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American Beauties: Pacific

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(UPDATED: April 8, 2014)

The finale of my American Beauties series features beauties from the Pacific states. The featured personalities are from California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. Even though I mention Hawaii, more of them can be seen in my "South Pacific Beauties" post. This Beauties series concludes with West Coast beauties. It is the final featured region of my American Beauties posts.

NOTE: This post may contain a lot of YouTube videos that may slow down your performance. Click on the links below any embedded videos to view them on YouTube. Thanks to all YouTube channels whom allowed their videos to be embedded.

More personalities may be added in future edits. So this initial list of beauties aren't the ONLY ones to be featured in this post!


APR 8 2014 - made several edits

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--- American Beauties Series ---

Beautiful American ladies. I love doing these "Beauties" posts regarding some of the world's loveliest ladies, but I have decided to go close to home for this series. What you will see here is my list of various beauties representing the United States. You may not know who I may feature. What you probably will be aware of is certain personalities I've showcased based on certain interests of mine. As you may be aware in my blog posts, while I do mention those in Beauties posts as women, some of my Beauties posts may NOT be exclusively feminine. So you'll see a little of everything.

Here is a preview of what all this series will entail. There is no really serious designation in picking out a set region for which to feature each location. I will break up my American Beauties focus into five individual regions:

American Beauties Series: Rundown.

Here is a look at how I'll be doing this:

American Beauties - South and Southeast
(REGION: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and Washington, District of Columbia)

American Beauties - Northeast
(REGION: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine)

American Beauties - Midwest and Central
(REGION: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan)

American Beauties - Mountain
(REGION: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana)

• American Beauties: Pacific (YOU ARE HERE)
(REGION: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii)

American Beauties: This Region.

The region I will feature in this post is of Pacific beauties. I feel like I would do this region a disservice if I don't feature a number of Californian beauties because that state comprises the majority of beauties I've selected to feature and honor. This blog post consists of beauties from each of the following states:

• California
• Oregon
• Washington
• Alaska
• Hawaii

I can tell you right now that there will be a LOT of Californians I will feature in this post. I will still make an effort to find as many non-Californian beauties in this post to maintain solidarity.

NOTE: For more Hawaiian beauties, read my "South Pacific Beauties" blog post. I will still mention Hawaiian beauties here, but not as detailed in this post.

--- American Beauties: Pacific ---

I'll let you in on something- most of this blog post pertains to California. I do get the feeling that California has LOTS of people, so I fear I'll do this section a disservice if I don't feature as many Californians as possible. This is not to show any prejudice of anything. I'll try to feature lots of them early on.

So here are of many of California's beauties. As with any of the featured personalities, click on any hyperlinked headers to visit their official websites or fan pages.

Arika Sato.

The MTV reality TV competition "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" is where most people may have first heard of Arika Sato. This Japanese-American beauty is a (born: May 26, 1986)-year old southern California (SoCal) girl through and through. Arika Sato has done everything from modeling to being a star of her own YouTube channel. She is nowadays making material on YouTube called "What Every Guy Should Know," a series of videos showcasing what men should know about doing certain things. Arika hasn't forgotten about her ladies, as she offers fashion and beauty advice in some of those videos. I have respected Arika for the longest and still do to this day. Don't know Arika Sato? Get to know her with this video showcasing the Japanese-American beauty:

^ "How to Wash a Car"

The link I've provided takes you to her YouTube channel. Here was a post about her I did a long time ago: "Arika Sato" (John's Blog Space).

Keira Kang.

Keira Kang is a beautiful Korean-American singer. For as beautiful as this Los Angeles native is, however, this beautiful lady has had an ugly past. She has experienced everything from unemployment to the divorce of her parents. Her ultimate dream is to be a Grammy-award winning recording artist. I am hopeful she realizes her dream. As I've said about her before, she's been through Hell; all I want for her is Heaven. This video is a singing sample of Keira Kang:

^ "Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (Cover by KEIRA KANG)"

I provided this blog post long ago: "Keira Kang" (John's Blog Space).

Katy Perry.

Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked doing so. You change your mind like a girl changes clothes. She's a firework who will let you know that California girls (like herself) are undeniable. This lovely (Born: October 25, 1984)-year old lady from Santa Barbara, California made her mark in music with this bold song. She later came along with many more hit songs. What I like about Katy Perry from a style standpoint is her vintage pin-up girl image. Besides pin-up chic, Katy Perry is also known for wearing very whimsical outfits to her shows. Those whom play The Sims may be familiar with the candy-themed material from Katy Perry that you can buy in that The Sims add-on. My representing of Katy Perry in this blog post will be done with this music video. Enjoy this high-energy song:

^ "Katy Perry - Firework"

Rebecca Black.

From a world-class recording artist... to Rebecca Black. Many associate the (born: June 21, 1997)-year old as being an absolutely horrible singer (especially her "Friday" song), but this California girl from Irvine deserves at least some credit. Someone actually discovered her and given her a chance. The negativity that is spread across the Internet had people say all sorts of hurtful and damaging things to and about Rebecca Black. The one thing I can't stand about all of this is just why her. I think Rebecca Black- say what you want about her singing- is a beautiful lady. If she wasn't beautiful to me, she wouldn't be in a "Beauties" post now, would she? So I'm paying respect to this lady here.

• "Rebecca Black Interview-Katy Perry "Part of Me" Premiere"

By the way... there was a collaboration between Rebecca Black and Katy Perry long ago. Californians helping Californians. Pretty cool if you're from the Golden State.

Here is an old post I did about Rebecca Black: "Rebecca Black" (John's Blog Space).

Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey Claire Deschanel was someone I did not know of previously until seeing an Apple iPhone commercial of her. I think the (born: January 17, 1980)-year old is very cute and also entertaining. She is very well known for the hit "New Girl" comedy on FOX. Zooey is from Los Angeles, California. This is a video interview of the beautiful Zooey Deschanel:

• "Zooey Deschanel Talks "New Girl" and Taylor Swift"

Miranda Cosgrove.

Whereas Disney had the likes of Selena Gomez as a sweet-as-sugar personality, Nickelodeon's answer to Selena Gomez (if you will) is Miranda Cosgrove. Miranda Cosgrove is best known for starring in the hit show "iCarly" on Nickelodeon. The (born: May 14, 1993)-year old from Los Angeles, Calfornia is really one of the sweetest-faced personalities in American media besides Selena Gomez.

Megan Mullally.

One of the loveliest ladies to me is actress and singer Megan Mullally. This Los Angeles lady has been both a witty actress as well as a singer with an absolutely beautiful voice. On YouTube, the (born: November 12, 1958)-year old is famous for doing a music video for I Cannot Believe It's Not Butter called "Turn the Tub Around." I wanted to find that music video and post it here. However, I found a performance of hers that I literally cried to. You may need some tissues if you cry happy tears hearing this performance:

^ "Megan Mullally - Singing Christmas Party - Part 1"

Megan Mullally is a fantastic singer apart from being a very funny actress. I so respect her. Here is an old post I did about Megan Mullally: "Megan Mullally" (John's Blog Space)

Annabelle, of VIVALUXURY.

(ADDED: April 8, 2014)
Annabelle Fleur is a stylish lady who runs the blog VIVALUXURY. I came across her by visiting her LOOKBOOK outfits. She is one of the loveliest ladies online. While I do think Annabelle is a beautiful name, her style is equally lovely. So check out her blog to gauge her style.

Rachel Pally.

Rachel Pally is a high-end fashion designer mostly noted for her stylish and comfortable fashions. The graduate of the University of California-Berkley (Golden Bears' country) has designed some sweet fashions for those who can afford her fashion pieces. Most of her fashions mostly are of comfortable jersey material. These items include pants, skirts, and dresses among many of her stylish clothes.

You can shop for Rachel Pally's fashions online at, and even at retailers like Shopbop ( ).

Kassandra Brooks (Facebook fan page).

Kassandra Brooks
^ from: (links to profile) - Kassandra Brooks- one hot and fashion-savvy Californian.

If you're familiar with AMIClubwear, the name Kassandra Brooks should be familiar to you- especially if you've followed AMIClubwear's YouTube channel. Kassandra Marie Brooks moved on from AMIClubwear to focus on her own fashion line called "I'm Haute." It is safe to say the Californian loves and is very much fixated on fashion. In addition to being someone fixated on fashion, Kassandra is also a scorching hot model. Kassandra Brooks is a beautiful lady, but one of her biggest challenges is in dealing with acne problems. She remains a beautiful blonde while also battling these acne problems. Kassandra M. Brooks remains a charming SoCal beauty- both inside and out.

Kassandra Brooks is also a blogger. However, her material isn't regularly updated. You are free to have a look at her blog about her outfits if interested: The Haute Blonde. You can see her fashions from her store at (I'm Haute).

For performance reasons, I am including this Jump Break. So many YouTube videos means so much to upload. So I am providing this Jump Break to improve the performance of this page if you are not reading the full post.

I'm not done yet! There are MANY more personalities from the Pacific that I want to make mention to. And trust me- I will mention at least one beauty from the remaining four states I have yet to mention. If you are not reading the full post, then you will miss out on me mentioning a few more Californians before eventually discussing beauties I'll mention from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. So click "Read More" if you are not reading the full post.

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Kaley Cuoco.

Before gaining fame with "The Big Bang Theory," I've known (born: November 30, 1985)-year old Kaley Cuoco from the ABC comedy "8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter." Kaley was and remains one hot Californian. She's from Camarillo, CA. My parents love "The Big Bang Theory," while I haven't seen a single episode; and Kaley plays as Penny in "The Big Bang Theory." So I don't know too much of Kaley in "The Big Bang Theory." One other thing I know about Kaley Cuoco is her playing tennis. Here's the delicious Californian blonde:

• "Kaley Cuoco on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1"

I've always had trouble pronouncing her last name. So if you don't know, "Cuoco" is pronounced like "coo-oh-koh."

Gwen Stefani.

There is no doubt that the lead singer of the '90s group No Doubt- Gwen Stefani- is one lovely lady. She is the goddess of all things LAMB (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) as well as her being the founder of the Harajuku Lovers fashion line. She was born in Fullerton, Calfornia on October 3, 1969. I chose this to represent Gwen Stefani here, and it's one of my personal favorite songs of hers. Have a listen:

• "Gwen Stefani - Cool"

Sara Bareilles.

I'm not gonna write you a love song, 'cause you want one, 'cause you need one... so are the words of one beautiful Sara Bareilles of Eureka, California. The (born: December 7, 1979)-year old is a lovely lady with equally lovely vocals. "Love Song" is my favorite song of hers, not to mention the only song of hers I can immediately recall. Here is the Californian singing for you all:

• "Sara Bareilles - Love Song"


Kesha (or Ke$ha) gained fame for her pop anthems like "Tik Tok." She's a wild girl who knows how to get you hooked. She was born in Los Angeles, California before moving to Nashville around age 4. This was the song that put her on the map:

• "Ke$ha - TiK ToK"

Jenny Chu (link is not safe for work!).

I heart Jenny Chu... and I'm not the only one! Jenny Chu is a Californian model whom I've first learned of from a popular DVD series on illegal street racing and the import car culture called Street Fury. Jenny Chu is someone who equally balances cute and sexy. That's tough to say often times because some girls may be very cute or very sexy, but usually never both without compromise. Jenny Chu has that balance.


I personally regard Teemaree as the hottest go-go dancer I've ever seen. This Californian has put herself across the map doing various dancing gigs, she's been DJ'ing at parties, and making several TV appearances. She even competed on the very popular "Wipeout" on ABC. I famously know Teemaree as the creator of an online reality TV series called "Sweat, Boots, and Booty Shorts"- an online reality TV series featuring Teemaree and her go-go dancing gigs. It was the first-ever series devoted to go-go dancing. Besides TV, the Latina from California is also one of my fellow bloggers. She runs the blog "Tee-riffic." That blog provides some insight into her life and even provides various other insights.

I mentioned her in my very popular go-go dancing blog post and here: "Teemaree" (John's Blog Space).

The Bella Twins (Facebook Fan Page).

You can look, but you can't touch. Nikki and Brie are identical twins from San Diego. They are WWE Divas known as The Bella Twins. A lot of people often criticize them as having absolutely no wrestling talent despite the fact these two are amazingly beautiful. Their signature move is "Twin Magic." Usually because the two are tough to tell apart, if one of the Bella Twins is down, the other sister pulls the hurt one out of the ring to essentially steal victory from the opponent. And since you can't tell the two apart, it's a good job of the Bella Twins playing possum to win matches. Bella isn't their last names. In fact, they are Nikki Garcia and Brie Garcia. Bella, of course, is Italian for "beautiful"- which both of these twin sisters are.

Ariel Winter.

Also from San Diego is Ariel Winter Workman (or just Ariel Winter). This (born: January 28, 1998)-year old actress is famous for her role in "Sofia the First" and "Modern Family" among other roles. Here is a fun video featuring the beautiful and cute Ariel Winter:

• "Ariel Winter (Modern Family) - My Day My Life"

Chita Johnson.

Chita Johnson was born in Nashville, Tennessee; and she is a meteorologist here in Houston for KHOU Channel 11. She smiles sweetly and looks great covering weather in the Houston area. She has had gigs for other networks including doing weather for KRCR Channel 7 in Chico, California. Chita Johnson is a California girl despite being born in Nashville. Her personality is warm and fun. If offered, I would be interested in meeting her in person. Chita is so pretty! This promo for KHOU Channel 11 showcases how lovely Chita is:

^ "KHOU 11 News at 4 Launch (B)"

Liz Halliday.

Liz Halladay is a racer driver whom has enjoyed two kinds of horsepower- behind the wheel of race cars and equestrian action. The racer is a California native who was born in San Diego, California. Most of her racing was done in sportscar racing in the American Le Mans Series and even in competing in events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. From her San Diego home, she's since moved to Sussex, England for her equestrian career.

Amy Roiland.

Going up the ladder is aspiring actress Amy Roiland. This Californian is an online friend of mine I'm paying respect to in this blog post. This native of Northern California is an actress, very much into fashion, and even a blogger. Here is your look at Amy with this comedy acting reel:

^ "Amy Roiland Comedy Acting Reel"

Brenda Song (Facebook fan page).

There aren't too many Hmong actresses or celebrities in American media today. That is... unless you're Carmichael, California native Brenda Song. I best know Brenda Song as socialite London Tipton (a spoof of Paris Hilton obviously) in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." I also remember her for Disney movie roles including "Stuck in the Suburbs" and "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior." She has a Hmong-Chinese father and a Thai mother adopted by a Hmong family. Here is the (born: March 27, 1988)-year old Brenda Song in an interview:

• "Brenda Song"

Anna Maria Perez de Taglé.

San Francisco, California is a beautiful city (not that I've been). San Francisco is also where actress and singer Anna Maria Perez de Taglé was born. I know her best as Miracle Ross on the CBS kids show "Cake." Anna Maria may have a long name, but the Filipino-American beauty never comes up short in talent or beauty.

Mallory Low.

Mallory Low is one of five girls who comprised a kid-friendly pop group known as the Slumber Party Girls. This Californian was born on August 30, 1989. She has done singing and acting in her career. Mallory is very mixed- from her home page, she is Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Hawaiian. There is also British and French blood in her. To see a demo acting reel of Mallory Low, look here:

mallory low demo reel (embedding was disabled)

Jeanie Buss.

(ADDED: August 14, 2013)
Jeanie Buss
^ from: - Jeanie Buss is the Executive Vice President for one of the NBA's most successful teams- the Los Angeles Lakers.

I am NOT a Los Angeles Lakers fan. However, (born: September 26, 1961)-year old Jeanie Buss is a beautiful woman born in Santa Monica, California. Jeanie Buss is currently the Executive Vice President of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Shirley Temple.

(ADDED: August 30, 2013)
Shirley Temple is best known for her roles as a child actress. She was born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California. She then qualifies a Pacific beauty in this context. Shirley Temple in her childhood years had very cute curly hair as a child actress. She also had immense acting talent and some lovely music talent. Outside of acting, she has long been a U.S. ambassador for Ghana and Czechoslovakia. Shirley Temple is long regarded as one of the greatest child actresses of all time and for good reason. Here is a cute sample of Shirley Temple:

^ "Shirley Temple-Polly Wolly Doodle"

(EDITED: April 8, 2014) Shirley Temple passed away not too long ago. My thoughts and prayers go out in loving memory of this superstar.

Adriana, of "Little Petite".

Arizona-based Californian Adriana is a beautiful petite lady. She found "John's Blog Space" long ago. I since respected Adriana once I saw her blog. Her posts are fun, and her outfits range from casual to chic. She's a little lady with big beauty. Almost goddess-like beauty in fact. Her blog hasn't really been updated in a while, but you are more than welcome to visit it by clicking on the link above this paragraph.

Candy, of "Curves Ahead".

Candy is a sweet lady. The curvy beauty from North Hollywood, CA is a professional makeup artist, a blogger behind "Curves Ahead," and the founder of the fashion line Fancy Steps. As for her blog posts, Candy showcases some of her own looks. She even lends her expertise and style to videos through her YouTube channel. Visit her blog to get a taste of Candy and her sweet style.

Elaine, of "(her blog)".

(LINK AND TEXT EDITED: June 11, 2013)
One of the most recent blogs I've loved is now called "The Adventures of a Fashionable Wallflower." The "Romantic Fawn" named Elaine has a bunch of Bohemian and dreamy-type outfits she showcases in her posts. She is both a blogger and a model. Some of her outfit posts are complimented with some poetry to help enhance the outfits all the further.

I changed the name because she changes the name of her blog a number of times.

Natalie, of "La Vagadome Dame".

Natalie Liao is a blogging beauty whom loves Bohemian fashions and vintage fashions. She is a beautiful Chinese girl whom also happens to be a northern California girl. She's a Bay Area girl who moved to Los Angeles for college. Natalie's style is nothing along the lines of the latest trends. If you want to visit her blog, visit: If you want to know more about Natalie Liao, get to know her here:

• "La Vagabond Dame | Intro"

Jessica, of "Hapa Time."

(ADDED: July 25, 2013)
This half-Japanese beauty named Jessica runs the blog "Hapa Time." She is a beautiful lady whom showcases her beauty across LOOKBOOK. It wasn't until recently when I discovered her blog. She's a Northern California girl hailing from around the Bay Area.

Sara, of "Sara's Sweet Style".

San Diego girl Sara runs the blog "Sara's Sweet Style." Her style is sweet whether casual or classy. She is a fresh-faced beauty with a sweet smile and lovely hair. I first encountered Sara when she commented in one of my blogs long ago. As I began to check out her blog, I basically was drawn to her immense beauty. I invite all of you fashion lovers to visit "Sara's Sweet Style" and gauge her lovely outfits. Sara is originally from Syria and say she fluently speaks Arab.

Tiffany, of "tuolomee".

The American-Belizean beauty named Tiffany Borland is someone I'm paying respect to for her unique style. This beautiful Californian is often seen in fabulous outfits in her blog posts. Her blog posts mostly feature her outfits, her photo shoots, and even commentary regarding certain fashion shows. So you get a little of everything from this fine blog of hers. I've featured her both here on "John's Blog Space" as well as on "StyleSpace by JBM." Visit her blog to check out what all she has to offer.

Karla of "KARLA'S CLOSET".

I've perhaps saved the best for last in regards to Californians and bloggers. Karla Deras is a beautiful blogger whom runs the highly successful "KARLA'S CLOSET." I respect Karla for a number of reasons. One such reason is because she is one of so few to manage taking frumpy outfits and making them unworldly chic. She is very much into vintage fashion. In addition, she also designs jewelry. You should see her Roman Luxe x Karla Deras jewelry line. Karla has always been a short-haired lady. She has had a more boyish short hairstyle, but has since adopted a beautiful curly bob hairstyle. When I seen videos of Karla Deras, if you think she looks nice, she has a very sweet voice. Here is a look at the beautiful Karla Deras:

^ "Karla Deras Closet Interview with StyleLikeU"

One last note on Karla Deras... I've known her somewhat as she was one member of an all-girl pop group called the Slumber Party Girls. I learned the Karla Deras of SPG and of KARLA'S CLOSET are one in the same. So she was a pop star who went on to run one of the Internet's most popular fashion blogs.

Kim Rhodes.

Born June 7, 1969; Kim Rhodes may be familiar to you if you watch Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." She was born in Portland, Oregon. Besides those roles, she's even shown her acting prowess in "Another World" and "As the World Turns." This is an acting reel featuring the Oregonian:

Kim Rhodes reel SMALL

Esperanza Spalding.

In the 2011 Grammy Awards, jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding won "Best New Artist" in an absolute upset against Justin Bieber (whom I thought would win). The (born: October 18, 1984)-year old was the first jazz artist to win this Grammy award. Fans of Justin Bieber didn't take it too kindly, as the Wikipedia page on Esperanza Spalding was hacked along with people typing up things about Esperanza like "go die in a hole." No matter what, the Portland, Oregon native has shown plenty of class while fans of J-Be trolled the Internet. Esperanza Spalding proudly rocks her natural afro. Get to know Esperanza Spalding here:

• "Esperanza Spalding - BEST NEW ARTIST 2011 (Interview)"

Cindi Lux.

One of the most successful racers in the United States is Oregonian Cindi Lux. She is from Aloha, Oregon. Among one of her many accomplishments was winning the inaugural race of the American Le Mans Series' Women's Global GT Series (WGGTS). When not racing, she is a racing instructor. You will need to visit her home page- which I've provided in the heading to this section- to learn more about her and her racing career.

Ashlei-Louise, of "Faltering Bird".

The blog "Faltering Bird" is run by a blogger named Ashlei-Louise. This native of Portland, Oregon has a beautiful hairstyle and a sweet smile. She also has a handful of Bohemian-style outfits. Why not visit her blog and get a feel for her fashion style?

Hope Solo.

Hope Solo has long been a huge footballer (as in soccer) for the United States Women's National Team. The native of Richland, Washington is the goalkeeper for the U.S. Women's National Team. Want to check out the story of Hope Solo? Here is a video about the solid goalie:

• "UW360 June 2012: Hope Solo"

Cindy Brunson.

One of my favorite personalities on ESPN's SportsCenter was Cindy Brunson. She is very much a Washingtonian- hailing from Tacoma, Washington. Cindy also happens to be a Cougar... a Washington State Cougar, that is. I read she's moved from SportsCenter to FOX Sports Arizona. Here is a sample of Cindy Brunson:

Cindy Brunson ESPN Sportscenter (in Stockings)

Brittney Henry.

The state of Washington is known as the Emerald State. While Washington may have emeralds, one of their diamonds is the beautiful Brittney Henry. She's from Puyallup, Washington (Washington State University Cougar country). Brittney Henry won Miss Washington 2011. She might win something special if you watch this video- like winning your heart:

^ Vote for Miss Washington 2011 Brittney Henry

Girlie Blog Seattle (Honorable Mention!)

Even though the creator of Girlie Blog Seattle is not a native of Seattle, I want to pay respect to her because I do think she is great looking. The blog is mostly a beauty blog rather than a fashion blog. The creator of this blog mostly showcases some beauty advice as well as offer a few outfit posts of hers. The Honorable Mention is to offer the fact that she is not a native of the city she represents. Sometimes when I do Beauties-themed posts, I sometimes add personalities that I think people would appreciate me feature. This is one of those personalities I wanted to feature. The creator of "Girlie Blog Seattle" is mostly anonymous, so that's why you don't see a name associated with this personality.

Jessica Kazmierczak.

Miss Alaska USA 2012 is Jessica Kazmierczak. Even if you can't pronounce her last name, you can still know she's one of the loveliest ladies to hail from The Last Frontier. She is a native Alaskan, born in the city of Salcha- which is a suburban city southeast of Fairbanks. Meet Alaskan beauty Jessica Kazmierczak:

Jessica Kazmierczak - interview with Miss Alaska USA 2012

Kate Earl.

Kate Earl is a recording artist born and raised in Alaska. She was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in Chugiak. I looked up her on YouTube to find some music on her. This is one of Kate Earl's songs in the video below. It's a pretty cool one. This is the Alaskan beauty in action:

• "Kate Earl - Melody"

Allison Chu.

Allison Chu is both an actress, a model, and a singer. This beautiful lady from Honolulu, Hawaii was someone I first learned of on Myspace many moons ago. Her singing reminded me a lot of when Charlotte Church was a soprano singer. Allison has put on some nice acting roles as she was in an episode of the new-age "Hawaii Five-O." I know Allison best for her music. Here is a music sample of Allison Chu:

• "Seeing U Tonight"

Owana Salazar.

Say "Aloha" to Owana Salazar. Owana Salazar is a slack guitar performer. In addition to being a musician, this Hawaiian beauty is a relative of the royal family of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Listen to this lady perform a beautiful Hawaiian tune for you:

• "Hi'ilawe -- Waterfall -- Owana Salazar"

Pauline Wilson.

The biggest selling point of Pauline Wilson is that this jazz singer has something no other Hawaiian can lay claim to- being a Grammy award winner. She won a Grammy back in 1979 in the Best Recording for Children category. Pauline Wilson was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii; and she has some Filipino blood in her. She is best known for her vocal work for the group Seawind. The way I've known her was that she did the vocal version to a Gran Turismo song- "Like the Wind." I love both the instrumental and vocal versions (I like the instrumental one better), but Pauline Wilson's singing is solid in this song:

• "Like the Wind - Pauline Wilson (HQ)..."

Never thought I'd incorporate Gran Turismo into a Beauties post... but I did! :)

Bethany Hamilton.

She has only one arm after her left arm was bitten off by a shark. However, it doesn't stop (born: February 8, 1990)-year old Bethany Meilani Hamilton from Lihue, Hawaii from surfing her heart out. Her story was even portrayed in a movie called "Soul Surfer." She's tall- 5'11". That's the same height of ladies like Taylor Swift and Wendy Williams. She is still a beautiful woman- even without her left arm. Oh, and she still can ride those waves like a boss. Bethany is a professional surfer. While scary, here is the true story of Bethany Hamilton and the horrific shark attack she suffered:

^ Bethany Hamilton: Shark Attack--The Real Story

If you want to read my blog post about surfing, check this out if you love surfing: "Surfing" (John's Blog Space).

Candis Cayne.

Maui, Hawaii's transgendered actress, famous as Carmelita in "Dirty Sexy Money," is one Candis Cayne. Born Brendan McDaniel, Candis Cayne has a profession and a personality a number of people in the LGBT community who would want the kind of honor and privledge that she has. Most importantly- the honor to play a major role in a major primetime television show or a major movie. Candis Cayne is a native of Maui, Hawaii who was born Brendan McDaniel before becoming Candis Cayne.

My popular blog post on Candis Cayne can be seen here: "Candis Cayne" (John's Blog Space).

Eden, of "*Sweet Wahines Beautiful Life *".

I want to pay respect to Eden of "*Sweet Wahines Beautiful Life*." While I've rarely visited her blog, I want to pay respect to this Japanese girl from Laie, Hawaii.

This concludes my look at Pacific beauties. Remember that I may add more to posts like this, so this list will not be complete. Think of my beauties posts more like works in progress that are updated every so often to include new names.

NOTE: I was going to include Sarah Palin in this post. However, I learned she was born in Idaho despite being the Governor of Alaska. So while she's lovely to me, I excluded her from this Pacific list.

This concludes the American beauties series. I have tried to cover just about all fifty states across a series of five blog posts. I want to thank all of you for reading "John's Blog Space" and its many blog posts- including this series. PLEASE do me a favor and show me your continued support by Following my blog and by connecting with me through other online media. Thank you for reading!

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