Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is One Browser Enough Anymore?

John Marine | 6/26/2012 11:51:00 PM | |
I have started to receive a message here on Blogger/Blogspot that Opera 12 is no longer supported with the Blogger/Blogspot interface and that certain features may not work. And then, of course, offer Google Chrome as a recommended browser since I'm on a Google service. With all due respect, I gave up on Chrome long ago once my computer started crashing often. There were times even when Chrome crashed to where my computer would reboot. I removed Chrome from my PC once the complications using Chrome were getting to be too much.

I use Opera for almost all of my browsing. I have Internet Explorer 8 "for emergencies only." In other words- I use IE only when Opera and Firefox decide they want to screw with me than actually search the Internet and handle other duties. I use Firefox from time to time because of its stability and its . However, Opera has suited me much better in visiting various sites than Firefox. For example, I use Opera for YouTube because I've had the best viewing possibilities using Opera than with IE or Firefox. My YouTube experience with Firefox have a video refresh itself when I go to Full Screen. This has seldom happened to me in Opera.

These days, it seems like you have to have multiple browsers to try to find the best Internet browsing experience. One browser is going to be better at certain things; terrible at others. Speaking as a Blogger/Blogspot blogger, it gets to be frustrating and sad that I have to use one browser over countless others even if an unsupported (or limited support) browser fails to work. I guess I am mad about how it seems like you can't seem to use one specific browser that you are comfortable with for any and all of your online needs- including blogging. So you have to have multiple browsers for various uses and for various sites.

It's rare I use my blog(s) to go on a rant, but it's sad that I can't comfortably be with one browser I really like just so I can use great services like Blogger/Blogspot. Do you think or wish you could just have one browser you are extremely happy with for all of your online needs? Comment away!

By the way... this is "officially" my 950th post! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

gosh.. i also have some troubles with different browsers.

I thought I was the only one with such problems :D  I wish there was one that could do everything without troubles!

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