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American Beauties: Midwest and Central

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(UPDATED: April 8, 2014)

The Midwest and Central States continue my American Beauties series. It is time to bless the Midwest and the Central States for their beauties. It can be pretty warm or bitterly cold. The beauties of this region are hot, though! Some of the Midwest and central states' lovelies will be featured in this blog post. And as usual, this is my own personal salute to lovelies representing certain regions. This is not any definitive list of beautiful folks from the Midwest and central states, and I don't really care if I fail to find any who is on some list from famous publications or sites (like AskMen or FHM). This is my own personal collection of beautiful folks I will name and honor in this blog post.

NOTE: This post may contain a lot of YouTube videos that may slow down your performance. Click on the links below any embedded videos to view them on YouTube. Thanks to all YouTube channels whom allowed their videos to be embedded.

More personalities may be added in future edits. So this initial list of beauties aren't the ONLY ones to be featured in this post!

NOTE: Having to load more embedded videos means lower browser performance, so fewer videos will be shown. Click on the links to view videos away from this blog if you want to view certain videos away from John's Blog Space. I am doing this as a performance measure for my blog in addition to using Jump Breaks.


APR 8 2014 - made several edits

--- American Beauties Series ---

Beautiful American ladies. I love doing these "Beauties" posts regarding some of the world's loveliest ladies, but I have decided to go close to home for this series. What you will see here is my list of various beauties representing the United States. You may not know who I may feature. What you probably will be aware of is certain personalities I've showcased based on certain interests of mine. As you may be aware in my blog posts, while I do mention those in Beauties posts as women, some of my Beauties posts may NOT be exclusively feminine. So you'll see a little of everything.

Here is a preview of what all this series will entail. There is no really serious designation in picking out a set region for which to feature each location. I will break up my American Beauties focus into five individual regions:

American Beauties Series: Rundown.

Here is a look at how I'll be doing this:

American Beauties - South and Southeast
(REGION: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, and Washington, District of Columbia)

American Beauties - Northeast
(REGION: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine)

• American Beauties - Midwest and Central (YOU ARE HERE)
(REGION: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan)

American Beauties - Mountain
(REGION: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana)

American Beauties: Pacific
(REGION: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii)

American Beauties: This Region.

The region I will feature in this post is of beauties from the Midwest and from the Central states. This includes Midwestern states and America's Heartland. I'll try to represent each state in this region- as I've done with every other region so far. This region and its featured personalities consists of beauties from the following states:

• Illinois
• Indiana
• Wisconsin
• Ohio
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• Iowa
• Missouri
• Kansas
• Nebraska
• South Dakota
• North Dakota

As usual, I will try to feature as many personalities from the following states as I can to represent each state. There are 12 states here, so if I find at least one from each state, expect no less than 12 featured persons.

--- American Beauties: Midwest and Central ---

(REGION: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan)

Midwestern and Central ladies will be featured here. None of the featured personalities are featured in any specific order or under any certain categories. Click on any hyperlinked headers to visit their official websites or fan pages.

Danica Patrick.

Danica Sue Patrick is one of the most popular race car drivers today. She is a Roscoe, Illinois resident born in Beloit, Wisconsin. So I'd say she is very much a Midwestern girl. Those whom have criticized Danica Patrick mostly do so for being camera fodder than actual racing talent. Yes- she's beautiful, but she's also a talented racer. In her time in the IndyCar Series, she won only one race. That race win was at Japan's Twin Ring Motegi Superspeedway. The funniest part of that victory was how the trophy was about as big as she is! Danica Patrick is a petite- 5'2". Even at her height to pilot a race car, she's awesome. Her best finish at the Indy 500 was 3rd. Danica Patrick also became the first woman to lead at any time of the Indy 500 as well as leading any lap at the Indy 500. I personally still think she has unfinished business at Indy even though she's transitioned to NASCAR. And while people keep hating on Danica, I've always been a fan of hers and always supported her. Here is a little piece of Danica's personality:

^ "Danica Patrick gives interviewer a hard time"

Sarah Fisher.

Sarah Fisher
^ from: - Sarah Fisher was the last hot femme to grace the IndyCar Series before Danica Patrick.

Before Danica Patrick burst onto the IndyCar scene, the femme fatale before Danica was Sarah Fisher. This Columbus, Ohio native offered up her own talent and charm even if it was nowhere near the meteoric rise of Danica. Sarah Fisher never won a race as a driver in the IndyCar Series, but she did manage to finish as high as 2nd Place in one race back in (I believe) 2003. Sarah Fisher is from Columbus, Ohio.

Lyn St. James.

Lyn St. James has had a long and lengthy career as a race car driver. Born in Willoughby, Ohio; I have had the utmost respect for Lyn St. James and all she has accomplished. She has competed in series like the Indy 500, the former CART series, and various races in IMSA sportscar racing. This video chronicles some of Lyn St. James' racing career and her willingness to win:

• "Lyn St James talks about her career"

Katishia Cosley (or Kat Cosley).

Katishia Cosley
^ from: (best I could find) - Katishia Cosley has gone from reporter/anchor to host/producer with her successful Live Well Network show "Deals."

Katishia Cosley (or Kat Cosley) has been a reporter and an anchor for a long while. Since 2011, Kat has become the host and producer of "Deals" on the Live Well Network. This native from a small town in the greater Indianapolis area boasts a sweet smile and lovely hair. I first seen her on TV back in 2007 or 2008 as a reporter for KTRH Channel 13 (Houston's ABC Affiliate) here in Houston. I then infamously saw her again for the first time in a while on TV as a reporter/anchor for KIAH Channel 39 (Houston's CW affiliate) on a snowy day here in Houston. And keep in mind- Katishia was a reporter/anchor for CW39 before the NewsFix format took over what was CW39 News. I have best known Kat Cosley looks-wise for wonderful-looking curly hair. However, she does straight hair equally well. Kat Cosley these days is the host of the Live Well Network show "Deals," a show that offers advice regarding ways to save money and even how to maximize your money. She's a proud Indiana University Hoosier. In addition, Kat Cosley also an award-winner. She won a Lone Star Emmy Award in 2012 for a half-hour special called "You Are Not Alone," which was a documentary piece on living with Crohn's Disease and Colitis. Katishia Cosley has such a positive and upbeat spirit that is impervious to some of the most depressing and most negative things out there. Her sweet smile, warm personality, and lighthearted humor are every bit as beautiful as her looks with all of her on-air work.

I blogged about Kat's show "Deals." If you want my own review of this show, you are welcome to visit this link: "Deals" (John's Blog Space).

Crash Gladys.

The outspoken and super cool Crash Gladys is the one providing girl power to SpeedFreaks. She basically grew up at Indianapolis Motor Speedway checking out all kinds of racing action. Like Katishia Cosley, the native Hoosier is even a proud alum of Indiana University. Crash Gladys is interviewing Ashley Force-Hood in this video:

• "Crash and Ashley Force Hood"

Sheryl Crow.

Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow was born in Kennett, Missouri. The (born: February 11, 1962)-year old is someone whom I respect in the music industry. She has a number of songs that I've liked from her. Some of them include "My Favorite Mistake" and "Soak Up the Sun" among others. Sheryl Crow is even a cancer survivor. Here is a sample of Sheryl Crow's singing, and one of my favorite songs of hers. Class of 1998, unite! Here you go:

^ "Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake"

CeCe Peniston.

In the early 1990s, a singer from Dayton, Ohio named Cecilia "CeCe" Peniston came along with a hot song called "Keep on Walkin'." She'd also come along in her career called "Finally." There was no denying CeCe has such vivid musical talent. I personally love "Keep on Walkin'" the most. Even today, CeCe remains beautiful. Here is some 1992 loving right here, folks:

• "Ce Ce Peniston - Keep on Walkin"

Shannon McIntosh.

(ADDED: August 29, 2013)
Meet a young Midwestern girl who may become a tour de force in racing. Shannon McIntosh is a young (born: July 24, 1989) lady from Miamisburg, Ohio, USA who has been racing since the age of five years old. Shannon's racing resumé contains some 100 or so wins. Could she be the next Danica Patrick? Could this pretty lady even reach legend status like Lyn St. James or Shirley Muldowney? Time will tell, but this young lady will certainly be one to watch for years to come.

Shannon McIntosh's blog (a Blogger/Blogspot blog! Yay!)
Shannon McIntosh's Facebook Fan Page
Follow Shannon McIntosh on Twitter!

Melissa McCarthy.

(ADDED: June 8, 2013)
Melissa McCarthy
^ from: - Actress Melissa McCarthy is very much Midwestern. She's a farmer's daughter, after all!

Those who are fans of CBS' "Mike and Molly" may be familiar with Melissa McCarthy. Melissa Ann McCarthy is a Midwestern girl who was born in Plainfield, Illinois. She is a curvy petite at 5'2". One of her most recent movie roles was in "Identity Thief."

Lily, of "Imperfect Idealist".

Lily Fang is the creator of the "Burst of Color" blog. She defines her fashion style as a fresh look at Bohemian style. Her outfits are very casual. Like her name, this Chinese cutie is a beautiful flower. She's from Buckeye country- Columbus, Ohio. What draws me most to her blog is the positive energy she brings to her posts and to her outfits. She smiles often and laughs. Lily really brings positive energy to the Internet. Her style has been featured on Teen Vogue once, and she was even a finalist in the American Eagle "Live Your Life" contest. Though she didn't win (boo!), I do want the best for her in all of her endeavors. It brings me tremendous honor to feature Lily in my "Beauties" blog posts because she's been such a strong supporter of my blogging work. I would be remiss if I failed to honor her in any such way. So I featured her among my beauties. Visit her blog to see why.

"Burst of Color" has been re-named "Imperfect Idealist."

Sydney, of "Sydney's Fashion Diary".

Sydney is a Vietnamese petite who hails from Ohio. I've always respected Sydney for her keep-it-real style both with fashion and her fashion opinions. "Sydney's Fashion Diary" was long known as "PetiteLittleGirl." Her outfits range from polished casual looks and various classy outfits.

Christina, of "The Daily Sugar."

(ADDED: April 8, 2014)
Christina Dawes is the lovely lady behind "The Daily Sugar." This fashion blogger is absolutely cute. She has a lovely smile and a lovely hairstyle. Her outfits are also very pleasing to the eyes. I learned of Christina through her LOOKBOOK page. Go visit Christina and her fabulous blog to check out her style.

Cassandra, of "Style Cassentials".

One of the most recent supporters of my blogging work is Cassandra Westlake, a curvy petite (4'9") from the Midwest. This beautiful woman expresses her style in a variety of blog posts- mostly classy-type outfits. If Cassandra is reading this, I appreciate your continued support of my work. I think you are a lovely lady, and so I decided to feature you among the many diverse Midwestern beauties of this blog post. You're welcome. :)

This Jump Break is provided for performance purposes- namely to improve performance for when the full post isn't viewed. More beauties from the Midwest and Central states will be featured after this Jump Break. Click "Read More" if you are not reading the full post and if you've enjoyed this post so far. Or, you may get social with me if you enjoy my work. Your choice. More after the Jump Break!

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Shawn Johnson.

Shawn Johnson is a (born: January 19, 1992)-year old gymnast who won Olympic gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games. The Des Moines, Iowa native is a petite who is the same height as Mary Lou Retton- 4'9". I'm proud to feature Shawn Johnson as a representative of the Hawkeye State as part of my Beauties post on Midwestern and Central beauties. Here is a powerful story featuring the beautiful Shawn Johnson:

• "Shawn Johnson's Gold Medal Moment: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games"

Janet Guthrie.

Janet Guthrie has long been a motivation for women to compete in racing. She was born on March 7, 1938 and hails from Iowa City, Iowa. Janet's racing resumé includes racing in NASCAR and at the Indy 500. I mentioned Danica earlier. As much as Shirley Muldowney has been a trailblazer for women in drag racing, Janet Guthrie has been a trailblazer for women in NASCAR and the Indy 500- including Danica Patrick:

• "CNN Weekend Shows - Danica Patrick set new records at the Daytona 500 race"

Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful lady with a powerful singing voice. The native of Chicago, Illinois is famously known these days as the face of Weight Watchers. She has one of the most powerful voices of any recent recording artist today. Want to hear Jennifer Hudson sing? Here is a singing sample of hers:

^ "Jennifer Hudson - Where You At"

Candice Michelle.

Candice Michelle
^ from: - Meet Milwaukee's candy-sweet Candice Michelle.

Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before Danica Patrick, Candice Michelle was the face of Candy-sweet Candice is a beautiful girl from dairy country.

Gabi Gregg.

Gabrielle "Gabi" Gregg became MTV's first Twitter jockey. This lovely lady from Detroit, Michigan is a curvy lady with very nice style. She is the blogger behind the blog nowadays known as GABIFRESH. Gabi Gregg was once featured in Black Enterprise magazine.

Debelah Morgan.

Around 2000, a young singer named Debelah Morgan from Detroit, Michigan lent her musical skill to America's airwaves. Perhaps the (born: September 29, 1977)-year old's strongest feature was her ability to sing in such high octaves. Her hit song was "Dance With Me." When most people think of American recording artists and being able to sing in high octaves, most people look to Mariah Carey. Debelah Morgan just seemed to come and go. Haven't heard much of anything of hers since that one album she did long ago. She's a beautiful lady, so of course, I featured her in this "Beauties" post. I would like to provide this video to pay respect to her. This is Debelah Morgan's hit song- "Dance With Me":

^ "debelah morgan dance with me"

I thought it was Christina Aguilera singing this song when I first heard it. It's like Debelah Morgan came along... and just went away. Never really emerged or lasted long enough- which is a great shame.


The iconic Material Girl is one petite (5'4") with massive character and appeal. She is none other than Madonna. She was born on April 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan and proudly represents Detroit. Madonna Louise Ciccone is famous for so many songs and being involved in so many different roles. These days, people know Madonna as the mother of Lourdes Leon- who you could say is this generation's Material Girl. One of my personal favorite songs of hers is "Ray of Light" from about 1998. Other songs of hers past and present include "Vogue," "Candy Perfume Girl," "Beautiful Stranger," and very other songs. To represent Madonna, how about some old school Madonna?

^ "Madonna - Vogue (video)"

I never known her full name until I researched my material online. I actually get an education doing posts like these and having fun doing so.

Haylee, of "Dolled Up Daily".

The "Dolled Up Daily" diva is a beautiful blonde from Michigan named Haylee. Haylee is a specialist in beauty that even shares some of her outfits from time to time. I admire her most for her beautiful curly hair and her sweet smile. Along with her lovely looks are her diamond blue eyes. If you've never seen her blog before, then I invite you to take a look at "Dolled Up Daily" to see how lovely this lady is. Click on the heading to this section to visit the blog "Dolled Up Daily" for yourself.

Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn.

(ADDED: April 8, 2014)
Anyone who regularly visits LOOKBOOK may recall a lady named Rachel-Marie. She fits into this collection of lovelies since she is a New York City-based Detroit girl. I'm not Followed to Rachel-Marie to any capacity, but I am including her as one of the more popular figures on LOOKBOOK as well as one of the various American beauties.

Sloane Lewis.

When trying to select a Kansas beauty to represent the Kansas part of this Beauties post, I couldn't find a famous face I could really consider lovely. So I one of my go-to strategies is to find a pageant winner or a pageant contestant. So I ended up learning of and picking Sloane Lewis- from Norwich, Kansas. She won Miss Kansas in 2013. Her biggest ambitions lie in politics, as she once campaigned to be Governor of Kansas. This is a video of this Kansan beauty:

• "Vote for Miss Kansas 2012 Sloane Lewis"

Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham
^ from: - Ashley Graham is one confident curvy woman from Nebraska.

When you think of lingerie models, you normally think of slim and slender ladies parading in lingerie and showing off how sexy their bodies are. I usually think of Victoria's Secret Angels like the delicious Candice Swanepoel. Ashley Graham, a curvy model, famously appeared in a television advertisement for Lane Bryant. The commercial featuring her in lingerie was pulled from a certain time slot for having "too much cleavage." Ashley Graham is from Lincoln, Nebraska. If you ask me, Ashley Graham is as beautiful as any slender lady. Not just beautiful for her size, but beautiful period. Ashley Graham should be someone to show that even plus size and curvy women can look and feel as beautiful and as sexy as any slender woman. At least credit Ashley for boasting her curves when most people would want her to cover up. And also, Ashley Graham has class in expressing her curves. So it isn't like she is overly promiscuous showing off her body. Just know that this Nebraskan beauty is both curvy and beautiful.

Chelsea, of "She Said He Said".

Chelsea of the blog "She Said He Said" is a California resident, but she (as well as her boyfriend) is from Nebraska. I learned of "She Said He Said" when Chelsea commented in one of my blogs. I began to appreciate her blog as I saw what it was about. "She Said He Said" is a blog that features certain looks (usually by Chelsea) with her own commentary. However, what makes this blog unique is that her boyfriend offers his comments on Chelsea's looks. So you get a male and female perspective on outfits. And as I am talking about beauties, Chelsea is very much a beautiful lady. Don't take my word for it- visit "She Said He Said" and see for yourself.

Lindsey, of "Ruby Girl".

Though I don't mention her much or visit her blog much, I want to salute Minnesotan Lindsey Herzog of "Ruby Girl." Her blog is a combination of outfit posts and even some spiritual insight. There is a little of everything when you visit "Ruby Girl." I think she represents Minneapolis, Minnesota.

January Jones.

On January 5, 1978, a girl named January Jones was brought into the world. This native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota would grow up to be one of the most popular actresses today. Many know January for her work in AMC's "Mad Men," and some others know her from "X-Men: First Class." The video below features the South Dakotan as she's interviewed about her role in "X-Men: First Class":

• "January Jones 'X-Men: First Class' Interview"

Anna Hovet.

Meet Anna Hovet. She is a native of Grand Forks, North Dakota who runs her own fashion design company called Anna Hovet Designs based in Chicago. Her clothing is manufactured in Chicago. The North Dakotan fashion designer introduces herself in this video; and as you can tell from the video's title, she's a proud Midwestern girl:

^ "Anna Hovet: A Midwest Girl"

There's some North Dakota loving for you all.

Bonnie, of "Glam Kitten's Litter Box" (Honorable Mention!).

No longer blogging, I want to pay respect to Bonnie of "Glam Kitten Litter Box." Bonnie is a petite who has very cool fashion style. She's 5'1" but has swagger and personality larger than her height. Bonnie is very much a sports fan who loves the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.

Mary Jo Rapini (Honorable Mention!)

Mary Jo Rapini is a psychotherapist. She gained popularity when she suffered a near-death experience after lifting weights and needing surgery after suffering a brain aneursym.

Mary Jo Rapini specializes in matters regarding sex, intimacy, and relationships. She can normally be seen on FOX 26 here in Houston as she provides her own insight on various topics ranging from her specialty topics to even various life issues and responses to news events. The reason why I am featuring her among my Midwestern and Central beauties is because all I could find on her is that she grew up in Wisconsin. So that's why I have her among my Midwestern/Central beauties. Also, I want to properly pay respect to this wonderful woman by featuring her in my blog.

There is your look at Midwestern and Central ladies. Remember that this post (and others) may be updated with more personalities, so this initial post may have MANY more personalities features in future edits!

There are your beauties from the Midwest and from the central states. Three of the five regions have been mentioned in my American Beauties series. Next in the series will be beauties from the Mountain states. Thank you for reading!

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