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PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U

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The PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U both made their world debut at E3 2011. The Vita was designed to take on Nintendo for the portable gaming market while the Wii U looks to do what the Wii has done... only better. My friends on GTPlanet had their own debates about each system. Surely, I've provided my own input. This specific blog post on E3 2011 pertains to the PSVITA/PSV and the Wii U.

--- The PlayStation Vita ---
Here is the video announcement of the PlayStation Vita:

The word "Vita" is a Latin term that means "life." Unless you fancy the Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS, Sony decided to go balls out with the Vita to try to take over the Nintendo. It's going to be tough trying to better Nintendo in the portable market. The button setup really suggests this portable device can take on many more new game types. The device even has a touchscreen. Some gaming purists disliked the idea of using a touchscreen to maneuver around a screen or level. Still, it's unique in its own way. According to the G4 coverage on TV, the PS VITA weighs about the same as a regular PSP.

The Vita comes equipped with 3G Wi-Fi for the base model. The base model comes in at $249 US dollars. The 3G Wi-Fi model retails for about $299 US dollars. If you're an AT&T customer, you can take advantage of its 3G coverage because it's the official provider of 3G for the PSVITA.

If I had a PSVITA, I'd get the base model. I'm just not much a mobile person. So it's not like I'm going to be texting or doing whatever with a PS VITA. My PSP experience is very limited. I want to imagine what the Vita plays like and feels like.

To learn more about the PS Vita, visit PlayStation®Vita - PS Vita System, Next Generation Portable Handheld Console.

--- The Nintendo Wii U ---
Say hello to the Wii U:

The Nintendo Wii U allows you to take your gaming from the big screen to the 6.2 inch touchscreen controller. That way, the game doesn't end. So you can play your Wii U games even when your mom wants to watch (some TV show or movie you don't like). It is meant to be a home console, so you can't take it away from home and game away on the go.

Honestly, I don't understand why people keep on hating on Nintendo. Okay. Maybe Nintendo is not a world power anymore compared to Sony and Microsoft. However, Nintendo is not some also-ran. Some people treat Nintendo like they don't even belong in today's gaming climate. Either that, or that Nintendo is a shadow of its former self and can no longer contend with Sony and Microsoft. A valid argument about Nintendo is that Nintendo just doesn't appeal to hardcore gamers with hardcore titles. As long as there are developers willing to work with the Wii U to make great games for it (even if not up to Sony/Microsoft standards), the Wii U has a definite shot. It's just too early to say this system is going to be the next GameCube or the next Virtual Boy.

Would I want a Wii U? I am not really sure. I do feel that the Wii U has a chance. It is a nice console. To me, it seems like a combination of the Nintendo DS/3DS' screen play with Wii power. This description alone makes the Wii U at least marketable. Innovative uses for the Wii U and its capabilities will set this system up for the long haul and become a viable contender. It may not be the most groundbreaking gaming experience the Wii U will provide, but it's very far from being an also-ran or significantly insignificant. I just wish people stop hating on Nintendo like they are the modern day 3DO or something. Give the Wii U a chance.

For more information on the Nintendo Wii U, visit Nintendo Network @ E3 2011 - Introducing Wii U.

So there you have it- the PS Vita from Sony and the Wii U from Nintendo. You like? What are your thoughts on these upcoming systems? Which would you buy, or would you buy both? Thank you for reading!

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