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"Live Well for Less With Deals" is a half-hour show on the Live Well Network devoted entirely to saving people money. Hosted by Katishia Cosley (or Kat Cosley), this is the Indiana native's first foray into hosting and producing. Every episode features at least five segments with many ways to save money or ways to not spend as much on things in life. These can range from knowing where to shop to basic advice that can lead to big savings in the long run. Also included are things like recipes for creating certain items to help aid in not having to buy from stores all the time. There is no shortage of ideas or concepts to save money on things we use or already have. So is the concept of Deals. And with this said, this blog post is my own opinion regarding Deals.

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NOTE: This blog post is not some paid review or anything. This is all personal commentary of mine regarding this program.

--- Deals at a Glance ---

Time to set the mood. Here's a picture to start things off:

Live Well Network Deals
^ from: (Deals' Facebook fan page) - Live Well for Less With Deals, hosted by Katishia Cosley.

Deals debuted on the Live Well Network on July 4, 2011. It is perhaps fitting the show debuted on Independence Day 2011 as Katishia Cosley goes independent in going from reporter/anchor to host/producer. She goes from the sinking ship of CW 39 News to returning to the ABC networks, where she used to be a freelance reporter for KTRK Channel 13. The only other difference is that she is now with Live Well Network as opposed to covering news stories on ABC 13.

What is Deals all about? It is about saving money. Each segment can last anywhere between two to maybe five minutes, and there are about four or five segments in each episode. There is a little of everything and a lot of ways to save money on things we do and use every day. Among the various segments, you even learn some new things, such as new uses for things you may already own or use. The diversity of topics in saving money is vast. Often times, some very fun segments are shown on Deals. Among some of the better Deals segments, Katishia Cosley went as far as to learn about making gourmet-style cupcakes on the cheap, talking about boat rentals (even piloting a boat), and things like that. The sort of surprise factor is there sometimes on Deals. You just have to tune in or watch online.

Now you have an idea as to what Deals is all about.

--- Thoughts on "Deals" ---

Most of what Deals discusses includes a combination of alternative shopping ideas, crafty ideas, and some basic knowledge being shared. All of this adds up to many ways to creatively live well for less.

Although Katishia Cosley is nicknamed "Kat," she is no ordinary cat when it comes to finding these deals. Really, Kat is the lioness of the frugality jungle. This lioness roars loudly and confidently with all of the segments and episodes of Deals. I have always thought that Katishia is at her best when discussing positive and fun material. She expresses herself quite well incorporating her sweet smile as well as some lighthearted humor often times. Since Deals is about saving money, these topics are far less depressing than most news stories you often see on the news. This allows Katishia to provide her stories and commentary in a pleasant manner. It also allows her to incorporate a bit of her fashion style as well.

It's funny that a show about saving money is so rich with priceless advice for living well for less (for lack of a better term). It is money-saving advice a lot of us can use. An observation I once made is that Deals seems to better suit Katishia Cosley as it allows her to exhibit her personality and charm more. Both of which, she has an abundance of. I have been a fan of hers in reporting/anchoring, but the host/producer role seems to be better with the mood Deals provides as well as in how Katishia presents and promotes her material in each episode and segment. I am not trying to talk about hosting and producing like being a reality TV show host. All I am saying is that Katishia does hosting/producing about as well as she's done in the reporter/anchor realm.

I think you can afford to just watch Deals to pick up on something useful in saving money. If the cards are played right, Deals may become as much of a mainstay on Live Well Network as any other program on there, such as Rebecca Spera's "Mirror/Mirror." The passion and the drive to deliver on money-saving ideas in Deals are vastly expressed and executed by Katishia Cosley as well as by the people interviewed in Deals segments. As a national TV show, people nationwide can see Deals and all of the money-saving advice offered in the show. Each episode is meant to be helpful and creative. Among the many ways to save money on things, there are no shortage of ideas or concepts to help in saving money. Viewers are even encouraged to offer their own money-saving ideas on Deals' Facebook fan page.

So give Deals a try if you're watching Live Well Network! Visit to learn more about Deals for yourself.

Most of the reviewing portion of this blog post has now concluded. However, I have more to share in this blog post. I want to share video previews of "Deals" segments as well as some extra commentary. I am providing a Jump Break to improve the performance of my blog. If you are not reading this full blog post and want to continue reading, please click on "Read More" to read the rest of this blog post (or disregard this section if you are reading the full post). But first...

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--- "Deals" Samples ---

These videos below give you an idea of what Deals is all about. So what's the deal with Deals? That's what you're going to see for yourself in these videos. I will feature different videos showcasing different categories of segments featured on Deals. They will be listed under a few distinct categories. I am using categories to sort these videos, but there's no real categories of advice offered. To read the articles that go with each video, please click on the provided links. These videos are all provided for educational purposes. Here are previews of "Deals" in these segments below:

On the Cheap/Saving Money.

This video is an example of getting a good deal on something. So I'll feature this video below in the "On the Cheap" or "Saving Money" category. This is one of my favorite segments of any episode of Deals. Here, Katishia Cosley discusses deals for using a Go Local card at participating businesses. Have a look:

(Article: Go Local)

Crafts/Do it Yourself.

Here, I will feature two different videos, both involve saving money by making things yourself. This category would include things like making items to modifying fashions yourself. The first video is a wonderful piece featuring floral arrangements. The second video will probably make you hungry, so watch the second one at your own risk. :)

(Article: Floral Arranging)

(Article: Pizza 101)

Consumer Advice.

This is an example of consumer advice on Deals. The sample video here pertains to spotting fake items. It is one of many different consumer advice topics on Deals:

(Article: Designer Fakes)

If you want to see more of these segments, including the full-length episodes, you are invited to visit

--- What I Would Tell Katishia Cosley (if she were to read this) ---

I wish you nothing but continued success with Deals. This show can go a long way. It has immense promise and usefulness. Then again, what on Live Well Network DOESN'T have some sort of use? Since the CW 39 news days, it is great seeing you on television again since Deals debuted. Once again- I wish you and Deals continued success. You're a star; shine as bright as you can.

Would I Want to Meet Kat Cosley?

Absolutely. Why not?

That concludes this blog post. For more:

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