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Moscow Raceway

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International motorsport in Russia will be supplemented by 2.53-mile (4.070-kilometer) Moscow Raceway. This world-class circuit will be the Russian Federation's premier motorsports facility. It is located in Moscow Oblast, Russia and is a 15-turn road course with multiple configurations. Major races to inaugurate track include the World Series by Renault as well as World Superbike and even the FIA GT1 World Championship. This blog post will bring this new track to light for all of my racing fans.

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--- Moscow Raceway ---

Here is a look at Moscow Raceway:

Moscow Raceway
^ from: (picture links to source; best picture I could find) - Moscow Raceway is 2.53 miles (4.070 kilometers) of Russian racing goodness.

While not the first motor racing circuit in Russia, Moscow Raceway is by far the most modern racing facility in the Russian Federation. If its layout seems like designs from a certain track designer, you'd be right, because Hermann Tilke is the architect of Moscow Raceway. This track can be found in Sychevo, Volokolamskiy District, Moscow Region. This track may really help bring some more Russian talent to the light. The most popular Russian racer right now is Formula 1 racer Vitaly Petrov.

It looks like Moscow Raceway will be most exciting for its long backstretch. This track looks to have a consistent rhythm to it. The Turn 3 section stretches outward as a decreasing radius section- kind of like the first few corners of Shanghai International Circuit. Turns 4 through 9 kind of remind me of the rhythm of Istanbul Park. If I get to see videos of races at Moscow Raceway, I think this will be a fine race track to bring Russia into the fold of international-spec motor racing. Moscow Raceway will be a blast for motorcycle racing, and four-wheel racing shouldn't be bad either. Its length probably wouldn't be suitable enough for modern F1 cars, but I can still see this being a solid track for other formula racing and even for touring car and GT racing. This track may also be fun for endurance racing if there's enough interest to promote an endurance race around Moscow Raceway.

If you want a video preview of what Moscow Raceway has to offer, I invite you to take a look at this YouTube video as this track is still under construction (as of this video):

^ Moscow Raceway Lap

It's a six-minute long video. However, I'm pretty sure laps will easily be within the range of 1:35.000 to 2:15.000 in the fastest racing machines (both two wheels and four wheels). It's going to be a great race track to really put Russia on the motor racing map.

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