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Enhancing Fire Pro Wrestling - New Match Types

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Due to popular demand, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was created even as Fire Pro Wrestling Z was told to be the final installment of the Fire Pro Wrestling series. FPW has been around since 1989. While many have criticized that Fire Pro Wrestling just isn't as graphically impressive and amazing as the SmackDown! vs. RAW games, what many true wrestling fans love about Fire Pro Wrestling is that this is a proper wrestling title. There is a bit of fighting influence as a whole, but, at least from Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, this series can really be something special if they can enhance a number of elements. What would a future Fire Pro Wrestling bring? What can be improved? I'm going to go on the base of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns to discuss what all can be improved in any future titles.

--- Enhancing FPW: Match Types ---
Some of these matches may need to be named something else if there are any copyright infringement issues in play.

Ladder Match.
A ladder match consists of having something suspended above the ring. The winner is the one who pulls down the object (usually a championship title) suspended above the ring.

Table Match <<< just updated! Put your opponent through a table to win the match. Falls Count Anywhere.
The name of the game is to beat your opponent senseless. Pin falls can be counted ANYWHERE. There are no disqualifications and no countouts.

I Quit.
You have to beat your opponent so badly that he/she has no choice but to utter the words "I Quit." Once "I Quit" is said, that person loses.

Gauntlet Match.
For a wrestler to win, that wrestler must defeat a series of opponents. The match is usually in one-on-one fashion, but one wrestler must defeat all opponents in succession.

TRUE Lumberjack Match.
The concept of a Lumberjack match is that wrestlers surround the ring. When a wrestler is knocked out of the ring, the wrestlers outside of the ring put that wrestler back into the ring. However, the lumberjack wrestlers can also wear down an opponent. There may be alliances that may try and attack the other lumberjacks.

Three Stages of Hell.
This concept features a maximum of three matches. Settings can be made to determine what kind of match each one includes. The winner is the one who survives a best-of-three series. Usually, the third match (if needed) is the most extreme.

Mix Tag Match.
Men wrestle the men, and women wrestle the men. This is a tag match usually for two-on-two competition. There must be a male wrestler and a female wrestler in tag-team action.

First Blood.
This match is simple- the winner of the match is the first one to make their opponent bleed.

Iron Man Match/Ironman Match.
This is a match of great endurance where two wrestlers battle against each other for a duration of time. Decisions are earned based on pin fall, submission, and count outs. Disqualifications mean a point to the other wrestler. The one with the most decisions after some duration of time is the winner. Criticals may have to be disabled for this match.

Inferno Match.
The ring features flames around the ring ropes. Each hard slam makes the flames rise higher. The object of this match is to burn your opponent. This match is literally wrestling in Hell. There are no rules, no pin falls, no submissions... just burn the other wrestler.

Stretcher Match.
You need to beat your opponent so bad that you have to put them on a stretcher. Then, you must push that stretcher with your opponent's body on it across the line to win.

Elimination Chamber (may need to be called something else in FPW)
This is a match where as many as six wrestlers can compete. The ring is surrounded in steel with no means of escape. Flying out of the ring has you dealing with a wall of steel links. The Two wrestlers will be in the ring initially, but after a certain interval of time, one wrestler will be released from his/her chamber at random and enter the match. When a wrestler has been defeated, they will return to their chambers and never be a factor in the match again. When all five have been eliminated, the last wrestler standing wins.

Hell in a Cell. (may need to be called something else in FPW)
Hell in a Cell is all about torture. The cage can be used as a weapon, and you can even climb to the very top of the cage. Unlike in the SmackDown! games, you don't need to be at the center at the top of the cage to slam your opponent through the cage. This match can also be dangerous if on the top of the cage. You could throw someone or fall several feet from the top of the cage to the mats below. This will inflict serious damage and can be just as damaging as a Critical.

Triple Cage (War Games). (may need to be called something else in FPW)
There are two Triple Cage match types. The Triple Cage format instituted in WCW's WarGames features two rings and a huge cage containing both. A match can take place in one ring, but the fight could be taken to the other ring. Since there are two rings, there are two referees in both rings, in case Two wrestlers will start (at least the real WarGames match) for five-minute intervals until another randomly-entered wrestlers come in. Then after that, more wrestlers enter at random two-minute intervals until all wrestlers are entered. The winner is the first one to score pinfall or submission.

Triple Cage (Ready to Rumble). (may need to be called something else in FPW)
From the motion picture, "Ready to Rumble," comes this special Triple Cage format. The movie has three cages stacked on each other. The bottom cage featured the ring. Wrestlers had to climb to the top of the bottom cage to enter the smaller middle cage. The middle cage features weapons that can be used to deal further damage to other wrestlers. You had to break out of the middle cage to scale the top cage. The top cage is the smallest cage. You simply need to scale the top of the small top cage to grab the title latched onto a hook, and you win the match. On the September 6, 2000 edition of WCW Monday Nitro; the concept was changed up a bit. Two wrestlers would enter initially. Both of them can go right now to to the middle and top cages before anyone else can come out. But the difference is that on this edition of Nitro, you had to go from the bottom cage to the top cage, get the title, but then come back down and escape the cage with the title belt.

A Fire Pro Wrestling version of this match would have a match start with two wrestlers until as many as eight have shown up. You have to reach the top, get the title, then come back down and escape the cage with the title belt.

Boiler Room Brawl. (may need to be called something else in FPW)
The boiler room of the arena is the battleground. A battle between two (or maybe more) wrestlers will battle it out until a wrestler or team successfully escapes the boiler room. You'll need to basically incapacitate your opponent to successfully escape. Anything goes, and anything is legal. You can only win by escaping the boiler room.

Other concepts are similar and have their own match type in Fire Pro Wrestling. For example, you can do tournament play (think King of the Ring) or even Survivor Series (8-wrestler tag match). Can you think of any other great matches that would enhance the Fire Pro Wrestling series if a proper new title were released in the future? Comment away!
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