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Kimara Lovelace

(UPDATED: April 9, 2012)

Kimara Lovelace is a lady you may have heard of if you've played Ridge Racer Type 4 (which I've blogged about long ago). The New Jersey native delivered the powerful vocals to RRT4 for some of the songs in the game. Kimara also delivers great vocals in house music. If all you've heard from Kimara was in Ridge Racer Type 4, this blog post will open you up to other songs of this diva including remxies.

--- Kimara Lovelace ---

Kimara Lovelace is a singer who delivers sweet and powerful vocals to some dance songs and house songs. What you're about to experience in this blog post is a bit of her singing ability. These are videos I've found on YouTube showcasing her amazing vocals.

Because I mentioned Ridge Racer Type 4 first, it is best I start off by giving my fellow gamers some fond memories of Kimara's great singing. So check this out:

One More Win.

The intro song, ending song, and "Movin' in Circles" all feature the outstanding voice of Kimara Lovelace. I figured I'd showcase "One More Win" (the ending song to RRT4). So have a listen and enjoy:

All the rest all come from YouTube searches. Many of which, I've heard for the first time ever in preparing this blog entry...

Only You.

Kimara sings her heart out in "Only You" to a sweet mix from Philip Damien. This is an eight-minute long video. Have a listen or check out as much as you like. It's still a killer song:


It's because of songs like this that makes this genre of music so hot to listen to. This is something you'd expect to hear bumping at a lounge party. Have a listen to Kimara tear it up here in "Misery":

The Magic of Love.

Nothing says sexy and smooth like a good lounge or house song, and this is a good one. Alix Alvarez provides the mix that makes this song hot. Have a listen to this great mix with the lovely singing of Kimara Lovelace. "The Magic of Love" is the name of the song:

When Can Our Love Begin?

This one is a slower track than the previous ones featured. Still, Kimara's powerful singing shines through like the sun. Timmy Regisford provides the music and features Kimara's singing. Why not have a listen to this one?


Kimara Lovelace will have you running in circles once you check this one out. Smooth vocals, sweet beats, and nice instrumentals make this joint enjoyable. Here is the final track I'll showcase here:

--- What I would Tell Kimara Lovelace (if she were to read this) ---

I am very pleased to have head your music and enjoy your music. I wish you nothing but the best in life, love, music, and all other things most important and intimate to you. Keep up the great work!

Would I Want to Meet Kimara Lovelace (if given the chance)?

Very much so!

--- You May Never Know... (Bonus Section!) ---

It goes to show you that you never know how you actually get noticed. Through video games, blogging, YouTube, or whatever... you have to have some kind of voice to get you noticed. For many people (myself included), it was a video game that got me exposed to Kimara Lovelace and her music. I probably would have never heard of her had it not been for this game. Once you become a fan of someone you've never heard of, you obviously want to know a lot more about that person or group as well as hear more music from that artist or groups. I was pretty impressed hearing some of Kimara's other songs. There is no doubt she has impressive singing. No one delivers sweet vocals for dance or house music quite like Kimara Lovelace. Many of the songs you've heard in these YouTube videos are only several reasons why Kimara is one of the best in the business.

This is even the reason why I do YouTube videos and blog posts. Chances are, I may be discovered and liked by others because of my own work. I may never be any kind of celebrated figure or trending topic online, but at least I know that I've made a name for myself in what I do because people have given me a chance and found me interesting enough to be respected and honored.

The moral of this story- you may never know if a hobby or a niche makes you famous and respected. Keep doing what you love because someone may come along and see you as a famous or respectful figure because of your work. If a video game is how I found out about Kimara Lovelace and if I enjoyed her work from that video game, imagine being discovered and respected by someone by simply following a niche or a hobby. My niche of video games has lent me exposure to Kimara Lovelace and her music. My further listening to her music only enhanced the amount of respect I have for her. Had it not been for Ridge Racer Type 4, I would have never heard of Kimara Lovelace or have respected any of her songs.

So thank you for reading! For more about Kimara Lovelace...

Kimara Lovelace on Myspace
Kimara Lovelace's Facebook Fan Page
Kimara Lovelace on discogs
Kimara Lovelace on iTunes

(more links may be added in future edits)

By the way... as of the date of this initial blog post, it is her birthday. So I wanted to offer this as a blogging contribution for her music.

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