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American Beauties: Northeast

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(UPDATED: April 8, 2014)

The American Northeast will be featured as my American Beauties series continues. I featured a few from the Mid-Atlantic states, and I decided to continue with more from the American Northeast. So get ready to come across a variety of ladies I've made mention to from this part of the United States. These featured personalities range from celebrities to bloggers and more. It is my own personal look at some of America's loveliest ladies. My Beauties posts are not any definitive beauties, but it is my own look at various lovely people. You may not even know who I will feature. Whomever I do feature, it is maybe the most diverse array of lovelies that I can provide to all of my readers. I may also add more beauties to this blog post, so this initial list is not the ONLY list of beauties relevant to this region I want to make mention to!

So let's continue this series by taking a look at American beauties from the Northeast! I was careful including some information on some of the featured personalities. I want to respectfully feature certain personalities without pulling any real sensitive information.

Let me know if I am unable to use certain images due to copyright information. Also, be warned that a lot of YouTube video is featured here. You may not have very good performance viewing my blog with so many YouTube videos featured. Just be mindful of this. You can always click on the links below the videos to view them on YouTube if you can't view embedded videos. Thanks to all YouTube channels who allowed their videos to be embedded.


APR 8 2014 - made several edits

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--- American Beauties Series ---

Beautiful American ladies. I love doing these "Beauties" posts regarding some of the world's loveliest ladies, but I have decided to go close to home for this series. What you will see here is my list of various beauties representing the United States. You may not know who I may feature. What you probably will be aware of is certain personalities I've showcased based on certain interests of mine. As you may be aware in my blog posts, while I do mention those in Beauties posts as women, some of my Beauties posts may NOT be exclusively feminine. So you'll see a little of everything.

Here is a preview of what all this series will entail. There is no really serious designation in picking out a set region for which to feature each location. I will break up my American Beauties focus into five individual regions:

American Beauties Series: Rundown.

Here is a look at how I'll be doing this:

American Beauties - South and Southeast
(REGION: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and Washington, District of Columbia)

• American Beauties - Northeast (YOU ARE HERE)
(REGION: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine)

American Beauties - Midwest and Central
(REGION: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan)

American Beauties - Mountain
(REGION: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana)

American Beauties: Pacific
(REGION: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii)

American Beauties: This Region.

The region I will feature in this post is of Northeastern beauties. These are mostly personalities from New England. This post consists of a nine-state region that I will define as Northeast. I don't feel I totally succeed at posting about certain people if I don't cover every location. Or at least, as many as possible. I will attempt to find at least one personality to feature from the following states:

• Pennsylvania
• New Jersey
• New York
• Connecticut
• Rhode Island
• Massachusetts
• Vermont
• New Hampshire
• Maine

And when it comes to New York, it is obviously important I mention folks from New York City. However, I also want to make sure I cover upstate New York. So I'll be sure to feature some upstate New York personalities in addition to the greater New York City folks.

--- American Beauties: Northeast ---

(REGION: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine)

The Mid-Atlantic and New England are represented in this blog post. Are you ready to meet some Northeastern beauties? Click on any hyperlinked headers to visit their official websites or fan pages. Let's begin! Here are some of the Northeast's many beauties- from celebrities to bloggers and all points in-between:

Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift
^ from: - Taylor Swift boasts some of the most beautiful curly hair of any celebrity. These days, though, Taylor is much more fierce in looks and style- but still beautiful.

Taylor Alison Swift hails from the city known as "Tree City USA"- Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA. This 5'11" country pop star born on December 13, 1989 has won the hearts of America with her great singing and funny personality. Taylor Swift mostly began as this country cutie. She's the girl who will don a cute sundress and pair them with a pair of cowboy boots. She also has boasted some of the most beautiful curly hair of any celebrity past or present. As she matured and as she became a Cover Girl, Taylor Swift has become more fierce in her style. She remains modest, but her looks have certainly changed. I personally think Taylor looks a WHOLE lot different with straight hair rather than with the beautiful curls I've known her for. Besides her looks, she is an awesome singer/songwriter who has even done her share of acting. One more thing about Taylor Swift- she is very funny and can be very silly. I think if she decides to get away from music, she may have a great career as a comedian.

OLD post I did on Taylor Swift: "Taylor Swift" (John's Blog Space).

Gabriella, of "Principessa Gabriella".

Principessa Gabriella
^ from: (links to profile) - Say "ciao" to the beautiful blogger Gabriella of "Principessa Gabriella."

Pennsylvania's "principessa" (Italian for "princess") is the beautiful Gabriella. The curvy blogger showcases not only blog posts but also some of her own advice and literature. Coming across her blog long ago has been a tremendous pleasure. She even influenced me to blog about her favorite musician, Alexz Johnson. I owe so much to her in me expanding my blogging range. Gabriella showcases her style posting multiple outfits in one posts. If Gabriella is reading this, ciao! ^_^

Arielle Lee Bair.

One lady is a true survivor. Arielle Lee Bair has battled eating disorders and is using her influence to help motivate and inspire others. The Pennsylvanian caught my attention when I was randomly looking up videos of a pop singer named Arielle Lee. This Arielle I eventually came across provided beautiful messages in all of her motivational videos as well as her work with "WeRFreedomFighters"- a YouTube channel devoted to helping others deal with eating disorders. What makes Arielle Lee Bair beautiful besides her lovely looks are twofold- her willingness to motivate and help others while also sharing beautiful and powerful messages to help those who may need some sort of guidance. I will demonstrate to you one of Arielle's many wonderful motivational pieces. She sometimes offers a variety of mixed motivational and inspirational messages in her series of motivational mash-ups. I think she has a very sweet voice in addition to her wonderful looks. Please take a look and enjoy... and also take in some inspiration:

^ "You're Invited to a Celebration"

The link I provided links to her main blog. Now the tough question: which is more beautiful- her looks, or her heart and her motivation? Oh, and I blogged about her long ago. More on Arielle Lee Bair: "A Salute to Arielle" (John's Blog Space).

Danielle, of "indie.electronic.alternative.".

The wild child named Danielle is a fashion blogger who runs "indie.electronic.alternative." Rather than just fashion, she also discusses music- and especially music left of the mainstream. She is unique in her own right in regards to fashion. Her styles can be cool and casual or even feminine with toughness. A trademark of her style usually involves something fringed or a a tough (yet chic) pair of boots.

Nicole Haboush.

The "Cute Grid Girl" of is Tampa Bay resident Nicole Haboush. This blonde lady brings sunshine to all with her amazing beauty. Nicole calls the Sunshine State home, but this sunny cutie is from New Jersey. She is a businesswoman who runs a yacht charter service in Florida. The link provided takes you to her business and even includes a picture of the beautiful lady.

Heidi Van Horne.

Heidi Van Horne was born in Princeton, New Jersey. She was raised in Texas by two native New Yorkers (according to IMDb), so I put her among my Northeast beauties because of this. I always call Heidi Van Horne as the world's hottest pin-up girl. I even got to meet her once at the Houston Auto Show. Heidi usually contributes to the Houston Chronicle in regards to automotive material. This video is a sample of the hot Heidi Van Horne:

• "Bedlam Ball Oct 2,2010 Car Show, Pin Ups, San Pedro, - Heidi Van Horne hosting"

My blog post on her: "Heidi Van Horne" (John's Blog Space).

Kimara Lovelace ( link).

You may only know of Kimara Lovelace if you've played "Ridge Racer Type 4" and heard "Movin' in Circles" and "One More Win." Kimara Lovelace is a New Jersey girl who is great singing Lounge-type songs.

Want more? My old blog post on Kimara Lovelace: "Kimara Lovelace" (John's Blog Space).

Nikki Blonsky.

(EDITED: June 7, 2013)
Nikki Blonsky is one of the sweetest famous faces in America. She is both curvy and petite- standing 4'10". However, her talent and her personality far exceed her petite frame. The (born: November 9, 1988)-year old is a native of Great Neck, New York, USA. Many people know her as the star of the movie musical "Hairspray." Others may know of her from "Huge" on ABC Family, and most others know her for dating Zac Efron. I think of her as the super-cute and down-to-earth lady whom also happens to be a talented actress and a talented singer. Here is a cute sample of her singing:

• "Nikki Blonsky - Good Morning Baltimore - Live"

I blogged about this cutie before. Check it: Nikki Blonsky (John's Blog Space)

Lady Gaga.

Meet the Madonna of our current generation- Stefani Joanne Angelica Germanotta - better known as Lady Gaga. I personally like her music. Most others look for any reason to hate on her. Lady Gaga is from New York City, New York. She is someone not afraid to speak her mind or express herself any way she chooses. One of her most controversial moments was when the 5'1" pop superstar wore a meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. For all she's worth, Lady Gaga is a superstar that transcends both music and art. Why people hate on her is beyond me. I actually like a lot of her music.

If interested, I blogged about her once. You're invited to have a read: "Lady Gaga" (John's Blog Space).

Paris Hilton.

(ADDED: June 12, 2013)
"That's hot!" The most famous socialite in this day an age is one Paris Whitney Hilton. Say what you want about the (born: February 17, 1981)-year old, but Paris Hilton is surely a beautiful lady. She was born in New York City, New York. Paris has extended her appeal into acting and music. As of this inclusion of Paris Hilton to my "American Beauties" series, she recently signed a music deal with Cash Money Records to be in the realm of electronic pop music.

Joan Rivers.

Joan Rangers unite! Many know Joan Rivers as being part of Fashion Police on the E! Network. I best remember the (born: June 8, 1933)-year old Brooklyn native usually in the center square on the old Hollywood Squares game show. Many more know Joan for her highly successful career on The Carol Burnett Show. Those who just know her on "Fashion Police" know her as the outspoken host who sometimes comes up with some of the most brutal jokes regarding certain celebrities. Let's just say she's about the oldest beauty I will feature in this American Beauties series of blog posts.

I have more Northeastern beauties to feature in this blog post! Who else made the cut? If you are not reading the full post and if you've enjoyed what you read so far, PLEASE click on "Read More" to continue your experience!

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Ricki Lake (IMDb profile).

Hastings-on-Hudson, New York native Ricki Lake is one of the most successful daytime talk show hosts in American television. Many people know her for her daytime talk show- both the old and new one. Not as many know her for her acting as well as being the host of "Charm School" and even being on Dancing With the Stars. Then and now, Ricki Lake remains one of the most beautiful women in American media. Ricki Lake returned to the daytime talk show circuit in 2012 with her new show. Before The New Ricki Lake Show, the very successful previous show ended either in 2003 or 2004. And rather than the usual daytime talk show topics, the new Ricki Lake Show primarily focuses on feminine issues and even has some insight on other interesting topics. I always value Ricki Lake as someone who focuses on a vast array of topics. I have always respected Ricki Lake for all she's done. Besides talk shows, she has had a number of different acting roles she's taken part in.

I blogged about Ricki Lake once. Check this out: "Ricki Lake" (John's Blog Space).

Cassie Scerbo (IMDb profile).

Better known as Cassie Scerbo, Cassandra Lynn Scerbo is an Italian-American beauty who mostly gained fame as a member of the Slumber Party Girls and in her acting in the "Bring it On" series. She was born into an Italian-American family in Long Island, New York. I always considered Cassie Scerbo to be a very beautiful lady.

Rachel Zoe.

Rachel Zoe
^ from: - New York City's Rachel Zoe.

"I die." So are the words when (born: September 1, 1971)-year old Rachel Zoe is awed by certain outfits and styles. I best know Rachel Zoe for being one of the loveliest ladies to ever sport a pair of flared jeans. She's Jewish, just like Joan Rivers and Ricki Lake whom I've recently mentioned. Her full name is Rachel Zoe Rozensweig.

Christina Christian.

Christina Christian
^ from: - Although Christina Christian hails from Florida, the contestant of the very first American Idol was born in Brooklyn.

In the very first season of "American Idol," one of the reasons why I even watched that show was to see Christina Christian. Although the native of Brooklyn, New York didn't advance far into the first season of American Idol, she remains one of the most beautiful American Idol contestants I've seen... until another American Idol contestant in a future season caught my eye (and my heart).

Beth Phoenix.

One of the most imposing WWE Divas is wrestler Beth Phoenix. The "Glamazon" hails from Buffalo, New York and was born in Elmira, New York. So she is very much an upstate New York girl. Beth Phoenix has triumphed as becoming champion. One of her most unusual accomplishments was in eliminating The Great Khali (all 7'2" and 400+ lbs. of him) out of the Royal Rumble by giving the "Punjabi Playboy" a big time kiss. In fact, check this out:

^ "Beth Phoenix Kicks Ass in Rumble"

Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Palermo is someone you may know of if you are a fan of MTV's "The City." She was born in Greenwich, Connecticut and is very much a New Yorker. I haven't seen "The City" about as much as I've seen here-and-there episodes of "The Hills." From a fashion standpoint, I best know Olivia Palermo for wearing a lovely pair of tobacco brown Marrakesh flared jeans from MiH. Get to know Olivia Palermo:

• "Olivia Palermo Hearts NYC on Fashioner"

Betsey Johnson.

Don't let the fact that she's (born: August 10, 1942) years old- Betsey Johnson is a high-end designer from Wethersfield, Connecticut that is very entertaining and youthful. Even someone as old as Betsey Johnson exhibits the youthful charm and style of true girly-girls. She is often famous for doing cartwheels at the end of her fashion shows. Betsey Johnson has a TV series on the Style Network called "XOX Betsey Johnson," where certain elements of her life and career are featured. She is much younger than her age suggests. This interview on The Wendy Williams Show features the extremely young at heart Betsey Johnson:

• "Betsey Johnson Debuts Her New Collection!"

Olivia Culpo.

The winner of Miss Rhode Island 2012, Miss USA 2012, and Miss Universe 2012 is Olivia Culpo. The (born: May 8, 1992)-year old from Cranston, Rhode Island was the first American to win Miss Universe since Brook Lee won the honor in 1997. Here is the beautiful Rhode Islander in a video:

• "Miss Universe - Olivia Culpo Turns 21!"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I have long known Elisabeth Hasselbeck as Elisabeth Filarski and as the host of former Style Network show "The Look for Less." Many more know her as a winner of CBS' Survivor reality TV competition. Others know of her as one of the hosts of ABC's "The View." And for NFL fans, many know her as Mrs. Tim Hasselbeck. No matter what, Elisabeth is a Rhode Island girl who hails from Cranston, Rhode Island.

Blu Cantrell.

Blu Cantrell is a one-hit wonder for most people. In 2001, she came up with a fun song called "Hit 'em Up Style." Here is that hit song from the native of Providence, Rhode Island native:

^ "Blu Cantell - Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)"

Believe it or not, Blu Cantell has released three albums up to this point. The song I listed above was from her debut album, but she also made two other albums in 2003 and one released here in 2013.

Mindy Kaling.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Mindy Kaling is best known for her role as Kelly Koopor in "The Office." She has her own comedy on FOX called "The Mindy Project." This (born: June 24, 1979)-year old South Asian beauty was born Vera Mindy Chokalingam. This YouTube video is a little bit on this cute lady:

• "As if there weren't enough reasons to love Mindy Kaling...."

If you wonder about the name "Mindy Kaling," one YouTube comment made out the name: Vera Mindy Chokalingam.

Jean, of "Extra Petite".

Jean is a Vietnamese woman whom is from Boston, Massachusetts. Her fashions are more oriented towards classy and professional fashions for petite women. She stands just below five feet tall. "Extra Petite" was a blog I began to follow once I followed "Sydney's Fashion Diary" (which was known as "PetiteLittleGirl" back then). I invite my petite fashion audience to visit "Extra Petite."

Yi-Chia, of "Always Maylee".

(EDITED: June 7, 2013)
Yi-Chia (pronounced "ee-cha") is a petite fashion blogger who loves polka dots, bows, and all things cute. She represents the Boston, Massachusetts area. "Maylee" is Mandarin for "beautiful." I have love for Yi-Chia and her support of my work. Her blog is really one of the more lighthearted and fun fashion blogs you'll ever come across. Yi-Chia often times posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. And on Fridays, she'll usually share three things she likes as part of her "Friday Love-It Notes." You have my word- visit "Always Maylee" and enjoy the wonderful content provided by the very "Maylee" Yi-Chia.

Khatu, of "I am Khatu".

(ADDED: June 7, 2013)
She is 4'11" with big beauty. Khatu (pronounced "ka-to") is a Vietnamese petite fashion blogger representing Boston, Massachusetts. Her blog mostly consists of outfit posts. She has a wonderful smile and boasts immense loveliness. You are welcome to visit her fine blog and take a look at her wonderful outfit posts.

Michelle Phan (MichellePhan).

One of the premier YouTube Beauty Gurus on YouTube is Michelle Phan. She is a Vietnamese-American girl from Boston, Massachusetts. A lot of the videos she posted on YouTube encompass a vast variety of imaginative looks and outfits. There is no limit to the great amount of makeup videos and makeup touches she has provided. While this video doesn't feature any specific makeup or fashion, here is one of Michelle Phan's many videos:

^ "My Next Chapter"

If you're on YouTube and if you love her videos, subscribe to Michelle Phan by visiting

Sheena Melwani.

Sheena Melwani is a Sindhi singer who represents the Boston area. Have a listen to her sing this cover from Taylor Swift:

• "Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar (SheenaMelwani)"

Old school JBS- my old post on her: "Sheena Melwani" (John's Blog Space).


JoJo was born Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque. She was born in Brattleboro, Vermont. This (born: December 20, 1990)-year old recording artist is famous for songs like "No More" and "Leave." Here is a sample of one of this Vermont girl singing:

• "JoJo - Leave (Get Out) Official Music Video in Best Quality Available! HQ"

Shirley Muldowney.

(Born: June 19, 1940)-year old Shirley Muldowney is one of the finest racers in any discipline of motorsport, let alone one of the finest female racers. She has won many races and championships in drag racing. She was born in Burlington, Vermont. This video provides insight on Shirley Muldowney:

• "Shirley Muldowney on how it used to be 2010.mpg"

Wow! This woman has some fire for a three-time NHRA champion doesn't she? I'd say she's one of the most influential women in all of motorsport. Future women would come into the sport and win like Ashley Force, Erica Enders, Angelle Sampey, and countless others.

Mandy Moore.

Nashua, New Hampshire was where one Mandy Moore was born. I know the (born: April 10, 1984)-year old for songs like "Candy" and "I Wanna Be With You". She has done lots of singing and has even done her fair share of acting. Here is a music sample of the beautiful New Hampshireman Mandy Moore:

• "Mandy Moore - Candy"

I'd say Mandy Moore is quite a sweet lady. Certainly someone I'd want to meet in person if we somehow met.

Mackenzie Gaudette.

Model and blogger Mackenzie Gaudette is based in Florida. However, she was born in New Hampshire. She is learning fashion design, so it may be possible her fashions may grace the world someday. I know Mackenzie as the creator of her blog "Deconstruction." This blog hasn't been updated in a long while, but you are free to take a look at her blog here: Deconstruction Fashion Blog.

Emily Johnson.

Emily Johnson
^ from: - Emily Johnson's reign at Miss Maine lasted all of about six months. She relinquished her crown and gave it to a runner-up for a personal reason.

I needed to find someone from Maine to feature to complete this post. So after trying to find actual natives of Maine, I came up with this lady. Meet Emily Johnson. She won the Miss Maine pageant in 2011. Emily Johnson is from South Portland, Maine. However, Emily Johnson famously conceded Miss Maine 2011 honors to Ashley Marble. Try to follow me here... the reason why Emily Johnson bowed out of the Miss Maine 2011 pageant was because the date of the Miss Maine competition conflicted with her sister's wedding. Emily Johnson chose to be part of her sister's wedding rather than compete in another pageant. Tough decision for her to make, but she's absolutely beautiful. This was really the best sort of Maine beauty I could find.


(Born: January 19, 1983)-year old Utada Hikaru is a Japanese pop star born in New York City, New York. I think Utada Hikaru (nicknamed "Hikki") is one of the best in JPOP past or present. There are a lot of songs of hers I've liked ever since first being introduced to JPOP. Some of my own favorites of hers include "Wait and See," "Can You Keep a Secret?", "Moving On Without You," and "First Love" among others. Here was one of the first songs of hers I liked. Old school Utada Hikaru right here:

• "Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep a Secret?"

I did a very old blog post on her a long time ago (from December 30, 2009), but I may delete that post and make a new one about Utada Hikaru.

Just to let you in on a little insight... here is a rule I follow when I am unsure who to feature from a certain location. When in doubt, seek a pageant winner or beauty queen. It has to be someone whom I think looks great. It was tough initially for me to find beauties from Rhode Island and Maine preparing this one- especially Maine. Not too many famous faces or popular figures were there for me to properly represent Maine.

That's it for my American Beauties from the Northeast. So I have covered this region as well as the South and Southeast. In the next part of this series, I salute beauties from the Midwest and Central states. Hopefully you Midwestern folks and Central state types will enjoy that post once that one gets released. For now, thank you for reading! Get social with a brother! Here's how:

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