Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Andy Blueman

John Marine | 3/03/2010 05:46:00 PM | |
(UPDATED: August 30, 2011)

You are in for a treat if you've never heard of Andy Blueman. Andy Blueman is a trance music producer who was born in Slovenia and specializes in hard-hitting uplifting trance. His music is a trance roller coaster (not that I've ever been on one). His music gets you going immediately at the start with his awesome songs. He does tend to slow things down to a great degree, but later gets you right back into the mood. Andy Blueman makes exceptional mixes. He has the Midas touch and rarely disappoints, if at all.

For me, my love of Andy Blueman's work began with this song:

Roots (embedding disabled)
^ "Roots," by Airbase, remixed by Andy Blueman - His mix of this song from Airbase is truly epic. I first heard this song from some other YouTube video featuring some of the most awesome trance songs ever made. There's just no way to describe this into words. You just have to hear this mix as it is. That's when I began to think of Andy Blueman as a trance god. And since he's a trance god, check out the link above to become saved by his awesome trance.

^ "Sea Tides (Original Mix)" - Enjoy the stellar instrumentals and beats to this song. Very much guaranteed to get you going.

^ "Tuvan," by Gaia, remixed by Andy Blueman - Etherreal. Divine. Moving. Think of as many adjectives as you can to describe this musical masterpiece put on by Andy Blueman. This was taken from Armin Van Buuren's "A State of Trance" Episode 417.

Did you enjoy his music? Here are some MP3s on Amazon you can check out if you love his music:

(UPDATE: August 30, 2011)
For some time now, Andy Blueman has shifted his music focus to some classic show tunes or something like that. The Slovenian is still a magician with his music.

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