bit.

Final Thoughts.

Well, you either love or loathe the OUYA. Regardless, it was a fine experience for what it offered. You didn't have to like the OUYA in any capacity. Despite this, the OUYA provided as great an experience as it could. Full credit to the OUYA team along with the likes of Julie Uhrman.

Thank you for the memories, OUYA.

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