Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Filo & Peri

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Filo & Peri are all about one thing- hard-hitting trance. They deliver some awesome music. I first heard of this duo in 2007 or so listening to Sirius BPM. I heard "Anthem" by these two and instantly loved their music. I then started to hear some of their other music, and that's when I've gotten to enjoy their trance. I started listening on Myspace to Filo and Peri and loved their music. While I don't know their entire history, I do admire these guys. Maybe you will too after reading this blog entry and seeing what I have to offer to you about Filo and Peri.

Here are some songs for you to check out from Filo & Peri:

^ "Anthem" - This was the first song I heard from this duo. This song from 2007 is just plenty awesome. You might agree after checking this video out.

^ "Spectrum" - According to the YouTube description to this video, this was the song that helped Filo & Peri to get on the map. It has a great beat to it. This song is actually quite mellow, but it still has that kick to it.

^ "Elevation" - This is a beautiful-sounding song with a nice beat. In a way, it kind of reminds me of Robert Miles' music- beautiful melodies accompanied by an awesome beat.

Do you like Filo & Peri? Here is some music for you to check out on Amazon if you like their music:

Or visit Flio & Peri's Amazon Page for more Filo & Peri!
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