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Sharing Problems

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I thought about something a loyal reader said about me in my "Not Good Enough" blog post. This person respected me because I discussed failing in life. Many people find this is as a way to laugh at our problems. However, if we have experienced these things that actually bring us down, then it's nothing to laugh about. Sometimes, I feel like sharing problems helps us to have prayers answered. At least you have someone who is listening and may actually have interest in answering your failures with encouraging words. This blog post involves actually sharing issues and what it does for you to share your issues with others.

--- Sharing Problems ---
If this were YouTube, only people who have hearts would offer kind words while everybody else use racial/gay/sexist slurs and laugh at you. People just don't realize that we all have issues in our lives. Being laughed at and disregarded does NOTHING to help us feel better. All of us have some sort of issue or issues that we wish would be resolved.

What you're about to read in this next section is personal insight.

Sharing Problems: My School/College Influences.

Back in my school and college days, I sometimes found myself going to the Counselor's Office or talking with counselors because I wasn't feeling "right" at school. It wasn't that I lacked friends I could trust, but I felt like I needed guidance from older and wiser people. So when I wasn't feeling strong enough to go through the day any longer, I felt like I had to visit a counselor to feel better.

There would be times when I would go to the counselor. Sometimes, my experiences would just bring me to tears. I even found myself crying hard trying to compose myself in my weakest times while talking with a counselor. I should be happy in those times because I am in a happier place than being by my lonesome struggling in school and in life. These counselors, then, were like my doctors who help to make me feel better. There's one bit of advice from me to all of you students- take advantage of what is given to you! People want to see your succeed, but you have to work with people and take advantage of what is given to you to help you do your best.

I always tried to look for certain friends of mine who cared about me when I was away from counselors. Some peers were so trusting that I felt like I could share my problems and look for their guidance to help me feel better. You're going to have friends who have love for what you do. Some peers you encounter really care about you and want the best for you, as if they are an extension of your family. They aren't members of your family, but they are LIKE family. Cherish those whom you think are like family or angels to you.

Admitting and Sharing Problems.

There are people out there who talk about being real, and most of the time, people confuse real (as in toughness) with real (as in honest). People who are real, in the minds of many, are those who are seemingly impervious to problems and fear. You know, bad asses (pardon my language) and rock stars. I consider myself real as in... real. Never do I consider myself any kind of tough person. I know my own strengths and weaknesses. I have nothing to brag about that makes me "cool." You are talking about a fellow is old-fashioned and with class.

I think we better understand people when we realize what issues they may have. It means we can find ways to work with those people so we can help make their lives better. Certain blogs exhibit certain people with certain lifestyles. They have their own issues even if their issues aren't anything that is any call to action. For example, I follow certain petite fashion blogs because they are four beautiful ladies. Most petite fashion blogs are somewhat on a similar issue- finding great clothes for petite women. I also follow plus size fashion blogs. Again- the issue of finding great plus size fashions is prevalent with some of the beautiful plus size fashion bloggers I follow.

What I am getting at with all of this is that it is okay to share problems or issues. Does it make us weak because we have problems and admit to them? No. It just means that we're real and that we are not bulletproof. When an emotionally hurt person cries, he/she is weak and can not stand for himself/herself at that given moment. I am always a believer that we share our issues with others in hopes to have them heard, addressed, and potentially resolved. People who share their problems with others have a better chance of feeling better from them than people who hold in their problems and don't ask for help. You end up agitating yourself and don't get your problems solved. Also, you may run the risk of making your problems/issues worse by not sharing your problems with others.

That's why I am not afraid to share my problems online. It isn't because I trust someone will help me with my problems, but it is because someone may have the same problems that I do. The issues I bring up are real and may be a similar problem someone else may have. Having a common issue unites us and gives us the power to hopefully find a way to resolve the problems we have together.

--- Creative Motivation to Share Problems and Help Others ---
If there is something that encourages me to try to help others, it is the feeling that I wish I could right the wrongs of the world and help people with their issues. A strange parallel between solving problems and helping others is with one video game. The very first "Okami" for the PlayStation 2 was basically about you playing as the wolf ("okami" is Japanese for wolf) named Amaterasu, which I learned is the Shinto Sun goddess. Amaterasu, however, is genderless in "Okami." Anyhow, Amaterasu runs across Nihon to convert wasteland back to its original beauty. This is a video game representation of me wanting to help other people and make life better for others. Here is a video for entertainment purposes:

In case you're wondering, I was considering reviewing "Okami." So you may see a post on JBS in the future on this game. The main point of this section was to demonstrate wanting to make times better for other people, and I chose to do so with a creative example. Hope this proves the point.

Don't be afraid to share your problems and your issues. It helps you tell people of problems and issues rather than just hold them in and letting things fester and snowball. I'm not afraid to share my issues in my blog posts. Having trusting and respectful people help you out always helps and always means a great deal. You aren't weak just because you share certain problems, because we all have them. We better understand people when we know about not only strengths and likes, but weaknesses and dislikes. It helps us to better understand people so we can be the best for the people we know and love. That's all I'm saying here. Feel free to comment however you please. Thank you for reading!

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