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Dreams and Nightmares

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No one knows what exists in our minds as we dream in our sleep. The thoughts in our subconscious minds lead us to happiness or fear. Certain thoughts may cross our mind in our sleep that make us feel different ways. Sweet dreams or bitter nightmares? For many people, a range of dreams and emotions take us over in our sleep as we dream. Depressed persons may experience certain visions which haunt us once we awake from the nightmares. This blog post is all about having dreams and nightmares.

--- Dreams and Nightmares ---

dreams and nightmares
^ from: - What did YOU dream about last night (or recently)? Where has your subconscious mind taken you while asleep?

Once sleep takes over and your mind is someplace else, any number of things can fill your mind.


So did you have any good dreams lately? Some things help us to feel better as we sleep. Dream examples:

• visions of a happy life
• achieving a major accomplishment
• finding love
• reliving a happy moment from the past
• having a unique, funny, or unusual experience

Certain dreams can really help us feel better. Most dreams we often have are positive experiences limited only to our imagination. That same experience can also pertain to weird and unusual experiences. For example, a male may have a vision that he is a female. How much different would the world around this individual be? Maybe a girl about to get married has the most beautiful wedding in a fabulous setting- perhaps at a lovely cathedral, in a beautiful dress, with stars twinkling and the moon glowing. A little boy or a little girl may envision having superpowers and can do almost anything. These dreams can be either positive or downright weird.

Some dreams stay with us and help us to imagine or hope these dreams can actually come true in our lives. Sometimes, dreams seem too good to be true. Dreams tend to be so real and so good that we only wished they actually happened. You can dream all you want about living in a mansion and driving an expensive car, but you still live in an apartment driving around in a beat-up economy car from the early 1990s. You may dream marrying a sexy supermodel, but rather than hear that supermodel's voice, you end up waking up to your mother, who still calls you "pookie." Some dreams can be TOO real and TOO good in comparison to reality.

But sometimes, these come along...


Nightmares may come along and tear us apart inside as we sleep. Nightmare examples:

• a traumatic experience
• extreme failure
• fearful and intimidating moments
• fear one's current life is not getting better any time soon
• experiencing serious injury or death

Some of these nightmarish moments get us to violently wake from our slumber in fear- almost as if we wake up after hearing a loud thunderstorm or some other loud noise. We wake up feeling terrible inside. We realize a few moments later that they were just bad visions. I know there are times where some nightmarish things may really happen to us, but when dreaming, bad visions just popped into our minds and have us feeling terrible. Some dreams can be very realistic. Imagine a successful person has a nightmare about losing everything and being brought down to insignificance and shame. The love of one's life may do something to tear apart a once-loving relationship. A parent who fears the worst for his/her child(ren) actually witnesses a fearful moment the child(ren) has/have. A person from someone's past may come along to threaten one person's life. Some nightmares can be so impactful that they can haunt us for the day ahead.

At the worst, nightmares can be a sleeping disorder. They can take over our lives for that one day or for multiple days. We need all the help we can get when certain dreams become brutal to us.

We all will have dreams and nightmares. How we treat certain subconcious thoughts help us to either feel better or feel progressively worse.

--- Dealing with Dreams and Nightmares ---

There are different ways of treating both dreams and nightmares. One thing people mention is being able to think about what you actually dreamed about when you slept. Can you remember what crossed your mind as you were sleeping? How did you feel after having that dream or that nightmare?

Dealing With Dreams.

Dreams can be positive or a peek into things we wish to see and experience. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience memories and moments that make us happy. Remember my blog posts about not being good enough or looking back at happier times? Well, these can be happy thoughts in our sleep. Some dreams help motivate us to do better and make certain dreams come true. I know I often times dream of many things. For one- I wish I could profit more from blogging and get many more views and loyal fans than what I have at present. I dream "JohnMarineTube" (my YouTube channel) getting more subscribers and actually feeling successful in videos. These are times where I just see myself in a better position than where I am at present. As I try to broaden my appeal online, I even dream that I actually had money to buy certain things that I want to review on my "John's Shop Space" blog. Either that, or have some kind of deal set up to where I could maybe get offers to get, test, and [eventually] review top-level electronic devices I want to review. But it isn't like I make my own money for this to actually happen. Remember- whatever I make financially depends on AdSense and Amazon Associates. Do these dreams push me to do better? Absolutely.

Some dreams even involve having things we don't have. Such examples include me sitting on the floor at a Wal-Mart looking at all the iPod Touch boxes in stock, envisioning when I will finally have enough money to get one. Not all things we wish we have cost money. Some dreams may simply involve having that loved one in our lives actually be our future spouse. Different dreams have varying levels of desire to come true. However, certain dreams drive us further than we are capable of. So you have to set certain limits and know what is actually possible and feasible.

Dealing With Nightmares.

I will make some personal admittances on the nightmare front. As someone who's dealt with episodes of depression and sadness, there are times where I have dreamed of things that just tear me apart as I sleep. I have experienced moments where I have felt powerless and weak to either prevent something bad from happening or do something I normally wouldn't do even on my worst days. There were moments in nightmares where I felt like everything was my fault, and I paid for them dearly. Some nightmares involved worst-case deals that have me feeling terrible to have to experience in reality. I even have had some nightmares where I actually experienced serious injury or death. I even envisioned nightmares where I was all alone and had to live on my own with no support from friends or family. I try to be as near-perfect in all things that I do, but in reality- I am accident-prone and often lament making mistakes, especially those I know I could have prevented.

Nightmares can REALLY take you for a loop depending on the nightmare and what it involved. You can lose sleep and not feel as refreshed when you wake up. You may even fear living that very day! However, it is tough to remember that certain dreams and nightmares are just negative thoughts we awake from. Certain nightmares experienced did not happen to us just now. Could the worst actually happen as we're awake? Absolutely. However, not in our sleep. It may also be possible a traumatic experience may haunt us in our sleep to where we may possibly die in our sleep.

Regardless of dreams or nightmares, there is no telling what goes on in our minds and what we actually experience as we are asleep. Each are different to address. What is most important is to really remember what crossed your mind as you were asleep. If a certain dream haunts you or if certain elements of a dream haunt you, you may need to discuss these things with a loved one for help (especially in the case of nightmares).

--- Dreams and Nightmares: Resources ---

Here are some online resources with more info on dreams and nightmares:

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I may add some more links that may help out my reading audience if I find any more interesting links.

How do you deal with dreams? How do you deal with nightmares? Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Sometimes I'm having vivid dreams, sometimes I don't remember them, and sometimes I dream awful things- like snakes and similar (I had those periods before). I think subconsciously our mind is sending us signs and messages in dreams, so it's so interesting for me to interpret them!:)
Great post dear John!! Wishing u wonderful day!!!!

John Marine said...

I never remember my dreams. I think I have only remembered five in my entire life. Those were all horrible nightmares, too, so that isn't fun. I wish I could remember more! My imagination is crazy.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

John Marine said...

Dreams are fascinating to me, I love it when I remember them!

xo, Yi-chia

John Marine said...

Hello my dear friend! Just to wish you beautiful start of the week, and to thank you for all comments you left me on facebook! I hope everything is ok with you! Looking forward to the new post!
Happy Tuesday!!

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